Tuesday, March 20, 2012

United Civilization: The Way Forward?

Assume for the moment that my hypothesis is correct, and we do indeed face this epic extinction event on Earth. Clearly, we haven't been told about this, so the truth has been and is being held back from us.

Do you feel angry about that? I did, at first. But ya know, if they'd told us all that this might happen 30 years ago, then we wouldn't have had the lives we've had. And our global economy would have been weaker, our technology less developed. Our odds of getting through this bottleneck would have been reduced if we'd all known. The fear would have sapped our strength, our vibrancy.

Obama found out in 2009, I think. He had that Alice in Wonderland party at the White House and that is when he probably told his staff and friends (many of whom subsequently left their positions). So realize this: Obama was lied to for just 3 years less than you, or me. He too was lied to, just like me or you, for most of his life. I think that's why he looked so angry and gave that apocalyptic speech at the 9-11 thing: he might have made different choices in life if he'd known this was coming. Bush looked fearful, as if expecting Obama to tell the truth that day, and throw all blame on Bush.

Well, blah blah blah. The world is as it is. We have this severe problem. The blame game will drain us of strength. We need two things to happen: we need 'them' (those who know the truths that have been hidden from the rest of us) to have the courage to tell the truth. And then the rest of us must somehow summon the strength to forgive the lies so that we tear down that barrier, that Wall of Lies, and we become just we. No them and us. Just us. United, we could fight this problem much more effectively.

So, this line of thought led me to consider the possibility of the human race rapidly reorganizing into one civilization. And...I think that is what's going to happen, or at least 'they' are going to attempt it. That may in part also involve tearing down the Wall of Lies. I certainly hope so.

Yet, if this is what is about to happen, it will be painful. Many will resist. There will be violence. 'National sovereignty!' many will cry. I can understand that point of view. But I do see truly vast improvements in problem-fighting capability if the whole planet were one civilization. Then it wouldn't be 'China's incredible manufacturing capacity'. It'd be OUR incredible manufacturing capacity. It wouldn't be 'Germany's awe-inspiring engineering prowess' but OUR awe-inspiring engineering prowess. It would be a substantial evolution from our current more tribal approach. And don't just think 'One World Order' - there is no limit of one world per civilization, and I think 'we' (human beings) do have people on Mars and the Moon, possibly substantial numbers. Once the Wall of Lies is down, then that portion of human civilization might now be big enough and ready enough to turn around and help us.

What are those cities in China for, the empty ones? Maybe that's what they're intending on bringing to the table in terms of instant contribution to the new human civilization, to help our island brothers and sisters as their lands become unsurvivable. Or to help us residents of the U.S., for that matter. And why wouldn't they help if we are to be the same civilization?

If we do that - become a UNITED CIVILIZATION - then we would have a much better chance of surviving,  and preserving and healing the Earth.

I believe I do sense this coming. I think the human race uniting will ultimately be seen as one of the single most defining moments in human history, if we can do it, and the only thing stopping us is us. I hope Obama can tear down that Wall of Lies. It is probably costing more lives to maintain that Wall than maintaining it is saving now. If that happens, if the Wall of Lies comes crashing down, then I know that at least I will stand behind a united human civilization, and I must hope that many other folks will as well.

And hey, some of those changes might actually be nice: debt? What debt? Our economy is based on growth. Our population will be in decline. Untenable. Soooo...why do we owe 'China' money? They would be us. European debt, any debt, your debt, his debt, her debt, whatever - eradicate it. With a new human civilization paradigm, one of the luxuries is starting with a blank slate like that. College debt? Hah, we'd better be educating the crap out of our people, to innovate, help push technology. Amish tech (as much as I admire it) isn't going to save us from this problem.

We stand now at a crossroads of human existence, one of those times that defines all the times to come. Will Obama find the courage to cast aside the chains of deception and become the first Leader of Truth? Will we be the generation that all future generations look back to and wonder: how did we come together and face down such a challenge? We are that generation? Us?! I have to have hope that yes, we can be - we must be - that generation, as improbable as it may seem. The alternative is unthinkable.

If you are a religious person, you may wish to be prepared to make adjustments to your faith. I don't know exactly what is behind the Wall of Lies, but I suspect it will shake the foundations of all religions. (I am glad to be an open-minded agnostic.)

Are you ready for the ride of a thousand lifetimes? Me either. But it's coming anyway. One way or another - with truth or with deception - the howling wind of change approaches.

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