Sunday, May 9, 2021

Event Update For 2021-05-08

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2021-05-08 - Person found dead in burning car on Taylor Street in Sacramento (California):

2021-05-08 - Chemical factory heavily damaged by huge fire in coastal Thane (India):

2021-05-08 - Wildfire breaks out and causes evacuations near Chico (California):

2021-05-08 - Wildfire breaks out and closes US 60 between Phoenix and the White Mountains (Arizona):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame, ignites brush fire, on Highway 17 in Santa Clara County (California):

Quote: "According to authorities, the car was fully engulfed in flames and began spreading uphill. No word yet on how the car was caught on fire."

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame, ignites brush fire, on Highway 99 in Sacramento (California):

Quote: "The blaze began as a vehicle fire, and only one yard of a residence on Sumac Lane was impacted."

2021-05-08 - Man in his 50s found dead in canoe in riverbed inlet near beach in coastal Oceanside (California):

2021-05-08 - Home explodes and collapses on Elzeys Road in Benton County (Arkansas), 1 injured:

Note: This is the 51st residential explosion in 2021...

2021-05-08 - Indian Navy aircraft carrier 'INS Vikramaditya' damaged by fire while docked in coastal Karwar (India):

Quote: "Hapless Indian Navy air carrier INS VIKRAMADITYA suffered fire on board in the morning May 8, in crew accommodation area."

2021-05-08 - Fishing boat bursts into flame near coastal Long Beach (California):

Note: These are the 257th and 258th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-08 - Tour bus bursts into flame at 4:15 AM on I-39 near Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

Quote: "The value of the tour bus....and trailer....around a million dollars."

Note: This is the 180th bus to burn in 2021...

2021-05-08 - Car-hauler bursts into flame on I-40 near Grants (New Mexico):

Quote: "A semi-truck hauling vehicles caught fire east of Grants Saturday evening. This forced eastbound I-40 to shut down."

Note: This is the 20th car-hauler to burn in 2021...

2021-05-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-10 near coastal Pensacola (Florida):

2021-05-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-95 in Petersburg (Virginia):

2021-05-08 - Tractor bursts into flame in Munster (North Dakota):

2021-05-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M1 near Lutterworth (Britain):

Note: These are the 1045th, 1046th, 1047th, 1048th and 1049th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-08 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on the A16 in Spalding (Britain):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame while parked at auto shop in Charleston on coastal Staten Island (New York):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home on Skyline Drive in San Luis Obispo (California):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame on Route 1 in coastal Narragansett (Rhode Island):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 501 in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame on I-29 near Fargo (North Dakota):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame on I-285 near Atlanta (Georgia):

2021-05-08 - Ferrari F40 bursts into flame on the Hakone Turnpike in coastal Odawara (Japan):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame at store in Thornton Heath (Britain):

2021-05-08 - Car bursts into flame on the A37 in Frome St Quintin (Britain):

2021-05-08 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-83 near Newberrytown (Pennsylvania):

2021-05-08 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-41 near Oshkosh (Wisconsin):

2021-05-08 - SUV and home destroyed by fire shortly before 1 AM in Ukiah (California):

2021-05-08 - Restaurant destroyed by explosion and fire just before 1 AM on South Western Avenue in Peoria (Illinois):

2021-05-08 - Boeing facility damaged by fire in coastal North Charleston (South Carolina):

2021-05-08 - Business heavily damaged by fire in Coeur d’Alene (Idaho):

2021-05-08 - Building destroyed by fire at 2 AM in Volcano Village (Hawaii):

2021-05-08 - Three mobile homes go up in flames at 5 AM in Phoenix (Arizona):

2021-05-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Apison Pike in Apison (Tennessee):

2021-05-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 11:20 PM on Hidden Valley Road in Victorville (California), 6 injured:

2021-05-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire on North Hawthorne Street in Chattanooga (Tennessee), nobody there:

2021-05-08 - Home destroyed by fire on Skyline Drive in Heber (Utah):

2021-05-08 - Home destroyed by fire on North 22nd Street in the Tioga-Nicetown area in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2021-05-08 - Duplex destroyed by fire near Lincoln Avenue and West Highland Street in Boise (Idaho):

2021-05-08 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire shortly before 3 AM on Rayconda Road in Fayetteville (North Carolina):

2021-05-08 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Beacon Ridge Road in Charlotte (North Carolina), 1 injured:

2021-05-08 - Deadly fire burns medical marijuana lab in Gubbio (Italy), 1 killed, 3 injured:

2021-05-08 - Vacant home destroyed by fire on High Street in Odessa (Delaware):

2021-05-08 - Vacant hotel burns in coastal Sandown on the Isle of Wight (Britain):

2021-05-08 - Man found dead near beach at coastal Rocky Neck State Park (Connecticut):

2021-05-08 - Man, 23, jumps into the water and dies in Lake Lanier (Georgia):

Quote: "The body of a 23-year-old boater who went missing on Lake Lanier Saturday was recovered nearly 24 hours after authorities said he jumped off a pontoon boat and didn't resurface."

2021-05-08 - Man, 67, has 'medical event' while driving, pickup truck crashes, man dies, near Versailles (Ohio):

Quote: "Due to a unknown medical event, Martin lost control of his vehicle and crossed the centerline, forcing Amspaugh to drive off the right side of the road to avoid the collision. Both vehicle’s came to rest in the ditch. Martin was transported Wayne Hospital where he was later pronounced dead as a result of his medical condition he suffered while driving."

2021-05-08 - School principal, man, has 'medical emergency' and dies in Shelbyville (Tennessee):

Quote: "The principal for Warren County Middle School apparently suffered a medical emergency while umpiring a baseball game in Shelbyville Central High School, and has died."

Note: Yer out!

2021-05-08 - Man found dead in Tar Creek just north of the Neosho River in Miami (Oklahoma):

2021-05-08 - Man, 19, found dead in at Ezra’s Tunnel sluiceway near the Ithaca Falls Natural Area (New York):

2021-05-08 - Man found dead on Forest Hills Avenue in East Cleveland (Ohio):

2021-05-08 - Man, 48, drops dead in home on Dundasvale Court in coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

2021-05-08 - Man, 31, drops dead at property on Essendean Terrace in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

2021-05-08 - Woman drops dead at Southwater Country Park near Horsham (Britain):

2021-05-08 - Driver has 'medical emergency', six cars crash, in Great Mills (Maryland), near the coast:

Quote: "First responders administered at least three doses of Naloxone (Narcan) to the patient, but it was determined at the scene that the accident was caused by a 'medical emergency' and driving under the influence of narcotics is NOT suspected, and this was NOT an overdose."

2021-05-08 - Small plane crashes into the ocean off coastal Cartagena (Spain), 1 killed:

2021-05-08 - Small plane crashes into railroad tracks in Barcelona (Spain), 1 injured:

2021-05-08 - Transit bus and motorcycle crash, fire erupts, on Jennings Street in coastal Bronx (New York), 8 injured:

2021-05-08 - Tanker truck veers off road and overturns at 4:45 AM on I-90 in Henrietta (New York), 1 injured:

2021-05-08 - SUV veers off road, crashes into shrubbery, in Miller Place on coastal Long Island (New York), 1 injured:

Quote: "A 75-year-old man may have suffered a medical incident before crashing his SUV in Miller Place Saturday morning, police said."

2021-05-08 - Car hits passenger bus head-on just before 3 AM, fire erupts, on I-10 in El Paso (Texas), 1 killed, 11 injured:

2021-05-08 - Car veers off road, crashes into pole, bursts into flame, in Mississauga (Canada), 2 killed:

2021-05-08 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree, in Maple Grove (Minnesota), 3 killed, 1 injured:

2021-05-08 - Balcony collapses at beachfront home in coastal Malibu (California), 9 injured:

2021-05-08 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Medellin (Colombia):

2021-05-08 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Patzun (Guatemala):

2021-05-08 - Huge waterspout forms in Barnegat Bay (New Jersey):

2021-05-08 - Drones reveal that great white shark encounters are extremely common:

2021-05-08 - Republican legislatures in the US making it harder to protest and easier to legally harm protestors:


  1. Good morning Jonny, everyone (yeah, switchin' it up)!

    Skully and Molder startin' it off with some humor, following it up with the dead umpire/principal. First garbage truck fire for May.

    The Ultimate Flat Earth Experiment [21.75 min. video]

    [Mr. Snyder still hammering away at inflation]
    Why Is The Mainstream Media Suddenly Freaking Out About The Horrifying Inflation That Is Ahead Of Us?

    But the corporate media doesn’t exactly have a long track record of being straight with us.

    So why are they seemingly being honest with us in this case?

    Is it that this crisis has now become so obvious that nobody can deny it any longer, or is there another agenda at work?

    even the price of apples is rising quite dramatically

    the CEO of Kellogg is admitting that he hasn’t seen this sort of inflation “in many, many years"

    food prices are not going up as fast as used vehicle prices [A 54 percent increase in 12 months?]

    home prices have been soaring into the stratosphere, and now rents are escalating rapidly as well.

    All throughout the economy we see prices going up by double digits.

    But Fed officials insist that these price increases are just “transitory” and are not any sort of a permanent problem.

    We are also being told that all of the shortages that have emerged in the past couple of months are “temporary” too. Some of these shortages are starting to become quite painful, and that is particularly true for the global shortage of computer chips that we are currently experiencing

    This shortage is having a dramatic impact up and down various supply chains, and that is going to be the case for the foreseeable future.

    Our economy is not functioning very smoothly at all, and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

    But on Friday we were supposed to get some good economic news.

    The U.S. economy was supposed to have added about a million jobs in April, but instead we learned that it only added 266,000

    This is supposed to be “the recovery”, but the unemployment rate actually went up last month.

    We have literally mortgaged our future to give our economy a temporary short-term boost, and after trillions of dollars in spending the economic numbers are still incredibly anemic. [more]

    [see 2nd comment]

  2. Deadly floods strike Mogadishu, rivers overflow in Jowhar, Somalia [2 videos included]

    The Somali Red Crescent Society (Somali RC) reports that at least 9 children have died after heavy rainfall caused the collapse of a house in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia.

    Heavy rainfall struck on 07 May 2021, causing severe flash flooding in the city, causing buildings to collapse in Wadajir District.

    "Sadly 9 children rushed to hospital following the collapse of a house in Mogadishu have succumbed to their injuries."

    Local media reported further fatalities after heavy rains damaged makeshift shelters for Internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Garasbaley area on the outskirts of the city on 08 May 2021. [more]

    Lost young whale seen swimming upstream in Thames after being freed overnight [video]

    4 children die, another 4 injured in lightning strikes in Jharkhand, India

    Four children died in lightning strikes in Ramagrh and Latehar districts on Sunday. Ramgarh SDPO Kishore Kumar Rajak said two children identified as Vikas Bhuiyyan (10) and Kundan Bhuiyyan (8) were killed in Maliagadha area under Mandu police station. Both the kids were collecting mango beneath the tree during the storm when lightning struck. [more]

    17 goats struck dead by lightning in Tamil Nadu, India

    A shepherd lost 17 of his [grazing] goats when lightning struck them at Mela Prancheri village near Manur on Sunday evening. [more]

    Lightning kills 4 carabaos in Bago City, Philippines

    FOUR carabaos were struck to death by lightning in Purok Kalubihan, Barangay Bacong in Bago City over the weekend. [more]

    Ivermectin update

    unless the researchers have falsified their data, then this study constitutes reasonably good evidence that ivermectin is highly effective when given to patients hospitalized with covid-19. That's great, because it would mean that the drug can be given quite late in the disease course and still show benefit.

    the weight of evidence supporting ivermectin continues to pile up. It is now far stronger than the evidence that led to widespred use of remdesivir earlier in the pandemic, and the effect is much larger and more important (remdesivir was only ever shown to marginally decrease length of hospital stay, it was never shown to have any effect on risk of dying). [more; good read on how BIG PHARMA controls the narrative]

    [from Whitney Webb]
    This Biden Proposal Could Make the US a “Digital Dictatorship”

    A “new” proposal by the Biden administration to create a health-focused federal agency modeled after DARPA is not what it appears to be. Promoted as a way to “end cancer,” this resuscitated “health DARPA” conceals a dangerous agenda.

    Far from “ending cancer” in the way most Americans might envision it, the proposed agency would merge “national security” with “health security” in such as way as to use both physical and mental health “warning signs” to prevent outbreaks of disease or violence before they occur. Such a system is a recipe for a technocratic “pre-crime” organization with the potential to criminalize both mental and physical illness as well as “wrongthink.” [more]

    [3rd section follows]

  3. 9 killed after heavy rain causes buildings to collapse in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

    after 4 hours of heavy rain that began early on 02 May 2021. The Deputy Inspector said a 50-meter-high wall collapsed on three houses, killing 9 people.

    Recent heavy rainfall also caused buildings to collapse in neighbouring Somalia. At least 16 people died in the capital, Mogadishu, after heavy rain from 07 May 2021. [more]

    Severe flooding affects thousands in Butaleja, Uganda

    Thousands of people have been affected by flooding in Eastern Region of Uganda after days of heavy rainfall caused rivers to overflow.

    Homes were damaged, displacing or severely affecting thousands of residents. Crops have been destroyed and several roads blocked, disrupting transport and livelihoods. One person was missing, assumed dead.

    A local official . . .estimated as many as 15,000 families have been affected. [more; video]

    Tropical Storm "Andres" forms as eastern Pacific's earliest named storm on record

    Tropical Storm "Andres" formed at 15:00 UTC on May 9, 2021, as the earliest eastern Pacific Ocean named storm on record. The previous record was held by Adrian which formed on May 10, 2017. There is no threat to land from this storm and Andres is expected to become a remnant low by Tuesday, May 11. [more]

    [anyone else notice that since Earth was shifted slightly due to climate change, that the seasons have moved - so formerly April showers brought May flowers, now it's more like May showers bring JUNE flowers; likewise summer, fall and winter are also extended]

    Tussock Fire burns thousands of acres southwest of Crown King, Arizona

    12 miles northwest of Lake Pleasant

    Since the Tussock Fire started during the afternoon of May 8, it has burned 2,448 acres 6 miles southwest of Crown King, Arizona and has spread onto the Prescott National Forest. [more]

    Fire at Kuwait’s largest oilfield is latest in series of blazes at oil sites across Middle East, but ‘no impact on production’

    Kuwait’s national oil company has said it is battling a blaze at one of its operational sites in the Burgan oilfield, the second largest in the world. The company says there has been no impact on oil production.

    In a statement on Monday cited by state-run media, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) spokesman Qusay Al-Amer said a fire had broken out at dawn and all relevant teams had been dispatched to bring it under control. [more]

    [from Nyaaaaah-aaaaaah! news]

    A man visiting a resort in northeast China survived a nightmare scenario after a glass-bottomed bridge shattered under his feet. The tourist was eventually rescued after clinging to a railing.

    The walkway, located in the Piyan Mountain resort in the city of Longjing, was partially destroyed by violent winds on Friday – leaving the terrified tourist stranded 100 meters (328 feet) from the ground.

    After surviving the harrowing ordeal, the tourist was sent to a hospital for psychological counseling. [probably won't help]

    The country’s best-known glass bridge, located in the city of Zhangjiajie, northwest of China’s Hunan province, hangs at an eye-popping 300 meters (984 feet) from the ground. [more]