Thursday, December 13, 2018

Event Update For 2018-12-12

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2018-12-12 - Unknown rotten egg odor evacuates school in coastal Chelsea (Massachusetts):

Quote: "A Chelsea, Massachusetts school was evacuated Wednesday morning due to a possible natural gas leak. Fire crews responded to Phoenix Charter Academy after reports of a gas-like odor. The school was evacuated for inspection and students were allowed back into the building afterward."

2018-12-12 - Underground electrical fire causes blackouts on River Street in Hyde Park area in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2018-12-12 - Two workers die after being found unconscious in smoking generator building at McMurdo Station on Ross Island in Antarctica:

2018-12-12 - Mysterious unexplained explosions in the wee hours alarming people in Elgin (Illinois):

Quote: "Mysterious 'boom' sounds that wake Elgin residents in the middle of the night and even shakes their homes has city and transportation officials scratching their heads and searching for a cause."

Quote: "The noise is often heard during the early morning hours and is loud enough to wake nearby residents."

2018-12-12 - Two transformers burst into flame and cause blackouts in Lebanon County (Pennsylvania):

2018-12-12 - Transformer explodes and burns near school, ignites brush fire, in Norwich (Connecticut):

2018-12-12 - California wildfire insurance claims hit $9 billion and are expected to increase:$9-billion/4886368/

Quote: "Insurance claims from last month's California wildfires already are at $9 billion and expected to increase, the state's insurance commissioner announced Wednesday. About $7 billion in claims are from the Camp Fire that destroyed the Northern California city of Paradise and killed at least 86 people, making it the deadliest U.S. wildfire in at least a century. The rest is for the Woolsey and Hill fires in Southern California."

Quote: "Insurance claims for this year’s California wildfires have topped $9 billion. Now there is a concern that insurance companies could stop insuring Californians."

2018-12-12 - We're running out of time on climate change:

2018-12-12 - From insects to starfish, we're edging toward biological annihilation:

2018-12-12 - Home damaged by explosion in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut), 1 injured:

Note: This is the 316th residential explosion in 2018...

2018-12-12 - Google office building heavily damaged by fire in Beijing (China):

2018-12-12 - Barge bursts into flame at 3 AM on the Fraser River in Mission (Canada):

Note: This is the 1147th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-12-12 - School bus bursts into flame under I-10 overpass in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

Note: This is the 187th school bus to burn in 2018, and this is the 713th bus to burn in 2018...

2018-12-12 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on street in Tivim (India):

Note: This is the 714th bus to burn in 2018...

2018-12-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the New Jersey Turnpike in Kearny (New Jersey):

2018-12-12 - At least six tractors, 3 pickup trucks, equipment and barn destroyed by fire at 5:30 AM in Warren (Maine):

Quote: "The building used to store tractors and other equipment was on fire, officials said."

2018-12-12 - Tractor bursts into flame while parked inside barn, fire spreads to barn, in Jefferson Township (Pennsylvania), near Bernville:

Quote: "The fire did start when a tractor parked in the shed caught fire. It is not known what caused the fire to start."

2018-12-12 - Two tractors (excavators) go up in flames inside shipping container at Adlington Business Park in Adlington (Britain):

Quote: "On arrival crews discovered that the fire involved two mini diggers in a shipping container."

Note: These are the 2577th-2586th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-12-12 - Garbage truck bursts into flame at waste facility in Kingsford (Michigan):

2018-12-12 - RV bursts into flame while parked at Go Fish RV Park in Pendleton (Oregon), 4 dogs killed:

Note: This is the 512th RV to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-12-12 - Minivan bursts into flame while parked at shopping center in Frankfort (Kentucky):

2018-12-12 - SUV bursts into flame at mattress business in Lexington (South Carolina):

2018-12-12 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-77 in Mercer County (West Virginia):

2018-12-12 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, on Stoney Brook Drive in Coweta County (Georgia):

Quote: "Firefighters say a car in the driveway caught fire then the flames spread to the home."

2018-12-12 - Car bursts into flame at the DMV in Minquadale (Delaware):

2018-12-12 - Car bursts into flame at home on Main Street in Shaftsbury (Vermont):

2018-12-12 - Car bursts into flame at apartments in Batesville (Indiana):

2018-12-12 - Car bursts into flame on Hope Road in coastal St Andrew on the island of Jamaica:

2018-12-12 - Car bursts into flame on the M5 between Worcester and Droitwich (Britain):

2018-12-12 - Vehicle bursts into flame just before 6 AM on I-10 in Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

2018-12-12 - Commercial vehicle bursts into flame inside garage at Mills Way Business Centre in Boscombe Down, Amesbury (Britain):

Quote: "Upon arrival, crews found a fire inside a commercial vehicle within a garage."

2018-12-12 - Moped bursts into flame on St Georges Road in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "St Georges Road, Hull. Wed 12 Dec 2018 17:37 (No:27551) Fire involving moped. Crews extinguished using one hose reel. Police in attendance."

2018-12-12 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at home in Salt Lake City (Utah):

2018-12-12 - Barn damaged by fire at The Marshes in Southminster (Britain):

2018-12-12 - Restaurant heavily damaged by fire at 5:41 AM in coastal Venice (California), nobody there:

2018-12-12 - Warehouse heavily damaged by fire on Old Easton Road in Plumstead Township (Pennsylvania):

2018-12-12 - Engineering business heavily damaged by fire in Danboro (Pennsylvania):

2018-12-12 - Lumber company damaged by fire in Laurel County (Kentucky):

2018-12-12 - Church damaged by fire in Severna Park (Maryland):

2018-12-12 - Garage destroyed by fire at 3:17 AM at home in Auburn (New York):

2018-12-12 - Commercial building under renovation destroyed by massive fire in the wee hours in Johnstown (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A vacant building in Johnstown's West End that was being remodeled for a future Laundromat was destroyed by flames on Wednesday."

2018-12-12 - Gift shop heavily damaged by fire at resort on coastal Lhaviyani Atoll (Maldives):

2018-12-12 - Mobile home heavily damaged by fire at 12:30 AM in Charlotte (Maine), 1 injured:

2018-12-12 - In two separate incidents, four mobile homes go up in flames in coastal Cocoa (Florida), 2 injured:

Quote: "Earlier in the day, three mobile homes caught fire in the 1600 block of Lake Drive in west Cocoa. There were no injuries. The cause of both fires is unknown."

Note: A 38-year-old man just had a 'medical emergency' and died in a jail in Cocoa the day before too, mentioned in the 2018-12-11 update...

2018-12-12 - Home damaged by fire on Milton Street in coastal Lantana (Florida):

2018-12-12 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 5:15 AM on Old Bethlehem Pike in Quakertown (Pennsylvania):

2018-12-12 - Home destroyed by fire on Gulf Street in Laurinburg (North Carolina), nobody there:

2018-12-12 - Home destroyed by fire in Bowerston (Ohio), nobody there:

2018-12-12 - Home destroyed by fire in Backus (Minnesota):

2018-12-12 - Home destroyed by fire in Atoka (Tennessee):

2018-12-12 - Triple-decker home heavily damaged by fire at 5 AM on Allen Street in Worcester (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The scene of Wednesday morning's fire is just a mile from where Worcester firefighter died while battling a 5-alarm blaze on Sunday..."

2018-12-12 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 4:27 AM on America Street in coastal Charleston (South Carolina):

2018-12-12 - Hotel damaged by fire in coastal Falmouth (Massachusetts):

Note: A pickup truck just burst into flame the day before on Altons Lane in Falmouth too, mentioned in the 2018-12-11 update...

2018-12-12 - Deadly fire destroys home just before 11 PM on Oregon Avenue in Medford (New York), 4 miles from the coast, 1 killed:

2018-12-12 - Deadly fire destroys home on Couch Street in Italy (Texas), 1 killed:

2018-12-12 - Deadly fire burns apartment building in coastal Queens (New York), 1 killed:

2018-12-12 - Vacant duplex burns in Fayetteville (North Carolina):

2018-12-12 - Reindeer and caribou herds have declined by 56 per cent:

2018-12-12 - Man and woman, 61 and 70, die after being pulled from submerged car in pond in Kirkwood suburb of St. Louis (Missouri):

Quote: "A man and a woman died after their car ran off the road and crashed into a retention pond located in front of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Kirkwood. The accident occurred at about 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 11. James A. Delia, 61, of Ballwin, and Marjorie S. Hunt, 70, of Eureka, died early Wednesday, Dec. 12, in the hours after the crash, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol."

2018-12-12 - Two men, both 44, found dead in submerged car in creek near Malinta (Ohio):

2018-12-12 - Two boys found dead in watery ditch in Bihar (India):

2018-12-12 - Man, 61, has 'medical issue' just before 2 AM while driving, crashes pickup truck into his own home, man dies, in Owasso (Oklahoma):

Quote: "State troopers said the 61-year-old driver suffered a medical issue and drove into the front of the home."

Quote: "They say Mauldin's death was not related to the crash, but they believe it was due to a medical incident."

2018-12-12 - Naked man, 50 to 70, found dead near park near Millcreek (Utah):

Quote: "There were no obvious signs of trauma on the man or anything that would indicate how he died, Gray said."

2018-12-12 - Woman, 22, found dead in submerged car in the Spokane River (Washington):

2018-12-12 - Person drops dead near the St. Johns River in Orange Park (Florida):

2018-12-12 - Person found dead in the Cumberland River in North Nashville (Tennessee):

Quote: "This is the second body found in nine days in the river."

2018-12-12 - Man, 48, former pro basketball player, drops dead at home in Hamilton County (Indiana):

2018-12-12 - Man found dead in pond in Round Rock (Texas):

2018-12-12 - Person found dead near business in Lawrence (Michigan):

2018-12-12 - Man found dead along Claremont Access in Hamilton (Canada):

2018-12-12 - Man, 39, found dead at home in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2018-12-12 - Man, 47, found dead in watery ditch in Udon Thani (Thailand):

Quote: "Woranat said Suwan might have been ill and fallen into the ditch. He was found with his head in the water and rescuers said he died about 20 minutes before they arrived."

2018-12-12 - Man, 28, found dead in storm drain in Kuching (Malasyia):

2018-12-12 - Boy, 13, found dead in pond in Kano State (Nigeria):

2018-12-12 - College student, man, 22, drops dead in apartment in coastal Dubai (UAE):

2018-12-12 - Man found dead on St Mary Street in coastal Cardiff (Britain):

2018-12-12 - Woman, 65, has 'medical issue', car crashes down embankment, in Catskill (New York), 1 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "A 65-year-old woman, of Palenville, was driving a four-door sedan on Route 9W at 2:19 p.m. and is believed to have had a medical issue, which caused her to veer off the road down an embankment near 21 Walnut St., Catskill police Lt. Ronald Frascello said Wednesday."

2018-12-12 - Man, 42, has 'medical emergency' while driving, car rolls into car, man in critical condition, in Spring Lake Township (Michigan):

Quote: "The victim was stopped behind another vehicle at the light when he experienced a medical emergency, causing his vehicle to roll forward and strike the vehicle in front of him."

2018-12-12 - Man has 'medical condition', car crashes into guardrail, on I-81 near Maugansville (Maryland):

Quote: "A male who crashed his car after suffering a medical condition slowed traffic Wednesday morning in the southbound lanes of Interstate 81 near Maugansville."

2018-12-12 - Passenger plane cockpit breaks, plane makes emergency landing in Vienna (Austria):

2018-12-12 - Military jet crashes into the ocean near coastal Honolulu (Hawaii), pilot ejects, 1 injured:

Quote: "A civilian contractor pilot hired by the Hawaii Air National Guard was in serious condition Wednesday after crashing his plane during a military exercise off the coast of Honolulu, authorities said."

2018-12-12 - Small plane lands at airport, runs off runway and overturns, in Chino (California):

2018-12-12 - Tractor trailer veers off road at 4:58 AM, hits pole, in Elgin (Illinois), 1 killed:

2018-12-12 - Tractor trailer overturns on Garners Ferry Road in Columbia (South Carolina):

2018-12-12 - Pickup truck veers over centerline just before 2 AM, hits semi head-on, bursts into flame, on Highway 166 in Cuyama (California), 1 killed:

2018-12-12 - Pickup truck veers across median, hits four oncoming vehicles, in Houston (Texas), 2 killed, 5 injured:

2018-12-12 - Pickup truck veers off road at 3 AM, crashes into home, in Ravenel (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2018-12-12 - Car veers off road, crashes into creek, in Hercules (California):

Quote: "The woman drove a 2005 Subaru and may have had a medical event that caused her to lose control of the vehicle, Van Putten said."

2018-12-12 - Car overturns into median, on I-90 near Mitchell (South Dakota), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2018-12-12 - Leopard attacks and kills Buddhist monk in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (India):

2018-12-12 - Home partially collapses in coastal Queens (New York):

2018-12-12 - Darwin, Australia swelters through hottest night ever recorded:

2018-12-12 - Magnitudes 4.4 and 3.3 earthquakes strike within 15 minutes near Decatur (Tennessee):

2018-12-12 - Hailstorm pounds crops in Jinghexiang and Yunnan (China):

2018-12-12 - Meteor seen in the sky from Connecticut to eastern Canada:

2018-12-12 - Creepy sounds recorded in the sky over Ohio:

2018-12-12 - US debt poised to hit the $22 trillion mark as the possibility of another financial crisis looms:

2018-12-12 - Two thirds of Americans think that they're middle class but millions of them are wrong:


  1. So I guess meditation is no help to prevent or predict ones own death.
    Or, perhaps one is called to fulfill their destiny in a quiet, contemplative way while being mauled to death by a leopard! If the person was advanced enough (like the "mummy monk" that some say is still deep in meditation though his corpse continues sitting), perhaps he wouldn't even feel it.

    Lots of gas incidents on display daily here - emptying out schools and businesses, causing planes to land in emergency situations, causing accidents while driving, and also causing "medical conditions" on unsuspecting victims, not to mention all the buildings and vehicles mysteriously catching fire with "no cause" being determined.

    Great work, Jonny. Comprehensive and undeniable reporting.

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 12.13.18 The Arctic Ocean has lost 95 percent of its oldest ice [~26.25 min.]

    Friday, 14 December 2018
    Methane at 3066 ppb (23,000 feet)

    High levels of methane at 469 MHa

    How much have methane emissions gone up?
    Reconsidering the large increase in methane emissions

    Officially, the average emissions have gone from 1800-1900 ppb. [more]

    Hate to say it but Paul Beckwith has produced a real hack piece

    Massive floods hit Central Vietnam after extreme northeast monsoon dumps record-breaking rain

    Severe flooding caused by extreme northeast monsoon hit Central Vietnam, including the city of Da Nang, regional commercial and educational center over the past couple of days, leaving tens of thousands of homes flooded, at least 14 people dead and one missing. Parts of the region received record-breaking rains. [more]

    Doctors cite climate change for rise in animal bites, U.S. health care costs

    [more below]

  2. ‘Future-proofing’ is how you say climate change in Texas

    What’s more interesting is what’s missing. Take the time to read the 168-page report, and you’ll find mention of rising sea levels and more intense storms. You might scratch your head upon finding phrases such as “changing human and environmental conditions” or “changing future weather patterns.” It would be hard to miss “future-proofing,” a phrase that’s employed 44 times. But you won’t find the exact words “climate change” anywhere except for the footnotes, as Dallas News reported on Thursday. [more]

    Living near oil and gas wells linked to increase in cardiovascular disease: Study

    The small pilot study, which was published in the journal Environmental Research on December 6, found that those who live in areas with more intense oil and gas development, including fracking, showed more early signs of cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure, changes in the stiffness of blood vessels, and markers of inflammation. [more]

    Arctic's 2nd-Warmest Year Puts Wildlife, Coastal Communities Under Pressure

    The 2018 Arctic Report Card also shows sea ice reached its second-lowest extent on record, creating more challenges for coastal people and ecosystems. [more]

    Hay shed fire in New South Wales

    “Oddly enough, wet hay is more likely to lead to a spontaneous combustion fire than dry hay. If hay is put into a barn or stack when it has more than about 22 percent moisture, not only does the hay loose forage quality, but it has an increased risk of spontaneous combustion.

    “High moisture hay stacks can have chemical reactions that build heat. Hay insulates, so the larger the haystack, the less cooling there is to offset the heat.

    “When the internal temperature of hay rises above 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees C), a chemical reaction begins to produce flammable gas that can ignite if the temperature goes high enough.

    If you detect a slight caramel odor or a distinct musty smell, chances are your hay is heating. [more; and what gas is that?]

  3. News Links, December 14, 2018
    Rice Farmer

    Global economy in 2019: Growth beginning to fray

    U.S. Debt Poised To Hit The $22 Trillion Mark As "Storm Clouds" Indicate "We Could Have Another Financial Crisis"

    Australia's House of Cards is Collapsing: Recession Coming Up

    Global stocks lose steam as nerves persist, euro dips after ECB

    Canada home prices fall in November for second straight month

    A World That Is the Property of the 1%

    These Lowe's stores are closing in the next three months

    Watch: Smoke fills the cabin during a flight, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing

    Short Term Thinking Dooms U.S. Anti-China Strategy

    US Senate Votes to End Support for Saudi War in Yemen

    Vladimir Putin Outmaneuvers the U.S. Yet Again

    Russia's New Arctic Drones Are Built to Spot Ships

    U.S. conducts successful test of ballistic-missile interceptor system co-developed with Japan

    The 80 percent directive: How will combat aircraft get to Mattis' readiness goal? (US)

    Three Attack Subs 'Not Certified To Dive'; Navy F-35s at 15 Percent Readiness (US)

    Will the Space Force sit under the Department of the Air Force? The Pentagon finally has an answer.

    Multipolar World Order in the Making: Qatar Dumps OPEC

    Latest Odds of a Shooting War between NATO and Russia

    Has Peak Diesel Arrived? The Data Doesn't Look Good
    A diesel fuel shortage could completely devastate modern societies, which are highly dependent on trucks for distribution. Other heavier fractions power aircraft, ships, and heavy machinery. Will you be ready when grocery stores stop receiving regular deliveries, when planes stop flying, when ships stop shipping, when heavy machinery stands still, and when oil-fired power plants go dark? BTW, when nuclear power plants lose offsite power, they typically rely on diesel generators for backup. Be very afraid. -- RF

    No, The U.S. Is Not A Net Exporter Of Crude Oil

    From 'Too Cheap' To 'Too Expensive' - Canadian Crude Soars Over 80% After Output Cuts

    China bought 500,000 tons of U.S. soybeans. But that's just a drop in the U.S. export bucket

    More bioplastics do not necessarily contribute to climate change mitigation

    Record count reported for paralyzing polio-like illness across U.S.

    DuPont Has Spread Its Pollution Around the World. Now It Wants to Filter Your Contaminated Drinking Water.

    'Climate Passport' For People Driven Away By Global Warming Proposed

    Your apps are tracking you — here's how to stop them

    Facial recognition has to be regulated to protect the public, says AI report [so I guess THAT won't happen]

    Virus That Haunted Aramco In 2012 Is Back

    Larry Lindsey: Something About The Huawei CFO Arrest Doesn't Make Sense

    Amazon's Smart Doorbell Is Creepy as Hell

    How Plutocratic Media Keeps Staff Aligned With Establishment Agendas

    Number of journalists jailed for doing job near record high: report

    Why is it so Easy to Lie to Us? The Case of Russia and Climategate

    Reign of Idiots [Chris Hedges article]

    US Bank Stocks Spiral Down

    Fentanyl now America's deadliest drug, federal health officials say

    Bernie Sanders: America is 'owned and controlled by a small number of multi-billionaires'

    Goodbye to Illinois' $130 billion pension hole. Now it's $133 billion. And getting deeper.

    Chicago mayor wants to legalize marijuana, open casino to deal with city's pension crisis

    The truth about pensions: they aren't dead, but some are barely holding on

    More parents struggle to repay loans they borrowed for their children's education

    U.S. auto sales expected to dip in 2019, says NADA

  4. Okay, I went looking for an article on tuedays crash and found this one:

    I passed the street sweeper at 8:40, drove back into town at 10:40 and the first responders were on scene with ems just getting out of their rigs. drivers door was off the jeep and person(I have no clue male or female)was laying on their side under the airbags....northbound traffic was jammed. Returned to scene 30 minutes later on my return trip just a airbus was lifting off to hospital. sat in traffic for 45 minutes.....
    here's what I found on facebook.
    Grove Sun
    December 11 at 11:19 AM ·

    12:19 p.m. 12/11/18 - Grove Police Chief Mark Morris said Sail Boat Bridge is open on on both sides of the bridge.

    11:15 a.m. - 12/11/18 - There is a two-vehicle accident on Sail Boat Bridge in the northbound lanes. Traffic is backed up.

    Grove Police Chief Mark Morris said officers plan to make the south side of the roadway two lane traffic to help elevate the issue, but he encourages motorists to find an alternative route.

    He expects the roadway to be blocked for at least another hour. (KMHM)

    this is all I could find on tuesdays accident, small town paper doesn't really report much more than this on stuff like this, so there ya have it.....I go over this bridge and a few others, dance with death is in full swing baby!!


    1. sorry, first link was an extra accident on Monday.....~F~

  5. Cheers, Fran! Thanks for checking in. Lots of unbelievable accidents happening anymore.

    Video shows meteor fireball streaking across the sky in Austin, Texas

    Thousands of dead fish floating near Lake Houston, Texas

    Some neighbors in Kingwood say they've been dealing with a horrible smell for days, and now they know why.

    Texas Parks and Wildlife tells ABC13 the stench is due to what's called a "kill," and it happens naturally. Nothing is wrong with the water. [definitely something wrong with the water for the fish!]

    Thousands of the fish have popped up, floating from Lake Houston down tributaries.

    This year, spokesperson Heather Biggs says there have been 25 to 30 kills reported at 17 different locations in our region. But this is also the first year they have seen so many kills, which usually occur in stagnant water. [more; incl. videos]

    [more on the dead monk]
    Mindfulness? Meditating Buddhist monk killed by leopard in Maharashtra, India - 5th such fatality in recent weeks for the area

    An estimated 431 leopards were killed in 2017, according to government figures, mostly by poachers for their hides and body parts. [more; yeah, see - that's 'okay,' but if one of them kills a human . . .]

    Turrialba Volcano erupts in Costa Rica

    Bear attacks woman in her front yard, drags her 88 yards in Muncy Creek Township, Pennsylvania

    The bear grabbed the woman as soon as she walked out of her home in Muncy Creek Township -- about 70 miles west of Scranton -- and dragged her for 88 yards, Pennsylvania Game Warden Supervisor Mike Steingraber told ABC News. [now that's a beer-lover's name!]

    The woman was able to free herself and call for help, Steingraber said, adding that her dog was also injured.

    Steingraber said it was the first bear attack on a human that he could recall in the region. Bear attacks are "extremely rare" because most bears are scared of humans, he said. The victim required surgery [more; probably not scared any more]

    [a bit more below]

  6. Wrong place, wrong time: This South American hawk doesn't migrate, but has somehow shown up in Maine

    The great black hawk had never been reported anywhere in the United States before this year, let alone 2,000 miles from home. The young raptor first showed up in Texas in April, reappeared in August in Biddeford, Maine, and then turned up in late November in Portland, Maine. [more]

    Albino deer steps out for rare sighting in the snow in Mansfield, Ohio

    [2 from our Health Watch desk]
    Regrettable substitution: EPA finds replacements for toxic teflon chemicals...Toxic

    The EPA has released draft toxicity assessments for GenX chemicals and PFBS, both members of a larger group of chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). GenX and PFBS are being used as replacement chemicals for PFOA and PFOS, the original Teflon chemicals that were forced off the market due to their decades-long persistence in the environment and their link to serious health harms in exposed people and wildlife.

    EPA's assessment confirms what many have feared - taking PFOA and PFOS off the market and out of products has only led to industry replacing them with related PFAS chemicals that pose similar risks - a 'regrettable substitution'. [more]

    Scientists prove link between Aluminum and early onset Alzheimer's disease

    His most recent study, published by the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology in December 2016, titled: Aluminium in brain tissue in familial Alzheimer's disease, is one of the many studies that he and his team have conducted on the subject of aluminum over the years. However, this study in particular is believed to be of significant value, because it is the first time that scientists have measured the level of aluminum in the brain tissue of individuals diagnosed with familial Alzheimer's disease.

    (Alzheimer's disease or AD is considered to be familial if two or more people in a family suffer from the disease.)

    According to their paper, the concentrations of aluminum found in brain tissue donated by individuals who died with a diagnosis of familial AD, was the highest level ever measured in human brain tissue.

    In other words, today's children now receive an extra 1000 micrograms of aluminum in their childhood vaccinations in the first 18 months of life. This increase, plus the aluminum they have already received in utero, has the potential to lead to a lifetime of health problems. [more]

    Category 4 Tropical Cyclone "Owen" to hit Queensland, Australia

    Severe Tropical Cyclone "Owen" is currently a Category 3 strength system in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. Owen is forecast to continue on a generally easterly track for the remainder of today, intensifying to Category 4 strength before making landfall on Saturday, December 15, 2018. [more]

    Storm crossing country moves into Southeast with heavy rain, flooding

    Record number of Mexican gray wolves found dead in 2018

  7. Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak traced to California [~ 30 sec video]

    The FDA says at least one farm in central California used contaminated water to irrigate romaine lettuce, contributing to an outbreak that's sickened at least 59 people in 15 states.

    [This raises all kinds of questions - contaminated with WHAT? What other products are sprayed or watered with contaminated H20? Remember when the frackers dumped their toxic sludge into aquafers BY PERMISSION out there? Gettin' harder and harder to grow nuritious food.]

    [Family Values and Business don't mix - well, unless you're from the Manson family]
    Johnson & Johnson shares nosedive on report it knew of asbestos in Baby Powder

    Shares of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) fell 10 percent on Friday and were on track to post their biggest percentage drop in more than 16 years, after Reuters reported that the pharma major knew for decades that cancer-causing asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder. [more]

  8. SOTT Earth Changes Summary - November 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs