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Event Update For 2017-10-10

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2017-10-10 - Hydrogen sulfide in the late hours and wee hours hitting coastal Goleta (California):

Quote: "Residents in western Goleta are complaining about a bad odor in the early mornings and late evenings. Resident Paula Reynosa says she's noticed the odor for a couple of days now, some days worse than others. 'Smells like rotten eggs, very putrid. It just gets into your nose and it's kind of like irritating to your breathing. (I) noticed a lot more coughing, a lot more sneezing,' she said. Janet Belch says this isn't the first time she's had to deal with the smell. 'I've experienced it for many, many years as an on and off thing and we've all asked a number of times to have it be investigated,' she said. The Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District and agencies are investigating the cause. Inspectors detected hydrogen sulfide, a gas that produces a rotten egg smell, in the Elwood Canyon area on Sunday."

Note: About 117 miles northeast of Huntington Beach, where they just formed a committee to investigate why THEIR city is being hit by hydrogen sulfide, mentioned in the 2017-10-02 update. And roughly in the middle, between Goleta and Huntington Beach, in coastal Malibu, Tom Petty recently dropped dead at age 66, also mentioned in the 2017-10-02 update...

2017-10-10 - Two men ignite inside apartment, one runs out on fire and dies, another jumps out window, in coastal Queens (New York):

Quote: "Rahim was engulfed in flames when he ran from the apartment into the courtyard, where he collapsed dead, neighbors and police said."

Quote: "Fire officials at the scene said that the blaze was small and that there was very little damage inside the apartment. It wasn't immediately clear what sparked the fire, but it does not appear to be suspicious, officials said."

Note: So this fire was primarily the two men burning, not the apartment...

2017-10-10 - Mysterious explosion alarms people at 1:30 AM in Riverview (Michigan), near the Detroit River:

Quote: "A loud noise some say sounded like an explosion awakened numerous Riverview residents at about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. It’s not entirely clear where the noise came from, or what caused it."

2017-10-10 - Child, 7, has 'medical emergency' on passenger plane, dies shortly later, plane lands in coastal Kuwait City (Kuwait):

Quote: "An Emirates flight headed for Munich had to make an emergency stop in Kuwait on Tuesday, after a passenger died on board. The airline confirmed in a statement that flight EK049 from Dubai to Munich was diverted to Kuwait International Airport due to a 'medical emergency'. 'The passenger received immediate medical attention upon landing, but unfortunately was pronounced dead by an emergency doctor on the ground,' an Emirates spokesperson said."

Quote: "A Munich-bound flight from Dubai had to make an emergency landing after a child passenger onboard died, according to local press reports. The plane was diverted to Kuwait on Tuesday, Oct. 10 after the child died, Gulf News reported citing an unnamed source from Emirates Airline."

2017-10-10 - Man in his 60s goes into cardiac arrest and dies on passenger plane between coastal Manila (Philippine Islands) and coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "The male passenger suffered a cardiac arrest around two-and-a-half hours before the Philippines Air flight PR102 landed at LAX on Tuesday evening, sources told A man in his sixties suffered a heart attack and died in the middle of a 14-hour flight from Manila to Los Angeles. The male passenger suffered a cardiac arrest around two-and-a-half hours before the Philippines Air flight PR102 landed at LAX on Tuesday evening, sources told"

2017-10-10 - Passenger, man, has 'medical emergency' on passenger plane, plane makes emergency landing in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

Quote: "A United Express flight from Appleton to Chicago has been diverted to Milwaukee because of a medical emergency. Emergency crews rushed to the plane after it landed at Mitchell International Airport around 6:15 a.m. Tuesday. Airport officials said a male passenger suffered a medical emergency on the flight and had to be treated by paramedics."

2017-10-10 - Russian Su-24 supersonic bomber crashes and burns during takeoff from Hmeimim Air Base (Syria), 2 miles from the coast, 2 killed:

2017-10-10 - Small plane crash-lands at airport in Louisburg (North Carolina), landing gear problem, 1 injured:

2017-10-10 - Small plane makes emergency landing near restaurant near Durango (Colorado), engine failure:

2017-10-10 - Wildfires continue raging across California, death toll hits 17, many people missing, 2000 homes destroyed:

Quote: "The death toll from the devastating wildfires in Northern California wine country rose to 17 on Tuesday, and authorities fear more bodies will be found as the firefighters struggle to get any containment on more than a dozens fires in the region."

Quote: "More than 119,000 acres have been burned, much of it the lush, picturesque landscape of the state’s beloved wine country. The area burned so far in Napa and Sonoma is three times larger than Washington, D.C. The fires torched 20,000 acres in about 12 hours on Monday alone. This means the fires advanced at a rate of more than a football field every three seconds."

Quote: "Nearly 35,000 are without power throughout the state. Around 2,000 homes and businesses were destroyed."

Quote: "The entire American West has experienced a particularly brutal wildfire season, even as people in the Southeast have suffered the floods and winds of hurricanes. As of Oct. 6, wildfires had raced through 8.5 million acres, well above the last decade’s average of six million per year."

2017-10-10 - California wildfires threatening the weed industry:

Note: Protecting the weed makes sensimillion ways!

2017-10-10 - Transformer bursts into flame and explodes at steam plant at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg (Virginia):

2017-10-10 - Yacht 'Neiuwe Zorg' damaged by fire while docked in coastal Zwartsluis (Netherlands):

Note: This is the 896th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-10-10 - School bus bursts into flame at bus barn in Callaway County (Missouri):

Note: This is the 157th school bus to burn in 2017, and this is the 675th bus to burn in 2017...

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-70 near Buffalo Overlook (Colorado):

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-90 in Hampshire (Illinois), driver burned:

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-20 in Augusta (Georgia):

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on US 30 near Blair (Nebraska):

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-45 near Fairfield (Texas):

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame in the wee hours in Davenport (Iowa), another big rig overturns too:

Quote: "A semi was reportedly on fire overnight in the westbound lanes of I-80 near Northwest Boulevard. It happened at mile marker 292, where the off ramp is. According to the Davenport Police Department, parts of I-80 were either shut down or detoured for about three hours. About five miles east of that scene, near the Wisconsin Avenue overpass, another semi had reportedly rolled over on westbound I-80."

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Highway 401 in Kingston (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M60 near Pendlebury (Britain):

Note: These are the 1865th-1872nd tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-10-10 - Box truck bursts into flame while parked at business in Galesburg (Illinois):

2017-10-10 - Dump truck bursts into flame at 7 AM on I-69 in Allen County (Indiana):

2017-10-10 - Heavy truck bursts into flame in the wee hours on the Gwydir Highway near Glen Elgin (Australia):

2017-10-10 - RV bursts into flame at 5:45 AM while parked at home in Bel Air (Maryland):

2017-10-10 - RV and RV trailer destroyed by fire at camp in North Clarendon (Vermont):

2017-10-10 - RV, RV trailer and vehicles go up in flames just after 5 AM in Custer (Washington):

Quote: "Assistant Chief Joe Noonchester with North Whatcom Fire and Rescue said the call came in just after 5 a.m. 'There was an RV and a mobile trailer and some vehicles parked close by that all were involved in the fire,' Noonchester said."

2017-10-10 - RV bursts into flame on I-10 near coastal Gulfport (Mississippi):

2017-10-10 - RV bursts into flame on I-5 near Ashland (Oregon):

Note: These are the 478th, 479th, 480th, 481st and 482nd RVs to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-10-10 - Van bursts into flame on the A500 near Hanley (Britain):

2017-10-10 - SUV bursts into flame while being towed by RV on Highway 160 near Cortez (Colorado):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame on I-95 In coastal Viera (Florida):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 290 near Brenham (Texas):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame at 6:31 AM on Ross Smith Crescent in Scullin (Australia):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame near homes on Temple Street in Rugby (Britain):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame at 5:01 AM on Middleleaze Drive in Swindon (Britain):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame on Drakes Way in Swindon (Britain):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame at Total Service Station in Tern Hill (Britain):

2017-10-10 - Car bursts into flame on A64 slip road near Malton (Britain):

Quote: "A64 Slip near Eden Camp TOC: 15:28 Crew from Malton were mobilised to a report of a car fire. This was out on arrival, extinguished by a member of the public using a dry powder extinguisher. Crews damped down and made safe."

2017-10-10 - Vehicle bursts into flame at Silverwood Drive and West Road in Huntsville (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Motorcycle shop heavily damaged by fire at strip mall in San Antonio (Texas):

2017-10-10 - Barn destroyed by fire, fire spreads to other buildings, on Newbury Road in Kingsclere (Britain):

2017-10-10 - Medical office destroyed by fire shortly after midnight in Fairview Township (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

2017-10-10 - Timber mill damaged by fire in Medford (Oregon):

2017-10-10 - Garage destroyed by fire at home in Piqua (Ohio):

2017-10-10 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire at 11:19 PM in coastal Port Angeles (Washington):

2017-10-10 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Amarillo (Texas), nobody there:

2017-10-10 - Home under renovation heavily damaged by fire in Danville (Virginia), nobody there:

2017-10-10 - Home destroyed by fire at 12:15 AM near the Minnesota River in Henderson (Minnesota):

2017-10-10 - Home destroyed by fire in Ypsilanti Township (Michigan):

2017-10-10 - Home destroyed by fire in Kannapolis (North Carolina):

2017-10-10 - Home destroyed by fire, another damaged, in Highland Park (California):

2017-10-10 - Historic mansion destroyed by fire in St. Paul (Minnesota):

2017-10-10 - Three homes under construction destroyed by fire at 5:45 AM in coastal Port Coquitlam (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Bryan (Texas):

2017-10-10 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 11:30 PM in Reno (Nevada), 7 injured:

2017-10-10 - Deadly garage fire destroys home at 11:19 PM in coastal Eliot (Maine), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2017-10-10 - Deadly fire burns home in coastal Nanaimo (Canada), 3 killed:

2017-10-10 - Deadly fire burns home in Billings (Montana):

2017-10-10 - Deadly fire burns duplex at 2:10 AM in coastal Richmond (California), 1 killed:

2017-10-10 - Vacant mobile home destroyed by fire in North Platte (Nebraska):

2017-10-10 - Vacant mobile home destroyed by fire at 3 AM in Fort Wayne (Indiana):

2017-10-10 - Vacant home burns in Yuma (Arizona):

2017-10-10 - Vacant home burns at 2:30 AM in Hamilton (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Around 15 large eagle rays wash up dead on beach in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

2017-10-10 - Young dolphin strands and dies on coastal Okaloosa Island (Florida):

2017-10-10 - Man and woman found dead in mobile home at Waterford Mobile Home Community in Bear (Delaware), 4 miles from the coast:

2017-10-10 - Man and wife 60 and 47, found dead, man foaming from the mouth, in coastal Chittagong (Bangladesh):

Quote: "'The couple was living in a room next to a temple in the area. There were no visible wounds on any of the bodies, but we found foam in the priest’s mouth,' the OC said."

2017-10-10 - Man in his 50s has 'medical issue' and dies while driving, big rig crashes lightly into median, on I-5 in Santa Clarita Valley (California):

Quote: "A big rig crashed into the median going northbound on Interstate 5 just past the split from Route 14 late Tuesday morning. At about 11:40 a.m., the driver, described as a Hispanic male in his 50s, was found unconscious, unresponsive and not breathing, according to California Highway Patrol Sergeant Zachary Emmons. The driver was pronounced dead on scene upon the arrival of the fire department. As there was only minor damage to the big rig, Emmons said officials are investigating a medical issue prior to the crash, causing the driver to lose consciousness."

2017-10-10 - Baby has 'medical issue' and suddenly dies at home in Danvers (Massachusetts):

Quote: " An autopsy is expected to be performed today on an 18-month-old child who suddenly died Tuesday evening, according to the Essex District Attorney's office. Officials continue to investigate the death, but it does initially appear to be due to a medical issue, said Carrie Kimball Monahan, a spokesperson for the DA's office, on Wednesday morning."

2017-10-10 - Man in his 70s has 'medical emergency' and dies while wading in the ocean in coastal North Charleston (South Carolina):

Quote: "On Tuesday, a man in his late-70s died after suffering a medical emergency while wading in the ocean."

2017-10-10 - Man, 53, found dead in Harris Lake in Wake County (North Carolina), empty 'ghost boat' found first:

2017-10-10 - Man, 46, found dead on sidewalk at 12:30 AM in Victorville (California):

2017-10-10 - Man, 35, dies suddenly at work release facility at detention center in Carroll County (Maryland):

2017-10-10 - Person drops dead near van near shopping center in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii), 1 mile from the ocean:

2017-10-10 - Person found dead in canal in Fresno (California):

2017-10-10 - Person found dead in Lake Michigan near Montrose Beach in Chicago (Illinois):

2017-10-10 - Person found dead in yard at home in St. Louis (Missouri):

2017-10-10 - Man falls off cliff and dies in Red River Gorge (Kentucky), possible toppler:

2017-10-10 - Man, 52, drops dead before 4 AM in jail cell in Jefferson County (Alabama):

2017-10-10 - Man, 57, found dead in Fossil Creek (Arizona):

2017-10-10 - Person found dead in creek at Scarboro Golf and Country Club in Scarborough (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Man, 20, found dead in the Grand River near Kitchener (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Man, 57, found dead in shallow water at beach on the island of Guam:

Quote: "Dr. Espinola identified the victim as 57-year-old Jeong Lee and confirmed he died of asphyxia due to near-drowning. However, because the victim was found in shallow water, Dr. Espinola suspect Lee may have suffered a heart attack first."

2017-10-10 - Man, Catholic priest, drops dead in church office in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe):

2017-10-10 - Man found dead in the Grand Canal in coastal Dublin (Ireland):

2017-10-10 - Woman, 48, dies at beach at coastal Kynance Cove (Britain):

2017-10-10 - Man in his 40s found dead at beach in coastal Cleveleys (Britain):

2017-10-10 - Man has heart problems while driving, dump truck overturns, in Cape Girardeau County (Missouri):

Quote: "A dump truck overturned in Cape Girardeau County Tuesday morning when the driver suffered a cardiac episode behind the wheel, deputies said."

2017-10-10 - Driver, 55, has 'medical episode', SUV veers off road, crashes onto school field, in Orange (Texas), near the Sabine River:

Quote: "It is believed the driver suffered a medical episode that caused him to lose control of the vehicle. "

Quote: "Police in Orange say a medical problem may be the reason a driver lost control of his vehicle and ended up on the football field where little league practice was taking place at West Orange-Cove Middle School."

2017-10-10 - Driver has 'medical emergency', car crashes around, fire erupts, in Rochester (Minnesota):

Quote: "A car smashed into the side of a downtown skyway on Tuesday and started a fire. The Rochester Fire Department says the incident happened around 2 pm in the parking ramp at 14 2nd Street SE.  A driver apparently had some sort of medical emergency, hit several parked cars and then crashed partially through the skyway that connects the Holliday Inn to the Government Center."

2017-10-10 - Woman, 68, goes into cardiac arrest, car crashes at low speed, in Hooksett (New Hampshire):

Quote: "Manchester fire officials say a 68-year-old woman went into cardiac arrest after crashing her car Tuesday afternoon in Hooksett. Manchester District Fire Chief Michael Gamache said Manchester and Hooksett emergency crews responded around 4:02 p.m. Tuesday to a report of a vehicle crash just over the town line in Hooksett, near the Hannaford Supermarket at 140 Bicentennial Drive in Manchester. Upon arrival, Gamache said firefighters reported bystanders were performing CPR on the woman who had hit a pole and curb with her vehicle. 'Witnesses said it was a slow-speed crash,' said Gamache. Manchester firefighters and EMS technicians from American Medical Response performed CPR on the woman, who appeared to be in cardiac arrest Gamache said. 'Her heart wasn’t beating,' said Gamache. The woman was transported to the Elliot Hospital. No further update on her condition was available Tuesday night. Gamache said fire officials believe the woman suffered a medical emergency while driving, just before crashing her vehicle."

2017-10-10 - Passenger bus overturns in Reynosa (Mexico), 6 killed, 68 injured:

2017-10-10 - Passenger bus crashes in Dhading (Nepal), 1 killed, 42 injured:

2017-10-10 - Tanker truck blows tire and overturns near Ward Basin Road in Milton (Florida):

2017-10-10 - Tanker truck veers off road and hits pole in Wairau Valley (New Zealand), 1 injured:

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer crashes at bridge on I-64 in South Charleston (West Virginia), 1 killed:

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer crashes on river bridge, bursts into flame, on the Hume Highway near Berrima (Australia):

2017-10-10 - Tractor trailer veers off road, hits pole, on Riverdale Road in Rock Falls (Illinois), 1 killed:

Quote: "It was not known Tuesday if a medical condition led to the death of Kness or caused the crash."

2017-10-10 - SUV hits median, bursts into flame, on the Atlantic City Expressway in coastal Egg Harbor Township (New Jersey), 2 injured:

2017-10-10 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into home, in Eastlake (California):

Quote: "Flores told NBC 7, the driver of the pick-up truck may have had a medical problem and lost conscious, causing the truck to accelerate and slam through the house. There was another passenger in the car."

2017-10-10 - Car veers off road, hits tree, in Doyalson (Australia), 2 miles from the coast, 1 killed:

Quote: "Officers from Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command will investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash, including whether the driver may have suffered a medical episode."

2017-10-10 - Sugar mill leaks toxic gas and sickens 300 children in Uttar Pradesh (India):

Note: That's the 'official story' anyway...

2017-10-10 - Water main breaks in Van Alstyne (Texas):

2017-10-10 - Arctic sea ice minimum continues to decline:

2017-10-10 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes coastal Tarapaca (Chile):

2017-10-10 - Mississippi River water levels dropping, barges getting stuck, major dredging ops ensue:

Note: No drought or anything in the Mississippi River Valley, so this is quite a puzzler. Where's the water going?

2017-10-10 - Fierce storm rips through Durban (South Africa), 5+ killed:

2017-10-10 - Warm autumn storms batter the coastline in northern Alaska:

2017-10-10 - Freak hailstorm pounds Corrientes (Argentina):

2017-10-10 - Heavy rain and flooding hit central Vietnam, 15 killed, 8 missing:

2017-10-10 - Tropical storm Ophelia poised to tie a hurricane season record more than a century old:

Quote: "While the storm poses no threat to land, it could become the 10th consecutive storm to grow to hurricane strength — a streak of intense systems that will tie a record last set in the late 1800s."

2017-10-10 - Nsukwao River turns blood red overnight in Ghana:

2017-10-10 - Plague continues spreading in Madagascar:

Quote: "In an update on the plague outbreak in Madagascar, the number of cases of the lethal bacterial infection has shot up to 449, an increase in 62 cases since our last report yesterday, according to the Ministere de la Publique (computer translated). In addition, the death count has grown to 48. A breakdown of the types of plague reported is as follows: Pneumonic or pulmonary plague (322), bubonic (123) and septicemic (1). Three other cases are classified as suspect as of today."

Note: So MOST of the cases are of the much deadlier pneumonic form, which does not require fleas or any other vector to spread besides already-infected people...

2017-10-10 - Poison ivy on steroids - another side of climate change:

2017-10-10 - White House lets Jones Act waiver expire for Puerto Rico:

Quote: "The White House has let a 10-day shipping waiver expire for Puerto Rico, meaning foreign ships can no longer bring aid to the hurricane-ravaged island from U.S. ports."

2017-10-10 - Tropical bird of prey turns up in New Brunswick (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Vampire scare results in mob violence in Malawi, UN pulls its staff, 5+ killed:

Quote: "A vampire scare in Malawi is reportedly responsible for mob violence that's resulted in the deaths of at least five people -- and prompted the United Nations to pull its staff in the area."

Quote: "The president of Malawi said the reports of mob violence over vampire fears were 'distressing and agonizing.'"

Quote: "A spate of vigilante violence linked to a vampire rumors also erupted in Malawi in 2002."

2017-10-10 - Scientists have finally found half of the universe's missing matter:

Quote: "Two separate teams found the missing matter - made of particles called baryons rather than dark matter - linking galaxies together through filaments of hot, diffuse gas."

Note: Now how can we mine it and burn it for energy and pollute the universe?!

2017-10-10 - Was this a UFO over Yellowstone Volcano?

2017-10-10 - Mattis to US Army on North Korea - 'Be ready':

2017-10-10 - Fentanyl maker donates big to campaign opposing pot legalization:

2017-10-10 - Theory says it's actually the year 1720 because the early Middle Ages were faked:


  1. That New Madrid fault might be sneaking up on ya, Jonny. Those videos Mike D posted are fascinating and bizarre. All that fracking going on in OK may have contributed to the problem.

    Huge damage after deadly supercell thunderstorm hits three South African provinces

    Thousands of homes were flooded, trees fell and the ships were grounded at the Durban port which was closed on Tuesday after ships were drifting away, local media report. [more]

    Floods and landslides in Vietnam kill 37 people, thousands evacuated

    [more later, driving with grand-daughter to school - she stayed the night with us to get some chem help from me]

  2. Thursday, 12 October 2017
    Tropical storm Ophelia headed for Portugal and the UK

    Tropical storm Ophelia path: Track shows storm turning into HURRICANE and smashing EUROPE
    TROPICAL Storm Ophelia is poised to strengthen into a hurricane on Friday as the huge weather front makes its way towards Portugal and the UK.

    Fema and US military in Puerto Rico


    [seemorerocks has a large article with many videos of the LV shooting, if anyone wants to go down the rabbit hole of government cover-up]

    The Northern California fires - 10/11/2017

    10/10 Santa Rosa Fire, Entire Towns Burning Down, 1,000's of Homes

    [now the affluent will experience HOMELESSNESS in all its glory]

    [videos including these]
    Climate & Extreme Weather News #72 (October 8th to 10th 2017)

    LIVE: WILDFIRES Outspreading in California, EVACUATION in SONOMA, NAPA Country Wild Fire News

    10/10 Santa Rosa Fire, Entire Towns Burning Down

    [before Robin posts Scribbler's article on the CA fires he says]
    When I started writing about climate change Robertscribbler, Robert Marston Fanny, was a go-to source for information that wasn't coming out of the mainstream.

    This has become less-and-less true until today about half of his articles are like this, pushing electric cars and the rest of the articles are even more conservative than a lot of what we see coming out of MSM and always end with the mythology of reducing emissions.

    This guy KNOWS what the score is.

    Is he being paid or has he retreated into deep and permanent denial? [more; I won't bother posting the article]

    23 people dead hundreds missing 3,500 structures destroyed and 20,000 evacuated as deadliest wildfire in California history claims 170,000 acres

    Red Flag Warning: These California Wildfires Are ‘Among The Most Destructive Fire Events In US History’ And They Are About To Get Even Worse

    Unfortunately, this crisis is far from over.  In fact, the National Weather Service has just issued a pair of “red flag warnings”…

    The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for the North and East bays starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday and midnight on Thursday respectively.

    That means winds can gust from 20 mph to 50 mph in the higher elevation areas, fanning the flames down mountains and into the cities.

    So as bad as things are at this moment, the truth is that they are going to get even worse over the next 24 hours.

    California accounts for approximately 85 percent of the wine production in the United States [more]

    [continued below]

  3. Prof Sujoy Ghose on abrupt climate change

    Prof. Ghose's lecture is very much in agreement of what Guy McPherson says.

    Global Warming & Climate Crisis by Prof Sujoy Ghose

    [~ 2 hours and 13 min. video lecture]

    Donald Trump hugs the bomb

    Trump denies calling for a larger nuclear arsenal

    Trump Tweets, “Best Way To Reverse Global Warming Is With Nuclear Winter”
    After repealing Obama-era climate plan, president says, “I will cool off the planet AND ice out the Rocket Man at the same time!” [more; if you can stand it]

    [ok, back on topic]
    Dominica 3 weeks after Hurricane Maria

    Report from Dominca post- Hurricane Maria

    We no longer have mobile connection at any of our positions. No way of knowing how long it will take to get a connection back in the west. In the meantime we have to go to the capital for all communications.

    There is a general consensus among those we talk to here that the country is facing a full fledged economic collapse in addition to the humanitarian crisis that is already developing. The country was already at risk for a debt default. Now the infrastructure for the old economy is totally devastated, and previous cash flows are not coming back any time soon.

    The food situation on the east coast is horrendous. Many official relief shipments are apparently being hoarded by those placed in charge of local distribution, and is being handed out only to select friends, or sold at ridiculous prices. Some grocery stores are open now, but again, money is not flowing. So those who most need relief are not getting it.

    This is a ticking time bomb. There are elements in many villages which will resort to crime if their needs are not met soon.

    With communications down across the majority of the country, and the government unable to coordinate effectively, many are starting to realize that to pull out of this situation we are going to have to organize our own solutions. [more]

    Are we standing on the edge of financial collapse?


    [that's another 'reason' why "we" 'need' WW III; contains this]

    China & Russia Positioning To Collapse US Dollar As Global Financial War Heats Up [article]

    It's Coming And The Fed Can't Do Anything About It
    [~ 14 min. X-22 Report video]

    Has The Cabal Already Planned The Lights Out Event?
    [~ 20 min. X-22 Report video]

    [we see the pattern already: anyone facing dire conditions is ON THEIR OWN!]

    [more below]

  4. Report: Bannon said Trump has 30% chance of completing full term

    Wind, warm water revved up melting Antarctic glaciers

    [from late yesterday]
    Ten Years Of Ponzi Later

    When Zerohedge said on Monday that "today" was the 10th anniversary of the 2007 S&P 500 market top, it was actually October 11th, which is today. Volume and volatility are as dead as a doornail. [more]

    Mount Sinabung Indonesia erupts ash and steam 2km into the sky Thursday and Mt Shiveluch in Russia is raining ash on nearby villages

    Alaska's new state-of-the-art airport in Tununak shut down due to sinking runway as permafrost is melting from climate change!

    [but, but . . Mini-Ice Age!]

    40 killed, 22 missing after heavy rain, floods and landslides hit Vietnam

    At least 40 people have been killed and 22 remain missing after Tropical Depression 23W dumped heavy rain and triggered floods and landslides across central and northern Vietnam. The death toll is currently one of the highest ever recorded in Vietnam caused by flooding, Vietnam's disaster prevention agency said.

    Trump nominates AccuWeather CEO to lead key climate agency

    Alaska’s Oyster Farmers Are Filling an Acidification-Driven Void

    As the Pacific Ocean acidifies—a consequence of carbon emissions—oyster farms off California, Washington State, and British Columbia have struggled to get larvae to grow into seed, the stage when young oysters’ shells have formed. Though scientists are not quite sure why, the water off Southeast Alaska hasn’t seen the same deleterious effects. [YET]

    The push to increase Alaska’s oyster seed operations has coincided with a sudden decline in larvae production down south, where larvae have been hampered by warming water and ocean acidification. In the mid-2000s, increasingly acidic seawater pumped into southern oyster hatcheries began killing billions of larvae, eating away at the young oysters’ shells before they could fully form, and preventing them from developing into seed.

    Fall Army Worm Arrives in Africa on the Heels of Climate Change

    Then the fall armyworm appeared seemingly out of nowhere. [more]

    Three rottweilers kill security guard in South Africa

    Two weeks ago, the dogs attacked and killed Khulekani - in spite of the fact that he had been feeding them for the past three months. [more]

    Dead humpback whale found off Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland

    [one thing is for sure - it's going to STINK to high heaven once this extinction event gets worse]

  5. Weird, two days in a row I left the 'h' out of 'wash', thanks for pointing that out both times, and keep up the good work! I tested my 'h' key and it seems to be working okay, so you got me, but I'm glad you're a good proofreader!

  6. C'mon mahn, 'm jes' tryin' a-hep, is awl . . you mah MAN!

    One of the problems with fall is that it gets increasingly hard to pick up dog poop - amidst all the same color (esp. being color-blind) and shape (due to all states of deterioration and weathering, 'an' ya mine plays tricks on ye') leaves that often sprinkle OVER it as well. Takes longer if yer more careful, treading like I would imagine one does in a mine-field. It helps to cut the lawn, but more often than not, the tractor runs over it and 'now ye got THAT goin' fer ye.'

    Killer wildfires continue to rage in California's wine country, with 23 dead and hundreds missing

    [slide show and text]

    [this is beyond words, sad beyond belief - all the loss]

    Bitcoin rockets above $5,000 to all-time high

    States that are falling apart

    [from in best shape #50, to worst, #1]

    19. Missouri
    > Roads in poor condition: 4.1% (11th lowest)
    > Deficient bridges: 13.1% (11th highest)
    > Dams at high hazard risk: 27.2% (17th highest)
    > Highway spending as pct. of total: 4.5% (12th lowest)

    5. Pennsylvania
    > Roads in poor condition: 14.7% (14th highest)
    > Deficient bridges: 19.8% (3rd highest)
    > Dams at high hazard risk: 53.0% (5th highest)
    > Highway spending as pct. of total: 8.6% (9th highest)

    [they didn't include nuclear radiation (and risk of meltdown)]

    [meanwhile, what da hail's goan on out-day?]
    Missouri Supreme Court to decide if abortion rules violate Satanist's religious freedom

    [in fact, WTF is goin' on 'roun' HE]
    Pennsylvania: Witchcraft, murder and 'hex hysteria' in the early 1900's

    ['prolly steel goan-on']

    One of the most commonly-told urban legends in the Lancaster/York county area of Pennsylvania to which I'm native deals with a locale known as Hex Hollow, or, more properly, Rehmeyer's Hollow. As is the case with most urban legends, the stories about this place vary from teller to teller. The most common, however, is that a man named Rehmeyer, a known Satanist and black magician, conducted a series of human sacrifices in his house. After the magician died or was killed (again depending on the teller), his house was set on fire but refused to burn. [more; the location is 20 min. from here]

    [on a whim I tried Strange Sounds - new opening format]
    The site is LIVE again! Thank you for your patience!

    Hurricane Nate gave birth to a series of 22 tornadoes in North and South Carolina

    Magnetic unrest in England after arrival of a high-speed solar wind stream on Oct. 11th

    Stunning fire rainbow illuminates the sky in a multi-colored display of light in northern Thailand