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Event Update For 2021-05-18

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2021-05-18 - Zombie fires are real, and poised to worsen with global warming:

2021-05-18 - Zombie fires that smoldered beneath the snow are raging again in Siberia (Russia):

2021-05-18 - Recycling center fire breaks out on Diamond Hill Road in coastal Chesapeake (Virginia):

2021-05-18 - Landfill fire breaks out in coastal Chester (Canada):

2021-05-18 - Landfill fire breaks out in Kelowna (Canada):

2021-05-18 - Wildfire breaks out and causes evacuations near Prince Albert (Canada):

Quote: "Dry conditions and strong winds caused a large wildfire to grow Tuesday near Saskatchewan’s third-largest city even as firefighters fought the flames. 'The fire continues to rage,' said Prince Albert Mayor Greg Dionne. The wildfire had forced people from at least 50 homes by late Tuesday afternoon."

2021-05-18 - Van explodes into flame while parked at home, fire spreads, home heavily damaged, on Vine Street in Lebanon (Virginia):

2021-05-18 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside garage at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, near Boulder (Colorado):

Quote: "On May 18, 2021 at approximately 10:27 PM, Boulder County Communications received a 911 report of a vehicle that was on fire in the 1200 block of Tipperary Street. The vehicle was located inside of a residential garage. The home is a two story structure with the garage attached. Prior to the arrival of emergency personnel, the house caught on fire and all occupants were able to safely evacuate. Personnel from the Mountain View Fire Department, Louisville Fire Department, and Lafayette Fire Department responded, along with deputies from the Boulder County Sheriff's Office. The fire was extinguished, however the structure is potentially a total loss."

2021-05-18 - A new infectious coronavirus detected in Malaysia, and it's coming from dogs:

Note: No human-to-human transmission yet, just dog-to-human and presumably dog-to-dog...

2021-05-18 - Huge 79-story skyscraper mysteriously begins to shake in coastal Shenzhen (China):

Quote: "It was not immediately clear how authorities will handle a dangerous building of its scale in the heart of a city of over 12 million people. Bystander videos published by local media on Weibo showed the skyscraper shaking on its foundations as hundreds of terrified pedestrians ran away outside."

2021-05-18 - Brush fire breaks out in Bartow (Florida):

2021-05-18 - Brush fire breaks out in Stafford (Connecticut):

2021-05-18 - Tugboat 'Mary Lynn' bursts into flame on the Mississippi River in St. Louis (Missouri):

2021-05-18 - Fishing boat 'Prestige' bursts into flame off coastal Port Clyde (Maine):

Quote: "Two people were recovered Tuesday afternoon from the waters off St. George by Good Samaritans after the boat they were on caught fire. The U.S. Coast Guard public information office confirmed that the 38-foot lobster boat Prestige caught fire with two people aboard. The fire was reported at 4:20 p.m. May 18."

Note: These are the 276th and 277th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-18 - Passenger bus bursts into flame at YMCA in Chapel Hill (North Carolina):

2021-05-18 - Four electric buses destroyed by fire while parked at facility in China:

2021-05-18 - Passenger bus bursts into flame at 2:46 AM on Calver Road in Baslow (Britain):

Note: These are the 186th, 187th, 188th, 189th, 190th and 191st buses to burn in 2021...

2021-05-18 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at 1:05 AM while parked at business on Imperial Court in Bensalem (Pennsylvania):

2021-05-18 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-15 in Las Vegas (Nevada):

2021-05-18 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-55 in Jackson (Mississippi):

2021-05-18 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the Coquihalla Highway in the Fraser Valley (Canada):

2021-05-18 - Two tractors (excavators) and van destroyed by fire at shopping center on Murrayburn Road in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

Quote: "Images show fire crews continuing to tackle the incident which has left a van and two diggers destroyed."

2021-05-18 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M5 near coastal Weston-super-Mare (Britain):

Note: These are the 1091st, 1092nd, 1093rd, 1094th, 1095th, 1096th and 1097th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-18 - Two dump trucks, semi trailer and flatbed trailer destroyed by fire while parked at construction business in Pierre (South Dakota):

Quote: "The cause of a fire that destroyed a semi-trailer, two dump trucks, and a flatbed trailer in Pierre Tuesday afternoon is under investigation."

2021-05-18 - Truck bursts into flame on Route 6 in coastal Sandwich (Massachusetts):

2021-05-18 - RV bursts into flame on West 11th Avenue in Eugene (Oregon):

Note: This is the 162nd RV to burn in 2021...

2021-05-18 - Van bursts into flame on Wincolmlee (street) in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Wincolmlee, Hull. Tue 18 May 2021 22:48 (No:009109) Transit van on fire. 1 BA 2 hose reels in use."

Note: This street runs right along the River Hull...

2021-05-18 - SUV bursts into flame on US 17 bypass in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

2021-05-18 - Pickup truck bursts into flame, ignites brush fire, while parked long road in coastal Charlotte County (Florida):

2021-05-18 - Car bursts into flame on Broadlands Road in coastal Weymouth (Britain):

2021-05-18 - Car bursts into flame in carpark at store in Spring Hill (Britain):

2021-05-18 - Car bursts into flame on Corporation Road in coastal Grimsby (Britain):

Quote: "Corporation Road, Grimsby. Tue 18 May 2021 20:58 (No:009096) Car fire. 1 BA and 1 hose reel in use. Incident left with Police."

2021-05-18 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-81 in Shenandoah County (Virginia):

2021-05-18 - Moped bursts into flame on The Ridings (street) in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "The Ridings, Hull. Tue 18 May 2021 16:01 (No:009071) Moped on fire. One hose reel, one Scotty Back Pack in use. Incident left with Police."

2021-05-18 - Bean business heavily damaged by fire in Osage Township (Minnesota):

2021-05-18 - Warehouse heavily damaged by fire in coastal Oakland (California):

2021-05-18 - Garage destroyed by fire shortly before 2 AM at home on Juaneno Avenue in coastal Oceanside (California):

2021-05-18 - Mobile home heavily damaged by fire on Joyce Circle in Billings (Montana):

2021-05-18 - Home destroyed by fire at 3 AM on Duera Mae Drive in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2021-05-18 - Apartment building damaged by fire just before 3 AM on West Liberty Avenue in Dormont (Pennsylvania):

2021-05-18 - Man and woman, 64 and 51, drops dead in apartment in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

Quote: "A relative found Dandre Brown, 64, and his 51-year-old girlfriend Lisa Petty dead when she showed up at their apartment on Monument Walk in the Ingersoll Houses in Fort Greene about 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, cops said. Neither victim showed any signs of trauma, police said. There was no forced entry into their home and no drug paraphernalia found."

2021-05-18 - Three men found dead in canal in Gila Bend (Arizona):

2021-05-18 - Police officer, man, 40, has 'medical event' in underground parking garage at police station and dies in West Fargo (North Dakota):

Quote: "At a press conference a short time ago at the West Fargo City Hall, Police Chief Denis Otterness announced that an officer had a medical event and was taken to the hospital where he later died."

2021-05-18 - Man drops dead on beach in coastal Santa Barbara (California):

2021-05-18 - Man found dead at hotel on Lakeview Center Drive in coastal Tampa (Florida):

2021-05-18 - Person found dead in the Chehalis River near Centralia (Washington):

2021-05-18 - Man, 65 to 70, found dead in the Delaware River in Penns Grove (New Jersey):

2021-05-18 - Woman, 34, found dead in coastal Falmouth Harbor (Massachusetts):

2021-05-18 - Man, 35, found dead in the Mississippi River near Andalusia (Illinois):

2021-05-18 - Man found dead in lagoon in Eldridge Park in Elmhurst (Illinois):

2021-05-18 - Man, 58, found dead in Lake Michigan near pier in Grand Haven (Michigan):

2021-05-18 - Woman drops dead on Centennial Parkway in Raleigh (North Carolina):

2021-05-18 - Man, 79, found dead in the Rock River in Whiteside (Illinois):

2021-05-18 - Man, 38, found dead outside business in Missoula (Montana):

2021-05-18 - Man, 20, dies after being found unconscious at jail in Charlotte (North Carolina):

2021-05-18 - Man drops dead at entrance to cricket arena in Middelburg (South Africa):

2021-05-18 - Boy, 17, found dead in the River Orwell near coastal Ipswich (Britain):

2021-05-18 - Driver has 'medical emergency' while driving, car bursts into flame, in Franklin (Tennessee):

Quote: "The driver, who was believed to have been having a medical emergency, was uninjured and is doing fine, according to Franklin Police."

2021-05-18 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing at airport in Kano (Nigeria), engine failure:

Quote: "A Kano-Abuja Max Air plane on Tuesday developed engine failure 10 minutes after take off from the Malam Aminu Kano International Airport (MAKIA), causing fear among passengers. The Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado-Bayero, was among the many passengers onboard the faulty plane."

2021-05-18 - US Air Force F-15QA fighter jet lands at airport, runs off runway, pilots eject, at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport in Mascoutah (Illinois):

2021-05-18 - Small plane makes emergency landing on Loop 202 in Mesa (Arizona), engine failure:

2021-05-18 - Tractor trailer overturns, bursts into flame, on street in Sissonville (West Virginia):

2021-05-18 - SUV veers off road, crashes into trees, bursts into flame, in Pointe Coupee Parish (Louisiana), 1 killed:

2021-05-18 - Car crashes off overpass in the wee hours in Troutville (Virginia), 2 injured:

2021-05-18 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 2 people at Sundance Park in Buckeye (Arizona):

2021-05-18 - Dam breaks in Slovakia:

2021-05-18 - Train station partially collapses on Manchester Road (Northwich):

2021-05-18 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Texas and Louisiana, flood emergency declared:

2021-05-18 - Severe computer chip shortage could potentially last years and cause havoc with the global economy:

2021-05-18 - Inside the US military's secret undercover army:

Quote: "Most people haven't even heard of the term signature reduction let alone what it creates."


  1. Threatening Thursday Jonny, all.

    PA keeps popping up in the daily reports, but Canada is burnin' up!

    World's largest iceberg A-76 breaks off of Antarctica

    An enormous iceberg, a little bigger than the state of Rhode Island, has broken off of Antarctica.

    The finger-shaped chunk of ice, which is roughly 105 miles (170 kilometers) long and 15 miles (25 kilometers) wide, was spotted by satellites as it calved from the western side of Antarctica's Ronne Ice Shelf, according to the European Space Agency. The berg is now floating freely on the Weddell Sea [more]

    Any amount of alcohol consumption harmful to the brain, finds study

    There is no safe amount of alcohol consumption for the brain, with even “moderate” drinking adversely affecting nearly every part of it, a study of more than 25,000 people in the UK has found.

    The study, which is still to be peer-reviewed, suggests that the more alcohol consumed, the lower the brain volume. In effect, the more you drink, the worse off your brain. [more]

    Big eruption at Stromboli volcano, Italy

    The Italian volcanoes of Stromboli and Etna both erupted today, 19 May, according to Italy's volcanology institute INGV. [more; video]

    Strong eruption continues with pyroclastic flows at Sinabung volcano in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia [video]

    [from No Conflict of Interest (!?) news]
    Why Does the FDA Get Nearly Half Its Funding From the Companies It Regulates?

    Thanks to user fees drug companies pay the FDA, the number and speed of drug approvals have been increasing over time — so have the number of drugs that end up having serious safety issues. [more]

    [2nd section below]

  2. You Might Want To Check On Your “Investments”, Because The Financial Markets Are Starting To Go Haywire

    Volatility has returned to Wall Street in a major way, and certain investors are getting absolutely crushed. On Wednesday, a trillion dollars in paper wealth had been wiped out during the trading session at one point, but those losses were later pared back as cryptocurrencies rallied. On social media, there has been a lot of weeping and wailing due to the huge financial losses that some people have experienced this week. But if you think that these losses are bad, just wait until you see what is coming later.

    But these days our financial markets are little more than giant casinos. Companies that lose giant mountains of money year after year are supposedly worth billions of dollars, and “assets” that have no inherent value whatsoever are endlessly gobbled up by drug-fueled “investors” that are looking for a way to get rich quick.

    This speculative environment has driven the price of Bitcoin to absolutely insane heights in recent months, but now it is starting to fall.

    For the moment, the losses on the stock market seem quite tame by comparison. The Dow has declined for six of the last eight trading sessions, and it was down another 164 points on Wednesday.

    But there is a whole lot more chaos going on under the surface. As Zero Hedge has pointed out, “in the past 7 sessions, stocks have suffered 3 of the largest bouts of concentrated selling pressure in history”.

    Insiders and wealthy investors have been bailing out of stocks at a staggering pace recently, and many believe that this summer will be a very troubled time for stock investors.

    But whether it happens sooner or later, it is inevitable that the stock market bubble will burst as well.

    The Ponzi scheme that we call “our financial system” is destined to fail, and that should be obvious to everyone at this point. [moew]

    India lashed by strongest cyclone ever to hit west coast as it reels from Covid disaster – “This cyclone is a terrible double blow for millions of people in India whose families have been struck down by record Covid infections and deaths”

    India was slammed on Monday by the strongest storm on record to reach its west coast, hampering authorities’ response to the Covid-19 crisis in some of the country’s hardest-hit regions.

    Tropical Cyclone Tauktae, a storm with wind speeds equivalent to a high-end Category 3 hurricane that formed in the Arabian Sea, made landfall Monday night local time in Gujarat. It strengthened slightly as it hit the western state with maximum sustained winds of 205 kilometers per hour (125 mph), according to the United States’ Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

    By Tuesday morning, it had weakened from an “extremely severe cyclonic storm” to a “severe cyclonic storm,” according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

    Photos and videos show highways turned into rivers by the heavy rain, and trees and power lines toppled by ferocious winds. The cyclone has killed at least 26 people across the coastal states of Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra, according to state authorities. [more]

    Green meteor fireball recorded over Morocco [2 short videos]

    [see 3rd comment]

  3. "100% Effective in Preventing Hospitalisation and Death": Repurposed Drug Fluvoxamine Shows Promise for Treating COVID-19

    Steve Kirsch at TrialSiteNews has written an excellent new overview of the evidence on three COVID-19 treatments that have been unfairly overlooked or maligned by health authorities including the World Health Organisation and the U.S. National Institutes of Health. They are hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and fluvoxamine, and despite consistently good evidence of their effectiveness in early treatment, Western and global health authorities have remained either neutral about them or recommended against their use. Kirsch goes in some detail through the evidence on each and suggests governments should set aside the guidance of the WHO and NIH and "independently evaluate the evidence". [more; note the big guys reject it - BY DESIGN]

    This art completes him

    Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for may 19, 2021 [here's some of the stories]

    Gigantic hail in Mexico

    Another HAZMAT train crashes & catches fire in Iowa, just 24 hours after Minnesota derailment

    Meanwhile, a blizzard is hitting Manitoba, Canada

    First images from China's Mars rover Zhurong released [the usual fake pics of robotics through fisheye lens on a remote Earth location with tinting added]

    Facebook shuts down pro-Israel page with 77 million followers

    Always these birds [mass bird death in Philly]

    I think 5G is also responsible for these bird mass die-offs

    NASA leaks UFO wreck found on Mars [more; photoshopped fakery]

    Greece evacuates more as forest fire spreads to Attica region

    Greek authorities moved more people to safety on Thursday as firefighters battled a forest fire that spread from the Corinth region of southern Greece to western Attica, they said.

    No deaths were reported in the blaze that broke out on Wednesday night in a forest at a small seaside holiday resort at the Corinth Gulf on the Peloponnese peninsula, about 90 km from the capital, Athens. [more; forest right by the ocean!]

    [don't even think about trying that lockdown shit again!]
    Laura Ingraham: Left Used COVID Lockdowns To Groom Public For Climate Change Lockdowns

    Ron Dicker·General Assignment Reporter, HuffPost
    Wed, May 19, 2021, 10:10 AM

    Laura Ingraham asserted Tuesday that the left used COVID-19 lockdowns to condition the public for future lockdowns related to climate change. (Watch the video below.)

    “The climate agenda isn’t really about saving the planet, it’s about controlling the people,” the Fox News host said on “The Ingraham Angle.”

    Ingraham used a new International Energy Agency report as a jumping-off point into her conspiracy theory. [more]

    Pennsylvania becomes 1st in nation to curb governor’s emergency powers

    Voters approved constitutional amendments proposed by Republican lawmakers angry over Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak [more]

    [part IV awaits]

  4. The vote on Tuesday’s statewide primary ballot came as Republican lawmakers across the country have sought to roll back the emergency powers governors wielded during the COVID-19 pandemic. [more]

    [i now enter stores without a mask and nobody says a word; one cashier at Whole Foods thanked me for not wearing one and said she can't wait to take it off for good; at the local Giant there was a sign saying they no longer require masks]

    [what else can we fuck up, Joe?]
    Biden's Climate Chops Face A Big Test On Old-Growth Forests

    In the Cascade Mountain Range of west-central Oregon, near the small town of MacKenzie Bridge, is an area of Willamette National Forest that’s home to a patchwork of mature Douglas fir and western hemlock. The oldest are between 120 and 150 years, towering more than 100 feet.

    Few mature forests remain in the continental United States after decades of intensive logging. And, like so many before them, these trees could soon be gone as the U.S. Forest Service moves ahead with a plan that would allow about 2,000 acres to be cut down in what’s known as the “Flat Country” project.

    The Biden administration is pushing an aggressive environmental agenda, pledging to both slash greenhouse gas emissions at least in half and to conserve 30% of America’s lands and waters by 2030. Those commitments include broad language about the need to “invest in forest protection and forest management” and to “fight climate change with the natural solutions that our forests, agricultural lands, and the ocean provide.”

    But President Joe Biden and his team have said little, if anything, about old-growth forests — typically defined as those at least 150 years old and largely undisturbed by human activity. These forests sequester massive amounts of carbon in trees and soil, and scientists say protecting the few that remain intact will prove key to meeting climate and biodiversity targets. That includes the 2,000 acres its own Forest Service is primed to move forward on after issuing its final record of decision in January.

    Retired forestry professors Jerry Franklin of the University of Washington and Norm Johnson of Oregon State University helped write the forestry plan that made this area available for potential harvest. Adopted in 1994, the plan sought to curb the decline of northern spotted owls due to clearcutting of old-growth forests while continuing to allow for commercial timber production.

    More than two decades later, Franklin and Johnson are speaking out against this and other plans to cut down mature forests, citing the climate and extinction crises. Our scientific understanding of such ecosystems, including their ability to store huge amounts of planet-warming carbon pollution, has improved immensely since then, the two wrote in a recent opinion article.

    “It is time to stop logging magnificent mature forests like those in the Flat Country Project once and for all,” they wrote. “These forests simply contribute too much ecologically, socially and spiritually in their current state.”

    The Biden administration’s lack of a strong commitment to stop logging areas like this and in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest, is a “big concern of scientists,” said Beverly Law, a professor emeritus at Oregon State and an expert on the forest carbon cycle. [more; they only care about $$]

    [5th segment follows]

  5. Hamas willing to agree to ceasefire with Israel on 2 conditions, senior official says

    "One, Israeli forces must stop incursions into the Al-Asqa compound and respect the site. Two, Israel must stop the forced evacuation of the Palestinian residents in the Sheikh Jarah neighborhood. This condition is in accordance with international law, not only a condition expected by the Hamas authority."

    Israel, however, is not interested, according to an Israeli official with direct knowledge of the matter. [more]

    10 seconds of terror: Alaska man survives brown bear mauling

    Allen Minish was alone and surveying land for a real estate agent in a wooded, remote part of Alaska, putting some numbers into his GPS unit when he looked up and saw a large brown bear walking about 30 feet away.

    The mauling left Minish with a crushed jaw, a puncture wound in his scalp so deep the doctor told him he could see bone, lacerations and many stitches after a 4½-hour surgery. He also is wearing a patch over his right eye, saying the doctors are worried about it.

    All that damage came from a very brief encounter — he estimates it lasted less than 10 seconds — after he startled the bear Tuesday morning just off the Richardson Highway, near Gulkana, located about 190 miles (306 kilometers) northeast of Anchorage.

    The bear, which Minish said was larger than 300-pound black bears he has seen, charged and closed the ground between them in a few seconds.

    “As he lunged up on top of me, I grabbed his lower jaw to pull him away,” he said, noting that’s how he got a puncture wound in his hand. “But he tossed me aside there, grabbed a quarter of my face.”

    “He took a small bite and then he took a second bite, and the second bite is the one that broke the bones … and crushed my right cheek basically,” he said.

    When the bear let go, Minish turned his face to the ground and put his hands over his head.

    And then the bear just walked away. [more]

    Suspension bridge swings out of control in terrifying footage [40 sec. lead-in video]

    Strong winds have wreaked havoc on China’s bridges.

    A suspension bridge was left flapping in the wind in the southwestern province of Guizhou on May 3.

    On May 7, the glass-bottom of a 260-meter high suspension bridge in Longjing City in the Jilin province fell off, leaving a tourist clinging to the railing for dear life. [more]

    [from Fuck You Fauci! news]
    Fauci says people are "misinterpreting" the new CDC mask guidance

    "I think people are misinterpreting, thinking that this is a removal of a mask mandate for everyone. It's not," Fauci told me. "It's an assurance to those who are vaccinated that they can feel safe, be they outdoors or indoors." [more; from what i'm reading, it's best to stay away from vaxxed people because they are now SPIKE PROTEIN FACTORIES, so this advise is to CONTINUE SPREADING COVID; fucker should be in jail or shot since HE FUNDED THE WUHAN LAB]

    [#6 next]

  6. ‘Public Health 101 failure’: CDC mask decision may knock out Biden’s workplace Covid crackdown

    The CDC’s surprise mask-dropping guidance for those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 may have killed any effort to require their blanket use in workplaces — a bitter disappointment to unions and other safety advocates who have been pushing the Biden administration to tighten things up on the job, not loosen them.

    “It’s a Public Health 101 failure,” said David Michaels, an epidemiologist who led Occupational Safety and Health Administration during the Obama administration who is now a professor at the George Washington University School of Public Health. “By giving advice to vaccinated people, but ignoring the fact that many or most people in many settings will not be vaccinated, the CDC is causing confusion and setting back our efforts to stop this pandemic.” [more; it wasn't a pandemic by any stretch of the imagination and they aren't trying to stop it anyway - they're busily researching the NEXT one]

    Heavy Rains Reduce Gulf Coast Refinery Output

    Four refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast have reduced their processing rates because of heavy rains and flooding in East Texas and Louisiana. The severe weather conditions are forecast to continue this week, Reuters reports.

    Among the refineries that suffered slowdowns was Total’s Port Arthur facility, which has a daily processing capacity of 225,500 barrels of crude oil and which suffered a brief power outage at the start of this week.

    Another was Motiva’s 630,000-bpd refinery in Port Arthur, which was hit by a transformer blowout on Monday, Reuters noted.

    A unit of Valero Energy’s Port Arthur processing facility suffered an outage, too, at the beginning of this week, according to data from Genscape that Reuters cited. The refinery has a capacity of 335,000 barrels of crude daily.

    The fourth refinery that is partially shutting down is Exxon’s Baton Rouge facility in Louisiana, but, according to unnamed Reuters sources, the shutdown is for planned maintenance of a distillation unit and has nothing to do with the weather. [more]

    [see 7th comment]

  7. Canada backs down from crop chemical ban, adds restrictions

    Canada's pesticide regulator said on Wednesday that farmers could keep using the chemical imidacloprid to control crop-destroying insects under stricter conditions, softening an earlier proposal to ban it.

    The chemical, made by Germany's Bayer AG, is part of the neonicotinoid class of pesticides that farmers have sprayed on crops since the 1990s. Farmers use imidacloprid to protect fruits and vegetables from aphids and beetles.

    Environmental groups, who criticized the ruling, say neonics harm beneficial aquatic insects when the chemicals accumulate in ponds and rivers. Those bugs are food for birds and fish.

    The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) proposed in 2016 phasing out imidacloprid due to those risks, before extending a feedback period.

    But in a statement with its final ruling, the agency said that such risks are acceptable within certain limits, after considering new water-monitoring data. [more; Big Ag wins again]

    [here come the evictions!]
    3.6 million Americans will lose pandemic unemployment benefits — here are the states where it’s happening

    Governors in these 22 states say these benefits, which were set to expire in September, contribute to the mounting complaints from employers who cannot fill job vacancies [first they yank your JOB away, then they stop paying you assistance]

    More than 3.6 million Americans across 22 Republican-led states will soon be cut off from enhanced federal unemployment benefits that have prevented many people from slipping into poverty during the pandemic.

    These states’ governors say these benefits, which were scheduled to expire in September, are overly generous and are contributing to mounting complaints they hear from employers who cannot fill job vacancies. The benefits include an extra $300 per week for all jobless Americans.

    “There is a shortage of employers willing to pay workers a living wage with decent benefits. If employers truly want to expand their workforce, there is a simple solution: raise wages and provide decent benefits,” he added. [more; yup]