Friday, June 6, 2014

Event Update For 2014-06-05

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-06-05 - British aircraft carrier 'HMS Queen Elizabeth' bursts into flame at 6:37 AM at shipyard in coastal Fife (Scotland):

Quote: "The fire comes ahead of a royal visit to the docks by The Queen who will officially name the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth on 4 July. MOD officials confirmed that the naming will be a traditional champagne ceremony. Later in July, the dock at Rosyth will be flooded to allow HMS Queen Elizabeth to float for the first time. Sea trials will then begin in 2017 with flight trials of Lightning II aircraft starting the following year."

Note: Not the first British aircraft carrier to catch fire in recent times. Another British aircraft carrier caught fire in February while docked in coastal Portsmouth (Britain), mentioned in the 2014-02-26 update. Ironically, the carrier caught fire while Prince Charles was there, since it's going to be named after him. Awkwaaard!

2014-06-05 - Cruise ship under construction, 'Anthem of the Seas', bursts into flame at shipyard in Papenburg (Germany):

Note: Can't even get them off the assembly line before they start burning nowadays. Reminds me of an incident where a brand new semi tractor burst into flame right off the assembly line while undergoing road testing at a plant in Lower Macungie Township (Pennsylvania), which destroyed the semi before it ever even touched a road, mentioned in the 2014-04-15 update...

2014-06-05 - Coast Guard auxiliary boat bursts into flame on the Willamette River in Portland (Oregon):

2014-06-05 - Pilot boat bursts into flame at 4:50 AM in the River Tay near coastal Carnoustie (Scotland):

Quote: "Two men were rescued from a pilot boat after it caught fire while guiding a tanker up the Tay."

2014-06-05 - Boat bursts into flame in coastal Ramsgate Harbour (Britain):

Note: It's becoming quite a boatastrophe out there!

2014-06-05 - Man in his 30s found on fire outside subway station in coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "How did that guy catch on fire on Kingsway! Think a guy from Ladbrokes put him out. Just smelt burning then people were trying to put him out. Was by the bus stop outside Ladbrokes on Kingsway..."

2014-06-05 - Home damaged by explosion and fire just before 3 AM, second home damaged too, in coastal Oxnard (California):

2014-06-05 - Residential building explodes and burns, damages nearby buildings too, in coastal Lisbon (Portugal):

2014-06-05 - The Shard, London's tallest building, plumes smoke from the basement, evacuated, in coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "The Shard in London has been evacuated after emergency services were called to reports of smoke coming from the basement. London Fire Brigade said that seven fire engines with 50 firefighters were at the scene after it was called to investigate at 10.30am this morning. Around 900 people were evacuated from the building, fire service officials said, adding that a full evacuation of the Shard's 72 floors had been called as a precaution, and that there was no suggestion at this stage of there being a fire."

Quote: "It is believed to be the first evacuation of the tower, western Europe's tallest standing at more than 1,000 feet."

2014-06-05 - Three townhouses ravaged by massive 5-alarm fire just after 1 AM on coastal Staten Island (New York), 34 injured:

Quote: "It went up to second-alarm at 1:15, third-alarm at 1:17, fourth-alarm at 1:28 and fifth-alarm at 3:42. The fire spread to neighboring buildings."

Note: This was a baaaad fire, people-tossing-kids-out-windows bad...

2014-06-05 - At least 400 homes destroyed by huge fire in coastal Zamboanga City (Philippine Islands):

2014-06-05 - Pallet yard bursts into flame in Pomona (California):

2014-06-05 - Huge mulch fire erupts at landfill near Moapa (Nevada), fire smokes up Las Vegas Valley:

Quote: "The Logandale Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page said they expect the fire to burn for two months, while smoke and flames are expected to be seen for weeks. A BLM spokeswoman said the fire will burn for about a week."

2014-06-05 - Underground fire erupts near shopping complex in Montgomery Township (Pennsylvania):

2014-06-05 - Historic boatyard damaged by fire in coastal Seaton Sluice, Northumberland (Britain):

2014-06-05 - Metrolink train engine bursts into flame in Irvine (California), near the coast:

Quote: "The fire occurred Thursday morning aboard Metrolink train No. 811 in Irvine. As a result, many other trains in the area are at a standstill and considerable delays are expected. Concialdi says 56 people, including three in wheelchairs and three crew members, were taken to the back of the train, which has five cars."

2014-06-05 - School bus bursts into flame on road in El Paso (Texas):

Note: This is the 4th school bus to burst into flame in June, so far...

2014-06-05 - Transit bus bursts into flame in Red Hills, St. Andrew, on the island of Jamaica:

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Highway 73 in Jackson County (Florida):

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-459 in Bessemer (Alabama):

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 6:15 AM on the A50 in Staffordshire (Britain):

2014-06-05 - At least two vintage tractors go up in flames while parked inside barn in Huntingdonshire (Britain):

Quote: "The initial crews were met by a developing fire involving several vintage tractors stored in a barn."

2014-06-05 - Large tow truck bursts into flame on highway in Evansville (Indiana):

2014-06-05 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on road in Burlington (Canada):

2014-06-05 - Truck bursts into flame on Otterspool Way near Watford (Britain):

2014-06-05 - RV bursts into flame while parked at business in Nasewaupee (Wisconsin):

Note: Nasewaupee is located on the shore of Sturgeon Bay...

2014-06-05 - RV bursts into flame while parked near shed in Blocksburg (California):

2014-06-05 - RV bursts into flame at 2 AM while parked at home in Oakville (Canada):

2014-06-05 - RV bursts into flame on I-17 near Cordes Junction (Arizona):

Quote: "Just three weeks after an RV fire shut down both directions of traffic on Interstate 17, fire officials dealt with another motor home fire on the interstate this week."

Note: I thought this seemed very familiar. The other RV that burned here was mentioned in the 2014-05-20 update...

2014-06-05 - Van bursts into flame while parked on street, fire spreads to shop, in Upton-upon-Severn (Britain), near the River Severn:

2014-06-05 - Minivan bursts into flame on I-70 in Bethel Township (Ohio):

2014-06-05 - SUV bursts into flame on North Main Street in Leominster (Massachusetts):

2014-06-05 - SUV bursts into flame at convenience store in Soap Lake (Washington):

2014-06-05 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at home in coastal Everett (Washington):

2014-06-05 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at business in Tifton (Georgia):

2014-06-05 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Highway 27 near Hector (Arkansas):

2014-06-05 - Car bursts into flame while parked outside car dealership in coastal Nantucket (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Just after 2 p.m., an engine responded to reports of a car in flames outside at the Don Allen Ford dealership on Polpis Road."

2014-06-05 - Car bursts into flame on I-465 in Indianapolis (Indiana):

2014-06-05 - Car bursts into flame on I-90 in Buffalo (New York):

2014-06-05 - Two cars burn at roundabout in Carmarthen (Britain):

2014-06-05 - Car bursts into flame on the A12 in Wanstead (Britain):

2014-06-05 - Car bursts into flame on the M61 near Horwich (Britain):

2014-06-05 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage, fire spreads to garage, at home in Harborcreek Township (Pennsylvania), near Lake Erie, 1 injured:

2014-06-05 - Auto shop heavily damaged by fire in coastal Edgewater (Florida):

2014-06-05 - Barn used as shop damaged by fire in Paradise (Utah):

2014-06-05 - Barn damaged by fire in Goodhue (Minnesota):

2014-06-05 - Wildfire erupts near Don Pedro Reservoir, grows to 500 acres, in Tuolumne County (California):

Quote: "Firefighters are working to contain a wildfire that's burned about 500 acres near Don Pedro Reservoir. The so-called 59 Fire started about 11:45 a.m. Wednesday as three blazes broke out along the side of La Grange Road near Bonds Flat Road, according to a Cal Fire spokesman."

2014-06-05 - Underground electrical explosion and fire occurs near Barkan Park in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2014-06-05 - Transformer explodes and burns at plant on Snapps Ferry Road in Greeneville (Tennessee), business evacuated:

2014-06-05 - Transformer bursts into flame in Bernards Township (New Jersey):

2014-06-05 - Soap factory goes up in flames in Middlebury (Vermont), nobody there:

2014-06-05 - Woodworking and paint shop goes up in flames at 6 AM at jail in Wiscasset (Maine), nobody there:

Note: Heh, even if a prisoner HAD set this fire, and they didn't, then what would they do? Put 'em where they already are? Harsh!

2014-06-05 - Garage goes up in flames at apartment complex in King City, Portland (Oregon), near the Tualatin River:

2014-06-05 - Poolside deck bursts into flame at campus building in Lucerne (California):

Note: Lucerne is located on the eastern (downwind) shore of Clear Lake...

2014-06-05 - Deck bursts into flame, fire spreads to home, in Yuma (Arizona):

2014-06-05 - Porch bursts into flame, fire spreads to home, in Lubbock (Texas):

2014-06-05 - Waterfront home destroyed by fire at Lake Spivey in Jonesboro (Arkansas):

Quote: "A house fire burned out of control on Lake Spivey on Thursday morning. Chopper46 flew over the home on Emerald Drive in Jonesboro as flames swelled. The house is situated on the lake, surrounded by trees."

Quote: "It was a beautiful house, probably 10 or 12,000 square feet..."

Note: That's a mansion, not a house, about eight or ten times the size of my house. You can tell from the pics in the first link that the wind was blowing off the lake right onto that home. It's a lot harder to protect a big mansion like that from the atmospheric hydrogen sulfide and methane contamination problem than it is a small house, especially when they put it right on the edge of a lake like that...

2014-06-05 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 3:04 AM in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana), started in vacant unit:

2014-06-05 - Deadly fire burns mobile home at 4 AM on Chain Lake Street in Calvin Township (Michigan), 1 killed:

2014-06-05 - Deadly blaze rips through mobile home in West Monroe (Louisiana), 1 killed:

2014-06-05 - Vacant home bursts into flame, fire spreads to occupied home, in Kansas City (Missouri):

Note: Kansas City is located at the confluence of the Kansas River and the Missouri River...

2014-06-05 - Vacant home bursts into flame, fire spreads to two occupied homes, in Wilmington (Delaware):

Note: Wilmington is located at the confluence of the Christina River and Brandywine Creek, near where the Christina River flows into the Delaware River...

2014-06-05 - Vacant home burns just before 7 AM in Kalamazoo (Michigan):

2014-06-05 - Vacant house burns in Yuma (Arizona):

2014-06-05 - Vacant home burns in the wee hours in East Price Hill, Cincinnati (Ohio):

2014-06-05 - Vacant house burns in Grand Rapids (Michigan):

2014-06-05 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in coastal Fort Walton Beach (Florida):

2014-06-05 - Massive starfish die-off hits the coast in the last two weeks in Oregon:

Quote: "Prior to this, Oregon had been the only part of the West Coast that had been largely spared this devastating disease. The ochre sea star, which is the species most heavily affected by the disease in the intertidal zone, may be headed toward localized extinction in Oregon, according to researchers at Oregon State University who have been monitoring the outbreak. As a 'keystone' predator, its loss could disrupt the entire marine intertidal ecosystem."

2014-06-05 - Fish dying in the Saluda River (South Carolina):

2014-06-05 - Tons of fish found dead in river and lake near Gunzenhausen (Germany):

2014-06-05 - Thousands of fish found dead in the River Tean near Uttoxeter (Britain):

2014-06-05 - Thousands of fish found dead in Laguna San José in San Juan (Puerto Rico):

2014-06-05 - Couple, 77 and 83, found dead on their patio at home in Sun City (Arizona):

Note: Map in first link shows that their home is just east (downwind) of the Agua Fria River. Patio sounds like it means outdoors...

2014-06-05 - Twin brothers, 18, found dead at their shop, blood oozing from their mouths, in Tarkwa (Ghana):

Quote: "The divisional commander said the fumes that emanated from the generator might have caused suffocation to kill them."

Note: That's a negative. Carbon monoxide doesn't make you bleed out from your mouth. Hydrogen sulfide can do that though. These two young men join a growing list of people found mysteriously dead after bleeding out from nose, mouth and/or ears...

2014-06-05 - Man and woman, 34 and 33, found dead in apartment in Columbus (Ohio):

2014-06-05 - Man, 22, found unconscious in swimming pool, dies later, in Terre Haute (Indiana):

2014-06-05 - Woman, 33, drops dead at home in Tempe (Arizona), young son found okay:

2014-06-05 - Man, 34, drops dead at home in Princess Anne (Maryland):

2014-06-05 - Man drives into pond and dies shortly after midnight in Huntertown (Indiana):

Quote: "Emergency responders received a 911 call shortly after midnight from a woman who said she was following her co-worker’s van and watched it drive into a pond..."

Quote: "Tinkel said investigators will work to reconstruct the crash. At this time, it’s unknown if alcohol or drugs played a factor. Investigators will also try and determine if a medical condition might have contributed to the crash. There did not appear to be skid marks on either side of the road."

Note: Sounds like he lost consciousness near that pond, drove into the water and died. Not really much different from the various fishermen toppling into water and dying. The wee hours are when the atmosphere cools and contracts, which will push any hydrogen sulfide or methane in the air above closer to the ground, making fires, explosions and people and animals sickening and/or dying more common during those hours...

2014-06-05 - Man drops dead before 7 AM in parking lot at rail station in coastal Hollywood (Florida):

2014-06-05 - Marine, man, 31, found dead at military housing on coastal Parris Island (South Carolina):

2014-06-05 - Man, 19, disappears whle crossing lake, next seen dead in Dumas Lake near Ripley (Mississippi):

Quote: "Tippah County Sheriff Karl Gaillard says Shirley was crossing a narrow part of the lake with an 8-year-old child clinging to his back. Gaillard says witnesses told investigators Shirley passed the child off to another person. He then went underwater and did not resurface."

2014-06-05 - Boy, 14, found dead in apartment retention pond on Lake Nora Court in Nora, Indianapolis (Indiana):

2014-06-05 - Man drops dead in home in Florence County  (South Carolina):

2014-06-05 - Inmate, man, 40, drops dead in cell before 4:30 AM in Simpson County (Mississippi):

2014-06-05 - Man, 57, found dead in roadside ditch near coastal Murrells Inlet (South Carolina):

2014-06-05 - Person found dead in canal in El Paso (Texas):

2014-06-05 - Boy, 8, found dead in water tank at school in Ladysmith (South Africa):

2014-06-05 - Girl, 12, falls into drainage canal and dies in Jharkhand (India):

2014-06-05 - Security guard, man, found dead in bathroom at bank in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2014-06-05 - US Navy FA-18E Super Hornet crashes off the coast near Coronado (California), pilot ejects:

Note: This crash occurred just hours after the Harrier crashed into homes and exploded and burned in Imperial (California), mentioned in the 2014-06-04 update...

2014-06-05 - Small plane crashes near Winterset (Iowa), 1 injured:

2014-06-05 - Small plane crashes into pond at airport in Spring Hill (Florida), near the coast:

2014-06-05 - Passenger bus crashes in coastal St. Petersburg (Russia), 24 injured:

2014-06-05 - Tourist bus crashes in Triyat (India), 30 injured:

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer blows tire, hits guard rail, bursts into flame, near Okahumpka (Florida):

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer hits highway divider, bursts into flame, on highway near Blackheath (Australia):

2014-06-04 - Tractor trailer crashes in the wee hours, bursts into flame, on the New Jersey Turnpike in Newark (New Jersey):

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer crashes into ravine near bridge, on I-81 near Cedar Creek (Virginia), 1 injured:

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer overturns near Riverview Drive in Cooper Township (Michigan), 1 injured:

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-40 near Jackson (Tennessee):

2014-06-05 - Tractor trailer overturns into woods on York Woods Road in South Berwick (Maine):

2014-06-05 - Truck veers over centerline, hits passenger bus head-on, bus bursts into flame, near White River, Mpumalanga (South Africa), 10 killed, 40 injured:

2014-06-05 - Truck veers over centerline, hits truck head-on, both burst into flame, near Mattawa (Washington), 2 killed:

2014-06-05 - Pickup truck and minivan collide head-on near Caledon (Canada), 2 killed:

2014-06-05 - Car and truck collide head-on near Witchita Falls (Texas), 2 killed:

Note: Bizarrely enough, the two drivers were a recently wed married couple, the wife driving the car, the husband driving the truck...

2014-06-05 - Two cars collide head-on at 5:14 AM, at least one bursts into flame, in Desert Hot Springs (California), 1 killed, 3 injured:

2014-06-05 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in Esopus (New York), 2 injured:

2014-06-05 - Naked man, 23, dances along I-44 at 6:15 AM, climbs on cars, in St. Louis (Missouri), near the Mississippi River:

Note: Yikes, a neuro-zombie just 2 miles from me. If only I'd known I could have gone and gotten some decent pics. And I can't say I'm surprised. Not near a coastline here, no, but right smack in the middle of the biggest river valley in North America. That stretch of I-44 runs right along Deer Creek. A young woman, 28, dropped dead in her home in March, 2000 feet from Deer Creek, mentioned in the 2014-03-07 update...

2014-06-05 - Siberian Husky dog attacks and injures person in Columbia (Missouri):

2014-06-05 - Grizzly bear attacks and injures man while hunting in Montana:

Quote: "On Monday, his father led a bear specialist, state game wardens and U.S. Forest Service rangers into the area of extreme southwestern Montana where the attack occurred while the men were hunting black bear. Jones says the 10-year-old male grizzly died of a gunshot wound near where the hunter was mauled."

Note: One shot, to take down an adult male grizzly, while being attacked. Whew, that man was lucky...

2014-06-05 - Sinkhole opens beneath man's mobile home in Zanesville (Ohio):

Note: Looks precarious. Time to GTFO...

2014-06-05 - Volcano Ubinas continues erupting, starts throwing rocks, in Peru:

Quote: "According to El Comercio, Ubinas has recently begun launching volcanic rocks between 10 and 20 centimeters in length. Reports indicate that some of these rocks have been displaced as far as almost two kilometers."

2014-06-05 - Student has medical emergency on bus in Saline (Michigan):


  1. Jonny: your post should be THE NEWS every night. I swear people are so distracted they don't even know they've walked off a cliff in the dark and are unaware of the descent, even as it picks up speed - it's just the new normal!!!

    Our programming is hay-wire, we're completely irrational now - from our greed-flawed human-centric worldview that's trashing the very habitat that sustains us to the pollution we've unleashed (from plastic to radiation and everything in between) on the entire planet (from atmosphere through biosphere to the seas, mantel, and climate).

    I really appreciate your blog and don't want anything to happen to you as a result (see - it's all about me, oh, and you too)! So reading the incident of the dancing zombie (that's a first) near you and your description of your locale as a giant valley initially caused me to want to advice you to think about relocating. No sooner had I that thought than the realization that we go over this EVERY DAY - there is no safe place any more. It just keeps "dawning" on me reading this site.

    My absolute favorite:

    The poolside deck bursting into flames.

    It's even more incredible than the empty toll booth, fence and piles of scrap metal that self-ignited (or the freaking fire trucks and fire houses). Ones initial reaction to the pool deck is that its directly around WATER - uhhh, you know, to put out the fire? Wait. How the ff. . . . . . .

    Amazing the great shape some of the people dropping over dead were in just before they breathed one time too many.

    So many fish are dying all over the place that even the lame-stream media is starting to notice. Seal pups washing up all along the CA shoreline.

    I hate this situation.


    1. Hah, yeah, where would I go? I'm not gonna be taking any walks near Deer Creek though, that's for sure! And hey, there are plenty of worse places. I'm on a hill, not too near a landfill or body of water or industrial area or busy street or train tracks, got a fire station a block away, no garage or pool, yada yada. Not hard to see all the people in way worse shape than me, even if they don't realize it.

      That said, I'm definitely not too pleased about the situation either! But I figure, as long as I might have, I might as well observe the happenings, speak the truth, keep my mind active, try to identify weak points in our civilization, look for solutions.