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2015 - JUL - Infrastructure Collapse

2015-07-01 - Building partially collapses in Shamokin (Pennsylvania):

Note: Pennsylvania's a pioneer in self-collapsing technology for buildings!

2015-07-01 - Bridge partially collapses over Proctor Creek near Proctor (West Virginia):

2015-07-02 - Bridge collapses, passenger train plunges into river, near Gujranwala (Pakistan), at least 19 killed:

Quote: "At least 19 people, including four army officers, were killed when three bogies of a special train carrying army officials fell into a canal and one other was derailed as a railway bridge collapsed near Gujranwala on Thursday."

2015-07-02 - Building under construction collapses onto people in Katraj (India), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2015-07-03 - Bridge collapses on coastal Johns Island (South Carolina), some peoples' cars trapped on wrong side:

2015-07-03 - Exterior stairway collapses at apartment building in Folsom (California), 1 killed:

2015-07-03 - Concrete ramp collapses under truck in coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

2015-07-03 - Building collapses in Ejisu-Juaben (Ghana), 2 killed:

2015-07-03 - Pedestrian bridge under construction collapses in Setapak (Malaysia), 1 killed:

2015-07-03 - Hospital under construction partially collapses in Delhi (India), 3 killed, 1 injured:

2015-07-04 - Deck collapses at home on Ocean Drive in coastal Emerald Isle (North Carolina), 14+ injured:

Quote: "Severe injuries are reported following the collapse of a deck at a beach house on Emerald Isle in Carteret County at the North Carolina coast. It happened sometime around 7 p.m. in the 4300 block of Ocean Drive. The Emerald Isle Police Department said at least 14 people were hurt. Carteret General Hospital said it's treating 16 patients - three are in critical condition. The rest suffered non-life threatening injuries."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-07-04 - Shoe factory collapses in Wenling (China), 11+ killed:

2015-07-06 - Overpass crumbling, chunks of concrete rain down onto I-80 in Sacramento (California):

2015-07-06 - Huge hole opens on bridge over stream near resort in Paradise Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-07-06 - Building collapses in Tbilisi (Georgia), 4 killed:,-Kills-Four

2015-07-07 - Building partially collapses in Dyer (Tennessee):

2015-07-08 - Water main ruptures, underground fire erupts, in Toledo (Ohio):

2015-07-08 - Three-story building collapses in coastal Lagos (Nigeria):

2015-07-08 - Bridge collapses in coastal Accra (Ghana), 1 killed:

2015-07-09 - Slew of water mains rupture across coastal Los Angeles (California), flooding ensues:

Quote: "A slew of broken water mains caused major flooding across the city of Los Angeles Thursday morning."

2015-07-09 - Water main ruptures, creates sinkhole, in Gentilly  (Louisiana):

2015-07-09 - Water main ruptures, creates sinkhole, in coastal Coney Island (New York):

2015-07-10 - Four-story building under construction collapses in coastal Lagos (Nigeria), scores injured:

Quote: "At least seven artisans narrowly escaped death by the whiskers when a four storey building under construction, located on 38, Commercial Avenue inYaba Area of Lagos state, suddenly collapsed leaving scores injured."

2015-07-11 - Scaffolding collapses at construction site in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), 3 killed, 4 injured:

2015-07-12 - Barracks collapses in Omsk (Russia), 23 killed:

Quote: "Twenty-three Russian soldiers were crushed to death by rubble after their military barracks collapsed in Siberia, the Russian defence ministry said on Monday. All four floors collapsed in one section of the building in the Siberian city of Omsk on Sunday evening as 42 Russian paratroopers were resting."

2015-07-12 - Apartment building collapses in Perm (Russia), 2 killed, several injured:

2015-07-12 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, area floods, in Etobicoke (Canada):

2015-07-13 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in coastal Ocean City (New Jersey):

2015-07-13 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, car drives into it, in Winnipeg (Canada):

2015-07-14 - Four-story building collapses in coastal Brooklyn (New York), 3 injured:

2015-07-14 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2015-07-15 - Home under renovation collapses in the Central City area in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

Quote: "We've had about 13 this year. We're halfway through the year, and that's about what we'd average for the entire year..."

2015-07-15 - Building partially collapses in Clapton area in coastal London (Britain):

2015-07-15 - Three-story building collapses in coastal Lagos State (Nigeria):

2015-07-15 - Deck collapses at apartment building in coastal New Bedford (Massachusetts), several injured:

2015-07-16 - Parking ramp collapses at hospital, cars damaged, in Johnson City (New York):

2015-07-16 - Residential building collapses in coastal Old Havana (Cuba), 4 killed:

2015-07-16 - Vacant oil mill building collapses in Pendleton (South Carolina):

2015-07-17 - Pipeline leaks 5 million gallons of bitumen in Alberta (Canada):

2015-07-18 - Vacant building collapses in the Broadmoor area in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

2015-07-18 - Water main breaks, sinkhole opens, traps utility truck, in Silver Lake (California):

2015-07-18 - Water main breaks, sinkhole swallows SUV, in Albuquerque (New Mexico):

2015-07-18 - Home collapses in Utras (India), 2 killed:

2015-07-19 - I-10 bridge collapses near Coachella (California), truck trapped:

Quote: "'Interstate 10 is closed completely and indefinitely,' said Terri Kasinga, spokeswoman for the California Department of Transportation."

2015-07-19 - Four-story residential building collapses in West Delhi (India), 5 killed, 8 injured:

2015-07-19 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in Rockland (Massachusetts):

2015-07-19 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in Jersey City (New Jersey):

2015-07-20 - Home under renovation collapses in coastal Halifax (Canada), 1 injured:

2015-07-21 - Two balconies collapse at apartment building in Greeley (Colorado), 3+ injured:

2015-07-21 - Water main breaks, creates sinkhole, in Baldwin Borough (Pennsylvania):

2015-07-22 - Building collapses in Hapeville (Georgia), 1 injured:

2015-07-22 - Bridge collapses, dump truck falls 20 feet into bayou, in Natchitoches Parish (Louisiana), 1 injured:

2015-07-22 - Bridge collapses in Phichit Province (Thailand):

2015-07-22 - Deck collapses at home in Columbia (Maryland), 5 injured:

2015-07-23 - Bridge collapses in Claremore (Oklahoma):

2015-07-23 - Balcony collapses at apartment building in Thane (India):

2015-07-24 - Major power outage hits LaGuardia Airport in coastal New York City (New York):

2015-07-25 - Dam leaking from hole, people worried, near Deposit (New York):

2015-07-25 - Building partially collapses in North Whitehall Township (Pennsylvania), 2 injured:

2015-07-25 - Nuclear reactor unexpectedly shuts down at Sequoyah Nuclear Generating Station near Soddy-Daisy (Tennessee):

2015-07-26 - Three-story building collapses in coastal Accra (Ghana), 3 killed, 18 injured:

2015-07-27 - Balcony collapses at Schwab Auditorium in State College (Pennsylvania), 1 injured:,1464863/

Quote: "The incident occurred at about 11:25 a.m. during a presentation as part of the 'Spend a Summer Day' program for prospective students and their parents, according to a release by the university."

Note: Maybe next year they should call it the 'Spend a Summer Day Getting Smacked By Collapsing Buildings' program...

2015-07-27 - Home partially collapses in Mt. Crawford (Virginia):

2015-07-27 - Bridge collapses over river on highway in Gaindakot Municipality (Nepal):

2015-07-27 - Bridge collapses right after people run across it, in Colombia:

2015-07-28 - Mill building partially collapses on Hulme Hall Road in Castlefield (Britain):

2015-07-28 - Building collapses in coastal Hangzhou (China):

2015-07-29 - Three-story building collapses in Thakurli (India), at least 9 killed, some missing:

2015-07-31 - Bridge crumbling, chunk falls off and hits car, in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

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