Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 - NOV - Animal Die-Offs

2016-11-01 - Elephant calf found dead in forest near Bokkapuram (India):

2016-11-02 - Thousands of fish found dead in reservoir in Girardot (Colombia):!HtWYBzzwIJc/

2016-11-02 - Large number of turtles found dead on beaches in Pescara (Italy):

2016-11-03 - Massive die-off of fish and birds hits the Edward River (Australia):

Quote: "Deniliquin angler Ian Fisher says he’s heartbroken by the unfolding hypoxic blackwater event in the Edward River system, saying the 'smell of death is everywhere'."

Quote: "I put my boat in at Lawson Syphon (near Deniliquin) and travelled upstream into the Tuppal, Gulpa and Edward where I saw dead fish and dead birds, and the smell of the water was septic."

2016-11-03 - 2,500 sea birds found dead on beach in coastal Araucania (Chile):

2016-11-03 - 317 seals wash up dead along the coast of Dagestan (Russia):

2016-11-03 - Thousands of fish wash up dead on beach in coastal Brewster (Massachusetts):

2016-11-03 - Many thousands of fish found dead in dam in Ayala (Mexico):

2016-11-04 - Gull found dead on the shore of Beauly Firth near coastal Inverness (Scotland):

Quote: "Wildlife enthusiast David Lynch came across the bird on the shore of the Beauly Firth near Clachnaharry on Sunday. He shared a picture of the gull on Facebook along with an appeal for ideas on what may have caused its feathers to turn blue. But so far no one has been able to find an explanation and even the RSPB have branded the death a 'mystery'. David, who is Highland coordinator for Eco Church Scotland, believes the bird may have come into contact with a poisonous chemical or been intentionally dyed by someone looking to track its movements."

Note: Some of the people who've gone into respiratory paralysis and slumped over dead have turned blue or had their fingernails turn blue, so perhaps this is the same thing...

2016-11-06 - Leopard found dead in the Purna River near Mahuva (India):

2016-11-06 - Nine ducks found dead at park in Hisar (India):

2016-11-07 - Fish, seals, birds and more dying, all around the world:

2016-11-07 - Sharks, stingrays, eels and fish found dead in Sandy Creek near coastal Mackay (Australia):

Quote: "Hundreds of fish have been killed near Mackay at Sandy Creek. Bull sharks, flathead, stingrays, brim and eels were found dead by a fisherman Kurt McDonald. Mr McDonald, who lives nearby the creek, said the find was 'heartbreaking'."

2016-11-07 - More than 50 tons of fish found dead in canals on coastal Longboat Key (Florida):

2016-11-08 - Hundreds of tufted puffins (birds) washing up dead on the Pribilof Islands (Alaska):

Quote: "Since mid-October, hundreds of tufted puffins have washed up dead or starving on the Pribilof Islands in the middle of the Bering Sea."

2016-11-09 - Large numbers of fish found dead at Moneys Creek Lagoon in Bargara (Australia):

2016-11-09 - Young leopard found dead in Gudalur (India):

2016-11-10 - Around 70 endangered giant stingrays found dead in the Mae Klong River (Thailand):

Quote: "Scientists are trying to understand why 70 giant freshwater stingrays, some as big as a car, have been found dead in Thailand over the past few weeks. The die-off has been taking place in the Mae Klong River."

2016-11-11 - Rising number of animals sickening and dying in Hudson (New Hampshire):

Quote: "The Hudson Police Department said they have seen a 44% increase in calls for sick wild animals since 2015, officials said. Hudson police officers have responded to 13 calls involving sick animals since Sept., and the majority of the calls involved foxes, officials said. Officers said the foxes are either extremely ill or deceased when they arrive on scene. Hudson officials said that the cause of the illnesses are unknown..."

2016-11-12 - Large number of fish found dead in the Altagoan River near Draperstown (Ireland):

2016-11-13 - Humpback whale washes up dead at Bird Island (Hawaii):

2016-11-13 - Sockeye salmon mysteriously dying off in the Cedar River (Washington):

Quote: "More sockeye salmon are dying before they spawn this year, and scientist want to know why. Biologists with West Fork Environmental collect sockeye carcasses as they cover more than 20 miles of salmon habitat in the Cedar River each week."

2016-11-13 - Hundreds of fish dying in Madipakkam Lake in coastal Chennai (India):

2016-11-13 - Hundreds of fish wash up dead on beaches on Reunion Island (France):

2016-11-14 - Vast number of fish found dead in the Shinnecock Canal near coastal Hampton Bays (New York):

Quote: "Hundreds of thousands of dead bunker fish — a wall of fish up to two feet deep on the bay bottom — stunned residents in Hampton Bays Monday who flocked to the Shinnecock Canal to stare at a massive fish kill that may worsen on Tuesday, according to town officials. 'There are hundreds of thousands, if not a million, dead bunker,' said Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman."

Quote: "Local fishermen and the DEC have said that in 24 hours, those decomposing fish, filled with hydrogen sulfide gas, are going to rise to the surface..."

2016-11-14 - Hammerhead shark washes up dead in Delray Beach (Florida):

2016-11-14 - Blue shark washes up dead on Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet (Massachusetts):

2016-11-14 - 1,250 water birds found dead in Noord-Holland (Netherlands):

2016-11-14 - Huge number of lobsters found dead in Phu Yen (Vietnam), blamed on flooding:

2016-11-14 - Three polar bears wash up dead on beaches on the island of Colonsay (Scotland):

2016-11-15 - Global coral bleaching event might become new normal, expert warns:

2016-11-16 - Dozens of fur seals washing up dead or dying on beaches in the Bay Area (California):

2016-11-16 - 80,000 reindeer starve to death as Actic sea ice disappears:

2016-11-17 - Fish washing ashore dead near coastal Matlacha (Florida):

2016-11-17 - Around 200 fish found dead in the Clearwater River (Idaho):

2016-11-17 - Two rare deep sea oarfish strand at beach in Busselton (Australia):

2016-11-18 - Two dolphins strand and die near coastal New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (Canada):

2016-11-19 - Rare endangered leatherback turtle found dead in lagoon in coastal Balochistan (Pakistan):

2016-11-19 - Leopard drops dead in Khandala, Ramtek (India):

2016-11-19 - 14 crows found dead on lawn at home in Jammu (India):

2016-11-20 - Third dolphin in four days strands and dies in coastal Nova Scotia (Canada):

Quote: "Another dead dolphin has washed up along the shoreline in Big Island, N.S. – the third in the last four days."

2016-11-20 - Mussels, including some endangered species, continue dying off in Big Darby Creek (Ohio):

2016-11-21 - Around 40 tons of fish bubble up dead in coastal Chiapas (Mexico):

2016-11-21 - Worldwide coral bleaching event that began in 2014 continues, may never end:

Quote: "A global coral bleaching event that began in 2014 continues. It is the longest coral bleaching event on record. But unless oceans somehow cool off, it won’t really end."

2016-11-22 - Large number of fish wash up dead in coastal Chiclayo (Peru):

Quote: "Fishermen and residents of the San Jose Cove in Chiclayo found a large number of dead fish on the beach. Lorna, mackerel, pompano, cachemas and other stranded fish were found. The fishermen showed their concern and do not know the causes of the death of the fish that remained along a kilometer of the cove San Jose."

2016-11-22 - Dozens of fish found dead in canal in Gilbert (Arizona):

2016-11-22 - Thousands of birds found dead on Lake Michigan beaches, blamed on botulism toxin:

Quote: "Botulism forms when there’s a lack of oxygen in the water."

Note: They're probably right about what's killing them, or at least most of them...for now. But hydrogen sulfide is produced by ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that flourish in environments with little or no oxygen, so the very same conditions that are making the environment friendly for botulism are also making the environment friendly for the ancient life that produces hydrogen sulfide. So unless the anoxic conditions improve in this lake then it's only a matter of time until this lake becomes a hydrogen sulfide poison-spewing factory like the Salton Sea has become in California...

2016-11-23 - Sperm whale washes up dead on coastal San Jose Island (Texas):

2016-11-23 - Sickly humpback whale strands in Moriches Bay (New York), whale euthanized:

2016-11-23 - A hundred salmon die within minutes after being released into the Opawa River in Blenheim (New Zealand):

Quote: "A children's fishing day has gone belly up after a run of salmon died just minutes after being released into a Blenheim river. The sudden death of 100 salmon in the Opawa River on Friday has scientists testing the waterway for possible contaminants. The Marlborough Kids Fish Out, organised by Fish and Game, was supposed to take place on Sunday. Field officer Vaughan Lynn said he was shocked to find the salmon dead within 15 minutes of putting them in the river on Friday."

2016-11-24 - Mysterious fungal disease killing snakes in the US and Canada:

2016-11-26 - Thousands of herrings wash up dead in coastal St. Marys Bay, Nova Scotia (Canada):

Quote: "'It seems to be a bit of a unique event in terms of just the sheer numbers that are showing up dead,' said Shawn Craik, a biology professor at Université Sainte-Anne."

2016-11-27 - Two beluga whales die within ten days at aquarium in coastal Vancouver (Canada):

2016-11-27 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Malacca River (Malaysia):

2016-11-27 - Thousands of starfish wash ashore dead at beach in coastal Portsmouth (Britain):

2016-11-28 - Rising ocean temperatures wipe out 700-kilometer stretch of the Great Barrier Reef (Australia):

Quote: "Warm seas around Australia's Great Barrier Reef have killed two-thirds of a 700-km (435 miles) stretch of coral in the past nine months, the worst die-off ever recorded on the World Heritage site, scientists who surveyed the reef said on Tuesday. Their finding of the die-off in the reef's north is a major blow for tourism at reef which, according to a 2013 Deloitte Access Economics report, attracts about A$5.2 billion ($3.9 billion) in spending each year. 'The coral is essentially cooked,' professor Andrew Baird, a researcher at James Cook University who was part of the reef surveys, told Reuters by telephone from Townsville in Australia's tropical north."

2016-11-28 - Large number of fish wash up dead along the coast of Khanh Hoa (Vietnam):

2016-11-28 - Young female elephant found dead in forest range in Tamil Nadu (India):

2016-11-29 - More than a million pounds of fish wash up dead in affluent area in coastal Southampton (New York):

2016-11-29 - 2000 deer found dead in South Dakota, blamed on disease:

2016-11-30 - Hundreds of red-winged blackbirds found dead in coastal Cumberland County (New Jersey):

2016-11-30 - Dogs sickening and dying, some birds found dead too, in Tucson (Arizona):

Quote: "At least four different households, some with multiple dogs have fallen ill within the last month. Some dogs have been taken to the pet emergency room multiple times. Symptoms include seizures, foaming at the mouth, and difficulty standing and breathing. Neighbors report that up to 12 birds were also found dead outside their home."

Note: Birds and dogs don't eat the same things, so it has to be something other than food that birds and dogs would have in common, like the water they drink or the air they breathe or the matter they touch...

2016-11-30 - Manatee found dead in coastal Dundalk (Maryland):

Quote: "This was the third case of a deceased manatee in Maryland. The animal was examined by biologists and veterinarians at the Smithsonian Institution."

2016-11-30 - Thousands of mysterious jelly-like creatures wash ashore at Huntington Beach (California):

Quote: "Dan Coursey, who also posted pictures of the jelly-like pods to the same Facebook group, wrote that the creatures burrowed in the sand. He was walking down the beach Monday when he spotted hundreds, if not thousands of the creatures. He told KTLA he’s been walking on the beach for decades and had never seen anything like it."

2016-11-30 - Many thousands of herring washing ashore in coastal Annapolis Basin (Canada):

Quote: "Ted Leighton, a wildlife biology professor, estimates there are 5,000 herring on the beach and floating in the water in front of his property in Smith’s Cove. 'What percentage of the fish is washing up?' he wonders. 'Is this one percent, five percent? No one knows. But it’s a lot of fish. What part of St. Mary’s Bay is affected? And now the Annapolis Basin? It could be millions. It could be much more.' Herring has been washing up in St. Mary’s Bay for over a week now and still we are no closer to understanding what is causing it."

Quote: "Herring have washed up on the shore of the eastern end of St. Mary’s Bay, in Weymouth, through Gilbert’s Cove, the head of St. Mary’s Bay, along the shore to Timpany Lane, Griffin Cove and Sandy Cove. And then Nov. 29, people started seeing the herring in the Annapolis Basin, on the shores of the Bear River, on the western end of Smith’s Cove, in the Digby harbour area and on beaches on the town’s south end."

2016-11-30 - Massive number of fish die in Lake Buhi (Philippine Islands), state of calamity declared:

Note: It's not just people dropping dead, but animals too...

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