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2014 - JUN - Animal Die-Offs

2014-06-30 - Fish washing ashore dead at Ormond Beach (Florida):

2014-06-27 - A million fish die at Winyah Bay (South Carolina) and more fish die in the North Inlet, in coastal Georgetown County (South Carolina):

Quote: "Dean Cain, a marine biologist with S.C. Department of Natural Resources, said 'upwards of a million fish' died in Winyah Bay around Muddy Bay...'

Note: I wondered where Dean Cain disappeared to after everyone realized he was a terrible actor!

2014-06-27 - Fish dying and stinking up the area at Chickasaw Pond in Louisville (Kentucky):

2014-06-27 - Dozens or hundreds of fish found dead in the Glenavy River in County Antrim (Ireland):

2014-06-26 - More than 1800 sea birds found dead at beach in coastal Arequipa (Peru):

2014-06-26 - Fish dying in Canandaigua Lake (New York):

2014-06-26 - Thousands of fish found dead in lake in Agra (India):

2014-06-25 - Dozens of sea birds found dead at beach in coastal Santa Elena (Ecuador):

2014-06-25 - Many fish dying in Ambazari Lake in Nagpur (India):

Quote: "A large number of dead fishes could be seen on the bank of the lake near Ambazari Garden and the embankment along Ambazari Layout. Many of the fishes are big in size, hinting at some serious problem with the lake's water."

2014-06-25 - Major fish kill hits lake near Bologna (Italy):

2014-06-24 - Around 25,000 bees suddenly die in Gresham (Oregon):

Quote: "Veteran beekeeper Austin Bennington has four colonies on his property in Gresham. One of his colonies began in April, but half of those bees — about 25,000 — are dead. It’s the first time in six years he’s had so many bees die at once."

Note: Gresham is located along the banks of the Columbia River...

2014-06-24 - Thousands of fish dying at Sterling Lake (Kansas):

Quote: "Wednesday morning he saw a skid loader filled with dead fish. There were probably hundreds of pounds of fish. 'The beach area was lined with dead fish,' Lyster said."

2014-06-24 - Thousands of fish washing ashore dead at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

2014-06-24 - Five dogs drop dead at shelter in Paducah (Kentucky):

2014-06-22 - Mass die-off of fish and crabs hits creek in coastal Paradip (India):

2014-06-20 - Mysterious illness sickening and killing dogs in Stratford-Upon-Avon (Britain), near the River Avon:

2014-06-20 - Two dogs sicken and experience vomiting and seizures on different days at same beach near Sanibel Island (Florida):

Quote: "Two dogs became extremely sick after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and experts don't know why."

Quote: "A few hours after swimming in the water, Sophie started throwing up uncontrollably. 'By the time we got her to the emergency vet, she was convulsing [and] going into seizures,' Cortes recalled, 'She was very hot to the touch." One day later, Morrill was on her way to the vet with Ellie Mae for the same reasons."

2014-06-20 - Tens of thousands of fish found dead in river in Changsha (China):

2014-06-19 - Two thousand birds found dead along the coast near Tacna (Peru):

Quote: "Unusual: Thousands of birds die for no reason in Tacna coast"

Note: Much like the people and fish being found mysteriously dead in or near bodies of water...

2014-06-19 - Thousands of fish dying at Willband Creek Park in Abbotsford (Canada):

2014-06-19 - Large numbers of fish dying in fjords in Denmark:

2014-06-19 - Three grizzly bears found dead east of Flathead Lake near Kalispell (Montana):

Quote: "Wildlife officials said Thursday they were investigating the deaths of three grizzly bears east of Flathead Lake..."

Note: East of the lake means downwind of the lake...

2014-06-18 - Feral cats mysteriously dying off in neighborhood in Posey County (Indiana):

Quote: "Bland says she has been searching the neighborhood to try to find an answer. 'I even walked the woods behind my home to see if it was possible that somebody set something out to kill the wildlife and maybe the cats were getting in it,' Bland says. 'There is nothing and there is no trace of anything anywhere.'"

Note: All the cats are dead in my neighborhood too, and in a different neighborhood near me but closer to the Mississippi River cats were being found dead too. They're probably dying all around now, but mostly unseen, in their nests, then they start rotting and people find them, but that's not likely to come up in day-to-day conversation, so one person who finds some dead cats may not have any idea that the neighbors all around have been finding them too. And not many people would really notice a lack of feral cats. I mainly noticed it because of the explosion in rabbits and squirrels, then I went looking for cats and couldn't spot any at all, at any time, day or night - all gone. Poof. They don't just 'move on' either, because cats are highly territorial, soooo...they're dead.

2014-06-17 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead at Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria (Australia):

Quote: "Large numbers of dead fish have also washed up on Tasmania's east coast."

2014-06-16 - Dozens of sea birds found dead in Snaefellsnes (Iceland):

Quote: "They were gathered to have potential for further research, but it is not known what causes, and no visible traces of the birds that clearly could harm their death."

2014-06-15 - Twenty ducks have seizures and die at Old Hickory Lake, other animals die too, in Mount Juliet (Tennessee):

Quote: "Gentry explained that two ducks flew in and started having seizure-like symptoms. They were shaking and couldn't control their movements. 'And within five minutes of that happening, they were gone,' he added. Each duck that died did so in a similar fashion, some even dropping from the air after taking off."

Quote: "Over the next 24 hours they found more than 20 dead ducks. Monday, they even found a dead raccoon and woodpecker in the same area."

Note: Just like all the people having seizures and 'medical events' and dying near bodies of water. Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and damages brains (among other things), and can cause seizures, unconsciousness, memory loss, hallucinations, insanity, death. It's also a water-soluble gas and can poison you via contact with contaminated water. Birds are particularly vulnerable to toxins because of their low body weight and rapid respiration, thus the 'canary in a coal mine' thing. When I smelled something funny in the air and a flock of birds dropped dead out of the sky across the street from me early in 2011, a couple of days after the birds had dropped dead from the sky in Beebe (Arkansas), that was when I became 100% sure that another methane and hydrogen sulfide planetary extinction event was under way. All the fires, explosions, HazMat events, and people and animals sickening and/or dropping dead since then definitely haven't made me any less certain of that.

Your government isn't going to tell you this. It might, understandably, cause panic, crash the markets, yada yada. Oblivious people are easy to manage, but scared people, not so much. They'd prefer you either not know what's going on at all, or at least that you keep quiet about it until you're dead yourself. That means that it is up to YOU to face reality and do what you can to protect yourself and those you care about. Or die, if that's your preference. Your choice, your consequences...

2014-06-14 - Massive fish kill hits Milliken Lake (Illinois), virtually no fish left alive, lake closed:

Quote: "Site superintendent of Milliken Lake at the Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area near Wilmington spoke to The Daily Journal in Kankakee. He says officials found a nearly 'total kill' that was worse than he'd seen since he arrived nearly 30 years ago."

2014-06-13 - Fish dying in Lake Tyers (Australia):

Quote: "EPA believes the incident is unrelated to fish deaths that have also been investigated along the Gippsland Coast from Seaspray to Marlo."

Note: Sure, fish and other life, including people, is dying all over the planet but each event has nothing to do with any of the other events. It's all just some big-ass weird coincidence that life on Earth is dying all over the planet at the same time. Right...

2014-06-13 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead near Pajaro Dunes in Watsonville (California):

2014-06-13 - Dozens of pigeons drop dead at the Nehru Rose Garden in Ludhiana (India):

Quote: "While the exact number of dead pigeons is not known, eyewitnesses estimated that around 50-60 pigeons were lying dead in the garden. What surprised people was that there was no bleeding or injury marks."

Note: Like all the people being found dead without any marks of injury, in India and elsewhere...

2014-06-12 - Fish reported dying in the Trent and Mersey Canal in Stone (Britain):

2014-06-12 - Massive fish kill hits ponds in West Godavari (India):

2014-06-11 - Tens of thousands of crabs wash ashore dead in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2014-06-11 - Sixteen cormorants found dead at beach in coastal Iquique (Chile):

2014-06-10 - Thousands of fish washing ashore dead along coasts in Sabang (Indonesia):

2014-06-10 - Massive fish kill hits 20-kilometer stretch of river in Pizhou (China):

2014-06-09 - Thousands of fish dying in lakes, ponds and river in Ha Nam (Vietnam):

2014-06-08 - Fish and eels dying at mouth of river in Galicia (Spain):

2014-06-07 - Huge numbers of fish wash ashore dead, again, in Seabrook (Texas):

2014-06-06 - Millions of bees found dead in Caidian District (China):

2014-06-06 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead in coastal Xiamen (China):

2014-06-06 - Fish kill hits lake in Valkeakoski (Finland):

2014-06-05 - Massive starfish die-off hits the coast in the last two weeks in Oregon:

Quote: "Prior to this, Oregon had been the only part of the West Coast that had been largely spared this devastating disease. The ochre sea star, which is the species most heavily affected by the disease in the intertidal zone, may be headed toward localized extinction in Oregon, according to researchers at Oregon State University who have been monitoring the outbreak. As a 'keystone' predator, its loss could disrupt the entire marine intertidal ecosystem."

2014-06-05 - Fish dying in the Saluda River (South Carolina):

2014-06-05 - Tons of fish found dead in river and lake near Gunzenhausen (Germany):

2014-06-05 - Thousands of fish found dead in the River Tean near Uttoxeter (Britain):

2014-06-05 - Thousands of fish found dead in Laguna San José in San Juan (Puerto Rico):

2014-06-04 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Lake Thoreau in Reston (Virginia):

2014-06-03 - Major fish kill hits Malambo, Atlántico (Colombia), near the coast:

Quote: "Water Bay has not its usual color is greenish substances released by decaying bodies, moreover, the stench is getting stronger and the number of species that come to the surface increases. 'Causes mourn. Dying rays, catfish, croaker, sea bass and other smaller fish,' said Cueto Santander..."

2014-06-02 - Young komodo dragon found dead at zoo in coastal Surabaya (Malaysia):

2014-06-01 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Indian Lake in Logan County (Ohio):

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