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Event Update For 2019-04-08


The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2019-04-08 - Underground electrical fire shoots flames from two manholes in Holyoke (Massachusetts):

2019-04-08 - Garbage-to-energy plant rocked by explosion and fire on French Island (Wisconsin):

2019-04-08 - Around 19 cars go up in flames while parked at auto auction business in Wilmer (Texas):

Quote: "More than a dozen cars caught fire overnight Monday. It happened at an auto auction company called Copart off Belt Line Road near I-45. A security guard working at the facility noticed the flames and called 911. Firefighters were able to put out the fire of at least 19 cars that show extensive damage. It's unclear how the fire started, but investigators and firefighters remain on scene. Officials on scene told WFAA that they are not investigating it as a suspicious fire."

2019-04-08 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire at 3:30 AM, four scrap cars burn, in Williamson (New York):

Quote: "Fire crews received a call around 3:30 a.m. after someone in the area heard a loud bang and saw large flames coming from the Wilbert’s U-Pull It Auto Salvage Yard. Upon arrival, firefighters found four vehicles on fire near the crusher. Investigators are working to find out what caused the cars to catch fire."

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage at apartments in Minot (North Dakota):

Quote: "There was a scare today at a Minot apartment complex that has twice before burned to the ground. The Chateau Apartments on Second Avenue Southwest burned down two times when it was under construction. Today, a report of a car on fire inside an attached garage at the complex caused the Minot Fire Department to scramble all of its fire stations."

2019-04-08 - Forest fires rise 49% in three years across India:

Quote: "In 2016, 24,817 forest fire incidents were recorded, which increased to 35,888 in 2017 and 37,059 in 2018."

2019-04-08 - Blue ocean event looms in the Arctic:

2019-04-08 - Global warming is pushing the Arctic toward an unprecedented state, research shows:

2019-04-08 - It could take 10 million years to recover from what we are doing to the planet, scientists warn:

Note: Actually, it took more like 30 million years to recover from the Permian-Triassic extinction event, and the current extinction event is a repeat of the Permian-Triassic, so I'd expect it to take significantly longer than 10 million years for the Earth to fully recover...

2019-04-08 - Cargo ship 'Al Fayrouz' goes up in flames in the Red Sea near coastal Farasan Island (Saudi Arabia), crew evacuated:

Quote: "Rescue teams from the Saudi Border Guard successfully evacuated 31 crewmembers from a Panama-flagged ship that caught fire off the Farasan Island in the Red Sea. The Border Guard took over the rescue mission in accordance with the commitments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the 1979 International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) and in continuation to the humanitarian tasks being carried out by the Saudi force."

2019-04-08 - Two boats, lawn mower and shed destroyed by fire on Golden Grove Circle in Piedmont (South Carolina):

Quote: "Two boats and the lawn mower were destroyed."

Note: These are the 315th, 316th and 317th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-04-08 - Passenger train bursts into flame at London Bridge station in coastal London (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Luxury bus bursts into flame on road in Inamaluwa on the island of Sri Lanka:

Note: This is the 188th bus to burn in 2019...

2019-04-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame just before 6 AM on I-41 near Appleton (Wisconsin):

2019-04-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 3:30 AM at truck stop in Bloomsbury (New Jersey):

Quote: "A tractor-trailer caught fire at a rest stop in Hunterdon County, New Jersey early Monday morning. Flames broke out in the trailer around 3:30 a.m. at the Pilot truck stop on Route 173 in Bloomsbury, just off of I-78 exit 7. No one was hurt, state police said. The trailer was carrying groceries and water."

2019-04-08 - Tractor trailer hauling mail bursts into flame at 12:30 AM on the M40 near Bicester (Britain):

Note: These are the 556th, 557th and 558th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-04-08 - Box truck explodes into flame just before 4 AM at shipping terminal in coastal Mount Pleasant (South Carolina), 1 injured:

Quote: "A source with knowledge of the emergency response says the driver of a Ryder truck was trapped after an explosion. The driver had to be cut out of the vehicle before being transported to MUSC. The fire was contained to the vehicle, the source confirmed."

2019-04-08 - USPS postal truck bursts into flame on Warren Street in Somers (New York):

2019-04-08 - Truck bursts into flame on road in North Cave (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Van bursts into flame on street in Wauwatosa (Wisconsin):

2019-04-08 - Van bursts into flame near roundabout in Ynysforgan (Britain):

2019-04-08 - SUV bursts into flame while parked inside garage at home, home damaged too, on Apple Tree Lane in Holden (Massachusetts):

2019-04-08 - SUV bursts into flame at Gold Star Plaza in Shenandoah (Pennsylvania):

2019-04-08 - SUV bursts into flame while parked inside garage, fire spreads to nearby buildings, burns for 20 hours, on Oak Bank Close in Willaston (Britain):

Quote: "Four fire crews and an aerial platform were drafted in as firefighters battled for several hours to control a car fire which had spread from a garage in Willaston into neighbouring properties. Crews from Crewe, Nantwich, Sandbach and Winsford, were on the scene for more than 20 hours after the blaze started inside a detached garage in Oak Bank Close."

2019-04-08 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked near building in Orlando (Florida):

2019-04-08 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-255 near Edwardsville (Illinois):

2019-04-08 - Two cars, motorcycle and carport destroyed by fire at apartments in Mill Valley (California):

Quote: "Two cars, a motorcycle and a carport were destroyed, but a five-unit apartment building was spared, in a fire in Mill Valley Saturday evening, firefighters said."

Quote: "Two cars under the carport were destroyed, Barnes said, as was a motorcycle firefighters believe may have started the fire."

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame at home, fire spreads, home heavily damaged, in Whitehall (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "He says when he returned home from a long drive Monday night, he noticed something was wrong with his engine. He says smoke and flames were coming through the cracks of the roof of his 1991 Pontiac. The flames eventually spread to the garage, the first floor of his house, the attic and the roof. Matto was able to escape his home safely with his dog Shelby."

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage at home on Grant Street in Marquette (Michigan), 1 injured:

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame in driveway in Kahoka (Missouri):

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame on High Street in Bridgewater (Massachusetts), house burns separately, plus a crash and 3 medical calls:

Quote: "In addition to that call, the Bridgewater Fire Department responded to a car fire on High Street in the morning. During the house fire, they responded to three medical calls and a car crash with transport to a hospital needed."

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame, ignites brush fire, in Avra Valley (Arizona):

Quote: "The Pima County Sheriff’s Department confirms what started as a car fire has quickly spread to a brush fire in Avra Valley on North Anway Road and West Matisse Road."

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 20 near Fingerlakes Mall in Aurelius (New York):

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame on Johnson Drive in Calwell (Australia):

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame on Faulkner Street in the Gate Pa area in coastal Tauranga (New Zealand):

2019-04-08 - Four parked cars go up in flames at 11:33 PM, fire spreads to garage and outbuilding, in Walter's Ash (Britain):

Quote: "Monday 8 April, 11.33pm Fire involving four cars and spreading to garage and outbuilding, Bradenham Wood Lane, Walter's Ash. Two appliances and crews from High Wycombe attended. Firefighters used two hose reels, two sets of breathing apparatus, a thermal imaging camera and a fan."

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home on Worston Lane in coastal Burnham-On-Sea (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame on Swift Close in coastal Lowestoft (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame at 3:30 AM on Canklow Road in Canklow (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Car bursts into flame on Grapes Hill in Norwich (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Vehicle bursts into flame while parked at home near Marie Street and Culberson Street in east San Angelo (Texas):

2019-04-08 - Car and home destroyed by fire in Bristow (Oklahoma):

2019-04-08 - Three cars and home go up in flames just before 4:30 AM in Papakura (New Zealand), 1 injured:

2019-04-08 - Around 800 tons of straw and two barns go up in flames at 12:50 AM in Hardwick (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Storage facility heavily damaged by fire just before 12:30 AM in Milton (Vermont):

2019-04-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Williams Street in Lakeside (Virginia), 2 injured:

2019-04-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Ridgewood Terrace in Exeter (New Hampshire):

2019-04-08 - Home destroyed by fire on South Charity Street in Bethel (Ohio):

2019-04-08 - Home destroyed by fire in Hardburly (Kentucky):

2019-04-08 - Apartment building damaged by fire in coastal Nanaimo (Canada):

2019-04-08 - Deadly fire burns home at 1 AM on Avalon Drive in Troy (Illinois), 2 killed:

Quote: "Two people died Monday morning in a fire that appeared centered on a home’s attached garage."

2019-04-08 - Deadly fire burns home in coastal Mayport (Florida), 1 killed:

2019-04-08 - Deadly fire burns home on North Panuco Avenue in coastal Atlantic Beach (Florida), 1 killed:

2019-04-08 - Deadly fire burns home in Burlington (Ohio), 1 killed:

2019-04-08 - Deadly fire burns home on Grafton Road in Brunswick (Ohio), 1 killed:

2019-04-08 - Deadly fire destroys home at 5 AM in North Bend (Washington), 1 killed:

2019-04-08 - Deadly fire burns apartment building in Lebanon (Virginia), 1 killed:

2019-04-08 - Vacant motel destroyed by fire at 12:20 AM on Royal Gorge Boulevard in CaƱon City (Colorado):

2019-04-08 - Thousands of fish wash up dead in West Lake in Hanoi (Vietnam):

2019-04-08 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Wascana Lake in Regina (Canada):

2019-04-08 - Many fish dying in the River Periyar in coastal Kochi (India):

2019-04-08 - Five girls die in well in Nagaradoddi (India):

2019-04-08 - Four teenagers and woman die in lake in Sarmariya (India):

2019-04-08 - Man slumps over dead in car at convenience store in Springfield (Missouri):

2019-04-08 - Violinist, man, 60, has heart attack and drops dead during performance in Beaumont (Texas):

2019-04-08 - Person found dead near shopping center in coastal Norfolk (Virginia):

2019-04-08 - Man, 57, found dead in Lake Vasona in Los Gatos (California):

2019-04-08 - Woman found dead in vehicle near Woodward Reservoir (Califonia):

2019-04-08 - Man, 24, found dead in pond in Mount Cobb (Pennsylvania):

2019-04-08 - Person found dead in the Little Kanawha River in Wirt County (West Virginia):

2019-04-08 - Man found dead near airport in Greenwood (Indiana):

2019-04-08 - Woman found dead in submerged pickup truck in the Weber River in Morgan County (Utah):

2019-04-08 - Man found dead along footpath between the River Erewash and the Erewash Canal in Long Eaton (Britain):

2019-04-08 - Passenger plane first officer has 'medical problem' shortly after departing from the island of Tenerife (Spain):

Quote: "Air traffic controllers at Tenerife South airport tweeted: 'Flight from Tenerife South to Scotland returns in emergency due to medical problem of one of the pilots. Maximum priority.'"

2019-04-08 - Person has 'medical emergency' on ship near coastal Land's End (Britain):

Quote: "CornwallLive reporter, Olivier Vergnault is at the scene and said that he has been told that a casualty has been transferred from a ship off Land's End after a medical emergency."

2019-04-08 - Woman has 'medical emergency' on passenger train in Gateshead (Britain), near the River Tyne:

Quote: "Metros are delayed across the system at rush hour after a medical emergency on board a train."

2019-04-08 - Woman goes into cardiac arrest on passenger bus in Freuchie (Scotland), 7 miles from the coast:

Quote: "A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said there had been a 'medical issue'. However, it was reported locally that a fellow passenger had had to perform CPR on the gravely ill woman."

2019-04-08 - Man, 50, has 'medical issue', SUV veers off road, crashes into home, in Ovid Township (Michigan), 1 injured:

Quote: "The Branch County Sheriff's Department says an apparent medical issue caused a Chicago man to lose control of his sport utilities vehicle and crash into a house near the Bella Vista Golf Course Monday afternoon."

2019-04-08 - Driver has 'medical emergency', pickup truck crashes into AC unit, in Jefferson City (Missouri), 1 killed:

Quote: "A driver died after suffering an apparent medical emergency and crashing in Jefferson City on Monday morning, according to the Missouri Department of Public Safety."

Note: A man, 57, had a 'medical emergency' and crashed his car into 2 street signs and a pole in Jefferson City the day before too, mentioned in the 2019-04-07 update...

2019-04-08 - Man, 49, has 'medical emergency', car overturns multiple times, in Pasco (Washington), 1 injured:

Quote: "According to police, the 49-year-old male driver, who's name was not released, suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel, triggering the spectacular crash."

2019-04-08 - Passenger plane crash-lands at coastal Douglas-Charles Airport (Dominica):

Quote: "The information is that the plane’s landing gear may have collapsed."

2019-04-08 - Small plane crashes and burns near airport in Santa Fe (New Mexico), 2 killed:

2019-04-08 - Small plane makes emergency landing in field in West Bountiful (Utah), engine failure:

2019-04-08 - Tractor trailer crashes into vehicle on I-90/94 near West Town area in Chicago (Illinois), 6 lightly injured:

Quote: "The semi’s driver and five people from the other vehicle were treated for minor injuries, police said. The semi’s driver may have experienced a medical emergency."

2019-04-08 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-10 near Lordsburg (New Mexico):

2019-04-08 - SUV veers across median, hits SUV, on Tates Creek Road in Lexington (Kentucky), 2 injured:

2019-04-08 - Dog attacks and seriously injures man in coastal Daly City (California), cops shoot dog dead:

2019-04-08 - Landslide blocks Highway 58 near Oakridge (Oregon):

2019-04-08 - Landslide hits Highway 126 near the McKenzie Bridge (Oregon):

2019-04-08 - Sinkhole opens along the North Scranton Expressway in Scranton (Pennsylvania):

2019-04-08 - Four-story commercial building collapses in coastal Medan (Indonesia), 1 injured:

2019-04-08 - Power outage blacks out 10,000 homes near coastal Vancouver (Canada):

2019-04-08 - California is in an exceptional earthquake drought, the question is when (and how) will it end?

2019-04-08 - 773 people killed by lightning in 7 years across Nepal:

2019-04-08 - Severe hour-long hailstorm destroys crops across Trongsa and Yangtse (Bhutan):

2019-04-08 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Accra (Ghana), 5+ killed:

2019-04-08 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), several killed:

2019-04-08 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the island of Crete (Greece), third time since February:

2019-04-08 - Unusual spring snowstorm dumps 7 inches of snow on Finland:

2019-04-08 - Another bomb cyclone heads to the already-drenched US Midwest:

2019-04-08 - Pollen apocalypse before severe thunderstorms in North Carolina:

Note: Pollocalypse!

2019-04-08 - While US administration wants to defund fire science, Canada ramps it up:

2019-04-08 - Scientists discover an edible mushroom that eats plastic and could potentially clean landfills:

Note: Once the bugs and animals are mostly all dead and crops won't grow anymore, we can all dine on landfill fungus!

2019-04-08 - Woman named He found with four sweat bees on her eyeball, in Taiwan:

Quote: "Dr Hung told a press conference that Ms He suffered cellulitis and keratitis - a bacterial skin infection and the inflammation of the cornea - as a result of the bees eating from her eye for four hours."

Note: Doom just isn't complete without some eyeball-eating bees!

2019-04-08 - Two different teams of scientists rank drugs by harmfulness, alcohol ranks most harmful, magic mushrooms rank least harmful:


  1. Hey Jonny and everyone following JJFH!

    Mail delivery services are increasingly being impacted by vehicle fires.

    10 million years, 30 million years - who's counting?

    i'm sure the two accidents in Jefferson City on consecutive days was just a coincidence (cough, cough, hrumph, ahem).

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 4.9.19 Blue Ocean Event Consequences
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi_uEA6Kl8M [~ 30 min.]

    Methane & Earthquake Report with Margo (April 9, 2019)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY1MbdN7oG0 [~ 43.5 min.]

    Breakthrough discovery in astronomy: First Black Hole image
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl9kmx_M9QU [LIVE]

    Wesley is set to be one of the heaviest April snowstorms on record as a very miserable start to 2019 continues across the US

    It is set to be a record-setter, storm Wesley is set to be one of the heaviest April snowstorms on record according to the Weather Channel.

    Wesley is an intense winter storm taking aim at the Plains and upper Midwest.

    More than a foot of snow is likely in parts of the Plains and upper Midwest.

    Blizzard warnings have been issued in the Plains from Wednesday into early Friday.

    This includes areas still dealing with flooding, including parts of the Missouri Valley. [more]

    2019 set to be a record year for flooding as mind-boggling-statistics blow away previous records for many countries and we are only into April

    Absolutely ABNORMAL rain storm lashes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, turning streets into torrential rivers – at least six dead – 8 inches in 4 hours – State of emergency

    Torrential rains doused Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, killing at least six people and sowing chaos in Brazil’s second largest city, which declared a state of emergency after a storm that the mayor described as “absolutely abnormal.”

    It was the second major storm in two months to batter Rio. A violent tempest that hit the city in February killed at least seven people. [more]

    [a quick check on U.S. corruption]
    Newly disclosed meetings with industry create ethics questions for U.S. Interior Secretary – Bernhardt met with fossil fuel, timber, and mining representatives

    Recently posted versions of acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s daily schedules contain at least 260 differences from his original schedules, with the newest records showing meetings previously described as “external” or “internal” were actually with representatives of fossil fuel, timber, mining, and other industries, according to a review by CQ Roll Call.

    Events left out of the original calendars but now disclosed or detailed further include a keynote address at the Trump International Hotel in Washington for the industry group Domestic Energy Producers Alliance, encounters with executives at Chevron Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell, and a meeting with the chairman of a conservative group Bernhardt previously represented in litigation that environmentalists believe was geared toward weakening the Endangered Species Act. [more]

    [more below]

  2. [a short note from our caring government]
    Survivors of Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle fear they have been forgotten

    Many residents are living in damaged homes or trailers unfit for human habitation. Some live in tents. Homeowners are frustrated by stingy insurance companies and bewildering government paperwork, and they’re wary of shady contractors. [more; oh, ya mean like the mid-west?]

    [speaking of "Where are we, Puerto Rico?"]
    Bright meteor fireball filmed streaking through Puerto Rico skies

    [so much for unemployment numbers]
    Uh Oh: The Number Of Job Openings In The U.S. Dropped By More Than Half A Million In Just One Month

    According to the Labor Department, the number of job openings in the United States just plunged by the largest amount we have seen in nearly four years. The latest JOLTS report shows that the number of job openings has declined by 538,000, and that is a really big number for just a single month. But we shouldn’t be surprised by this at all, because it is perfectly consistent with all of the other dismal economic numbers that have been coming in recently. An economic slowdown is here, and many believe that it is just getting started. [more]
    Strong eruption at Sheveluch volcano, ash up to 10 km (33 000 feet) a.s.l., Russia

    Sheveluch volcano, Kamchatka, Russia erupted at 02:48 UTC on April 10, 2019, producing a column of ash up to 10 km (33 000 feet) above sea level. [more]

    Japanese fighter jet 'disappears from radar' over Pacific: Rescue operation underway - UPDATE

    [from the military/industrial complex to its customers (ala Animal House): "Hey, ya fucked up - ya trusted us!"]
    [SOTT]Comment: Japan's military has confirmed finding debris from the F-35A fighter jet that disappeared. This is the second F-35 crash in the fighter's short history, and the first one outside the US. This plane was less than a year old and was delivered to the JASDF last year...

    Boeing is screwed in the civilian sector. Is Lockheed to follow suit in the military sector? [more; JUNK planes!]

    [continued below]

  3. Who is paying for Monsanto's crimes?

    by selling to Bayer last summer for $63bn just before the Roundup cancer lawsuits started going to trial, Monsanto executives were able to walk away from the legal mess with riches. The Monsanto chairman Hugh Grant's exit package allowed him to pocket $32m, for instance.

    [SOTT] Comment: Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Caused Problems, New Report Finds

    Although the EPA has said it wants to evaluate more evidence of glyphosate's human health risk as part of a registration review program, the agency is not doing any studies of its own and is instead relying on outside data - much of which comes from the agricultural chemicals industry it seeks to regulate...

    The EPA is hardly the only industry regulator that relies heavily on data supplied by the agrochemical industry itself.

    He's baaack! Results indicate that Netanyahu has won fifth term as prime minister of Israel

    A growing problem after wildfires: Toxic chemicals

    Fires like the one that razed Paradise in November burn thousands of pounds of wiring, plastic pipes and building materials, leaving dangerous chemicals in the air, soil and water. Lead paint, burned asbestos and even melted refrigerators from tens of thousands of households only add to the danger, public health experts say. [more]

  4. News Links, April 10, 2019
    Rice Farmer

    IMF Cuts Global Growth Outlook to Lowest Pace Since Crisis

    UK-Based Multinational Department Store Debenhams Collapses, After 200 Years of Trading

    What Would Stocks Do in "a World Without Buybacks," Goldman Asks
    Companies buying back their own shares has "consistently been the largest source of US equity demand." Without them, "demand for shares would fall dramatically." Too painful to even imagine.
    Many readers will no doubt recall this article from February on the Ponzi-scheme nature of the stock market. As net energy decline becomes more serious, new tricks must be used to prop up the unsustainable. -- RF

    Trade Deal Follies: The U.S. Has Embraced the World's Worst Negotiating Tactics

    Saudi Arabia Rejects Reports About Plans To Drop Dollar As Oil Currency

    U.S. factory orders fall for the fourth time in five months, reflecting economic slowdown

    Here We Go Again: Tech Bubble 2.0 but "This Time It's Different"

    Europe's economy is experiencing a crisis of confidence

    The world's worst-performing currency could slip into 'crisis' mode later this year

    In new attack, Trump threatens more tariffs against European Union

    Canada looks at fresh tariffs on U.S. goods, silent on details revealed by envoy

    Stretched Australians unable to reduce debt

    Italy has a $26 billion hole to fix. And it could mean another battle with the EU

    Russia Dumps U.S. Dollars and Buys Gold As "Safety Metal"

    China Buys 360,000 Ounces Of Gold In March

    Four ways that Uncle Sam will respond to its $75 trillion insolvency

    Boeing's 737 production cut hits its shares and those of suppliers

    American trims quarterly revenue forecast on grounded jets, total cost unknown

    Airlines Could Soon Begin Weighing Passengers To Save Fuel

    Boeing records zero new MAX orders following global groundings

    Netanyahu Rules Out Palestinian State, Says He'll Annex West Bank

    Iran Designates U.S. Military as 'Terrorist' Group, Calls Trump Move an Election Gift to Netanyahu

    Jundallah: the US-backed Salafi Terrorists Operating in Iran

    The Navy's New Nuclear Missile Submarines Are Probably Going to Cost More Than $128 Billion [in Monopoly $]

    Poland's Former Army Chief Floats US Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike On Russia

    Trump's Neocons See Erdogan as Their Ticket to a Region-Wide M.E. War

    UN Rapporteur Says US Sanctions Against Venezuela are the "Bluntest" Way to Engineer Regime Change and are Causing Blanket Starvation

    US Takes Illegal, Dangerous Actions Toward Regime Change in Venezuela

    Rejecting Demand to Leave Venezuela, Russia's Lavrov Says 'Whole World Dotted' With US Soldiers

    More than 100,000 migrants encountered at U.S. southern border in March: data

    Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 12,174 in 2019; Deaths Reach 356

    Trump White House plots amped-up immigration crackdown
    Venezuela Won't Stop Sending Oil To Cuba Despite New Sanctions

    The true feasibility of moving away from fossil fuels

    Sudan suffers total power outage amid anti-Bashir protests

    Midwest floods hammer U.S. ethanol industry, push some gasoline prices toward five-year high

    California's central valley aquifers may be gone in 2030s, Ogallala 2050-2070

    Has Brazil's Oil Boom Been Overstated?

    Canada Oil Industry Loses Over 20% Of Workforce Since 2014

    India Awaits U.S. Waiver Decision Before Booking Iranian Oil For May

    [continued below]

  5. New Satellite Photos Show Climate Change Is Sweeping Europe

    Scientists warn of pandemic endangering amphibians

    Spreading Drought Adds to Risks for Thailand's Cooling Economy

    Alzheimer's disease affects 'twice as many people' as experts thought

    Booming measles cases rocket toward record: Up nearly 100 from last week (US)

    Gene Therapy Was Hailed as a Revolution. Then Came the Bill

    Pesticides and antibiotics polluting streams across Europe

    A mysterious E. coli outbreak has infected 72 people and counting (US)

    American Internet Companies are Privatized Instruments of American Geopolitical Power, and They're Not Even Hiding It

    IDF General: Israel Behind Coup That Installed Al-Sisi Dictatorship in Egypt

    Survey Finds Drug Shortages Rampant in the US: FDA Unveils Plan

    Baltimore Dubbed 'Most Robbed' City In America

    Hospitals face crisis after supply of key antibiotic halted

    From Pre-K On, US Schools Privilege the Already Privileged

    The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn't Go Well.
    Ten years ago, the tax agency formed a special team to unravel the complex tax-lowering strategies of the nation's wealthiest people. But with big money — and Congress — arrayed against the team, it never had a chance. Suck it up, peons. -- RF

    A Simon Property Group Mall Generates Largest Loss Ever for Retail CMBS
    How the Brick & Mortar Meltdown works for Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities after America's largest mall landlord defaults on a mortgage and walks away from the mall.

    American billionaires call for upgrades to capitalism, starting with higher taxes on themselves [yeah, sure]

    Another Soft Factory Orders Report, Down 0.5 Percent, 4th Decline in 5 Months

    Labor Force "Slack" or Full Employment and Resultant Recession?
    If the data I show, rather than that offered by the BLS, is correct and the prime aged population is at full employment, get ready for rate cuts, recession, and new jaw dropping record debt to GDP levels.

    Are Death Threats the New Norm for Zionists and the Rampaging Right?

    Trump Cares About Two Things – Empire and the Stock Market

    Wal-Mart Is Rolling Out The Robots After Raising Minimum Wage

    National Average Rent Up Again in 2019: 92% of Largest 253 Cities Have Increase

    General Electric gets crushed, and there could be more weakness to come

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