Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 - NOV - Zombie Files

2016-11-03 - Man, 22, flees cops in car at 1:30 AM, strips naked, jumps in creek, gets captured, in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2016-11-06 - Naked man, 55, tries to lure kids into car, tries to run down cop, gets shot, in Jackson (Mississippi):

2016-11-06 - Naked man found acting erratically in Boyanup (Australia), woman found dead in his house, near the coast:

2016-11-07 - Man jumps on railroad tracks, strips off clothes, in Croydon (Britain):

2016-11-08 - Naked man crashes car, acts irrationally, gets Tased, drops dead, in Henderson County (North Carolina):

Quote: "The driver of the wrecked vehicle was found naked in the middle of Howard Gap Road acting extremely irrational and non-compliant. As the deputies attempted to take the driver into custody he charged the deputies and a Taser was deployed. After the Taser was deployed and the driver brought under control, emergency service workers began evaluating the driver for any possible injuries. During the medical evaluation, the driver went into full arrest and was transported immediately to Park Ridge Hospital."

2016-11-10 - Naked man, 43, runs around in traffic, chases kids, tries to get in cars, breaks into home, in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

2016-11-11 - Naked man struggles with cops, falls off hotel and dies, in coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

2016-11-12 - Naked man yells and swears, gets arrested, has medical emergency, in Waukesha (Wisconsin):

Quote: "Police eventually made entry into the apartment and the man was transported to the Waukesha Memorial Hospital and admitted to the emergency room on an unspecified medical emergency."

2016-11-13 - Naked man, 31, with bible shouts stuff, does pushups, slaps cop, gets arrested, in Lincoln (Nebraska):

Quote: "When officers arrived, the 31-year-old man began yelling obscenities at them, police said Monday. When they tried to arrest him, he dropped to the ground and began doing push-ups, police said. At one point, they said, he slapped one of the officers."

2016-11-13 - Naked man, 27, gets agitated, climbs on SUV, screams, gets arrested, strips naked again, in Centralia (Illinois):

Quote: "As officers approached, Kaufman reportedly lay down on top of the vehicle and began screaming at the people inside the home. Police say the homeowner told them Kaufman had become agitated inside the house and began throwing things. Once they got him outside he started taking off his clothes and climbed on top of the SUV. Kaufman was taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. Once inside a holding cell at the Centralia Police Department, Kaufman reportedly continued to yell and began shaking the cage. Despite being fully restrained, he was reportedly able to again take off his clothes."

2016-11-16 - Naked man in his 20s attacks cars, gets tased, in coastal Bellingham (Washington):

2016-11-17 - Naked man runs around disoriented and mumbling incoherently in parking lot in Oxford (Mississippi):

Quote: "When officers arrived they found the man running around in a disoriented fashion and mumbling incoherently."

2016-11-17 - Man threatens to stab nonexistent people after 11 PM, sets backpack on fire, near the Cumberland River in Nashville (Tennessee):

Quote: "An investigation is underway after a small explosion at Riverfront Park in downtown Nashville. The blast happened as a man was walking his dog nearby at around 11:30 p.m. Thursday. The man told authorities that he saw a homeless man who was threatening to stab someone, even though no one was around him. The homeless man then reportedly set his bag on fire, which caused an aerosol can inside the bag to explode."

Quote: "The incident began around 11:45 p.m. Thursday when a citizen was walking his dog and heard a man talking to himself and yelling on the steps of Riverfront Park. Authorities said the citizen heard what he thought was an explosion a short time later, and the man who had been on the steps ran off. Officials responded to the scene and said there was no sign of an explosion; however, a burned backpack was found in that area."

2016-11-18 - Naked man, 25, screams in street, gets aggressive, gets tased, in coastal Atlantic City (New Jersey):

2016-11-18 - Naked man breaks into school and damages stuff in Calico Rock (Arkansas), near the White River:

2016-11-19 - Naked man, 19, crashes into home and cars after midnight, in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

2016-11-20 - Naked bloody man, 30, charges cops, gets pepper sprayed, in coastal Melbourne (Australia):

2016-11-20 - Man, 29, crashes car into church, parks car between pews, strips naked, shouts and prays, in coastal Nayarit (Mexico):

2016-11-21 - Naked man boards bus, shouts at passengers, in coastal London (Britain):

2016-11-22 - Naked man screams stuff at train station in coastal Mumbai (India):

2016-11-22 - Naked man lies down on road, stops traffic, in coastal Lagos (Nigeria):,313753.0.html

2016-11-23 - Naked disoriented man tussles with cop, gets shot and tased, in Lithonia Springs (Georgia), near Sweetwater Creek:

Quote: "Douglas County police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting in Lithia Springs. The shooting happened on Preston Boulevard outside the Sweetwater Creek apartments. Police said they were responding to suspicious person call around 1:30 p.m. Channel 2's Ross Cavitt spoke to witnesses who said police confronted a naked man. Witnesses said the man lunged at an officer and was shot in the arm."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-11-23 - Naked woman found wandering around near highway in Huntly (New Zealand):

Quote: "Police have picked up a naked woman from the main street of a north Waikato town. Multiple calls came in about the woman who was wandering on the section of State Highway 1 which runs through Huntly. Police rolled up soon after 1pm and picked the woman up, a spokeswoman said. The woman was referred to mental health services for support, Senior Sergeant Pete van de Wetering said."

2016-11-24 - Update on face-eater Austin Harrouff in coastal Jupiter (Florida) - no drugs in his system:

Quote: "FBI test results show no evidence that Austin Harrouff, the 19-year-old authorities say killed two people in their Martin County home and was found biting one of their faces, had either bath salts or flakka in his system at the time of the fatal attacks."

Quote: "Police said Harrouff made 'grunting and howling' noises as he bit off chunks of Stevens's face after stabbing the couple to death in their garage in Jupiter, Florida, in a crime that shocked the US."

Note: He stabbed a couple to death then bit the face off one near the coast in Florida. That event was mentioned in the 2016-08-15 update. He's the second face-eater in Florida, both were on the coast, and neither were on any kind of drugs. It's not drugs causing this...

2016-11-26 - Naked man, 21, breaks into home, homeowner shoots him three times, in Albuquerque (New Mexico):

2016-11-28 - Woman, 37, becomes delusional, stabs her two children then stabs herself to death, near Waynesville (Missouri):

Quote: "Witnesses told authorities Holmes was visiting the children when she became delusional, took out a butcher knife and began stabbing them. The 38-year-old man then attempted to protect the children and warded off the attack. Officials said this likely saved the children's lives. Holmes then ran outside to the front yard at which point she began stabbing herself until she died."

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