Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hidden Heroics

Those who are hiding this ongoing extinction event from us are, I believe, trying some incredible stuff in order to help, to mitigate the problem, to shield us from the danger as best they can. That's what I mean about how schizo we have become during this time: on one hand the truth is concealed from us and on the other hand valiant efforts are being made to save us all.

They can't tell you about some of the things they have done, because these efforts would in their very extraordinariness attract attention that would expose the hidden truths. I do not have that weakness, so I'm going to tell you, because some of this stuff is pretty effing incredible. I don't have any supporting evidence for this stuff, just comments I observed, deductions I've made, speculation on what I would try in these circumstances.

Solar Shield

I saw a comment from a woman last year who said she saw in the sky something like a gigantic origami being unfolded above her. This was not long after a huge mysterious Delta IV rocket launch and not long after that supersecret drone shuttlecraft was launched. So, my deduction: the radiation levels leaking down through our rapidly deteriorating ozone layer were becoming alarmingly high, so 'they' launched some kind of nano-mesh shield with the Delta IV, all folded up densely, to block some of the Sun's radiation, and they used the drone shuttle to unfold it and deploy it.

So, where does one HIDE a solar shield? Lol, I think they have now got it between us and the Sun. That's not only where you'd want to put it - to shield the entire planet - it's also the best place to hide it. What would it look like? A black dot in the middle of the Sun. If it shows up on cameras then explain it as a 'sensor overload glitch' or whatever. Brilliant! Rotate it, spin it, to keep it taut. Add to it over time to grow it, launch by launch.

Orbital Laser

Someone posted an image of 'something' from a photo shot from the International Space Station. It looked like a long tube with a bunch of solar panels, basically. My guess: solar-charging laser with a battery bank, to zap upper-atmosphere (at least) plumes with a laser or maser or whatever works best. It could also be a weapon, obviously, so yet a different need to keep that secret - who wants Earth orbit turning into a warzone? On the other hand, who wants to suffocate from a cloud of methane or choke from hydrogen sulfide? Desperate times, desperate measures.

This is all I've figured out well enough to feel fairly certain about. Plus the gigantic chemtrail program, of course. I'm quite sure many pilots have suffered and died for us, flying up there in the gases, exposed to the rising radiation levels. Ugh. That's the thing I feel worst about in this situation: that we cannot give respect to our heroes, can't even recognize them as such, not while the truth is kept from us.

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