Thursday, December 22, 2016

Event Update For 2016-12-21

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2016-12-21 - Underground electrical fire blacks out 5000 homes in East Orange (New Jersey):

2016-12-21 - Vehicles and pallets destroyed by huge fire in Fort Bend County (Texas):

Quote: "Fire is pallets and other items including employee vehicles."

Quote: "FBCSO says that there isn't a structure on fire but pallets and cars are engulfed in flames."

2016-12-21 - Auto scrapyard erupts in flame, numerous vehicles burn, in coastal Thane (India):

Quote: "Half a dozen trucks, tourist buses, jeeps and auto rickshaws, which caught fire at the Hazuri RTO office had sent the neighbourhood into a panic mode as they witnessed dark black smoke and huge fire flames in the RTO's scrapyard."

2016-12-21 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, giant heap of metals and recyclables burns, in coastal Wilmington (Delaware):

Quote: "Thick black smoke could be seen billowing from the air. Crews were using a long hose to spray a giant heap of metals and other recycling."

2016-12-21 - Sewage treatment plant damaged by fire at 5:23 AM in coastal London (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Two auto businesses destroyed by massive blaze in Van Nuys (California), near the coast, nobody there:

2016-12-21 - Mobile home destroyed by explosion and fire at 7:20 AM in San Antonio (Texas), nobody there:

Quote: "Investigators believe the fire started in the back of the home. An explosion was heard, but they are not sure what caused it. Firefighters said the home was a total loss. No one was injured. It’s believed the homeowner may be out of town."

Note: This is the 399th residential explosion in 2016...

2016-12-21 - Tanker ship 'M T Rain' erupts in flame at breaking yard in coastal Gadani (Pakistan):

Quote: "The incident occurred more than a month after a similar explosion and fire at the shipbreaking yard killed 26 people with more than 50 injured and 10 missing."

2016-12-21 - Yacht bursts into flame at 3 AM, burns and sinks, near coastal Coromandel (New Zealand):

Note: These are the 1504th and 1505th boats or ships to burn/explode in 2016...

2016-12-21 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on street in Rahiwada (India):

Note: This is the 941st bus to burn in 2016...

2016-12-21 - Several tractors, car, UTV, several lawn mowers and garage destroyed by fire in Halifax (Virginia):

Quote: "Loftis said no one was hurt in the blaze that destroyed the single-story garage and shed with cement floors. The structure housed several tractors including a Ford diesel tractor, several lawn mowers, a 1966 Plymouth, flatbed UTV, old flatbed pickup truck, welding equipment, hand tools and numerous other items."

Note: Several is more than two so I'll just call it 3 tractors to be conservative...

2016-12-21 - Three tractors, two tractors (harvesters), other equipment and barn destroyed by fire just before 1 AM in Albany (Georgia):

Quote: "The fire burned three tractors, two harvesters, one shaker, and other growing equipment."

2016-12-21 - Tractors, trucks and barn destroyed by fire near Aquilla Lake (Texas):

Quote: "Trucks, tractors and a supply of diesel fuel were destroyed in a Wednesday afternoon fire in rural Hill County. The first alarm went out at 4:38 p.m. Wednesday for the fire at 792 Hill County Road 2312 which is near the Vaughn Community and East of Aquilla Lake."

2016-12-21 - Tractor bursts into flame, fire spreads to silage and more, in Hopewell (New York):

Quote: "What started as a tractor fire spread to silage and on to a farm structure Wednesday afternoon at Spring Hope Dairy Farm on County Road 4."

2016-12-21 - Tractor bursts into flame in barn, fire spreads, barn and pickup truck destroyed too, in Millhousen (Indiana):

Quote: "Farm owner Robert Klene, lost the barn, a tractor, and a pickup truck that were both in the barn."

2016-12-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on highway in Hunan Province (China):

2016-12-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 1:30 AM on the M25 near Leatherhead (Britain):

Note: These are the 2295th through 2308th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2016...

2016-12-21 - Box truck bursts into flame at 7:23 AM on the A249 near Sittingbourne (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Truck bursts into flame at property on Forest Hill Road in New Springville (New York), near the coast:

2016-12-21 - Truck bursts into flame on the N1 in Johannesburg (South Africa):

2016-12-21 - RV bursts into flame while parked in alley in Parsons (Kansas):

Note: This is the 541st RV to burn in 2016...

2016-12-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on street in Greenville (South Carolina):

2016-12-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-30 in Garland (Texas):

2016-12-22 - Car bursts into flame at 11:30 PM while parked inside auto business in Owasso (Oklahoma):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame at 6 AM at home in Schnellville (Indiana):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame on Landau Boulevard in Cathedral City (California):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame on Silverbrook Avenue in Niles (Michigan):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame on William Hovell Drive in Belconnen District (Australia):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame at health insurance business on Campion Street in Deakin (Australia):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked in carpark at shopping center in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home in Aglandjia, Nicosia on the island of Cyprus (Greece):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame with sleeping man inside while parked in coastal Ballsbridge (Ireland):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked at bungalow, fire spreads to bungalow, on Jobs Lane in Hickstead (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame on Trevose Way in coastal Plymouth (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Car bursts into flame at 1:16 AM on Sandino Road in Telford (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Mount Road in coastal Bournemouth (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Motorcycle bursts into flame inside farmhouse on Nynehead Road in Wellington (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Car and garage destroyed by fire at home in Stevens Point (Wisconsin):

2016-12-21 - Trucks, tractor equipment and barn destroyed by explosion and fire in Brown Township (Ohio):

Quote: "It was reported just before 5 p.m. in Brown Township. Crews were initially called out to an explosion. Six agencies were requested to respond to the scene in aid. Inside, there were trucks and tractor equipment inside the structure when the fire broke out."

2016-12-21 - Car and two shops destroyed by fire in Vijaypur (India):

2016-12-21 - Motorcycle and shed go up in flames on St Ovins Green in Ely (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Auto dealership damaged by fire in Killeen (Texas), nobody there:

2016-12-21 - Barn destroyed by fire in Accokeek (Maryland), some chickens killed:

2016-12-21 - Brush fire breaks out near Cedar Creek in Bastrop County (Texas):

2016-12-21 - Garbage bursts into flame in garbage truck on street in coastal Benicia (California):

2016-12-21 - Train station destroyed by massive blaze in the wee hours in Berlin (Connecticut):

2016-12-21 - Furniture store destroyed by huge fire in North Bergen (New Jersey):

2016-12-21 - Industrial cleaning products business destroyed by massive inferno in Corby (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Commercial warehouse heavily damaged by fire in Santa Rosa (California):

2016-12-21 - Garage destroyed by fire at home in Alton (Illinois), near the Mississippi River:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-12-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 7 AM in Marshville (North Carolina):

2016-12-21 - Home destroyed by fire in the wee hours in Aldine (Texas):

2016-12-21 - Home destroyed by fire at 11 PM in Richmond (Virginia):

2016-12-21 - Home destroyed by fire shortly after 4 AM in Richland Township (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

2016-12-21 - Home destroyed by fire at 5:30 AM on Mast Road in Goffstown (New Hampshire):

2016-12-21 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 12:22 AM in Ogden (Utah):

2016-12-21 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 10:45 PM in Memphis (Tennessee):

2016-12-21 - Condo building heavily damaged by fire shortly before 1 AM in Greenbelt (Maryland):

2016-12-21 - Deadly fire destroys mobile home in Leslie (Michigan), 1 killed:

2016-12-21 - Deadly fire and/or explosion burns home near Eufaula (Oklahoma), 2 killed:

Quote: "The fire marshal is investigating a deadly fire or explosion in McIntosh County just north of Eufaula. We've been told two people have died."

2016-12-21 - Deadly fire burns home at 1:35 AM in Ticonderoga (New York), 1 killed:

2016-12-21 - Deadly fire destroys home at 6 AM on Craven Street in Branford (Florida), 1 killed:

2016-12-21 - Deadly fire rips through hotel at 4 AM in Gondia (India), 7+ killed:

2016-12-21 - Vacant mobile home destroyed by fire at 4:35 AM in Las Vegas (Nevada):

2016-12-21 - Vacant home burns in Newark (Ohio):

2016-12-21 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Buffalo (New York):

2016-12-21 - Vacant home destroyed by fire at 2 AM in Blytheville (Arkansas):

2016-12-21 - Vacant restaurant destroyed by fire at midnight in Robstown (Texas), near the coast:

2016-12-21 - Young dolphin found dead near coastal Longboat Key (Florida):

Note: A man, 57, just collapsed and died after diving in the Florida Keys, mentioned in the 2016-12-19 update. It's not just people dying in or near bodies of water...

2016-12-21 - Young endangered killer whale found dead near coastal Sechelt (Canada):

2016-12-21 - Thousands of freshwater crayfish found dead or dying in the Oraka Stream in Putaruru (New Zealand):

Quote: "Erin Hampson-Tindale headed down to Oraka Stream in Putaruru for a bit of fishing only to find what he described as 'thousands' of freshwater crayfish of all sizes and ages floating past him. 'I have spent over an hour here now and there has been a constant flow of them. It's shocking, there are literally thousands and thousands stumbling past,' he said."

2016-12-21 - Couple, truckers, 56 and 63, found dead shortly after midnight in their big rig near Canal Street in Cleveland (Ohio):

Quote: "Just after midnight Wednesday, a witness noticed the truck parked and left running for a long time near East. 9th and Canal streets. When he noticed it was no longer running, he approached it, believing it was abandoned. He saw the victims inside after looking inside, at which point he called police. When firefighters arrived, they broke a window to make entry. The victims have been identified as Jon Taylor, 56, and Sylvia Dority, 63. They were found in the sleeping compartment of the truck."

Quote: "A medical examiner was not able to determine the cause of their deaths..."

2016-12-21 - Couple found dead outside their home in Superior (Minnesota):

2016-12-21 - Man, 20, slumps over dead in vehicle in Jurupa Valley (California):

2016-12-21 - Man, 32, found dead in 6 inches of water in ditch with his bicycle along Grants Ferry Road in Sterling (Georgia):

2016-12-21 - Woman, 48, drops dead near grocery store in Lyons Township (Michigan):

2016-12-21 - College student, woman, 21, found dead at Dorset Quarry in Dorset (Vermont):,492846,492838

2016-12-21 - Man in his 40s drops dead in home in Derby (Kansas):

2016-12-21 - Woman, 21, found dead with submerged car in the Tomoka River in coastal Ormond Beach (Florida):

2016-12-21 - Man, 32, crashes car, strips naked, drops dead near the Mad River at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Ohio):

Quote: "According to a witness, Smith seemed disoriented and walked away from the crash scene. A K-9 from WPAFB found what is believed to be Smith's clothing around a perimeter fence that he climbed near Mad River. When Smith was found on Tuesday morning, he was not fully clothed."

Note: Sounds like he was zombifying, possibly before the crash...

2016-12-21 - Person found dead in car after minor accident, in Valle Vista (California):

2016-12-21 - Woman, 44, found dead along the Clark Fork River in Missoula (Montana):

2016-12-21 - Man, 59, drops dead at homeless camp in Terre Haute (Indiana):

2016-12-21 - Man found dead near his vehicle at Lake Hassel near Benson Township (Minnesota):

2016-12-21 - Woman, 27, found dead at trash facility in Nashville (Tennessee):

2016-12-21 - Man, 23, found dead near Ross Lane in Clarksville (Tennessee):

2016-12-21 - Man in his 20s goes missing while swimming, next seen dead on beach in coastal Muriwai (New Zealand):

2016-12-21 - Man, 33, found dead in pond in Natore District (Bangladesh):

2016-12-21 - Man in his 50s drops dead at home in Cassada Gardens on the island of Antigua:

2016-12-21 - Royal Malaysian Air Force plane crashes and burns at base in coastal Butterworth (Malaysia), 1 killed, 3 injured:

Quote: "The aircraft had been used for maritime surveillance by a squadron based at the Subang airbase."

Quote: "A Facebook user, called 'Rjuna Rjuna,' posted some pictures believed to be showing the accident in which a military rescue worker was checking the wreckage of the plane while another showed a column of smoke emit from the scene."

2016-12-21 - Two tour buses and a car crash, on the island of Taipa (China), 57 injured:

2016-12-21 - Passenger bus brakes fail, bus plows into crowd, in Gombe State (Nigeria), 11 children killed, 17 injured:

2016-12-21 - Tractor trailer crashes just before 2 AM, on I-81 near Guilford Township (Pennsylvania), 1 injured:

2016-12-21 - Box truck crashes off overpass, bursts into flame, on the Eastex Freeway in Houston (Texas), 1 killed:

2016-12-21 - SUV veers off road, crashes into ditch, bursts into flame, near Little Coal River Road in Kanawha County (West Virginia):

2016-12-21 - SUV veers off road, crashes into ravine, near Aloha (Oregon), 1 killed:

2016-12-21 - Car and SUV collide head-on at 12:30 AM, fire erupts, in Fairfield (California), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2016-12-21 - Car and pickup truck collide head-on, in San Antonio (Texas), 3 killed:

2016-12-21 - Car crashes off bridge, lands on the banks of the St. Joseph River, in South Bend (Indiana), 1 injured:

2016-12-21 - Car plunges into Darby Creek tributary in Radnor (Pennsylvania), 2 injured:

2016-12-21 - Car veers off road, plunges into gorge, in Kenthurst (Australia), near the coast, 1 killed:

2016-12-21 - Car veers off road, hits home, bursts into flame, in Yadkinville (North Carolina):

2016-12-21 - Pit bull attacks and injures 3-year-old boy at home in Groveland (Florida):

2016-12-21 - Sinkhole opens on street in Worcester (Britain):

2016-12-21 - Billboard collapses along Palm Avenue near coastal Imperial Beach (California):

2016-12-21 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the Banda Sea between Australia and Indonesia:

2016-12-21 - 2016 summed up in one word - 'surreal', according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary lookups:

2016-12-21 - Greenland 'powerhouse' storm may increase North Pole temperatures by 40-50 degrees:

2016-12-21 - As Greenland ice melts away, major ocean circulation pattern at risk:

2016-12-21 - A flood of warm water the size of 30 Amazon Rivers is melting one of East Antarctica's largest glaciers:

2016-12-21 - Potent storm to bring blizzard conditions to the northern Central US Christmas weekend:

Note: Gonna be 62F with rain for Christmas here in Misery..

2016-12-21 - Four separate Christmas cyclones bear down on Australia:

2016-12-21 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits the Waikirikiri/Selwyn River in Canterbury (New Zealand):

2016-12-21 - Unknown virus causing migratory pain and black urine reported in Bahia (Brazil):

2016-12-21 - Rising inequalities, economic growth in the US, a tale of two countries:

2016-12-21 - Donald Trump removes Russia from list of US defense priorities:

2016-12-21 - Legal medical marijuana results in fewer traffic fatalities:

Quote: "Since 1985, American states that passed laws permitting medical marijuana use have seen significant reductions in the number of traffic fatalities. On average, these states had lower rates of automobile-related deaths than states without medical marijuana laws."

Quote: "Traffic fatalities fell 11 percent after enacting medical marijuana laws and had 26 percent lower rates of such deaths on average compared to other states. As of November 2016, 28 states and Washington, D.C., had legalized medical marijuana to some extent, though it remains illegal at the federal level."


  1. Hey Jonny! Another great day to be alive to document all the death and destruction going on non-stop around us!

    Yep, coupla young people tried to park in the stream here.

    Glad yer gone be warm on Xmas, but yer trees ain't liken it.

    Christmas Solar Storm Threatens Earth's Electrical Infrastructure

    While this display is unlikely to cause anything worse than "minor fluctuations" in power, experts warn that solar storms are not always harmless. In an October 2016 executive order, US President Barack Obama said that "extreme space weather events... could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation." [more]

    Incoming star Gliese 710 could spawn swarms of comets when it passes our Sun

    [way off in what used to be "the future"]

    Giant dust cloud hits Western Australia as cyclone Yvette looms

    [14 sec video of this ominous cloud moving in]

    Extreme cold breaking records in northern Siberia; 10 degrees or lower below normal

    [from another Ice Age enthusiast]

    Friday, 23 December 2016
    The melting sea ice

    The Year of Extremes, Did Climate Change Just Hit-Home?

    [where have you been? this has been going on for YEARS now!]

    [41.5 min video]

    Saying farewell to NZ

    Kevin Hester and Guy McPherson have a parting conversation – Rakino Island

    [21 min. video]

    Nothing better than an Old Faithful Geyser eruption on Winter Solstice at Yellowstone

    [46 second video]

    World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence

    [what can go wrong?]

    "Weather Bomb" Storm Barbara set to batter the UK with 100 mph winds and more flooding and bringing chaos to Christmas preperations

    Trumpocalypse? Suddenly Liberals Are The Ones Stockpiling Food, Guns And Emergency Supplies

    [prepping for extinction seems somehow foolish and misses the point]

    [more below]


  2. News Links, December 23, 2016
    Rice Farmer

    Why a Full-Blown Banking Crisis Is Inevitable

    Flight controller accidentally sends jet on course toward Mt. Wilson after LAX takeoff

    Southwest Airlines website interrupted by glitch; nearly 900 flights delayed

    US Air Force chief: Personnel shortfall is critical
    The Air Force's top officer said the service is critically short of personnel and needs to expand by more than 30,000 active-duty service members to meet its security obligations, including an air war against Islamic State militants.

    Brawl Erupts Between Locals And Migrants At Another German Christmas Market

    EROEI Calculations for Solar PV Are Misleading

    U.N. warns of water crisis in Nigeria's megacity Lagos

    New map plots chemical contamination in Great Lakes

    U.S. melanoma rate is rising, study finds

    Remaining FCC Commissioners Promise To Gut Net Neutrality 'As Soon As Possible'

    Congress Calls Edward Snowden a Liar in New Report

    Snowden Lashes Out At Congressional Report He Is Colluding With Russia

    Smog refugees flee Chinese cities as 'airpocalypse' blights half a billion

    66,000 workplace deaths in China last year: report

    China confirms third case of human bird flu in a week

    Smog linked to third of deaths in China, more deadly than smoking, study finds

    Personal Income Flat, Consumer Spending Weak, Real Disposable Income Down

    Americans are now in more debt than they were before the financial crisis

    Americans aren't having as many kids: 8 states post population loss

    The next job to be automated: bartending?
    [yep, count on it]

    Grand Theft Electoral: Aborted Recount Effort Shows US Elections Are Broken, Recount-Proof and Audit-Proof

    Durable Goods Orders Dive 4.6% Despite Huge Jump in Defense Orders

    Why Social Security Is Doomed: "Birthrate At Lowest Level on Record"… And the Future Is Unfunded

    Is The Auto Industry Slowdown Signaling Trouble Ahead For The Overall Economy

    Waivers and Pardons? Mounting Ethics Concerns for Trump's Ultra-Wealthy Cabinet

    Trump picks China hawk to lead new White House trade council

    Man Suffers 3rd-Degree Burns After E-Cigarette Explodes in His Pocket While Riding Bus

    EPA Bans 72 Pesticide Chemicals, Some Linked to Cancer

    [it's about time]

    China launches emissions-tracking satellite, as nation eyes climate leadership

    [bwah-haaah-haaaaaa: tracking all the pollution they're creating!]