Monday, May 3, 2021

Event Update For 2021-05-02

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2021-05-02 - Hydrogen sulfide continues sickening people in both North Carolina and South Carolina:

Quote: "The Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental investigators are looking into a strong odor that's been reported along the North Carolina-South Carolina border near Charlotte. The smell has been most prevalent in South Carolina's Lancaster and York counties but has been reported in many surrounding areas as well. Residents describe it as an intense, rotting stench that can wake people up at night or cause people to develop nosebleeds and intense nausea."

Quote: "The investigation also determined the smell was likely due to hydrogen sulfide, which is prevalent around decaying organic matter, such as at a wastewater treatment plant or a pulp or paper mill."

2021-05-02 - Fish, birds, mammals and even plants mysteriously dying in coastal Coconut Grove (Florida):

Quote: "We’re not talking about a couple of fish or even hundreds of fish, we’re talking about thousands of fish that, all of a sudden, have turned up dead. The scary thing is that the issue has been repeating itself at different homes here Coconut Grove over the past several weeks, and everyone wants to know why. Lee Marks and his family were very upset to find that the koi and other exotic fish that lived in their pond turned up dead Saturday morning."

Quote: "It’s more than fish, too. Birds, plants and even mammals have been turning up dead; at least two wild racoons have also died, all in the same neighborhood."

2021-05-02 - RV goes up in flames and kills two children on Rickenbacker Avenue in Whitehall (Ohio):

Note: This is the 149th RV to burn in 2021, and this is the 10th deadly RV fire in 2021...

2021-05-02 - Passenger plane bursts into flame at 6:20 AM at airport in Midland (Texas):

Quote: "A fire onboard an American Airlines flight at Midland International Air & Space Port this morning resulted in the flight being evacuated before takeoff. All passengers and crew are safe, and no injuries have been reported."

Note: This is the 18th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-02 - Volcano Fagradalsfjall continues erupting on the coast in Iceland after being dormant for 800 years:

2021-05-02 - Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO intelligence failure on 'level of 9/11':

Quote: "'I am not a UFO guy, I am an investigator, my job was (simply) to collect the data and speak the truth,' Elizondo told the US Sun. 'There is something in our skies, we don’t know what it is, we don’t know how it works, we don’t know fully what it can do, we don’t know who is behind the wheel, we don’t know its intentions, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it,' he added."

Quote: "He described vessels flying at 11,000 mph and being able to turn 'instantly.' Providing a comparison, he explained, for our most advanced jets going at the same speed, 'if you wanted to make a right-hand turn, it would take you about half the state of Ohio to do it.'"

Note: I have a pretty good idea what it is, generally how at least some of it works, can guess at some of what it can do, pretty sure I know who's behind the wheel, the intentions at least aren't hostile or we'd all be dead, and it's definitely true that there isn't anything we can do about it because the technology is at least decades if not hundreds or thousands of years beyond anything we have...

2021-05-02 - Home destroyed by massive explosion and fire near Lake Nottely, felt 25 miles away, on Pauline Lane in Blairsville (Georgia), 2 killed:

Quote: "One caller told 11Alive the debris from the blast made it into nearby Lake Nottely."

Note: This is the 48th residential explosion in 2021...

2021-05-02 - Warehouse full of wood pellets destroyed by explosion and fire in coastal Brunswick (Georgia):

2021-05-02 - Chemical factory heavily damaged by fire near Qom (Iran):

2021-05-02 - Landfill fire breaks out near Jackson Highway in Sacramento (California):

2021-05-02 - Two boats, two cars, motorcycles and garage destroyed by fire, fire spreads to two homes, in Wonder Lake (Illinois):

Quote: "Firefighters arrived on the scene to find an approximately 30-foot by 30-foot garage on fire which had two boats, two cars and motorcycles inside it."

2021-05-02 - Boat, tractors, four-wheelers, RV trailer and barn destroyed by fire in Westminster (Maryland):

Quote: "Part of the barn was the business’s main office as well as a workshop. But there were also four-wheelers, tractors, a camper and the family boat."

Note: These are the 1018th and 1019th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-02 - Boat explodes into flame, burns and sinks, in coastal Manukau Harbour (New Zealand):

Quote: "A smouldered chilly bin of fish was all that remained after a boat was engulfed in flames and sank in the Manukau Harbour today, sparking a dramatic rescue."

Note: These are the 238th, 239th, 240th and 241st boats/ships to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-02 - Private bus bursts into flame at 12:36 AM on Willoughby Road in Larkhill (Britain):

Note: This is the 177th bus to burn in 2021...

2021-05-02 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at truck stop in Knox County (Tennessee):

Note: This is the 1020th tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-05-02 - Van bursts into flame on the M6 near Lancaster (Britain):

2021-05-02 - SUV bursts into flame at 2:01 AM while parked near university in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2021-05-02 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 2:51 AM while parked at home on Wallasey Street in Winnipeg (Canada):

2021-05-02 - Several cars go up in flames at 3 AM while parked at apartment building in Fresno (California):

Quote: "While several cars in the carport did burn, firefighters were able to stop the spread of the fire before any damage to the apartment complex."

2021-05-02 - Car bursts into flame in drive-thru at McDonald's in Sumter (South Carolina):,363415

2021-05-02 - Car bursts into flame on the Long Island Expressway in Dix Hills on coastal Long Island (New York):

2021-05-02 - Car bursts into flame on I-275 in Clermont County (Ohio):

2021-05-02 - Car bursts into flame on the A3 in Horndean (Britain):

2021-05-02 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the M25 in the Holmesdale Tunnel near Enfield (Britain):

2021-05-02 - Cars and garage destroyed by fire in Oakville (Canada):

Quote: "Oakville fire destroys garage, multiple cars and the cause is undetermined..."

2021-05-02 - Barn destroyed by fire on State Route 13 in Horseheads (New York):

2021-05-02 - Petting zoo heavily damaged by fire shortly before 6 AM in Gadsden (Alabama), dozens of animals killed:

2021-05-02 - Home damaged by fire on East Lizard Creek Road in East Penn Township (Pennsylvania):

2021-05-02 - Home damaged by fire on Round Hill Avenue NW in Roanoke (Virginia):

2021-05-02 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 11:40 PM on Lazy Circle Drive in Vista (California):

2021-05-02 - Home destroyed by fire on Long Avenue Extension in Conway (South Carolina):

2021-05-02 - Two homes destroyed by fire just after 2 AM on Twin Brook Way near Lawrenceville (Georgia), 1 injured:

2021-05-02 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 2:38 AM on East Washington Street in coastal Suffolk (Virginia):

2021-05-02 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Temple Street in Paterson (New Jersey):

2021-05-02 - Deadly fire burns home in Dover, near coastal Pickering Beach (Delaware), 4,000 feet from the ocean, 1 killed:

2021-05-02 - Deadly fire burns home in the Rancho Park area in coastal Los Angeles (California), 1 killed:

2021-05-02 - Deadly fire burns home on Highway 210 South in Spring Lake (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2021-05-02 - Vacant paper mill destroyed by fire in the wee hours on River Street in Menasha (Wisconsin):

2021-05-02 - Fish and wildlife dying at Lake Murvaul in Panola County (Texas):

Quote: "Officials are asking people to not swim in or eat fish out of Lake Murvaul in Panola County until they can determine what’s killing fish and other wildlife at the lake."

Quote: "Aside from finding dead fish, other animals have also been found dead. Brown said this specifically included scavengers. A video posted to Facebook shows a raccoon on a lake pier acting strange. The person who posted the video believed the animal died soon after they captured the video."

2021-05-02 - Two people found dead in car along I-95 in coastal Delray Beach (Florida):

2021-05-02 - Firefighter, man, dies while diving at Kraken Springs in White (Georgia):

2021-05-02 - Firefighter, man, collapses at scene of fire and dies in Nelsonville (Ohio):

Quote: "The Nelsonville Division of Fire says one of their own has died after collapsing while on duty at a structure fire."

2021-05-02 - Man, 55, has 'medical emergency' while driving, pulls over and dies, on I-680 in Pleasant Hill (California):

Quote: "An Orinda man died Sunday afternoon after suffering a medical emergency while driving on a freeway, the California Highway Patrol said. Authorities on Monday identified him as a 55-year-old Orinda man. According to the CHP, officers pulled up to find a gray Honda stopped on the right shoulder of southbound Interstate 680 just south of the Treat Boulevard exit. By the time they arrived to the car, the man was dead, the CHP said. No other vehicles were involved, and a crash did not occur, the CHP said."

2021-05-02 - Woman, 43, drops dead at correctional facility in Green Lake County (Wisconsin):

2021-05-02 - Woman enters water at beach and dies in coastal Miami (Florida):

2021-05-02 - Man, 27, falls off boat and dies off coastal Miami (Florida):

2021-05-02 - Person found dead in marshy area in coastal Mastic Beach (New York):

2021-05-02 - Man, 36, found dead in the water at Kaaterskill Falls (New York), possible toppler:

2021-05-02 - Man, 54, found dead in the water at beach in coastal Iloilo (Philippine Islands):

2021-05-02 - Man, 25, found dead in coastal Burghead (Scotland):

2021-05-02 - Woman in her 60s falls off carpark and dies in Trowbridge (Britain), possible toppler:

2021-05-02 - Man found dead in street in Corby (Britain):

2021-05-02 - Man, 47, has 'medical emergency', car crashes into other vehicles, on I-290 in Chicago (Illinois), 1 killed:

Quote: "Byron McClain was westbound about 1:35 p.m. on Interstate 290 when he suffered an 'unknown medical emergency' that caused him to crash into a concrete barrier, state police said."

2021-05-02 - Small plane crashes into field near airport near Iowa City (Iowa), 1 killed:

2021-05-02 - Small plane crash-lands at airport in Williamsburg (Virginia), landing gear problem:

2021-05-02 - Small plane lands at Hartford-Brainard Airport, runs off runway, in Hartford (Connecticut):

2021-05-02 - Small plane lands at airport, runs off runway, in coastal Fort Lauderdale (Florida):

2021-05-02 - Tanker truck overturns on State Route 163 in Kearny Mesa (California):

2021-05-02 - SUV veers off road, crashes into home, in Inkster (Michigan), 1 injured:

2021-05-02 - Car crashes at 1:50 AM on Granby Street in coastal Norfolk (Virginia), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2021-05-02 - Car veers off road just after 6 AM, crashes into home, bursts into flame, in Altoona (Pennsylvania), 2 injured:

2021-05-02 - Car veers off road, crashes into embankment, in Kenmore (Washington), 2 injured:

2021-05-02 - Shark attacks and kills man off coastal Westmoreland (Jamaica):

Quote: "While under water, Haywood was attacked by a large shark which ripped off his left arm and inflicted several bite wounds to his upper body. It took his colleagues more than half an hour to free him from the clutches of the shark's mouth, after shooting it. The shark swam away with Haywood's arm. He was taken ashore and rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead."

Quote: "Residents in Savanna-la-mar told The Gleaner that the ordeal is the first such incident to occur in their community."

2021-05-02 - Black bear attacks and injures dog at home in Granby (Connecticut):

Note: That's racist!

2021-05-02 - Landslide hits North Sumatra (Indonesia), 5 killed, 8 missing:

2021-05-02 - Diver has 'medical incident' while diving off coastal Saint Abbs (Scotland), another diver has problem separately too:

Quote: "The team was called out just before 11am to assist Eyemouth Coastguards and St Abbs Lifeboat with a medical incident at St Abbs Harbour involving a diver."

2021-05-02 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near coastal Coquimbo (Chile):

2021-05-02 - Lightning strike kills 2 people and injures 13 people in Meghalaya (India):

2021-05-02 - Lightning strike kills 24 goats in Telangana (India):

2021-05-02 - Staggering amount of DDT found dumped in the ocean off Catalina Island (California):


  1. What's this, TEASER Tuesday Jonny? Man, don't say all that tantalizing stuff about the UFO (or UAP) phenomenon and NOT tell us what you think! C'mon man - speak up! Inquiring minds want to know! We hang on your every word!

    Is it me? Or is the water becoming more deadly by the day now? The list of watery deaths is growing quickly.

    [yet another wrinkle with the jab]
    Paralyzed after 2nd COVID shot [~ 3 min. news spot]

    “THEY DON’T WANT TO SEE PEOPLE LIKE US” [75.5 min. video]

    Del sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help. [more]

    [more on lumber inflation]
    Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Have Increased The Average Price Of A New Home By $35,872 In 1 Year

    Do any of you remember when you could buy an entire house for $35,000? There was a time in America when middle class Americans could buy a house and have it paid off in just a few years. But now existing home prices have soared into the stratosphere, and lumber prices are making it ridiculously expensive to build new homes. As you will see below, skyrocketing lumber prices have driven up the average price of a new home in the United States by almost $36,000 over the past 12 months. That is absolutely nuts, but everyone agrees that even more inflation is on the way.

    Of course it isn’t just lumber prices that are going haywire. In California, the price of gasoline has almost reached five dollars a gallon in some areas, and the price for premium gasoline has almost reached six dollars. [more]

    'I saw trees flying': More than 100M people from New Mexico to Delaware at risk of severe weather; at least 2 dead in Georgia [73 sec. lead-in video]

    Severe weather — including a tornado in the Atlanta area — continued to roar across the storm-battered South into Monday night, a day after multiple twisters were reported in Mississippi.

    In all, more than 100 million people from New Mexico to Delaware were at risk of some form of severe weather Monday afternoon and evening

    More severe storms were expected across the Southeast on Tuesday, forecasters warned. States at greatest risk included much of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, the Prediction Center said.

    Storm hazards Tuesday will include hail, flooding downpours, tornadoes and damaging, straight-line wind gusts of up to 75 mph, according to AccuWeather. [more]

    [see 2nd comment]

  2. Explainer: The Dakota Access Pipeline faces possible closure

    A U.S. court could order the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) shut in coming weeks, disrupting deliveries of crude oil, and making nearby rail traffic more congested. [more; they'll find a way around it]

    Landowners file complaint against Enbridge over pipeline pledge

    Some northern Minnesota landowners say Enbridge is not following through with some pledges made to allay opposition to its new Line 3 oil pipeline.

    The company in 2018 said it would remove the old pipeline — on its own dime — or drain and clean the old pipe, paying landowners to keep it buried.

    Now some landowners claim Enbridge has failed to provided enough information to make an "informed decision," including how much they would be paid if they retained the old pipeline on their property.

    "Enbridge has more or less phrased it as a take-it-or-leave-it offer," said Evan Carlson, an attorney representing landowners who filed a complaint late Friday with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

    Enbridge — which called the complaint groundless — is replacing Line 3 in one of the largest construction projects in recent Minnesota history, saying the old pipeline is deteriorating and can only operate at half-capacity. [more]

    [Lying, inept and corrupt] Army Corps sees no cause to shut Dakota pipeline during review: filing

    The Corps, under the direction of President Joe Biden, said at a hearing last month it had no immediate plans to force a DAPL closure. [more; of course it isn't anywhere near where THEY live]

    Antibody drug neutralizes virus variants in lab study; COVID-19 antibodies detectable 12 months after infection

    Some COVID-19 survivors infected early in the pandemic still have detectable antibodies against the virus a year later, according to a new study. U.S. doctors collected blood samples from 250 patients, including 58 who had been hospitalized for COVID-19 and 192 who had not required hospitalization. Six-to-10 months after diagnosis, all of the former inpatients and 95% of the outpatients still had neutralizing antibodies, according to a report posted on Sunday on medRxiv ahead of peer review. In the small subset of those followed for a full year, 8-of-8 people who had been hospitalized still had antibodies, as did 9-of-11 former outpatients. Antibody levels at the time of follow-up were correlated with age and with COVID-19 severity. Older age was linked with higher neutralizing antibody levels, whereas levels were "lower and more variable" in participants under age 65 who experienced less severe COVID-19 and did not require hospitalization, the researchers reported. They said vaccination of COVID-19 survivors "would be prudent" because vaccine-induced protection against the virus will likely be more long-lived than antibodies induced by mild COVID-19. [more; all but that last lie - it would NOT be prudent because they want to spread their poison around to make them rich while killing you]

    [3rd comment follows]

  3. Key salmon populations cross alarming threshold — and more are nearing that line

    Nearly half of the wild spring chinook populations in the Snake River Basin have crossed a critical threshold, signaling they are nearing extinction and without intervention may not persist, according to analysis by the Nez Perce Tribe. [more]

    Multiple lahars observed at St. Vincent, public advised to be vigilant and exercise caution

    The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is advising the public to be vigilant and exercise caution in areas close to valleys, rivers, streams, low-lying areas, and areas prone to flooding and landslides. Multiple lahars have already been observed on Monday, May 3. [more]

    Five killed in two snow avalanches in the French Alps

    Three men and two women died this Monday in two fatal accidents due to snow avalanches that occurred in different areas of the French Alps, according to local media. [more]

    [from Sunday, just reaching us]
    Lightning strike kills 12 cows in Nigeria

    Herdsmen on Sunday evening of May 2, ran away from Urhodo-Ovu community in Ethiope-East Local Government Area of Delta State as thunder strike killed 12 of their cows. [more; run away, run away!]

    Lightning strikes kill 10 people and 19 cattle in Maharashtra, India

    Sunil Shinde (39) and his nephew Sunil Trigote (38), both residents of Chikalthana, were struck by lightning while they were travelling on a two-wheeler in the Jaipur-Shivar area of Aurangabad district.

    According to local reports, one of the deceased was talking on his mobile phone when the lightning struck them.

    [SOTT]Comment: On the same day a bolt of lightning killed 2 farmers in Bangladesh. [more]

    Flash floods in Afghanistan leave 16 dead, 10 missing

    The affected provinces include Herat, Ghor, Maidan Wardak, Baghlan, Samangan, Khost, Bamyan, Daikundi and Badakhshan. Damage assessments are ongoing but as of 04 May, ANDMA reported 16 people had died, 10 were missing, 44 homes destroyed and 197 damaged. Media reported 14 people died in Adraskan district in Herat Province.

    Warnings for heavy rain, thunderstorm and flash floods remain in place until 05 May 2021, particularly for northern and central provinces. [more; 2 videos]

    A meteor shower will light up the night sky this week

    Skywatchers can expect an exciting few nights when the Eta Aquarids meteor shower peaks this week. The meteor shower is expected to begin Tuesday and last until Thursday, with the most meteors being visible Wednesday before dawn

    The best viewing location will be in the southern hemisphere [more]

    [from Failing Infrastructure news]
    Mexico City rail overpass collapses, killing at least 13 people

    Thirteen people were killed and 70 hurt when an overpass carrying Mexico City metro train cars partially collapsed on to a road on Monday night, authorities said.

    The accident left a preliminary toll of 13 dead and 70 injured, according to the city's Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection Agency. [more; video]