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Event Update For 2014-02-26

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions
2014-02-26 - Man, 20, killed by explosion and fire, brush ignites, in coastal City Beach in Perth (Australia):
Quote: "'All indications are is that it’s a nonsuspicious death,' a police spokeswoman said just before 5:30pm. However, Nine News reported tonight the person who died was a 20-year-old man whose death was a direct result of the explosion. Earlier, Inspector Dominic Wood said witnesses heard an explosion before a scrub fire started at the corner of West Coast Highway and Rochdale Road."
Note: Just east (downwind) of the ocean, right on the coast. A plume of hydrogen sulfide and/or methane may have blown ashore and ignited right by that man or his van. Static electricity, a lit cigarette or any flame, electrified copper wiring in the van, rusty iron/steel on the van or in that area - any of those can act as the igniter. If the plume is concentrated enough then there may be one or more explosions to kick off a fire...
2014-02-26 - Heater explodes and burns and kills man in tent in Columbus (Ohio):
Note: Flammable gas plume + heat source = fire or explosion. Two homeless people were found burned to death in Bidwell Park in late 2012, in Chico (California), as mentioned in the 2012-10-24 update. Being outside virtually all of the time, homeless people are more vulnerable to the problems we face than pretty much anybody...

2014-02-26 - Home damaged by explosion and fire in Mosinee (Wisconsin), 1 injured:

Note: Mosinee is just east (downwind) of the Mosinee Flowage...

2014-02-26 - Big pile of scrap metal ignites at scrapyard in Levenshulme, Manchester (Britain), near-ish the coast:

Quote: "Crews did a fantastic job tackling the fire that involved a large amount of scrap metal."

Note: Excellent training for the next scrap metal fire! Hooah! From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

2014-02-25 - Recycling center hit by major fire at 12:25 AM in Horwich, Manchester (Britain), near the Lower Rivington Reservoir:

Quote: "Residents have been urged to keep doors and windows closed due to 'toxic smoke' caused by a blaze at a recycling plant in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) were called to Horwich Loco Industrial Estate, off Chorley New Road in Bolton, at about 00:25 GMT."

2014-02-26 - Underground electrical fire erupts near 34th Street in coastal Manhattan (New York), evacuations ensue:

Quote: "Smoke from a manhole fire near Penn Station caused the elevated levels at the 34th Street station, authorites said. No injuries were immediately reported. The fire department said around 25 people were evacuated from two Seventh Avenue buildings after the transformer fire, which began just before noon. Roughly 50 people were evacuated from the 1, 2, 3 Penn Station stop."

2014-02-26 - Underground electrical fire blows manhole off near the Arts District in Dallas (Texas):

Quote: "An underground electrical fire shut down San Jacinto Street in downtown Dallas this afternoon. The fire was reported shortly before noon at San Jacinto and Olive Street, near the Arts District..."

2014-02-26 - Electrical explosion disrupts trains in Sutton (Britain):

Quote: "The incident caused travel chaos across south London with no trains able to pass through the station and one train stuck between Sutton and Carshalton for three hours."

2014-02-26 - Truck camper manufacturing business destroyed by fire at 12:20 AM in Kelowna (Canada), nobody there:

Quote: "Firefighters were dispatched to Northern Lite Mfg Ltd on Totom Avenue at 12:20AM..."

Quote: "Does it seem like an unusual amount of fires recently?"

Note: Third link is the company's website. Looks like they made some nice truck campers, the kind that slides into the bed of a pickup truck. Second quote is a comment from a person reading about this fire. Someone out there is waking up, even if just a little bit...

2014-02-26 - Apartment building under construction damaged by fire in Charlotte (North Carolina):

2014-02-26 - Passenger plane cabin fills with smoke after landing in coastal Oakland (California):

2014-02-26 - Indian submarine hit by explosion and fire at 6 AM near coastal Mumbai (India), explosion mentioned, 3 killed:

Quote: "The Indian navy rescued sailors from one of its Russian-built Kilo class submarines following an accident off the coast of Mumbai, a mishap that brought back memories of fire and explosions aboard a similar boat in August that killed 18 men and left no survivors."

Quote: "India Sub Crew Burned Beyond Recognition; 3 Bodies Found"

2014-02-26 - British aircraft carrier catches fire as Prince Charles visits, in coastal Portsmouth (Britain):

Quote: "Firefighters were called to Portsmouth Naval Base during Prince Charles’ visit today - after fire broke out on a section of the carrier that will be named after him."

Note: Awkward!

2014-02-26 - Freight train engine bursts into flame near Newfields (New Hampshire):

Quote: "Firefighters battled a fire that broke out in the engine of a freight train near a railroad junction on Route 108 Tuesday night."

Note: Newfields is right next to Great Bay...

2014-02-26 - Double-decker bus bursts into flame on the M1 near Garforth (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on road in coastal Takapuna (New Zealand):

2014-02-26 - Car-hauler truck bursts into flame just after 5 AM on Route 222 in East Cocalico Township (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Crews responded just after 5 a.m. on Wednesday. Dispatchers say about 7 to 8 cars are on fire, no injuries are reported right now."

Quote: "Six Mercedes Benzes were destroyed when a car carrier caught fire on Route 222 in East Cocalico Township, Lancaster County."

2014-02-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame while parked in garage, fire spreads, garage destroyed, in Port Richmond area in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Fire officials say a tractor trailer caught fire inside a garage in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia Wednesday night."

2014-02-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on street under I-95 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Officials say the vehicle was traveling towards a building on the 2800 block of East Westmoreland Street underneath I-95 Wednesday night when it somehow caught fire."

2014-02-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame in Evans (Colorado):

2014-02-26 - Garbage truck bursts into flame in coastal Aberdeen (Scotland):

2014-02-26 - RV bursts into flame at 3:30 AM while parked in coastal Oceano (California), 2 more RVs damaged:

Note: Map in first link shows proximity to the ocean...

2014-02-26 - Van bursts into flame at 12:35 AM near Worthing Station (Britain), man and dog lightly burned:

2014-02-26 - Minivan bursts into flame on Hayes Avenue in Fremont (Ohio):

2014-02-26 - SUV bursts into flame near coastal Conception Bay South (Canada):

2014-02-26 - SUV bursts into flame on road in New Philadelphia (Ohio):

2014-02-26 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on road near Coshocton (Ohio):

2014-02-26 - Another car bursts into flame in Echo Park area of coastal Los Angeles (California):

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame on Loop 101 in Phoenix (Arizona):

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame on road in coastal Dubai (UAE):

Quote: "It’s not clear how many people were travelling in the car, or whether they were able to escape."

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame on road in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

Quote: "Police had to turn back drivers trying to get onto the bypass at the Calder junction earlier tonight after a car caught fire."

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame on Caversham Road in Reading (Britain):

Quote: "A former Reading MP went to the rescue when a car caught fire in Reading town centre yesterday evening."

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame on the A385 near Totnes (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame near the Holiday Inn on Waterwell Drive in Quedgeley (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame while parked in Linley Close in Twerton (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Car bursts into flame before 4:10 AM while parked on Padgate Road in Sunderland (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Vehicle bursts into flame on road in Shippen (Pennsylvania):

2014-02-26 - Moped bursts into flame at 1:45 AM while parked on Bracklesham Road in Rowner, Gosport (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Classic car and garage destroyed by fire at home in Salt Creek Township (Ohio), dog and cat killed:

Quote: "A dog and cat are believed to have perished in a garage fire Wednesday that also claimed a newly restored 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle on Heffner Road."

2014-02-26 - Car and garage destroyed by fire at 12:45 AM, in Alva (Florida):

Note: Address listed is less than 1000 feet northeast (downwind) of the Caloosahatchee River...

2014-02-26 - Pickup, hay and barn destroyed by fire in Tieton (Washington):

2014-02-26 - Vehicle, garage and mobile home destroyed by fire in the Township of Plum Lake (Wisconsin), nobody home:

Quote: "The garage with one vehicle was fully engulfed in flames when a deputy sheriff arrived at the scene and the fire spread to a nearby mobile home..."

2014-02-26 - RV and shed destroyed by fire, home damaged, in Cranleigh (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Auto shop destroyed by blaze at 2:22 AM near Cochranton (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

Quote: "A passer-by reported the fire at at D & R Car Care, 22757 Route 322, in East Fairfield Township, at 2:22 a.m., according to Crawford County emergency officials. No one was in the building, and no one was hurt in the fire, Cochranton Fire Chief Scott Schell said. The building was completely destroyed, Schell said. It's not yet known what caused the fire."

Note: Cochranton is located on the northeast (downwind) banks of French Creek...

2014-02-26 - Auto shop damaged by major fire in Northampton (Britain):

Quote: "Firefighters were called to a large blaze at a car repair centre on Wednesday night. The fire started at JPS Commercials Automotive works in Horsley Road, Queens Park, shortly before 9pm."

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire in Abbotsford (Canada):

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire at 6 AM in Butler (Missouri):

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire in Stilwell (Kansas), six show horses killed:

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire before 7 AM near Batavia (Ohio), six show goats killed:

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire in Carroll County (Indiana), 1000 hogs killed:

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire in Williamson County (Tennessee):

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire near Russellville (Arkansas):

2014-02-26 - Barn damaged by blaze in Amanda Township (Ohio), some sheep killed:

2014-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire shortly before 2 AM near Liskeard (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Barn damaged by blaze in Morgan Township (Ohio):

2014-02-26 - Laptop battery explodes and burns in basement at home in Sioux Falls (Iowa):

Quote: "...he heard a loud bang and saw burning chunks of what used to be a computer battery go flying onto his basement floor."

2014-02-26 - Large brush fire breaks out in South Carthage (Tennessee):

2014-02-26 - Brush fire erupts in Wiamauma (Florida), near the coast:

2014-02-26 - Mulch fire erupts at apartments on Hickory Lake Drive in Bellevue, Nashville (Tennessee):

2014-02-26 - Container full of fish meal bursts into flame on ship at the Port of Melbourne in coastal Melbourne (Australia):

Quote: "A spokesman from the Port of Melbourne Corporation said the container was on the main deck of the KoKopo Chief, a Chinese cargo ship that regularly sailed to Melbourne and other Australian ports."

2014-02-26 - Two business warehouses destroyed by massive blaze in coastal Sharjah (UAE):

2014-02-26 - Asphalt plant damaged by fire in Reddick (Florida):

2014-02-26 - Porch bursts into flame, fire spreads, home damaged, in Springfield (Massachusetts):

2014-02-26 - Porch bursts into flame, fire spreads, apartment building damaged, in Vancouver (Washington):

2014-02-26 - Former motel damaged by fire at 7:15 AM in the Bent Creek area (North Carolina):

2014-02-26 - House destroyed by vicious fire in Longview (Texas), 6 injured:

2014-02-26 - Home destroyed by blaze in Portage (Wisconsin):

Note: Portage is on the northeast (downwind) banks of the Wisconsin River...

2014-02-26 - Deadly fire hits home on North Canal Street in Fulton River neighborhood of Chicago (Illinois), 1 killed:,0,5515404.story

2014-02-26 - Deadly fire tears through home at 3 AM in Methuen (Massachusetts), 2 killed:

Quote: "The fire apparently started in the garage area but the exact cause remains under investigation."

Note: I bet this couple had a vehicle in the garage. Methuen is on the northeast (downwind) banks of the Merrimack River...

2014-02-26 - Deadly fire destroys home in Cheektowaga (New York), 2 killed:

2014-02-26 - Vacant house burns at 1:17 AM in coastal Ellesmere Port (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Vacant home burns in Tuscaloosa (Alabama):

2014-02-26 - Vacant duplex burns at 2 AM in Lansford (Pennsylvania):

2014-02-26 - Vacant home burns in Drakesboro (Kentucky):

2014-02-26 - Vacant house destroyed by fire on Scotts Point Road at 1 AM in Eddington (Maine):

2014-02-26 - Vacant ambulance garage part of building damaged by fire at 4:27 AM in Duluth (Minnesota):

2014-02-26 - More than 21,000 seabirds wash up dead on the Atlantic coast in France since January:

2014-02-26 - Scallops dying off hard around Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island (Canada):

Note: Blamed on increasingly acidic waters. That could be, but these are bottom-dwellers, and hydrogen sulfide and methane are rising from the ocean floors, so I wouldn't rule that out as a contributing factor, especially in light of all the OTHER bottom-dwelling or deep-water creatures dying in the last couple of years, like sperm whales, oysters around Australia, coral reefs all over the place, rare oarfish off the coast of California, giant squid, etc. In the Permian-Triassic extinction event 96% of species died off in the oceans, and what we have going on now looks to be a repeat of that extinction event. In short, the oceans, seas and lakes will ultimately become mostly lifeless poison factories and that process has begun...

2014-02-26 - Crabs, birds and other marine species washing ashore dead at beaches in Antofagasta Province (Chile):

2014-02-26 - Large frog die-off reported at lake in the Curragh (Ireland):

2014-02-26 - Woman, 61, falls unconscious in fitness center swimming pool then dies, in St. Helens (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Man, mid-30s, dies in apartment swimming pool in Toronto (Canada):

Note: People still get in swimming pools?!

2014-02-26 - Man drops dead inside ATM vestibule before 6:15 AM at bank in Lethbridge (Canada):

2014-02-26 - Inmate, man, drops dead in his jail cell in Washington County (Oklahoma):

Quote: "His name and official cause of death has not been released, although it appeared the inmate 'had suffered some sort of medical distress,' the release said."

2014-02-26 - Woman, 64, drops dead around the time that a small fire breaks out at home in Circleville (Ohio):

Quote: "Pickaway County Coroner Dr. John Ellis determined the cause of death to be 'acute cardiac event' but was uncertain whether it occurred before or after the fire broke out."

Note: Circleville lies along the banks of the Scioto River. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause both 'acute cardiac events' and fires. Coincidence that she died as a fire broke out? Doubtful...

2014-02-26 - Man, 35, found dead at home in coastal Penryn (Britain):

2014-02-26 - Woman found next to the River Goyt in the village of Strines, between Marple and New Mills (Britain):

Note: Not IN the river, just NEAR it. I bet her corpse was found downwind of the river too...

2014-02-26 - Woman found dead at beach at 6 AM in coastal Dunedin (New Zealand):

2014-02-26 - Woman drops dead in vacant home in Gary (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

2014-02-26 - Man found dead on Stanley Street in Sudbury (Canada):

2014-02-26 - Man, 41, found dead in submerged car in river in Itta Bena (Mississippi):

2104-02-26 - Security guard, 35, falls and dies at 3 AM in Ashoknagar (India), possible toppler:

2014-02-26 - Man found dead at Wilhelmina Rise in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

2014-02-26 - Body found along the Assiniboine River in Brandon (Canada):

2014-02-26 - Woman, 53, falls into drainage ditch and dies on Clear Creek Road near naval base in coastal Bremerton (Washington):

2014-02-26 - Woman, 36, drops dead outside apartments in Motley (South Carolina):

2014-02-26 - Driver has 'medical condition', slams big rig into car after car for half a mile, in Tamaqua (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Witnesses on scene stated the tractor trailer didn’t stop after hitting the vehicles and continued south on SR309. A few minutes later, emergency personnel were dispatched to the intersection of Cedar Street and Center Street (SR309) after the same tractor-trailer crashed into the back of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) stopped at the southbound stoplight. The impact pushed the SUV into the back of a pickup truck; which resulted in the pickup truck impacting the back of another vehicle. The double accident, which stretched about a half-mile, occurred during Tamaqua’s normal busy afternoon traffic, resulting in a long traffic jam both north and south into the borough."

Quote: "Unofficial reports stated the driver of the tractor-trailer suffered a medical condition and was taken to the hospital as well, although that isn’t confirmed."

2014-02-26 - Small plane takes off then crashes and burns, on the island of Lanai (Hawaii), 3 killed, 3 injured:

2014-02-26 - Tractor trailer hits median, bursts into flame, at 5:15 AM on I-77 near Statesville (North Carolina):

Quote: "Officials told Channel 9 that a big rig crashed and caught fire in the median near mile marker 52 around 5:15 a.m."

2014-02-26 - Tractor trailer veers off road and overturns, on Highway 101 near coastal Gaviota (California):

2014-02-26 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-95 near the Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Note: Also see the two tractor trailers that burst into flame, one parked in the Port Richmond area and one on a street under I-95, in Philadelphia on this same day...

2014-02-26 - Tractor trailer overturns near Winding Waters K-8 school in Weeki Wachee (Florida), 1 injured:

2014-02-26 - Two trucks collide head-on, one carrying explosives, explosion ensues, in Limpopo (South Africa), 5 killed:

Quote: "They were attending to the scene of an accident after two trucks travelling in opposite directions crashed. Police spokesperson Hangweni Mulaudsi has told eNCA the officers had been attending the scene when one of the trucks carrying explosives detonated."

2014-02-26 - SUV plows into electronics business in Downey (California), 4 injured:

2014-02-26 - Pickup truck hits car, both burst into flame, on the Dallas North Tollway in Dallas (Texas):

2014-02-26 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into building, in Longmont (Colorado), 1 killed:

2014-02-26 - Car veers over centerline, hits dump truck head-on, near Kinston (North Carolina), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2014-02-26 - Two cars collide head-on, at Highway 154 and San Antonio Creek Road near coastal Santa Barbara (California), 1 killed:

Note: This accident happened not far from that tractor trailer that veered off the road on Highway 101 near Gaviota (California) on this same day...

2014-02-26 - Car veers into oncoming traffic, some cars dodge, one doesn't, in Hadley (Massachusetts), 3 injured:

2014-02-26 - Car plunges 30 feet off overpass onto road below, in Wilder (Kentucky), 1 critically injured:

2014-02-26 - Man, 25, hits car with his car, bites firefighter, in Raleigh (North Carolina):

Quote: "Nothing in police public statements offers an explanation into why the events began. Sughrue said there was no indication Gagnon knew the man or the girl."

Note: This guy chased a man and a girl in another car and kept smacking their car with his, then when captured he bit and kicked a firefighter and some paramedics. He apparently didn't even know the people in the car that he was chasing and hitting with his car...

2014-02-26 - Dog(s) attack and kill 4-year-old girl in Tallassee (Florida):

Quote: "A 4-year-old girl is dead after a dog attack in Tallassee. Tallassee Police Chief Jimmy Rodgers says the attack happened around 5 p.m. Wednesday on the south side of Tallassee on Lower Tuskegee Road. Rodgers says authorities are not sure how many dogs attacked the child but she had numerous injuries. Officials say two dogs have been taken to a local veterinarian for evaluation."

2014-02-26 - Vacant building partially collapses in coastal Brooklyn (New York), 8 seriously injured:

2014-02-26 - Attorney General Eric Holder, 63, suddenly sickens, faintness, difficulty breathing, in coastal Washington DC:

2014-02-26 - Mount Marapi spews ash in a 3-kilometer radius in West Sumatra (Indonesia):

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    Nobody's immune, although you'd think upper-echelon government mucky-mucks are probably better protected than most at home or work. but they still have functions to attend, the transit between home and work, etc. And remember Hillary had that brain stroke, and Kerry showed up for work one day with his face heavily bruised. I'm not saying all those things were caused by hydrogen sulfide, but all of those things COULD have been caused by hydrogen sulfide: it can cause blood clotting and strokes, especially in the brain, and it can make you feel faint or lose consciousness and fall, usually forward, like on your face. So, ya gotta wonder, and it doesn't cost a dime to observe and see if patterns emerge.