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Event Update For 2019-04-21

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2019-04-21 - Abrupt climate system risks from hydrogen sulfide ocean outgassing, by Paul Beckwith:

Note: He covers some of the basics, but not a lot else. Still, hydrogen sulfide and its threat moves a little closer to mainstream awareness with every article or video like this...

2019-04-21 - Stroller goes up in flames and kills 3-year-old girl in coastal Tokyo (Japan):

Quote: "A 3-year-old girl died at a hospital she was sent to on April 21 after her stroller suddenly caught fire at an eatery in the capital's Bunkyo Ward while her mother attended a cooking class there."

2019-04-21 - Car goes up in flames at 2:22 AM and burns driver to death near Baram River bridge in Kuala Baram (Malaysia):

Quote: "A driver was burnt to death when his car caught fire near Sg Adong bridge in Kuala Baram early this morning."

2019-04-21 - Car goes up in flames and kills cop at the seafront in coastal Seaton Carew (Britain):

Quote: "A serving Cleveland Police officer has died following a seafront car fire in Hartlepool. Pc David Myers, who was part of Hartlepool's neighbourhood policing team, needed emergency treatment after the blaze in Seaton Carew on Monday, April 15. Cleveland Police has confirmed today that the Pc Myers, 47, later passed away."

2019-04-21 - Auto salvage yard erupts in flame, fire gets huge, in coastal Wilmington (California):

Quote: "A massive fire burned through an apparent scrap yard outside of an auto parts business in Wilmington Sunday afternoon."

Quote: "Chassis of different cars melted away as flames licked at various car parts, and firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze."

2019-04-21 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, at least 15 vehicles burn, in Redding (California):

Quote: "Redding Fire Department officials are trying to find out what caused numerous cars to catch fire in an auto salvage yard in east Redding on Sunday morning. About 15 vehicles were damaged in the blaze, but no buildings were damaged and no one was injured, Redding fire investigator Mike Ham said. The vehicles were being stored in an open yard among dozens of other vehicles."

2019-04-21 - Tesla bursts into flame while parked in underground parking garage in coastal Shanghai (China):

Note: Check out the video - scary stuff there. Just imagine if you're sitting in a car when it explodes into flame like that. You'll be dead. And look how fast it happened. It started smoking and 3 seconds later it exploded. I doubt anyone would react that fast. They'd be thinking, 'What the hell is burning?" And that's the last thought they'd ever have...

2019-04-21 - Landfill fire breaks out in Bhopal (India):

2019-04-21 - New Zealand's glaciers melting away at an alarming rate, some already gone:

2019-04-21 - Wildfire breaks out in coastal Donard Forest (Ireland):

2019-04-21 - Wildfire breaks out near Wittmann (Arizona):

2019-04-21 - Boat bursts into flame at home in Briceville (Tennessee):

2019-04-21 - Boat destroyed by fire in coastal Pattaya Bay (Thailand):

Note: These are the 348th and 349th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-04-21 - Two passenger trains go up in flames at station in coastal Cape Town (South Africa):

Quote: "Three fire engines, one water tanker, a rescue vehicle and 19 staff were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, the officer in charge at the scene discovered two trains with five carriages each alight on Platform 12."

2019-04-21 - Tour bus bursts into flame at 2:26 AM on I-15 in Temecula (California), 2 injured:

Quote: "Two people were wounded when a tour bus caught fire early in the morning of Sunday, April 21 on Interstate 15 in Temecula, fire officials said. The fire was reported at 2:26 a.m. on the northbound side of the freeway, just north of the Temecula Parkway on-ramp, according to the Riverside County Fire Department."

2019-04-21 - Tour bus bursts into flame while parked at restaurant in Sarapiqui (Costa Rica):

Quote: "This was not the only incident of the kind during Semana Santa. According to the Bomberos (Costa Rica Fire Department), between April 15 to 19, they attended to an average a case of a vehicle on fire every 9 hours."

Note: These are the 200th and 201st buses to burn in 2019...

2019-04-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-64 near Milton (West Virginia):

2019-04-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-75 in Lexington (Kentucky):

2019-04-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-80 in Sarpy County (Nebraska):

2019-04-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-10 near Cochise (Arizona):

Quote: "A semi fire has closed westbound lanes. Dragoon Road is the last exit you can take without getting stuck in the backup."

2019-04-21 - Semi tractor bursts into flame while parked at property on SW 6th Place in Ocala (Florida):

2019-04-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at property in Lillimur (Australia):

Note: These are the 640th, 641st, 642nd, 643rd, 644th and 645th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-04-21 - RV bursts into flame on I-65 in Birmingham (Alabama):

Note: This is the 129th RV to burn in 2019...

2019-04-21 - Van bursts into flame on I-26 near Rock Springs (Tennessee):

2019-04-21 - SUV bursts into flame just after 7 AM on Highway 76 in Marion County (South Carolina):

2019-04-21 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at home in Trang (Thailand):

2019-04-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on road just northwest of Tuttle Lake near Dolliver (Iowa):

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to two homes, in Springfield (Illinois):

Quote: "Two homeowners and their families need a place to stay, after a car fire spread to their homes. This happened in the 1000 block of Brynmar Boulevard, just after 1:00 p.m. Firefighters say when they got there, the car was engulfed in flames. The fire got so big, it burnt the outside of the two homes on both sides where the car was parked."

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on street in coastal Fairfield (Connecticut):

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on I-65 near Stockton (Alabama):

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on I-94 near St. Cloud (Minnesota):

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on the M56 near Birchwood (Britain):

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on the M6 near Newcastle upon Tyne (Britain):

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame at 2 AM on Pentland Road in Dronfield Woodhouse (Britain):

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on the M40 near Wheatley (Britain), another car burns separately too:

Quote: "It was the second car fire the service reported on at the weekend, following another destructive blaze in Barnard Gate near Witney. The fire completely engulfed a white vehicle at about 6.20am on Saturday, just moments after the driver managed to get out safely."

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on the A5 in Milton Keynes (Britain):

Quote: "Sunday 21 April, 12.55pm Small fire in engine compartment of car, A5 southbound between Bletcham Way and Kelly's Kitchen Roundabout, Milton Keynes. One appliance and crew from Broughton attended. Firefighters used one hose reel."

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame in Grainsby (Britain):

Quote: "Grainsby. Sun 21 Apr 2019 17:03 (No:08437) Car fire. One hose reel jet in use."

2019-04-21 - Car bursts into flame on Serpentine Road in Kendal (Britain):

Quote: "Vehicle Fire, Kendal(South Lakeland) 21 Apr 2019 At 12:51 hours on the 21st April 2019 one fire engine from Kendal was mobilised to reports of a small vehicle fire on Serpentine Road. On arrival crews found a fire contained to the engine compartment and extinguished the fire using one hose reel jet. Crews were in attendance for approximately ten minutes."

2019-04-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame while parked inside building at the Clay County Fairgrounds near Spencer (Iowa):

2019-04-21 - At least 3 semi trailers destroyed by fire while parked at the Port of Oakland in coastal Oakland (California):

2019-04-21 - Storage facility damaged by fire in coastal Daytona Beach (Florida):

2019-04-21 - Warehouse heavily damaged by fire on Longhorn Road in Fort Worth (Texas), nobody there:

2019-04-21 - Mixed-use building heavily damaged by fire just after 3:45 AM in coastal Bronx (New York):

2019-04-21 - Mobile home destroyed by fire on River Road in Port Leyden (New York):

2019-04-21 - Mobile home destroyed by fire in Blountville (Tennessee):

2019-04-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Irene Way in coastal Seabrook (New Hampshire):

Note: Also see the car that crashed into a tree at 3 AM then burst into flame and killed the driver in Seabrook on this day...

2019-04-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Manhattan (New York), 3 injured:

2019-04-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Shanklin's Ferry Road in Peterstown (West Virginia), 1 injured:

2019-04-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire before 7 AM in the St. Roch area in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana), 1 injured:

2019-04-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 3:28 AM in Reseda (California):

2019-04-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire near East Apache Street and North Harvard Avenue in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2019-04-21 - Home destroyed by fire, another home heavily damaged, in North Versailles (Pennsylvania):

2019-04-21 - Home destroyed by fire at 3:30 AM on Russ Willoughby Road in Jeffersonville (Kentucky):

2019-04-21 - Two duplexes destroyed by fire shortly before 5:30 AM in coastal Sea Isle City (New Jersey):

2019-04-21 - Apartment building damaged by fire in Fort Smith (Arkansas), 2 injured:

2019-04-21 - Apartment building damaged by fire just after 2 AM on Ballston Road in Glenville area in Schenectady (New York):

2019-04-21 - Apartment building damaged by fire on Patricia Drive in Urbandale (Iowa):

2019-04-21 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 6:30 AM on Nebraska Avenue in St. Louis (Missouri), home destroyed by fire separately:

Quote: "Two residential fires about two miles apart in St. Louis displaced 16 people from their homes Easter Sunday."

2019-04-21 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in coastal Norwalk (Connecticut):

2019-04-21 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 7 AM on Main Street in Sturbridge (Massachusetts):

2019-04-21 - Retirement center damaged by fire in coastal Chesapeake (Virginia):

2019-04-21 - Dolphin washes ashore dead at beach in coastal Margate (Britain):

2019-04-21 - Manatee found dead in the water near yacht club in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

Note: About 5 miles from Pine Island Sound. Also see the man who had a 'medical event' and dropped dead on a boat near Pine Island on this day...

2019-04-21 - Three people, 9, 12 and 17, die in the Padma River in Rajshahi (Bangladesh):

2019-04-21 - Three boys die in pond in Rajasthan (India):

2019-04-21 - Man, 27, swimming coach, goes into cardiac arrest at swimming pool, dies shortly later, in Ahmedabad (India):

Quote: "A swimming coach Darshit Shah (27) died under mysterious circumstances at the Khokhra municipal swimming pool on Sunday morning soon after he finished a training session."

Quote: "We have been told by some eyewitnesses that Darshit fell down just as he came out of the swimming pool and was rushed to the nearest hospital..."

2019-04-21 - Infant girl has 'medical episode' and dies on passenger plane en route to coastal Perth (Australia):

Quote: "A two-month-old baby girl has died on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth with the plane grounded for several hours as investigations took place. Crew on board the AirAsia plane called for assistance this morning with reports the infant was suffering a medical episode."

2019-04-21 - Man has 'medical event' and drops dead on boat near coastal Pine Island (Florida):

Quote: "The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a man found on a boat off Pine Island Sound on Sunday. The man's death was reported shortly after 3:30 p.m. and was apparently caused by a medical event, the Sheriff's Office said."

Quote: "The man's death is the sixth fatality this year on Lee County waters, more than double the total number of such deaths in the county for the previous year."

2019-04-21 - Man, 75, dies while kiteboarding at coastal Folly Beach (South Carolina):

2019-04-21 - Man found dead in Porter Lake in Forest Park in Springfield (Massachusetts):

2019-04-21 - Man, 41, found dead near  Clover Leaf Trailer Park in St. Cloud (Minnesota):

2019-04-21 - Woman found dead in Okanagan Lake at Gyro Beach along Lakeshore Road in Kelowna (Canada):

2019-04-21 - Man, 26, found dead in cell at prison in Canning Vale (Australia):

2019-04-21 - Man in his 30s found dead at beach in coastal Cape Town (South Africa):

2019-04-21 - Man in his 60s found dead at Kessingland Beach in coastal Lowestoft (Britain):

2019-04-21 - Passenger has 'medical emergency' on passenger plane, plane diverts to coastal Bermuda:

2019-04-21 - Person has 'medical incident' on yacht in coastal Yarmouth Harbour (Britain):

Quote: "A patient was conveyed to St Mary's Hospital last night after a medical incident onboard a yacht. The IW Ambulance Service attended Yarmouth Harbour at around 9.45pm."

2019-04-21 - Man, 49, has 'medical emergency', car crashes into parked car, in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii), 1 killed:

Quote: "Emergency Medical Services said paramedics treated and transported the man who most likely suffered a medical emergency prior to striking the parked vehicle with his car. There were minor damages to both vehicles."

2019-04-21 - Driver has medical problem, car crashes into pole, in St. Joseph (Missouri), 1 injured:

Quote: "One person was sent to the hospital after a medical induced crash Sunday morning in St Joseph. The accident happened at the corner of N Belt Highway and N Village Drive. The vehicle slammed into a pole. The driver was taken to Mosaic Life Care with non-life threatening injuries."

2019-04-21 - Small plane crashes and burns at airport in Kingsland (Texas), 2 killed:

2019-04-21 - Small plane crash-lands at airport in Clinton (Iowa), engine failure:

2019-04-21 - Freight train derails in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):

2019-04-21 - Car veers off road at 3 AM, crashes into tree, bursts into flame, in coastal Seabrook (New Hampshire), 1 killed:

2019-04-21 - Car veers off road at 1:10 AM, crashes into tree, bursts into flame, in St. Francis (Minnesota), 2 killed:

2019-04-21 - Car veers off road at 12:46 AM, crashes into wall, in Maysville (Kentucky), 1 killed:

Quote: "Police say drugs and/ or alcohol were not factors in the crash, but a medical episode could be."

2019-04-21 - Coyote attacks and injures dog at home in Topsfield (Massachusetts):

2019-04-21 - Landslide hits eight homes in Rosas (Colombia), 28+ killed, 5 injured

2019-04-21 - Man, 20 goes missing while swimming at beach in coastal Panama City Beach (Florida):

2019-04-21 - Freak rainstorm causes widespread damage across Chiang Mai (Thailand):

2019-04-21 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Chaco Province (Argentina), almost a foot of rain in a few hours, 2 killed:

2019-04-21 - New trial evidence suggests government colluded with Monsanto:

2019-04-21 - Two-thirds of American Chief Financial Officers predict a recession by the summer of 2020:


  1. Just a quick note before i leave for the first of my last 3 classes this semester.

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 4.22.19 Humanity is at a crossroads, Greta Thunberg tells Extinction Rebellion [~ 31 min.]

    Climate News & Earthquake Report with Margo (April 22, 2019) [~ 58 min.]

    Strong M6.4 earthquake hits Samar, Philippines - second strong earthquake in 24 hour

    A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit Samar, Philippines at 05:37 UTC (13:37 LT) on April 23, 2019. The agency is reporting a depth of 54 km (33.5 miles). PHIVOLCS is reporting M6.2 at a depth of 17 km (10.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 66 km (41 miles). [more]

    M4.6 and M5.5 earthquakes hit off Vancouver Island near Cascadia Subduction Zone – Meanwhile another M6.4 earthquake hits the Philippines after deadly M6.1 on Easter Monday

    A tsunami is not expected after two small earthquakes struck within two hours of each other off the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. The first M4.6 quake struck at around 1:27 p.m. about 166 kilometres (103 miles) west of Port Alice at a depth of 3km (1.9 miles). Then at 2:44 p.m., a second M5.5 earthquake registering at magnitude 5.3 struck 189 kilometres (117 miles) west of Port Alice at a depth of 10km (6.2 miles). Meanwhile, a M6.4 earthquake hit the Philippines just a few hours after the deadly M6.1 earthquake on Easter Monday. [more]

    [from our And You Thought Student Loans Were Bad dept.]
    Two students ordered to pay $15 million each for starting wildfire in Italy

    Two 22-year old students accused of accidentally starting a wildfire have each been fined €13,500,000 ($15,200,000). The fire burned about 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres) near Lake Como in Italy, ignited, investigators determined, by embers from the barbecue at a home owned by the grandfather of one of the two men. [more]

    Iran is facing the worst locust attack in the past 40 years: Biblical invasion threatens crops and food security

    A locust outbreak in the Arabian peninsula has been spreading to Iran, threatening crops and food security in large areas of the coastal province of Hormozgan, an official said. Director of a department at Horkozgan’s agricultural organization told Tasnim that Iran is facing the worst locust attack in the past 40 years. [more]
    [more later]

  2. Do You Remember The Oil Crisis And “Stagflation” Of The 1970s? In Many Ways, 2019 Is Starting To Look A Lot Like 1973…

    The price of gasoline is rapidly rising, economic activity is slowing down, the Middle East appears to be on the brink of war, and Democrats are trying to find a way to remove a Republican president from office. In many ways, 2019 is starting to look a lot like 1973. For many Americans, the 1970s represent a rather depressing chapter in U.S. history that they would just like to forget, but the truth is that if we do not learn from history it is much more likely that we will repeat our mistakes. And without a doubt, right now a lot of things are starting to move in a very ominous direction.

    [here's some local news from PA]
    More than 80 percent of waste from Pennsylvania’s oil and gas drilling stays in the state: Report

    Exposure to oil and gas drilling waste has been linked to numerous health impacts, including cancer. [more]

    Kids in Southwestern Pennsylvania are exposed to carcinogenic coke oven emissions at shockingly higher rates than the rest of the country

    "Kids breathe about four times as much air as an adults, so they have proportionately more of these chemicals in their bodies." [more]

    Residents shout down oil and gas execs over fracking at US Steel mill

    "We've been dealing with U.S. Steel's poor environmental record here for 150 years," one resident said, pointing his finger at the oil and gas executives. "We have had enough. You keep saying you want to respect our community. If really want to respect our community, keep moving. Go somewhere else. We don't want you here." [more]

    A total of 3 major quakes over the Easter holiday period with 15 dead in the Philippines after a mag 6.1 shook the country

    [from our Don't Tell Scribbler files]
    Shock: Electric Vehicles Emit More CO2 Than Diesel Cars

    Heavy Rain and Severe Thunderstorms Take Aim at Southern Plains as Sluggish Storm Moves East

    ▪ Much of Texas and parts of Oklahoma will have the greatest chance of severe weather and heavy rain. [more]

    [more later]

  3. Small plane from Houston crashes in Kerrville, killing all six aboard. Kerrville airport is bordered by the Guadalupe River...

  4. Here comes the heat.

    (via MrMBB333)

    "A Sign of things to COME?" - 110 degrees in APRIL sets ALL TIME record! Huh? [~ 10.5 min.]

  5. [in wrestling news]
    Good Samaritan makes citizen’s arrest of arson suspect

    [1st period pin!]

    [while we're in "standards-driven" CA]
    Some California neighborhoods destroyed by wildfire being rebuilt without fire-safe standards

    “Although developers rebuilding Coffey Park are being urged to consider fire-resistant materials, city spokeswoman Adriane Mertens said the city doesn’t see any reason to impose the 7A code in the neighborhood.’ “ [more; oh REAL smart . ..]

    [leave it to shit-for-brains, out-for-a-buck, builders to go as cheap as possible on materials - building them a tissue paper house for $500,000!]

    [here's another example of a "watchdog" agency taking the word of the polluters whose facilities they're supposed to regulate]
    Oilsands CO2 emissions may be far higher than companies report, scientists say

    It means that Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions would be around 2.3 per cent higher than previously thought. And if research eventually shows that other oilsands sites are subject to similar underreporting issues, Canada’s overall greenhouse gas emissions could be as much as six per cent more than thought — throwing a wrench into the calculations that underpin government emissions strategies. [more]

    [HAH! They don't HAVE any strategy! The whole regulation show is a sham! These "corporations" just lie until they're caught. Then what? Oh some piddly fine - cost of doing business to them, a write off.]

    Talk Nation Radio: Greg Grandin on the End of the Myth

    Greg Grandin - We discuss his new book, The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America.
    [~ 29 min. video]

    America’s Forced Financial Flight: Fleeing Unaffordable and Dysfunctional Cities

    Wages for the average worker have not doubled or tripled, and this asymmetry between soaring living costs and stagnant incomes is driving the exodus out of cities that are only affordable to the top 10% of wage earners, or those who bought a house decades ago and have locked in low property taxes.

    The forced flight from unaffordable and dysfunctional urban regions is as yet a trickle, but watch what happens when a recession causes widespread layoffs in high-wage sectors and suddenly the hipster bistro that was always jammed is empty, and then shuttered. To replaced the taxes lost to layoffs and closed businesses, the political class will have no choice but to launch a frenzy of higher taxes, fees and surcharges on those left behind. [more]

    On South America's largest solar farm, Chinese power radiates