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2015 - JUL - Animal Die-Offs

2015-07-01 - Dozens of gulls found dead along road in Kuna (Idaho):

Quote: "The birds found dead show no signs of physical injury and were not sickened by plague, Oneale said."

2015-07-01 - Large number of fish, eels and frogs found dead in river in Tursi (Italy):

2015-07-01 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead at lagoon in Malambo (Colombia):

2015-07-01 - Thousands of jellyfish washing ashore at beaches in North Devon (Britain):

2015-07-01 - 37 Hawksbill turtles found dead at beach in Christ Church (Barbados):

2015-07-02 - Sperm whale found dead near Campbell's Beach (Australia):

2015-07-02 - Fish, frogs, lizards and other water animals found dead in the North Fork River in McDowell County (North Carolina):

Quote: "McDowell County officials are investigating and testing the water following a large fish kill in the North Fork River. Dead fish, frogs, lizards and other water animals were found along an approximate two-mile long span of the river in the area of Good Road off American Thread Road in Woodlawn."

Quote: "Families in the North Carolina mountains are making last-minute changes to Fourth of July plans after something killed every living thing in a popular river."

2015-07-02 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Hillsborough Lake in County Down (Ireland):

2015-07-02 - Deadly Portuguese man o' wars washing ashore in New Jersey:

2015-07-03 - Fish, crabs and lobsters dying in canals in coastal Key Largo (Florida):

Quote: "Something is killing large numbers of fish in the canals of Key Largo. Mark and Cindy Hall, who live on the ocean side of U.S. 1 of mile marker 95, noticed a milky sheen flowing into their Heron Road canal last weekend. By Sunday morning, the normally crystal-clear canal was full of dead fish, including a moray eel. Dead crabs clung to the seawall of the Halls' boat slip and dead lobsters littered the bottom. 'There's not a fish to be found alive in this canal,' Mark Hall said."

2015-07-03 - Sickened whale washes ashore and dies at Surfside Beach (Texas):

2015-07-04 - Young sea lion found dead in his pool at zoo in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

Note: Like all the people being found dead in pools and other bodies of water...

2015-07-04 - Young sloth bear found dead in tea estate in Nilgiris (India):

Quote: "Though the carcass was found slightly decomposed, there seemed no external injuries on the body of the animal..."

Quote: "The animal could have died in a fight either with a wild boar or Indian gaur, said the official."

Note: And neither the boar nor the gaur used their tusks/teeth on it? So they killed it with, what, death beams from their eyes? M'kay, I guess that makes about as much sense as anything Indian authorities say these days, which isn't saying a lot...

2015-07-04 - Monarch butterflies dying off:

2015-07-05 - Thousands of fish found dead in river in in Saronno (Italy):

2015-07-06 - Hundreds of birds dying in coastal San Lorenzo (Honduras):

Quote: "It has caused great excitement among the population the mass death of birds in San Lorenzo, Valle, southern Honduras. Especially chickens, roosters and chickens have been affected with sudden deaths so far unexplained. Apparently in the upper parts of the town wild birds falling dead from the trees as neighbors calling radio stations are observed. Between 200 and 300 flying species have fallen fulminated but no one knows the specific causes that caused their deaths."

Note: Dozens of birds were just found dead along a road in Kuna (Idaho) too, mentioned in the 2015-07-01 update, no signs of injury or disease. There've been numerous incidents involving flocks of birds dropping dead from the sky in recent years. That's obviously not disease because no disease strikes an entire flock in flight, so it has to be something environmental. Since they're in the air when they fall from the sky, it has to be something in the atmosphere, which means it's a gas. In early 2011 (about two days after a huge number of birds dropped dead in Beebe, Arkansas) I smelled an unfamiliar odor in the wee hours and right after that a flock of birds fell out of the sky dead and landed on the garage across the street from me. That was about a year and a half before birds began mysteriously disappearing over the ocean between Scotland and Britain, the so-called 'Birdmuda Triangle', mentioned in the 2012-08-29 update...

2015-07-06 - Largest Gulf Coast bird colony in Florida, on Seahorse Key, now completely empty of birds:

Quote: "In May, Seahorse Key fell eerily quiet, as thousands of birds suddenly disappeared, and biologists are trying to find the reason why. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Vic Doig said what was once the largest bird colony on the state's Gulf Coast is now a 'dead zone.' Scientists have found no indication that disease, contaminants or predators are to blame."

Note: They either fled an increasingly hostile environment or they died while out looking for food and their bodies were eaten by whatever other animals are still alive out there, if there are any animals still alive in that area. Plenty of people have been mysteriously dying in Florida too, and sometimes people are stripping naked and going insane in Florida too. Florida's downwind of the Gulf of Mexico, North America's sewer, so none of that is surprising...

2015-07-06 - 30 sea birds, a whale and 2 sea lions found dead at beach in Tacna (Peru):

Quote: "In place other dead animals were also found, including two sea lions and 30 birds. The authorities have been unable to determine the cause of death of the birds."

2015-07-06 - Bottlenose dolphin and elephant seal wash ashore dead at Ocean Beach (California):

Quote: "A bottlenose dolphin and an elephant seal became the latest in a string of marine mammals to be found dead along the Northern California coast after they floated ashore at Ocean Beach, officials said."

Quote: "Today's beachings follow multiple cases of dead whales appearing on our coast over the last couple of months."

2015-07-06 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Porong River in Java (Indonesia):

2015-07-06 - 8,000 sardines found dead in reservoir in Toa Alta (Puerto Rico):

2015-07-06 - Fish dying in lake in Nanhai District (China):

Note: Not looking good for oxygen-using life on this planet. But that's how these extinction events work: steady but increasingly hyperbolic escalation until most oxygen-using life is dead. Bacteria will definitely survive, and fungi and some plants. I think some insects will survive again too, as they have before, though even insects took a serious beating during the Permian-Triassic extinction. Anything else, very iffy. And primates? Not a chance...

2015-07-07 - Tens of thousands of fish found dead at Flanners Beach (North Carolina):

2015-07-07 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the Ganga River near Shukhra (India):

2015-07-07 - 2600+ tons of fish found dead in lake in Castanhao (Brazil):,3460895/2-6-mil-toneladas-de-peixes-morrem-em-15-dias-no-acude-castanhao.shtml,3460895/2-6-mil-toneladas-de-peixes-morrem-em-15-dias-no-acude-castanhao.shtml

2015-07-07 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead in Denmark, first in 110 years:

Quote: "According to Olsen, a humpback whale hasn't washed up in Denmark in 110 years."

2015-07-07 - Fish dying in Negros Oriental (Philippine Islands):

Note: And here's another pile of animal die-offs. This planet's gonna be eerie when all that's left alive are bacteria, fungi, weeds, jellyfish, bugs and (maybe) rodents...

2015-07-08 - Dog drinks from Payette Lake (Idaho) and drops dead:

Quote: "MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter in McCall warned the public on Facebook on Wednesday that the dog might have died from an algae bloom on popular Payette Lake. But a senior watershed analyst for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said Thursday that she found no evidence of a bloom, or high concentration of the algae, where the dog had been drinking the water — near the boat launch at Ponderosa State Park."

Note: Lot of people dying after contact with water - or just proximity to water - these days too. Hydrogen sulfide is water-soluble and it's a heavier-than-air gas that tends to end up in all the same places that water does...

2015-07-08 - 15 birds and thousands of fish found dead in lake, again, in coastal London (Britain):

2015-07-08 - More than 1000 fish found dead in the River Lark in Bury St Edmunds (Britain):

2015-07-08 - Around 1000 fish found dead in a lake in Dungannon Park in County Tyrone (Ireland):

2015-07-08 - Huge number of shrimp dying in the Mekong Delta in Soc Trang Province (Vietnam):

2015-07-09 - 17 bison found dead near watering trough at Fort Belknap Indian Reservation (Montana):

Quote: "Multiple official sources have confirmed that the bodies of 17 dead bison were discovered over the Fourth of July weekend near a watering trough on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. The exact cause of the bison deaths remains under investigation, but the sudden demise of so many animals is raising concerns from both tribal members and area ranchers."

2015-07-09 - Hundreds of fish found dead in lake in Lakewood (Colorado):

Quote: "The manager of urban parks in Lakewood, Steve Carpenter, said the die off is likely due to the recent change in temperature. The rain that fell Sunday and Monday cooled the water. Colder water is deficient in oxygen. The fish were not able to get enough oxygen from the cooler water."

Note: No, that's exactly wrong. Colder water holds MORE oxygen, not less. WARM water holds less oxygen. So that colder water should have HELPED the oxygen levels in the water there, which means that the odds are that it wasn't the oxygen levels that killed those fish, but something else entirely...

2015-07-09 - Huge number of fish found dead in lake in Anhui (China):

2015-07-09 - Hundreds of fish found dead in river in Jura (France):

2015-07-10 - Sperm whale found dead near Jurong Island (Singapore), first time ever:

2015-07-10 - Thousands of eels die in river in coastal Termunten (Netherlands):

2015-07-10 - Hundreds of fish found dead in canal in Brussels (Belgium):

2015-07-10 - Hundreds of trout found dead in river in Aveze (France):,1188079.php

2015-07-11 - Five more whales found dead in Alaskan waters, bringing total to 14 since June:

Quote: "Kate Wynne, a Marine Mammal Specialist for the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, told Channel 2 News that since the June 18 announcement of the nine dead fin whales, four humpback whales and another fin whale have been found dead."

2015-07-11 - Thousands of fish found dead in Crystal Lake (Iowa):

2015-07-12 - Thousands of fish found dead in Kwun Tong (China):

Quote: "Mass kill a mystery as clean-up continues and a putrid stench fills the air..."

2015-07-12 - Rare sunfish washes ashore dead at remote beach in Tasmania (Australia):

2015-07-13 - Several tons of fish found dead along the coast in Chiapas (Mexico):

2015-07-13 - Thousands of fish found dead in river in coastal Penang (Malaysia):

2015-07-14 - Mass turtle die-off a mystery in coastal Wellfleet (Massachusetts):

2015-07-14 - Many thousands of fish found dead in reservoir in Guangxi (China):

2015-07-14 - Fish dying in lake in Quang Nam Province (Vietnam):

2015-07-15 - Young kakapo (large flightless parrot) found dead on coastal Codfish Island (New Zealand):

Quote: "Kakapo Recovery rangers found her body last week, although there was no obvious sign of illness or injury."

Quote: "Given that kakapo can potentially live more than 60 years, it's a tragedy that she has died at the age of 16, when she may have had decades of successful breeding ahead of her."

2015-07-16 - Dozens of deepwater sturgeon found dead in the Columbia River (Washington):

Quote: "Washington Fish and Wildlife officials have received repeated reports of dead sturgeon this week on the Columbia River. Wednesday, Paul Hoffarth, district biologist for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, began adding up the sightings. His rough total came to 66 dead sturgeon in the Columbia River from McNary Dam to Boardman. More than 20 were reported upstream, from the Hanford Reach downstream to the McNary Dam."

2015-07-16 - Pygmy sperm whale mother and calf wash ashore and die near Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

Quote: "They only hit the beach if they are sick and dying. This is a very sad thing because they are coming ashore sick and dying."

2015-07-17 - Three leatherback turtles wash ashore dead at Matura Beach on the island of Trinidad:

2015-07-18 - Hundreds of fish found dead in duck pond in Winterbourne, near Bristol (Britain):

2015-07-19 - 60 turtles found dead in three weeks in coastal Venice (Italy):

Quote: "On the reasons there is currently no hypothesis. The conditions of decomposition of the specimens found not allow a definitive diagnosis of the cause of death."

2015-07-19 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Breda (Netherlands):

2015-07-20 - Three right whales found dead in three weeks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada):

Quote: "The Gulf of St. Lawrence has seen three Right Whale carcasses floating in its waters in the last three weeks and according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada it is an alarming number considering the small population of this particular species of whale. The last reported sighting of a dead whale in the Gulf was back in 2001."

2015-07-20 - Fish dying in lake in Drochia (Moldova):

2015-07-21 - Around 50 turtles found dead in lake in Kiev (Ukraine):

2015-07-21 - Around 40 turtles found dead on beach in coastal Veracruz (Mexico):

2015-07-21 - Thousands of fish dying in Lake Summerset in Winnebago County (Illinois):

2015-07-21 - Hundreds of fish found dead in stream at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in coastal Singapore:

2015-07-21 - Deepwater frostfish strands and dies at beach near Nelson (New Zealand):

2015-07-22 - Ten sharks wash ashore dead at beach in Formby (Britain):

2015-07-22 - Fish dying in the Nile River in Rosetta (Egypt):

2015-07-23 - Dolphin calf dies, mother refuses to abandon it, off the coast of Ostia (Italy):

2015-07-23 - Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore dead at beach on the island of Maui (Hawaii):

2015-07-23 - Substantial number of fish found dead in Six Mile Water in Ballyclare (Ireland):

2015-07-24 - Thousands of fish dying in lake in Wuhan (China):

2015-07-24 - Thousands of fish found dead in channel in coastal Ventura County (California):

2015-07-24 - Whale washes ashore dead at beach in Ullala (India):

2015-07-24 - Deepwater oarfish found dead near the Philippine Islands:

2015-07-24 - Hundreds or thousands of sea hares washing ashore and dying at beaches in Florida:

2015-07-24 - Hundreds of fish found dead in pond in Pilibhit (India):

2015-07-25 - Rarely-seen deepwater beaked whale washes ashore dead in coastal Plymouth (Massachusetts):

2015-07-25 - Fish, birds and sea mammals dying in the coastal Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

2015-07-26 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the River Enler in County Down (Ireland):

2015-07-27 - Another deepwater beaked whale washes ashore dead, this time on the island of Guam:

2015-07-27 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis County (Missouri):

2015-07-27 - Two hundred tons of fish found dead in Orbetello Lagoon (Italy):

2015-07-27 - Fish and shrimp dying in river in Meulaboh (Indonesia):

2015-07-28 - Hundreds of thousands of sockeye salmon dying in the Columbia River (Idaho):

2015-07-29 - Thousands of crabs wash ashore dead at Bayshore Waterfront Park in coastal Middletown (New Jersey):

Quote: "Thousands of dead crabs have washed up at the Bayshore Waterfront Park in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown. Visitors to the park say the crabs were found all along the coastline, as well as in the water, and that the smell from the crabs baking in the hot sun was unbearable."

2015-07-29 - Fish dying in the Providence and Seekonk Rivers (Rhode Island):

2015-07-29 - Fish washing ashore dead in coastal Juan Griego (Venezuela):

2015-07-29 - Thirty tons of fish found dead in ponds in Suqian (China):

2015-07-30 - Fish dying in the North Saluda River (South Carolina):

2015-07-30 - Two tigers found dead in the coastal Sunderbans (India):

Quote: "According to preliminary report, in the first case, the fully grown male tiger died of natural causes. However, details of the second one were not available. The officials said they were 'baffled' by the fact that two carcasses were found at almost the same spot and added this has to be investigated."

Note: Wouldn't be so sure that was 'natural causes'. Did they do a hydrogen sulfide test? No, they didn't, because there isn't one, and such deaths will look just like the creature's heart stopped, and they call that 'natural causes'. Same with many of the people dropping dead, including children and young healthy people. These tigers were both found dead by fishermen so they were both near a body of water of some kind. A recent story said there were only 100 tigers left alive in the Sunderbans, so now, a week later, I guess they're down to 98. At this rate there will be no tigers left alive in the Sunderbans in less than a year...

2015-07-31 - Large number of fish dying in the South Branch Whitewater River (Minnesota):

2015-07-31 - Large number of fish found dead in lake in Dharwad (India):

2015-07-31 - Whale washes ashore dead at beach in Tannirbavi (India):

2015-07-31 - Thousands of fish found dead in swamp in Sucre (Colombia):

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