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2014 - MAY - Spotlight Stories

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-01 - Landfill ignites in Swift Current (Canada), huge grass fire too:

Quote: "The fire chief tells Global News, it’s the biggest blaze they’ve seen a long time, and he’s relieved that after more than three hours of battling it they were able to get it under control. Meanwhile, the landfill is still burning, but that isn’t close to any property."

2014-05-01 - Landfill hit by fire in Dogsthorpe (Britain):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Trash-related facilities such as recycling centers and landfills will burn hard too, as hydrogen sulfide is absorbed into flammable absorbent materials like wood, paper, cardboard, straw, hay, dried brush, generic trash, clothing, cotton, wool."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-02 - Three ambulances destroyed by fire at 3:30 AM while parked in lot in Inwood, on Long Island (New York):

Quote: "Two other ambulances were damaged in the fire, Nassau County police say. Three civilian vehicles were also damaged."

2014-05-02 - Three flatbed trucks destroyed by fire at 4:27 AM while parked at business on Old Wharf Road in Stourbridge (Britain):

Quote: "Crews from Brierley Hill and Stourbridge were called to Allens (Stourbridge) Transport Ltd, at 4.27am. The flatbed lorries that were parked up at the Old Wharf Road site were burnt out and a garage unit was also damaged in the blaze."

Note: This place is right next to the Stourbridge Canal, one block over from Canal Street. In case you wanted to go take a look at some burned-up trucks. Heh...

2014-05-02 - Four RVs destroyed by fire while parked at business in Manassas (Virginia):

Note: More instances of multiple parked vehicles going up in flames. That's because people, not recognizing the growing threat, continue to park vehicles next to each other, so when one vehicle spontaneously combusts, that fire often ignites the other nearby vehicles. The longer people remain unaware of the threat, the faster we're going to run out of ambulances, trash trucks for trash pickup, buses to get people from place to place, food at grocery stores, gas at gas stations, etc. RVs, okay, we can live without those, but I think people will find that losing the other stuff may be significantly more problematic...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-03 - Pallet warehouse erupts in flame after midnight, fire spreads, rescue mission destroyed, in North Hollywood (California):,0,3332907.story

Quote: "Authorities are trying to determine the cause of a massive fire that destroyed a rescue mission in North Hollywood and displaced more than a dozen people. The fire broke out early Saturday morning at a wood pallet warehouse adjacent to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission in the 134000 block of Saticoy Street."

Quote: "The fire was initially reported as a large outdoor palette [sic] fire that extended to an adjacent one-story commercial building that houses the San Fernando Rescue Mission."

Quote: "According to the rescue mission, the fire caused $2 million in damage."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Wood-related fires will escalate, including fires at pallet companies, wood-carving businesses, furniture businesses, door companies, cabinet companies, etc." Also notice that the pile of pallets that ignited was outdoors, fully exposed to whatever was blowing by in the atmosphere. The only mistake this rescue mission made is being located next to a big-ass pile of outdoor pallets...

2014-05-03 - Timber pallets burst into flame at steel business in coastal Port Kembla, Wollongong (Australia):

Quote: "A large fire that sparked in BlueScope Steel's recycling area on Friday afternoon was extinguished late Saturday. The fire started when timber pallets ignited for an unknown reason about 1.30pm on Friday. Fire and Rescue NSW Inspector Jay Bland said the blaze was finally put out at about 3pm on Saturday."

Note: Must've been quite a fire, considering it took them more than 24 hours to extinguish it. Pallets, steel company, right on the coast...

Category: 'Zombie Files'

2014-05-04 - Naked man runs down street, does pushups at 4 AM on street, gets run over and killed, in Portland (Oregon):

Quote: "The unidentified man was seen by witnesses running naked in the street and then stopping to do push-ups. He was struck by a vehicle and killed."

Note: One of the better types of neuro-zombies, the exercising-in-the-middle-of-the-road-until-mowed-down type. Way better than the face-eating variety! I still like the getting-naked-and-moving-into-a-tree type the best for men, and the getting-naked-and-ordering-ice-cream type seems pretty decent for women. Yes, these things have happened, along with many other strange but similar events. There are two commonalities to these events: 1) people get naked; and 2) they act irrationally. Hydrogen sulfide warms you up, as Jenkem users have noted: "They say it keeps them warm and makes them fearless." And hydrogen sulfide is also neurotoxic and damages the brain, which is resulting, at least sometimes, in irrational behavior, hallucinations, memory loss, violence, loss of ability to speak intelligibly, and more. You're most likely to be zombified yourself in the wee hours and when in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like bodies of water, valleys, gorges, canyons, ravines, ditches, basements, tunnels, etc.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-05 - School bus bursts into flame on I-20/59 just west of Birmingham (Alabama):

2014-05-05 - School bus bursts into flame just before 7 AM on street in Sandy (Utah):

2014-05-05 - School van bursts into flame on road near Sargodha (Pakistan), 8+ children burned:

Quote: "The children were aging between eight and 12 years. Two of them are said to be in critical state."

Note: That's now six school buses bursting into flame since May 1, or a little more than one school bus bursting into flame per day this month, so far, that I know of. Not good...

Category: Corpses In Low-Lying Areas

2014-05-06 - Man, 23, athlete, found dead in swimming pool in Penbroke Pines (Florida):

2014-05-06 - Woman, 68, found dead in swimming pool at home in coastal Ormond Beach (Florida):

2014-05-06 - Woman in her 80s found dead in swimming pool in Orlando (Florida):

Note: People still get into swimming pools? In Florida?! Florida is downwind of the Gulf of Mexico, North America's sewer. Hydrogen sulfide is commonly called 'sewer gas' and it is water-soluble. Many people are dying after contact with water, especially nowadays, but this has been going on for quite a while. This problem started becoming clear when Whitney Houston died in her bathtub in coastal Los Angeles in February of 2012. The very next day, her daughter lost consciousness in that same bathtub. Rodney King died in his swimming pool, also on the coast in California. Many many people have been found mysteriously dead in hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, bathrooms, sometimes more than one person at a time. The largest number so far is the ten people who died after contact with water in a canal in Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan), just a few days ago, mentioned in the 2014-05-02 update. Eight other people lost consciousness in that event. Many people have dived into bodies of water and then they don't resurface and are found dead later. Hydrogen sulfide is an extremely fast-acting 'knockdown agent' and can knock you unconscious or dead almost instantly. That 'insta-death' is called the 'Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer Effect', where you are dead even before your body hits the ground. Many boaters and fishermen and divers have been found mysteriously dead as well, sometimes in multiples...

Category: 'Zombie' Files

2014-05-07 - Naked man locks himself in room, sets fire, in subway in coastal New York City (New York):

Quote: "A naked man locked himself in a room in a Manhattan subway station and set a fire Wednesday, leaving some anxious passengers stuck in a tunnel for about 40 minutes, cops and witnesses said."

2014-05-07 - Naked disoriented man found on roadway in Chibombo District (Zambia), almost gets lynched:

Quote: "The man, who at the time had been given some clothes by some good Samaritans, could not however explain clearly where he had come from and how he had found himself in such a situation."

2014-05-07 - Naked man, 54, attacks and tries to strangle woman on bicycle in Nobleboro (Maine):

Quote: "Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Lt. Rand Maker said the office has reason to believe Gilbert may have been suffering from medical issues before the attack."

Quote: "The incident was 'very frightening' for Hedrick and other residents of the quiet, picturesque neighborhood on Great Salt Bay."

2014-05-07 - Naked man shot dead by cops in February in coastal Delray Beach (Florida) had taken only anti-seizure medication:

Quote: "Anesson Joseph, the naked man who hurt two people in suburban Delray Beach before he was shot to death by a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy in February, had no drugs in his system other than anti-seizure medication, Deputy Chief Michael Gauger told the Post this week. Joseph, 28, went on a rampage Feb. 24 when he stripped off his clothes before he attacked and seriously injured a 66-year-old retired New York City police officer before assaulting an 18-year-old man, biting him in the face."

Note: Just like the original face-eater (also on the coast in Florida) who had only trace marijuana in his system. Hydrogen sulfide does its damage and breaks down quickly, so it's not likely to be detected by anyone, especially anyone not specifically looking for it, and nobody is. It's a neurotoxin and damages the brain (and other organs too), so anything that can result from brain damage is a possibility: permanent tics and twitching (like the kids in Le Roy, New York, who had been playing outdoors), insane violence, inability to speak intelligibly (the original face-eater could only growl), hallucinations, personality change, memory loss and more. The nudity that so frequently occurs with these events is probably because hydrogen sulfide warms people up, as noted by Jenkem users, so people who've been poisoned by hydrogen sulfide often strip naked to cool down.

These events are clearly on the rise. Zombie Apocalypse - of a sort - has begun. You need not worry about becoming a zombie by being bitten; that won't happen. But if you happen to breathe some hydrogen sulfide yourself then you may become a neuro-zombie. It's much more likely to simply kill you, as it probably takes just the right dose to damage your brain like this and NOT kill you. You are most likely to be zombified (or killed) when outdoors, during the wee hours, and/or when in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like lakes, ponds, seas, oceans, bays, quays, streams, creeks, rivers, valleys, canyons, ravines, ditches, subways, basements, underground carparks, etc.

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2014-05-08 - Brakes fail, fire truck overturns, bursts into flame, in Charlotte (North Carolina), 4 injured:

Quote: "'I spoke to the driver who said they lost their brakes coming down the hill,' said witness Carl Flatau."

2014-05-08 - Two separate buses experience brake failure and crash near Nadi (Fiji Islands):

Quote: "Both drivers have claimed that their brakes and steering had failed resulting in the two accidents..."

Note: Tires and brake pads are absorbing hydrogen sulfide. Then when brakes are applied, an unusual amount of heat is generated, since hydrogen sulfide burns very hot. Then bad things can happen: tires explode or ignite, brakes burn out or ignite, fluid lines rupture, the entire vehicle goes up in flames, or all of the above. This problem hits massive vehicles the worst - like fire trucks, buses, tanker trucks, etc - but no vehicle is immune. Best not to count on your brakes working when you need them to, else you may end up using an emergency pole-based or house-based braking system and from what I can tell, those suck...

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2014-05-09 - Hot air balloon hits power line, bursts into flame and crashes in Doswell (Virginia), people heard screaming, 3 killed:

Quote: "Carrie Hager-Bradley said she saw the balloon in flames on her way home from the grocery store and heard people yelling, according to WWBT television station. 'They were just screaming for anybody to help them,' the station quoted her as saying. '"Help me, help me, sweet Jesus, help. I'm going to die. Oh my God, I'm going to die,"' Hager-Bradley said she heard one person screaming.'"

Note: A hot air balloon exploded and fell near the Nile River near Luxor (Egypt) last year, killing at least 18 people, mentioned in the 2013-02-25 update. I'm not sure the power line had a lot to do with this fire in Virginia. Power lines are obviously heavily insulated, else you'd see flaming dead birds falling from them constantly. The flame on the balloon may have ignited a passing methane and/or hydrogen sulfide plume (probably mostly methane), and the fact that it did so near a power line might have been mere coincidence. We'll never know for sure. I know this: lots of planes have come down smoking and numerous plane engines have been igniting and lots of small planes and helicopters have been crashing and numerous people have been sickening and sometimes dying on planes, so I'm gonna leave the flying to others...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-05-10 - Nine crew members sicken on flight, passenger plane makes emergency landing in coastal Dublin (Ireland):

Quote: "A US Airways plane had to make an emergency landing after several crew members were struck down with a mystery bug on flight."

Quote: "Flight 715 made an emergency landing at the Dublin Airport after nine flight attendants complained of nausea, running eyes and dizziness."

Note: As many as 60 children just sickened on a different plane flight too, flying from Cape Town (South Africa) to London (Britain), mentioned in the 2014-05-05 update. On another flight, two people experienced heart problems and one died, mentioned in the 2014-04-29 update. As the atmosphere is increasingly contaminated by hydrogen sulfide and methane, there will be more such incidents. We might even see passenger planes go missing as everyone aboard is rendered unconscious or struck dead. In fact, we may ALREADY have seen that - could be that's what happened to Flight MH370, though fire may have gotten that plane too, or both...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-11 - Couple burns to death when car bursts into flame, in Tierp (Sweden), near the coast:

Note: One found dead in the car, one just outside, so one of them almost got away from the fire...

2014-05-11 - Man burned to death when car bursts into flame at gas station in Bnei Darom (Israel):

2014-05-11 - Person found burned to death in burning car in Cradley Heath (Britain):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Vehicles of all kinds will continue to burn, as they have been, and the number of vehicular fires will continue to escalate, inevitably resulting in a corresponding increase in the number of people being incinerated in their vehicles."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-12 - Brush fire ignites, gets huge, destroys 89+ homes in Fritch (Texas), just east (downwind) of Lake Meredith:

Quote: "The fire destroyed 131 structures, 89 of which were homes, Hutchinson County Emergency Management said."

Quote: "The wildfire, which swept through a mobile home community, could have been started by a burning shed, Wright said. The homes' steel frames and burnt carcasses of cars and trucks sat under a pile of ash."

Note: Wouldn't be even a little surprised if this fire started in one of those cars and trucks that are now burnt carcasses. This town is just east (downwind) of Lake Meredith, and hydrogen sulfide is reactive with rusty iron/steel and electrified copper, thus all the parked vehicles spontaneously igniting around the world on a regular basis now. All it takes is one spark and if nobody is around to notice, a fire can grow out-of-control very quickly and wipe out a chunk of a town...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-05-13 - Huge methane clathrate field discovered venting off the coast near Gisborne (New Zealand):

Quote: "A 'huge network' of frozen methane and methane gas has been discovered in ocean sediments 20 kilometres to 50km off Gisborne. A joint New Zealand-German research team found 99 gas flares in a 50-square kilometre area, venting in columns up to 250 metres high, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) said. Methane was also found building up beneath a large landslide and being released along the landslide margin, and there were indications of large areas of methane hydrates - ice-like frozen methane - below the sea floor."

Note: Methane is coming up through rivers in Australia, it's coming up from the ground in Pennsylvania and New York State and Southern California, it's coming from the vents in the sea off the coast of Israel, a gigantic methane clathrate deposit is dissociating off the East Coast of the United States, thousands of kilometer-wide seeps are frothing methane in the Arctic, methane belched from the ocean in Santa Monica Bay in California, and so on and so on. The Clathrate Gun is firing. That ALONE is a planetary extinction event, even if we didn't have hydrogen sulfide to contend with too, which we do...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-14 - Brush fire erupts in coastal Camp Pendleton (California), San Onofre Nuclear Plant evacuated, some homes burn:

Quote: "One fire has prompted the partial evacuation of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, the Los Angeles Times is reporting. About a dozen non-essential staff have been evacuated, the power plant’s management tweeted."

2014-05-14 - Brush fire breaks out in coastal Carlsbad (California), apartment building destroyed, thousands evacuated:

Quote: "'This is extreme. This has gone from dry conditions to volatile conditions,' said a Carlsbad firefighter after using a torch to ignite backfire. 'This isn't something we don't normally see until November or September.'"

2014-05-14 - Brush fire ignites in the Los Cerritos Wetlands near coastal Long Beach (California):

2014-05-14 - Nice overview of all the wildfires and brush fires burning in California:

Note: Whew, California is burning hard now, and especially near the coast, which is no coincidence. Maybe they should create some maps that show which parts of California AREN'T burning yet...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-05-15 - HazMat event, hundreds of workers poisoned at factory in Thanh Hoa (Vietnam), hospitals overwhelmed:

Quote: "After drinking water at the factory before starting work in the early morning, many workers subsequently came down with symptoms of poisoning, such as dizziness, foaming at the mouth, vomiting and fainting."

Quote: "Because of the incident, all hospitals in the city of Thanh Hoa were quickly overloaded. The Hop Luc Hospital alone received up to 500 people. The lobby of the first floor and the hallways in the hospital became patient rooms. After detoxification treatment, some patients were awake but many were still unconscious."

Note: Sounds like their water may have been contaminated with hydrogen sulfide. Those are all symptoms of hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Ten people recently died after contact with water and eight more lost consciousness, in Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan), mentioned in the 2014-05-02 update. A family of five were found dead at home, foaming from the mouth, in coastal Karachi (Pakistan), mentioned in the 2013-12-09 update. Two men suddenly died foaming at the mouth in their car, engine still running, in Asaba (Nigeria), mentioned in the 2013-12-12 update. Three students collapsed foaming at the mouth outside Riverside High School in El Paso (Texas), near the Rio Grande, mentioned in the 2013-06-04 update. And so on. There've been many such incidents of people foaming at the mouth and sometimes dying, sometimes going crazy. Quite a few people mysteriously bleeding from nose, mouth and/or ears and dying too...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-16 - Two underground electrical explosions and fires erupt at 3 AM in Center City, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Two separate underground blasts caused at least one manhole cover to blow off and Philadelphia Police to block off a major intersection this morning. The first transformer exploded around 3 a.m. Friday at 15th and Market Streets in Center City. As officers investigated the first blast, they saw the second one occur at 15th and Market. After the manhole cover blew off, smoke could be seen coming from the hole, according to officers on the scene."

Note: Also see the car that burst into flame on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia on this day...

2014-05-16 - Transformer explodes and burns in basement of ATT building in Redding (California):

Quote: "Gray said it was a coincidence that the blaze occurred a day after another electric fire burned another multi-story downtown Redding building..."

Note: Suuuure, just a coincidence...

2014-05-16 - Transformer bursts into flame on pole on Barton Avenue in coastal Barrington (Rhode Island):

2014-05-16 - Transformer bursts into flame at power plant in Belgrade (Serbia):

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-17 - Landfill erupts in flame in Fargo (North Dakota):

2014-05-17 - Recycling center hit by fire on Cornets End Lane near Meriden (Britain):

2014-05-17 - Recycling center burns in Spittlegate Level, Grantham (Britain):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Trash-related facilities such as recycling centers and landfills will burn hard too, as hydrogen sulfide is absorbed into flammable absorbent materials like wood, paper, cardboard, straw, hay, dried brush, generic trash, clothing, cotton, wool." Can't blame the big international insurers for bailing on these places. I would've bailed at least a year or two before they did, but I'm not gonna cry too many tears over the millions or billions they lost in that time...

Category: 'Zombie' Files

2014-05-18 - Naked man, 23, attacks woman with baby then dives through car's sunroof and attacks another woman, in Oak Cliff (Texas):

Quote: "Witnesses say the suspect first attacked a woman jogging with her baby in an Oak Cliff neighborhood on Friday night, then saw a Honda at a stop sign and attacked again."

Quote: "Once inside the car, the victim says Dyll punched her in the face and started choking her."

Note: Neuro-Zombie Apocalypse is gettin' real! Anyone got Brad Pitt's number?! Oak Cliff is just east (downwind) of Mountain Creek Lake...

2014-05-18 - Naked incoherent man in his 20s runs around, gets coaxed out of crawlspace, in coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "Firefighters tell how they convinced a naked man to come out of a crawl space of an apartment building in Sherman Oaks. Neighbors called 911 around 11 a.m. Sunday to report that the man was running around and was incoherent."

Quote: "Urban Search & Rescue personnel were summoned by Los Angeles police at around 10:45 a.m. to the 14900 block of Dickens Street for what was termed a 'behavioral emergency,' according to Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department."

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2014-05-19 - Trucker has heart attack, eight-vehicle crash ensues, near Alexandria (Indiana), 5 injured:

2014-05-19 - Woman has 'medical condition', car hits dump truck head-on, on Bull Creek Road in Fawn Township (Pennsylvania), 1 killed:

Quote: "Officials believe the woman may have suffered from a medical condition."

2014-05-19 - Man loses consciousness, car hits car head-on, in Effingham County (Illinois), 1 killed, 7 injured:

Note: As the atmospheric contamination intensifies, more people will be losing consciousness, having 'medical events' or flat-out dying while driving, resulting in accidents like those above. You're most likely to sicken or die while driving (or while NOT driving for that matter) during the wee hours and in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like canyons, valleys, gorges, ravines, ditches, ponds, lakes, streams, creeks, rivers, quays, bays, coastlines, etc.

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-05-20 - Mysterious kidney affliction hits sugarcane workers in Nicaragua:

Quote: "The painful disease that affects the kidneys has killed at least 20,000 people over the past decade throughout Central America."

Quote: "Second, Brooks pointed out that CDK is a global health issue. There are at least two other areas that have been identified with epidemics that appear very similar: Sri Lanka and the northeastern coast of India."

Note: This is very likely caused by chronic low-level exposure to hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the oceans. Notice where all the people are sickening: along the coasts in Central America, on the island of Sri Lanka, and on the coast in India. I mentioned the mysterious kidney problems in Sri Lanka in the 2014-03-05 update. Eventually we may all end up coughing up blood and dying from renal failure, unless we drop dead or burn to death or whatever first. From the full hypothesis: "Renal problems - e.g. problems with kidneys - will escalate, as is already happening with crop workers on the western coast of Central America."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-21 - Boat 'MV Concorde' explodes, apparently blown to bits, near the island of Barbuda, 3 rescued, 1 missing:

Quote: "A boat has exploded off Barbuda and the whereabouts of its four occupants is, at this hour, unknown. Local coast guard and other search and rescue teams including Caribbean Helicopters and a dutch aircraft with special night vision technology are combing the area. Only fragments of the vessel have been found, so far."

2014-05-21 - Barge bursts into flame at the Port of Brownsville in coastal Brownsville (Texas):

2014-05-21 - Boat bursts into flame just before midnight while parked in parking lot in Vernon (Canada):

Quote: "The owner also commented that this alleged fire culprit is not just damaging property but risking innocent lives."

Quote: "The blaze follows two suspicious dumpster fires, two structure fires in vacant buildings and a burnt porta-potty. 'It’s been a crazy cluster of them,” Blair says. “We’re working with the RCMP to see if there are any links between them.'"

Note: Trash, vacant properties, a porta-potty and vehicles going up in flames - wouldn't be too sure there's any arsonists involved here, especially considering the complete lack of any evidence that would suggest any people were involved...

Category: Corpses In Low-Lying Areas

2014-05-22 - Two young men, 23 and 25, drop dead in separate homes one mile apart in the Forest Park area of Cincinnati (Ohio):

Quote: "Police do not believe there was foul play involved when two men in their 20s were found dead in separate Forest Park homes Thursday morning."

Note: Ah, cool, so nobody killed them. Probably just got poisoned to death then, so no big deal. These two men dropping dead like this is eerily similar to the two men, both 52, who dropped dead in their separate but adjacent homes in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), as mentioned in the 2013-03-15 update. Two inmates, 25 and 51, were found dead in their respective cells at Attica Correctional Facility (New York), as mentioned in the 2013-12-06 update. Three people, 78, 58 and 54, dropped dead in same house within 24 hours, in Woodville (Alabama), as mentioned in the 2013-11-20 update. Two men dropped dead in their respective rooms at a YMCA in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), as mentioned in the 2013-02-11 update. And so on. Sort of separate, all of those events, but not really - same timeframe, same geographic area, same atmosphere. Once the atmospheric contamination intensifies then it'll be more than 2 or 3 people dropping dead in the same area; eventually it'll be entire neighborhoods, then entire towns. This area is near Mill Creek Lake and also northeast (downwind) of the Ohio River...

Category: 'Zombie' Files

2014-05-23 - Man says he has appointment with Obama, strips naked, fights guard, in coastal Washington DC:

Quote: "The man was adamant that he had an appointment with the President Obama as he yelled and removed his boxers..."

2014-05-23 - Passenger, man, 21, acts erratically, makes loud noises, gets subdued, plane lands in Phoenix (Arizona):

Quote: "A police statement issued Friday said a 21-year-old man began to act erratically on a flight traveling from Los Angeles to Miami, which prompted the flight crew to divert the plane from its course and make an unscheduled landing in Phoenix."

Note: Video included in the link...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-24 - Car bursts into flame, car crashes into gas station, driver on fire, in coastal East Haven (Connecticut), 1 injured:

Quote: "A witness said it appeared the interior of his Mitsubishi was on fire as he drove down Frontage Road and into the Hess gas station where he hit a pole next to a gas pump. The man reportedly was on fire as he got out of the car and started running. He was later transported to the hospital."

2014-05-24 - Doctor burned to death when van explodes into flame on highway in Jhansi (India):

Quote: "On Saturday, the van driver did not report for duty. Several nurses too skipped the journey barring one. Hence, Dr Anand decided to drive the van to the centre. As they crossed Paricha Thermal Power plant, a blast occurred and car instantly burst into flames. The intensity of the fire can be gauged from the fact that the car and the doctor were reduced to ashes before any rescue attempt could be made. Miraculously, the nurse managed to escape the fury with a few bruises and a fracture."

Quote: "A fire tender from Paricha Plant was called to douse the fire. Nearby people were clueless about the cause of mishap. SSP Jhansi, Sriparna Gangulee, said that the gas kit cylinder was found intact."

Note: Nurse got scraped and a fractured bone so I bet she leapt from the moving van as it exploded into flame, or maybe the explosion blew her out of the van. From the full hypothesis: "Vehicles of all kinds will continue to burn, as they have been, and the number of vehicular fires will continue to escalate, inevitably resulting in a corresponding increase in the number of people being incinerated in their vehicles."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-25 - Metal recycling business erupts in flame in Kalamazoo (Michigan), nobody there:

Quote: "The place was closed and all the employees gone when the fire broke out Sunday evening around 7."

Quote: "Fire fighters had trouble getting to all the flames which were sometimes buried deep in piles of scrap."

Note: Piles of scrap metal bursting into flame again. This has been happening for some time. Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with rusty iron/steel, no other ignition source necessary. What other explanation IS there for fires like this? Nobody has ever offered an alternative explanation, very likely because there isn't one. From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-26 - Gas pipeline explodes with massive fireball just before 6:30 AM near Warren (Minnesota), evacuations ensue:

Quote: "Nobody was injured, but six or seven families living within two miles of the site were evacuated..."

Quote: "While the cause remained under investigation, Duckstad said authorities suspect natural causes. There's still frost in the ground and the soil is wet, he said."

Quote: "I'd never heard nothing like it in my life. It was just hell on earth, I tell you, when you see those flames."

Note: Frost and wet dirt don't ignite natural gas, last I checked. Hydrogen sulfide is corrosive and will rot steel and concrete over time, causing more gas pipeline leaks. It is also reactive with rusty iron/steel and electrified copper, so if a natural gas line leaks AND the air becomes volatile enough AND some hydrogen sulfide blows by AND there's any rusty iron/steel or electrified copper around, then...BOOM! All of those things happening isn't all that unlikely, and it's getting more likely all the time...

2014-05-26 - Gas main explodes and burns near shopping center in the Lance Cove area of coastal Sydney (Australia), 1 injured:

Quote: "A 21-year-old man is suffering from serious burns after a gas main exploded near a busy shopping strip in Lane Cove on Sydney's lower north shore. Police, ambulance and six fire crews were confronted by a pillar of fire four to five metres high when they reached Longueville Road."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-27 - Two underground electrical explosions hit coastal Greenwich (Connecticut):

Quote: "Just before 5 p.m. an explosion with smoke coming from an electrical vault on Greenwich Avenue at Fawcett Place was reported. As Greenwich Fire Department crews were investigating that incident, a second manhole explosion was reported five minutes later on East Putnam Avenue at Sherwood Place, across from the Whole Foods market."

2014-05-27 - At least two underground electrical fires break out in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "PECO officials said two underground transformers apparently blew at around 3 p.m. Tuesday. About 4,000 PECO customers in the area lost power."

2014-05-27 - Underground electrical fire erupts on 57th Street in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2014-05-27 - Underground electrical fire evacuates school in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

Note: Must be all the salt from the salt trucks due to all the recent snow *cough cough*...

2014-05-27 - Underground electrical fire breaks out on street in Norwich (Britain), near the River Wensum:

2014-05-27 - Underground electrical fire hits Coalville (Britain), 457 homes go dark:

Quote: "Firefighters were called to the junction of Melbourne Street and Bridge Street in Coalville after smoke was seen seeping from a manhole cover at about 3.15pm today. The road was closed while crews from Coalville station used dry powder to tackle the flames."

2014-05-27 - Transformer explodes and burns at hospital in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):,0,6459291.story

Note: Electricity, who needs it?! Hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas which will seek out low-lying areas like underground electrical vaults. It's also reactive with rusty iron/steel and copper, especially electrified copper, both likely to be found in underground electrical vaults. That's a problem. Not as bad as going crazy from neurological damage and/or collapsing dead from poison gas, no, but still, a pretty big problem...

Category: 'Zombie' Files

2014-05-28 - Naked man, 44, chokes elderly woman, growls, tries to bite deputy's face, in Isle of Wight (Virginia):

Quote: "A 44-year-old Carrollton man is behind bars after officials say he choked an elderly woman and attacked an Isle of Wight deputy when he tried to intervene."

Quote: "When the deputy arrived, he saw a naked man, identified as Derrick Allison, choking a woman. He tried to get in the middle and officials say that’s when Allison attacked the deputy. They say he started growling and trying to bite the deputy’s face. The deputy then deployed two Taser cartridges but Allison removed the probes. The two fought for several minutes and the deputy was finally able to gain control over Allison."

Note: An attempted face-eating. The growling implies possible damage to the speech center of the brain. Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and damages brains and it also warms people up, thus the stripping naked in so many events, even in the depths of winter. This behavior is eerily similar to the original face-eater incident, which occurred on a causeway over the ocean on the coast in Florida. He too could only growl, and he wasn't on any drugs, although being a powerful neurology-affecting chemical, I guess you could say hydrogen sulfide is a 'drug', of a sort. Isle of Wight is near the coast but despite its name it isn't an island. Also, hydrogen sulfide can cause memory loss, so this man may very well not even remember doing ANY of this, assuming he lives that long. Moral conundrum there: do you punish people for crimes that they committed that they don't even remember committing? How about if the criminal behavior is caused by brain damage due to breathing a neurotoxic gas that they didn't breathe voluntarily? Things to ponder...

2014-05-28 - Naked man, 45, attacks and injures two people with a stick in Louisville (Kentucky):

Quote: "A man walking his daughter to school ended up at the hospital after he was attacked by a naked man with a stick. Louisville Metro Police said the attacked happened around 8:25 a.m. May 28 in the 1100 block of Cedar Court. Police said the man attacked suffered a broken arm after being hit with the stick. Another person who came to assist was in the face with the stick. That victim suffered swelling, bruising and a possible fracture."

Note: Sh#t is gettin' REAL!

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-05-29 - Tanker ship 'Shoko Maru' destroyed by explosion and fire, burns and sinks, near Himeji (Japan), 1 missing, 4 injured:

Quote: "An explosion on an oil tanker off the Japanese coast set off a huge fire Thursday and left the vessel's captain missing. Ships and aircraft battled the blaze on the Shoko Maru, a 998-ton tanker anchored about 5 kilometers (3 miles) off the port of Himeji in western Japan, the coast guard said. Rescuers have recovered seven members of the eight-person crew, the coast guard said, but the ship's 64-year-old captain is still missing."

Quote: "Seven people were rescued, four having suffered severe burns, the public broadcaster NHK reported."

Note: Not looking too good for the shipping industry. But then the same could be said of the plane industry and the trucking industry too...

Category: Corpses In Low-Lying Areas

2014-05-30 - Firefighter found dead in his truck in coastal Punta Gorda (Florida):

2014-05-30 - Man found dead in his truck parked near Lake Hudson (Oklahoma):

Quote: "There is no identification on the male, and GRDA did not find any signs of trauma on the deceased male's body. GRDA authorities believe the man may have been a fisherman."

2014-05-30 - Woman, 28, found dead in car in Watertown (Wisconsin), near the Rock River:

2014-05-30 - Person found dead in car at Target on Garners Ferry Road in Columbia (South Carolina):

Note: Coast, lake, river, ferry, all four found dead in vehicles. Being in a vehicle is close to the same as being outside, especially if windows are open or AC or heat are being used, and since deadly hydrogen sulfide is coming from outdoor sources, if you're outdoors then you're more likely to be knocked dead. That's especially true if you're in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, quays, bays, rivers, creeks, streams, valleys, canyons, gorges, ravines, ditches, etc. And obviously, if you slump over dead while driving then you might just take others with you as your vehicle veers around without a living driver...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-05-31 - 15 students sicken, some exhibit erratic behavior, at Riverdale High School in Muscoda (Wisconsin):

Quote: "Authorities are investigating after about 15 students became ill Friday at Riverdale High School in Muscoda. It was something Riverdale High School has never seen before. District administrator Bryce Bird said 'somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 students were transferred for medical care.' Bird said the situation first developed shortly before noon Friday, with students experiencing multiple symptoms like stomach pain, dizziness, nausea, sweating, confusion and a head ache."

Quote: "Firefighters searched for carbon monoxide traces and an energy company looked for gas -- both without any results."

Quote: "Sophomore Isaiah Snyder didn't experience any symptoms himself, but said his friend was acting strange. 'She was acting a little weird so we walked her to the office," he explained, adding that "she had to go to the hospital'. Isaiah is left worried."

Note: All symptoms of hydrogen sulfide poisoning, which would not show up on carbon monoxide detectors or natural gas detectors. Muscoda is located on the banks of the Wisconsin River. Eventually it won't just be these symptoms, but kids will be bleeding out from their noses, ears, mouths and/or foaming at the mouth as they collapse and die. It's gonna be a little hard to explain that away. Three students collapsed unconscious and foamed at the mouth outside Riverside High School in El Paso (Texas), as mentioned in the 2013-06-04 update, just downwind of the Rio Grande. And here's a story about a baby who turned purple, foamed at the mouth and died in 2013 in coastal Belfast (Ireland):

So, it's already happening here and there, mostly isolated incidents still, but this is going to get much worse as the gas chamber formerly known as Earth continues to fill up with deadly and highly flammable poison gas. This event with the 15 children in Wisconsin is a sign of things to come...

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