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2014 - AUG - Multiple Corpses

2014-08-31 - Two boys, 11 and 14, found dead in the Perak River in Sungai Siput (Malaysia):

2014-08-30 - Two workers gassed to death working at sewage facility in coastal Chennai (India):

Quote: "Nandakumar, who went in first, fainted. Seeing him slump to the ground at the bottom of the pit, Jayakumar, who was not aware his colleague had inhaled toxic gases, jumped down to rescue him and met with the same fate."

Note: That's not uncommon with hydrogen sulfide poisoning events: one person succumbs then others go to the rescue and they succumb too. I just mentioned two days prior, in the 2014-08-28 update, when two sewer workers were gassed to death in Georgetown (Idaho), that we'd be seeing more sewer workers getting gassed to death. Two other workers were just gassed to death in Scottsdale (Arizona) too, mentioned in the 2014-08-25 update. There will be more...

2014-08-29 - Man and his mother found dead in home on Hurt Street in Trezevant (Tennessee):

Note: Handily, this home is right down the street from Brummitt Funeral Home...

2014-08-29 - Man and son, 75 and 40, found dead and foaming at the mouth in apartment in Ghaziabad (India):

Quote: "Police, however, suspect it to be a case of poisoning. 'The bodies were found foaming at the mouth.'"

Note: Yeah, hydrogen sulfide poisoning, which can cause chemical damage to the lungs resulting in foaming at the mouth. Numerous people have been found mysteriously dead and foaming at the mouth in recent times, especially in the last two years. As the atmospheric contamination intensifies more people will be dying foaming at the mouth or bleeding out from nose/mouth/ears...

2014-08-29 - Two girls, 20 and 13, found dead in the banks of the Kadana River at Sivasailam (India):

Note: Allegedly they ate some poison. That's India's 'go-to' excuse for mysterious deaths. It's probably the cops who did the alleging, trying to hide the truth, in fear of the billion pissed off people they're gonna have when the people realize their government's been lying to them. If you took them at their word - which would not be wise - then you'd think half the country are people waiting for the slightest provocation to gulp down some poison. 'Aw man, the show was just getting good and now they show a commercial - f##k it, time to eat some poison!'

2014-08-28 - Two sewer workers, men, 46 and 19, gassed to death in Georgetown (Idaho):

Quote: "Two Blackfoot men were overcome by toxic fumes and died while working on the sewer system in this Bear Lake County town."

Note: Two workers were just gassed to death similarly in Scottsdale (Arizona), mentioned in the 2014-08-25 update. Methane and hydrogen sulfide are the two 'sewer gases'. Methane is not particularly deadly but hydrogen sulfide is VERY lethal, as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers.

The problem is this: there is hydrogen sulfide blowing around in the atmosphere. It is a heavier-than-air gas so even when a non-lethal cloud blows through, it will settle and flow to the lowest-lying area that it can find, just like water does. In cities, that will be the sewer system. Once in the sewer system it will accumulate and concentrate and even if the clouds of gas blowing by in the atmosphere are non-lethal, what accumulates in the sewers (and other low-lying areas) may very well be. As a consequence, more sewer workers are getting gassed to death, because the danger is now radically higher than it ever was in the past.

Anyone that enters ANY underground facility now for ANY reason and who doesn't wear a full-body HazMat suit is seriously putting their life at risk. If any gas gets in your home, it will tend to accumulate in the basement, if you have one, else the first floor. That's also where electrical panels and water heaters are frequently located, so even if you're not knocked dead instantly or poisoned slowly over time, your house could ignite or explode since hydrogen sulfide is extremely flammable and highly reactive...

2014-08-28 - Two people found dead in home in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):!bMHPWi

2014-08-27 - Three schoolkids found dead on the banks of river in coastal Virar, Thane (India):

Note: People still let their kids go anywhere near bodies of water?!

2014-08-26 - Two men, 60 and 61, go fishing, next seen dead in the water at Bird Island near coastal Galveston (Texas):

Quote: "Boat crews from the Jamaica Beach Fire Department and Galveston Police Marine Division found the 18-foot vessel near Bird Island at about 4:30 a.m., but could not approach it because of shallow water."

Quote: "The search for an overdue boat ended Tuesday with the recovery of the bodies of two men who apparently drowned near San Luis Pass, officials said. The men, aged 60 and 61, both of Houston, appeared to have been wade-fishing in shallow water near Bird Island before they were reported missing..."

2014-08-25 - Family of four found dead at Henry Hagg Lake (Oregon):

Note: A boat burst into flame and ignited a dock at Henry Hagg Lake the day prior, mentioned in the 2014-08-24 update. So some hydrogen sulfide and methane blow by, ignite a boat. Then the gas settles and dissolves into the water and you get pockets of lethal contaminated water in the lake and the next day a boy is found dead in the lake and shortly later his sibling and parents are also found dead in the lake...

2014-08-25 - Two workers gassed to death working in sewer in Scottsdale (Arizona):

Quote: "Ducote said arriving crews recorded high levels of hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide coming out of the sewer. 'Hydrogen sulfide is a really bad chemical that is lethal at 250 parts per million and it was about 200 parts per million with the hazmat teams got out there,' Ducote said."

Quote: "The 18-year-old man who emerged from the sewer earlier Monday afternoon told police from a hospital that he couldn't remember whether he was pulled or pushed out, a police official said."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is blowing around in the atmosphere now. It's a heavier-than-air gas so when it blows through, it'll settle to the ground and start flowing into the lowest-lying areas that it can get to, like basements, underground carparks, sewers, etc. It is also traditionally produced in sewers too. These days, going into any underground facility without a full-body HazMat suit, for any reason, can get you killed lickedy-split...

2014-08-25 - Woman and man, 46 and unknown, found dead in apartment in Columbus (Ohio):

2014-08-24 - Woman and son, 34 and 2, found dead in swimming pool at home in Eastvale (California):

2014-08-24 - Three men and a woman found floating dead in the water off the coast near Hollywood (Florida):

2014-08-24 - Two brothers, 10 and 8, found dead on the banks of the Bheri River (Nepal):

2014-08-24 - Father and son found dead in canal in coastal Chittagong (Bangladesh):

2014-08-23 - Two Mormon missionaries, men, 19 and 24, found dead in apartment on the island of Taiwan:

2014-08-22 - Two men, 39 and 40, drop dead in cargo ship at the Port of Dahej in coastal Gujarat (India):

Quote: "The electrician had gone into the copper dam area located between the two hutches of the ship, but did not return. The captain went there to look for him and he too failed to return."

Note: Not the first time multiple people have been found mysteriously dead on boats or ships...

2014-08-21 - Brother and sister, 68 and 64, found dead in apartment in South Haven (Indiana):

2014-08-20 - Couple, 68 and 64, found dead on their patio at home in Lumberton (North Carolina):

Note: Patio, so probably enjoying some *cough cough* fresh air...

2014-08-19 - Two men, 18 and 22, found dead in the Cauvery River (India):

2014-08-17 - Woman and boy die at Euclid Beach Park on Lake Erie in Cleveland (Ohio):

Quote: "Emergency crews were called to the park about 4:15 p.m., Cleveland Fire Department spokesman Larry Gray said. He said the victims were an adult woman and a boy."

Note: Kinda like all the schools of fish dying around the planet these days, except this time the 'school' was small, and human...

2014-08-16 - Father, mother and 3 children found dead in home in Abeokuta (Nigeria), 'chemical smell' present:

Quote: "Olowoorioke explained that he could not move closer to the place because of the shock but added that the smell  of chemicals could be perceived from inside the house."

Note: Sounds like some hydrogen sulfide blew into that house, or at least that part of the house, and killed everyone in that room...

2014-08-16 - Two men found dead in SUV at rest stop in Bukit Mertajam (Malaysia), near the coast:

2014-08-15 - Woman and man, 39 and 26, found burned to death at home in Wellawaya on the island of Sri Lanka:

2014-08-15 - Couple, 32 and 26, found dead at home in Narayanganj (Bangladesh):

Note: Tons of rivers and lots of swampy land in that area...

2014-08-14 - Two men, both 20, go swimming, both found dead in Deep Creek in coastal Newport News (Virginia):,0,7673481.story

2014-08-13 - Three people found dead in mobile home, small fire present, in Harris County (Texas):

Quote: "Officials called to the scene suspect a small fire smoldered inside the trailer, releasing clouds of poisonous carbon monoxide gas. The fire was found in a back bedroom, Bessolo said."

Note: So some hydrogen sulfide blows through, knocks people unconscious, starts a small fire. The small fire emits carbon monoxide and, since the people are unconscious, they don't put out the fire or open a window or leave. They just lay there until they're dead. This event is much like the young engaged couple who burned to death in their SUV in McFarland (Wisconsin), mentioned in the 2013-01-01 update - they didn't exit the car when it ignited, because they must have been unconscious, so they just laid there and burned to death. A lot of deaths in cars and homes in the last couple of years have undoubtedly happened in this way. There's really no telling when you'll be knocked unconscious (or dead) and have your home ignite, but it's most likely to happen in the wee hours and it's more likely to happen if you live in, near or downwind of a low-lying area...

2014-08-12 - Two men, 48 and 49, go out on boat, next seen dead in the water near Sandy Point (Canada):

2014-08-12 - Man, about 30, and young woman found dead in the Padma River near Dhaka (Bangladesh):

2014-08-12 - Couple, 89 and 90, and dog found dead at home on Sapphire Coast Drive in coastal Merimbula (Australia):

2014-08-10 - Couple in their 80s found dead in car in garage at home in Kansas City (Kansas):

Note: Kansas City is located at the confluence of the Kansas River and the Missouri River...

2014-08-10 - Two women found dead in hotel room in coastal San Jose (California):

2014-08-10 - Three teenage girls found dead in the Krishna River near Sitanagaram (India):

2014-08-10 - Three corpses spotted in the water, one recovered, in coastal Vasai-Virar (India):

2014-08-09 - Sixteen children die from unknown cause in Central Darfur (Sudan):

Quote: "Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a Garsila camp sheikh reported that seven children died in the Jebel camp, four in Riyadh camp, and five children in the Ardeba camp."

2014-08-08 - Two children, 3 and 4, found dead near river bank in Theni (India):

2014-08-07 - Two people found dead in home on Linfield Road in Trappe (Pennsylvania):

2014-08-04 - Three people found dead in apartment in Worcester (Massachusetts):

Note: They sure are quick to blame drugs. Well guess what - everybody is dying, including people who do drugs, and people who don't do drugs too. And just because you do some drugs doesn't mean that you're suddenly invulnerable to hydrogen sulfide poisoning, else we'd ALL be on drugs. The tox results may take as long as six months. In other words, they SAY it was drugs - without a tox test of any kind - and then the story disappears from peoples' minds. They want this story to go away, immediately. Well, considering a car just burst into flame the day after this event in Worcester, and considering a 'rotten egg' odor was blowing in off the ocean in Quincy (Massachusetts), I'm not assuming anything. It's VERY possible these three people got poisoned to death, and not by drugs, though it's certainly possible that they were ALSO on drugs...

2014-08-04 - Two fishermen killed by hydrogen sulfide, one injured, in ship hold in Strandbygaard Harbour (Denmark):

Quote: "According to police, the two fishermen died because of toxic hydrogen sulphide fumes from the load of trash fish."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is produced by rotting biomatter, but it is also blowing around in the atmosphere and, being a heavier-than-air gas, once it gets inside a ship it will settle into the hold, just as when it infiltrates a home it will tend to settle into basements...

2014-08-04 - Mother and daughter, 35 and 11, found dead in well in Shahipura (India):

2014-08-03 - Man and woman, 42 and 22, found burned to death in hotel room in coastal Camarines Sur (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "Four days after they left their house in Barangay La Purisima, Ocampo town, Camarines Sur province, the burned bodies of two live-in partners were found by police in a hotel room in this town and identified by their relatives."

2014-08-02 - Six people found dead in submerged car in canal in Uttar Pradesh (India):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "More people will be found dead in submerged vehicles."

2014-08-02 - Couple, 67 and 60, found dead in home in Pope County (Arkansas):

2014-08-01 - Woman and girl, 62 and 11, found dead in home in coastal Long Branch (New Jersey):

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