Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 - FEB - Complete Event List

Link to full hypothesis:

Summary of Hypothesis:
The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming hydrogen sulfide and methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.


A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species, including sea mammals.
C. More and more MULTIPLES of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Recent Events Matching Predictions:

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.

2012-02-29 - Huge fire destroys meat-processing facility in Seneca Falls (New York):

2012-02-29 - Eight residents lose their homes in Perry (Texas) apartment fire:

2012-02-29 - Explosion at a Philippine fishing company ice plant causes chemical leak, 99 sickened:

2012-02-29 - Tremendous fire destroys Carvers Building Supplies by canal in Wolverhampton (Britain):

2012-02-28 - Massive fire at Kajang (Malaysia) gas factory:

2012-02-28 - Huge fire at PSE&G substation in Edison (New Jersey) cuts power to thousands:

2012-02-28 - Fire rips through Coquitlam (near Vancouver, Washington) apartment complex:

2012-02-28 - Fire destroys abandoned business in Brooklyn, Illinois:

2012-02-28 - Explosion at chemical plant in China kills 9 people, 40 injured, windows broken a mile away:

2012-02-28 - Huge fire in Chile burns down 73 homes, injures 20 people:

2012-02-27 - Massive fire at Daytona 500 delays race after car hits truck carrying jet fuel:

2012-02-27 - Inferno reduces 500 homes in a coastal village in East Godavari (India) to ashes:

2012-02-27 - Explosion collapses part of 9-story apartment building in Russia, at least 10 dead:

2012-02-27 - Fire breaks out in generator room on Costa Allegra cruise ship near Seychelles, no injuries:

2012-02-26 - Severe blaze at Tilbury power station in Essex (Britain):

2012-02-26 - Massive four-alarm fire in Bucks County (Pennsylvania) displaces 22 people:

2012-02-26 - Hundreds of firefighters work to contain huge blaze in Victoria (Australia):

2012-02-25 - Bangalore's Russell Market burns in India, 123 shops gutted by fire:

2012-02-25 - Massive fire at apartment complex in Richmond (Virginia) injures two:

2012-02-25 - Fire erupts at market in the coastal city of Karachi (Afghanistan):

2012-02-25 - Two bodies found after explosion at Brazilian Antarctic naval base:

2012-02-25 - Williams Lake (Canada) hotel destroyed in massive fire:

2012-02-25 - Giant fire by Meadowbank Dam near Derwent Valley (Australia):

2012-02-25 - Huge fire at electronics warehouse in Sydney (Australia) causes millions in damage:

2012-02-24 - Abandoned home in Maryland catches fire, 7 firemen injured by 'fireball':

2012-02-24 - Massive fire destroys scores of kiosks in Timika (Papua) central market:

2012-02-24 - Norristown (Pennsylvania) Main Street closed due to underground electrical fire:

2012-02-24 - Fire, explosions, 'yellow smoke' at West Conshohocken (Pennsylvania) building:

2012-02-24 - Double-decker bus catches fire and burns in north London (Britain):

2012-02-24 - Massive fire destroys church building in Memphis (Tennessee):

2012-02-24 - Chemical explosion and HazMat incident closes 9-story building in Australia:

2012-02-23 - Home near Boston Harbor (Massachusetts) explodes and burns, occupants escape:

2012-02-23 - Crude oil tank at the docks in Galveston (Texas) explodes and burns:

2012-02-23 - South Plainfield (NJ) house fire kills 4 children and grandmother, injures 4 more:

2012-02-23 - Propane tank explodes at Edmonds wastewater treatment plant (Washington state), 5 injured:

2012-02-23 - Huge fire at Lacey Marina destroys multiple docked boats in New Jersey:

2012-02-23 - Massive fire destroys three homes in Terhathum (India):

2012-02-23 - Major fire in Burma refugee camp (Thailand) destroys hundreds of homes:

2012-02-22 - Car crashes into embankment, starts brush fire which halts traffic at 605/405 transition:

2012-02-22 - Home explodes in southwestern Colorado after purported 'gas leak', 3 injured, home leveled:

2012-02-21 - Intense fire destroys forrmer Hood's Discount warehouse in Godfrey (Illinois):

2012-02-20 - Fire rips through Old Town in San Diego (California), several businesses destroyed:

2012-02-20 - Massive fire completely ravages home in Ellenwood (Georgia):

2012-02-20 - Huge fire devours home in East Lyme (Connecticut), explosions heard, 5 displaced:

2012-02-19 - Massive fire destroys cotton and foam factory in Kolkata (India):

2012-02-18 - Tremendous fire in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) destroys 1,800 market stalls, 11 people injured:

2012-02-18 - Huge residential fire in the Philippines renders 40 families homeless and kills one baby:

2012-02-18 - Deadly fire rages through Rochester (NY) home, four children killed:

2012-02-18 - Massive fire at Dubai Creek guts two cargo boats docked at the shoreline:

2012-02-18 - Seven die and 100 huts burned in massive fire near Hyderabad (India):

2012-02-17 - Massive blaze at Washington state's largest oil refinery, Cherry Point:

2012-02-17 - Fire engulfs Anacostia Senior High School in DC, one firefighter injured:

2012-02-17 - Heavy fire destroys duplex and temporarily closes Shore Drive in Virginia Beach:

2012-02-17 - Huge fire in Jamestown (North Dakota) destroys former auto body shop:

2012-02-15 - Huge fire destroys fertilizer and chemical facility in Edwardsburg, Michigan:

2012-02-15 - Massive prison fire in Honduras kills several hundred prisoners, many others injured:

2012-02-14 - Huge fire destroys landmark business in Texas, SUV also mysteriously explodes:

2012-02-13 - Enormous fire rages through row of businesses in Long Branch, NJ:

2012-02-12 - Massive fire involving 12 fire departments destroys ski lodge in southwest Pennsylvania:

2012-02-11 - Two separate fires in Long Island, NY kill two people:

2012-02-11 - Explosion at Florida horse center kills worker and a horse:

2012-02-10 - Massive fire erupts in Lahore's New Auriga Center in India:

2012-02-10 - Huge Folkestone town centre fire rips through two town centre properties:

2012-02-10 - Fire Destroys Old St. Paul Island Trident Seafoods Plant in Anchorage, Alaska:,0,4051425.story

2012-02-10 - Massive 'gas-fueled' fire tears through Plainfield, NJ building:

2012-02-09 - Mammoth fire guts entire market in Quang Ngai province in Vietnam:

2012-02-08 - Georgia Pacific plant, a landmark site in Mississippi, burns in massive blaze:

2012-02-08 - Huge fire in Kensington, Pennsylvania destroys warehouse:

2012-02-07 - Tanker truck explodes, catches fire in South Carolina, smoke seen for miles:

2012-02-07 - Methane explosion at coal mine in Ukraine, 1 dead, 9 injured:

2012-02-07 - Three businesses destroyed by fire in Grand Falls-Windsor (Canada):

2012-02-06 - Giant electrical explosions at Russian substation stop traffic, cut power to parts of St. Petersburg:

2012-02-06 - Dozens left homeless after massive blaze at Fort McMurray (Canada) destroys residential building:

2012-02-06 - Huge fire in Hout Bay, Capetown suburb:

2012-02-06 - Two homes explode in Baku, Azerbaijan, blamed on 'gas leak', four people injured (total):

2012-02-05 - Massive Mare Island fire destroys four-story warehouse in Vallejo, CA:

2012-02-05 - Fire breaks out in basement of Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Moscow:

2012-02-04 - Massive fire at Seaforth scrapyard involves 12 fire engines, 50 firefighters:

2012-02-04 - Explosion at Marine housing area in California:

2012-02-03 - Propane truck explodes in Whitewater, WI, engulfing several buildings in fire:

2012-02-02 - Huge fire at York University in Britain:

2012-02-02 - Massive blaze burns Surrey strip mall in Vancouver, 7 businesses destroyed:

2012-02-01 - Huge fire at recycling center in Deweyville, Utah visible for miles:

2012-02-01 - Fire guts more shops in downtown Logan, West Virginia:

B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species, including sea mammals.

2012-02-26 - 'Mystery virus' killing livestock and poultry all around the world:

2012-02-26 - Crows and boars mysteriously dying in India:

2012-02-22 - Ducks seen in Texas flying into walls and killing themselves, blamed on algal toxin:

2012-02-19 - Thousands of fish dead off the coast of Dubai:

2012-02-17 - Tiger and elephant, adults, found dead in India:

2012-02-17 - Probe continues into the hundreds of dead dolphins washed up on Peruvian beaches:

2012-02-17 - Tiger cub found dead in Bangalore:

2012-02-17 - Seventeen (more) peacocks found dead in Rajasthan (India):

2012-02-17 - Hundreds of dead starlings fall from the sky near I-95 near DC:

2012-02-16 - Seven horses mysteriously found dead on Hampshire farm in Tennessee:

2012-02-13 - Orca found washed ashore dead at Long Beach, Washington:

2012-02-13 - 12 cows found dead in Parker County, Texas:

2012-02-12 - Dolphins found dead in Ocean City, Lower Township:

2012-02-11 - Dead dolphin tally at Cape Cod for 2012 reaches 103:

2012-02-09 - More than 800 birds found dead near Christchurch:

2012-02-09 - More than 200 dolphins found dead in past week along stretch at the beaches of Lambayeque (Peru):

2012-02-05 - Large fish kill in Henrico County, Virginia disturbs residents:

2012-02-04 - Kites found dead in India:

2012-02-04 - A hundred pigeons found dead in Rapid City, South Dakota:

2012-02-03 - 25 peacocks found dead in Medak district in India:

2012-02-03 - Chickens and crows being found dead in Gondia district in India:

2012-02-02 - Dead dolphin tally at Cape Cod reaches 81:

C. More and more MULTIPLES of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.

2012-02-29 - Elderly couple, 77 and 81, found dead in their home in La Jolla (California):

2012-02-29 - Elderly woman and caregiver son found dead in home in suburbs of Brisbane (Australia):

2012-02-29 - Mother and 5-year-old son found dead in Edinburgh (Britain) home:

2012-02-29 - Family of five found dead in home in Karachi (Pakistan):

2012-02-29 - Two brothers found dead in Red Bird (Texas) home on Lake Placid Drive:

2012-02-28 - Two dead bodies found inside home in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2012-02-28 - Two women, 37 and 58, found dead in North Carolina home:

2012-02-27 - Two people found dead in Billings (Montana) home:

2012-02-27 - Two people found dead in vehicle at Indianapolis (Indiana) concrete pipe business:

2012-02-25 - Elder father and adult son found dead in Bronx (New York) apartment:

2012-02-24 - Three children found dead in well near school:

2012-02-23 - Mother and two young children found dead in Fruit Cove (Florida) home:

2012-02-22 - Woman, 45, and her son, 4, found dead in Tachikawa (Japan) apartment:

2012-02-22 - Two men - in different rooms - found dead at Perrysburg (Ohio) motel:

2012-02-20 - Man and woman found dead in Wilson County home in North Carolina:

2012-02-20 - Three people found dead in Saitama (Japan) apartment:

2012-02-20 - Two young women and an infant found dead at Lauderdale Lakes apartment (Florida):

2012-02-20 - Couple found dead in Kipnuk (Alaska) home, near the Bering Sea, baby unharmed:

2012-02-18 - Couple found dead at Faraya ski resort in Lebanon from purported 'gas leak':

2012-02-16 - Five members of a family found dead in their home in India:

2012-02-14 - Man and woman found dead inside Monte Vista (Colorado) home:

2012-02-13 - Woman, age 38, and her daughter, age 4, found dead inside Kitchener (Ontario) home:

2012-02-11 - Man and woman found dead, floating face up, in hot tub in Florida:

2012-02-09 - Two young women found dead at chalet in Singapore:

2012-02-08 - Victorian man and his Dutch girlfriend found dead in Laos hotel room:

2012-02-08 - Elderly man and his two sons found dead in their Greenbrier County (West Virginia) home:

2012-02-06 - Two women found dead in Florida, authorities investigating with biohazard suits:,0,4248430.story

D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.

2012-02-29 - Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart, 43, dies suddenly in Los Angeles:

2012-02-29 - Body of man in his 60s found in drainage pipe in Wilmington (North Carolina):

2012-02-29 - Man, 18, found dead in his vehicle in Monroe County (Georgia):

2012-02-29 - Elderly woman found dead in condo in Greensboro (North Carolina), signs of fire present:

2012-02-29 - Missing UCF (California) student, male, 24, found dead in nearby residential pool:

2012-02-29 - Body found on the south side of Nashville near I-65, by a service station:

2012-02-29 - Man in his 30s found dead at Mousehold Street property in Norwich (Britain):

2012-02-28 - Person found dead in wooded area of Penn Hills (Pennsylvania):

2012-02-28 - Dead man found in Jackson (Mississippi) hotel room:

2012-02-28 - Missing Montreal (Canada) woman, 26, found dead in St. Lawrence River:

2012-02-28 - Woman, 31, found dead on path behind house at resort in BC (Canada):

2012-02-28 - Man, 29, found dead in Mare Island Strait near Vallejo (California):

2012-02-28 - Missing hunter, 56, found dead a mile from his vehicle in a swamp in Florida:

2012-02-27 - Man, 60s, found dead on Corton Road in Norwich (Britain):

2012-02-27 - College student found dead in dorm room in Hoboken (New Jersey):

2012-02-27 - Woman's body found in the Little Washougal River in Washington state:

2012-02-27 - Man, 43, found dead in basement in home in Howard, Wisconsin:

2012-02-27 - UC Berkeley (California) student found dead in Manville Apartments:

2012-02-27 - Body of missing man, 36, found 500 feet from his crashed minivan in Ohio:

2012-02-27 - Body of missing student, 24, found floating in Belfast Loch (Scotland):

2012-02-27 - Arrowhead High School (Wisconsin) student, 17, found dead in his bed:

2012-02-27 - Missing five-year-old boy found dead in water near dam in South Africa:

2012-02-27 - Father found dead in the Little River (Oklahoma), his two children missing:

2012-02-27 - Man found dead in the water meadows of Sudbury (Britain):

2012-02-27 - Man, 26, found dead in staff quarters in Indonesia:

2012-02-27 - Woman found dead in bed in Guwahati (India):

2012-02-27 - Missing 2-year-old boy found dead in pond half a mile from home in Mississippi:

2012-02-27 - Body found floating off Pier 57 near Seattle (Washington):

2012-02-26 - Crews find corpse of barge worker who fell in Tennessee River:

2012-02-26 - Woman, 49, found dead beside snowmobile on Pinehouse Lake (Canada):

2012-02-26 - Man, 24, found floating in the Delta waters off Oakley (California):

2012-02-26 - Woman, 52, found dead in hot tub in Plymouth (Minnesota):

2012-02-26 - Man found dead in Riverview (Missouri) apartment fire:

2012-02-25 - Man found dead in Corby (Britain) car park:

2012-02-25 - Scuba diver from Hong Kong found dead in the water off Batangas (Philippines):

2012-02-25 - Woman, mid-30s, found dead in her bed in Sitapaila (Kathmandu):

2012-02-24 - Missing man, 70, found dead in Yakima River in Benton County (Washington):

2012-02-24 - Missing man, 36, found dead in quarry in Alton (Illinois):

2012-02-24 - Woman found unconscious near bridge in India, taken to hospital, but dies:

2012-02-24 - Man found dead, slumped over wheel inside car in Houston parking lot:

2012-02-23 - West Pennsylvania fisherman found dead in reservoir after not returning home:

2012-02-23 - Man, 49, found dead 1/2 mile from Balboa Pier in Newport Beach (California):

2012-02-23 - Man found dead in taxi at Santo Tomas Hospital (Panama):

2012-02-23 - Missing man, 28, found dead in woods in Peterborough (Britain):

2012-02-23 - Orange County (Texas) engineer, 66, found dead in home:

2012-02-23 - Indianapolis (Indiana) toddler found dead in baptismal font:

2012-02-22 - Man found dead in his car in a ditch near Inskip (Colorado):

2012-02-22 - Young woman, 19, found dead in New Liberty (Mississippi) home:

2012-02-22 - Man, 44, found dead in Lincoln apartment in Britain:

2012-02-22 - Young woman found dead behind Maritime Museum in Victoria (BC):

2012-02-22 - Young man, 18, found dead in his running car in Minnesota:

2012-02-22 - Fairport (New York) woman, 20, found dead after her horse returns riderless:

2012-02-22 - Seven-month-old infant girl found dead in Patten (Maine) home:

2012-02-22 - U.S. submariner found dead in naval base quarters in Washington (state):

2012-12-21 - Body found at industrial site in Ohio ID'd as missing young woman:

2012-02-21 - Taxi driver, 46, found dead in his taxi in Ghana, blood oozing from his nose:

2012-02-21 - 'Amazing Race' producer found dead in Africa:

2012-02-21 - Woman, 20, found dead in Stratford (Australia):

2012-02-21 - Man, 32, found dead in his hotel room in Borneo:

2012-02-21 - Man, 27, found dead in ditch along Holiday Island Road in North Carolina:

2012-02-21 - Woman, 55, found dead at bottom of cliff in Bodega Head State Park (California):

2012-02-21 - Man found dead near Vancouver (Washington) school:

2012-02-21 - Woman, 30-ish, found dead in Rockford (Illinois) McDonald's bathroom:

2012-02-20 - Hayley Wilton, 19, and her unborn baby found dead in bathroom in Britain:

2012-02-20 - Ventura business owner, 51, found dead in Kern River (California):

2012-02-20 - Autorickshaw driver, 37, found dead in his vehicle in India:

2012-02-20 - Man, 34, found dead on pavement after laying there 9 hours, in India:

2012-02-20 - MIT student, male, 21, found dead in dorm room in Massachusetts:

2012-02-20 - BGSU student, male, 23, found dead in his bedroom in Ohio:

2012-02-20 - Woman found dead after car goes over cliff into canyon along Angeles Forest Highway in CA:

2012-02-20 - Woman, mother of two, 52, found dead in her garden pond in Britain:

2012-02-20 - Fisherman, 29, found dead near his boat off of Australia:

2012-02-20 - Ian Millward's teenage son, Robbie, 19, suddenly sickens and dies in Britain:

2012-02-20 - Experienced diver, mid 20s, dies during dive off of Seacrest Park near Seattle (Washington):

2012-02-20 - Tar Heel Baseball signee, age 17, found dead in bed in North Carolina:

2012-02-20 - Teenage boy, 16, found dead at home in Britain:

2012-02-20 - Missing man, 20, found dead in NE Indiana pond:

2012-02-19 - Vodaphone executive, male, 39, found dead in Seattle (Washington) hotel room:

2012-02-19 - Woman, 19, found dead on the Montreal Lake Cree Nation in Canada:

2012-02-19 - North Dallas (Texas) man, 58, found dead in his bathroom with burns on his body:

2012-02-19 - Teenager, 13, found dead at Norwich area house in Britain:

2012-02-19 - Lost Estes Park woman, 54, found breathing but unresponsive on trail to Odessa Lake, CO:

2012-02-19 - Man and boy die after falling from Story Bridge in Australia:

2012-02-19 - Toddler of 18 months found dead in Chester (Pennsylvania):

2012-02-19 - Seven people drown in weekend outings in the Philippines:

2012-02-19 - Body of female found in C&O Canal in Georgetown, near DC:

2012-02-18 - Young man found dead behind Oak Valley Apartment Homes in Wyoming:,0,6525376.story

2012-02-18 - Unidentified man, mid-30s, found dead in drain in Trinidad:,155579.html

2012-02-18 - Homeless man, 53, found dead behind Fruitville shopping center in Florida:

2012-02-18 - Man, 53, found dead at bottom of Decker Creek gorge in Cayuga County, New York:

2012-02-18 - Lincoln County man, 75, accidentally burns himself to death working in yard:

2012-02-18 - Vincennes University student, 18, found dead at apartment in Indiana:

2012-02-17 - Woman, 55, found dead at Joliet (Illinois) hotel:

2012-02-17 - Fontana (California) man, 50, killed when home explodes and is consumed by fire:

2012-02-17 - Missing Silverton (Oregon) man found dead near his car in rugged area leading to ravine:

2012-02-17 - Toddler pulled dead from a hotel hot tub in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

2012-02-17 - Man found dead and woman sickened in Carlton County (Minnesota) residence:

2012-02-17 - Man found dead at Marshalltown (Iowa) aquatic center is identified:

2012-02-17 - Man, 68, found dead at bottom of the Merced River Canyon:

2012-02-17 - Man, 45, found lying dead on floor of RV parked at Ramada Inn in Lake City, Florida:

2012-02-17 - Bowling Green high school senior suddenly dies from unknown causes in Kentucky:

2012-02-17 - Student, 29, found dead in Grand Central residence hall in Britain:

2012-02-17 -  Boy, 15, found dead by railroad tracks in northeast Minneapolis:

2012-02-17 - Man, 42, found dead in parked vehicle at carnival in Laredo (Texas) identified:

2012-02-17 - Man, 22, dead in Michigan after car drifts off road and overturns in water-filled ditch:

2012-02-17 - Two people found dead in burning vehicle near Yokohl Valley Drive in Fresno, CA:

2012-02-17 - Man, 51, found dead in ditch in the coastal town of Moclips (Washington):

2012-02-17 - Man's body found in burning storage building in Gaston County, North Carolina:

2012-02-17 - NY Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid, 42, dead of 'apparent asthma attack' in Syria:

2012-02-17 - Charter boat captain found dead in waters off Lanai (Hawaii):

2012-02-17 - Grandmother and six-year-old grandson found dead in Holywell (Britain) pond:

2012-02-16 - Man, 49, found dead in Stanton Lake in Michigan:

2012-02-16 - Man, 47, found dead outside hog confinement area at farm in Merrill, Iowa:

2012-02-16 - Missing man, 42, found dead near Bass Lake in Indiana:

2012-02-16 - Tourist, male, 56, found dead in the Coral Gardens in the Cayman Islands:

2012-02-16 - Eight-month-old infant dies at in-home daycare in Coon Rapids, Minnesota:

2012-02-16 - Woman in her 20s found dead in Burnham (Britain):

2012-02-15 - Attorney, 35, found dead on side of road in Alabama:

2012-02-15 - Middle school boy, age 13, found dead in North Carolina water reservoir:

2012-02-15 - Stonington (Connecticut) high school student, 15, found dead in home:

2012-02-15 - Man found dead in Val d'Isere river in Switzerland:'isere-river.html

2012-02-15 - Man, 55, found dead in his 4x4 at Carshalton Beeches in Britain:

2012-02-15 - Two young women found in vehicle in Euclid (Ohio), one dead and one unresponsive:

2012-02-15 - Man, 25, found dead in Roper Creek in Australia:

2012-02-15 - Yacht found idling, skipper missing, presumed dead, search ongoing, in New Zealand:

2012-02-14 - New mother, 25, found dead in St. Louis (Missouri) hosital waiting room:

2012-02-14 - Woman, 22, found dead in the Ruahine Ranges in New Zealand:

2012-02-14 - One person found dead and two unconscious inside Midwest City (Oklahoma) home:

2012-02-14 - Teenager, 13, found dead in Darwen (Britain) home:

2012-02-14 - Man apparently falls from 7th floor hotel room 2 blocks from the lake in Chicago:,0,6668154.story

2012-02-14 - Missing Wishaw man's body found in Motherwell's Glebe Wood (Britain):

2012-02-14 - Missing man, 41, found dead in truck in Louisiana swamp:

2012-02-13 - Woman, 59, found dead under Cleveland (Ohio) bridge:

2012-02-13 - Cabbie, age 34, found dead, blood coming from his nose, in his cab in Shamshabad, India:

2012-02-13 - Missing snowmobiler, age 46, found dead in Androscoggin River in Maine:

2012-02-13 - Woman's body found in middle of road in Pitt County, South Carolina:

2012-02-13 - Woman, 49, found dead outside her home in Wisconsin Rapids in Wisconsin:

2012-02-13 - Missing KZN man, age 27, identified as body found on Freedom Beach in Phuket, Thailand:

2012-02-13 - Woman, 23, who fled police by swimming away in Oregon found dead in bay:

2012-02-13 - Arlington (Texas) High School bowling coach, age 54, found dead:

2012-02-13 - Missing St. Lazare (Canada) boy found dead:

2012-02-13 - Man found dead in Tulsa (Oklahoma) parking lot:

2012-02-13 - Australian vacationer found dead in river in Japanese ski town:

2012-02-13 - Man, 61, found dead in driveway of Bingham (Maine) home:

2012-02-13 - Hyderabad (India) man, 27, found dead in his car at the airport:

2012-02-12 - Two people found dead in Hennepin, IL:

2012-02-12 - Police investigating teen found dead in east New Orleans apartment:,0,3807583.story

2012-02-12 - Marco Island man, 34, found dead in his master bedroom in Naples, Florida:

2012-02-12 - Exchange student from Botswana found dead in Trinidad:

2012-02-12 - Woman found dead on side of road in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California:,0,6347092.story

2012-02-12 - Man found face down and dead in parking lot in Bingham, Maine:

2012-02-12 - Elkhart (Indiana) man found dead in crashed truck:,0,547314.story

2012-02-12 - Student found dead in Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) residence:

2012-02-11 - Engineering student, 21, found dead in pit in India:

2012-02-11 - La Mart top-ranker, age 17, found dead in lake in India:

2012-02-11 - Whitney Houston, 48, found dead in her hotel room bath in Los Angeles, CA:

2012-02-10 - Engineering student found dead in home bolted from the inside in India:

2012-02-10 - Woman found dead in the Love Canal area of Niagara Falls:

2012-02-10 - South Wales footballer, age 21, found dead on Talfan Road in Bonymaen:

2012-02-10 - Japanese national student found dead in his bed at a school in the Philippines:

2012-02-10 - Mon Repos (Guyana) man found dead in trench:

2012-02-10 - Two children find dead homeless man in his 40s in Vallejo, CA:

2012-02-09 - Michigan State University student, 19, sickens in dorm, dies in hospital shortly after:

2012-02-09 - Churchill High 2011 graduate found burned to death in back seat of car near Waco, TX:

2012-02-09 - Man found dead near burning car in North Vancouver, Washington:

2012-02-09 - Four-year-old found lying dead in ground-level water sump at his home in India:

2012-02-09 - Norwegian tourist, 35, found dead in hotel room in Jaipur, India:

2012-02-09 - Australian national, 30, found dead in his hotel room in India:

2012-02-09 - Woman, 24, found dead in her car in Batavia, NY:

2012-02-09 - Unidentified man, age 30-35, found dead near Metra tracks in Chicago:

2012-02-09 - Woman, 22, found dead in her Exeter (Britain) residence by flatmate:

2012-02-08 - Atlantic City policeman found dead in the marshes off the Garden State Parkway:

2012-02-08 - Missing man, 57, found dead in drainage pipe near his North Carolina home:

2012-02-08 - Lubbock (Texas) police officer found dead at intersection:

2012-02-08 - Man's body found in his driveway near the Hollywood Bowl in CA:

2012-02-08 - Man's corpse found in River Medway in Britain:

2012-02-08 - ITB student who went missing while rafting is found dead:

2012-02-07 - Woman found dead and her body burning in a porch swing on her porch in West Frankfort, IL:

2012-02-07 - Marion Catholic graduate, 20, found dead in her bed in Mississippi:

2012-02-07 - Missing Big Sky man, 36, found dead at bottom of drainage near Dudley Creek Road:

2012-02-06 - Woman, 33, found dead in hot tub NW of Vancouver, ruled 'accidental drowning':

2012-02-06 - Former Greenville High athlete, 21, found dead at USC off-campus housing in South Carolina:

2012-02-06 - Cyclist, 52, found dead in North Carolina ditch next to road:

2012-02-06 - Nashville radio personality David Hall found dead at home in Tennessee by wife:

2012-02-06 - Man found dead in NYC subway near 63rd Street after firefighters respond to fire:

2012-02-06 - Missing Peacehaven (Britain) man found dead in parked camper van:

2012-02-06 - St. Augustine (Florida) student found dead:

2012-02-06 - Woman, 46, found dead in her home on Ferry Road in Bray:

2012-02-06 - Winnipeg boy, 17, found dead near Hodgson, Canada:

2012-02-06 - Two missing natural gas pipe workers found dead in their SUV at bottom of Utah canyon:

2012-02-06 - Student in Aberdeen, UK found dead in dorm building:

2012-02-05 - Man found dead in Coral Springs canal:,0,7573475.story

2012-02-05 - Mississippi State student, 20, found dead in bedroom of friend's apartment:

2012-02-05 - Emirati man found dead in bed in Manila (Philippines) hotel room:

E. More unusual vehicular accidents.

2012-02-29 - Small plane crashes in Brevard County (Florida), 4 dead:

2012-02-29 - Asphalt truck goes into ditch in Ohio and hits gas line, causing massive fire and explosion:

2012-02-29 - Double-decker bus, a car and a police car crash in London, 2 injured:

2012-02-28 - Three killed in head-on auto crash in Miller County, Missouri:

2012-02-28 - Coast Guard helicopter crashes near Mobile Bay (Alabama), 1 injured, 3 missing:

2012-02-28 - Guatemalan helicopter crashes, killing all eight aboard:

2012-02-28 - Car hits electric pole in Fenton (Missouri), driver killed, power lost to thousands:

2012-02-28 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing at Newark International after landing gear failure:

2012-02-27 - Semi carrying fuel hits bridge and explodes, killing driver, in Hudson, Wisconsin:

2012-02-27 - Ship carrying 700 tons of corn sinks in the Danube in Romania:

2012-02-26 - Small plane crashes near Stinson (Texas), two killed:

2012-02-26 - Plane has to make emergency landing in St. Louis after bird collision:

2012-02-26 - Small plane crashes in Brazil, state legislator among three killed:

2012-02-26 - Small plane crashes near Lacey's Spring, Alabama, both occupants killed:

2012-02-26 - Train derails near Toronto (Canada), five cars off the tracks, 3 killed, 46 injured:

2012-02-26 - Bus and truck collide in Israel near the Nahal Sorek Junction, 1 dead, 50 injured:

2012-02-25 - Woman found dead about a mile from where her car crashed into a creek in Illinois:

2012-02-25 - Three injured when small plane goes down in Dixie Valley (Nevada):

2012-02-25 - Severe turbulence injures six cabin crew aboard plane heading for Toronto:

2012-02-25 - Bus driver in India slumps over wheel, bus rams bystanders, 2 killed, 4 more injured:

2012-02-25 - Tourist bus plunges down ravine in China, at least 15 killed:

2012-02-24 - F-18 fighter jet experiences problem, makes emergency landing in Pittsburg:

2012-02-24 - Small plane makes emergency landing after takeoff from Rapid City (South Dakota):

2012-02-24 - Small plane crashes off Key West (Florida), near Stock Island, 2 dead:

2012-02-24 - Small plane crash lands at Warner Elementary School (Texas), pilot slightly injured:

2012-02-24 - Derailed train causes OC MetroLink (California) to miss commerce stop:

2012-02-24 - Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 experiences engine problems, crashes, pilots eject:

2012-02-23 - Train derails north of downtown San Antonio (Texas):

2012-02-23 - Locomotive derails on Ballard Bridge in Seattle (Washington), HazMat responds:

2012-02-23 - Two U.S. Marine helicopters (Cobra and Huey) collide in Yuma (Arizona), 7 killed:

2012-02-22 - Multi-vehicle accident results in chlorine leak in China, 80 homes evacuated:

2012-02-22 - U.S. F-16 makes emergency landing in Saipan, no reported injuries:

2012-02-22 - Car slams into SoCal Metro bus stop, 7 people injured, 6 critically:

2012-02-22 - Train hits station platform in Buenos Aires (Argentina), dozens dead, hundreds injured:

2012-02-22 - Oregon woman, 22, saved by bystanders after car rolls down Pebble Creek Rd, bursts into flame:

2012-02-21 - Tanker car carrying toxic refrigerant gas derails near Garland (Texas):

2012-02-21 - Passenger train derails near Adelaide Station in Australia:

2012-02-21 - Coal train derails near Houston (Texas), 46 loaded cars off the tracks:

2012-02-21 - Train derails in Malaysia, no injuries:

2012-02-21 - C-130 catches fire during takeoff, personnel evac'd, extensive damage to plane:

2012-02-21 - Three children hit by bus in Littleton (Colorado):

2012-02-21 - Small plane experiences smoke in cockpit, crashes in Mariposa (CA), both occupants okay:

2012-02-21 - Semi goes over embankment in Tennessee, driver, 59, found dead:

2012-02-21 - UPS truck traveling down I-270 near Mitchell (Illinois) bursts into flame, contents destroyed:

2012-02-21 - School bus crashes in New Jersey (again), 7 (more) children injured:

2012-02-20 - Ten people killed and eight injured when bus rams truck in Nigeria:

2012-02-20 - Semi takes out power poles, shuts down I-18 near Monette, Arkansas, 1500 without power:

2012-02-19 - U.S. military plane crashes in Djibouti (Africa), 4 dead:

2012-02-19 - Private plane crashes in Colorado near Steamboat Springs, 2 dead, 4 injured:

2012-02-19 - Bus plunges down ravine in Ecuador, 26 killed, 29 injured:

2012-02-19 - Wedding bus rams height barrier in Pakistan, 7 killed:

2012-02-19 - Plane clips helicopter just north of Antioch Bridge near Sacramento (California), no injuries:

2012-02-19 - Train derails near Bulls Gap in Tennessee, roads temporarily closed for miles around:

2012-02-19 - Major crash involves Greyhound bus and other vehicles on I-75 in Tennessee, injuries reported:

2012-02-19 - Coal train derails in De Beque Canyon in western Colorado, one car off the tracks:

2012-02-19 - British coach (bus) veers off road in France, 1 dead, 24 injured, many of them children:

2012-02-18 - Bus rolls down a slope In China, 13 dead, 25 injured:

2012-02-18 - Fuel tanker flips over and explodes in Lagos, 3 killed, 39 vehicles damaged:

2012-02-18 - School bus plunges into the Kalvi River in India, at least six killed:

2012-02-18 - Cargo ship with 11 aboard sinks off China's SE coast, at least 8 dead:

2012-02-17 - Tour bus crashes and overturns in Taiwan, 30 Chinese tourists injured:

2012-02-17 - Small plane catches fire and crashes in Cameta (Brazil), all four aboard killed:

2012-02-17 - Two trucks collide in the Philippines, five dead, three injured:

2012-02-17 - San Antonio doctor has a 'medical episode', veers two lanes, hits Fedex truck, dies:

2012-02-17 - Transit van transporting propane catches fire in east London, several strees closed:

2012-02-17 - Fuel truck overturns and lands in creek in Gaithersburg, Maryland:

2012-02-17 - Two-hundred-foot yacht sinks in the Aegean Sea off Greece, eight people rescued:

2012-02-17 - Freight train derails near City Hall in Arlington (Texas), two businesses evacuated:

2012-02-17 - Three semis involved in fiery crash (with HAZMAT team responding) in Camden, Ohio:

2012-02-17 - Large RV bursts into flame in Las Vegas:

2012-02-17 - Oil tanker barge collides with another barge in Louisiana at the mouth of the Mississippi:

2012-02-17 - RV bursts into flame at the St. Johns River Causeway on I-4 in Volusia, Florida:

2012-02-17 - Cargo ship sinks near China, several people missing:

2012-02-17 - Train derails in McPherson (Kansas), two cars off the tracks:

2012-02-16 - Two buses collide in Nigeria, 32 people burned to death:

2012-02-16 - Tram car in coal mine derails in China, 15 dead and 3 injured:

2012-02-16 - School bus and dump truck collide in New Jersey, 1 dead (student), several injured:

2012-02-16 - Auto rickshaw carrying 7 school children plunges into Parvathy Puthanar canal, all safe:

2012-02-16 - Cargo ship capsizes in South China Sea, then is struck by a container ship:

2012-02-16 - Bus and truck collide in Israel, 5 dead, 40 injured:

2012-02-16 - Car and bus collide in New York City, 12 injured:

2012-02-16 - Two trains collide in Sao Paolo (Brazil), 38 people injured:

2012-02-15 - Woman driving SUV loses consciousness, crashes into North Carolina building with 40 occupants:

2012-02-15 - Czech Airlines AS pilot dies suddenly during flight, copilot takes over, all safe:

2012-02-15 - Ten killed and 24 injured when bus hits truck head-on in Thailand:

2012-02-15 - Train derails in Norway, 5 injured:

2012-02-15 - Plane crashes into mountain named Little Si in North Bend, Washington, all 3 occupants killed:

2012-02-14 - Philippine ship capsizes, 45 rescued, after being bombarded by big waves:

2012-02-13 - Russia admits fire on docked sub could have caused nuclear catastrophe:

2012-02-13 - Durg-Puri Express train derails in Odisha (India), 10 cars off tracks, 3 injured:

2012-02-13 - 30 injured when bus hits railing near viaduct and flips in the Philippines:

2012-02-13 - Small plane goes down in the La Isleta region of Argentina, both occupants killed:

2012-02-12 - 60 passengers begin showing 'flu-like' symptoms on Air New Zealand flight:

2012-02-12 - Plane crash in the Congo kills President Kabila's aide, others injured:

2012-02-12 - William and Kate's plane narrowly avoids crash at Heathrow in Britain:

2012-02-12 - Euro MP's plane forced to crash land when landing gear fails in Macedonia, no injuries:

2012-02-12 - Oil-transporting train derails in Bangladesh, 2 oil cars off the tracks:

2012-02-12 - Car hits CTA bus in Chicago, IL, 10 people injured:

2012-02-12 - Boat crashes into two other boats in Vietnam, some oil spilled, one person missing:

2012-02-11 - Eight killed and 20 injured in 3 traffic accidents in Jaipur, India:

2012-02-11 - Massive pileup involving more than 40 cars and semis on I-76 in Ohio:

2012-02-11 - 18-wheeler catches fire on I-20 in Texas:

2012-02-11 - 14 killed and 40 injured when bus careens out of control in Indonesia:

2012-02-10 - Massive pileup involving 60+ vehicles on I-75 in Michigan:

2012-02-10 - More than 30 injured when bus rolls over in Canada:

2012-02-10 - Small plane crashes in Wisconsin, fire mentioned:

2012-02-10 - Bus plunges down a gorge in India, 19 killed, 1 injured:

2012-02-09 - At least 7 missing when trawler capsizes in Bangladesh:

2012-02-09 - Subway train crashes at high speed into condominium and 4 cars in Peru's capital Santiago:

2012-02-08 - Major pileup involving 30+ cars closes Hwy 37 between Vallejo and Novato in CA:

2012-02-08 - Three adults and eight children injured when school bus and truck collide in Ohio:

2012-02-08 - At least 23 dead and 35 more injured in deadly crash between bus and lorry in India:

2012-02-08 - Horrific vehicular accident involving truck and minibus kills ten in South Africa:

2012-02-07 - Fifteen injured when two transit buses collide in Ottowa, Canada:

2012-02-06 - Eleven killed in Ontario (Canada) when flatbed truck crashes into van:

2012-02-06 - Train carrying gas/oil derails in Azerbaijan, 6 cars off tracks:

2012-02-05 - Train derails in East Memphis, traffic disrupted for hours:

2012-02-05 - Train derails in Red Wing, Canada, 19 cars off the tracks:

2012-02-05 - Norwegian aircraft carrying 135, including 2 of the royal family, evacuated due to cabin smoke:

2012-02-03 - Train derailment in Bletchley, Britain causes major delays:

2012-02-03 - Three killed as passenger train rams earth-cutting machine in India:

2012-02-02 - Twin-engine UPS cargo plane crash lands at Elmira-Corning Airport in NY, no injuries:

2012-02-02 - Train carrying oil derails in Russia's Far East, 13 cars catch fire:

2012-02-01 - Ferry carrying 350 passengers sinks off the north coast of Papua New Guinea:

2012-02-01 - Boat capsizes off Malaysia, eight dead, five missing:

2012-02-01 - Amtrak passenger train hits vehicle at crossing and derails in Michigan:

F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

2012-02-03 - Unemployment Rate Drops From 8.5 Percent To 8.3 Percent:

Other Stories Of Interest:

2012-02-26 - 'Chlorine incident' at recreational center at Williams Lake (Canada) sickens 70 people:

2012-02-26 - 'Schmallenburg virus' continues to spread and kill off newborn animals with mutations:

2012-02-25 - Wyoming state legislators prepare for what amounts to 'doomsday':

2012-02-25 - Nevada National Guard training to handle 'explosion at a chlorine plant':

2012-02-25 - Golden algae blooms killing off fish in Texas lake:

2012-02-25 - 'Unknown respiratory illness' affecting people in Wisconsin:

2012-02-24 - Gas odor impacting all of Harford County (New Jersey), especially along I-40:

2012-02-23 - Accident causes unscented natural gas leak and closes Colorado Hwy 119:

2012-02-19 - Ferry Street home in New Haven (Conn.) with 8 occupants evac'd for 'carbon monoxide poisoning':

2012-02-19 - 'Incurable virus' killing thousands of lambs in Britain:

2012-02-18 - More than 30 people at a pool in Phuket (Thailand) hospitalized after 'chlorine leak':

2012-02-18 - Marin County (California) resident dies of mad cow-like disease:

2012-02-17 - Suspected 'Norovirus outbreak' spreading across Kentucky, sickening people:

2012-02-14 - Monterey, CA hotel entirely evacuated after purported 'chlorine gas leak' in the basement:

2012-02-14 - Ten people in DC sickened from purported 'carbon monoxide poisoning':

2012-02-13 - Seven people sickened from purported 'carbon monoxide leak' in Austin, Texas:

2012-02-12 - One person dead and 15 sickened from purported 'carbon monoxide leak' in North St. Louis, MO:

2012-02-10 - Crane collapses and smashes section of Port Mann Bridge into B.C. River:

2012-02-09 - Purported 'food poisoning' sickens 650+ who attended political rally in Mexico:

2012-02-09 - Suspected 'norovirus outbreak' sickens combined 130 students at two universities in NJ:

2012-02-09 - North Sea Shell oil drilling rig evacuated when gas detected beneath the platform:

2012-02-08 - Mysterious 'illness' affects 19 cheerleading squads in Washington State:

2012-02-05 - 'Virus' strikes cruise ship out of New Orleans:

2012-02-05 - Two cruise ships hit with 220+ cases of illness near Florida:

2012-02-03 - Toxic algae blooms in Hutt River in New Zealand:

2012-02-02 - Middle school, home evacuated for 'gas leak' at Boca's St. Andrew's School in Florida:

2012-02-01 - St. John’s School in Massachusetts evacuated due to 'gas smell':

2012-02-01 - Lockwood Intermediate and Elementary Schools in Wyoming evacuated after 'natural gas leak':

2012-02-01 - Private SF school closes after more than 140 students sicken from 'flu':

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