Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let There Be...A Book!

Let there be...a book! Okay, I didn't write it, but it explains the Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis quite well, and more besides. There's lots of science and charts as well as a closer examination of some unexplained or inadequately-explained but pertinent events in the recent past. And there is actually a lot of my writing in there too, quoted by the author, Joe Morey, from a forum on a website as we were discussing things.

The book is called 'Fever Rising', compiled, researched and written by Joe Morey. It's not free, but for now at least it's really freakin' cheap in e-book form. I will be displaying an ad on the sidebar for the book. You're probably wondering, 'What's my cut?' Hah, I wouldn't blame you for wondering, because I would too. And because there is a lot of my work and words in the book, an honorable person would have asked if I wanted a cut, and indeed Joe is an honorable person and so he did ask. But I proposed an alternative: a portion of the proceeds goes to the Red Cross, and both Joe and his wife liked that idea so that's how it is. Not a ton, but half a buck per copy. Still, every bit helps.

So that's what I get out of it - I know some of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross. Why do I care? Well, it just so happens that my home burned down in 2005. That was, as best I know, completely unrelated to our atmospheric problem, just one of those sucky things that happens to people even in the best of times. And, ya know, the Red Cross was there, with a $250 prepaid credit card. That may sound a little cold, just some cash, but actually, sometimes that's the best, because then you can use it to fill in the holes around whatever resources YOU have to help you through an emergency. Like some people need clothes and some need food and some need shelter and some need everything. Well, anyway, we weren't as needy as some when the fire drove us out into the cold, but it really did make a difference, the aid coming at exactly the right moment - at the worst of times.

So, I thought about the Red Cross some, and I came to the conclusion that their mission is about as objectively pure and good as exists: to help those in need. Regardless of national boundaries or religion or color or anything else. And so when Joe wrote the book, and offered me a cut, I saw a chance to send some aid to the Red Cross, a kind of indirect way for me to repay them for the aid they gave me in a time of need. Also, the rising tide of fiery catastrophes will strain them, no doubt about that.

A second thing I get out of this is simply to be able to point people to a different tool for understanding the problems we face and - if you choose - a different way to share the information with others. In tangible form - the printed version of the book - you could share it among friends and family, at least those who you think might benefit from it. I don't offer that myself, seeing as I didn't write a book, and having read Joe's book...meh, looks like a ton of work, writing a book, and to even be able to do that myself, I'd have to sacrifice the daily updates, which I don't want to do. So, tada, there IS a book AND I didn't have to write it. I don't make anything off of it, no, but that's okay, because then I also don't have to worry about any book-type stuff: marketing, money, margins, yada yada.

Anyway, I thought it merited a post and an explanation as to why, for the first time ever, after 940+ days, I am displaying an ad. It's mainly because Joe's book offers people something I don't - information in book form - along with a side order of knowing that I have at least tried to help out a cause in which I believe.

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  1. Very generous of you Jonny!! It speaks really well of you! I too notice the increasing demand on The Red Cross. They are the first to step forward to help ALL & they need all the donations given & then some.

    Nice to know your work here has caught the interest of others. So glad to hear that you will be continuing your updates! I would so miss them & your wicked sense of humour, both appreciated!!