Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 - OCT - Zombie Files

2015-10-01 - Naked man, 41, runs around before 2 AM, sweats, shouts at cars, in Orange (Texas):

2015-10-01 - Naked man, 21, runs down street in Potsdam (New York):

2015-10-02 - Naked man, 18, carjacks or steals five vehicles, finally caught at Nemahbin Lake (Wisconsin):

2015-10-03 - Naked man, 22, kills woman at 5 AM, runs through neighborhood, gets hit by car, in Bloomington (California):

2015-10-03 - Naked man, 63, found walking around at 6:36 AM near the 60 Freeway in Chino (California):

Quote: "A 63-year-old man was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation early Monday morning after he was found walking naked on Mountain Avenue near the 60 Freeway in Chino. Chino police and Chino Valley Fire District firefighters were called at 6:36 a.m. and found the naked man walking on a sidewalk. He was detained and taken to a hospital. The man’s name was not released because he has not been charged with a crime."

2015-10-04 - Naked man, 67, fires guns at imaginary intruders in apartment, in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2015-10-05 - Woman, 18, foams at the mouth, exhibits superhuman strength, in coastal Lima (Peru):

Quote: "An 18-year-old woman in Lima, Peru, reportedly became possessed by a demon – convulsing, foaming at the mouth and even trying to kill herself – after playing a version of a Ouija board game on her phone Saturday. In a video posted by the London Express, Patricia Quispe can be seen thrashing and crying out as medics hold her down on a table. Medical experts said she exhibited abnormal strength, and it took them more than 30 minutes to restrain her."

2015-10-05 - Naked man, 31, found with knife in field near school in Manchester (Connecticut):

2015-10-05 - Naked man in his 30s climbs on roof of home at 4:30 AM in Dungiven (Ireland), near the River Roe:

2015-10-06 - Naked man confronts sorority members, acts confused, disoriented and 'out of it', in Athens (Georgia):

2015-10-06 - Naked man, 35, starts grass fire in Austin (Texas):

2015-10-09 - Man in his 20s rants and screams for 16 hours on fire escape in coastal San Francisco (California):

Quote: "Traffic at the intersection of Eddy and Taylor streets was blocked off as police tried to get the man to surrender and come down. But by midmorning, he was still running up and down the fire escape from the third-floor to the fourth, screaming and cursing at no one in particular."

2015-10-12 - Man, 32, strips naked, foams at the mouth, stabs woman, attacks cars, in Walnut Hills (Ohio):

Quote: "Several people called 911 saying the man was naked with a bloody knife banging on cars, yelling and foaming at the mouth."

Quote: "A man at the home of the woman who was stabbed told FOX19 NOW on Monday that the woman has injuries to her hands and face. He mentioned she could have surgery sometime this week. 'It was just something crazy - broad daylight, kids outside. Stuff like that ain't supposed to happen,' said Jason Minor who witnessed the incident. 'He was belligerent. He was foaming at the mouth and going crazy.'"

2015-10-12 - Naked man found on top of Sears at mall in Santa Clarita (California), taken in for evaluation:

2015-10-13 - Naked man runs around golf course, attacks convenience store employee, gets into car chase, in coastal Tarpon Springs (Florida):

Quote: "Authorities said the unidentified man was running naked around a Tarpon Spring golf course early Tuesday morning. Pasco Sheriff's Office deputies caught up with the suspect after he allegedly went into a convenience store and assaulted an employee. Authorities said he then jumped into his van and fled as deputies chased him. He allegedly sideswiped a patrol car during the chase."

Quote: "It's not clear why he wasn't wearing clothes."

2015-10-13 - Mostly naked man sneaks into home, chops off woman's nose, tries to strangle her, in Delhi (India):

2015-10-14 - Naked screaming man puts hospital on lockdown just before 11 PM in Plainview (Texas), man not found:

Quote: "At about 6:25 p.m., Plainview police officers responded to the area of the 2600 block of Dimmitt Road in reference to a man screaming, with concerns he may have been armed with a weapon, according to a statement from the city of Plainview. It has also been reported that the man was not wearing clothes, according to the release."

2015-10-14 - Woman, 35, strips naked, trashes restaurant, in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2015-10-14 - Naked man runs around in traffic, gets hit by semi, on the Great Western Highway at Bowenfels (Australia):

Quote: "An unidentified man who was seen running naked on the Great Western Highway yesterday is in a critical condition after being struck by a b-double truck. At 2.10pm Lithgow police received a number of calls from concerned motorists reporting a man without clothing running across the west bound lane at Bowenfels."

2015-10-14 - Man attacks ten people with hammer, gets restrained, drops dead, at office in Lillooet (Canada):

Quote: "Royal Canadian Mounted Police say they were called about a man with a weapon at the Bridge River Indian Band office. They say they found the suspect already restrained when they arrived, but he was unconscious and unresponsive. Police say they immediately started resuscitation efforts, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene."

2015-10-16 - Man acts strange, rolls around on grass, strips naked, chases another man, gets tased, in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

Quote: "A woman called the police just before 3 p.m. to report seeing a man acting strangely near the Tamarack Place apartments in the 1100 block of East 60th Street. The man was wearing clothes at the time and was rolling around in the grass by a fence outside the apartments, Cpl. Christy Kellerhals said. At some point, another man became involved. The man about whom police had received the initial call started chasing him, taking his clothes off as he was running, Kellerhals said."

2015-10-16 - Naked man, 37, found walking around inside Fairgrounds Square Mall in Muhlenberg Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-10-17 - Naked man flees cops, jumps into coastal Boston Harbor (Massachusetts), rescued:

2015-10-19 - Man, 22, crashes wedding, bites cop and police dog, in coastal Santa Barbara (California):

Quote: "Harwood says guests evicted him. But during a confrontation with two arriving officers, he punched one in the face and bit his shoulder, then bit a police dog on the leg. The confused dog also bit an officer."

2015-10-20 - Naked man spotted and chased near school in coastal Berkeley Vale (Australia):

Quote: "The New South Wales Central Coast’s Berkeley Vale Public School went into lockdown earlier today as police and search dogs scoured the site in pursuit of a naked man."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-10-20 - Naked man in his 20s assaults woman in park in coastal Brisbane (Australia):

2015-10-21 - Naked man chases woman, doesn't comply with cops, gets tased and arrested, in Abilene (Texas):

2015-10-22 - Naked man break-dances on street near Seaview Avenue, almost gets hit, in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

Quote: "4:35pm–#cttraffic–#Bridgeport CT– If traveling near the on ramp to I-95 on Stratford Avenue near Seaview Avenue avoid hitting the naked man break dancing in the middle of the street. He has almost been hit a number of times according to radio reports."

2015-10-26 - Naked man assaults woman at park in Taigum (Australia), 2 miles from the coast:

2015-10-26 - Naked man spotted on trail in coastal Arlington (Virginia):

2015-10-27 - Man, 35, flees cops, strips naked, runs into swampy area, gets captured near coastal San Diego (California):

2015-10-30 - Naked man, 18, found in field, wrestles with deputy, gets arrested, in Loveland (Colorado):

2015-10-31 - Naked man runs around on highway near River Road in Eugene (Oregon):

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