Friday, November 20, 2015

Event Update For 2015-11-19

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-11-19 - Update on man found burned to death in burned-out car near Thayer (Missouri) - was man, 26 or 27, no foul play:

Note: I mentioned him when they first found his charred corpse, in the 2015-11-05 update...

2015-11-19 - Man found burned to death in burned car at Lake Loramie State Park (Ohio):

Quote: "Charred remains found in a car at Lake Loramie State Park on Sunday are that of an adult male, Shelby County Coroner Dr. A. David McDonald said Thursday night. 'There is no evidence of any other injury on the body [beside burns] to suggest a homicide,' McDonald said."

2015-11-19 - Man, 30, burns to death in burning RV trailer at 4:10 AM in Bohemia (New York):

2015-11-19 - Passenger train bursts into flame at New Azadpur Station in Delhi (India):

2015-11-19 - Fire truck bursts into flame at 11:03 PM while parked in fire station on Warm Springs Road in Columbus (Georgia):

2015-11-19 - SWAT truck bursts into flame on US 301 in Riverview (Florida):

Note: More people burning to death in vehicles, another train igniting, and a couple of expensive and unusual heavy-duty vehicles bursting into flame, one of them ironically a fire truck. This isn't the first time a fire truck has burst into flame while parked inside a fire station either...

2015-11-19 - Home destroyed by explosion and fire at 1 AM in Swanton (Ohio):

Quote: "An explosion and a fire destroyed a house in Swanton early today, authorities said. There were no injuries, Swanton Fire Chief Howard Myers said. Three occupants had escaped unhurt by the time fire crews arrived about 1 a.m. and saw flames shooting through the roof of a single-story wood frame house at 105 Hickory St., Chief Myers said. Fire crews brought the fire under control about 2 a.m., by which time it was a total loss, according to the fire chief."

Note: This is the 397th residential explosion in 2015...

2015-11-19 - Vacant recycling center hit by huge rubbish fire at 2:30 AM in Somerton, Melbourne (Australia):

2015-11-19 - Transformer explodes and burns at 1 AM in Victoria (Texas):

2015-11-19 - Transformer explodes in the Town of Cornwall (New York), blackouts ensue:

2015-11-19 - Transformer bursts into flame in Glen Rock (New Jersey):

2015-11-19 - Fishing boat 'Tranquility' bursts into flame in coastal Peterhead (Scotland):

Note: This is the 998th boat or ship to burn or explode in 2015...

2015-11-19 - School bus bursts into flame on Miller County Road 9 in Fouke (Arkansas):

Note: This is the 198th school bus to burn in 2015 and the 780th bus to burn in 2015...

2015-11-19 - Passenger bus bursts into flame at 6:40 AM on the Trans-Canada Highway between Golden and Field, BC (Canada):

2015-11-19 - Transit bus bursts into flame on road in coastal Lagos (Nigeria):

2015-11-19 - Three buses go up in flames while parked in coastal Mumbai (India):

Quote: "There is no possibility of fire due to a short circuit, as the bus owner had removed the batteries from the engine compartments to prevent theft."

Note: I bet they all had some rusty iron/steel on them though, and the owner didn't remove that. These are the 781st, 782nd, 783rd, 784th and 785th buses to burn in 2015...

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame before 6:40 AM on State Route 83 near Tucson (Arizona):

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-49 at 3:09 AM near Butler (Missouri):

Quote: "On Wed., 11/18/15 at approximately 3:09 A.M., the Butler Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle fire on Interstate 49 at MM 131, which is approximately 1/2 mile south of Rt. 52 W., involving a tractor-trailer."

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-70 near Hays (Kansas):

Note: Also see the parked car that burst into flame at a Walmart in Hays on this day...

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame before 6:10 AM on I-39 near Troy Grove (Illinois):

Quote: "Mendota firefighters assisted Mendota-Troy Grove firefighters at the scene of a truck and semitrailer fire early this morning on Interstate 39, and Streator firefighters rescued a Chihuahua from a smoke-filled home Wednesday afternoon. Around 610 a.m., Mendota firefighters were released from the scene on northbound I-39 about two miles north of Troy Grove."

Note: These are the 1896th, 1897th, 1898th and 1899th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2015...

2015-11-19 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on Watkinson Way in coastal Widnes (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Asphalt truck bursts into flame on Route 3A in coastal Scituate (Massachusetts):

2015-11-19 - RV bursts into flame while parked inside storage facility in Fairmont (West Virginia):

Note: Near the Monongahela River. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-11-19 - RV bursts into flame on Jacoby Road in Harmar (Pennsylvania):

Note: These are the 370th and 371st RVs to burn in 2015...

2015-11-19 - Van bursts into flame at industrial estate, fire spreads, gets huge, in coastal Málaga (Spain):

Quote: "According to the same sources, the origin of the fire was a van loaded with chlorine and solvents inside the warehouse."

2015-11-19 - Van bursts into flame on Columbia Road in coastal Bournemouth (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Minivan bursts into flame on road in Nether Kellet (Britain):

2015-11-19 - SUV bursts into flame on Foresters Way in Crowthorne (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Pickup truck bursts into flame just before midnight while parked at home, home scorched, in Riverton (Utah):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage at home in Plano (Texas):

Quote: "Engine 3 is on scene of a car fire inside the garage of a house in the 1500 block of La Paz Drive."

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked at Walmart in Hays (Kansas):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked at food bank in Enfield (Connecticut):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame in garage at home in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 281 in San Antonio (Texas):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on I-15 in the Cajon Pass in San Bernardino County (California):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame at 5:25 AM at shops on Ainsworth Street in Mawson (Australia):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on Schonell Circuit in Oxley (Australia):

2015-11-19 - Taxi bursts into flame on street in coastal Cebu City (Philippine Islands):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on road in coastal Dubai (UAE):

2015-11-19 - Car and RV trailer go up in flames before 2:30 AM while parked at home, fire spreads to home, in Llanfair Kilgeddin (Britain):

Quote: "Firefighters battled a major fire in a Monmouthshire village for three hours this morning. They were called to a house on St Mary's Close in Llanfair Kilgeddin after fire spread from a car and a caravan. At the height of the blaze at about 2.30am six fire engines – from Usk, Abergavenny, New Inn and Cwmbran – were tackling it."

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked in carpark in coastal Torquay (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on Kingskerswell Road in Barton in coastal Torquay (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on Fairfax Drive in Westcliff (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Car bursts into flame near hospital in coastal London (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 5:30 AM near theater at mall in Camarillo (California):

Quote: "The fire was reported about 5:30 a.m. at Factory Stores Drive and East Ventura Boulevard. The California Highway Patrol first received a report that the vehicle was behind the Edwards Theater at The Outlets."

2015-11-19 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-65 in Boone County (Indiana):

2015-11-19 - Auto shop destroyed by fire in Harrison (Arkansas):

2015-11-19 - Barn destroyed by fire in Clay Township, Genoa (Ohio):

2015-11-19 - Barn and hay go up in flames in Georgetown (Illinois):

2015-11-19 - Restaurant damaged by fire at 12:15 AM in Cary (North Carolina), nobody there:

2015-11-19 - Linen business destroyed by massive blaze in Taylor (Texas):

2015-11-19 - Garage destroyed by fire at home in Minot (North Dakota):

2015-11-19 - Garage destroyed by fire at home in Wichita (Kansas), man seriously burned:

2015-11-19 - Garage destroyed by fire at 2:48 AM at home in Joplin (Missouri):

2015-11-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire, started in garage, in Waterville (Maine), 2 dogs killed, nobody there:

Note: Near the Kennebec River and even closer to Messalonskee Stream. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-11-19 - Home destroyed by fire at 2 AM in Westhampton (Massachusetts):

2015-11-19 - Home destroyed by fire at 4 AM in Lacey's Spring (Alabama):

2015-11-19 - Home destroyed by fire at 7:30 AM in Baton Rouge (Louisiana), nobody there:

2015-11-19 - Deadly fire destroys home in Slaughter (Louisiana), 1 killed:

2015-11-19 - Vacant home burns at 2:50 AM in Cleveland (Ohio):

2015-11-19 - Vacant home burns at 2:55 AM in Akron (Ohio):

2015-11-19 - Vacant home burns in Arlington area in Riverside (California):

2015-11-19 - Vacant commercial building burns on Port Watson Street in Cortland (New York), near the Tioghnioga River:

2015-11-19 - Vacant school building burns in Newark (New Jersey):

2015-11-19 - Vacant mill burns on Prospect Street in Thornton, Bradford (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Woman, 48, goes out on jet ski, next seen dead in the Napa River in Napa County (California):

2015-11-19 - Man, around 50, drops dead before 5:30 AM near the waterfront in coastal Sausalito (California):

2015-11-19 - Woman found dead in canyon near apartments in Grant Hill area in coastal San Diego (California):

2015-11-19 - Man found dead in swampy area at Lake Panasoffkee Wildlife Management Area (Florida):

2015-11-19 - Man, 37, soldier, drops dead at on-base residence at Fort Hood (Texas):

2015-11-19 - Man, 28, drops dead before 4:56 AM in jail cell in Wood County (Ohio):

2015-11-19 - Man, 51, drops dead on trail at Giuffrida Park in Meriden (Connecticut):

2015-11-19 - Man in his 60s drops dead at McAdams Park in Wichita (Kansas):

2015-11-19 - Man, 27, found dead at 6:42 AM along Allegheny River trail in Pittsurgh (Pennsylvania):

2015-11-19 - Woman, 33, found dead near her home in Wellsville (New York):

2015-11-19 - Woman, 60, found dead in temple pond in Jalandhar (India):

2015-11-19 - Man, 72, found dead in drainage canal in Lakshmipuram (India):

2015-11-19 - Man falls off bridge onto street and dies near the River Tyne in Newcastle (Britain), possible toppler:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-11-19 - Man drops dead near shops on Ladypool Road in Sparkbrook (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Man has 'medical problem', tanker truck veers off road, hits trees and pole, near Cave Junction (Oregon), 1 injured:

Quote: "Officials say the driver was found unconscious, and was taken to a local hospital. Police believe he may have suffered a medical problem prior to the crash, and that may have caused the accident."

2015-11-19 - Man has 'medical emergency', tractor trailer veers off road, crashes near home, in Fargo (North Dakota):

Quote: "A semi veered off the interstate Thursday and crashed into the backyard of a south Fargo home because the driver suffered from a 'medical emergency,' a North Dakota Highway Patrol captain said."

Note: Plenty of truckers have been found slumped over dead in their big rigs in recent times too...

2015-11-19 - Small plane crashes and burns near airport in La Verne (California), 1 lightly injured:

2015-11-19 - Small plane crashes near inn in Coalinga (California):

2015-11-19 - Small plane makes emergency landing at airport in North Las Vegas (Nevada), landing gear problem:

2015-11-19 - Passenger train derails in Chicago (Illinois), 1 injured:

2015-11-19 - Two tractor trailers crash at 1:30 AM, one bursts into flame, on I-70 near Zanesville (Ohio), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer slams into disabled car in the wee hours, car bursts into flame, near Cypress (Texas), 2 killed:

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer overturns, bursts into flame, on I-84 in East Hartford (Connecticut), 1 injured:

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-75 in Toledo (Ohio):

2015-11-19 - Tractor trailer overturns on US 30 near Merrillville (Indiana):

2015-11-19 - Van veers over centerline, hits semi head-on, on I-74 near Shelbyville (Indiana), 1 killed:

2015-11-19 - SUV veers over centerline just after 1 AM, hits semi head-on, in Centennial (Colorado), 1 killed:

2015-11-19 - Pickup truck and SUV collide head-on, both burst into flame, in coastal Palm Beach Gardens (Florida), 2 killed:

2015-11-19 - Car and semi collide head-on, on Highway 5 near Dauphin (Canada), 1 killed:

2015-11-19 - Car veers over centerline, hits dump truck head-on, near coastal Edgewater (Florida), 1 killed:

2015-11-19 - Car veers over centerline, hits minivan head-on, near Stoneville (North Carolina), 3 injured:

Quote: "The accident happened at about 4:40 p.m. on Business 220 near Mayo River State Park."

2015-11-19 - Car veers over centerline, hits SUV head-on, car bursts into flame, near Beecher (Illinois), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2015-11-19 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in coastal Coos Bay (Oregon), 3 injured:

2015-11-19 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, near Ravenna (Ohio), 2 injured:

2015-11-19 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in Laurel (Maryland), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2015-11-19 - Two cars collide head-on, in Scottsdale (Arizona), 2 injured:

2015-11-19 - Two pit bulls menace woman, charge cop, in Defuniak Springs (Florida):

2015-11-19 - Residential building partially collapses, car crushed, on Wilkinson Street in Leigh (Britain):

2015-11-19 - Mount Sinabung erupts again in Sumatra (Indonesia), spews ash 2 kilometers into the atmosphere:

2015-11-19 - Magnitude 5.0 earthquake strikes near Kathmandu (Nepal):

2015-11-19 - Magnitude 4.7 earthquake strikes near Cherokee (Oklahoma):

Quote: "The magnitude 4.7 quake, centered in Oklahoma, but the temblor could be felt up to 1,200 miles away."

2015-11-19 - Magnitude 3.2 earthquake shakes Volcano Bárðarbunga in Iceland:

2015-11-19 - Man sickens on offshore support ship 'Floatel Victory' near the Shetland Islands (Scotland):

Quote: "A man had to be airlifted to hospital from the 'Floatel Victory' in the morning of Nov 19, 2015. Emergency services were alerted about 8.30 a.m., after the man fell ill on the support vessel north-west of Shetland. A Coastguard search and rescue helicopter was subsequently launched and he was airlifted to Tingwall Airport, before being transported by ambulance to Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick."

2015-11-19 - Man falls off ship 'Sachsen' and disappears at 11:30 PM near coastal Hirtshals (Denmark):

Quote: "A major rescue and search has been on since midnight on Nov 19, 2015, 17 miles northwest of Hirtshals, after a 28 year old crew member of the 'Skagen' fell overboard around 11.30 p.m. by yet unknown reasons."

2015-11-19 - Haze hits apartment building in Springboro (Ohio), fire not the cause:

2015-11-19 - Heatwave continues to bake New South Wales (Australia):

2015-11-19 - Lightning strikes kill two women in Sri Lanka:

2015-11-19 - Severe thunderstorms bring gigantic hail, flooding rain and a tornado to Argentina:

2015-11-19 - Antibiotic-resistant bacteria evolving in pigs, could easily spread to humans:

Quote: "'What is particularly worrying about this is the mechanism of this resistance means that it can spread very easily between species. So global spread is likely.' Liz Tayler of the World Health Organization told BBC4 Radio."

2015-11-19 - Large blue-green fireball seen in the skies over Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana:

2015-11-19 - Fireball lights up the sky in New Mexico:

2015-11-19 - Super rare dragon-looking deep ocean lancetfish found on beach in New Plymouth (New Zealand):

2015-11-19 - Australia just stopped China from buying a farm the size of Kentucky:

2015-11-19 - Tropical fossil forest unearthed in Norway:

2015-11-19 - Lots of massive galaxies that shouldn't exist discovered at the edge of the observable universe:

2015-11-19 - Scientist claims to have detected a parallel universe:

2015-11-19 - UFO photographed near the International Space Station:


  1. Yee-ha, Jonny - sure glad i don't live in Britain. You seein' this? EVERY DAY we have people being found dead, vehicles flaming out and other JJFH related incidents. Yes sir, sure glad i live here where .. uh . . .um .. nevermind.

    THREE transformers today! And another garbage truck, oh - and a FIRE truck!

    More people dropping out of life involuntarily. i'm a little concerned about all the big rig drivers suddenly having "medical issues" and crashing those enormous vehicles into other things. Gettin' dangerous to do ANYTHING!

    some of today's opening stories:

    [big snowstorm in the middle of the U.S.]
    Record 14-inch snowfall pummels Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Earthquake destroys idyllic Greek beach; video shows massive landslides

    Zika Virus 101: One More Mosquito-Borne Disease To Worry About

    13 People Dead After Seafood Bacteria Outbreak
    It's called vibrio poisoning and it's on the rise right now.

    Saturday, 21 November 2015
    Early heatwave in Australia
    Heatwave early.....Australia on fire!


  2. Check this Earth movement out in California:

    Things that make you go, 'Hmmm.' There's a big advantage for drones: no need for roads! Also no drivers to slump over dead and crash. I'm sure there are plenty of disadvantages too, but those are two pretty big advantages.

  3. yeah, that's amazing

    Landslide buckles Vasquez Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, California

    More than half the road was lifted some 15 feet in the air, with dirt from the neighboring hillside sliding underneath and causing significant cracks.

    "closed indefinitely" . . .

    Second earthquake rattles northern Oklahoma; 4.6 magnitude

    6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Indonesia

    [here's one for you, Jonny]
    Outgassing? Residents baffled as mystery stench engulfs Barcelona

    [you'll notice, from the pic - it's a coastal city]

    Lightning bolt kills 6 family members in Zimbabwe

    [follow up to an earlier bizarre episode of driving while NOT intoxicated]
    Oklahoma woman who plowed into homecoming crowd was not drunk: court papers

    [they're playin' the "mental problems" card]

    The suspect's father, Floyd Chambers, and her attorney have said she has a history of mental illness and sought treatment twice in recent years.

    Facing four counts of second-degree murder and 46 counts of assault and battery, Chambers is due back in court on Dec. 10 and is currently being held in lieu of $1 million bond.


  4. Winter storm brings record breaking snowfall to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota

    Signs and Portents: Calf born with two heads and six legs in Los Conquistadores, Argentina

    One of the world's most beautiful beaches lost to landslide following earthquake on Lefkada island, Greece

    [and now for our Holy Shit moment]
    337 whales beached in biggest stranding known to science, Patagonia, Chile

    [they just had all those earthquakes in the ocean, which release gases . . .]

    Eerie sun halo photographed in the sky of Bali, Indonesia

    Meteor fireball strikes the Earth somewhere in Humboldt County, California?

    [ya sure it isn't another "missile test?"]

    International Space Station astronaut tweets photo with UFO

    "In the upper right of the photo you can clearly see a large object with two lights on each end," alien hunter Sonofmabarker wrote on YouTube (see video below). "It also appears to be very large and constructed."

    Police: Man waves sword around inside Manhattan Apple Store

    Magnitude 4.1 quake hits north Oklahoma, second in 2 days


  5. Maple Manhattans: whew!

    Great white shark sighting briefly closes Huntington City Beach

    [He was just lookin' for a snack as he swam up the coast, come on!]

    Permafrost: hiding a climate time bomb?

    "So if we transformed all the carbon in the permafrost into CO2, we would triple the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, and that would mean the end of the world as we know it."

    [. . .faster than it's GOING to happen anyway.]

    Natural gas leak that's sickening Valley residents could take months to fix

    A leaking well in the Santa Susana Mountains, more than a mile from the nearest homes in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Porter Ranch, has elicited hundreds of complaints from residents and drawn the scrutiny of state regulators and health officials.

    The gas company discovered the leak at its Aliso Canyon storage facility Oct. 23 and said it occurred in a pipe casing a few hundred feet below the surface of a well that goes 8,500 feet underground. The gas is flowing into the earth and seeping up through the ground, said Javier Mendoza, a gas company spokesman.

    i dunno Jonny. We actually realize that we're riding the train over the cliff and continue to act as if "well, it hasn't happened jest yet . ." - what kinda fucked up is THAT!

    i mean, yeah - what else are ya s'posed a do? G'd-em, NObody wants a hear the goll-ang TRUTH, fer cry-sakes ah main ye get dis-invahded ta parties, i te-ye.

    It's all too much.


  6. Yeah, it's pretty overwhelming, can't argue with that! Took me a whole year before I mustered up the wherewithal to post regularly about what's happening. Also, I wanted to see if the gubments could put the foul genie back in the bottle, but I didn't expect that they could, and they didn't, because they can't. It's all out of our hands now, feedbacks reinforcing feedbacks which reinforce other feedbacks, yada yada. Unstoppable.