Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 - NOV - Other Stories

2016-11-01 - Deadly deep-sea lake brimming with hydrogen sulfide found on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana:

Quote: "Nearly 3,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico is a circular pool 100 feet in circumference and 12 feet deep. The walls that surround it hold in a toxic mix of dense extra-salty brine tinged with methane gas and hydrogen sulfide – curious creatures that happen to wander in don’t make it out alive. Dubbed the Jacuzzi of Despair by the scientists who discovered it, the brine pool 'lake' is like an alien world."

2016-11-01 - Dormant volcano near Rome slowly reawakening say scientists:

2016-11-01 - Magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes near Pawnee (Oklahoma):

2016-11-01 - Lightning strike kills man, injures his wife, in Zamboanga del Norte (Philippine Islands):

2016-11-01 - Tornado touches down in Akita (Japan), cars damaged:

2016-11-01 - Record storm surge batters beaches in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

2016-11-01 - Record-breaking 10 inches of rain in October hits Seattle (Washington):

2016-11-01 - Heavy snowfall hits northwestern Iran accompanied by lightning and thunder:

2016-11-01 - In rare move, China criticizes Trump plan to exit climate change pact:

2016-11-01 - Meteor lights up the sky over the US East Coast:

2016-11-01 - Two-headed grass snake found in town near Zagreb (Croatia):

2016-11-01 - Weird 'gravity' waves above Antarctica caused by ice vibrations:

2016-11-01 - US construction spending slumps for second straight month:

2016-11-01 - Stocks slump as worries deepen over looming election:

2016-11-01 - UFO over Whitby (Britain) freaks photographer out:

2016-11-01 - Cubs win World Series for first time since 1908:

2016-11-02 - 30 students sicken at school one day, 16 more sicken the next day, in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2016-11-02 - Mount Sinabung erupts again in Indonesia:

2016-11-02 - Magnitude 3.8 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the coast of Oregon:

2016-11-02 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits McCharles Lake near Whitefish (Canada):

2016-11-02 - Guy McPherson's New Zealand tour, 24 November to 7 December:

2016-11-02 - Arctic sea ice continues incredible decline:

2016-11-02 - 2016 on track for record rate of atmospheric CO2 increase:

2016-11-02 - Climate change wars are coming and building walls won’t help, top general warns:

2016-11-02 - Pentagon video warns of unavoidable dystopian future for megacities:

2016-11-02 - Lightning strike kills mother and daughter in Uganda:

2016-11-02 - Lightning strike injures woman under tree in Zimbabwe:

2016-11-02 - Disastrous flooding hits Phetchaburi (Thailand):

2016-11-02 - Animals slaughted due to record snowfall with five times the monthly normal precipitation in Yakutia (Russia):

2016-11-02 - Early snowfall adding up on Mammoth Mountain (California):

2016-11-02 - Severe winter conditions hit eastern Turkey:

2016-11-02 - Strange ball of fire disintegrates over coastal Niigata (Japan):

2016-11-02 - Researchers build tiny drone that weighs 2.5 grams:

2016-11-02 - St. Louis (Missouri) named murder capital of the US:

Note: Woohoo, #1!

2016-11-02 - The big winner on election day could be...marijuana:

2016-11-03 - Woman, 20, goes missing from ship docked on the Mississippi River in Norco (Louisiana):

2016-11-03 - Mud volcano erupts in Santa Vittoria (Italy):

2016-11-03 - Magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Davao Occidental (Philippine Islands):

2016-11-03 - The un-wintering of the Arctic:

2016-11-03 - Torrential rain and heavy flooding hit Vietnam, 2 killed, several missing:

2016-11-03 - Siberia already being clobbered with snow, portends harsh US winter ahead:

2016-11-03 - Unseasonably late haboob dust storm blows into Phoenix (Arizona):

2016-11-03 - Canadian military sends aircraft to the Arctic to investigate mysterious sounds coming from the ocean floor:

Quote: "Descriptions of the noises range from pings to beeps or a hum. They have been reported by hunters in the region, who worry they are driving away animals."

Quote: "Paul Quassa, a member of Nunavut’s legislative assembly, told lawmakers last month the sounds are coming from the sea floor. 'The sound that has been heard in the area seems to be emitted from the seabed and underwater,' Quassa said in an Oct. 25 statement. 'Our constituents as well as hunters and boaters have reported that the area in question is almost devoid of sea mammals and that hunting has been poor in the area for quite some time.'"

2016-11-03 - Meteor lights up the sky over Perth (Australia), explosions reported:

2016-11-03 - Rare sun dog appears above Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri):

Note: Sure are a lot of 'contrails' in that pic...

2016-11-03 - US militia groups prepare for trouble as presidential election nears:

2016-11-03 - Election 2016, a portrait of America under siege:

2016-11-03 - Biggest supermoon in 70 years occurs on November 14th:

2016-11-04 - High levels of methane gas detected in neighborhood in Aurora (Washington), area evacuated:

Quote: "At least 16 homes in one Auburn neighborhood have been evacuated due to high levels of methane gas. Puget Sound Energy crews report that they were doing normal gas checks in the area when they came across high levels of methane in that neighborhood. This is happening on the 31000 block of 133rd Ave. SE, near Green River Community College and SR 18. Crews are calling the levels of gas in this neighborhood 'explosive.' Methane gas is odorless and very flammable. Families are being bused out of the area right now while crews work to determine where the gas is coming from."

Quote: "No source for the methane was discovered and there were no illnesses reported."

2016-11-04 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes near the coast in Chile near the border with Argentina:

2016-11-04 - Lightning strike kills man and 14 goats in Tamil Nadu (India):

2016-11-04 - Terrible drought hits Zimbabwe:

2016-11-04 - Stunning waterspout filmed near Amalfi (Italy):

2016-11-04 - Scientists say Ebola mutated to become more infectious:

2016-11-04 - Rare natural phenomenon as thousands of ice balls form on beach on the Gulf of Ob (Russia):

2016-11-04 - NASA'S new asteroid alert system gives 5 days of warning:

2016-11-04 - Five children with peculiar powers:

2016-11-05 - Mount Sinabung erupts again in North Sumatra (Indonesia):

2016-11-05 - Mount St. Helens gets weirder:

2016-11-05 - Prince Charles worried that the planet is facing mass extinction:

Quote: "Introducing a WWF lecture at the Royal Society, the Prince said he was alarmed to realise that the world was on the brink of a sixth mass extinction and was entering a new geological age because of the actions of humans."

Note: Forget the 'on the brink of' part, Charles. It's already begun...

2016-11-05 - There’s a La Nina developing, so why is the world still heating up?

2016-11-05 - Arctic sea ice hits record low for this time of year as heatwave bakes the area:

2016-11-05 - Arctic sea ice is unprecedentedly effed:

2016-11-05 - 2016 set to be New Zealand's hottest year ever recorded:

2016-11-05 - UN predicts 3C warming under current regime:

2016-11-05 - Lightning strike kills farmer, injures 4 people, in Sylhet (Bangladesh):

2016-11-05 - Lightning strike kills student, injures four people, in Binga (Zimbabwe):

2016-11-05 - Emptying seas causing mounting tensions in fish-hungry Asia:

2016-11-05 - Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungal infection, emerges in US for the first time:

2016-11-05 - Indian scientists reveal 'cracked' Earth's magnetosphere:

2016-11-05 - Fascinating similarity between human cells and neutron stars discovered:

2016-11-05 - Grass now growing where China's dried-up largest freshwater lake was:

2016-11-05 - Man goes on stabbing spree in coastal Newark (New Jersey), 3 killed, 3 injured:

2016-11-06 - Magnitude 5.0+ earthquake strikes near Cushing (Oklahoma):;-damage-reported/1593303/

2016-11-06 - Shallow magnitude 4.1 earthquake strikes near Laytonville (California):

2016-11-06 - Toxic smog envelops New Delhi (India), emergency measures ensue:'s-air-pollution/8001386

Quote: "The Delhi government on Sunday put all construction projects on hold, shut down schools and advised residents of the Indian capital to stay indoors as part of an 'emergency' plan to deal with dangerous levels of air pollution."

2016-11-06 - Utah's Great Salt Lake is shrinking at an alarming rate:

Note: Once the lake shrinks enough, it'll go anoxic and start spewing hydrogen sulfide like the Salton Sea already is in California...

2016-11-06 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Trinidad:

2016-11-06 - Childline charity warns that the number of children seeking help for anxiety is sharply rising:

2016-11-06 - Massive huntsman spider found in Australia:

Note: Wow, that thing is enormous!

2016-11-07 - 29 young children sickened by unknown cause, rushed to hospital, in Lauderhill (Florida), near the coast:

Quote: "First responders said they got a call around 2 p.m. of a sick child at the school. When they arrived, they found 29 students experiencing symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. Rescue crews took 21 kids to the hospital from Ave Marie Friends Preparatory School located at 5801 NW 19th Street."

2016-11-07 - Terrible stench spewing from landfill and sickening people in Sylmar (California):

Quote: "Residents who live near the Sylmar dump in the San Fernando Valley have complained of headaches, nosebleeds and respiratory problems and say they shut their windows and don't spend time outdoors."

2016-11-07 - Volcano Sabancaya erupts twice in Peru, first eruptions in 18 years:

2016-11-07 - West Antarctica begins to destabilize with 'intense unbalanced melting':

2016-11-07 - Colorado hit by unusually warm temperatures in October:

2016-11-07 - Tornado hits Ladispoli (Italy), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2016-11-07 - Tornado hits Via Ancona (Italy), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2016-11-07 - Bright meteor observed over North Dakota and Minnesota:

2016-11-07 - Donald Trump elected 45th president of the US:

Note: Think he'll tell the people the truth about this being the end of the world once he's briefed? Hah, no, of course not, but neither would Clinton. Both have too much invested in the status quo to speak the truth, lest their power/wealth be detrimentally affected, which it would be. On the other hand, Trump is not good at keeping secrets, so he may let the truth slip out anyway, assuming the people don't wake themselves up first, which is certainly possible since nothing at all is preventing that from happening...

2016-11-08 - Shallow magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes off the coast of Chile:

2016-11-08 - Shallow magnitude 5.0 earthquake strikes on the coast near Taranaki (New Zealand):

2016-11-08 - Huge magmatic lake found under dormant volcano in Bolivia:

Quote: "Upon closer examination, they found something surprising - a body of water with a volume of roughly 1.5 million cubic kilometres - comparable to the volume of Lake Superior, the largest of the great lakes in North America."

2016-11-08 - The last five years were the warmest ever recorded:

2016-11-08 - Golf-ball-sized hail and numerous lightning strikes hit Brisbane (Australia):

2016-11-08 - Early snowfall hits Hokkaido (Japan):

2016-11-08 - Severe weather warning issued as UK temperatures plummet:

2016-11-08 - $30 oil or worse if OPEC fails:

2016-11-08 - Get ready for the largest supermoon in nearly 70 years on November 14, 2016:

2016-11-08 - At $800,000 per round, superweapon on USS Zumwalt too expensive to fire:

2016-11-09 - Five students sicken and become dizzy at school, school evacuated, in Portland (Connecticut), no cause found:

Quote: "The Portland Secondary School was evacuated this morning after five students complained of sickness and dizziness."

2016-11-09 - Three fishermen go out on boat, go missing, in coastal Cape Cod Bay (Massachusetts):

2016-11-09 - Japan surveying hot springs areas for hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The Environment Ministry has started a fact-finding survey of hot springs facilities across the country to prevent hydrogen sulfide poisoning accidents. The ministry has sent questionnaires to municipalities asking about the current practice of measuring hydrogen sulfide concentration levels in indoor bathing areas at such facilities, as well as priority points in the screening of applications for facility operations, sources said."

2016-11-09 - Fall heat wave roasts Southern California, temps hit the 90s:

2016-11-09 - Lightning strike kills three people in East Java (Indonesia):

2016-11-09 - Lightning stike kills three people in Luapula (Zambia):

2016-11-09 - Giant lightning bolt photographed in Toowoomba (Australia):

2016-11-09 - Heavy flooding and lightning strikes hit Gauteng (South Africa):

2016-11-09 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the Balkans:

2016-11-09 - Flooding and landslides affect thousands of people in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia:

2016-11-09 - Phoenix-shaped clouds appear over Odessa (Ukraine):

2016-11-09 - Exploring the Zone of Silence in Mexico:

2016-11-09 - The all-seeing Simpsons predicted a Donald Trump presidency:

2016-11-09 - Trump's win crashes stock markets around the world:

2016-11-10 - Rotten egg sulfury odor sickens 58+ people at school in Murrysville (Pennsylvania), near Turtle Creek:

Quote: "Like other students, middle-schooler Susie Putnam went to a hospital because she felt nauseous with a headache and was light-headed. Jacob Sizemore, a sophomore student and an employee at Goodwill, had to evacuate twice: First at the high school where he's a student and then after he came to work at Franklin Plaza. He compared the smell to rotten eggs and sulfur."

Quote: "Officials confirmed 60 people, including 49 students from the middle school, one adult and 10 patients from other area businesses were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries."

Quote: "Despite spending much of the day in Murrysville testing the air and looking for leaks, authorities and crews from Peoples Natural Gas were unable to pinpoint the source of the natural gas odor. Whatever the source, authorities believe that winds today helped propel the nasty stink through air intake vents on the roofs of buildings, Murrysville Police Chief Thomas Seefeld said."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. So they want to blame this on natural gas from a passing truck. They checked for natural gas and found nothing, so there's zero evidence that this was natural gas, nor is there any evidence that there was any passing truck leaking anything. Also, natural gas, being primarily methane, is a lighter-than-air gas. So if any DID leak from a truck, it'd go straight up into the atmosphere, not flow along the ground into a school, nor would natural gas cause such severe symptoms that quickly, at least not without there being an explosion or fire in short order.

Notice on the map where this occurred, just northeast (downwind) of that creek. The reason that creek is there is because that's the lowest-lying area in the vicinity, which is why water flows down into that creek and forms the creek in the first place. Such areas are where a HEAVIER-than-air gas like hydrogen sulfide will tend to accumulate and concentrate when the wind isn't blowing, and then blow onward when the wind picks up, generally toward the east or northeast, like right towards that school.

So, given the fact that natural gas is a lighter-than-air gas and wouldn't leak from a truck into a school, and given the rapid onset of the symptoms mentioned, and given the fact that not one of the meters used by responders ever measured any natural gas readings at all, this had to be hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide explains the rapid-onset symptoms, the lack of natural gas readings, the entry into a school on the ground and the fact that this occurred just downwind of the lowest-lying area in the vicinity. Natural gas would explain none of these things.

This will all become very obvious when it's not just a few dozen kids sickened by an unknown sulfury odor at a school, but when there's a pile of children's corpses, and that could happen at any time now...

2016-11-10 - Magnitude 5.0 earthquake strikes near the coast in Quezon (Philippine Islands):

2016-11-10 - Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes near Kristóni (Greece), felt in Bulgaria:

2016-11-10 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits the Maitai River (New Zealand):

2016-11-10 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Quamichan Lake (Canada):

2016-11-10 - North America is flooded in warmth and there is no sign of real winter:

2016-11-10 - Scientists map below-normal sea surface temperatures in the north Pacific:

Note: Could be the chemocline rising to the surface there, e.g. deep water from the bottom of the sea floor rising to the surface, which also releases accumulated methane and hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere. Or it could also be cold water from the Arctic that got pushed out by all those much larger exceptionally HOT water zones that are now in the Arctic on that map, which this article ignores, probably because they have an agenda...

2016-11-10 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the Dominican Republic, 20,000 people displaced:

2016-11-10 - Record early snow hits Stockholm (Sweden):

2016-11-10 - Unknown creature with transparent head found on sea floor near Bali (Indonesia):

2016-11-10 - Comets and asteroids summary for October 2016:

2016-11-10 - Eerie 'light pillar' phenomenon starts again and mystifies people in Novy Urengoy (Russia):

2016-11-10 - Mysterious x-rays coming from Pluto leave NASA scientists baffled:

2016-11-10 - Trump’s promise to be America’s most dangerous, divisive president:

Quote: "Meanwhile, his board of energy advisers are hand-picked from these bad actor fossil fuel companies and include a long list of climate change deniers. Trump has pledged to bring back coal while heightening U.S. oil and gas production and consumption."

2016-11-10 - The Earth doesn't care who is president of the US:

2016-11-10 - Pandering to the population, by Guy McPherson:

2016-11-10 - Mysterious large rectangular hole spotted on the surface of Mercury:

Note: Look at those straight lines and 90-degree angles - can't possibly be natural...

2016-11-10 - Leonard Cohen dies, age 82:

2016-11-11 - Person hospitalized after swimming in swimming pool at rec center in Edmonton (Canada):

2016-11-11 - Volcanoes Sabancaya and Ubinas erupt simultaneously in Peru, a first time for the country:

Quote: "Sabancaya and Ubinas volcanoes are separated by a distance of 100 kilometers, have different magma chambers, but they are erupting simultaneously right now! What a rare coincidence!"

2016-11-11 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean just off the coast of Honshu (Japan):

2016-11-11 - Series of earthquakes rattles central and northern Oklahoma:

2016-11-11 - Lightning strike kills 4 people in Masvingo (Zimbabwe):

2016-11-11 - Lightning strike kills mother and baby in Zambia:

2016-11-11 - Severe hailstorm hits New South Wales (Australia), 12,000 homes go dark:

2016-11-11 - Heavy rain and hail pound Victoria (Australia):

2016-11-11 - Heavy rain and hail hit Adelaide (Australia):

2016-11-11 - Heavy snow hits Algeria:

2016-11-11 - Drought hits Tennessee, state of emergency declared:

2016-11-11 - Iran is running out of water:

2016-11-11 - Trump could roll back Obama rules on methane, a potent greenhouse gas:

Note: That should help speed up our dying, with more people burning to death in cars, more people falling over dead, more kids getting gassed by unknown odors in schools, yada yada. He should be a wonderful president...for the funeral industry!

2016-11-11 - Aurora and mystery object photographed over Sweden:

2016-11-11 - Newfound ancient 'sea monster' is largest yet from Antarctica:

2016-11-11 - New theory explains gravity better than Einstein's relativity:

2016-11-11 - $12.9 billion, 4.5 acres - US Navy's next-generation aircraft carrier:

2016-11-12 - Unknown cause sickens 26 people at recycling center near pier in coastal San Francisco (California):

Quote: "Roughly an hour after the spill was first reported, officials with the SFFD determined that a chemical spill was not at fault. Rather, whatever caused the scare 'was trash and standard material' — leading to the obvious question of what kind of recycling or trash is nauseating enough to make that many people ill."

Note: Trash that's adsorbed hydrogen sulfide would sicken people like that, and this place is right on the ocean too. Heck, they're lucky some of them didn't just fall over dead or start spazzing out with 'medical events' or burst into flame. Also, notice in the above events that several are trash-related: the man on fire next to the burning dumpster in the wee hours, the garbage truck facility that exploded and burned in the wee hours on the coast in Scotland, and the people that sickened at the recycling center on the coast in California...

2016-11-12 - Man, 51, collapses and goes into cardiac arrest at martial arts studio in Ottawa (Canada):

2016-11-12 - Woman, 25, collapses unconscious at 6:25 AM at Sainsbury's in Cockermouth (Britain), near the River Derwent:

2016-11-12 - Person collapses and goes into cardiac arrest at train station in Tonbridge (Britain), near the River Medway:

2016-11-12 - Hailstorm pounds Durban (South Africa):

2016-11-12 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Wellington (New Zealand):

2016-11-12 - Snowstorm to dump 30 centimeters of snow from Romania to Ukraine:

2016-11-12 - Trump's potential cabinet fills out with Washington insiders:

2016-11-12 - Brazil holds nationwide strikes against Temer 'the usurper' after harsh budget cuts:

2016-11-12 - World's tallest tropical tree found on the island of Borneo (Malaysia):

Quote: "This record-breaking specimen towers 94.1m (nearly 309ft) and its canopy reaches a diameter of 40.3m (132ft)."

2016-11-12 - Brazilian free-tailed bat is the fastest animal on earth:

2016-11-12 - Largest supermoon in 68 years to occur on the night of November 14:

2016-11-13 - Magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes near the coast near Christchurch (New Zealand), 2+ killed:

Quote: "A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake has rocked New Zealand’s South Island, triggering a tsunami and strong aftershocks, and killing at least two people. The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management said the quake hit just after midnight on Monday (10pm Sunday AEDT) near Hanmer Springs, about 90 kilometres from Christchurch, which was devastated five years ago by a 6.3 tremor."

Quote: "The tremor, with a magnitude initially estimated at 7.4 before being scaled up to 7.8, had a depth of 23km, according to the US Geological Survey. New Zealand's Civil Defense puts the depth at 15km. It was centered 46km from the town of Amberley with about 2,000 people, 70km from the town of Kaiapoi with 10,000 residents and 91km north-northeast of Christchurch."

2016-11-13 - Volcanic lake emitting gases from lake bed in Lake Rotorua (New Zealand):

Quote: "A collaboration between the New Zealand Defence Force and GNS Science has picked up hydrothermal activity in Lake Rotorua. The Crown Research Institute asked the Navy to survey the lake bed. It found evidence of hydrothermal activity throughout the lake, including pockmarks on the lake floor. GNS said pockmarks indicated gas was being discharged through the lake floor. Hydrothermal vents showed the release of gas and hot water. Lake Rotorua formed within a large caldera volcano that last erupted 240,000 years ago."

2016-11-13 - Man in his 20s pulled from the water in critical condition at the Navy Pier in Chicago (Illinois):

2016-11-13 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake aftershock strikes near Kaikoura (New Zealand):

2016-11-13 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes near Chilecito (Argentina):

2016-11-13 - Strange glowing in the sky during New Zealand's earthquake possibly 'earthquake lightning':

2016-11-13 - Heavy snowfall hits Hubei Province (China), many people lose power:

2016-11-13 - Trump looking at fast ways to quit global climate deal:

Note: He's just gonna help hasten our demise. Well, hopefully people won't mind too much as they and their loved ones burn to death, or fall over dead, or spaz out or black out and slam their car into a tree and die and whatnot. The main thing is, already rich people and gas/coal/oil execs will get even richer in the short time we have left. That's what's important, right?! And if everyone else ends up dying a year earlier or whatever, that's a sacrifice they're just gonna have to be willing to have us make...

2016-11-13 - The 'Hindenburg Omen' triggered in the stock market:

Quote: "The Hindenburg Omen is a combination of technical factors that attempt to measure the health of the NYSE, and by extension, the stock market as a whole. The goal of the indicator is to signal increased probability of a stock market crash..."

2016-11-13 - Trump and Republicans could get rid of net-neutrality rules:

2016-11-13 - Researchers find mysterious 'cosmic whistles' rival supernovae in their explosive power:

2016-11-13 - Physicists are afraid of math:

Quote: "Physicists avoid highly mathematical work despite being trained in advanced mathematics, new research suggests."

2016-11-14 - Hydrogen sulfide spreading through sewer lines under homes in Sioux City (Iowa), people leaving their homes:

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide connected with Big Ox’s wastewater treatment plant has spread through sewer lines beneath homes in the area."

Quote: "The average readings at manholes in the affected areas in South Sioux City have risen well above that level, sometimes reaching 100 parts per million. Residents of the affected areas voiced their concern at the City Council meeting, saying many of them have been living in local hotels for the past month."

2016-11-14 - Shallow magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the Sulu Sea near the Philippine Islands:

2016-11-14 - Double tectonic shifts may have teamed in New Zealand's recent big earthquake:

2016-11-14 - 2016 set to break heat record despite slowdown in emissions:

Quote: "The study, published in the journal Earth System Science Data, says global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry are projected to grow just 0.2 percent this year."

Note: Uh huh, and how much will Earth's own methane emissions grow in that time? The Earth itself is easily making up for any decline in human emissions, so it doesn't matter what we do or don't do. Game over. The end.

2016-11-14 - Lawrence Wilkerson on climate change:

2016-11-14 - As California's drought continues, Lake Cachuma rapidly disappearing:

2016-11-14 - Severe hailstorm kills livestock and leaves families homeless in Zimbabwe:

2016-11-14 - Heavy snowfall hits the Alps, ski season starts early:

2016-11-14 - Romania and Ukraine see eight inches of snow:

2016-11-14 - Heavy snowfall traps 160,000 sheep in Xinjiang (China):

Note: Sounds baaa-aaa-aaad!

2016-11-14 - Tropical Storm Otto may form in last gasp of Atlantic hurricane season:

2016-11-14 - Amid post-election fallout, EPA quietly approves Monsanto's volatile, drift-prone herbicide dicamba:

2016-11-14 - Tropical turtle washes up in the Menai Straits, Wales (Britain):

2016-11-14 - Huge cumulonimbus cloud appears in the sky over South Africa:

2016-11-14 - Trump considers not moving into the White House:

2016-11-14 - 'Nay-sayers will understand soon' - Trump on vaccine-autism link:

2016-11-14 - Some of the best supermoon pics from around the world:

2016-11-14 - Facebook accidentally marks some living users as dead:

2016-11-15 - Scientists confirm Monday's earthquake in New Zealand lifted seabed by at least a meter:

Note: A huge methane clathrate field was discovered dissociating off the coast of Gisborne (New Zealand) in 2014, mentioned in the 2014-05-13 update. Big earthquakes like the one that occurred this week will accelerate the dissociation of such methane clathrate deposits. Gisborne is pretty far from where this quake occurred, but A) there may be (and probably are) clathrates near Kaikora too, and B) that was a big-ass quake and so may still have affected the sea floor near Gisborne...

2016-11-15 - Up to 100,000 landslides and hundreds of tremors occur after powerful New Zealand earthquake:

2016-11-15 - For the Arctic Ocean above 80 North, it’s still summer in November:

Quote: "For in the Arctic Ocean above the 80 degree north latitude line which encircles the crest of our world, temperatures today are around 17 degrees Celsius above average. These are the warmest temperatures for this region ever recorded. And they include numerous locations in which temperatures spike to well above 20 C (36 F) warmer than average."

2016-11-15 - Heavy flooding hits West Java (Indonesia), 6000 people displaced:

2016-11-15 - As drought takes over Colorado, Denver nears record snowless streak:

2016-11-15 - Early deep freeze hits Siberia, schools closed:

2016-11-15 - Noam Chomsky: 'The Republican Party Has Become the Most Dangerous Organization in World History':

2016-11-15 - Failed economic development policies drive deforestation in the Andean Amazon:

2015-11-15 - Stunning halo effect around the sun seen in Russia's North:

2016-11-15 - Iridescent clouds, sun dogs appear over Denver (Colorado):

2016-11-15 - One-eyed goat found, location not mentioned:

2016-11-15 - Cities passing more laws making homelessness a crime:

2016-11-15 - In Iraq, the environment itself has once again become a weapon of war:

2016-11-15 - Apps responsible for the biggest spike in traffic deaths in 50 years:

Note: Wanna die in a car crash? There's an app for that!

2016-11-15 - Mysterious burning UFO spotted in the sky over coastal Lima (Peru):

2016-11-15 - Brain implant allows paralyzed ALS patient to operate speech computer with her mind:

2016-11-15 - British Medical Journal declares the war on drugs has been a failure:

2016-11-15 - German scientists measure smallest fragment of time:

Quote: "News has never happened so fast: Now scientists have now measured the smallest fragment of time ever observed. A zeptosecond (one trillionth of a billionth of a second) was used to measure an electron escaping its atom for the first time."

Quote: "It’s like catching light in action. For the first time, physicists have measured changes in an atom to the level of zeptoseconds, or trillionths of a billionth of a second – the smallest division of time yet observed."

2016-11-16 - Man, 66, goes out on boat, goes missing, near coastal Jensen Beach (Florida):

2016-11-16 - Alaska sees 'astounding' rise in temperature as 'Drill, Baby, Drill' planned for the Arctic:

2016-11-16 - From pole to pole, global sea ice values are plummeting:

2016-11-16 - Hailstones the size of golf balls pound Ashburton (New Zealand):

2016-11-16 - EF1 tornado tears through Gauteng (South Africa):

2016-11-16 - Study finds limited sign of soil adaptation to climate warming:

2016-11-16 - Study finds climate sensitivity to carbon forcing has been underestimated:

Quote: "It is a vision of a future so apocalyptic that it is hard to even imagine. But, if leading scientists writing in one of the most respected academic journals are right, planet Earth could be on course for global warming of more than seven degrees Celsius within a lifetime."

Note: It'll be worse than that. They'll revise things for the worse again later as the methane keeps splooging out of the Earth...

2016-11-16 - Climate risk, loss, and damage in North Carolina:

2016-11-16 - Stephen Hawking puts an expiry date on humanity:

Quote: "Stephen Hawking believes that humanity has less than a thousand years on Earth before a mass extinction occurs, the leading theoretical physicist said during a speech Tuesday at Oxford University Union, U.K."

Note: I want some of the drugs he must be on! A thousand years?!

2016-11-16 - A Letter to the Future, by Guy McPherson:

2016-11-16 - Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare on the GOP's chopping block:

Note: They're working to bring back the pre-Obamacare corporate death panels and expand them to other people too. Should be handy in terms of helping corporate healthcare company execs buy some new Ferraris, although obviously a lot of people will die to pay for that, just like the old days before 2008...

2016-11-16 - Pence pushes to keep emails secret:

Note: They call that hypocrisy, Pence!

2016-11-16 - Megyn Kelly believes Trump could be dangerous, especially to the First Amendment:

2016-11-16 - Physicists just discovered a second state of liquid water:

2016-11-16 - Three WWII ships mysteriously go missing from the sea floor in the Java Sea:

Quote: "Finding them again has so far proved, well, impossible. Divers hoping to examine the wrecks ahead of the 75th anniversary of the 1942 battle found imprints of the wrecks off Indonesia using sonar, but the wrecks themselves have mysteriously vanished—one in part and two in whole, reports the Guardian."

2016-11-16 - Disney launches aerial drone display in Disney Springs (Florida):

Quote: "Intel recently unveiled its lightweight and versatile Shooting Star quadcopter designed primarily for choreographed multi-drone displays, while last week Disney teased a new sky-based light show lined up for Disney Springs in Florida. It turns out the two are directly linked, with Intel and Disney partnering for an all-new nightly drone display that takes to the skies for the first time tonight. Called Starbright Holidays, the show will feature hundreds of LED-laden flying machines 'painting colorful images across the sky' in what the two companies claim is a U.S. first for drone performances on this scale."

2016-11-16 - Blood from teens found to rejuvenate brains of old mice:

Quote: "Blood plasma from young people has been found to rejuvenate old mice, improving their memory, cognition, and physical activity. The method has the potential to be developed into a treatment for people, says Sakura Minami of Alkahest, the company behind the work."

Note: Mmmmm...teen blood...

2016-11-16 - Speeder clocked doing 208 MPH (!) near Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2016-11-17 - Hydrogen sulfide evacuates bank in Newtonville (Massachusetts), blamed on ATM batteries:

2016-11-17 - 27 people sickened by 'some sort of chemical' at school in Inwood (New York):

2016-11-17 - Volcano Klyuchevsky erupts, spews ash 5+ kilometers high, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

Quote: "The activity of the Klyuchevsky volcano in the Russian Far Eastern region of Kamchatka has intensified again, the local department of the Russian Academy of Sciences' geophysical service told TASS on Thursday. 'In the morning, the Klyuchevsky volcano spewed a column of ash to six kilometers above the sea level. This was registered by satellites as the volcano was covered in clouds. Later the slopes of the volcano became visible, and we can see now how it spews steam, gas and ash to 5.5 kilometers above the sea level,' the department said."

2016-11-17 - New Zealand quake ruptured 6 faults:

2016-11-17 - After NZ megaquake, enhanced volcanic activity rises around the world:

2016-11-17 - China schools Trump on climate change:

Quote: "China points out to global warming denier and president-elect that Republicans under Reagan and Bush actually put global warming on international agenda..."

2016-11-17 - Heavy rain and flooding devastate the Dominican Republic, state of emergency declared in 31 provinces:

2016-11-17 - Series of tornadoes hit parts of Wales and the Midlands (Britain):

2016-11-17 - Cold blast set to plunge temperatures up to 50 degrees in the US Midwest and Northeast:

2016-11-17 - Navy E-6B Mercury flies around for unknown reason over Denver (Colorado):

Quote: "The unit's overall mission is classified, Hubbell said, but did confirm the mission of the plane's class. 'The overall mission of the E-6B is command, control and communications abilities to direct and employ strategic resources,' Hubbell said."

2016-11-17 - Obama administration finalizes rule to reduce methane pollution, but what will Trump do?

2016-11-17 - Gigantic shield moves into place to cover exploded Chernobyl reactor:

Quote: "The concrete and steel arch is billed as the 'largest movable land-based structure ever built,' and it is seen as an important step toward ultimately securing and dismantling the still dangerous reactor."

2016-11-17 - Lockheed Martin shows off four unmanned firefighting drones:

2016-11-17 - No Saudi oil, says Trump, Saudi Arabia fires back:

2016-11-17 - NASA discovers mysterious electron superhighway above Earth:

2016-11-17 - Two meteors spotted within 20 hours over Spain:

2016-11-17 - Dutch theoretical physicist's new theory of gravity does away with dark matter:

2016-11-17 - Denver to become first US city to legalize social marijuana use:

2016-11-17 - People crawling like babies as a workout:

2016-11-17 - Homer Simpson is now the subject of a college philosophy course:

2016-11-18 - Man, 26, hockey coach, has 'medical emergency', collapses and convulses, in Tucson (Arizona):

Quote: "The teams says Cunningham, 'suffered a medical emergency,' and was taken to a local hospital where he is receiving treatment, according to a statement. The Associated Press reported that Cunningham, 26, appeared to convulse after hitting the ice and that medics cut away his jersey and performed chest compressions before moving him off the ice."

2016-11-18 - 104 people sicken on cruise ship en route to coastal Tampa (Florida):

2016-11-18 - At least 90 children sicken in Germantown (Ohio):

2016-11-18 - New Zealand's 'unusual' earthquake raises complex questions:

2016-11-18 - The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends:

2016-11-18 - Paul Beckwith on how the climate has rapidly changed for the worse in 2016:

2016-11-18 - Guy McPherson's New Zealand Tour 2016:

2016-11-18 - Antarctica’s Southern Ocean may soon stop absorbing carbon dioxide:

2016-11-18 - Food production, ecosystem services, and biodiversity - we can’t have it all everywhere:

Note: We won't have any of that soon enough, but then we'll be dead so it won't bother us...

2016-11-18 - King tide floods Miami Beach (Florida), octopus found in parking garage:

2016-11-18 - As drought worsens in Georgia, mandatory water restrictions imposed:

2016-11-18 - Bay pretty much dries up in five years on the Great Salt Lake (Utah):

2016-11-18 - Terrifying cloud and strongest hailstorm in 30 years hits Mar del Plata (Argentina):

2016-11-18 - Record November snowfall of 43 inches buries Xinjiang (China):

2016-11-18 - Record snowfall of 11 feet hits Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia (Canada):

2016-11-18 - 167-ton fire truck unveiled in Mezhdurechensk (Russia):

Quote: "A huge 167 tonne fire engine, converted from a mining dump truck, was unveiled in the city of Mezhdurechensk, Friday.  Previously a Belarusian-made BELAZ mining dump truck, the converted fire engine can hold up to 60 tonnes of water, enough for two and a half hours of continuous hosing. The giant vehicle will serve the Kemerovo Region, particularly the Kuznetsk Basin minefields, and has two separate pumps for water and foam."

Note: Now that's a fire truck!

2016-11-19 - Volcano Bulusan shaking and rumbling, could erupt any time, in the Philippine Islands:

2016-11-19 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), hits Big Lake on Manitoulin Island and Long Lake in Sudbury (Canada):

2016-11-19 - Pair of Arctic storms sparked severe polar warming, Arctic sea ice disintegrating even as winter begins:

Quote: "Something strange and unnerving is happening in the Arctic: A chunk of sea ice bigger than the states of Alaska and Texas combined was missing from the sea ice cover at the end of October. And now as we head into Thanksgiving, sea ice is still sitting at record low daily levels, with air temperatures so far above average that they go off the charts on some weather maps."

2016-11-19 - Rates of hothouse gas accumulation continue to spike as the Amazon rainforest bleeds carbon:

2016-11-19 - America’s TV meteorologists: symptoms of climate change are rampant, undeniable:

2016-11-19 - Heavy snow and blizzard conditions snarl traffic across the US Midwest:

2016-11-19 - Hunter discovers seal fetus with one head and two bodies near Inukjuak, Quebec (Canada):

2016-11-19 - Suspected great white shark makes rare appearance in Oregon river:

2016-11-19 - Mathematician claims one in 500 chance of extinction next year:

2016-11-19 - Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, physicists say:

2016-11-20 - Volcano Zhupanovsky erupts twice in 20 minutes, spews ash high into the atmosphere, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

Quote: "The volcano Zhupanovsky recorded two powerful explosions within 20 minutes on November 20, 2016. The first eruption occurred at 14:29 local time, sending the ash and gas plume to an amazing height of 8 kilometers above sea level. The second ejection, 20 minutes later, sent ash up to 6.5 kilometers asl."

2016-11-20 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes near San Juan (Argentina):

2016-11-20 - Arctic sea ice shrinking when it should be growing:

Quote: "Arctic sea ice extent fell 0.16 million km² from November 16 to November 19, 2016, as illustrated by above image. This is happening at a time when there is little or no sunlight reaching the Arctic, as illustrated by the image below."

Note: That line is veering way off previous years. Looks like we've hit some kind of serious tipping point...

2016-11-20 - Six inches of rain in 3 hours hits Licata (Italy), flooding ensues:

2016-11-20 - Oil from the BP spill has officially entered the food chain:

2016-11-20 - EM Drive violates Newton's Third Law but works anyway according to peer-reviewed paper:

Quote: "After months of speculation and leaked documents, NASA's long-awaited EM Drive paper has finally been peer-reviewed and published. And it shows that the 'impossible' propulsion system really does appear to work. The NASA Eagleworks Laboratory team even put forward a hypothesis for how the EM Drive could produce thrust - something that seems impossible according to our current understanding of the laws of physics."

2016-11-20 - Scientists complete comprehensive map of the human epigenome:

2016-11-20 - Microfossil terrestrial ecosystem - life in Earth's soils may be older than we think:

2016-11-21 - Six firefighters have chest pains and breathing problems in the wee hours after fighting a fire, in Chicago (Illinois):

Quote: "Five were taken to several different hospitals, where they were treated for chest pain and breathing problems. WLS-TV reports one firefighter at another firehouse also was taken to a hospital. The fire department says all are expected to be OK."

2016-11-21 - Volcano Fuego erupts in Guatemala, spews ash 5 kilometers high:

2016-11-21 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of the North Island (New Zealand):

2016-11-21 - New study finds that California's San Andreas Fault could actually rupture along its entire 800-mile length:

Note: Hopefully The Rock will be flying around in a helicopter saving people if that happens!

2016-11-21 - Hurricane-force winds hit the Breton Peninsula and Normandy Coast (France), blackouts ensue:

2016-11-21 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Bristol (Britain):

2016-11-21 - Officials declare 'yellow alert' for severe cold weather in China:

2016-11-21 - Polluted city air identified as means of transmission for antibiotic-resistant bacteria:

2016-11-21 - Fiery mammatus clouds fill the sky over Paris (France):

2016-11-21 - Trump selects big fan of torture to head the CIA:

2016-11-22 - Magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes in the ocean near coastal Fukushima (Japan):

Quote: "A 7.4 magnitude earthquake off north-eastern Japan near Fukushima prefecture has prompted a tsunami warning of possible 3m (10ft) waves. The quake struck on Tuesday morning at about 06:00 local time (21:00 GMT, Monday), the Japan Meteorological Agency said."

2016-11-22 - Incredible drone footage captures giant cracks left by New Zealand earthquake:

2016-11-22 - Huge fault rupture stretches 34km offshore from Kaikoura (New Zealand):

2016-11-22 - SOTT earth changes summary for October 2016:

2016-11-22 - Earth on track to heat up to devastating levels by 2100:

Note: Fortunately for human beings, that won't be our problem. We'll be long gone by then...

2016-11-22 - Historical records may underestimate sea level rise:

2016-11-22 - We have two record hot days for every record cold day, and it’s getting worse:

2016-11-22 - Lightning strike kills boy and injures 4 people in Zimbabwe:

2016-11-22 - Hurricane Otto forms in the Caribbean, sets new record as latest hurricane to form in Caribbean:

2016-11-22 - Worst drought in 25 years hits Bolivia, state of emergency declared:

2016-11-22 - Global number of refugees hits record high - UN report:

2016-11-22 - Trump says he believes there is ‘some connectivity’ between humans and climate change in major U-turn:

2016-11-22 - Meteor lights up the night sky over the Gulf of Mexico:

2016-11-22 - Beautiful white rainbow photographed over Rannoch Moor (Scotland):

2016-11-23 - Fissures bubbling hydrogen sulfide and other gases off the coast of New Zealand near Kaikora:

Quote: "The phenomena was found in Whalers Bay by Matt Foy and Connor Stapley and it is believed they have been caused by the magnitude 7.8 quake. Dr Matthew Hughes says the bubbles are likely dissolved gases in the sea floor which have become exposed by new cracks in the rock, and are now venting to the surface. He says its very much like any other geologically active part of New Zealand. The bubbles are a combination of several different gases, but the strong smell likely comes from hydrogen sulfide. 'What the earthquake has done, is it's opened up a few new fissures and fractures in those rocks and liberated the water and the gas to the sea bed,' Dr Hughes said."

Note: Probably some methane mixed in there too...

2016-11-23 - Foul smell that's lasted a month sickening people in coastal Waialua on the island of Oahu (Hawaii):

Quote: "Something stinks in Waialua and residents say it's affecting their health. A foul odor has permeated the community for the past month and it's source hasn't yet been confirmed. Parents say the stench is so vile, it's making their children queasy. 'Both kids feeling pretty nauseous yesterday,' said one resident. 'It's worse in the mornings.' The stench daily fills homes and schools near Waialua Beach Road, residents say."

Quote: "State health officials say they will revisit the farm Wednesday since residents report the smell is as pungent as ever. 'It smelled like someone was pumping sewer water,' said Carrie Fitzsimmons, Waialua resident. She adds that she's not convinced it's rotting fish."

Note: A fish kill could cause a noxious smell, but it wouldn't last a month. Hydrogen sulfide oozing from the ocean, however, could kill some fish, cause a sickening sewery smell, AND could easily last a month (or a year, or a thousand years)...

2016-11-23 - Volcanoes Sabancaya, Ticsani, Ubinas, Nevados de Chillan and Hudson all erupting or rumbling in South America:

2016-11-23 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes near coastal Fukushima (Japan):

2016-11-23 - ‘Extraordinarily hot’ Arctic temperatures alarm scientists:

2016-11-23 - Lightning strike kills 2 people in Java (Indonesia):

2016-11-23 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit New Caledonia, several killed:'catastrophe'

2016-11-23 - Marine radiation monitoring post down after M7.4 strikes near Fukushima (Japan):

2016-11-23 - Toxic genie in a bottle - glyphosate is lurking on your dinner plate:

2016-11-23 - Teams of autonomous aircraft could be used to fight fires and help save lives:

2016-11-23 - As France and Canada plan to phase put coal, Trump backers attack Tesla:

2016-11-23 - Potential Trump Homeland Security chief accidentally reveals agenda:

2016-11-23 - Massive traffic jam turns I-405 into a parking lot in California:

2016-11-23 - The return of Mothman? Resident photographs creature in Point Pleasant (West Virginia):

2016-11-23 - Science says gratitude is good for your health:

2016-11-24 - Mysterious double-flash of light illuminates the sky over Surgut (Russia), near the River Ob:

Quote: "A collision of warm and cold air streams creating a lightning? Short-cut? No lightnings have been reported by the weather division of the city. And what about a double fireball explosion? The flashes have been reported from across the city."

2016-11-24 - Boy, 14, collapses unconscious near Wythenshawe Park in Manchester (Britain):

2016-11-24 - Magnitude 7.0+ earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of El Salvador:

2016-11-24 - Hurricane Otto hits Nicaragua and Costa Rica:

2016-11-24 - Lightning strike kills two people in Mushona (Zambia):

2016-11-24 - Lightning strike kills one person, injures another, in Malaysia:

2016-11-24 - Heavy rain pounds Northern Italy for three days, state of emergency declared:

2016-11-24 - Snow hits Tasmania (Australia), just days before summer begins:

2016-11-24 - Snow hits Tokyo (Japan), first November snow in Tokyo in 50 years:

2016-11-24 - Dangerous chemicals found in alligators in South Carolina:

2016-11-24 - Meteor spotted over Ireland and northern UK:

2016-11-24 - Meteorite crashes through home in Bengkulu City (Indonesia):

2016-11-24 - Pentagon to use undersea drones as part of modern warfare:

Quote: "As unmanned aerial drones have become a critical part of modern warfare, the Pentagon is now looking to deploy autonomous robots underwater, patrolling the sea floor on what one top Navy official called an 'Eisenhower highway network,' complete with rest stops where the drones could recharge."

2016-11-24 - New survey shows a majority of Americans believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories:

2016-11-24 - Study finds evidence that dogs have episodic memory:

2016-11-24 - Brady Bunch mom, Florence Henderson, dies at age 82 in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2016-11-24 - Giant bronze head of Lenin appears in parking lot near Minsk (Belarus):

2016-11-24 - NYC taxpayers spending a million bucks per day to protect Trump and his family:

2016-11-25 - Volcano Popocatepetl erupts powerfully in Mexico, blows ash cloud 5 kilometers into the atmosphere:

2016-11-25 - Magnitude 6.5+ earthquake strikes in Tajikistan near the border with Kyrgyzstan:

2016-11-25 - Shallow magnitude 5.4 earthquake strikes the island of Taiwan:

2016-11-25 - Guy McPherson’s Abrupt Climate Change Tour NZ 2016:

2016-11-25 - Amid rapid change, major Arctic study highlights need to prepare for surprises:

2016-11-25 - Perils of global warming could swamp coastal real estate – 'The water always wins':

Note: That's already begun in some areas, with king tides pushing water farther ashore than ever before and causing flooding, not to mention the islands that have been evacuated and the coastal areas in Alaska that are dissolving into the sea...

2016-11-25 - Dead Sea drying out an alarming rate in Israel:

2016-11-25 - Looking beyond symptoms - no infinite growth on a finite planet:

2016-11-25 - A 'car recession' is threatening the US economy:

2016-11-25 - Fidel Castro dies at age 90 in Cuba:

2016-11-25 - Domino's testing pizza delivery by reindeer in Japan:

2016-11-26 - Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes in coastal Hawke's Bay (New Zealand), M4.6 earthquake strikes near Wellington too:'s-bay

2016-11-26 - World’s hottest nights and highest minimum temperatures measured in 2016:

2016-11-26 - Lightning strike ignites home and kills 2 people in the Philippine Islands:

2016-11-26 - Heavy rain and flooding hits the suburbs in Brisbane (Australia):

2016-11-26 - Major storm to bring surging warmth, thunderstorms and rain to the southern and eastern US:

2016-11-26 - Ocean microplastics - a massive problem:

2016-11-26 - Anomalous 'cloud ring' appears over Warwickshire (Britain):

2016-11-26 - Brace yourself, the polar vortex is shifting:

2016-11-26 - Groundbreaking study discovers a world of previously unknown viruses:

2016-11-26 - Trump’s presidency, overseas business deals and relations with foreign governments could all become intertwined:

2016-11-26 - Has Google's AI translation tool created its own secret language and means of understanding?

2016-11-26 - Sunflower Labs envisions home security drones:

2016-11-26 - Breathing-based meditation practice alleviates severe depression:

2016-11-26 - Woman goes to see guy who slaps toxins out of people, woman gets slapped to death, in Wiltshire (Britain):

Quote: "Ms Carr-Gomm was taking part in a week-long self-healing workshop run by Chinese healer Hongchi Xiao where participants paid up to £750 to have toxins removed from the body through hard, repeated slapping."

2016-11-27 - Hydrothermal eruption creates geyser on Lake Rotorua (New Zealand):

Quote: "'Hydrothermal eruptions happen reasonably regularly in that area of the lake edge but they more often than not just cause a bit of bubbling up of water and mud from the lake bottom, rather than creating a geyser like this morning’s one did.' According to Brownbridge, the eruption was like a cap blowing off a well shaken bottle of fizzy drink."

Quote: "While it was noisy, it was nothing to worry about, says council geothermal inspector Peter Brownbridge."

2016-11-27 - Guy McPherson - human extinction within 10 years:

2016-11-27 - 19 volcanoes erupt in a week around the planet:

Quote: "Are there still any people around saying that the seismic activity isn’t high around the world?"

Note: MISA Theory keeps on chuggin'...

2016-11-27 - Arctic experiencing rapid ice melt unlike anything seen before:

2016-11-27 - Thawing Arctic ice reveals new clues to mystery of the lost ships Terror and Erebus:

2016-11-27 - Empty 'ghost boat' found on the Mississippi River in Clinton (Iowa), boaters missing:

2016-11-27 - The last three Octobers are the warmest Octobers on record:

2016-11-27 - Each 1°C increase in global temperature reduces global wheat production by average of 5.7 percent:

Note: Up to a point and then wheat (or anything else) just won't grow at all...

2016-11-27 - Reservoirs are underappreciated source of greenhouse gases:

2016-11-27 - Heavy rain and flooding hit East Java (Indonesia):

2016-11-27 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the island of Zakynthos (Greece), 1 killed:

2016-11-27 - Severe hailstorm leaves the ground white in Killarney (Australia):

2016-11-27 - Snow covers sand in Saudi Arabia after temperatures drop below zero:

2016-11-27 - Tornado damages property near Red Cloud and Lawrence (Nebraska):

2016-11-27 - Hurricane Otto still going as tropical cyclone, into the record books – 2016 was the 'year-long' hurricane season:

2016-11-27 - Extreme weather causing record lows in UK butterfly populations:

2016-11-27 - UN warns 330,000 people are 'one step from famine' in Madagascar drought:

2016-11-27 - Freak double halo around November's supermoon on the 14th:

2016-11-28 - Rising ocean temperatures wipe out 700-kilometer stretch of the Great Barrier Reef (Australia):

Quote: "Warm seas around Australia's Great Barrier Reef have killed two-thirds of a 700-km (435 miles) stretch of coral in the past nine months, the worst die-off ever recorded on the World Heritage site, scientists who surveyed the reef said on Tuesday. Their finding of the die-off in the reef's north is a major blow for tourism at reef which, according to a 2013 Deloitte Access Economics report, attracts about A$5.2 billion ($3.9 billion) in spending each year. 'The coral is essentially cooked,' professor Andrew Baird, a researcher at James Cook University who was part of the reef surveys, told Reuters by telephone from Townsville in Australia's tropical north."

2016-11-28 - Volcano Chirinkotan erupts explosively in the Kuril Islands (Russia):

2016-11-28 - Giant crack in West Antarctic ice sheet has scientists concerned over 'unstoppable' collapse of Amundsen Sea area:

2016-11-28 - Shallow magnitude 5.4 earthquake hits Nepal, tremors felt in India and China:

2016-11-28 - Earthquake swarm shakes coastal Port Heiden (Alaska):

2016-11-28 - Global wildlife populations could drop two-thirds by 2020 as human demand continues to exceed Earth’s capacity:

2016-11-28 - National Geographic asked photographers to shoot the effects of climate change, and here's the pics:

2016-11-28 - Trump’s plan to eliminate NASA climate research is ill-informed and dangerous:

2016-11-28 - Megadrought risks soar as atmosphere warms in US Southwest:

2016-11-28 - Study predicts deserts in Spain if global warming continues:

2016-11-28 - Tornadoes damage property in northeast Iowa:

2016-11-28 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Texarkana (Texas):

2016-11-28 - Major snowstorm hits eastern Idaho:

2016-11-28 - The 13 impossible crises that humanity now faces:

2016-11-28 - Sky over Antarctica glows blue with ring of bright noctilucent clouds:

2016-11-28 - What it feels like to be homeless for the holidays in America:

2016-11-28 - Trump's election casts uncertainty on future of US-Cuban relations:

2016-11-28 - Eight-foot cobra found in toilet in apartments in Pretoria (South Africa), cobra gets away, disappears in building:

Quote: "In the meantime, nobody in the building was using their toilet."

2016-11-29 - Shallow magnitude 4.4 earthquake strikes near Polkowice (Poland), mine collapses, 4+ killed, more missing:

2016-11-29 - Magnitude 4.2 earthquake rattles the island of Trinidad:

2016-11-29 - Taiwan trains for cargo ship fires in the South China Sea:

Quote: "Eight vessels and three aircraft took part in Tuesday's drill, which simulated a fire aboard a cargo ship that forced crew members to seek safety on Taiping in the Spratly island group. The official Central News Agency said coast guard and navy ships participated in the exercise."

2016-11-29 - Torrential rain and flooding hammer Saudi Arabia, seven killed:

2016-11-29 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Turkey and Greece:

2016-11-29 - Huge waterspout appears off the coast of Valencia (Spain):

2016-11-29 - Waterspout filmed off Sicily (Italy):

2016-11-29 - NASA discovers Mars ice deposit the size of Lake Superior:

Quote: "NASA has announced the discovery of a colossal mass of underground ice on Mars that could hold as much water as Lake Superior, the second-largest lake on Earth. The body was found in a region of the red planet called 'the Utopia' in an area some 2,050 miles in diameter, roughly the size of New Mexico, and running about 560 feet below the surface."

2016-11-29 - Sun experiences lowest level of activity since 2011:

2016-11-29 - Meteor blazes across the sky over Denmark:

2016-11-29 - Meteor lights up the sky in northeast Brazil:

2016-11-29 - Why are so many among the elite building luxury bunkers in preparation for an imminent 'apocalypse'?

2016-11-29 - Trump taps anti-Obamacare Tom Price as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services:

2016-11-30 - Shallow magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Indonesia:

2016-11-30 - Series of earthquakes shake northern and central Italy:

2016-11-30 - Unusual weather shifts around the North Pole worrying scientists:

2016-11-30 - As temperatures hit 1.2C above pre-industrial levels, drought spreads across the planet:

2016-11-30 - Atlantic hurricane season ends above normal in count:

2016-11-30 - Tornado tears through Idler and Rosalie (Alabama), daycare destroyed, 3+ people killed, 4+ injured:

2016-11-30 - Fierce storm brings lightning, hail, heavy rain and power outages to southeast Queensland (Australia):

2016-11-30 - Huge waterspout touches down near Destin (Florida):

2016-11-30 - Heatwave heads to Brisbane (Australia):

2016-11-30 - Temps in Siberia running about 20C above normal this month:

2016-11-30 - Frigid air mass building in Alaska, poised to descend into lower 48 next week:

Quote: "Statewide, it was the first time Alaska’s daily temperature index was significantly below normal in almost a year."

Note: So it's been above normal 99% of the time and now it's colder than normal - clearly that must mean an ice age is coming!

2016-11-30 - Coldest November for the Netherlands since 1998:

2016-11-30 - Northern Sierra Nevada in California sees wettest fall in 30 years:

2016-11-30 - Weird atmospheric wave ripples over China:

2016-11-30 - Alarming levels of mercury found in Florida Everglades dolphins, highest concentration ever recorded:

2016-11-30 - Enhanced sprite activity at the end of November 2016 over Spain:

2016-11-30 - Fantastic lenticular cloud appears over Sheregesh (Russia):

2016-11-30 - Unexpected solar flare gives off stunning UV radiation flash:

2016-11-30 - Chinese astronauts spooked by unexplained knocking sounds during spaceflights:

2016-11-30 - Kea parrots move traffic cones around and direct traffic, in New Zealand:

2016-11-30 - Crew member sickens aboard cargo ship 'Rio Cadiz' near coastal Hoek van Holland (Netherlands), medevac'd off:

Quote: "In the morning of Nov 30, 2016, the 'Rio Cadiz' contacted the Dutch Coast Guard after one of the crew members fell ill and had to be brought ashore. At 08:30 a.m. the rescue station Hoek van Holland was alerted. Ten minutes later the lifeboat 'Jeanine Parqui' sailed towards the anchorage area 4. At 09:30 a.m. she was alongside to take on board the patient who was taken directly into the wheelhouse."

2016-11-30 - 'Landfill odor' hits Apopka (Florida):

2016-11-30 - Unknown 'gas odor' hits Malinslee, Telford (Britain), no natural gas detected:

2016-11-30 - Will humans be extinct by 2026?

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