Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 - JUN - Other Stories

2015-06-01 - Magnitude 5.8 earthquake and several other moderate earthquakes strike off the coast of Oregon:

2015-06-01 - Magnitude 4.7 earthquake, strongest in 41 years, shakes coastal Dunedin (New Zealand):

2015-06-01 - Magnitude 4.4 earthquake strikes near Emam Hassan (Iran):

2015-06-01 - Volcanic eruptions and large earthquakes give people the jitters in Japan:

2015-06-01 - Boy, 16, collapses at 6:10 AM, stops breathing, heart stops, resuscitated, at school in La Verne (California):

2015-06-01 - Naked man, 23, falls four stories off building in Nottingham (Britain):

2015-06-01 - Heatwave bakes parts of the Philippine Islands:

2015-06-01 - Almost 1200 people hospitalized from heatwave in Japan:

2015-06-01 - Late May snowfall hits Tianshan Mountain in Hami (China):

2015-06-01 - Rural Texas towns buried in mud from flooding:

2015-06-01 - Strange trumpet-ish sounds heard over Cheltenham (Britain):

2015-06-01 - NASA confirms strange sounds in the skies:

2015-06-01 - Huge sun halo appears in the sky during mass in El Salvador:

2015-06-01 - Man survives direct lightning strike while camping near Idaho City (Idaho):

Note: And so Electro was born! Watch out, Spider-Man!

2015-06-02 - US Army suddenly announces and begins training involving explosions in Flint (Michigan), people alarmed:

Quote: "The explosions came the same day the city said the U.S. Army would be conducting training in the area."

Note: The last time I saw them suddenly announce something and the SAME DAY have a drill - e.g. it's urgent - was a night in 2011 or 2012 when they announced a sudden training exercise involving low-flying aircraft over coastal Washington DC, warning people not to be alarmed. I wondered what was going on so I loaded up a CBS webcam with a live view of the White House, just for shits and grins. Around 2:30 AM some 'flashes of lights' started occurring around the exterior lights on the White House - small explosions - and then some bushes caught on fire, and then the feed went dead. I looked in the news the next day - no mention. I went to find a webcam view of the White House and they were ALL offline, even private webcams in nearby pubs and stuff, and it remained that way for the next eight days, which must have been how long it took to repair whatever damage the White House sustained from the fire and the small explosions. Could be that we came pretty close to losing our president and the White House that night.

So, what's going on in Flint? No idea. Could be they're trying to use artillery and flares to blow up gas plumes before they reach populated areas. That's a crude way to fight the problem, but it might work to some degree. Or maybe this is just a 'normal' training exercise, but when they announce it and on the same day begin it, that implies a certain amount of haste and urgency, for whatever reason...

2015-06-02 - Volcano Guallatiri (Chile) hit by earthquake swarm, alert level goes to yellow:

2015-06-02 - Firefighters prepare for epic fires in drought-stricken California:

2015-06-02 - California sees 'reverse meteorological spring' for first time in almost a century:

2015-06-02 - Red tide may kill off life along the California coast:

Note: Last I checked, life was ALREADY dying off hard along the California coast...

2015-06-02 - Hurricane Blanca, Category-4 storm with 130 mph winds, heads toward Baja California:

2015-06-02 - Death toll from heatwave in India tops 2500, monsoons weak too:

2015-06-02 - First day of winter in Australia brings lowest temps in 40 years:

2015-06-02 - Fog bank looks like a slow-moving tsunami off the coast of New Jersey:

2015-06-02 - Raging lightning storm hits Auckland (New Zealand), 1 killed:

2015-06-02 - MERS hits South Korea, 2 killed, 25 infected, 700 in isolation:

2015-06-02 - Invasive fish with lungs that can walk on land alarms people in Australia:

2015-06-03 - Two teens go out on boat, go missing, empty 'ghost boat' found, at Bankson Lake near Lawton (Michigan):

Quote: "It’s believed one teen is from Kalamazoo and the other is from Portage. Deputies on scene discovered an empty boat with two I-D’s inside, both belonging to teenagers from the Kalamazoo area."

2015-06-03 - HazMat event, unknown vapor leaks from manhole in Chicago (Illinois):

2015-06-03 - Mount Sinabung (Indonesia) expanding and rumbling, alert level goes to red, evacuations ensue:

2015-06-03 - Volcano Cotopaxi (Ecuador) showing signs of unrest, quaking and smelling like sulfur:

2015-06-03 - June snow hits mountains in Scotland:

Quote: "In a message below the photograph, Mr Cameron said: 'This is 1pm on Tuesday the 2nd of June on Aonach Mor and this is just ridiculous. Unprecedented, perhaps.'"

2015-06-03 - Large Hadron Collider starts smashing particles again:

Quote: "Buried below the ground on the France-Switzerland border, it's hoped the world's biggest experiment will give us big clues as to how the universe works. For the last two years, physicists have been working on an upgrade to the giant machine, to make it much more powerful."

2015-06-03 - Swarm of vultures takes over home in Buncombe (Illinois):

Quote: "Swarms of vultures have forced a US family out of their home. Disposed homeowner Rick Mize said the giant birds arrived in drones last month around the same time a terrible stench filled the area near the Buncombe, Illinois house.  'Okay your cat died in your house and you found it five days after being on vacation ... that's the stench, it's just foul, death,' he told local television network KFVS."

2015-06-03 - Trio of Arctic beluga whales seen off the coasts of New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut:

2015-06-03 - Piles of worms squirm out of the ground en masse near Eisenhower State Park (Texas):

2015-06-03 - Teenager struck by lightning inside home, via refrigerator, in Austin (Texas):

2015-06-03 - Upside down 'smiley' rainbow seen in the sky at Kington (Britain):

2015-06-03 - Investors start to panic as global bond market crash begins:

Note: I find people randomly dropping dead FAR more panic-worthy myself, but then again, I'm poor-ish, not an investor. Guess I'll avoid high-rise banks though - don't wanna get smooshed by a suicidal banker jumping out a window!

2015-06-03 - 'Batteriser' makes batteries last up to eight times longer:

2015-06-04 - Oceans losing oxygen, fish and crabs dying:

2015-06-04 - Methane found in the soil and under parking lots at stadium in Winston-Salem (North Carolina):

2015-06-04 - Melting ice sheets causing serious problems, and worse is to come:

2015-06-04 - Two men lose consciousness in manhole near Georgia Tech in Atlanta (Georgia):

2015-06-04 - Two men, 45 and 21, gassed in sewer, both critical, in coastal Taipei on the island of Taiwan:

2015-06-04 - Fungus wiping out bananas around the world:

2015-06-04 - Two-headed pig born in Beiyan (China):

2015-06-04 - Massive algae bloom 35,000 square kilometers in size hits the east coast of China:

Quote: "An algae bloom, or 'green tide,' has quickly expanded across 35,000 square km of waters off China's eastern coast, the country's maritime authorities said Wednesday. The North China Sea Marine Forecasting Center of State Oceanic Administration reports the algae bloom grew from 1,500 square km on May 22 to 35,000 square km on June 4."

2015-06-04 - Tens of thousands of toads descend on village after rainfall, in Liaoning Province (China):

2015-06-04 - Numerous new species discovered in the deep ocean near Puerto Rico:

2015-06-04 - Heatwave and drought hit the island of Saint Lucia:

2015-06-04 - Snow and rain hit Kashmir (India) as chill returns:

2015-06-04 - Deadly flooding hits Khuzdar (Pakistan), 13 killed:

2015-06-04 - Deadly flooding hits Togo, Benin and Ghana in West Africa:

2015-06-04 - Massive cyber breach hits US government, could affect every federal agency:

2015-06-04 - Central banks losing control over financial markets:

2015-06-04 - Green 'jellyfish' UFO seen in the skies over Groningen (Netherlands):

2015-06-05 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake shakes Borneo Island (Malaysia), 160 climbers stranded, 40 people missing:

2015-06-05 - Responders train for high-rise fires in Kanawha City area in Charleston (West Virginia):

2015-06-05 - Grapefruit-sized hail (!), tornadoes and heavy rain batter Colorado:

2015-06-05 - Early-season heatwave hits parts of Europe:

2015-06-05 - Heatwave heads for Vancouver (Canada):

2015-06-05 - Insane heatwave hits parts of Alaska, temps higher in some places than Arizona:

2015-06-05 - Heatwave spreads from Pakistan to the Middle East:

Quote: "Temperatures hit 50C [122F] in United Arab Emirates as heat spreads across the Middle East."

2015-06-05 - Scary-looking fog bank rolls in on the Grand Manan coastline in Canada:

2015-06-05 - Locusts infest 70,000 hectares of farmland in Tajikistan:

2015-06-05 - Lampreys falling out of the sky in Fairbanks (Alaska):

2015-06-05 - U.S. Air Force developing unmanned hypersonic aircraft that can go 3800 MPH:

2015-06-05 - Fake motorized killer whale intended to scare off sea lions capsizes and sinks in coastal Astoria (Oregon):

2015-06-05 - Flying speeder bikes like those in 'Return of the Jedi' could soon be a reality:

Quote: "Called Flike, the vehicle is touted on its website as a 'revolutionary, all-electric personal flight device.' Three pairs of rotors allow the Flike to ascend in the air, while a Lithium Polymer battery gives it 15-20 minutes of hover flight."

2015-06-06 - Man goes out on boat, goes missing, at Lake Mendota (Wisconsin):

2015-06-06 - Volcano Ubinas (Peru) erupts twice in a week:

2015-06-06 - Mount Sinabung (Indonesia), erupts again, evacuations ensue:

2015-06-06 - Warmer lower-oxygen oceans drive marine species toward the poles:

2015-06-06 - Researchers discover deepest high-temperature hydrothermal vents in Pacific Ocean:

2015-06-06 - Persistent heatwave kills at least 10 people in Sindh Province (Pakistan):

2015-06-06 - Heatwave hits Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2015-06-06 - 60% of China's underground water and a third of its surface water 'not fit for human contact':

2015-06-06 - Flow of illegal immigrants into Europe linked to global food shortage, says Putin:

2015-06-06 - Overgrazing and desertification on the Syrian steppe may be cause of conflict in Syria:

2015-06-06 - Hurricane Blanca expected to be earliest Category 5 storm on record:

2015-06-06 - Two lightning strikes hit rock festival in Mendig (Germany), 33 injured:

2015-06-06 - Responders train for hurricane, chemical explosion and building collapse in Hawaii:

2015-06-06 - Robot beats samurai sword master in Japan:

Quote: "Robot arms, which have truly amazing skills, have recently entered the spotlight: one beat a world table tennis champion in March, while Russian military robots scored high at a shooting challenge a month ago during field training. In April, a UK company unveiled a robo-chef capable of preparing meals from scratch."

Note: Biding my time waiting for a bundle deal on a chefbot and a dishwasherbot!

2015-06-06 - Levi's and Google to design wearable technology using conductive threads in fabric:

Quote: "The interactive material would be able to understand various gestures like crossing your legs or swiping your sleeve with your fingers. The special fabric would also be capable of sending the data wirelessly to smartphones and other devices, opening up an array of new types of applications, aside from the most basic communication commands like placing a phone call and sending a text message."

Note: Oh yeah, this should be awesome, with your clothes spying on you! 'Bob's Pants have detected erection. Call wife now? (Y/N)"

2015-06-07 - Woman, 22, falls off kayak and disappears in the water near coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

2015-06-07 - Record cold hits Twente and Eindhoven (Netherlands):

2015-06-07 - Flooding and heavy storms hit Switzerland, 2 killed:

2015-06-07 - Apocalyptic-looking storm spits out twin tornadoes in Colorado:

2015-06-07 - Incredible footage shows massive storm in Kansas that produced hail bigger than baseballs:

2015-06-07 - Bizarre green slime worm creature with a tongue freaks people out:

2015-06-08 - Man, umpire, collapses and goes into cardiac arrest during baseball game, resuscitated, in Folcroft (Pennsylvania):

2015-06-08 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Mutsu (Japan):

2015-06-08 - Heavy downpours dump 5 inches of rain in 3 hours on Bangkok (Thailand):

2015-06-08 - Nashville (Tennessee) aiming to have biggest 4th of July celebration in the US:

2015-06-08 - Strange trumpet sounds heard in the skies over Indonesia:

2015-06-08 - Groaning trumpet sounds heard in the sky over coastal Batangas (Philippine Islands):

2015-06-08 - Strange groaning sounds heard in the sky over coastal Long Island (New York):

2015-06-08 - Strange trumpet sound heard in the sky over Phoenix (Arizona):

Note: I highly suspect these groaning/trumpet sounds being heard around the world are the sound of the Claus Process running on large-scale industrial equipment inside mobile craft that we can't see, because 'someone' has technology that allows routing visible light around a volume, which would make anything inside that volume invisible. The Claus Process removes sulfur from hydrogen sulfide gas, producing elemental sulfur and water - in other words, it gets rid of hydrogen sulfide. Considering how many people and animals are dropping dead and how many devastating explosions and fires are occurring, if I'm right then we need a whole lot more of these craft cleaning the atmosphere. But hey, they're buying us a little time anyway, so that's something. If you hear this sound, it may be both good AND bad news - good news that someone's working on the poisoned atmosphere problem, but bad news that the problem is right there...

2015-06-08 - Eurasian crane found in Churchill (Canada):

2015-06-09 - Boy, 8, good swimmer, found unconscious in swimming pool at apartment complex in Springdale (Arkansas):

2015-06-09 - Volcano Zhupanovsky erupts, belches ash 6 kilometers into the sky, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2015-06-09 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes in the Gulf of Northern Evia near Greece:

2015-06-09 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Lake Monomonac (New Hampshire):

2015-06-09 - Record-breaking heatwave hits British Columbia (Canada):

2015-06-09 - Deadly heatwave kills another 40 people in Orissa (India):

2015-06-09 - Nightmarish hailstorm hits Gatlinburg (Tennessee):

2015-06-09 - Terrible flooding hits Guatemala, 8000 people affected:

2015-06-09 - Flooding and landslides continue to plague South China:

2015-06-09 - Soyuz spacecraft fires engine, abnormal engine start, space station changes orbit:

2015-06-09 - Service dog throws itself between blind owner and bus, saves her life, in Brewster (New York), both injured:

Quote: "'The dog took a lot of the blow,' Brewster Police Chief John Del Gardo said. 'And he did not want to leave her side. He stood right with her. He was there to save her.'"

2015-06-10 - Mount Sinabung (Indonesia) erupts, nearby Toba supervolcano releasing steam and foul-smelling gases:

Quote: "Western Indonesia's Mount Sinabung has been placed on high alert for what is being called a 'mega-eruption' for several km/miles around the volcano. Video reports coming out from the region show ash, steam, and eruptive blasts currently occurring. In addition to the large eruption at Mount Sinabung, we now have other reports that the nearby Toba supervolcano is showing large emissions of steam (from the ground), as well as foul smelling gas."

2015-06-10 - Five moderate earthquakes strike off the coast of Japan in 24 hours:

2015-06-10 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Maratooka Lake in coastal Mattituck (New York):

2015-06-10 - Huge sections of California sinking due to drought:

2015-06-10 - Red River floods in Louisiana, highest levels in 70 years:

2015-06-10 - Devastating floods hit Assam (India), 80,000 people affected:

2015-06-10 - Chemical runoff from huge chemical plant fire kills fish in Conewago Creek (Pennsylvania):

2015-06-10 - West Coast of North America to be hit by 2016 with 80% as much Fukushima radiation as Japan:

2015-06-10 - Global deflation trade unwinds, bond prices soar:

2015-06-10 - Guy McPherson discusses the hacking of his website Nature Bats Last:

2015-06-10 - Animals are smarter than we thought - crows can count, and chimps know when they've nailed the answer to a question:

2015-06-11 - Woman in her 50s disappears while diving in Commencement Bay near Puget Sound (Washington):

2015-06-11 - Teen girl goes missing at Lake Travis (Texas):

2015-06-11 - Floodwaters causing new dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico:

2015-06-11 - Bubbling river, land subsidence, and hydrogen sulfide in the soil concern farmers in Chinchilla (Australia):

2015-06-11 - Heavy rains, hail and flash floods batter Madrid (Spain):

Note: Ay caramba!

2015-06-11 - North American Hudsonian Whimbrel spotted in Britain:

2015-06-11 - As currency dies, Zimbabweans get $1 for every 35 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars:

2015-06-11 - Crop circles appear overnight in field in Adygea (Russia):

2015-06-12 - Girl, 10, loses consciousness at Magic Mountain (California):

Note: Well, at least she didn't collapse, start twitching and die, as happened to a boy, 16, at a high school in Pasadena (Texas), mentioned in the 2015-05-01 update...

2015-06-12 - Mount Asama (Japan) spewing increasing amounts of sulfur dioxide, alert level raised:

2015-06-12 - Geothermal geyser erupts in women's toilets in Ohinemutu (New Zealand), near Lake Rotorua:

2015-06-12 - Storm dumps huge hailstones on Minooka (Illinois):

2015-06-12 - Massive flooding hits Ankara (Turkey), cars washed away, 2 injured:

2015-06-12 - Giant 'fire rainbow' appears in the sky over Bangkok (Thailand):

2015-06-12 - Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner shows off ability to take off almost vertically:

2015-06-12 - Hundreds of dolphins surround fishing boat near Cape Town (South Africa):

2015-06-12 - Snowy egret from the Americas spotted in South Africa (!):

2015-06-13 - Mount Sinabung (Indonesia) erupts again, blows ash a mile in the sky, evacuations ensue:

2015-06-13 - Unusual swarm of earthquakes rattles Alabama:

2015-06-13 - Ocean heating up around Svalbard (Norway), lots of methane clathrates in the area:

Quote: "The Arctic Ocean temperature should not be 52.52 degrees southeast of Svalbard. There are huge amounts of frozen methane hydrates on the Arctic Ocean floor."

2015-06-13 - Flesh-eating bacteria creates fear on Florida beaches:

2015-06-13 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Scooteney Reservoir (Washington):

2015-06-13 - Widespread flooding expected in the Plains in the United States through midweek:

2015-06-13 - Polar bears spotted eating dolphins:

2015-06-13 - Huge purple sea slugs showing up on beaches along the East Bay (New York):

2015-06-13 - Large number of jellyfish seen off the coast of Maine:

2015-06-13 - Responders train for mass-casualty explosion and fire in Torrington (Connecticut):

2015-06-13 - Responders train for HazMat chemical disaster at high school, in Plainfield (Illinois):

2015-06-13 - Pair of disc-shaped UFOs photgraphed flying over Loch Ness (Scotland):

2015-06-13 - Comet probe Philae wakes up after 7-month nap on comet:

2015-06-14 - Huge swarms of mayflies shut down bridge two days in a row in West Hempfield Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-06-14 - Black bears tear up campsite in Hope (Alaska), tent camping now off-limits:

2015-06-14 - Lightning strikes boat on Beaver Lake (Oregon), 1 killed:

2015-06-14 - Deadly floods hit Tbilisi (Georgia), 7 killed, zoo flooded, crocodile, hippo, tigers, bears and wolves escape:

Note: Someone saw a crocodile swimming down a street! As if flooding wasn't dangerous enough!

2015-06-14 - Flooding worsens in Assam (India), 370,000 people affected:,/Situation/Worsens

2015-06-14 - Storm dumps 4 inches of rain on Taipei in an hour in Taiwan:

2015-06-14 - Freak hailstorm turns the desert white around Alice Springs (Australia):

2015-06-14 - NASA plans air traffic control system for drones:,nasa-plans-air-traffic-control-system-for-drones.aspx

2015-06-14 - Asteroid Icarus to make its closest approach to Earth on Tuesday, June 16:

2015-06-15 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near North Sulawesi (Indonesia):

2015-06-15 - Man gassed in manhole, goes into a coma, in Yiwu (China):

2015-06-15 - 12+ people sicken on passenger plane after leaving coastal Nadi (Fiji Islands):

2015-06-15 - Possibly the largest toxic algae bloom ever recorded hitting the US West Coast:

2015-06-15 - Humpback whales becoming exhausted during migration due to lack of food:

2015-06-15 - Rapid-onset warming of the planet occurring now:

2015-06-15 - Tropical Storm Bill may strengthen over the 'brown ocean' in Texas:

2015-06-15 - Flash flood watches in effect in Texas as Bill heads toward the coast:

2015-06-15 - Hailstorms cause serious crop damage in Spain:

2015-06-15 - Turtle falls out of the sky during hailstorm in Liaocheng (China):

2015-06-15 - Huge waves pound homes, throw boulders, trap motorists, in coastal Wellington (New Zealand):

2015-06-15 - Fire rainbows appear above Puget Sound (Washington):

2015-06-15 - Raccoon rides the Alligator Express, hitches ride on an alligator, in Florida:

2015-06-16 - Mount Bulusan erupts in the Philippine Islands:

2015-06-16 - Mount Asama erupts near coastal Tokyo (Japan):

2015-06-16 - Sinabung continues erupting in Indonesia, 10,000 people have evacuated, others refuse to leave:

2015-06-16 - Cleveland Volcano (Alaska) growing restless again:

2015-06-16 - Volcano Cotopaxi (Ecuador) belching gas, under alert:

Note: Volcanic activity around the world continues to escalate, exactly as predicted by MISA Theory in 2010. MISA Theory leads to the Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis, which leads to the end of most life on Earth, just as has happened in Earth's past. This is one of Earth's 'golden oldies' in terms of extinction events...

2015-06-16 - 12 people sickened by unknown cause shortly after 3 AM near the River Coyne in Colchester (Britain):

Quote: "Residents and workers by the Moorside Business Park, near East Street, began feeling unwell shortly after 3am this morning."

Quote: "It is not yet clear where the leak came from or what chemicals made people ill. Royal Mail claim the leak was not from its premises. Environment Agency specialists are working with fire crews to find out if the chemicals came from the River Colne, which is behind the depot."

2015-06-16 - Warm-water 'blob' off the US Northeast coast causing huge toxic red tide:

2015-06-16 - Unprecedented oceanic warming occurring off the US Northeast coast:

Quote: "A new study shows that water temperatures off the northeast coast of the US have been trending upward, with unprecedented warming occurring over the last 13 years. The study also suggests a connection between sea level anomalies and water temperature along the continental shelf."

2015-06-16 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Red Rock Lake (Minnesota), dog dies:

2015-06-16 - Water tables dropping worldwide, NASA warns of global drought:

2015-06-16 - Drought, heat and insects kill 12 million trees in California:

2015-06-16 - Mountain House (California) just days from running out of water:

2015-06-16 - North Korea hit by worst drought in a hundred years:

2015-06-16 - Monstrous rainstorms and flooding kill 16,000 pigs in valley in southern China:

2015-06-16 - Responders train for parking garage and bridge collapses on City Island in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania):

2015-06-16 - Black bear spotted in Indiana for first time in 140 years:

2015-06-16 - Mysterious vortex filmed in Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park (Thailand):

2015-06-17 - Gas erupts from pond at golf course in Lambton Shores (Canada), on Lake Huron:

Quote: "The Ministry of Natural Resources has sent a spill action team to a natural gas leak on Lakeshore Road, just east of Indian Hills Trail in West Lambton Shores, Lambton OPP reported Wednesday morning. The team joins police, fire and Union Gas crews. They were called out at approximately 7:52 a.m. Wednesday by a report of an odour and arrived to find natural gas bubbling up out of a small pond, police said. It was determined to be a gas pocket, police said. Lambton OPP are asking the public to avoid the area, and said Indian Hills Trail West was restricted to local traffic. Police said it was unknown how long the gas leak, described as a natural event, would continue."

Note: Natural gas is odorless, so this wasn't JUST natural gas leaking. That people described it as 'an odor of gas' means that they smelled 'rotten egg' odor. The bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide eat natural gas (e.g. methane), so this had to be hydrogen sulfide AND natural gas exploding out of that pond. This is the same thing they said in California when gas erupted out of Santa Monica Bay and hit Santa Monica with a foul odor, mentioned in the 2013-03-03 update - they said that was a 'naturally-occurring methane release'. I'm sure there WAS some methane that exploded out of the ocean in the bay there, but there was ALSO hydrogen sulfide, which is what the 'foul odor' was.

The 'naturally-occurring' part doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about. The Permian-Triassic extinction - the 'Great Dying' - was a 'naturally-occurring' event too, but it still killed most life on this planet, and the current extinction event will do the same. Maybe your corpse will end up with a toe tag on it that says 'died from naturally-occurring event', but dead is still dead...

2015-06-17 - Around 50 people, mostly children, sickened by gas at elementary school in coastal Basud (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "At least 50 people, most of them children, got sick in a suspected gas poisoning inside a public elementary school in the town of Basud in Camarines Norte on Wednesday..."

Quote: "Fama said that when the responding policemen led by Inspector Ace Juan Flores arrived at the school, they found about 50 pupils and teachers from different levels who were experiencing stomach ache, vomiting and nausea. He said the foul smell was already gone when policemen got to the school but the victims described the odor as similar to that of a fertilizer or some kind of medicine or chemical that they could not identify."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Four children were just gassed to death in a hotel in Mash'had (Iran) too, and 18 more children were injured, mentioned in the 2015-06-08 update...

2015-06-17 - Boy, 6 to 8, loses consciousness and almost dies in swimming pool in Houston (Texas):

2015-06-17 - Magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean at the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge:

2015-06-17 - Scientists find evidence Africa capable of producing megaquakes:

2015-06-17 - Thousands of giant jellyfish washing ashore at beaches in South Wales (Britain):

2015-06-17 - Massive flooding hits Shanghai and Jiangsu Province (China):

2015-06-17 - Record summer cold hits the Netherlands:

2015-06-17 - Millionaires will soon control half the world's wealth as income-disparity increases:

Quote: "In another indication that those gaining wealth are making money from money itself, the report says 73% of the world's gains in private wealth in 2014 came from gains on existing assets rather than the creation of new wealth or business."

2015-06-17 - Anonymous-backed social network plans to complete with Facebook, but with way more privacy:

2015-06-17 - NASA's New Horizons spacecraft now just 20 million miles from Pluto:

2015-06-18 - HazMat event, 8 sickened by unknown chemical at office building in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2015-06-18 - HazMat event, 40 people sickened at water park in Antioch (California), blamed on sodium hypochlorite:

2015-06-18 - Naked woman falls off balcony in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut), 1 injured:

2015-06-18 - Arctic sea ice drops by 340,000 square kilometers in one day:

Quote: "On Tuesday evening, the Cryosphere Today site showed Arctic sea ice at about 8,986,000 square kilometers. The next day the measure stood at about 8,646,000 square kilometers. That’s an extraordinary loss of 340,000 square kilometers in just one day."

2015-06-18 - May 2015 was hottest May in modern history:

Quote: "The temperatures were the highest for May in the 1880-2015 period, 'surpassing the previous record set last year in 2014 by 0.14 Fahrenheit (0.08 Celsius),' said the NOAA report."

2015-06-18 - Record snow cover hits Norway, five times normal:

2015-06-18 - Flooding hits Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma as remnants of Bill unleash rain:

2015-06-18 - Torrential flooding hits Southern Bulgaria:

2015-06-18 - Flash floods hit much of China, homes washing away:

2015-06-18 - Drought killing cherries in California:

2015-06-18 - California's water crisis is the worst ever, and worse is yet to come:

2015-06-18 - Salmon-killing parasite thriving in the California drought, salmon die-off could happen anytime:

2015-06-18 - Weird blue rays seen in the skies over Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia):

2015-06-18 - NASA's Dawn spacecraft sees 3-mile-high pyramid-shaped mountain and more weird lights on Ceres:

2015-06-18 - CERN discovers that neutrinos can change their state:

2015-06-19 - Bulusan Volcano (Philippine Islands) erupts again, blows ash a mile into the sky:

2015-06-19 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Wasi Lake in Chisholm (Canada):

2015-06-19 - Heatwave in Alaska exacerbating fires and melting the crap out of glaciers:

2015-06-19 - Heavy snow hits Canterbury (New Zealand) as almost 16 inches of rain in 24 hours (!) pounds the West Coast:

Quote: "About 400mm of rain fell on the West Coast in the 24 hours to 6am and more rain was expected tonight."

2015-06-19 - Storm dumps six inches of rain in 3 hours on Edinburg (Texas), flooding ensues:

2015-06-19 - Major flooding hits coastal Mumbai as storm unloads 12 inches of rain in 24 hours:

2015-06-19 - At least three waterspouts seen in the ocean near Fort Lauderdale (Florida):

2015-06-19 - Strange night-shining clouds being seen farther and farther south:

2015-06-19 - Migratory birds that should be breeding in the Arctic remain on Fraser Island (Australia):

2015-06-19 - Pig born with two heads and three eyes in Colombia:

2015-06-20 - Man goes missing at Lake Winnipesaukee (New Hampshire), empty 'ghost boat' found circling:

Quote: "Marine patrol was called about 9:34 a.m. to the area of the Governor’s Island Beach at the lake in Gilford. The caller told police that a power boat was circling in the area, and that there was a dog but no people aboard. Officers found the 17-foot outboard boat was stopped and the dog was taken safely to shore. The boat’s operator, an unidentified man, was nowhere to be found."

2015-06-20 - Volcano Shindake (Japan) erupts twice in 20 days:

2015-06-20 - List of the 12 most dangerous volcanoes that could erupt at any time:

2015-06-20 - Footage of Mount Sinabung (Indonesia) spewing pyroclastic flows down its side:

Quote: "In Reynolds' video above, Sinabung's pyroclastic flow surges down the mountainside on Friday, destroying everything in its path, including farms."

2015-06-20 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes just off the coast near Talcahuano (Chile):

2015-06-20 - California air pollution intensifies as drought digs in:

2015-06-20 - Massive flooding turns streets into rivers in several cities in Russia:

Note: Wow, that looks horrible...

2015-06-20 - Three unconfirmed reports of great white sharks rattle people in Maine:

Quote: "Three separate possible sightings of a great white shark were reported along the southern Maine coast Saturday, which was the 40th anniversary of the release of the thriller 'Jaws.'"

2015-06-20 - Young man dies of the plague in Larimer County (Colorado):

2015-06-20 - Car plows into crowd, man gets out and stabs people randomly, in Graz (Austria), 3 killed, dozens injured:

Quote: "Three people have been killed and dozens injured after a 'deranged' man drove a large car into a huge crowd of people before leaping out of his car and attacking others at random with a knife."

2015-06-20 - Swarm of bees descends on the Senate entrance at the U.S. Capitol Building in coastal Washington DC:

2015-06-20 - Massive flooding hits Lagos (Nigeria):

2015-06-20 - SPCA of Los Angeles awards annual 'Hero Dog' award to cat named Tara, who saved child from dog attack:

2015-06-21 - HazMat event, 40 people sickened at swimming pool near coastal Great Yarmouth (Britain):

2015-06-21 - Man, 58, has respiratory problems on boat near coastal Ocean City (Maryland), medevac'd off:

2015-06-21 - Firefighter collapses at scene of fire, goes into cardiac arrest, resuscitated but in a coma, in Walden (New York):

Note: I bet there was a little extra something-something in that smoke. A firefighter, man, 45, just collapsed and died at a fire station in Green Bay (Wisconsin) too, mentioned in the 2015-06-20 update...

2015-06-21 - Mount Bulusan (Philippine Islands) erupts again:

Quote: "The Philippines has stockpiled food supplies in case of evacuations after a volcano emitted ash and smoke six times in recent weeks, officials said on Sunday."

2015-06-21 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Ndoi Island (Fiji Islands):

2015-06-21 - Trees collapsing at unusual rate in coastal Mumbai (India):

2015-06-21 - Massive hailstorm pounds Nisland (South Dakota), hailstones bigger than an orange (!):

Note: Jeez, look at the hailstone in the pic. If something that big hits you in the head, that could kill you!

2015-06-21 - Coldest June in 33 years hits Tromsø (Norway):

2015-06-21 - Deadly heatwave roasts Pakistan, at least 130 killed:

2015-06-21 - Economic doom may be heading our way this fall, say some:

Note: Buy gold! Er, wait, you can't breathe gold...

2015-06-21 - Worldwide displacement of people due to war and conflict hits record high:

2015-06-22 - Man, 52, goes missing at Chautauqua Lake (New York), empty 'ghost boat' found:

Quote: "This is the second missing boater on Chautauqua Lake this year. Last month, 64-year-old David Spink of Varysburg in Wyoming County went missing. His body was later found."

2015-06-22 - Woman loses consciousness and falls on train tracks in coastal San Francisco (California):

2015-06-22 - Volcano Ubinas (Peru), erupts, spews ash:

2015-06-22 - Cleveland Volcano (Alaska) heating up, showing signs of unrest:

2015-06-22 - Iceland issues earthquake warning after heightened seismic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula near Reykjavík:

2015-06-22 - Freezing temps hit New Zealand:

Quote: "It was colder at Lake Pukaki on Tuesday morning than the summit of Mt Everest."

2015-06-22 - Tornado rips through Coal City (Illinois):

2015-06-22 - Chile declares environmental emergency from smog due to driest weather in over 40 years:

2015-06-22 - South American Pacu fish with human-like teeth found in Swedes Lake (New Jersey):

2015-06-23 - Volcano Colima (Mexico) erupts, unleashes huge blast of ash and steam:

2015-06-23 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Japan:

2015-06-23 - Netherlands training elite team to fight large ferry ship and cruise ship fires:

Quote: "The team’s main goal will be to prevent hazardous evacuations from occurring at sea and thereby saving lives, AD reports. The team will be deployed from this summer. An example of such a fire is the large fire on board the Norman Atlantic in December last year. A number of passengers jumped into the water in a panic and drowned. Eleven crew members were killed in the fire. Some passengers had to wait more than 24 hours to be rescued."

2015-06-23 - Heatwave heads for US western states:

2015-06-23 - Pakistan heatwave intensifies, at least 600 killed, people dying in the streets:

2015-06-23 - Lack of snow hits ski resorts in Chile:

2015-06-23 - Three waterspouts seen near Phuket (Thailand):

2015-06-23 - Major geomagnetic storm hits the Earth:

2015-06-23 - New Guinea flatworms, one of the world's most invasive species, show up in Florida:

2015-06-23 - Man, 43, attacks and injures woman with machete in park in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2015-06-24 - Many hundreds more methane seeps discovered venting methane in the deep ocean in the Arctic:

Quote: "Over a course of 12 days Dr. Giuliana Panieri and her colleagues from Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate (CAGE) collected images from seven areas of known methane release in the Arctic Ocean. One of them was Vestnesa Ridge, with over 1000 active seep sites at the depth of over 1000 m."

2015-06-24 - HazMat event, 37 people have trouble breathing, at fruit packaging company in Selah (Washington), unknown cause:

Note: Next to a pond with a stream winding around the place, near the Yakima River. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-06-24 - HazMat event, ten people sickened with nausea and burning eyes, in Lexington (Kentucky), unknown cause:

2015-06-24 - Dozens of swimmers sicken at beaches in Vera and Cuevas (Spain), blamed on plankton bloom:

Quote: "One man from Villaricos told how his entire family was affected after a swim. 'Heavy sneezing, a lot of mucus and in one case a nasty rash' he explained. 'I don't know what caused this but this cannot continue like this, nobody can go into the sea while this continues'."

2015-06-24 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Callander Bay in Ontario (Canada):

2015-06-24 - Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes near coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2015-06-24 - Responders train for nuclear explosion in Battle Creek (Michigan):

Quote: "According to a news release from the city, the full-scale exercise is a rehearsal for the response to a nuclear explosion in real time."

Note: As the atmospheric contamination proceeds, some of the atmospheric explosions may rival the fission explosion that destroyed Hiroshima, but minus the radiation...

2015-06-24 - Powerful thunderstorms take out power to half a million people in the US Mid-Atlantic region:

2015-06-24 - Waterspout roars ashore and hits home on coastal Long Beach Island (New Jersey):

2015-06-24 - Hoover Dam water level hits lowest point ever:

2015-06-24 - Facebook is now worth more than Walmart:

2015-06-24 - House cat and mountain lion face off through sliding glass door at home near Boulder (Colorado):

2015-06-25 - Man goes out on boat, goes missing, empty 'ghost boat' found, near coastal Dinner Key Marina (Florida):

2015-06-26 - Ice melting, icebergs cracking off, clogging glaciers and causing major earthquakes in Greenland:

Quote: "In brief: When vast icebergs break off at the end of tidal glaciers, they tumble in the water and jam the glaciers themselves backwards. The result is a seismic event detectable across the Earth."

2015-06-25 - Earth's protective magnetic field weaking, radiation could fry life on Earth:

Note: That's gonna happen anyway as methane and hydrogen sulfide wipe out the ozone layer, even if the magnetic field recovers. Of course, two lethal bullets kills you faster than one, so there is that...

2015-06-25 - Diarrhea-inducing parasite infesting pools and spas around the US:

2015-06-25 - Massive flooding hits Gujarat (India), at least 50 people killed:

2015-06-25 - Wicked-looking shelf cloud rolls though Ohio and Kentucky:

2015-06-25 - Man catches freaky prehistoric-looking fish in Russia:

2015-06-25 - Robotic bricklayer can build a home in two days:

2015-06-26 - Man, 30, Olympic sailor, goes missing off the coast near Dinner Key (Florida), empty 'ghost boat' found:

Quote: "The Coast Guard is searching in Biscayne Bay outside Miami for a missing sailor who was a member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic sailing team. Coast Guard officials in Miami say they received a report Thursday evening about an unmanned inflatable dinghy adrift in Dinner Key. Items belonging to Trevor Moore, 30, were onboard."

2015-06-26 - Noxious fumes and smoke hit transit bus, several people sickened, in coastal Washington DC:

Quote: "This morning around 10:30 I was sitting at the back of the 54 bus going south when all of a sudden I smelled noxious fumes and started coughing. It was a bit hard to breathe and everyone around me started coughing too. We spontaneously stood up and headed to the front of the bus, away from where the chemical smell seemed to be coming from."

2015-06-25 - Mount Sinabung (Indonesia) erupts three times in hours, spews towering cloud of ash and gas 4 kilometers into the air:

Quote: "Indonesia's Mount Sinabung spewed searing ash and gas 4 kilometres into the sky Thursday, officials said, as the number of people displaced by the latest round of eruptions exceeded 10,000."

2015-06-26 - Warming waters and overfishing forcing nesting seabirds to abandon the Gulf of California:

2015-06-26 - Sao Paulo (Brazil) drying up, enduring worst water crisis in decades:

2015-06-26 - Deadly flooding hits North Vietnam, 9 killed, 6 missing:

2015-06-26 - Deadly flooding hits Western India, more than 80 killed:

2015-06-26 - Giant hailstones kill 40 sheep in Nisland (South Dakota):

Quote: "The hail that was as large as softballs crashed down upon their farm near Nisland and directly killed or led to the death of around 30 head of lambs and 10 ewes."

2015-06-26 - Another freak hailstorm hits Australia:

2015-06-26 - Vicious storms take out power to 150,000 people in Missouri, mostly in the Kansas City area:

2015-06-26 - Lightning strike kills man and two horses near Seymour (Missouri):

2015-06-26 - Pilotless passenger planes closer to reality:

Quote: "Aurora calls Centaur an 'optionally piloted aircraft' because it can be piloted in the cockpit or by remote control. When a pilot is operating it inside the cockpit, the aircraft is perfectly legal to fly around the U.S. like any other small passenger plane. It’s marketed as a cheaper way for pipeline operators or mining companies to survey their property. But if CEO John Langford has his way, people will be riding in them too."

2015-06-26 - Fearless house cat scares bear away from home in Alaska:

Quote: "The cat appeared ready to pounce the whole time and when it did, the bear went a-tumbling."

2015-06-27 - Man, 60, loses consciousness, almost dies, resuscitated, at Pirates game in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2015-06-27 - Magnitude 5.2+ (Israel says 5.5) earthquake shakes Israel and Egypt:,7340,L-4673298,00.html

2015-06-27 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Lake Billy Chinook (Oregon):

2015-06-27 - Pakistan hit by worst-ever heatwave, 1200+ people killed:

2015-06-27 - Sandstorm hits Cairo (Egypt):

2015-06-27 - As California dries up, Baltimore hit by wettest June on record:

2015-06-27 - 72 percent of Americans fear economic crash:

2015-06-28 - Oceans warming dramatically along both the US West Coast and the US East Coast:

2015-06-28 - Woman, 29, disappears while snorkeling at the island of Curaçao:

2015-06-28 - Woman has medical problem on boat near Florida:

2015-06-28 - Man, 26, contracts bacterial infection in the Gulf of Mexico and dies:

2015-06-28 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake and 5 aftershocks strike near the city of Volcano (Hawaii):

Quote: "The city of Volcano is aptly named since it lies on the border of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. The park is home to two active volcanoes, including one of the world's most active, Kilauea, which is near the site of the earthquake."

2015-06-28 - Major dust storm blows through Arizona, hits Phoenix, Casa Grande, Florence, Gila Bend, and more:

2015-06-28 - Severe weather sweeps across the US causing flash floods and power outages:

2015-06-28 - Lightning strike injures 15+ people, kills dog, on Mount Bierstadt (Colorado):

Quote: "Some of the victims suffered head injuries and some were knocked unconscious for up to five minutes."

2015-06-28 - Tornado rips through the Dnepropetrovsk region (Ukraine):

2015-06-28 - Flooding hits 15 Maguindanao villages (Philippine Islands), 25,000 evacuated:

2015-06-28 - Flooding and landslides hit southereastern Bangladesh, 23 killed:

2015-06-28 - Drought affecting numerous areas around the planet:

2015-06-28 - Rabbit population rising, causing problems, in Cheyenne (Wyoming):

2015-06-28 - Strange light appears in the sky over Deane (Britain):

2015-06-28 - New teen trend involves pooping in pools, called 'logging':

2015-06-28 - Woman finds 8.52 carat diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park (Arkansas):

2015-06-29 - Mount Raung erupts, ash hits nearby villages, near the coast in East Java (Indonesia):

Quote: "Indonesian authorities on Monday (Jun 29) raised the alert level after Mount Raung in East Java erupted, causing ash to land in surrounding villages. The eruption at Mount Raung on Sunday evening was heard 20 kilometres away, and ash fall was seen in villages about 10 kilometres away from the summit. Aircraft pilots also reported seeing large amounts of ash at a height of 3,500 metres."

Note: That's just Raung!

2015-06-29 - Primordial mantle helium found leaking in the Los Angeles Basin (California):

2015-06-29 - Heatwave heads toward Scotland, may make Scotland hotter than Thailand:

2015-06-29 - Heatwave still baking Pakistan, 1200+ killed, 65,000 hospitalized:

2015-06-29 - Heavy rains and flooding destroying crops along the Mississippi River in Illinois and Missouri:

2015-06-29 - Massive flooding hits Costa Rica, 700 displaced, 1500 homes damaged:

2015-06-29 - 16 tornadoes and 3-inch hail hit the Red River Valley (North Dakota):

2015-06-29 - Lightning strikes kill 33 cows in Perry County (Mississippi):

2015-06-29 - Lightning strike kills woman, injures several others, near the Mogollon Rim (Arizona):

2015-06-29 - Man named Rod struck by lightning for second time in his life, in Chebanse (Illinois):

2015-06-29 - Hydrogen sulfide found to be a superconductor at higher temps (-70C) than other materials:

Quote: "Measurements show that hydrogen sulfide superconducts much closer to room temperature than other materials."

Note: I wonder what escalating amounts of methane and hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere does to the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere and the ground and water (when the ground/water is contaminated too). In other words, how does that affect, say, lightning strikes. There will definitely be SOME effect, either good or bad. I'd guess the effect is bad - e.g. the atmosphere is becoming more conductive - but unless someone does the research there's no way to know for sure...

2015-06-29 - As drought hits California, sewer systems degrading:

Quote: "But, while San Franciscans are sending less water down the drain because of conservation, the same, or more sewage is being sent through the system that isn’t being drained as well as before. 'It’s an organic material. It breaks down. It creates hydrogen sulfide. That eats up the concrete in the pipes if it sits there long enough,' Moala said."

2015-06-30 - HazMat event, unknown fumes hit 4 people at apartments in Newark (Delaware):

Quote: "One civilian and at least three firefighters were treated for exposure to unknown fumes in Newark, Delaware. The incident occurred shortly after 5:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Hunters Crossing Apartments on the unit block of Fairway Road. Fire crews responded for the report of fumes. Upon arrival, firefighters declared a hazmat incident."

2015-06-30 - Man suffers stroke-like symptoms on fishing boat in coastal Gilmer Bay (Alaska), medevac'd off:

Quote: "The Coast Guard Juneau received a report of a man suffering from stroke-like symptoms aboard the 'Ocean Storm' in Gilmer Bay on June 29, 2015. The duty flight surgeon was consulted and recommended a medevac."

2015-06-30 - Man, 44, suffers respiratory problems on ship near coastal Penmarch (France), medevac'd off:

Quote: "On June 29, 2015, at 01.16 a.m. the CROSS Etel Regional Center was alerted by the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in Madrid after a Filipino sailor of 44 years aboard the 'As Fatima' suffers respiratory problems."

2015-06-30 - Mount Hakone erupts south of Tokyo (Japan):

2015-06-30 - Magnitude 3.3 earthquake shakes Battle Creek (Michigan), puzzles scientists:

2015-06-30 - Sea ice declines dramatically in the Beaufort Sea in June:

2015-06-30 - Heatwave hits Britain:

2015-06-30 - Drought and pine beetles killing the crap out of trees in California:

2015-06-30 - Man sets himself on fire on train near coastal Tokyo (Japan), 2 killed, 26 injured:

Quote: "A man set himself on fire on a high-speed bullet train in Japan on Tuesday, killing himself and another passenger as the coach filled with smoke, a fire official said. At least 26 other people were injured, three seriously, mostly from smoke inhalation, Odawara Fire Department official Ikutaro Torii said."

2015-06-30 - 75-trillion-dollar shadow banking system in danger of collapsing:

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