Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 - SEP - Spotlight Stories

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-01 - School bus bursts into flame at university in Baha (Saudi Arabia):

Note: This is the 150th school bus to burn in 2015 and the 534th bus to burn in 2015...

2015-09-01 - Transit bus bursts into flame near Hickory Hill Road in Memphis (Tennessee):

2015-09-01 - Transit bus bursts into flame on I-95 in Richmond (Virginia):

Quote: "Three passengers and a driver escaped injury from a fire on a paratransit bus in Richmond on Tuesday."

2015-09-01 - Passenger bus bursts into flame while parked at gas station near Sohana (India):

2015-09-01 - 18 transit buses destroyed by fire while parked at bus depot in Rawa Buaya, West Jakarta (Indonesia):

Quote: "Police said the fire began at around 5:30pm on Tuesday, when mechanics at the depot noticed a thick cloud of smoke emerging from one of the decommissioned buses. At the time there were 38 buses at the depot."

Note: These are the 535th through 555th buses to burn in 2015. August began with eight planes crashing and September begins with 22 buses burning. The Earth is keeping things interesting as she destroys us!

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2015-09-02 - Small plane crashes and burns near lake in Davie County (North Carolina), 2 killed:

2015-09-02 - Small plane crashes into woods in Bon Aqua (Tennessee), 1 killed:

2015-09-02 - Small plane crashes in Midrand (South Africa):

2015-09-02 - Military CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crashes at Camp Lejeune (North Carolina), 1 killed, 11 injured:

Quote: "The military defines a hard landing as 'when an aircraft impacts the ground with a greater vertical speed and force than a normal landing, typically after a rapid or steep descent.'"

Note: By that definition, military aircraft can't EVER crash, they can only have 'hard landings'. When they're carting a corpse out of the aircraft, I call it a crash, so we'll just have to agree to disagree...

2015-09-02 - Military UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashes in Douglas County (Colorado), 2 injured:

2015-09-02 - Helicopter crashes near coastal Sept-Îles, Quebec (Canada):

Note: I was thinking September couldn't possibly be as bad as August in terms of aircraft incidents, but looks like I could end up being wrong about that...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2015-09-03 - Lightning-related fatalities on the rise around the planet:

2015-09-03 - Lightning strikes kill 10 people in Rwanda:

2015-09-03 - Three lightning strikes kill 13 people in Uganda, others injured:

2015-09-03 - Lightning strike hits football field in Burley (Idaho), several people injured:

2015-09-03 - Man films fierce lightning storm over Phoenix (Arizona):

Note: I mentioned some science news a while back, in the 2015-06-29 update, noting that scientists have discovered that hydrogen sulfide is the best superconductor ever found, and superconducts at -70 Celsius under very high pressure. So it is no stretch to conclude that as more hydrogen sulfide blows around in the atmosphere, that is affecting electrical conductivity, and that may be resulting in increasingly violent and deadly lightning strikes. I'm not saying that hydrogen sulfide will turn the atmosphere into a superconductor; I'm just saying that it will affect the conductivity of the atmosphere (and possibly the ground), at least sometimes, and that will exacerbate electricity-related problems, including lightning strikes...

2015-09-03 - Heartbreaking photos show how we're destroying the Pacific Ocean:

Note: Lots of trash, and the warm water 'blob' is baking the ocean along entire West Coast too. In other words, the Pacific Ocean is turning more landfill-like. What do landfills emit? Hydrogen sulfide and methane. Both gases will kill fish, and hydrogen sulfide will leak into the atmosphere and kill life on land too. And both cause fires. How's life doing along the West Coast? Oh, everything is dying: whales, birds, sea lions, deepwater oarfish, starfish, salmon, etc. Where are the states with all the big fires? On the West Coast...

2015-09-03 - Vast amounts of ice melting in Greenland and Antarctica, 5 trillion tons lost so far since 1992:

Note: And that mass goes into the oceans, where the Earth's crust is thinnest, and then MISA Theory kicks in. And then we start seeing rising volcanism, especially in the oceans, and sometimes that volcanism creates new islands, as has happened numerous times in the last two or three years. And all that subsurface volcanism and heat is a big boost to the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide, so life in the oceans starts dying. All of this is precisely what we've been seeing happening all around the planet in the last five years or so...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-04 - Metal recycling business erupts in flame in Birmingham (Alabama):

Quote: "The fire is burning at the Standard Iron & Metal, Inc., a recycling and processing facility in the 1900 block of Vanderbilt Road."

2015-09-04 - Metal recycling business heavily damaged by huge fire in Springfield (Michigan):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

2015-09-04 - Bio-diesel plant damaged by fire at midnight in Geismar (Louisiana), 4 injured:

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Likewise, chemical plants of all types will burn and/or explode, including biofuels plants, fertilizer plants, specialty chemical plants, petroleum-related facilities and more."

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2015-09-05 - Man has seizure, foams at the mouth, pickup crashes into building, in Oshtemo Township (Michigan):

Quote: "Tonisha Hughes, a neighbor that witnessed the accident, said that the driver had a seizure before the crash. Hughes said, 'He was foaming at the mouth, shaking, literally having a full seizure. He was stretched out, his foot was on the gas.'"

2015-09-05 - Passenger plane hit by severe turbulence near coastal Manila (Philippine Islands), 40+ injured:

Quote: "At least 40 people were injured on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Manila when the aircraft experienced severe turbulence during it's final approach to the airport."

2015-09-05 - Small plane crashes on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee near Laconia (New Hampshire), 1 killed:

Quote: "Laconia Police report that the pilot in the Ultralight plane crash at Weirs Beach Saturday has passed away from injuries sustained in the crash. He was 69 year old William R. Panuski of Sanbornton."

2015-09-05 - Small plane crashes near airport in Midland County (Texas), engine failure, 1 injured:

2015-09-05 - Small plane makes emergency landing near Tamiami Airport in coastal Miami (Florida), engine failure:

2015-09-05 - Medical ambulance plane crashes off the coast of Senegal, 7 believed killed:

Quote: "Authorities say a small plane carrying seven people including a sick French woman is believed to have crashed into the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Senegal."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-06 - Fishing ship 'Polarstjerna' bursts into flame in the coastal Porsanger Fjord (Norway), ship disabled:

Quote: "On Sep 5, 2015, the lifeboat 'Odin' was alerted in Havøysund to the 'Polarstjerna F-20-H' which had suffered an engine room fire in the Porsanger Fjord. The casualty was taken in tow to the shore and berthed in Honningsvag in the night."

2015-09-06 - In separate incidents, two boats burst into flame on the Merimack River near coastal Plum Island (Massachusetts):

Quote: "A boat caught fire Sunday morning on the Merrimack River near Plum Island. Coast Guard officials say they are sending investigators to monitor the area. No word yet on any victims of the fire. The Coast Guard said a boat fire happened Saturday afternoon in the same area. In that instance, a passerby rescued the occupants before the Coast Guard arrived. Both fires are under investigation."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-09-06 - Two boats destroyed by fire at marina on the Detroit River in Rockwood (Michigan):

Quote: "Two boats were destroyed in a roaring fire Sunday night at Humbug Marina, 13400 Middle Gibraltar Road."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-09-06 - Boat bursts into flame on Lake Geneva in Walworth County (Wisconsin):

2015-09-06 - Boat bursts into flame near coastal Maunalua Bay (Hawaii):

2015-09-06 - Boat bursts into flame near Residence Beach on coastal Marco Island (Florida):

Note: These are 792nd, 793rd, 794th, 795th, 796th, 797th, 798th and 799th boats or ships to burn/explode in 2015...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-07 - Passenger plane bursts into flame mid-air, lands at airport in Delhi (India), 4 injured:

Quote: "An Air India flight set on fire mid-air as it prepared for landing in Delhi, injuring at least four people."

Note: This is the 102nd aircraft to smoke or burn in 2015...

2015-09-07 - Cruise ship 'Carnival Liberty' bursts into flame at the island of Saint Thomas, passengers and crew evacuated:

2015-09-07 - Boat goes up in flames at marina in coastal Goodland (Florida), 1 injured:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-09-07 - Boat bursts into flame on Lake Murray near Lexington (South Carolina):

Quote: "The Department of Natural Resources responded to a boat fire on Lake Murray near Lands End Monday. DNR Capt. Robert McCullough said all of the passengers had exited the boat before it was in a fully involved fire and there were no injuries."

2015-09-07 - Boat explodes and burns on Rice Lake (Canada):

Note: These are 800th, 801st, 802nd and 803rd boats or ships to burn/explode in 2015...

2015-09-07 - Chemical plant explodes and burns shortly before midnight in Lishui in coastal Zhejiang Province (China):

Note: Another passenger plane burning, more boats burning, another chemical plant exploding and burning - looks like this is what passes for 'normal' nowadays...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-08 - Passenger plane bursts into flame at airport in Las Vegas (Nevada), 27 lightly injured:

Quote: "At a news conference, officials lauded the emergency response but noted more people were hurt than previously reported. Twenty-seven people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, most with cuts, bruises, burns and scrapes from the evacuation slides."

2015-09-08 - Race plane 'Precious Metal' bursts into flame at airport in Marianna (Florida):

Quote: "Richard, of Kissimmee, Fla., had stopped to refuel the modified P-51 Mustang at Marianna Municipal Airport in Jackson County, Fla., when the fire occurred."

Note: These are the 103rd and 104th aircraft to smoke or burn in 2015...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-09 - Solvent recycling business ravaged by fire and explosions in Phoenix (Arizona):

Quote: "Dozens of drums of used motor oil exploded in a large fire Wednesday at a solvent recycling company, spewing fireballs and blackening the sky south of downtown Phoenix for more than an hour. Some planes taking off from the city's airport had to fly around the mushrooming black plume."

Note: Sort of a combo recycling fire and chemical plant fire. From the full hypothesis: "Likewise, chemical plants of all types will burn and/or explode, including biofuels plants, fertilizer plants, specialty chemical plants, petroleum-related facilities and more."

2015-09-09 - Recycling plant hit by massive fire in Salem (New Hampshire), nobody there:

Quote: "Materials accepted at the site include construction debris containing wood, sheet rock, plaster, plastered item, wood crates, pallets, asphalt roof shingles and flooring materials."

Quote: "Officials said a nearby town beach would be closed Thursday. Crews believe the runoff was being contained, but said the Department of Environmental Services will investigate further."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Trash-related facilities such as recycling centers and landfills will burn hard too, as hydrogen sulfide is absorbed into flammable absorbent materials like wood, paper, cardboard, straw, hay, dried brush, generic trash, clothing, cotton, wool."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-10 - Underground electrical explosion and fire at 4:40 PM rocks coastal Manhattan (New York):

2015-09-10 - Underground electrical explosion and fire at 10:51 AM hits coastal Queens (New York):

2015-09-10 - Transformer bursts into flame in basement area at high-rise in coastal Alexandria (Virginia):

2015-09-10 - Pallet business heavily damaged by fire on Dye Mill Road in Troy (Ohio):

Quote: "Crews are on the scene of a large pallet fire at a business at 104 Dye Mill Road. Extra water has been requested. The fire was reported about 4:50 p.m."

Note: Also see the car that burst into flame at 3:15 AM while parked at a home in Troy on this day...

2015-09-10 - Landfill erupts in flame just before 5:30 AM, then at 9:30 AM, then at 9 PM, on the island of St. Croix:,250978,250991

Quote: "The first fire occurred before 5:30 a.m. A second flare up started at 9:30 a.m. and was monitored for several hours during the day. A third fire was reported at 9 p.m. The last blaze is impacting the southeast corner of the Anguilla Landfill and includes a small pile tires. The cause of these series of fires remains uncertain, according to WMA."

Note: More underground electrical explosions and fires, all in coastal areas, another big pallet business fire, and yet another landfill bursting into flame, this time three times in one day, on an island...

Category: Aircraft Incidents

2015-09-11 - Passenger plane smokes, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Davao (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "A plane carrying over 120 passengers made an emergency landing in southern Philippines on Friday after smoke was observed inside the aircraft, police said."

Note: This is the 105th aircraft to smoke or burn in 2015...

2015-09-11 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing at Heathrow Airport in coastal London (Britain), 'technical issue':

2015-09-11 - Small plane being used for Tom Cruise film crashes in Colombia, 2 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "Actor Tom Cruise flew in a helicopter across the Colombian Andes just 10 minutes before a small plane on the same dangerous flight path crashed into a jungled mountain, killing two crew members from his upcoming movie, civil aviation authorities said."

2015-09-11 - Small plane crashes along I-80 near Laramie (Wyoming), engine failure, 1 injured:

2015-09-11 - Small plane makes emergency landing on US 301 near coastal Bradenton (Florida), engine failure:

2015-09-11 - Small plane lands, landing gear collapses, at airport in Morristown (New Jersey):

2015-09-11 - Helicopter crashes near Horwood Lake in Ontario (Canada), 2 killed:

Note: The pilot of the passenger plane that exploded into flame during takeoff at the airport in Las Vegas, lightly injuring 27 people, mentioned in the 2015-09-08 update, said that was probably his last flight. Smart man! Things aren't going to be getting better...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2015-09-12 - New methane seep discovered on the ocean floor near San Diego (California):

Quote: "Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego have released details of a deep-sea site roughly 48 kilometers (30 miles) west of Del Mar (just north of San Diego, Calif.) where methane is seeping out of the seafloor, the first such finding in the region."

Note: I'm sure there are many more methane seeps too, still undiscovered, and yet more methane seeps will be forming as that warm water 'blob' off the West Coast destabilizes methane clathrates all along the North American coast. And once that methane reaches the air, where's it going to go? Winds tend to blow west-to-east because of the rotation of the Earth, so the methane will blow onto California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and western Canada, and nobody will smell it because methane is odorless. Then some of it will adsorb onto matter. Then when fires break out, they will burn harder, faster and hotter than normal. Say, which states are going up in flames right now? Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington...

2015-09-12 - Volcanoes Colima and Popocatepetl erupt simultaneously in Mexico:

2015-09-12 - Magnitude 5.2+ earthquake strikes in Tokyo Bay (Japan), at least 13 injured:

Note: And MISA Theory keeps on chugging along...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-13 - Valley Fire in California explodes in size to 50,000 acres, hundreds of homes destroyed, people flee:

Quote: "The fast-moving Valley Fire in Lake County quickly exploded in size to 50,000 acres Sunday morning, prompting the evacuation of thousands of people and destroying at least 1,000 homes, according to the California Department of Forestry and Protection."

Quote: "Entire towns and thousands of residents along a 35-mile stretch of State Route 29 were forced to evacuate, many running as the fire came down the hill toward their homes."

Quote: "At a news conference Monday, officials say the explosive blaze has damaged water distribution facilities and a massive complex of geothermal power plants known as the Geysers."

Quote: "A state of emergency was declared for Lake and Napa counties on Sunday by California Governor Jerry Brown."

Note: One of the more apocalyptic fires I've seen so far!

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-14 - Firefighting plane engine explodes, chunks of engine fall on Fresno (California), plane makes emergency landing:

Quote: "The plane was flying right over Jeanette Sanders' neighborhood when the engine blew up. She told Action News, 'It was like a big old boom that went off and it shook the house.'"

Note: Sounds similar to the passenger plane engine that exploded and burned during takeoff less than a week ago in Las Vegas (Nevada), lightly injuring 27 people, mentioned in the 2015-09-08 update. This is the 106th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2015...

2015-09-14 - Crane bursts into flame just before 1 AM at the Port of Tacoma in coastal Tacoma (Washington):

Quote: "The crane that moves large containers caught fire just before 1 a.m. at Washington United Terminal."

2015-09-14 - Crane bursts into flame at docks in coastal St. John’s (Canada):

2015-09-14 - School bus bursts into flame on street in Greene Township, Chambersburg (Pennsylvania):

Note: This is the 157th school bus to burn in 2015 and the 577th bus to burn in 2015...

2015-09-14 - School van bursts into flame on road in Tiptur (India):

Quote: "Eight children of Kalpataru Central School narrowly escaped death after the vehicle ferrying them home suddenly caught fire in Tiptur on Monday evening."

2015-09-14 - In separate incidents, RV and car burst into flame while parked on the island of Tenerife (Spain):

Quote: "Car fires have been causing quite a headache for Tenerife firefighters. Volunteers from Guimar joined with the full-time crew from Santa Cruz to out out a fire in a car parked near other cars and a house in the district of Fátima. Firefighters from La Orotava were also called out to deal with a blaze in a motorhome parked on calle La Candelaria. The vehicle was gutted."

Note: This is the 282nd RV to burn in 2015...

2015-09-14 - In separate incidents, two cars burst into flame, one parked, in Nutley (New Jersey):

Quote: "'[It's] kind off odd to have two in one day,' Cafone said."

Note: Not anymore it's not!

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-15 - Three metal warehouses and a car destroyed by massive fire at 11:30 PM in coastal Ajman (UAE):

Quote: "The warehouses, located in the emirate’s new industrial area, was used for the storage of metal used in construction work. A car parked next to one of the warehouses also went up in smoke, he said."

2015-09-15 - Metal recycling plant erupts in flame at 6:55 AM at the Alexandra Dock in coastal Bootle (Britain):

Quote: "The company describes itself as a scrap metal firm employing more than 4,000 at 150 sites across the world."

2015-09-15 - Metal business damaged by fire in Northfield (New Hampshire):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

2015-09-15 - Passenger plane hit by smoke in cockpit, makes emergency landing at airport in Windsor Locks (Connecticut):

Quote: "Jim Peters, an FAA spokesman, said the plane, a DH-8 aircraft, landed safely at 12:15 p.m. after an emergency was declared because smoke was reported in the cockpit."

Note: This is the 107th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2015...

2015-09-15 - Beachside condo devastated by massive fire before 5 AM, 22 units destroyed, in coastal Orange Beach (Alabama):

Quote: "Authorities say a massive overnight fire ripped through a condominium building in Orange Beach, leaving much of the building in ruins by dawn. Fire officials said the blaze began around 3 a.m. Tuesday, and crews were still battling the blaze three hours later at the Island Dunes Condo in the Gulf Coast beach town."

Note: One of the pics shows a charred SUV and car buried in some of the rubble...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2015-09-16 - Mount Sinabung erupts again in Indonesia, spews ash cloud 3 kilometers high:

2015-09-16 - Volcano Mauna Loa showing signs of unrest in Hawaii, alert level raised:

2015-09-16 - Bárðarbunga may erupt again in Iceland, data indicates accumulating magma:

2015-09-16 - Earthquake frequency increasing - rate of strong quakes doubles in 2014:

2015-09-16 - Powerful shallow 8.3 earthquake strikes just off the coast of Chile, a million people evacuate, 8 people killed:

Quote: "A powerful magnitude-8.3 earthquake hit off Chile's northern coast Wednesday night, causing buildings to sway in the capital of Santiago and prompting authorities to issue a tsunami warning for the Andean nation's entire coast. Officials reported one death in a town north of the capital and heavy waves and some flooding in a handful of coastal cities. The tremor was so strong that people on the other side of the continent, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, reported feeling it."

2015-09-16 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Indonesia:

2015-09-16 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquake and 17 aftershocks strike in the ocean near the island of Tiawan:

2015-09-16 - Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Warrnambool (Australia):

2015-09-16 - Magnitude 4.0 earthquake strikes near Big Bear (California):

Note: This rise in big quakes and volcanism was predicted by MISA Theory back in 2010, a few months prior to the big Japan quake. MISA Theory leads to JJFH - via oceanic volcanism - which leads to the end of human civilization, at least on the surface of the Earth. We're running out of time, assuming anyone wants to work toward the survival of the human race. Of course, nobody ever said that the survival of the human race is mandatory...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-17 - Landfill fire could hit radioactive Manhattan Project waste in as little as 3 months in Bridgeton (Missouri):

Quote: "A fire smoldering underneath a landfill north of St. Louis since 2010 could reach radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project in as little as three months, according to a report released by Missouri’s attorney general."

Note: So in less than 100 days we could have a mini-Fukushima spewing radioactive smoke right in the center of the US. They might want to address this problem BEFORE the fire gets to the radioactive waste because working conditions will obviously be waaaay worse if the fire reaches that nuclear waste...

2015-09-17 - Recycling plant hit by fire in coastal Charlestown, Boston (Massachusetts):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Trash-related facilities such as recycling centers and landfills will burn hard too, as hydrogen sulfide is absorbed into flammable absorbent materials like wood, paper, cardboard, straw, hay, dried brush, generic trash, clothing, cotton, wool."

2015-09-17 - California's new unending fire season takes toll on firefighters:

Note: I said back in January of 2014 that I thought we were now in a perpetual fire season, one that will never end and will only get worse as the years go by...

2015-09-17 - Scrapyard erupts in flame in Chattanooga (Tennessee):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

2015-09-17 - Ten luxury cars destroyed by fire at auto shop in Wordsley (Britain):

Quote: "Ten luxury cars were gutted after a blaze broke out at a vehicle repair company in Wordsley - with around 30 firefighters battling the fire at its height."

Note: People still park vehicles next to each other?! Crrrrazy...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-18 - Mysterious explosion at 3 AM alarms people, shakes homes, sets off car alarm, in Oliver, BC (Canada):

Note: Frost quake! Wait, it's still too early in the year for that excuse...

2015-09-18 - Passenger plane fills with smoke, makes emergency landing in Syracuse (New York):

Quote: "United Flight 3632 was flying from Chicago to Syracuse when, around 1:23 p.m., the regional jet became filled with a smoky odor, said Hancock Executive Director Christina R. Callahan. The pilot declared an emergency shortly before landing."

Note: This is the 110th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2015...

2015-09-18 - Car starts itself, lurches forward and bursts into flame, in Kinrossshire (Scotland):

Quote: "'She had watched the car engine start up and the car lurched forward and banged into the wall of the building in front. She asked me if the car was possessed. I’d left it in first gear but it managed to go five metres and would have kept going if it didn’t hit the wall. I came running out and I ran to get a fire extinguisher. By this time the car was smoking and trying to start itself again, right in front of my eyes.'"

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with copper, especially electrified copper, so as our atmosphere is increasingly contaminated, 'electrical' problems are on the rise. The most notable incident so far involving a vehicle starting itself was when an unoccupied boat burst into flame in the middle of the night, started itself, then tore across the harbor while burning, hitting other boats, in coastal Coffs Harbour (Australia), mentioned in the 2013-05-03 update...

2015-09-18 - Two cars, four garages and three condo units destroyed by fire just before midnight in Irvine (California):

Quote: "Two cars were destroyed, three garages were completely gutted and multiple condo units were damaged. Damage is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The flames were so intense, they melted garbage bins across the street from the fire."

Note: Here's a smattering of the more interesting fires and explosions for this day...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-19 - Fishing ship bursts into flame, burns and sinks, while docked in coastal Cook's Harbour (Canada), nobody aboard:

Quote: "Police say the nearly 20-metre fishing vessel, named the Sylvia Lyn II, caught fire around 5:30 p.m. while docked at the wharf. No one was aboard the ship when the fire started, and crews worked for hours to extinguish the fire. Police said the vessel eventually sunk near the wharf and the Canadian Coast Guard Environmental Response Unit was called to help in the cleanup effort."

2015-09-19 - Fishing ship 'ZK 92- Josiena Lisa' bursts into flame in coastal Lauwersoog (Netherlands), nobody aboard:

Quote: "On Sep 19, 2015, at 8.30 a.m. the fire rescue Zoutkamp was alerted to a fire aboard the 'ZK 92- Josiena Lisa' in Lauwersoog. The fire was at the stern of the ship and could soon be extinguished with assistance of boats of the local KNRM Station. There was no one aboard at the time when the fire broke out."

2015-09-19 - Boat bursts into flame in the Gulf of Mexico near coastal Galveston (Texas):

Note: A woman was just found dead at 7 AM at a beach in Galveston, and a man went missing from a boat and was found dead in Galveston Bay, both events mentioned in the 2015-09-14 update...

2015-09-19 - Boat explodes and burns on Mill Creek in Lusby (Maryland), 3 injured:

Quote: "There were five people on board. The boat burned down to the water line. Three children, ages 3, 8 and 9, were rushed to a hospital, two with severe burns."

2015-09-19 - Yacht bursts into flame at marina in coastal Deganwy (Britain):

Note: These are the 832nd, 833rd, 834th, 835th and 836th boats or ships to burn in 2015...

Category: Aircraft Incidents

2015-09-20 - Passenger plane hit by smoke in the cabin, makes emergency landing in Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas):

Quote: "A smoky cabin forced an American Airlines jet to make an emergency landing on approach to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Sunday afternoon, according to an airline spokeswoman."

Note: This is the 111th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2015...

2015-09-20 - Passenger has medical emergency, passenger plane makes emergency landing in Salt Lake City (Utah):

Quote: "When it was over northern Wyoming, a passenger suffered a medical emergency — so the flight diverted to Salt Lake City International Airport, said American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein."

2015-09-20 - Small plane crashes shortly after takeoff, in the Town of Eaton (New York), 2 killed:

2015-09-20 - Small plane crashes at airport near Knik Glacier (Alaska), 1 injured:

2015-09-20 - Small plane crashes near airport in Talkeetna (Alaska), 1 injured:

2015-09-20 - Small plane crashes into field just before midnight near airport in Shiocton (Wisconsin):

2015-09-20 - Small plane crashes in field near Byron Airport In Contra Costa County (California):

2015-09-20 - Small plane crashes and hits car, bursts into flame, in Aargau (Switzerland), 2 injured:

2015-09-20 - Small plane crashes near Salzburg (Austria), 2 killed:

Note: Atmospheric contamination problem, so of course there are more planes burning, exploding, crashing, etc. Your odds of surviving a plane flight are still obviously quite good, but...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2015-09-21 - Yet another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued for the Coachella Valley (California):

2015-09-21 - Volcano Meru erupts in Tanzania, first time in 105 years:

Quote: "A new eruption has been reported yesterday from the volcano, which has last been active 105 years ago. An ash plume was seen rising approx. 1 km and drifting NW from what looks like a lateral vent on the northern slope of the volcano near Arusha town."

2015-09-21 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes just off the coast near Santiago (Chile):

2015-09-21 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes off the coast near Illapel (Chile):

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2015-09-22 - Purple sulfur bacteria turns water pink at bird refuge in coastal Santa Barbara (California):

Quote: "The water at a bird refuge in Santa Barbara, California has turned a startling shade of pink. Officials say it may look pretty, but it's a sign of an unhealthy ecosystem. Warmer temperatures have allowed purple sulfur bacteria to reproduce more frequently."

Note: Purple sulfur bacteria consume hydrogen sulfide and exist only in waters where hydrogen sulfide is present, so there's definitely hydrogen sulfide in the water at that bird refuge...

2015-09-22 - Large mound inflating in Siberia (Russia), may create new methane explosion crater anytime:

Quote: "Scientists in Siberia are preparing for the formation of a massive new crater, which will be even bigger than an existing one. The researchers believe the sinkhole will be caused by a blast in the permafrost, though they are keeping its location under wraps."

Quote: "'We are keeping the coordinates of its location a secret so that this will not lead to a pilgrimage of the scientists and quasi-scientists, as it can explode at anytime,' said Olenchenko."

2015-09-22 - Paper from 2013 'The Non-Disclosed Extreme Arctic Methane Threat', very dire:

Note: Some interesting mitigation ideas mentioned in there that could conceivably buy us a little more time...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-23 - Mysterious explosion shakes homes on coastal Chincoteague Island (Virginia):

Quote: "WBOC reached out to the Naval Air Station Patuxent River to try and find out if what people heard was, in fact, a sonic boom. However, officials said there were no flights in the area at the time. NASA Wallops Flight Facility officials said they are also trying to figure out what caused the noise near Chincoteague."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Say, right off the East Coast there, there's 5 trillion pounds of explosive methane dissociating. That's probably just a coincidence. Hah, not really!

2015-09-23 - Underground electrical explosion and fire blacks out part of Torrington (Connecticut):

2015-09-23 - Electrical substation damaged by huge fire in Warwood (West Virginia), blackouts ensue:

Quote: "Nearly 1,700 homes are currently without power in Warwood after a massive fire at the Warwood Substation."

Note: Just east (downwind) of the Ohio River. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-09-23 - Electrical substation explodes, three transformers ignite, at Cyber City in Gurgaon (India):

Quote: "The normally buzzing Cyber City escaped from a potential disaster on Tuesday, when three transformers went up in flames after a blast at a nearby substation."

2015-09-23 - Transformer explodes and burns at midnight in Logan Heights area in coastal San Diego (California):

2015-09-23 - Transformer bursts into flame at intersection in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

Note: Another mysterious explosion on a coastline and another pile of electrical fires. The coastal explosion sounds quite similar to the explosion that shook homes on the Outer Banks in North Carolina after which a huge number of fish washed ashore dead. That was probably a methane and/or hydrogen sulfide bubble from the sea floor that breached the surface and then exploded and killed those fish, or they died from suffocation as the gas rose to the surface, or some of both. That event occurred this past March and was mentioned in the 2015-03-18 update...

Category: Aircraft Incidents

2015-09-24 - Passenger plane hit by 'bang', spits sparks and fire, makes emergency landing on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

Quote: "Joel Sirna, a passenger on the flight, said he and others were woken up by a loud noise and then shuddering off the Bali coast. 'Mid-flight, we heard a loud bang and the plane started to shake,' he told Perth Radio 6PR from Denpasar. 'All the lights went out and I looked to the window and have just seen some flames and some sparks - the wing and the motor were on fire.'"

Note: The airline, of course, says that there was no fire. Obviously they have something to gain by saying that, so I tend to trust the accounts of the eyewitnesses who were there more than I do some corporate spokesperson with an agenda who wasn't there...

2015-09-24 - Small plane bursts into flame at airport in Thermal (California):

Quote: "The two are from Tujunga and say the plane belongs to a firefighter."

Note: That's ironic. A small plane just burst into flame while parked at DeQuincy Industrial Airpark in DeQuincy (Louisiana) too, mentioned in the 2015-09-22 update. These are the 113th and 114th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2015...

2015-09-24 - Small plane crashes and burns shortly after takeoff in Granbury (Texas), 2 killed:

2015-09-24 - Small plane crashes in the Brooks Range near Fairbanks (Alaska), 2 lightly injured:

2015-09-24 - Small plane crashes on Mt. Ozren (Bosnia-Herzegovina), 1 killed:

Category: Aircraft Incidents

2015-09-25 - Passenger plane hit by smoke in cabin, returns to airport in Minneapolis (Minnesota):

Note: This is the 115th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2015...

2015-09-25 - Passenger plane forced to shut down three engines (!), makes emergency landing in coastal Shannon (Ireland):

2015-09-25 - Cargo plane makes emergency belly landing at airport in Deline (Canada), engine failure:

Quote: "The cargo flight was on its way from Yellowknife to Norman Wells, said Chris Krepski with the Transportation Safety Board, when it experienced engine failure and diverted to Deline. Krepski said the aircraft landed without its landing gear down."

2015-09-25 - Small plane crashes near Pagosa Springs (Colorado), 2 killed:

2015-09-25 - Small plane crashes into residential area near Cowskin Creek in Wichita (Kansas), 1 killed:

2015-09-25 - Small plane crash lands at airport in coastal Bremerton (Washington):

2015-09-25 - Small plane makes belly landing at airport in Centennial (Colorado):

2015-09-25 - Small plane crashes into culvert and overturns in Amaranth Township (Canada), near Shelburne:

2015-09-25 - Small plane crash lands on the N14 near Diepsloot (South Africa), engine failure:

2015-09-25 - Small plane runs off runway and smokes at airport near Lismore (Australia):

2015-09-25 - Helicopter crashes into yard at home in Eustis (Florida), near Lake Eustis, 2 injured:

Category: Land Subsidence Events

2015-09-26 - Huge sinkhole opens and swallows car, caravan and RV trailer near beach in coastal Inskip Point (Australia):

Quote: "A camper at a popular Queensland beach has described the terrifying speed with which a sinkhole swallowed a car, caravan and camping trailer. The 150-by-50 metre sinkhole opened up at the Inskip Point camping area near Rainbow Beach about 11pm on Saturday. Authorities say the hole is now three metres deep and takes in a large part of the MV Beagle camp site."

Quote: "One camper, Melanie Wotherspoon, described the experience in a Facebook post. 'Yep, can’t believe we made it out,' she wrote. 'I thought we were goners for sure, was truly scary how fast it came into our campsite and swallowed it up.'"

Quote: "Holiday-maker Casey Hughes told ABC the sinkhole 'sounded like a thunder noise' as it opened up."

Note: A large chunk of land slid into the ocean in 2013 at coastal Whidbey Island (Washington), mentioned in the 2013-03-27 update. Three mysterious water-spewing sinkholes have formed at a beach in coastal Exmouth (Britain), last mentioned in the 2015-08-10 update. All around the planet, methane clathrate deposits are located along coasts, as shown in these maps. In some cases, erosion has covered parts of some of these deposits with land over the ages. As those coastal methane clathrate deposits dissociate (melt), they transform from a solid (of a sort) into water and methane gas, and then the land above or nearby may subside or slough off into the ocean. Is that what happened at Whidbey Island, in Exmouth in Britain and/or here on the coast in Australia? I don't know, but events like these are certainly worth paying attention to.

Another concern as the coastal clathrates melt is that methane is an explosively flammable gas, and if enough of it bubbles out of the sea and the wind carries it onto the coast, then fires and explosions are apt to be a problem. There have already been numerous coastal infernos and explosions, some monumental, and this surely has something to do with methane and hydrogen sulfide blowing ashore.

So, things to look for and especially near coasts: extraordinary fires and explosions, land subsidence, strange odors like the foul smell that recently hit coastal Staten Island (New York), mentioned in the 2015-08-28 update, and anomalous deaths of both animals and people...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-27 - At least ten boats destroyed by huge fire and explosions in coastal Shau Kei Wan (China), 5 injured:

Quote: "A huge fire swept through a Hong Kong typhoon shelter on Sunday, setting at least 10 boats ablaze and injuring five people."

Note: These are the 859th through 868th boats or ships to burn in 2015...

Category: Animal Die-Offs

2015-09-28 - Hundreds of wildebeest found dead in the Mara River in northern Serengeti (Tanzania):

2015-09-28 - Dog found with chemical burns at home in Enid (Oklahoma):

2015-09-28 - Large number of fish found dead along 20-mile stretch of Stoney Creek near Spencer (Iowa):

2015-09-28 - Large number of fish found dead in Lake Mogan in Ankara (Turkey):

Quote: "Ankara's fish deaths occurring each year in Lake Mogan, in the county has continued this year. Pollution and methane gas explosion occurred as a result hundreds of dead fish in the lake hit the shore."

2015-09-28 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead at lake in Edirne (Turkey):

2015-09-28 - Hundreds of walruses found dead at beach in Point Lay (Alaska):

Quote: "In Alaska, it has attracted attention that in the past week have found hundreds of dead walruses on a beach area in the northwestern part of Alaska."

2015-09-28 - Massive number of fish die along the coast of Kulon Progo (Indonesia):

Quote: "Kasi Monitoring and Control KLH Kulonprogro, Rin Dwari Widiastuti, said the case is still under investigation. So far, it has not been able to ascertain the cause of death of thousands of fish were dead."

2015-09-28 - Hundreds of crabs and fish found dead in the River Loudias (Greece):

Quote: "Dead fish were of varying size, belonged to many different kinds, but especially in species that live in freshwater. In fact, it detected a large number of dead fish with high resistance to environmental conditions like sheatfish and crabs."

2015-09-28 - Hundreds of fish found dead in river in Guapiacu (Brazil):

Note: It's not just people dropping dead all over the place, but animals too, of all kinds, and creatures near or in bodies of water are dying off hardest and first, as expected...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-29 - Van bursts into flame just before midnight while parked at restaurant, fire spreads, restaurant destroyed, in Pentwater (Michigan):

Quote: "The fire started shortly before midnight at the Dockside Restaurant on Hancock Street. That is located in the downtown area."

Quote: "An assistant chief tells our partner, the Mason County Press, a van caught fire, igniting a gas line to the restaurant."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-09-29 - Van bursts into flame while parked at Walmart in Bluffton (Indiana):

2015-09-29 - Four cars go up in flames while parked in parking garage at furniture store in The Colony (Texas):

Quote: "A fire damaged four employees' vehicles Tuesday afternoon at Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony, police say."

Note: The Colony is located on the eastern (downwind) shore of Lewisville Lake. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-09-29 - Three cars destroyed by fire at 4:10 AM while parked in carpark at apartments in Tyldesley (Britain):

2015-09-29 - Two cars and equipment go up in flames at Parkway Industrial Estate in coastal Plymouth (Britain):

Note: All vehicles are now randomly-igniting firebombs that can go off at any time, whether parked or being driven, so parking a vehicle near something you don't want to see on fire - like that waterfront restaurant that got destroyed there - can cause some problems. People have died when their vehicles burst into flame while parked outside their homes. The problem there is that because the fire starts outside, indoor smoke detectors don't go off sometimes until exits are already in flames, and then people get trapped and burn to death, assassinated in the middle of the night by their own vehicle. Numerous vehicles have also started themselves. What happens if your car starts itself in your garage while you're sleeping? You may breathe carbon monoxide and wake up dead. Just some stuff to be aware of in case you're one of those wanna-stay-alive kind of people...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-09-30 - Copper plant rocked by explosion in Chelyabinsk (Russia), 10+ injured:

Quote: "On Wednesday, another blast was reported at a gunpowder factory in Russia's Tambov Region, in which four people were injured, local media reported."

2015-09-30 - Metal recycling business hit by fire in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland), 2 injured:

Quote: "Fire and rescue services were tackling a fire at a large scrapyard in Leith, Edinburgh. The fire halted business in the dockland area as a number of fire crews and at least three ambulances attended the scene at Dalton Metal and Recycling on Salamander Street."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

2015-09-30 - Underground electrical explosion and fire hits Medford (Massachusetts), near the coast:

2015-09-30 - Electrical fire erupts in tunnel near the South Station in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Red Line service has resumed after firefighters extinguished a fire inside a tunnel near South Station. At around 4:08 p.m., firefighters responded to a report of an electrical fire 20 feet into the tunnel near South Station."

2015-09-30 - Transformer bursts into flame before 6:30 AM in Hamilton (Ohio), blackouts ensue:

2015-09-30 - Utility pole bursts into flame in New Springville (New York), near the coast:

2015-09-30 - Utility pole bursts into flame in Brookville (Ohio), 2000 homes go dark:

2015-09-30 - Utility pole bursts into flame in Amity Township (Pennsylvania):

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