Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Event Update For 2017-10-02

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2017-10-02 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing off the ocean prompts committee to investigate in coastal Huntington Beach (California):

Quote: "The Huntington Beach City Council formed a committee Monday to address the mysterious foul odors afflicting the community. The council voted 6-0 to work with other agencies to identify the source of the sulfur-like smell and possible solutions. Councilman Erik Peterson was absent."

Quote: "Councilman Billy O’Connell, expressing dissatisfaction with the progress of the South Coast Air Quality Management District in responding to complaints of the smell of hydrogen sulfide, suggested the city create an ad hoc committee to work with residents and create a 'Coastal Area Odors work plan.'"

Quote: "One city councilmember says the smell has gotten worse..."

Note: First time they've explicitly mentioned that it's hydrogen sulfide hitting the coast in this area, not just a 'foul odor' or 'sulfur odor'. I was 99.99% sure that's what it was before they even said so - what else could it be? Nobody anywhere knows what chronically breathing even small amounts of hydrogen sulfide does to people. And this certainly explains the nausea and headaches - those are light hydrogen sulfide poisoning symptoms. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's more people suffering seizures, 'medical events', strokes, heart attacks, memory loss problems and 'untimely deaths' in this area. In any case, if you're living in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach or Long Beach and you smell a 'rotten egg' odor or 'sulfur odor', you're being poisoned. But there's a committee investigating it, so now we'll see if the committee can investigate the problem away. It's Earth versus a committee!

2017-10-02 - Car goes up in flames and kills woman in Trinity County (Texas):

2017-10-02 - Person found dead in burning minivan at home in Lindsey Street in Blytheville (Arkansas):

2017-10-02 - Person found dead in burning car on I-35 in Lewisville (Texas):

2017-10-02 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire at 10:45 PM, 29 junk cars burn, in Central (Louisiana):

Quote: "District Chief Derek Glover with CFD said a total of 29 cars caught fire. He added an investigator will return to the scene Tuesday, but foul play is not suspected at this time."

2017-10-02 - Rubbish bursts into flame at 5 AM in underground sewer in Reseda (California):

Quote: "Firefighters today extinguished a rubbish fire in an underground sewer in Reseda, but no one was hurt. The fire was reported about 5 a.m. at 6550 Vanalden Ave., and was extinguished in an hour and 15 minutes, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported."

2017-10-02 - Recycling center hit by compost fire in Zamora (California), smoke blankets the area:

2017-10-02 - Landfill erupts in flame, fire gets big, near Markham Vale (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #70, September 25th-30th, 2017:

2017-10-02 - As the permafrost continues melting in Alaska, burying the dead becomes a problem:

Quote: "Climate change is thawing the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta's permafrost, and it's doing more than cracking foundations, sinking roads and accelerating erosion. In villages like Kong, communities have stopped burying their dead because, as the permafrost melts, the oldest part of their cemetery is sinking. Digging graves in the soggy ground was just making it worse."

2017-10-02 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the Maine Turnpike in Gray (Maine):

Quote: "The turnpike is back open after a tractor trailer caught fire. It happened near Exit 63 northbound in Gray."

2017-10-02 - Semi tractor bursts into flame while parked inside towing business in Florence (South Carolina):

2017-10-02 - Twelve tractors and barn destroyed by fire in Cass County (Nebraska):

Quote: "A three alarm fire in Cass County (Nebraska) over the weekend destroyed about a dozen vintage tractors. According to the Cassgram, Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department received mutual aid help from Murray, Offutt AFB, and Louisville fire departments for a barn fire around 5:10 Saturday evening."

2017-10-02 - Tractor (combine) bursts into flame near Finch Road and Leach Farm Road near Jacksonville (Illinois):

2017-10-02 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the A46 near Warwick (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Tractors and barn destroyed by fire at 2:05 AM on Greenside Road in Thurstonland (Britain):

Quote: "Barn fire – make pumps 5 for water. Barn 50m x 20m 100% involved, containing tractors and hay but no livestock involved."

Note: These are the 1788th-1805th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-10-02 - Van bursts into flame at 6:35 AM on the Alaskan Way Viaduct in coastal Seattle (Washington):

2017-10-02 - Van bursts into flame on Poorhouse Lane in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Poorhouse Lane, Hull. Mon 2 Oct 2017 19:50 (No:21475) Van involved in fire. One hose reel. One BA in use."

2017-10-02 - SUV bursts into flame on South East Street in Hillsboro (Ohio):

2017-10-02 - SUV bursts into flame on highway near Kahathuduwa on the island of Sri Lanka:

2017-10-02 - SUV bursts into flame on trailer on the A19 near Northallerton (Britain):

Quote: "A19 Trenholme Time of call: 10:56 A crew from Northallerton and Stokesley have attended a 4x4 vehicle on fire on the back of a trailer. Crews used a hose reel to extinguish the fire and  approximately three quarters of the car was damaged due to the fire."

2017-10-02 - Pickup truck bursts into flame near Russian River bridge in Ukiah (California):

Quote: "A pick-up truck caught fire Monday afternoon near the Talmage Road Bridge over the Russian River."

2017-10-02 - In separate incidents, within 24 hours, 2 cars burst into flame while parked in Monroe (Louisiana):

Quote: "The Ouachita Parish Fire Department doesn't believe the two incidents are connected. One fire investigator said the fires started in different locations of the cars. 'I think it's a crazy coincidence, but you don't see anything like this every day, especially being so close to home like this,' Wright said."

Quote: "Investigators still don't know how both of the cars caught fire."

2017-10-02 - Car bursts into flame at 1:08 AM on the Staten Island Expressway on coastal Staten Island (New York), 2 injured:

Quote: "Two people suffered serious injuries Monday morning after a car fire broke out on the Staten Island Expressway."

2017-10-02 - Car bursts into flame on Route 11 in South Centre Township (Pennsylvania):

2017-10-02 - Car bursts into flame on street in Ann Arbor (Michigan):

2017-10-02 - Car bursts into flame on highway in coastal Dubai (UAE), some crashes too:

2017-10-02 - Car bursts into flame at 3 AM while parked at apartments, fire spreads to 3 more cars, in coastal Yuen Long (China):

2017-01-02 - Two cars go up in flames in carpark at apartments in Wimbledon Park area in coastal London (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Car bursts into flame at 3:10 AM on Luscombe Road in coastal Paignton (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Car bursts into flame near Scholars Rise in Middlesbrough (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Motorcycle bursts into flame in the wee hours while parked inside motorcycle business in Montgomery (Alabama):

2017-10-02 - Rock-crushing machine bursts into flame at mine in Green Valley (Arizona):

2017-10-02 - Three barns destroyed by fire at 4:30 AM near Saline (Michigan):

2017-10-02 - Barn and 2500 bales of hay destroyed by fire in La Fargeville (New York):

2017-10-02 - Barn and 1000 bales of hay destroyed by fire on Dominion Springs Road in Ottawa (Canada):

2017-10-02 - Gravel pit full of wood chips erupts in flame in Dexter (Michigan):

2017-10-02 - Huge tire fire breaks out along railroad tracks in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):

2017-10-02 - LG cellphone bursts into flame at home in Atlanta (Georgia):

Quote: "McGeary, who works in IT, said the phone was not plugged in or charging at the time. 'I wasn't doing anything weird, it wasn't hot. I've never dropped it,' McGeary said."

2017-10-02 - Garage damaged by fire at home in Spokane Valley (Washington):

2017-10-02 - Garage destroyed by fire at 1:42 AM at home in coastal Portsmouth (New Hampshire), nobody there:

2017-10-02 - Garage destroyed by fire at home in Billings (Montana):

2017-10-02 - Home damaged by fire at 3:18 AM in Traverse City (Michigan):

2017-10-02 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire near Lansing (Kansas):

2017-10-02 - Home heavily damaged by fire shortly after 2 AM in Hartford (Connecticut):

2017-10-02 - Home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Berkeley (California):

2017-10-02 - Home heavily damaged by fire before 2 AM in Mount Holly (New Jersey):

2017-10-02 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Pickerel Pond Road in Laconia (New Hampshire):

2017-10-02 - Two homes destroyed by fire, another damaged, near Lake Nacimiento (California):

2017-10-02 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Genessee Street in Medford (Oregon):

2017-10-02 - Deadly fire burns mobile home in McGirk (Missouri), 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Deadly fire burns home on Elm Street in Aberdeen (Ohio), 1600 feet from the Ohio River, 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Deadly fire burns home in Greenville (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Deadly fire burns home in Laredo (Texas), 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Two vacant homes and a garage go up in flames at 2:30 AM in Toledo (Ohio):

2017-10-02 - Vacant home burns in London (Canada):

2017-10-02 - Vacant home burns on Coleridge Street in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Coleridge Street, Hull. Mon 2 Oct 2017 22:15 (No:21490) Several seats of fire inside unoccupied property. Two hose reels, four BA, two Thermal Image Cameras and PPV in use. Fire damage to bedroom, hallway and lounge and extensive smoke damage throughout the property."

2017-10-02 - Vacant motel burns at 1 AM in coastal Atlantic City (New Jersey):

2017-10-02 - Many hundreds of leopard sharks and other fish dying in coastal San Francisco Bay (California):

Quote: "As many as 2,000 leopard sharks have mysteriously died in the San Francisco Bay over the past few months. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says determining the cause is not a priority for the state since the sharks are not threatened or endangered, however, scientists say additional research and resources are crucial since the threat is now believed to be preying on other marine life."

2017-10-02 - Seal washes up dead on Chapoquoit Beach in coastal Falmouth (Massachusetts):

2017-10-02 - Two men, 19 and 22, found dead in the Yamuna River in Belvan (India):

2017-10-02 - Man and two kids, 45, 12 and 15, found dead in the Anas River in Madhya Pradesh (India):

2017-10-02 - Two children, 5 and 6, die in pond in Yaduvanahalli (India):

2017-10-02 - Watery deaths on the rise in coastal Malaga (Spain):

2017-10-02 - Tom Petty, 66, goes into cardiac arrest at home, dies shortly later, in coastal Malibu (California):

Quote: "Tom Petty, an old-fashioned rock superstar and everyman who drew upon the Byrds, the Beatles and other bands he worshipped as a boy and produced new classics such as “Free Fallin,' “Refugee” and “American Girl,” has died. Petty passed away Monday night at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after he suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu, California, spokeswoman Carla Sacks said. He was 66."

Note: Malibu is around 51 miles from Huntington Beach, where hydrogen sulfide has been blowing in off the ocean and sickening people...

2017-10-02 - Man drops dead and woman has 'medical emergency' at home in coastal Juneau (Alaska):

2017-10-02 - Man, 83, found dead in the Manistee River near Ludington (Michigan):

2017-10-02 - Man, 26, drops dead before 7 AM outside home on Waterworks Drive in Columbus (Mississippi):

Quote: "The body of a Columbus man was found this morning near Waterworks Road. Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant identified the man as 26-year-old Benjamin Wells. Both Merchant and Columbus police said there appear to be no signs of trauma to the body."

2017-10-02 - Woman found dead at cemetery in Aurburn (New York):

Quote: "The Auburn Police Department said the death is suspicious, but noted that there are no apparent wounds or injuries on the body."

2017-10-02 - Person found dead in creek at Chap’s Run Park in Zanesville (Ohio):

2017-10-02 - Woman, 27, found dead in lake at Lake Melvin Park in Dane (Wisconsin):

2017-10-02 - Man in his 30s or 40s found dead along Avenue L in Ector County (Texas):

2017-10-02 - Man, 55, found dead in the water below White Wedding Rock in the Royal National Park (Australia):

2017-10-02 - Man has 'medical event' and drops dead outside bank in coastal Takanini (New Zealand):

2017-10-02 - Man drops dead at Beckenham Park in coastal Christchurch (New Zealand):

2017-10-02 - Man found dead in pond at temple in Jalandhar (India):

2017-10-02 - Boy, 8, found dead in watery pit in Tirupur (India):

2017-10-02 - Man, 18 to 21, falls off building and dies at construction site in Oxford (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Woman in her 30s drops dead at home on Rudloe Drive in Kingsway (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Man in his 40s drops dead in flat in Stockport (Britain):

2017-10-02 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing at airport in Detroit (Michigan), engine problem:

2017-10-02 - Small plane crashes in Klamath Falls (Oregon), engine failure, 2 killed:

2017-10-02 - Small plane makes emergency landing on levee near River Park in Sacramento (California):

2017-10-02 - Helicopter crashes in Atatscosa County near McCoy (Texas), 1 injured:

2017-10-02 - Helicopter crashes near coastal Campbell River (Canada), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2017-10-02 - Passenger bus overturns in Atotonilco El Alto (Mexico), 15 killed, 36 injured:

2017-10-02 - Minibus and bus collide head-on in Tay Ninh Province (Vietnam), 6 killed, 10 injured:

2017-10-02 - Two tractor trailers crash, one bursts into flame, on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Lee (Massachusetts), 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Two tractor trailers crash on Route 283 in Landisville (Pennsylvania):

2017-10-02 - Tractor trailer overturns at 5:19 AM, bursts into flame, on I-35 in Temple (Texas), 1 injured:

2017-10-02 - SUV overturns on Route 18 in Marlboro (New Jersey), 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Pickup truck veers off road, hits car, building and pole in Dunkirk (New York), 1 injured:

Quote: "'We don’t know if he suffered some medical condition,' said police chief David Ortolano. 'It’s what we’re thinking at this point.'"

2017-10-02 - Car veers over centerline, hits tractor trailer head-on, in coastal Oxnard (California), 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Car and tractor trailer collide head-on in Annsville (New York), 1 killed:

2017-10-02 - Car veers off road, hits pole and car, pole falls on SUV, in Youngstown (Ohio):

Quote: "Police think a driver may have suffered a medical condition before he crashed into a utility pole in Youngstown on Monday morning."

2017-10-02 - Car veers off road in the wee hours, hits home, bursts into flame, in East Pennsboro (Pennsylvania), 2 injured:

2017-10-02 - Naked man found wandering around at 7 AM, doesn't remember who he is, in Randallstown (Maryland):

Quote: "Baltimore County Police need help identifying a confused man who was found walking around naked. According to police, a naked man was walking around the 3700 block of Brenbrook Drive just before 7:00 Monday morning. Officers took the man and transported him to a local hospital, but he is not able to give any information about himself."

2017-10-02 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills two brothers in Putesh, Odisha (India):

2017-10-02 - Grizzly bear attacks and injures man in British Columbia (Canada):

2017-10-02 - Huge sinkhole opens on road and swallows Rolls Royce Phantom in Harbin (China):

Quote: "This is the amazing moment a huge sinkhole swallowed a £560,000 Rolls Royce supercar."

2017-10-02 - Man has 'medical emergency' on billboard in Charlotte (North Carolina):

Quote: "The incident occurred in the 11560 block of Texland Drive. The Charlotte Fire Department tweeted about the incident around 11:38 a.m. Firefighters said one person was rescued after having a 'medical emergency' on a billboard."

2017-10-02 - Peter Wadhams - preparing for an Arctic without ice:

2017-10-02 - Cod and haddock go north due to warming UK seas, as foreign fish arrive:

2017-10-02 - The Arctic is changing the jet stream, and why this is important:

2017-10-02 - No time for skepticism, 'decisive climate action' needed, Ethiopia tells UN:

2017-10-02 - Lightning strike kills 2 people and injures 3 more in the Philippine Islands:

2017-10-02 - MONTHLY rainfall record smashed in ONE DAY in Bundaberg (Australia), 339mm (13 inches) in 24 hours:

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain and flooding hit New Orleans (Louisiana):

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Queensland (Australia):

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Hyderabad (India), 3 killed:

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Norway:

2017-10-02 - Snowstorm hits mountains in Colorado:

2017-10-02 - Puerto Rico still reeling two weeks after Hurricane Maria:

2017-10-02 - Puerto Rico could become a public health catastrophe:

Note: Dead livestock laying around, mosquito-infested stagnant water everywhere, sewer systems non-functional, it's gotta be a public health catastrophe already...

2017-10-02 - Mexico quake toll 361 and 8 still missing in collapsed building:

2017-10-02 - Yemen cholera outbreak now the world’s largest on record, approaching 1 million:

2017-10-02 - Polar bear strays 700 km south of normal Arctic habitat:

2017-10-02 - Picket fence auroras and plasma ropes, electrical phenomenon in Earth's skies intensifies:

2017-10-02 - House-sized asteroid will come 'damn close' to Earth next week as it passes only 27,000 miles away:

2017-10-02 - US middle class being wiped out, money flowing to the richest:


  1. Well, it seems like we have yet another "false flag" event with the Las Vegas shooting. WAAAAY too many inconsistencies between the "official" story and what people witnessed, and have video of, on the ground. i'll post one from seemorerocks that asks a lot of questions and points out numerable inconsistencies.

    Two observations from today's report, above: a rock crushing machine going up in flames may be the 1st one; and an LG phone going up in flames - HEY, I HAVE AN LG PHONE, HOLY SHIT!!

    Meanwhile, here on extinction watch central -
    Swamp creature John Kelly blasted by Dana Rohrabacher for blocking his Trump-Assange deal

    Lavrov: US-led forces in Syria consistently act in ways that help terrorist groups

    Dead pygmy right whale discovered near Port Vincent, South Australia

    Ship brings dead whale on its bow into Port of Tauranga, New Zealand

    Massive hole in Antarctica's ice appears after 40 years

    Currently, winter has still a firm grip on Antarctica. At this time of the year, the Weddell Sea usually is covered with a thick layer of sea ice. In spite of the icy temperatures in the region, satellite images depict a large ice-free area in the middle of the ice cover. The area of the hole in the ice is larger than The Netherlands and it fascinates climate and polar researchers worldwide. [more]

    Unusual swarm of 600 earthquakes hit Llaima volcano, Chile

    Doctors warn of cancer-like infections years after getting a tattoo

    Tattos can cause nasty infections 15 years after you get inked, doctors have warned. [more]

    Oxfam slams U.S. response in Puerto Rico as “slow, inadequate” – “Clean water, food, fuel, electricity, and health care are in desperately short supply and quickly dwindling”

    Desperation Grows in Puerto Rico’s Poor Communities Without Water or Power

    Public health conditions are rapidly deteriorating across Puerto Rico as government agencies struggle to restore basic services such as power and clean drinking water and deliver emergency supplies two weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged the U.S. territory. The situation is dire across much of the island but even more so for its most vulnerable, low-income minority communities. [more; hey, just like in Houston, New Orleans, etc]

    [continued below]

  2. [here's some comments about the LV shooting]
    16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

    Was Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Craig Paddock An Anti-Trump Activist With Ties To Antifa?

    Wednesday, 4 October 2017
    Asking questions on the Las Vegas massacre

    [this long article contains a "sane progressive" video, over an hr long, by a woman with an annoying voice and inappropriate laughter at times, another update video by her and many more videos by others, and text]

    [back on topic]
    Marcelo Rollando interviews Guy McPherson

    [~ 21.5 min. video]

    Sydney and Melbourne should prepare for 50-degree days, climate researchers warn

    [includes ~ 7 min. video and some text]

    US credit downgrade threatened

    "Credit Negative For U.S. Government": Moody's Threatens Downgrade If Trump Tax Plan Is Passed

    [includes ~ 14.5 min. X-22 Report]

    Storm warning for New Orleans


    Forecast for October 8, 2017, shows 3.6 inch (91.5 mm) of rain (3-hour precipitation accumulation, at green circle).
    Created by Sam Carana with nullschool.net image for Arctic-news.blogspot.com

    The latest videos from Paul Beckwith

    Climate change magnified fires

    [includes Amplification of MegaFires from Climate Change // Published on Oct 3, 2017 15 min. video and a link to a second one on Jet Stream Crossing North Pole, South Pole, and Equator // Published on Oct 2, 2017]

    The Most Powerful Evidence Climate Scientists Have of Global Warming

  3. News Links, October 4, 2017
    Rice Farmer

    US Treasury Yield v. Euro "Junk Bond" Yield. A new record in central-bank engineered absurdity.

    Saudis See Economy Shrink In Spite Of Higher Oil Prices

    Global Retirement Reality

    Hard Assets In an Age of Negative Interest Rates

    An Accountant Smells a Rat in Our Global Credit Bubble
    The inevitable unwinding, whether through inflation or debt write-offs, could create considerable misery.

    Monarch Airlines ceases operations, with canceled flights stranding thousands of passengers
    Shades of Hanjin Shipping. -- RF

    Bipartisan House Bill Would End US Involvement in Saudi War in Yemen [yeah, now that the damage is already done . . ]

    US clears $815M sale of F-35 weapons for Australia [HAH, it doesn't even WORK!]

    What Did Washington Achieve in its Six Year [bullshit - it's ON-GOING] War on Syria? (Ron Paul)

    Trump May Have Found Paths to Save Coal and Hobble Clean Energy
    [you go, Donald!]

    U.S. Shale Isn't As Strong As It Appears

    Shale Boom's Dark Secret, Ruined Old Oil Wells in Oklahoma

    Scotland To Permanently Ban Fracking

    Say 'So Long' To The Oil Rally

    Three Gulf states raise gasoline prices

    How long will the marriage of fracked oil and tar sands last?

    Why we must talk about population
    Too many humans. -- RF

    Yahoo says hack hit all 3 billion mail users, triple initial estimates

    The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

    Equifax data breach may affect 2.5 million more consumers than originally stated

    NSA Warned Trump Staffers Against Personal Email/Device Use; Were Ignored [hey, FUCK the NSA, rat-bastard sons a bitches]

    How to Check If Your PC Being Pirated to Mine Bitcoin

    Google Displayed Fake News in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting

    2009 - 2016: Was the Eight-Year Experiment in Maintaining the Status Quo a Success or a Failure?

    $5 to access your own money? ATM fees jump to record high and these cities are the worst

    What If the Tax Donkeys Rebel?

    Is This the Next Supermarket Chain to Melt Down?

    AAA: U.S. gas prices anything but normal after recent hurricanes

    State taxes adding about a quarter to gas prices, U.S. government says

  4. Another underground electrical fire hits Center City, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):




  5. Yeah, no surprise with as many rivers/ streams as we have runnin' around and through it, like NYC.

    The Vegas shooting, to me, looks like another "let's make 'em demand we legislate taking their guns away" false flag operation by our own government funded rogue agency with absolutely no moral compunction, ethics, or humanity the CIA (certifiably insane assholes).

    Reuters misrepresents pathetically low public confidence in the press with new poll

    [I have to hand it to SOTT on this one: good job on this article]
    Nearly every mass shooting in the last 20 years shares one thing in common, and it isn't weapons

    Sun bear kills woman and seriously injures husband in Riau, Indonesia

    Floods and landslides strike southern Norway

  6. I'm not sure what was up with that shooter. I did ask myself: could I have done that? And the answer was mostly yes. In reality, *I* couldn't, because I don't have the money to buy that kind of weaponry and ammo. But if I did - and he did - then I don't see why I couldn't, if I wanted to be a mass-murderer, which I don't.

    Here's how I'd have done it. First, buy the weapons and ammo.

    Next, select the target and identify useful characteristics in that environment, such as knowing the 'roost' is going to be 32 floors up and my target is X meters away and at ground level.

    Next, go somewhere remote with generally the same characteristics, like a 350-foot cliff somewhere. Set up targets at X meters away from the cliff edge and zero all the weapons you want for that range and elevation difference, especially the bumpfire rifles.

    Next, get the weapons to the 'roost' in hard luggage, using a cart, as many people do on vacations - not unusual, wouldn't attract attention, and wouldn't be noticeable by maids unless they're looking inside your luggage, which they won't, in part because it's all lockable luggage and kept locked.

    Next, pick the time for the attack and set up all your gear for easy access and fast reloading an hour BEFORE the attack.

    Finally, start spraying the dense mass of crowded people with the bumpfire rifles. If you're firing a little short or long because your practice cliff was slightly different, adjust with the first clip. From then on, it's just mowing down the densest masses of people. And some of your shots will hit multiple people too, like go in through the skull and out the eye of one person and then into the chest of the person behind them, so you get some 'multiplier effect' on your ammo due to crowd density.

    Then let those 400-800 rounds/minute bumpfires do their thing.

    All-in-all, looks entirely doable by one person with the money to buy the weaponry, some foresight, some planning, and a motive.

    Is that what happened with this guy? We'll never know. But it COULD have happened like that.

    What was the motive? That's the biggest puzzler for me. A liberal who wanted to show what easy access to guns allows one to do? That'd be a political statement there. Whatever the motive was, he had SOME motive. No way did such a thinker/planner type of person do that for no reason at all.

  7. I'm starting to think he was a CIA patsy - set up to take the fall.

    Weapons people say there's no way this raunchy ol' guy with no military experience and no range time anywhere that they can find could put out that kind of extended fire, even with the bells and whistles. By the way, he didn't buy that kind of advanced weaponry from the gun store they traced some of the guns to.

    Next: there is more than one blown out window at the hotel, multiple people said there were shots coming from other locations, further below the 32nd floor and the black SUV witnessed leaving the scene is highly suspicious.

    This was an op - and the msm is featuring anyone and everyone who will speak up for "gun control" (whatever that means) - with an objective. It's like all the other ones in that the whole thing is fishy and we get no reliable clear answers beside the "official" narrative, which is nonsense and full of holes that are never answered.

    Like 9-11 and everything since, the dying empire is in desperation mode and will kill their own people to retain control, manipulate the masses with knee-jerk emotionally wrenching heinous crimes, and it's only going to get worse since nobody is ever held accountable. This is the trademark of Mosad, CIA, MI-6 and other despicable agencies. I want to know who's giving the orders.

    Lastly, did anyone actually see his dead body?

  8. Another beautiful day here, gettin' a bit dry though . ..

    Yellowstone supervolcano has been hit by 2,500 earthquakes in longest swarm ever recorded

    What NO DUNCE Expects: DEFLATION

    To be sure, if 35+ years of Supply-Side trickle down Ponzinomics magically gets reversed and the rentier-class begins caring about the middle class, then true inflation could happen. For example, if mortgages and student loans start getting monetized by the Fed in a debt jubilee.

    However, while that's not happening, fake reflation will be the order of the day. Meaning tax cut fantasy will be competing with Fed reality.

    And dunces have no idea who wins - reality or fantasy.  [more]

    Migrating Birds Are Running Out of Water

    David O’Neill and Karyn Stockdale of the National Audubon Society talk about a recent report that highlights the threats to two major habitats used by migrating birds in the West: saline lakes and riparian habitat [along the banks] along the Colorado River.

    [quick, someone tell Scribbler so he can mobilize his army via rhetoric]
    U.S. Tax Reform Would Leave Renewable Energy Out in the Cold

    [this was on Rice Farmer, but I didn't include it because I hadn't read it yet]
    High Oil Subsidies Ensure Profit for Nearly Half New U.S. Investments, Study Shows

    Government subsidies to American energy companies are generous enough to ensure that almost half of new investments in untapped domestic oil projects would be profitable, creating incentives to keep pumping fossil fuels despite climate concerns, according to a new study.

    The result would seriously undermine the 2015 Paris climate agreement, whose goals of reining in global warming can only be met if much of the world's oil reserves are left in the ground.

    The study, in Nature Energy, examined the impact of federal and state subsidies at recent oil prices that hover around $50 a barrel and estimated that the support could increase domestic oil production by a total of 17 billion barrels "over the next few decades."

    Using that oil would put the equivalent of 6 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, the authors calculated.

    Taxpayers give fossil fuel companies in the U.S. more than $20 billion annually in federal and state subsidies, according to a separate report released today by the environmental advocacy group Oil Change International. During the Obama administration, the U.S. and other major greenhouse gas emitters pledged to phase out fossil fuel supports. But the future of such policies is in jeopardy given the enthusiastic backing President Donald Trump has given the fossil fuel sector. [more]

    [Ya know how Mike Tyson says "Everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the face." - well, that's what I think about a LOT of politicians, like this guy]
    Undermining the Rule of Law at the E.P.A.

    [continued below]

  9. More daytime images of the Larsen C iceberg have come in, and they're amazing

    [if I had the money, i'd get on that thing and declare it my own ice island, for as long as it would last]

    [well, waddiya know - the insurance industry is finally "wising-up" (a weird word like "being-have" instead of behaving]
    Some home insurance companies refusing to renew policies in wildfire-prone areas

    [now if I were a fancy-pants lawyer, i'd argue that ALL AREAS are now fire-prone! JJFH, QED]

    Wildfire potential, October through January

    [oh great - includes all along the CA coast (where my son and his family live and where I visit twice a year)]

    Tube-shaped funnel cloud spotted in Niigat, Japan

    Severe hailstorm hits Hoedspruit, South Africa

    The already punch drunk Hoedspruit farmers received another low body blow on Tuesday night when a massive wind and hail storm caused damage worth millions of rands to their farms and, in some cases, destroyed between 80% and 100% of their crops.

    It came out of nowhere. It was overcast, the next thing, it was like rocks falling from above on our house,' a resident told the Herald. [more]

    [same as the one posted above, but added some observations]
    It's The 'Conomy, Stupid

    The old age home has an intertemporal preference for fake wealth now over economy in the future. The surprise will be on them, because asset reflation has been confused for economic reflation...

    Remember the last cycle when the Fed raised rates 17 times in a row, obliterating anyone who borrowed their cheap money? This is that all over again. Since the casino class are not the ones with their balls in a vise, they don't see it coming.

    It's CasinoNomics. You wouldn't understand it. 

    City of Houston breaks annual rainfall record set in 1900


    As of 21:00 UTC (16:00 CDT) on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, the City of Houston, Texas recorded a total of 1 884.2 mm (74.18 inches) of rain since the start of the year, setting a new max one-year total rainfall record. [more]

    Record-breaking snowstorm hits Rockies, heaviest October snow in Montana since 1914

    Heavy snowstorm affecting the northern Rockies and parts of the central Rockies has turned record-breaking and resulted in widespread power outages and downed trees in parts of Montana and Colorado. [more]

    [except for the damage, this is welcome precipitation in drought stricken MT and is snow-pack for drinking water in the spring for CA, elsewhere]

    The Ring of Fire is exploding right now: 32 volcanoes erupting, 33 showing minor activity, and several strong earthquakes

    The latest volcanic peaks to have erupted being Rincon de La Vieja and Turrialba in Costa Rica, Fuego and Pacaya in Guatemala, and the continuous seismic unrest at Mount Agung in Indonesia. [more; see bottom map!]

  10. Here's his dead body. Warning, it's gruesome. Looks like he shot himself in the mouth with the bullet going into his brain and then he fell backwards and dropped the pistol he used as he went down.


  11. But yeah, there are fishy elements to the story, and if there was some kind of deception going on here, I would not be surprised. I mean, hey, they're hiding the end of the world. THAT cloud of deception could easily extend to other minor things like mass shootings, or anything else.

    The pic looks legit though, and someone who stayed on his floor and videotaped their stay showed the same carpet on the 32nd floor. Not sure who took that pic - had to be a responder of some kind, like a cop or medic. So he was committed to his cause, whatever that was, and was willing to die to achieve his goal, whatever that was.

  12. Maybe it'll all get straightened out in time (yeah, like that airliner that got shot down over the Ukraine, still missing), but i'm not holding my breath. I DID see a big to-do on the news from D.C. about legislation for gun control being considered.

    i'm with you on the 24/7 deception, distraction and straight up LYING. Oh, and thanks for the pic (right after dinner - gah)!

    Time for me to hit the hay. See ya tomorrow, Jonny. Always a pleasure talking with you.

  13. Here's a good story on the Las Vegas shooter guy, with lots of info on the guns and several leaked pics:


    And that's enough of that story for me. In the grand scheme of things, it's small potatoes, and I don't wanna be overly distracted when there are much bigger things happening on this planet than any shooting incident, no matter how horrifying.