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2014 - JUN - Other Stories

2014-06-30 - First woman becomes 4-star admiral in the US Navy:

Quote: "She will serve as the vice chief of naval operations, which makes her the No. 2 admiral in the Navy behind Adm. Jonathan Greenert, the chief of naval operations."

2014-06-29 - Mount Sinabung violently erupts, evacuations ensue, in North Sumatra (Indonesia):

Quote: "Sunday's eruption occurred at 19:29 p.m. Jakarta time (1229 GMT) with 4,000 meter high column of ash spewed to the sky..."

2014-06-29 - Volcano Nishinoshima erupts explosively on island in Japan:

Quote: "An explosive event occurred last night at the growing island, Nishino-shima volcano. VAAC Tokyo reported an ash plume at 10,000 ft (3 km) altitude drifting to the northeast."

2014-06-29 - Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes 120 miles south of the island of Tonga:

2014-06-29 - Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes off the coast of Wallis Island (French Collectivity):

2014-06-29 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes off the coast of Wallis Island (French Collectivity):

Note: MISA Theory just keeps looking more and more accurate all the time...

2014-06-28 - Man has seizure and woman sickens on flight from coastal Los Angeles (California) to coastal Tampa (Florida):

Quote: "Journalist Al Tompkins was on the flight. He says a man had a seizure after the plane left Los Angeles. Crews were forced to make an emergency landing at Bush Airport in Houston. A surgeon happened to be on the flight and helped the man having a seizure until the plane landed. After the plane resumed its flight to Tampa, a second passenger suffered a medical emergency. Tompkins says a woman became sick when the plane hit turbulence over the Gulf. When the flight landed in Tampa, medics met the plane and took the woman to the hospital."

Note: It's not hard to extrapolate out a bit and see how this is gonna go. 'In totally unrelated incidents, 4 people have died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, 17 people had seizures, 41 people began vomiting, 8 people lost consciousness including one of the pilots, and one man bit a child's face off during a flight from California to Tokyo. In other news, a suspected propane leak from a gas grill caused an explosion that destroyed the city of Brisbane and suspected arsonists torched 293 cars overnight in London...'

2014-06-28 - Empty boat found adrift and still running, man, 25, missing, on the Columbia River near La Center (Washington):

Quote: "The Clark County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol was dispatched at around 5:30 p.m. after callers to 911 reported that the motor was still running, but the boat was un-occupied. At least one caller reported seeing a person in the water."

2014-06-28 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake hits southeast Arizona:

2014-06-28 - Woman orders some food at Sonic, gets bonus order of marijuana, in Frederick (Maryland):

Note: You gotta pay extra for that here!

2014-06-28 - Z Nation zombie TV series filming this summer in northeast Washington State:

Quote: "The latest entry into the growing catalog of zombie stories in the entertainment world, the new television series 'Z Nation,' is in the midst of filming its 13-episode first season in northeast Washington state."

Note: And even as people are hit with Zombie Mania, they're totally unaware that an ACTUAL 'Zombie Apocalypse', of a sort, has already begun, and anyone can be zombified at any time now, though that's more likely to happen in the wee hours and/or in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like bodies of water...

2014-06-27 - Diver goes missing off the coast near Beaufort (North Carolina):

Note: A fire station and all the fire trucks inside it was just destroyed by fire near Beaufort when a fire truck burst into flame while parked inside the station, mentioned in the 2014-06-22 update and the 2014-06-26 update...

2014-06-27 - Mutant 'super rats' making serious strides in spreading throughout Britain:

Quote: "Mutant 'super rats' that have become immune to common poisons are spreading across Britain, scientists have warned. Researchers from the University of Huddersfield tested rats in 17 counties and found rodents resistant to over-the-counter poisons such as Bromadiolone and Difenacoum in every single one. In more than 50 towns across the UK - from Reading to Sheffield to Dumfries and Galloway - they found rats who were 100% resistant to common poisons."

Note: I mentioned these rats in the 2012-11-19 update but they hadn't spread nearly as far at that time. Now, less than two years later, it appears that they're virtually everywhere...

2014-06-26 - Boater goes missing on Conewago Creek in Dover Township (Pennsylvania):

2014-06-26 - Stinging jellyfish swarming near Newquay, Cornwall (Britain):

Quote: "Experts say jellyfish are thriving in our warming seas with more and more swarms - or flutters as they are collectively known - reaching our beaches in the past few years."

2014-06-25 - Residents report water has foul odor in Houston (Texas), blamed on algae:

Quote: "No action is being taken to correct the problem."

2014-06-25 - NASA's next manned spacecraft passes parachute test:

Quote: "Parachutes will be used to slow Orion down when it comes back from its first spaceflight, which is currently scheduled for December."

2014-06-24 - Rotten egg smell hits Marrero (Louisiana):

Quote: "We had numerous calls or complaints of rotten egg smell and natural gas..."

Quote: "According to the fire chief, so far, no one has gotten sick because emissions coming from the plant. He said it's more of a nuisance because of the strong odor."

Quote: "Marrero-Harvey Fire Chief Don Roberston said the smell is particulary strong when winds are out of the north, blowing emissions in the direction of surrounding neighborhoods."

Note: Marrero is located on the banks of the Mississippi River, which is just north of the city, and Marrero is also near the Gulf of Mexico and lots of lakes. This odor is highly likely hydrogen sulfide and if the concentration goes up to 1 part per thousand then people will start falling over dead, going insane with brain damage, foaming at the mouth, bleeding from their mouth/nose/ears, having seizures and 'medical events', experiencing kidney failure, etc. That just might be more than a nuisance. On the plus side, they're doing better than the thousands of people in coastal Rayong (Thailand) who recently started puking and fled from toxic gas of unknown origin, mentioned in the 2014-06-08 update...

2014-06-24 - Tips related to house fires from the Kent Fire Department in Washington State:

2014-06-24 - For just $6.49 million you can own an 18000-square-foot tinderbox and bonfire-to-be on a private island in Montana:

Note: 'What do I have to do to get you moved into this exquisite log cabin deathtrap today?!' Ah yes, now I remember why I didn't last long in sales...

2014-06-23 - Methane bubbling from methane hydrate deposits on the ocean floor near Wakayama (Japan):

Quote: "The prefectural office conducted a survey using fish sonar between last November and February this year and observed bubbles containing methane gas welling up from the seabed in several spots in an area around 18 kilometers off the Cape of Shionomisaki in Wakayama Prefecture."

Note: This is happening in areas all over the planet now. Fortunately for Japan, the wind will mostly blow any of this methane that escapes into the atmosphere toward North America's west coast. That won't be too great for North America's west coast though...

2014-06-23 - Magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes just off the coast of Little Sitkin Island (Alaska):

Quote: "The magnitude-7.9 earthquake was centered about 13 miles southeast of Little Sitkin Island, or about 1,400 miles southwest of Anchorage."

2014-06-23 - Three earthquakes, 6.9, 6.3 and 6.2, strike off the coast of Raoul Island (New Zealand):

Quote: "It was followed by a 6.3 two minutes later and a 6.2 just after 8am. The quakes struck around 90km off the coast of Raoul Island, or just under 1000km from Whangarei, the US Geological Survey reports."

2014-06-23 - People sickening in Toledo (Ohio) near where landfill burned in May:

2014-06-23 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Mississenewa Lake (Indiana):

2014-06-23 - Scientists predict more shark attacks this summer:

2014-06-22 - Volcanoes awakening in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska), most activity in 26 years:

Quote: "Sharply increased seismic activity and volcanic eruptions in the Aleutian Islands and the far western Brooks Range are being investigated by scientists. The Alaska Volcano Observatory says the activity over the past few months is the most seen by the station 26 years. On the Alaska Volcano Observatory three volcanoes are classified with a yellow alert level—signifying signs of elevated unrest above known background levels—and three are at an orange alert level—heightened unrest with increased likelihood of eruption."

2014-06-22 - Giant Peruvian vagina gives birth to clumsy US college student in Germany:

Note: I said it when a mobile brothel burst into flame in Germany: Germany has everything!

2014-06-21 - Man topples off bridge at 2:45 AM, falls 40 feet, in coastal Kalihiwai (Hawaii), 1 injured:

2014-06-21 - Volcano Piton de la Fournaise erupts on Réunion Island (France):

2014-06-21 - Scientists develop micro-architected metamaterials which can withstand 160,000 times their own weight:

2014-06-20 - Five earthquakes within 30 minutes rattle the Lake Tahoe Area (Nevada):

2014-06-20 - Volcanic activity increasing at Stromboli (Italy):

2014-06-20 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Clatto Reservoir in Dundee (Scotland):

2014-06-20 - The Queen buys Prince William and Kate a new helicopter:

Note: 'Heirforce One' is what the media is calling it. That's pretty good!

2014-06-19 - Empty 'ghost boat' found in the Rappahannock River near coastal Portsmouth (Virginia):

2014-06-19 - Thousands of jellyfish washing ashore at beaches around Cefn Sidan (Britain):

2014-06-18 - HazMat event, 45 children start vomiting and have serious headaches at daycare in Saint-Eustache (Canada):

Quote: "Workers at the daycare in Saint-Eustache, 45 kilometers (30 miles) northwest of Montreal, called for help after they and several of the children began vomiting and complaining of violent headaches. Symptoms in only a few of the children were initially dismissed because daycare staff believed they could be signs of flu. But they quickly realized something was seriously wrong when they too began to fall ill..."

2014-06-18 - Mt. Etna erupts, spews lava down its flanks, airport closed in Sicily (Italy):

2014-06-18 - Volcano Sabancaya awakens after 15 years, starts pluming smoke, in Peru:

2014-06-18 - Fire department, not utilities, responding to all 'gas odor' calls now in coastal New York City (New York):

2014-06-17 - Tulsa fire department prepares for 'the unthinkable':

Quote: "The Tulsa fire department is doing something it's never done: putting together a team of disaster relief experts for the worst-case scenario. It's called the Incident Management Team, FEMA-related program that has thought of everything."

2014-06-17 - Bees swarm boat, stay for a day, in coastal Monkstown, Co Cork (Ireland):

2014-06-17 - US aircraft supercarrier 'USS Constellation' to be scrapped in Brownsville (Texas):

2014-06-16 - British Airways tells crewmembers not to put dead passengers in the restroom:

Quote: "Apparently, there used to be a different policy on what to do with the deceased. 'Years ago we would give them a vodka tonic, a Daily Mail and eye shades and be like "yeah they're fine," she said to the group.'"

Note: That actually seems like a pretty reasonable plan! If I was next to a dead guy and they did that, I'd drink his vodka tonic and then tell the stewardess that he asked me to ask her for a refill...

2014-06-16 - Off-duty firefighter, well-trained athlete, disappears while camping in Ventura County (California):

Note: Picture in first link shows a group of searchers next to a creek or stream...

2014-06-16 - Wacky weather hits Utah, snow in the north and dry heat and fire danger in the south:

Note: All the volcanoes that have been erupting are resulting in the Earth cooling, but all the methane belching into the atmosphere is resulting in the Earth warming, so we have two forces yanking the climate in different directions now. In the long run the methane will win that battle and the Earth will bake. In the short term though, who knows, could see volcanic winter, or wild variations as the climate continues to destabilize, torn between the competing forces...

2014-06-16 - Heatwave bakes India, dozens of people dying:

Quote: "Parts of India are experiencing one of the worst heatwaves to ever hit central and northern regions, due to the late summer monsoon. Temperatures peaked at 44C in some areas, causing the death of many people due to sunstroke. Temperatures in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan states started to surge last week to 42-43C, with 45 sunstroke deaths registered in Vizianagaram district, an eastern state of Andhra Pradesh. In East Godavari, another district, it is said that 31 people have died."

2014-06-15 - Unmanned boat spotted off the coast near Charleston (South Carolina):

Quote: "According to officials, the 14-foot yellow McKee Craft center-console boat was drifting with the engine in the up position. No one was on board."

2014-06-15 - Mysterious sickness kills girl, sickens 1000 more people, in Sudan:

Quote: "On Thursday a girl died of a hitherto unknown disease at El Salam camp for the displaced in Nyala locality, South Darfur. Sheikh Mahjoub Adam Tabaldiya of El Salam camp told Radio Dabanga that Kaltouma Adam Omda (12) died of an unidentified disease on Thursday. 'More than 1,000 camp residents have been infected within four days. The symptoms are high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and coughing', the sheikh explained."

Note: No viral or bacterial agent identified, so there may not be one. This could be a toxin...

2014-06-15 - Passenger plane crew sickens, plane diverts to coastal Dublin (Ireland):

Quote: "The plane had left Dublin at 4.23pm yesterday afternoon and two hours and fifteen minutes into the flight a decision was made to return to Dublin as a 'number of cabin crew members reported that they were feeling unwell,' said a spokesman for the airline."

2014-06-15 - MERS corona virus spreads to Bangladesh:

2014-06-15 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Evergreen Reservoir and Piles Fork Creek in Carbondale (Illinois):

2014-06-14 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes in the South Indian Ocean at 11:11:

2014-06-13 - Empty 'ghost boat' kayak found in coastal Kitty Hawk (North Carolina), 14-year-old boy missing:

Quote: "Currituck County 911 dispatchers contacted Coast Guard watchstanders just before 7:30 p.m. reporting that the teen’s kayak had been found with a cell phone and fishing gear aboard around 11:00 a.m."

2014-06-13 - Volcano hit by quake swarm on coastal Semisopochnoi Island (Alaska):

2014-06-13 - Mauna Loa volcano experiences elevated seismic activity in Hawaii:

2014-06-13 - Aircraft carrier 'USS George H. W. Bush' moves into the Persian Gulf with two other warships:

Quote: "The aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush will move into the Persian Gulf by Saturday evening, where it will be accompanied by a guided-missile cruiser and destroyer..."

2014-06-12 - Former president George H.W. Bush turns 90, parachutes from plane, in Kennebunkport (Maine):

Note: Tandem jump, because he can't use his legs anymore. He's still got some adventurer spirit in those old bones!

2014-06-11 - Landfill temporarily ceases hydrogen sulfide burning in Roxbury Township (New Jersey):

Quote: "The hydrogen sulfide gas burning system at the former Fenimore landfill is down for maintenance for four days, and residents worry that this will mean a marked return of the noxious odor. At the Township Council meeting Tuesday night, Township Manager Christopher Raths said that the township was only informed that day that the oxidizer and scrubber system, which extracts the gas from the ground on the former landfill site and burns it off, was to be shut down. Shutdown dates were to include Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday."

Note: This town has actually drawn up evacuation plans because of the hydrogen sulfide emissions from this landfill. This landfill problem here is basically a microcosm of the ongoing planetary extinction event...

2014-06-11 - Scorpion population rising around Magnolia (Texas):

2014-06-09 - Man, 34, sickens on container ship in the Gulf of Mexico near Key West (Florida):

2014-06-09 - Obama pitches wildfire-fighting funding plan to 10 state governors:

Note: Yeah, something needs to change. They keep taking money from fire prevention funds to use to fight active fires, so then they run out of money to do the work to help prevent the fires in the first place. This is not a good time to be skimping on firefighting funds, either for prevention OR for fighting the active fires. Lots of towns have been laying off firefighters too, which is just insane...

2014-06-09 - Ebola death toll doubles to 12 in Sierra Leone:

Quote: "The death toll from Ebola in Sierra Leone has doubled to at least 12 in a week, local health authorities said on Monday, deepening the spread of a disease that has killed over 200 people in Guinea and Liberia."

2014-06-09 - Temp hits 47.8 degrees Celsius (119.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in Delhi (India), highest temps in 62 years:

2014-06-08 - Broiling heatwave hits Pakistan:

2014-06-07 - Unidentified 'illness' kills 8 young children and sickens 17 more in West Bengal (India):

Note: The symptoms and the fact that these were all young children (ages 1 to 6) makes this look suspiciously like hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Small creatures are also more vulnerable to toxins than large creatures...

2014-06-07 - Passenger starts having strong seizures on ship near the island of Amrum, near Germany, medevac'd off:

Quote: "On June 7, 2014, at 5 p.m. Bremen Rescue was notified by the 'Griroßherzogin Elisabeth' about a passenger who was suffering from strong seizures and needed immediate medical attention. Immediately the lifeboat 'Vormann Leiss' of the DGzRS-station Amrum was dispatched to the tall ship which was about ten nautical miles west of the island."

2014-06-07 - Three inmates escape from Orsainville Detention Centre via helicopter in Canada:

Note: It's a breakoot, eh!

2014-06-06 - Hilltop spews flames and hot liquid near Gadiyada (India):

Quote: "This is the first time such a volcanic activity has been witnessed in the state."

Quote: "'Gases and liquids are being emitted from holes in a 10 feet area around the hill where the volcanic activity took place,' said Ved Prakash, president of Drang panchayat. He said the eruption, unheard of in this area, caused panic among villagers."

2014-06-06 - People angry about power cuts amid intense heatwave burn electrical substations in Uttar Pradesh (India):

Quote: "Officials say thousands of people enraged by power cuts during an extreme heat wave have been rioting across northern India, setting electricity sub-stations on fire and taking power company officials hostage."

Note: I guess their thinking is, if WE can't have electricity to get cool then NOBODY is gettin' any. The world is descending into madness...

2014-06-06 - Asteroid bigger than the Superdome to fly by Earth at 777,000 miles distance on Sunday:

2014-06-05 - Volcano Ubinas continues erupting, starts throwing rocks, in Peru:

Quote: "According to El Comercio, Ubinas has recently begun launching volcanic rocks between 10 and 20 centimeters in length. Reports indicate that some of these rocks have been displaced as far as almost two kilometers."

2014-06-05 - Student has medical emergency on bus in Saline (Michigan):

2014-06-04 - Dozens of children infected with incurable virus in Australia:

Quote: "Parechovirus is a respiratory and intestinal disease that causes fever, irritability, rash and diarrhoea, but severe cases can develop into hepatitis or encephalitis. QPID Associate Professor Michael Nissen said the virus infected mainly infants, but no one was sure where it came from, how often it occurred or how to fight it. 'This virus does not respond to common antibiotics,' he said."

2014-06-04 - Man, 66, shows signs of kidney failure, medevac'd off passenger ship near coastal Prince Rupert (Canada):

Quote: "The Canadian coast guard requested U.S. Coast Guard assistance because they were unable to conduct the medevac due to high winds. Coast Guard watchstanders directed the launch of the Jayhawk crew to meet the 'Amsterdam' when the ship reached the Dixon Entrance. The Jayhawk crew safely hoisted the man, who was reportedly suffering signs of kidney failure, aboard the helicopter and transported him to commercial medical services in Sitka for a higher level of treatment."

2014-06-03 - British sailor says she may have seen Flight MH370 on fire flying over the Indian Ocean:

Quote: "British sailor Katherine Tee says she saw what appeared to be a plane that was on fire with black smoke trailing behind it..."

Note: Wouldn't doubt that at all, what with all the other planes smoking, burning and/or crashing in recent times. That was what I always figured happened to this plane: it flew through some hydrogen sulfide and/or methane, ignited, everyone on board was struck dead or rendered unconscious, and then it flew on until it crashed somewhere...

2014-06-03 - Swarm of earthquakes hits Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming):

Quote: "Seismographs have picked up a swarm of earthquakes in the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park, including dozens early Tuesday. The University of Utah Seismograph Station reported five small earthquakes including those with magnitudes of 3.4, 2.7 and 3.2 in a 20-minute period starting at 3:33 a.m. in an area 16 to 18 miles south of Gardiner. Earthquake information specialist Paul Roberson says there were another 20 to 30 small quakes Tuesday morning that hadn't yet been posted on the university's website."

2014-06-02 - HazMat event, 30 students sickened at school in Wheaton (Illinois):

Note: There was a 'gas leak' and at the same time an AC unit began emitting a burning odor that sickened people. Hydrogen sulfide at low concentrations smells like 'rotten eggs', just as does the odorant added to natural gas, so people are confusing the two smells, at least sometimes. Hydrogen sulfide is also reactive with electrified copper, like, say, wiring in AC units, and AC units obviously are used to move the atmosphere around. Fifteen students just sickened with some displaying confusion and erratic behavior at Riverdale High School in Muscoda (Wisconsin), mentioned in the 2014-05-31 update. Natural gas and carbon monoxide were ruled out in that event...

2014-06-02 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreaks hit Memorial Park Lake and Old Herington Lake (Kansas):

2014-06-01 - Swimmer goes missing at Juno Beach (Florida):

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