Sunday, February 16, 2020

Event Update For 2020-02-15

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2020-02-15 - School van bursts into flame and burns 4 children to death in Longowal (India):

Quote: "Four children were killed after a school bus with 12 students onboard caught fire at Longowal town in Sangrur district in Punjab on Saturday, the police said. While eight children were taken out safely by people working in nearby fields, four, including a three-year-old girl, were charred to death, they added. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. Those children killed were in the age group of 10-12 and were returning home from school. The driver tried to open the doors of the bus after it caught fire but failed, police said."

2020-02-15 - Silo bursts into flame and explodes in Mexico (New York):

2020-02-15 - Coronavirus infections increase by 67 on cruise ship quarantined off Yokohama (Japan):

Quote: "Sixty-seven new cases of coronavirus were confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise ship Saturday, as the U.S. government is set to evacuate Americans who have been quarantined since last week."

Quote: "Since the Diamond Princess arrived at the port of Yokohama in Japan on Feb. 3, at least 285 people on board have tested positive for the new coronavirus."

2020-02-15 - Coronavirus death toll rises to 1669 worldwide, all but 4 in China:

Quote: "The number of cases of the novel coronavirus has risen to over 69,000 worldwide, with the first death from Covid-19 reported in Europe.As of Sunday morning, there were 68,500 cases of the virus recorded in mainland China, an increase of 2,009 on the previous day. Chinese health authorities recorded an additional 142 deaths on Saturday, bringing the global total to 1,669, all but four of which occurred in mainland China."

2020-02-15 - Coronavirus-hit cruise ship arrives in Cambodia, people released, but then one released passenger found to be infected:

Quote: "The cruise ship had been shunned at port after port for fear it might carry the coronavirus, but when the Westerdam arrived in Cambodia on Thursday, the prime minister greeted its passengers with flowers. Amid assurances that the ship was disease free, hundreds of elated passengers disembarked. Some went sightseeing, visiting beaches and restaurants and getting massages. Others traveled on to destinations around the world. One, however, did not make it much farther than the thermal scanners at the Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia. The passenger, an American, was stopped on Saturday, and later tested positive for the coronavirus."

Quote: "With more than a thousand passengers from the Westerdam headed for home, Dr. Schaffner said, it may be harder than ever to keep the coronavirus outbreak contained to China. 'This could be a turning point,' he said."

Note: There've already been cases where a person was infected who had no contact with anyone who'd been to China, and it turned out they got it from a family member, and THEY hadn't had any contact with anyone who'd been to China either, and nobody knows who they got it from. In other words, it's already out in the wild here and there, spreading quietly and out of control from person to person. That means it's not likely to be very long before this virus is everywhere. And then comes the unknown - what happens when it IS everywhere? People dropping dead on streets all over the place? Martial law and soldiers on the streets wearing gas masks with orders to shoot anyone who leaves their homes? Economic collapse? Runs on grocery stores and hardware stores? All of the above? I'm not gonna tell you to stock up on enough provisions to last a couple of months if things should get that grim. I'm also not gonna tell you NOT to do that, because things might just get that grim. I'll just say that it's an idea that's worth considering and if you ARE going to do that, if you wait until the runs begin then you'll have waited too long...

2020-02-15 - Coronavirus may spread via feces, study suggests:

2020-02-15 - Boat bursts into flame while docked in coastal Marina del Ray (California):

Quote: "This is the third fire in Marina del Ray in months. Last week, a 30-foot boat caught fire and sank as a result of the damage. There were no injuries reported. In Dec. 2019, a 35-foot boat caught fire in the seaside community. That fire was quickly contained."

2020-02-15 - Boat bursts into flame in the Trinity Inlet near coastal Portsmith (Australia):

Note: These are the 280th and 281st boats/ships to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-02-15 - Transit bus bursts into flame near train station in Howrah (India):

Note: This is the 66th bus to burn in 2019...

2020-02-15 - Tanker truck bursts into flame on I-696 in Roseville (Michigan):

2020-02-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame before 7 AM on I-95 in Clinton (Connecticut):

2020-02-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-20 in North Abilene (Texas):

2020-02-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the B293 near Eppingen (Germany):

2020-02-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M8 near coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

2020-02-15 - Tractor bursts into flame next to barn in Barton-Le-Street (Britain):

Quote: "Time: 12:21 Location: Barton-Le-Street 2 appliances from Malton attended a tractor on fire. The vehicle suffered 100% fire damage and caused slight charring to part of an adjacent barn. Crews extinguished the fire using 2 hose reel jets and 2 breathing apparatus. The cause of the fire was accidental."

2020-02-15 - Tractor (excavator) bursts into flame at recycling center in Edmonton area in coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "Four fire engines and around 25 firefighters were called to a fire at a recycling centre on Gibbs Road in Edmonton. Part of a mechanical digger was damaged by the fire."

Note: These are the 225th, 226th, 227th, 228th, 229th, 230th and 231st tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-02-15 - Van bursts into flame on the A172 near Faceby (Britain):

Quote: "Time: 19:22 Location: A172, close to Faceby Crew from Northallerton responded to reports of a van on fire on the A172. Upon arrival crews found 1 box van to be well alight and used 1 hose reel jet to extinguish while wearing 2 breathing apparatus."

2020-02-15 - Minivan bursts into flame on Ardath Drive in Cambria (California):

2020-02-15 - SUV bursts into flame at gas station in South Salem (Oregon):

2020-02-15 - SUV bursts into flame on I-440 outside Raleigh (North Carolina):

2020-02-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Gemwood Avenue in the Town of Sparta (Wisconsin):

2020-02-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 1:15 AM on Clark Street Road in Aurelius (New York):

2020-02-15 - Car bursts into flame on Pint Circle in Longs (South Carolina):

2020-02-15 - Car bursts into flame on the M40 near Stokenchurch (Britain):

Quote: "Saturday 15 February, 6.06pm Car fire, M40 Junction 4 (High Wycombe) to Junction 5 (Stokenchurch). Two appliances and crews from High Wycombe attended. Firefighters used one set of breathing apparatus and one hose reel."

2020-02-15 - Car bursts into flame on the A64 near Bramham Crossroads (Britain):

Quote: "Time: 21:28 Location: A64 Bramham Crossroads Fire crews from York and Acomb attended reports of an Audi A1 on fire. The fire originated in the engine compartment and caused 100% fire damage to the entire vehicle. Our crews used 1 breathing apparatus and 2 hose reels to tackle the fire which was believed to have been caused by an engine fault."

2020-02-15 - Car bursts into flame on Pine Close in Hazlemere (Britain):

Quote: "Saturday 15 February, 7.59am Small fire in passenger compartment of car, Pine Close, Hazlemere. One appliance and crew from High Wycombe attended. The fire was out when they arrived. One hose reel was used to damp down the effected area."

2020-02-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 11:04 PM on Bideford Walk in coastal Plymouth (Britain):

2020-02-15 - Two vehicles go up in flames in Whitehaven (Britain):

Quote: "Whitehaven Vehicle Fire(Copeland) 15 Feb 2020 At approximately 18:20 an appliance was mobilised from Whitehaven to reports of a vehicle on fire. On arrival crew found a well-developed fire involving two vehicles. The fire was extinguished by firefighters wearing BA using one hose reel. Crews were in attendance for approximately 80 minutes."

2020-02-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the A55 near Holywell (Britain):

2020-02-15 - Mall heavily damaged by massive fire in coastal Thane (India):

2020-02-15 - Home heavily damaged by fire just after midnight on SE Virginia Avenue in Topeka (Kansas):

2020-02-15 - Home heavily damaged by basement fire at 11:05 PM in South Jordan (Utah), 1 injured:

2020-02-15 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Sixth Street in Hawk Run (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

2020-02-15 - Home destroyed by fire on Mountain Road in East Brunswick Township (Pennsylvania):

2020-02-15 - Home destroyed by fire in St. Mary (Missouri):

2020-02-15 - Home destroyed by basement fire on Post Street in Kirkland (New York):

2020-02-15 - Multi-family home heavily damaged by fire on William Street in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut), 2 injured:

2020-02-15 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 3rd Avenue South and South 32nd Street in Billings (Montana):

2020-02-15 - Hotel destroyed by fire at 4 AM in Pincher Creek (Canada):

2020-02-15 - Deadly fire burns home on South LaFountain Street in Kokomo (Indiana), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2020-02-15 - Deadly fire destroys home at 1:30 AM on Tiffany Drive in East Nashville (Tennessee), 2 killed:

2020-02-15 - Deadly fire destroys home on North 1st Street in Paterson (New Jersey), 1 killed, 5 injured:

2020-02-15 - Vacant home destroyed by fire on Washington Avenue in Huntington (West Virginia):

2020-02-15 - Vacant hotel burns in Great Falls (Montana):

2020-02-15 - At least 15 birds found mysteriously dead on road in Abbotsford, British Columbia (Canada):

2020-02-15 - Half a million mussels found dead on coastal Maunganui Bluff Beach (New Zealand):

2020-02-15 - Man, 28, found dead in jail cell in Birmingham (Alabama):

2020-02-15 - Woman, 24, falls off cliff and dies in coastal Wainaku (Hawaii), possible toppler:

2020-02-15 - Man, 64, found dead near Germantown Pike and Route 4 in Jefferson Township (Ohio):

2020-02-15 - Woman found dead on Courtland Street in Atlanta (Georgia):

2020-02-15 - Man, 45, found dead in lagoon in coastal Chilaw on the island of Sri Lanka:

2020-02-15 - Boy, 12, found dead in river in coastal Cadiz City (Philippine Islands):

2020-02-15 - Man, 19, drops dead in bathroom at press club in Srinagar (India):

2020-02-15 - Person found dead in the water near coastal Ciutadella de Menorca (Spain):

2020-02-15 - Person found dead on coastal East Wittering Beach (Britain):

2020-02-15 - Man found dead near Penrith (Britain):

2020-02-15 - Man found dead in canal in Kings Norton (Britain):

2020-02-15 - Two passenger buses collide head-on, fire erupts, in Katsina State (Nigeria), 22 killed, 17 injured:

2020-02-15 - Tractor trailer veers off road, crashes into canal, in coastal Santa Rosa County (Florida), 1 injured:

2020-02-15 - SUV veers off road and overturns at 5:38 AM on US 101 in Burlingame (California), 1 killed:

2020-02-15 - SUV veers off road, crashes into Taco Bell, on North Susquehanna Trail in York (Pennsylvania):

2020-02-15 - Car veers off road shortly before 3:30 AM, crashes into wall, bursts into flame, in coastal Bourne (Massachusetts), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2020-02-15 - Car veers off road at 3:20 AM, crashes into parked construction trailer, in coastal Huntington Beach (California), 1 killed:

2020-02-15 - Car veers off road, crashes into ditch, on State Road 32 in Noblesville (Indiana), 1 killed:

Quote: "A medical issue may have been a contributing factor in the crash, investigators said, and standard toxicology results were pending in the crash."

2020-02-15 - Car veers off road, crashes into the Cuyahoga River, in Cleveland (Ohio):

2020-02-15 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree, in Brentwood (California), 1 killed:

2020-02-15 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 4 people, kills 3 dogs, in coastal Richards Bay (South Africa):

2020-02-15 - Water main breaks, sinkhole opens and swallows SUV, in Detroit (Michigan):

2020-02-15 - Man has 'medical episode' at McDonald's in Newton-le-Willows (Britain):

Quote: "A police spokesman said: 'A male had a medical episode and was taken to hospital.'"

2020-02-15 - Tropical Cyclone Francisco makes landfall south of Toamasina (Madagascar):

2020-02-15 - Cold snap hits Saudi Arabia:

2020-02-15 - Landfill accepted 2 million pounds of radioactive fracking waste along the Columbia River in Oregon:

Quote: "A chemical waste landfill near the Columbia River in Oregon accepted hundreds of tons of radioactive fracking waste from North Dakota in violation of Oregon regulations that has alarmed environmental advocates."


  1. Mornin' Jonny, Fran, Mike D., Tom N., LL, Terry, FezzedOne, Panther, and anyone else reading JJFH to start their day.

    After reading this first article, you may want to change your thinking on the coronavirus.

    [first an old gospel tune i heard a group (It's About The People) do at Kennett Brewing Company in Kennett Square on Friday night - this is the original]

    Blind Willie Johnson- Keep your lamp trimmed & burning (lyrics) [~ 3.5 min.]

    [refrain] 'for the world is almost done' [other versions use "work" rather than "world"] - give a listen. [Hot Tuna has an extended version, if interested, link @ sidebar of above song]

    Monday, 17 February 2020
    A Chinese Intelligence Officer speaks out
    I have no idea whatsoever of the veracity of the following. These are NOT my views.

    By now you will be familiar with the recent outbreak of 2019-nCoV, also known as NCP, or simply “coronavirus”. You will have heard that it originated in Wuhan, an industrial city in China, and that it came from an animal — most likely a bat or a pangolin — that was sold in a wild animal market. You will have been told that it is an influenza-like illness that can in severe cases cause pneumonia, respiratory failure and death.

    Finally, you may have heard that although the disease is highly infectious, it is dangerous only to the elderly or to those who have a compromised immune system. The official lethality rate is approximately 2% or so.

    All of that is a bunch of lies concocted by the Chinese state with the tacit support of the U.S. deep state and its friends in the European Union, Russia and Australia, and spread by the docile media in all of those countries.

    Let me start by telling you that the world does not operate the way you think it does. Although countries like the US and China vie for global dominance, that competition is restricted to certain limited areas.

    In most ways, the two countries are more interested in cooperation so that they can stop other competing countries from gaining more power. They also have a shared interest in keeping real power out of the hands of their “ordinary” citizens.

    [He goes on to describe the biological Agent they created to control the riots in Hong Kong and how the CIA came to want a vial to test in their own labs. China refused because it was TOO deadly, but one of their researchers was offered a LOT of money by the CIA to give them a sample. The exchange was to take place at the famous wild animal market, a shoot-out ensued (with no press coverage), and the vial was dropped and shattered - spreading the deadly toxin.]

    We planted a story that five million residents had “fled” Wuhan. In reality, of course, many of those people had died from the Agent.

    you have been told that there have been only about 50,000 infections, and far fewer deaths.

    But these are the influenza infections that have been falsely passed off as the non-existent “coronavirus.” The Agent is far, far more contagious than that, and its fatality rate, unlike the “coronavirus”, is not 2%.

    No, its fatality rate is 100%. Nobody recovers from it. Everybody who contracts it dies.

    And a lot of people are contracting it.

    [about the 'hospital' built in 10 days]

    Whatever you want to call that place, it is not a hospital.[more; more like a dystopian death factory, with giant furnace to burn the dead]

    [part 2 below]

  2. Could an intelligence agency have spread coronavirus in Wuhan under the coverage of the World Military Games?
    Nearly 10k Military

    Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak

    Covid-19: Day 49: Feb 17th: South China University -'the killer coronavirus originated from laboratory in Wuhan,' which The Big Wobble suggested last month: 18% will die not the official number of 2.49% Prof Ferguson

    Covid-19: Day 49: Feb 17th: Headlines
    Worldwide Statistics: Total confirmed cases yesterday, +2,008: Total overall confirmed, 71,331: Suspected cases, 7,331: Cases in critical condition, 10,644: Total deaths, 1,775( who are in our thoughts): Death rate confirmed cases 2.49%. [more]

    Person claiming to have been deployed for UN and NATO missions claims there are plans for martial law [Hal Turner show]

    More on this tomorrow after I have heard Hal Turner speak about this. [more]

    Japan’s GDP Is Collapsing, And Experts Are Warning That China Will Be Next

    Global economic conditions are really starting to deteriorate quite rapidly. Economists were projecting that Japan’s GDP would shrink by 3.8 percent on an annualized basis in the fourth quarter, but instead it greatly surpassed expectations by plunging 6.3 percent. If Japan’s GDP falls again during the first quarter of 2020, and thanks to the coronavirus outbreak that seems very likely, then the world’s third largest economy will officially be in a recession. But of course the outlook for China is even worse. At this point, economic activity in China has come to a standstill, and this has thrown global supply chains into a state of chaos. It certainly appears that the entire global economy will shrink during the first quarter, and that will be the very first time that has happened in more than a decade. And if this coronavirus outbreak continues to intensify in the months ahead, the economic consequences are going to be absolutely catastrophic. [more]

    Is there a cover-up of coronavirus cases in New York?


    There are now allegedly CONFIRMED coronavirus cases in Watertown, Buffalo and Rochester New York. HOWEVER, New York State has issued a GAG ORDER to Health care professionals, police, fire and EMS, forbidding them from talking to anyone in any form, about confirmed or suspected cases of Coronavirus.

    According to the local citizen, multiple confirmed cases of Coronavirus are at DeGraf Memorial Hospital in North Tonowanda and no one is allowed to talk about it. [more]

    Hundreds of billions of locusts, fueled by conflict and climate change, are swarming East Africa – 400-fold increase in their numbers by June 2020 projected

    East Africa is in the midst of a crisis that sounds like something out of the Book of Exodus: A plague of locusts is spreading across the region, threatening the food supply of tens of millions. City-sized swarms of the dreaded pests are wreaking havoc as they descend on crops and pasturelands, devouring everything in a matter of hours. The scale of the locust outbreak, which now affects seven East African countries, is like nothing in recent memory. [more]

    [3rd piece next]

  3. One of the most powerful storms on record is still a fierce threat to life as rivers rise: Storm Dennis was the 2nd once-in-a-lifetime storm in a week with another storm forming and expected to hit the UK at the weekend

    The second most intense Atlantic storm ever battered Ireland and the UK this weekend bringing massive flooding and hurricane-force winds. Many communities had to be evacuated while others were totally cut off by rising waters.

    The winds were incredible, gusting at more than 100 mph, (160 kmh). This was the second once in a lifetime storm is just one week and another powerful storm is forming in the Atlantic and is expected to hit the UK once again at the weekend. [more]

    15 years after the Kyoto Protocol went into force, the climate crisis is worse than ever – “If the U.S. had been in from the start, it would have been a different trajectory altogether”

    New electronic state of matter discovered

    The research focuses on measurements in one-dimensional conducting systems where electrons are found to travel without scattering in groups of two or more at a time, rather than individually. [more]

    [more for Sandbloom to consider]
    Sanders surging in polls, worried Israeli lobby drops big chunk of change on sinking his Nevada chances

    Third Navy crew saw 2004 Nimitz UFO 'forming in front if them' - but were 'ordered to stay quiet'

    A third US Navy craft witnessed the infamous tic-tac UFO in 2004 "form" in front of them, but the crew on board were ordered to "never talk" about what they saw. [more]

    Storm Dennis wreaks havoc across UK, parts of France

    A record 594 flood warnings and alerts were in place Storm Dennis swept across Britain

    The storm also pummelled much of France, with some 20,000 people still without electricity on Monday after suffering power cuts in the northwest of the country and rail traffic disrupted. [more]

    [4th part follows]

  4. 2 men killed in Colorado avalanche, bodies recovered

    The bodies of two snowbikers killed when a massive avalanche swept down a central Colorado mountainside have been recovered after a desperate, hours-long rescue effort failed to save their lives.

    "One rider was partially buried and was able to extricate himself," the center said in a statement.

    But the avalanche carried the other two riders into a gully, where they were fully buried in debris from the 650-foot-wide wall of snow that roared 120 feet down the mountain. [more]

    9-year-old boy presumed dead after falling into Lake Erie

    Search efforts for a 9-year-old boy that went missing in Lake Erie are set to resume again on Monday. The boy went missing at Peacock Point, which is approximately 60 kilometres south of Hamilton, Ont., on Saturday evening.

    Police say that the boy is presumed to have drowned and Const. Mary Boddy of the Haldimand County OPP told CBC News that "with these cold temperatures and the water, it's now a recovery."

    The OPP has confirmed that three children were playing on a piece of ice at the shore of Lake Erie around 4:30 p.m. when a wave swept two nine-year-old boys into the water. A 10-year-old girl that was with the boys ran to a bystander and her grandfather, who were able to rescue one of the boys. [more]

    [akin to the airliner that landed in high wind]
    Skills of Scottish Ferry Master Praised as Vessel Docks in High Winds and Rough Seas [37 sec. video - check it out]

    Cathay Pacific flags 'significant'drop in H1 profit, capacity cuts due to coronavirus

    Cathay Pacific Airways is expecting a significant drop in its first-half results and has also cut capacity due to the coronavirus outbreak, it said on Monday. [more]

  5. [some headlines from Rice Farmer to start the week]
    News Links, February 17, 2020
    Rice Farmer

    IBM withdraws from RSA conference over coronavirus fears

    Fiat Chrysler suspends 500L production over China supply disruption

    "I Have No Idea What To Do Now": South Korean & Japanese Firms Screwed By Shortage Of Chinese Migrant Workers

    Charming psychopaths: The modern corporation

    "Tankers, Tankers. Everywhere!" - Virus Causes Historic' Traffic Jam' Across Asian Supply Lines

    XPO Laying Off 304 Employees At Texas Distribution Center

    Tech job cuts totaling 1,100 jolt Silicon Valley, East Bay

    Nearly 1,800 retail employees lost their jobs at 4 major companies this week — and it shows the great retail shakeout is far from over

    Sears And Kmart Store Closings: More Locations Closing In March And April

    Seattle hit as coronavirus wallops US, global airlines with $5B impact

    A United flight was one of several locked down in London when a passenger developed symptoms consistent with the coronavirus

    Coronavirus: Hong Kong airport suffers worst January in five years as officials blame protests and deadly bug for poor traffic

    U.S., China, Russia making world more dangerous: German president (video)

    'This Is an Apocalyptic Future That We're Facing' [about space weapons, but the headline holds for ALL the problems]

    Coal Shipping In US Industrial Heartland Collapses To 35-Year Low

    Customers Across Central and Eastern Canada Forecast to Experience Propane Shortages

    Blue Acceleration: Capitalism's growing assault on the oceans

    Natural supplements can be dangerously contaminated, or not even have the specified ingredients

    Botswana Auctions Off Rights To Shoot Elephants To Foreign Trophy Hunters

    U.S. peach grower awarded $265 million from Bayer, BASF in weedkiller lawsuit

    Tesla ordered by German court to stop cutting down trees for Gigafactory

    Japanese man diagnosed with coronavirus after visiting Hawaii

    Coronavirus: time to admit that like flu, Covid-19 is here to stay?

    Thermometer guns used to screen for coronavirus are 'notoriously' unreliable experts say [right, and masks and goggles don't work either - so much for "prepping"]

    A cancelled conference and supply chain issues: How the coronavirus outbreak is affecting Facebook's business [shut it down!]

    From Tokyo to Wakayama to Okinawa, Japan on edge as COVID-19 spreads

    After first death, Japan pledges more containment effort; cases increase

    Tokyo Olympics organizers says there is no 'Plan B' for 2020 summer games amid coronavirus fears

    Coronavirus scare leaves China's empty restaurants selling off stocks

    Beijing Crashes The Party: Chinese Media Warns Austerity Is Coming After FinMin Says "Proactive Fiscal Policy" No Longer Feasible

    Beware telecoms mast dangers [UK]

    Jeff Bezos spent more on his new home in Beverly Hills than Amazon has paid so far in U.S. federal income tax for 2019

    The Fed Has Created a Monster Bubble It Can No Longer Control
    US Embassy: Americans Aboard Quarantined Ship to Fly to Travis AFB

    U.S. Borrows for 30 Years at a Lower Cost Than Ever Before

    U.S. household debt hits record high of $14.15 trillion

    Pundits Look to Bloomberg as Their Anti-Sanders Savior

    The coronavirus outbreak exposes the U.S.'s pharma supply chain vulnerability

    Trump Administration Is Sending Heavily Armed Border Agents To Sanctuary Cities

  6. [Here we go, Jonny - right up your alley]
    A virus called Wuhan-400 causes outbreak … in a Dean Koontz thriller from 1981. How is it that some books appear to prophesy events?

    The Eyes of Darkness features a Chinese military lab in Wuhan that creates a virus as a bioweapon; civilians soon become sick after accidentally contracting it

    Fringe conspiracy theories that the coronavirus involved in the current outbreak appears to be man-made and likely escaped from the Wuhan virology lab have been circulated, but have been widely debunked. In fact the lab was one of the first to sequence the coronavirus. [more]

    [i read some of his works, but either didn't read, or didn't recall this]

    [Le Show from yesterday] [~ 1 hr]

  7. Warmed right up today after a cold weekend around here in Southeast PA.

    Egypt: Great Pyramid exposed after tiny robot explores mystery shaft in Queen's Chamber

    EGYPT's Great Pyramid of Giza has been exposed after a tiny robot headed into the air shafts of the ancient structure, making a breakthrough discovery which "adds another dimension to the story" [more]

    Storm Dennis, 2nd-strongest bomb cyclone on record in North Atlantic, causes severe flooding in U.K.

    Forecasts call for more high winds and showers Monday as the storm center slowly spins to the northeast of the region. Water levels in many rivers are not expected to crest until Monday or Tuesday, which will prolong the flood risks. [more]

    ENVIRONMENTIndia’s birds suffering dramatic population declines, warns scientific report

    Growing threat from loss of habitat, widespread presence of toxins, hunting and trapping, it says [more; all man-made]

    6-year-old girl attacked by mountain lion while walking trail in Santa Clara County

    The girl was walking with two other children when it happened. An adult who was with them reportedly freed her by punching the mountain lion in the ribs.

    Coronavirus Shutdown Leads to Mass Chicken Slaughter in China – Food Shortage and Soaring Meat Prices Ahead

    Coronavirus fears force China into mass chicken cull Beijing to import US birds as traffic shutdown leads to poultry feed shortages.
    Farmers have already slaughtered at least 100 million young chickens because travel restrictions imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus have blocked shipments of animal feed.
    [more; this is such a clusterfuck!]