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2014 - APR - Animal Die-Offs

2014-04-30 - Large number of fish dying in river in Xiasha District (China):

2014-04-30 - Fish washing ashore dead at lakes in Wisconsin:

2014-04-30 - Young female Siberian tiger drops dead at zoo in coastal Vancouver (Canada):

2014-04-29 - Fish dying in the Mogi River (Brazil):

2014-04-29 - Turtles and other marine life washing ashore dead in Bari (Italy):

2014-04-28 - Fish reported dying in the Inner Harbor and Patapsco River in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):,0,4887612.story

Note: The Inner Harbor suddenly turned milky green-white last year, all the fish died, and a 'rotten egg' odor was in the air, in coastal Baltimore (Maryland), on the East Coast, mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. That was the chemocline rising abruptly to the surface, smothering all the fish and releasing hydrogen sulfide and methane that had accumulated at the bottom into the air. Shortly after that, an anomalous number of people started being found dead in the Inner Harbor. No coincidence...

2014-04-26 - Huge number of fish dying in reservoir in Nanchong (China):

2014-04-25 - Cougar found dead on Squalicum Beach in coastal Bellingham (Washington):

Quote: "The Bellingham Herald reports the young adult male weighed about 110 pounds and showed no obvious signs of injury or disease.

Note: Much like all the PEOPLE being found dead near or in bodies of water with no signs of injury or disease...

2014-04-25 - Tens of thousands of Asian carp found dead in the Cumberland River below Lake Barkley (Kentucky):

2014-04-24 - Large number of fish found dead in river in La Chorrera (Panama):

2014-04-23 - Two million fish found dead at dam in Tehran (Iran):

2014-04-23 - Fish dying in lake in Mudanjiang (China):

2014-04-22 - Around 1000 fish found dead in the Oona River near Dungannon, County Tyrone (Ireland):

2014-04-22 - Fish dying in multiple spots along the Panchaganga River (India):

2014-04-21 - Thousands of bees found dead along road in Sherwood (Oregon):

Quote: "The Oregon Department of Agriculture is trying to figure out what killed thousands of honeybees in Sherwood last weekend. A mass of the dead bees were found scattered along on Highway 99 at Sunset Boulevard on Sunday."

2014-04-20 - Millions of fish found dead in lagoon in Thondamanaru on the island of Sri Lanka:

2014-04-20 - Leopard found dead in well in Alesur (India):

Note: Numerous PEOPLE have been found dead in wells in India too...

2014-04-19 - Several species of wetlands birds in decline, 3 headed for extinction, in the Adirondacks (New York):

Quote: "Data collected from 2007 to 2011 on the boreal chickadee, olive-sided flycatcher and rusty blackbird 'showed high extinction probabilities in Adirondack wetlands,' according to a Wildlife Conservation Society researcher’s findings, recently published in the journal Northeastern Naturalist. Adding data collected since 2011, researcher Michale Glennon found that the number of wetlands occupied by the rusty blackbird, gray jay, yellow-bellied flycatcher, olive-sided flycatcher and black-backed woodpecker had declined by 15 percent or more since 2007, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise reported Saturday."

2014-04-18 - Thousands of fish die at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in coastal Singapore:

2014-04-18 - Hundreds of fish die at Chautauqua Lake (New York):

2014-04-17 - Four more sea turtles found dead near coastal Semporna (Malaysia):

Quote: "However, he expressed doubt there would be any outcome, going by the previous discovery of 60 turtle carcasses on Pulau Tiga in Kudat that had yet to produce results. Alin was the one who made public the earlier discovery on March 22."

2014-04-17 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Fountain Lake in Byrd Park in Richmond (Virginia):

2014-04-17 - Fish found dead in pond in Dimock Township (Pennsylvania):

2014-04-16 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Rio Salado (Mexico):

Quote: "Thousands of dead fish appeared overnight at the Salt River, which happened to have its clean and clear waters, green and with a strong smell of rotten."

Quote: "The worker saw that the water had changed color. There were lots of dead fish and scavengers were feasting..."

Note: When the water suddenly changes color like that and it smells 'rotten', that is very highly likely the chemocline rising abruptly to the surface, which smothers all the fish and releases methane and hydrogen sulfide that has accumulated at the bottom into the atmosphere. The same thing happened in the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland), as mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. Shortly after the Baltimore incident, aberrant numbers of people began being found dead in the harbor there - not a coincidence. Some lakes in the Philippine Islands have also experienced this problem.

This will happen to bodies of water all around the world and as it does there will be more and more methane and hydrogen sulfide belching into the atmosphere. That's the ancient extinction event that is upon us now. When this happened during the Permian-Triassic, around 90% of all species on the planet died. I don't mean 90% of EACH species died - as in 'the human race can go on if 90 percent of us die'. I mean 100% of 90% of species died, as in '100% of the human beings that live on the surface of the Earth are going to die.'

2014-04-16 - Fish mysteriously dying at dam in Gwembe (Zambia):

2014-04-16 - Tiger found dead at big cat reserve in Bihar (India):

2014-04-15 - Grey whale washes ashore dead at beach in Seaside (Oregon):

2014-04-15 - Whale found dead in the water near Port Elizabeth (New Jersey):

2014-04-15 - Large fish kill reported at beaches in Ocean Shores (Australia):

2014-04-14 - Six dolphins, shark, humpback whale, manatees and sea turtles wash ashore dead near Jacksonville (Florida):

Quote: "There's something fishy going on in our local waters. No pun intended. According to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: six dolphins, a shark, a humpback whale and multiple manatees/sea turtles have washed up in the last two weeks."

Quote: "On a bigger scale, 1200 dolphins have been found dead from New York to Florida since July - up from the average 180 a year."

Note: There are plenty of PEOPLE mysteriously dying in Florida too. You'd think people would pay more attention to that, but it appears that people aren't as interested in staying alive as one might expect...

2014-04-13 - Pilot whale washes ashore dead at Coopers Beach in Southampton (New York):

Quote: "A dead 15-foot whale washed up on a Long Island beach over the weekend, officials say. The adult female pilot whale was found at about 2 p.m. Sunday east of Coopers Beach in Southampton, officials from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation say. A necropsy found no signs of trauma; a cause of death was still being determined."

Note: Much like all the people being found dead in or near bodies of what with no signs of trauma...

2014-04-12 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead at Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida):

2014-04-12 - Major fish kill reported at Devils Lake in Lincoln City (Oregon):

2014-04-11 - Fish kill hits the Piracicaba River (Brazil):

2014-04-11 - Hundreds of fish found dead in lagoon near Cali (Colombia):

2014-04-11 - Dolphin washes ashore dead at Jacksonville Beach (Florida):

2014-04-10 - Nine blue whales found dead off the southwest coast of Newfoundland (Canada):

Quote: "DFO researcher Jack Lawson said the deaths are a serious blow to an endangered population of about 250 animals."

Note: Make that an endangered population of about 241 animals...

2014-04-10 - Whale washes ashore dead on Long Beach Peninsula (Washington):

2014-04-09 - Fish washing ashore dead at Lake Contrary in St. Joseph (Missouri):

2014-04-08 - Two rare deepwater oarfish beach and die in Baja (Mexico):

Quote: "While not an overall first, this video of two oarfish might be the first footage of living oarfish in near-shore waters. 'It’s very rare,' Binder said. 'I don’t know of any records of people seeing two come ashore, although they’ve been reported in pairs. But I don’t know if anybody has seen them live like this.' Oarfish are said to be able to reach 50-plus feet in length and inhabit depths of 1,500 to 3,000 feet. When the deep-water creatures venture into shallow water, as they did in this case, it usually means they are injured or dying. Sure enough, these two oarfish wound up beaching themselves and dying, but not before giving a group of tourists a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that lasted 20 to 30 minutes, even though most were unaware of what they were looking at."

Note: They've been washing ashore dead here and there along the West Coast prior to this, but this is the first time they've washed ashore dead after first being seen alive, at least as a pair. Hydrogen sulfide and methane are rising from the depths, so deepwater creatures like these will get hit hard, and these two may have been fleeing a deepwater environment that is becoming unsurvivable for them. Other bottom-dwelling or deepwater creatures are dying too, like starfish, sperm whales, oysters, coral, giant squid...

2014-04-07 - Dogs mysteriously sickening and dying in Mesa (Arizona):

Quote: "The animal rescue home is desperate to find out what's making its dogs deathly ill. Two dogs have died, five others became extremely sick and vets cannot describe what is making the animals sick..."

2014-04-07 - Adult female elephant drops dead in Kanchanpur (India):

2014-04-06 - Huge fish kill hits river in Haikou City, Hainan Province (China):

Quote: "April 4, located in Haikou City, Hainan Province, the revitalization of U.S. homes South River Bridge at One large area of dead fish, the formation of banded, the river extends over one kilometer in length, and distribute stench."

2014-04-06 - Hundreds of thousands of bees found dead near International Bridge on Argentine, Uraguay border in Argentina:

Note: In the Permian-Triassic extinction event - similar if not identical to the one now ongoing - even insects took a big hit. We shouldn't expect a whole lot to survive. Some insects and bugs, some plants, some fungi, lots of bacteria, probably some reptiles, possibly some small fast-reproducing mammals like rats. That might just be about all that can possibly survive one of these powerful extinction events. Creatures almost certain to die off entirely: all primates including humans, whales and porpoises and dolphins, most species of fish, penguins, most or all species of birds, large mammals like rhinos and tigers and elephants and horses and cows, giant sequoias, and much, much more...

2014-04-06 - Harbor porpoise washes ashore dead at Nantasket Beach in Hull (Massachusetts):

2014-04-05 - More than 30 birds drop dead from the sky in Norman (Oklahoma):

Note: The same thing happened right across the street from me in early January of 2011. I smelled something odd and within a minute or two a flock of birds dropped dead out of the sky and smacked into the roof of my neighbor's garage. Birds are very sensitive to gases in the air - thus the 'canary in a coal mine' thing - because they have rapid respiration and low body mass. Birds dropping dead from the sky has happened numerous times in areas all around the planet, especially since 2010. So many carrier pigeons have disappeared over the ocean between Britain and Scotland that they now call that area the 'Birdmuda Triangle', as mentioned in the 2012-08-29 update...

2014-04-04 - 48 dolphins wash ashore dead in March at beaches near Galveston (Texas):

Note: Two of them had oil on their bodies, and two more may have. Okay, let's just say oil killed the crap out of those four. That leaves 44 more dead dolphins, just in March. Last year there were 15 dead dolphins in this area, so just in March alone this year there were more than three TIMES that number of dead dolphins. This area is right on the Gulf of Mexico. Numerous PEOPLE have been found mysteriously dead all around the Gulf Coast too - in Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and especially Florida - and none of them had oil on their bodies...

2014-04-03 - Six horses drop dead since March 24 at farm in Beccaria Township (Pennsylvania), 3 in one day:

Quote: "The victim found three Belgian horses dead outside the fence of a remote area off of Gill Hollow Road in Beccaria Township. Further, a 10-month-old colt was found dead on March 24; an 8-year-old stallion on March 26; and a 2.5-year-old philly on March 27. All three horses were healthy prior to being found dead."

2014-04-03 - Newborn hippopotamus suddenly dies at zoo in coastal San Diego (California):

2014-04-03 - Whale shark washes ashore dead on the coast of Gambia:

2014-04-02 - Thousands of starfish washing ashore dead or dying at beaches from Florida to Alabama:

2014-04-01 - Fish dying off hard in lakes in Texas:

2014-04-01 - Big fish kill reported at Citizen's Lake in Monmouth (Illinois):

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