Thursday, March 1, 2012

Commentary - 2012-03-01

A few random observations:

* RVs are igniting, and mobile homes, trailers, and homes generally. The source of the ignition must in many cases be the obvious: pilot lights. RVs and mobile homes and trailers have air space beneath their bodies too, at least in many cases, which would allow the heavier-than-air gases to reach their pilot lights more easily and ignite a flame or cause an explosion.

* Combustion engines and gunpowder-based guns are quite likely to kill you in the context of an increasingly flammable atmosphere. Nothing to do with politics here. It's just a fact: flammable gas plus spark plug or gunpowder detonation gives predictably fiery and explosive results.

* Cruise ships, as a business idea, are...well, sunk. Down at sea level, powered by gigantic combustion engines, with kitchens and pilot lights, along with piles of passengers exposed to the increasingly poisonous and flammable air. Not a sound business plan given the situation.

* You don't want to live at the bottom of a hill near the coast and head to work earlier than your neighbors in a combustion vehicle. First one in the neighborhood to start their car each day might just get the prize: burning to death.

* We are gonna see some seriously epic bus, plane and train crashes. Oh yeah, we'll be seeing some epic building explosions too, bigger than the one in Russia or the ones in Rio de Janeiro.

* It is exceedingly ironic that one of the simplest forms of life on the planet - ancient bacteria - is kicking the ass of the most complex form of life on the planet: us. Yang, meet Yin. Yin, meet Yang.

* I think 'Schmallenberg virus' is quite possibly a made-up crock of shit to disguise the fact that the DNA and RNA of all creatures is being damaged and resulting in horrible mutations and stillbirths as our ozone layer withers away beneath the hydrogen sulfide onslaught.

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