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Event Update For 2019-04-06

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2019-04-06 - Crane bursts into flame at the Port of Oakland in coastal Oakland (California):

Quote: "A crane that was on fire at the Port of Oakland sent flames and a big plume of smoke into the air late Saturday night. Officials say the fire was reported at 11:04 p.m. and was burning on Harbor Road near Interstate 880."

2019-04-06 - Wildfire rips through crops and 30 villages in Madhya Pradesh (India), 3 killed, 25 injured:

Quote: "Three people were charred to death and 25 others injured in a fire which engulfed 30 villages in and around Madhya Pradesh's Hoshangabad district after it was fanned by a sudden gust of wind, police said Saturday."

2019-04-06 - Electrical substation heavily damaged by fire in Randfontein (South Africa):

2019-04-06 - Transformer bursts into flame at electrical substation in Ritchie County (West Virginia), blackouts ensue:

2019-04-06 - Three cars destroyed by fire at 2:30 AM, another damaged, while parked at dealership in coastal Sydney (Canada):

Quote: "Fire destroyed three vehicles and damaged a fourth at the Mazda dealership on Welton Street in Sydney, N.S., early Saturday morning."

2019-04-06 - Number of medical emergencies rising quickly in coastal Abu Dhabi (UAE):

Quote: "The average monthly rate of calls increased from 2,483 in 2014 to 6,194 calls in 2018 and roughly 80 per cent calls were related to medical emergencies while 20 per cent were from road traffic accidents."

2019-04-06 - Person has 'medical incident' at cafe on High Street in coastal Burnham-On-Sea (Britain), 500 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "Burnham-On-Sea High Street was temporarily closed on Saturday (April 6th) as emergency services dealt with a serious medical incident."

2019-04-06 - SOTT Earth changes summary for March 2019, extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

2019-04-06 - Apartment building explodes and burns in Paris (France):

Note: This is the 63rd residential explosion in 2019...

2019-04-06 - Brush fire breaks out and closes I-91 in North Haven (Connecticut):

2019-04-06 - Brush fire breaks out on canal bank near Fairfield Road in Warrington (Britain):

2019-04-06 - Submarine under construction rocked by battery explosion near coastal Bandar Abbas (Iran), 3 killed:

Quote: "An explosion took place at a shipbuilding plant which is located 37 kilometers west of the port of Bandar Abbas near the Strait of Hormuz. Citing local media, Sputnik International reported that at least three staff in the Iranian defense industries were killed in the blast that occurred in an under construction submarine in Southern Iran. A local website reported that the blast happened after three batteries on the vessel exploded."

2019-04-06 - Yacht bursts into flame while docked in coastal Key West (Florida):

Note: These are the 310th and 311th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-04-06 - Passenger train bursts into flame in Leicester (Britain):

Quote: "Services came to a halt at Leicester station after a passenger train caught fire. All platforms were evacuated after the blaze started at about 3.10pm today, leading to chaotic scenes in the station as travellers waited to find out how they would get to their destinations."

2019-04-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 6:19 AM on I-44 near Eureka (Missouri):

2019-04-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-57 in Franklin County (Illinois):

Note: These are the 552nd and 553rd tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-04-06 - RV bursts into flame at 12:45 AM while parked at home in Camarillo (California):

2019-04-06 - RV bursts into flame on I-5 near Woodburn (Oregon):

Note: These are the 107th and 108th RVs to burn in 2019...

2019-04-06 - Van bursts into flame at gas station along the A420 just outside of Swindon (Britain):

2019-04-06 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at gas station in Columbia (South Carolina):

2019-04-06 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Route 40 near North East (Maryland):

2019-04-06 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on North Frontage Road in Billings (Montana):

2019-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on I-55 in Jackson (Mississippi):

2019-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on Route 251 in Rochelle (Illinois):

2019-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on South Rocky Creek Road in Houston County (Alabama):

2019-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on Rayne Road in Braintree (Britain):

2019-04-06 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the A39 in Kilkhampton (Britain):

2019-04-06 - Vehicle bursts into flame on highway in Spreyton (Britain):

2019-04-06 - Vehicle bursts into flame on highway in Newton Tracey (Britain):

2019-04-06 - RV trailer bursts into flame at 2:30 AM while parked on George Street in Bean Station (Tennessee):

2019-04-06 - SUV and home destroyed by fire in the wee hours on the north end of Cedar Lake (Indiana):

2019-04-06 - Plastics factory heavily damaged by fire in Delhi (India), nobody there:

2019-04-06 - Home damaged by garage fire in coastal New Smyrna Beach (Florida):

2019-04-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire shortly before 4 AM in Oconto (Wisconsin):

2019-04-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Naples (Florida):

Quote: "One firefighter had to be taken to the hospital by paramedics because his vitals were too low."

2019-04-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Fresno (California), nobody there:

2019-04-06 - Home destroyed by fire on Herman Coulee Road in Bangor (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2019-04-06 - Home destroyed by fire at 1:30 AM in Oakland Park (Florida), near the coast:

2019-04-06 - Home destroyed by fire on Woodstock Street in Crystal Lake (Illinois):

2019-04-06 - Duplex heavily damaged by fire on 7th Avenue in Troy (New York):

2019-04-06 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Columbiana Drive in Columbia (South Carolina):

2019-04-06 - Motel damaged by fire in DeLand (Florida):

2019-04-06 - Historic inn destroyed by fire in Canton (Ohio):

2019-04-06 - Deadly fire burns mobile home just before 7 AM in Burton (Michigan), 1 killed:

2019-04-06 - Deadly fire burns home at 4:30 AM in coastal Fall River (Massachusetts), 1 killed:

2019-04-06 - Deadly fire burns home in the Silver Lakes area in Frankfort (Kentucky), 1 killed:

2019-04-06 - Deadly fire burns home in Chicago (Illinois), 1 killed:

2019-04-06 - Vacant home goes up in flames, fire spreads to adjacent home, in Paterson (New Jersey):

2019-04-06 - Hundreds of walruses falling to their deaths from cliffs as global warming melts away the planet's ice:

2019-04-06 - Family of four found dead in submerged SUV in canal in Bilaspur (India):

2019-04-06 - Infant boy found dead at home in Petersburg (Virginia):

2019-04-06 - College student, woman, 20, collapses and dies shortly after midnight at gathering on coastal Hilton Head Island (South Carolina):

Quote: "Just after midnight on Saturday morning, Smith became unresponsive at a gathering on Enterprise Lane, Beaufort County deputy coroner David Ott said. He said bystanders called 911 while they performed CPR on her. Hilton Head Fire Rescue responded and later pronounced Smith dead at the scene, Ott said."

2019-04-06 - College student, man, 18, has 'medical emergency', collapses and goes into cardiac arrest at rec center, dies shortly later, in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

Quote: "KITV4 News has learned a young man suffered a medical emergency at the UH Warrior Rec Center. The center is closed until further notice. Paramedics were called to the building at 11:15 a.m. because an 18-year-old student was in cardiac arrest. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition. University of Hawaii officials confirm the student later died."

2019-04-06 - Woman, 47, found dead in retention pond in Orange County (Florida):

2019-04-06 - Person found dead in the Chattahoochee River near Sandy Springs (Georgia):

2019-04-06 - Man, 55, found dead in lake in Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe (Ohio):

2019-04-06 - Man found dead in retention pond in Memphis (Tennessee):

2019-04-06 - Man, 79, dies after being pulled from submerged car in the St. Clair River in Marysville (Michigan):

2019-04-06 - Man, 28, found dead in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

2019-04-06 - Woman found dead in Galt Gardens Spray Park in Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada):

2019-04-06 - Man, 34, found dead in Lochend Loch in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

2019-04-06 - Passenger has 'medical emergency' on cruise ship, ship returns to coastal Port Canaveral (Florida):

Quote: "On Saturday afternoon, the Disney Fantasy headed out for a seven-night sailing as it usually does, but something wasn’t right. A little more than an hour after setting sail, this Disney Cruise Line sailing returned to Port Canaveral due a reported medical emergency."

2019-04-06 - Trucker, man, 34, has 'medical issue', tractor trailer crashes off road, on I-95 in Island Falls (Maine), 1 injured:

Quote: "A tractor-trailer hauling potatoes crashed off Interstate 95 in Aroostook County on Saturday after its driver had a medical issue."

2019-04-06 - Man has 'medical condition', flatbed truck crashes into creek, in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

Quote: "Officers believe the man may have suffered a medical condition that caused him to loose control of the truck and run it into the creek."

2019-04-06 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida), hydraulics failure:

2019-04-06 - Small plane crashes at Perry County Airport in New Lexington (Ohio):

2019-04-06 - Small plane crashes into paddock near coastal Geelong (Australia):

2019-04-06 - Helicopter crashes and burns in Halifax County (Virginia), 1 injured:

2019-04-06 - Dump truck veers over centerline, hits passenger bus head-on, in coastal Libmanan (Philippine Islands), 6 killed, 14 injured:

2019-04-06 - Two SUVs collide head-on, in Greenville (North Carolina), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2019-04-06 - SUV veers off road, crashes into pole and tree, in coastal Volusia County (Florida), 1 killed:

Quote: "Troopers are investigating whether the driver suffered a medical episode prior to the crash, officials said. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene."

2019-04-06 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into tree, near Stafford Lake in rural Marin (California), 2 killed:

2019-04-06 - Car crashes into median on State Road 528 near coastal Melbourne (Florida), 1 killed:

Quote: "Florida Highway Patrol says they are waiting to hear if Wills suffered a medical episode that resulted in the crash due to the minor damage caused to the vehicle."

2019-04-06 - Car veers off road, crashes into poles and sign, bursts into flame, in Chicago Heights (Illinois), 2 killed:

2019-04-06 - Home collapses in Cheshunt (Britain), 1 injured:

2019-04-06 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Visokoi Island:

2019-04-06 - Floodfest 2019 is the worst agricultural disaster in modern American history:

2019-04-06 - Tornado touches down and causes damage in Milam County (Texas):

2019-04-06 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the island of Crete (Greece):

2019-04-06 - Major storm to cross the US with snow, rain, high winds and severe weather:

2019-04-06 - Huge record-setting female python found in the Everglades (Florida):

Quote: "A team of hunters with the Big Cypress National Preserve captured a record-setting female python that was over 17 feet long, weighed 140 pounds, and contained 73 developing eggs."

2019-04-06 - Rockets dump chemicals into northern lights creating glowing blobs of blue and purple in the sky:


  1. Hey Jonny, all.

    We can see the general pattern of electrical (and other) infrastructure burning (due to the amount of flammable gases in the atmosphere, most likely), more and more accidents due to "medical issues" (again, probably due to the increasingly toxic H2S levels in the air), and people (and other species) dropping dead.

    i was thinking about that last item and determined that H2S poisoning wouldn't be a bad way to go, since it's effectively instantaneous (you're dead before you hit the ground according to Jonny).

    Monday, April 8, 2019
    Blue Ocean Event Consequences

    A Blue Ocean Event looks set to occur in the Arctic when there will be virtually no sea ice left. At first, the duration of this event will be a few weeks in September, but as more heat accumulates in the Arctic, the event will last longer each year thereafter.

    Indeed, a Blue Ocean Event will come with accumulation of more heat, due to loss of latent heat, as a dark (blue) ocean absorbs more sunlight than the reflective ice, etc. Consequences will extend far beyond the Arctic, as shown on the image below that features Dave Borlace's Blue Ocean Top Ten Consequences. [more; link to his video with more detail]

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 4.7.19 Climate change has caused an 89% decrease in new coral in the Great Barrier Reef [~ 24.5 min.]

    Nostradoomus’ Methane Report, Climate Roundup & EQ Report with Margo (April 7, 2019) [~ 65 min.]

    Severe thunderstorms, baseball-sized hail hit Texas, leaving 1 person injured and 175 000 customers without power

    Severe thunderstorms, large hail and at least one tornado hit Texas on April 6 and 7, 2019, leaving at least one person injured and more than 175 000 customers without power. Severe weather continues over the country on April 8. [more]

    [more here]
    Texas storms damage homes, cancel flights and knock out power to 175,000 – Lightning strikes girl near Houston

    Severe storms, some capable of producing tornadoes, are moving across parts of the South. A possible tornado damaged homes and other buildings in San Gabriel, Texas. The storm caused extensive damage to San Gabriel Christian Church. More than 375 flights into and out of Houston and Dallas were canceled. FEMA trailers were damaged at an old Navy base in Bee County. More than 175,000 customers were without electricity at one point. [more]

    Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now

    Plans for a pilot project to provide high-speed 5G wireless internet in Brussels have been halted due to fears for the health of citizens, according to reports. [more; we have no such concerns here]

    [a bit of GOOD news]
    Rhino poacher killed by elephant, eaten by lions in South Africa

    "Indications found at the scene suggested that a pride of lions had devoured the remains leaving only a human skull and a pair of pants," the statement reads. The remains were found in the Crocodile Bridge section of the park. [more]

    [more below]

  2. State of Global Economy: Global trade slowed in 4th quarter - WTO claims auto tariffs & Brexit are 'biggest 2019 risks'

    World trade shrank by 0.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018 and is likely to grow by 2.6 percent this year, slower than 3.0 percent growth in 2018 and below a previous forecast of 3.7 percent, the World Trade Organization said on March 2.
    [more; i doubt the growth projection will occur]

    Part of Lame Deer, Montana evacuated as wildfire burns into the town

    The west side of Lame Deer, Montana was evacuated Sunday as a wildfire burned into the town. Residents said it originated from a structure fire that spread into nearby vegetation, and pushed by strong winds it spread quickly. Rosebud County Sheriff Allen Fulton estimated the fire grew to approximately 1,700 acres before firefighters contained it. There were no reports of any additional structures burning.

    The fire jumped across Highway 212 but firefighters were able to stop it at Highway 39, the main road that runs north and south through the town. [more]

    Skyscrapers are killing up to 1bn birds a year in US, scientists estimate

    Scientists estimate that at least 100 million and maybe as many as a billion birds die each year in the US when they collide with buildings, especially glass-covered or illuminated skyscrapers. [more]

    Polar Bears’ Plastic Diets Are a Growing Problem

    California is in an exceptional earthquake drought. The question is when will it end?

    California is in an earthquake drought. It has been almost five years since the state experienced its last earthquake of magnitude 6 or stronger — in Napa. Southern California felt its last big quake on Easter Sunday 2010, and that shaker was actually centered across the border, causing the most damage in Mexicali. Experts know this calm period will eventually end, with destructive results. They just don’t know when this well-documented geological pattern will shift. [more]

    Iran FLOODS: Flooding in Iran kills at least 70, forces evacuation of thousands – Massive flood damage to farms – thousands of sheep dead

    After Australia and US midwest, now Iran. Flooding in Iran has killed at least 70 people, forced the mass evacuation of thousands, and caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to Iranian agriculture as heavy rain continues to fall on much of the country. [more]

  3. Here's a brief round-up of local PA news:

    Several business displaced after raging 4-alarm warehouse fire in Port Richmond [incl. 107 sec news video]

    No word on the cause of the fire at this time. [more]

    Westbound lanes reopen after tanker fire closes portion of AC Expressway

    The Westbound lanes of the Atlantic City Expressway have reopened after a crash involving a tanker truck in Winslow Twp. had the highway shut down in both directions between Exits 28 and 33 for some time Monday morning.

    The fire began around 1:30 a.m. on the eastbound lanes of the Atlantic City Expressway in Winslow Township.

    New Jersey State Police said the fire started with a popped tire.

    Officials said the driver pulled over, but friction ignited the fire and it quickly spread to the tanker. [more]

    West Philadelphia fire leaves 1 dead, 1 critically injured

    The cause of the fire remains under investigation. [more]

    [there was another one in Chester, PA - cause unknown - which killed a father and young son]

    News Links, April 8, 2019
    Rice Farmer

    Germany: Dead Economy Walking

    Australian Housing Downturn Becomes Widespread: CoreLogic

    Update on the Deepening Housing Bust in Vancouver, Canada

    What Deleveraging? Global Leverage Continues To Break Records
    More and more debt needed to prop up the failing global economy! -- RF

    "It Belongs To The People, Not The Bankers" - Italy Moves To Seize Gold From Central Bank

    Lack of redundancies on Boeing 737 MAX system baffles some involved in developing the jet
    Boeing 737 Max: How will airlines convince skittish passengers it's safe to fly again?
    American Airlines extends flight cancellations through June 5 as Boeing 737 Max remains grounded
    Boeing reveals further software problem in 737 MAX airplane

    US Government's Refusal to Confirm or Deny It Put American Journalist on Drone Kill List Called 'Chilling'

    Ayatollah Trump: The Global Rise of the Christian Right
    Islamic extremism gets all the press, but Trump is just one of a growing number of Christian extremists in positions of political power.

    Kurds in Fateful Triangle as US Moves to Redeploy IS Terror Groups

    Iran's Khamenei urges Iraq to force out U.S. troops 'as soon as possible'

    Israel's Netanyahu says plans to annex settlements in West Bank if reelected

    Why Designating the Iranian Rev. Guards Terrorists would paint a big Red Target On US Troops in Iraq

    U.S. Hits Venezuela With New Sanctions And More Still On Table

    Platts Survey: OPEC Oil Production Down To More Than 4-Year Low

    To Exit Coal and Nuclear, Europe Turns to Russian Natural Gas
    Iran, Iraq To Develop Joint Gas Fields At their Borders

    Backyard chickens hit hard by a long-gone, extremely contagious disease

    Measles cases soar across US: 'It's getting worse'

    Iran expands evacuations as rains worsen floods

    Record numbers of Australia's wildlife species face 'imminent extinction'

    Farmers and nomads take to violence in drought-stricken Chad

    Plastic Watch: 2.5 Trillion Dollar Annual Cost of Ocean Plastic Pollution

    Erdogan worked "hand in glove" with ISIS in Syria, claims former emir

    The Ultimate Pivot: Saudi Betrayal of the Petrodollar

    A Top Progressive Consulting Firm Is Doing PR for an Israeli Spy Company

    Ecuador Backs Down: Foreign Ministry Says It Has 'No Plans' To Expel Assange

    Leaked Assange Court Transcript Sheds Light on US-Backed Ecuadorian Expulsion Plans

    Used-Car Market Profits from Carmageddon — Many Americans are priced out of the new-car market.

    Senators Grill Rick Perry on Transfer of Nuclear Info to Saudi Arabia Despite "Troubling Actions"

  4. Flooding events are also becoming a regular feature of climate change's impact on weather.

    We have never seen catastrophic flooding like this, and the NOAA is now telling us that there will be more major flooding until May and even July 2019

    On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned that “historic, widespread flooding” would “continue through July”. More than 90 percent of the upper Midwest and Great Plains is currently covered by an average of 10.7 inches of snow, and all of that snow is starting to melt. That means that we are going to transition from one of the worst winters in modern history to a flood season that has already taken an apocalyptic turn for farmers all across America. [more]

    Of all the natural disasters that we have seen in recent years, this is the biggest, and U.S. food production is going to be dramatically affected because many farmers will not be able to grow crops at all in 2019. [more; and what if this keeps happening?]

    Five dead after flooding in Accra, Ghana

    Greece - Crete hit by flash flooding again - third time since February

    Severe hailstorm lasting an hour destroys crops in Trongsa and Yangtse, Bhutan

    A severe hailstorm on Tuesday, that lasted for about an hour, covered Changrey and Drakteng in white.

    The storm destroyed all the chili saplings, buckwheat, cardamom, maize, potatoes and oranges in the area. The farm road in the area was also affected. Every household in Changrey cultivated acres of chili and buckwheat. [more]

    773 people killed by lightning in 7 years across Nepal