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Event Update For 2020-01-13


The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2020-01-13 - Oceans continue heating up with 2019 the hottest year on record:

Quote: "The heat in the world’s oceans reached a new record level in 2019, showing 'irrefutable and accelerating' heating of the planet. The world’s oceans are the clearest measure of the climate emergency because they absorb more than 90% of the heat trapped by the greenhouse gases emitted by fossil fuel burning, forest destruction and other human activities. The new analysis shows the past five years are the top five warmest years recorded in the ocean and the past 10 years are also the top 10 years on record. The amount of heat being added to the oceans is equivalent to every person on the planet running 100 microwave ovens all day and all night."

Quote: "The rate of warming from 1987 to 2019 is four and a half times faster than it was between 1955 and 1986."

Note: I noticed a while back that while there's some slight variability with the OVERALL temps of the planet as they continue rising - 2019 was the second-hottest compared to 2016 by a few hundredths of a degree, for example - the temps in the OCEANS have been one record-setting year after another in a steady upward progression. The warmer the oceans become, the less oxygen they hold, which expands the viable habitat for the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that emit hydrogen sulfide, which will in time wipe out most life on this planet just as it has before. The warming of the oceans is our own extinction staring us right in the face as it approaches, an unstoppable freight train heading right at us carrying death and destruction...

2020-01-13 - Wildfires continue burning across Australia, Melbourne experiences the worst air pollution in the world:

Quote: "Air quality forecasts for Geelong, Latrobe Valley, Melbourne, central region, all of Gippsland and the north central region were all listed as hazardous for Tuesday by the EPA. 'Overnight for Melbourne it did reach the worst in the world,' the state’s chief health officer, Brett Sutton, told reporters."

2020-01-13 - Firenados, ember attacks and megafires, Australia is seeing sci-fi weather:

2020-01-13 - Australia wildfires are a harbinger of the planet’s future, say scientists:

2020-01-13 - Wildfire crisis hurting businesses in Australia:

2020-01-13 - Charred corpses of animals found all across Kangaroo Island (Australia):

Quote: "Charred corpses of animals lie strewn through Australian forest 'as far as the eye can see' on Kangaroo Island as fires continue to rage across the country..."

2020-01-13 - Auto salvage yard fire breaks out in coastal St. Petersburg (Florida):

2020-01-13 - Mill complex heavily damaged by fire at midnight in coastal Fall River (Massachusetts):

2020-01-13 - Volcano Taal continues erupting and spewing ash and lava near coastal Manila (Philippine Islands), 30,000 people flee:

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire destroys pickup truck and garage at home in the Town of Oakdale (Wisconsin), 1 killed:

2020-01-13 - Boat bursts into flame on Lake Hawea (New Zealand):

Note: This is the 32nd boat/ship to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-01-13 - School bus bursts into flame on I-494 in Maplewood (Minnesota):

2020-01-13 - School bus bursts into flame near Northeast 62nd Street and Seventh Avenue in Oakland Park (Florida):

Quote: "Oakland Park Fire Rescue investigators said the fire started in the engine compartment before it spread to the rest of the bus."

Note: These are the 7th and 8th school buses to burn in 2020, and these are the 23rd and 24th buses to burn in 2019...

2020-01-13 - Transit bus bursts into flame on street in coastal Lima (Peru):

Note: This is the 25th bus to burn in 2019...

2020-01-13 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-80 ramp in Butler Township (Pennsylvania):

2020-01-13 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-26 in coastal North Charleston (South Carolina):

2020-01-13 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at I-44 ramp near Elgin (Oklahoma):

2020-01-13 - Tractor (bulldozer) bursts into flame on Old Davisson Run Road in Sun Valley (West Virginia):

2020-01-13 - Semi tractor bursts into flame while parked inside machine shed near Bristow (Ohio):

Quote: "Last night before 8:30 the Bristow Fire Department was called out on the report of a semi-truck that caught on fire inside a machine shed in the 17-thousand block of 190th Street east of Bristow. No injuries reported."

2020-01-13 - Tractor and barn destroyed by fire at 5:29 AM near Colonville (Michigan):

Quote: "Firefighters were able to save adjacent buildings, but the 16 by 25 barn and a 2016 John Deer Loader tractor in the building were totally destroyed."

Note: These are the 59th, 60th, 61st, 62nd, 63rd and 64th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-01-13 - Garbage truck bursts into flame while parked at waste business in Glen Gardner (New Jersey):

2020-01-13 - Brand new water truck bursts into flame before 6:45 AM on General George Patton Drive in Brentwood (Tennessee):

Quote: "There were no injuries, but the city of Brentwood is down a brand new Ford F-250 water truck. It had less than 200 miles on it."

2020-01-13 - Truck bursts into flame on I-64 near Shady Spring (West Virginia):

2020-01-13 - Truck bursts into flame at 6:15 AM on bridge over the St. Lawrence River in Brossard (Canada):

2020-01-13 - Van bursts into flame in Bridgwater (Britain):

2020-01-13 - SUV bursts into flame on M-43 in South Haven Township (Michigan):

2020-01-13 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 3:21 AM while parked at home, fire spreads, home heavily damaged, in Mill Creek (Washington):

Quote: "Firefighters called to a report of a truck fire in Mill Creek arrived to find the vehicle engulfed in flames with the fire spreading to the second story of the house and the garage. Crews were dispatched to the 15000 block of 30th Drive Southeast in the Mill Creek Red Cedar neighborhood at 3:21 a.m. Monday."

Quote: "Damage to the home is estimated to be $300,000 and the residents were displaced."

2020-01-13 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 3 AM while parked at home near Northwest First Court and 36th Avenue in Lauderhill (Florida):

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame at restaurant in coastal Norwalk (Connecticut):

Quote: "Today’s car fire is being hosted in Norwalk at the American Steakhouse at 595 Connecticut Avenue. I guess they are having it well done."

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame, occupants bail, car rolls away on fire, in Dayton (Tennessee):

Quote: "A vehicle rolling down Rhea County Highway while burning caused a traffic backup tonight just north of the Wal-Mart intersection. The driver and passenger escaped the vehicle unharmed just before it rolled away."

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on I-41 near De Pere (Wisconsin):

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on I-287 in Somerset (New Jersey):

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on State Highway 8 between Roxburgh and Alexandra (New Zealand):

2020-01-13 - Cars go up in flames during storm while parked on roof of auto dealership in Finglas suburb of coastal Dublin (Ireland):

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame at 1:09 AM on Lockington Avenue in coastal Plymouth (Britain):

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on Holmes Chapel Road in Northwich (Britain):

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on the on the St Helens Linkway in St Helens (Britain):

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on the M25 near Gerrards Cross (Britain):

Quote: "Monday 13 January, 11.46am Car on fire, M25 Southbound, between junction 16 Denham, and junction 15 M4 connection. One appliance and crew from Gerrards Cross attended. Firefighters used one hose reel and a thermal imaging camera."

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on the M40 near Gerrards Cross (Britain):

Quote: "Monday 13 January, 8.09am Car on fire, M40 Northbound carriageway between Junction 1A interchange with M25 and Junction 2 Beaconsfield. One appliance and crew from Beaconsfield and one from Gerrards Cross attended, along with an officer. False alarm, good intent due to blown turbo charger."

2020-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on Shelburne Road in High Wycombe (Britain):

Quote: "Monday 13 January, 11.06am Firefighters responded to a call to a car fire, Shelburne Road, High Wycombe. One appliance and crew from High Wycombe attended. False alarm, good intent."

2020-01-13 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-40 in Clarksville (Arkansas):

2020-01-13 - Four cars and 10 storage units destroyed by fire at apartment building in Orem (Utah):

Quote: "A fire in Orem destroyed 10 storage units and four cars Monday afternoon."

2020-01-13 - Car and home destroyed by fire at 2 AM on Windsor Drive in Jackson (Mississippi):

Quote: "The house and a car are a few things destroyed from the blaze."

2020-01-13 - Two pickup trucks, hundreds of bales of hay and barn destroyed by fire in Frederick (Oklahoma):

Quote: "A fire in Frederick destroyed a barn, two pickup trucks and hundreds of hay bales on Monday night."

2020-01-13 - Barn destroyed by fire at 12:43 AM in Fenton Township (Michigan), horse and 9 cows killed:

2020-01-13 - Mobile home destroyed by fire at 1 AM on Millstream Road in Gretna (Virginia):

2020-01-13 - Home heavily damaged by basement fire on South Capitol Street in Pekin (Illinois), 2 cats killed:

2020-01-13 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 4 AM on Ashville Pike in Lockbourne (Ohio):

2020-01-13 - Historic home heavily damaged by fire on Davidson Street in coastal Chula Vista (California):

2020-01-13 - Home destroyed by fire on Castanada Circle in Fort Worth (Texas), 1 injured:

2020-01-13 - Home destroyed by fire at 3:30 AM near Millican (Texas):

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire burns home at 2:57 AM in Neillsville (Wisconsin):

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire burns home at 6 AM in Greensburg (Kentucky), 1 killed:

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire burns home on Fireside Drive in Brampton (Canada), 1 killed:

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire burns home at 2 AM on Bluff View Drive in Pinellas County (Florida), 500 feet from the ocean, 1 killed:

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire burns home at 1:30 AM on Dotson Road near Cedar Ponds Road near Sultan (Washington), 1 killed:

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire destroys home on North Magnolia Avenue in Citra (Florida), 1 killed:

2020-01-13 - Deadly fire burns apartment building at 2:30 AM in Glendale (Arizona), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2020-01-13 - Vacant home destroyed by fire at 4 AM in Cherry Hills Village (Colorado):

2020-01-13 - Vacant school building burns in Tucson (Arizona):

2020-01-13 - Bryde's whale washes ashore and dies near Baylys Beach (New Zealand):

2020-01-13 - Two passengers, woman and man, 71 and 64, sicken and die on passenger plane, plane makes emergency landing at airport in coastal Katunayake on the island of Sri Lanka:

Quote: "The plane, which was flying from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Indonesia's Surabaya Airport, was diverted to the BIA after the two passengers fell ill and made an emergency landing at around 2:45 am today. However, both passengers were found deceased when the plane landed at the airport, airport authorities said."

2020-01-13 - Man and woman found dead in home in Simcoe (Canada):

2020-01-13 - Man, 25, dies after being pulled from swimming pool at hotel in Benin (Nigeria):

Quote: "A 25-year-old man, identified as Sunday Patrick, has drowned in a hotel in Benin the Edo State capital."

2020-01-13 - Teen boy, athlete, has 'medical event' at school and dies in West Hartford (Connecticut):

Quote: "In a message to students, Duarte identified the student as ninth grader James Oksanen, and said his passing was due to a 'medical event.' Further details were not provided. The administration could not confirm whether or not the student was a member of a winter sports team, but a Conard student told We-Ha.com that he believed Oksanen was a member of the indoor track team."

2020-01-13 - Boy, 13, has 'medical emergency' at school and dies in Oneida (Tennessee):

Quote: "Oneida Middle School is grieving the loss of one of its students Monday. According to a letter sent home to parents from Principal Kelley Posey-Chitwood, Hunter Hall unexpectedly passed away. The 13-year-old's mother, Tracy Hall, said he suffered a medical emergency in class Monday."

2020-01-13 - Fire chief responds to emergency then has heart attack and dies 12 hours later, in Howard Lake (Minnesota):

Quote: "Drusch, a 30-year-old veteran of Howard Lake Fire & Rescue, passed away early Monday morning from a suspected heart attack. Officials say he responded to an emergency call 12 hours prior."

2020-01-13 - Person slumps over dead in car on Mary Patton Highway in Carter County (Tennessee):

2020-01-13 - Man found dead in the water in Jamaica Bay in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2020-01-13 - Man found dead under viaduct near Manhattan Avenue in Union City (New Jersey):

2020-01-13 - Man, 71, found dead on his property in Williams (Oregon):

2020-01-13 - Man, 81, found dead in pond near Ten Mile Creek Apartments off American Way in Memphis (Tennessee):

2020-01-13 - Woman. 48, found dead near her home in Waterford (Maine):

2020-01-13 - Woman, 65, falls off apartment building and dies in Gurugram (India), possible toppler:

2020-01-13 - Passenger has 'medical emergency' on passenger plane, plane diverts to Bangor (Maine):

Quote: "One of the world’s largest passenger jets made an unscheduled landing at Maine’s Bangor International Airport because of a medical emergency involving a passenger, officials said."

2020-01-13 - Small plane runs off runway at Tipton Airport in Fort Meade (Maryland):

2020-01-13 - Small plane crashes at airport in Hawthorne (California), 1 lightly injured:

2020-01-13 - Small plane crashes outside Yichang (China), 3 killed:

2020-01-13 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-81 near Kirkwood (New York):

2020-01-13 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-395 in Putnam (Connecticut):

2020-01-13 - Tractor trailer overturns on Delaware 1 near Frederica (Delaware):

2020-01-13 - Van veers off road, plunges into canal, in Pittsburg (California), 1 injured:

2020-01-13 - SUV veers off road, crashes into rocky bluff, on I-15 in the Virgin River Gorge (Arizona), 1 injured:

Quote: "'He is completely disoriented and has no recollection of the crash,' Bottoms said. 'So we have to piece together what happened out here.' At the time of the crash, the driver was heading south at about 65 mph and “for some unknown reason,” drifted to the right and slammed into a rocky bluff located just to the right of the interstate."

2020-01-13 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into apartment building, in El Paso (Texas):

2029-01-13 - Car veers off road and overturns in Hubbard (Ohio), 1 injured:

Quote: "The Ohio State Highway Patrol believes a medical issue may be the reason for a one-car crash that sent the driver to the hospital. Troopers talked to a witness who said the Chevy was traveling fifteen to twenty miles per hour along State Line Road Monday morning when the car veered off the road and rolled over onto its side just south of Hubbard Bedford Road."

2020-01-13 - Car crashes into median, overturns, bursts into flame, on I-75 near coastal Sarasota (Florida), 1 injured:

2020-01-13 - Car crashes, bursts into flame, on St. Lucie Boulevard in coastal Stuart (Florida), 1 injured:

2020-01-13 - Shark attacks and injures man off Cape Hatteras National Seashore (North Carolina):

2020-01-13 - Sinkhole opens on road and swallows bus, explosion ensues, in Xining (China), 6 killed, 16 injured, 4 missing:

Quote: "Bodies of six victims have been found and retrieved while searing for the other four missing is underway after a road collapse that occurred Monday in northwest China's Qinghai Province, local authorities said on Tuesday. Another 16 people have been hospitalized, said Zuo Xisheng with the emergency management bureau of Xining, the provincial capital."

2020-01-13 - Sinkhole opens on street in St. Louis (Missouri):

2020-01-13 - Water main breaks and floods streets in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2020-01-13 - Heavy rain and snow hit Hawaii:

2020-01-13 - Heavy rainfall, the most in at least 24 years, hits the UAE:

2020-01-13 - Deutsche Bank asks what the world will give up to save the climate:

Note: I don't know what people would be WILLING to give up, if it were possible to solve our problems, which it isn't, but what they are GOING to be giving up is being alive...

2020-01-13 - Air pollution from brake dust may be as harmful as diesel exhaust on immune cells:

2020-01-13 - US coal-fired power plants closing fast despite Trump's pledge of support for industry:

2020-01-13 - Top-secret UFO files could ‘gravely damage’ US national security, Navy says:

2020-01-13 - Trump doubles down on pledge to steal Syria's oil:

Note: That's why we went to war with Iraq the first time, because Iraq had moved in to steal Kuwait's oil. Does that mean it's time to form a new international coalition to drive US out?!

2020-01-13 - The robots are coming and they're going to take over millions of jobs:

2020-01-13 - Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots:


  1. Hey Jonny, everyone. Ol' Tom had a bad night - mild food poisoning from fresh soup purchased at a local supermarket.
    Wife thought it was the flu.

    It seems that the news is getting increasingly dire as we start 2020. Over @ seemorerocks, Robin posted a LOT of articles regarding 5G and many of the tech "advances" coming down the pike, as well as some political articles.

    Wednesday, 15 January 2020
    What do the Elite have in mind for the rest of us?


    7 Major Earth Changes That Are Happening Right Now That Everyone Needs To Know About

    [we've covered all this, but it's a good summary]

    [Snyder follows the same "logic" that SOTT does, predicting a mini-Ice Age from weak solar cycle, neglecting all the other factors producing HEAT]

    Wednesday, 15 January 2020
    2019 was the 2nd wettest year on record for the U.S. They also experienced 14 billion-dollar weather and climate payout: Was officially the worst agricultural disaster in modern day history

    This U.S. map shows the locations of all 14 billion-dollar disasters that happened across the country in 2019.

    2019 is now officially the worst agricultural disaster in modern American history with catastrophic flooding the whole year bringing NOAA to declare "2019 was the 2nd wettest year on record for the U.S." [more]

    The incredible coincidence of the Taal Volcano eruptions of 1911 and 2020: Solar cycle 24, (2011-2019) is almost a perfect copy Solar cycle 15, (1905-1916) with the most sun spotless days this century

    [yes, but they didn't have all the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere back then]

    [wavy jet stream is not our friend]
    A humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Pakistan and Afghanistan as avalanches, flooding and harsh winter weather have killed more than 130 with more still missing

    The current toll is one of the deadliest in recent history

    Avalanches, flooding and harsh winter weather have killed more than130 people across Pakistan and Afghanistan and left others stranded by heavy snowfall. At least 93 people died and 76 were injured across Pakistan in recent days – with several still missing – while a further 39 were killed in Afghanistan, officials in both countries said on Tuesday. Forecasts suggest more harsh weather is on the way. Pakistani Kashmir was the worst-hit area, with 62 people killed and 10 others missing, the state disaster management authority said in a statement.

    [more below]

  2. Major floods hit Iran after a year's worth of rain in 3 days, at least 3 dead and over 20 000 homeless

    Days of torrential rain in Iran have led to major floods, resulting in at least three fatalities, official media confirmed on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. Thousands of establishments were damaged, hundreds of villages were cut off, and more than 20 000 residents left homeless. The amount of rain registered in a three-day period in Sistan and Baluchestan Province alone was equivalent to one-year average rainfall in the region. [more]

    Taal: Multiple new fissures reported, total evacuation within 14 km (8.6 miles), Philippines

    Multiple new fissures (cracks) were observed around Taal volcano on January 14, 2020, two days after intense unrest began. Fissures, accompanied by intense seismicity activity, are an indication of an imminent explosive eruption, PHIVOLCS warns. The agency strongly reiterated total evacuation of Taal Volcano Island and areas at high risk to pyroclastic density currents and volcanic tsunami within a 14 km (8.6 miles) radius from the volcano. Areas around the volcano are advised to guard against the effects of heavy and prolonged ashfall. New eruption could force more than 200 000 additional people from their homes. [more]

    Extreme winter weather wreaks havoc across Pakistan, death toll jumps to 75

    Severe winter weather affecting Pakistan over the past couple of days has claimed at least 75 lives and injured around 64 people, as of Tuesday, January 14, 2020, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reports. The death toll is expected to increase as the powerful weather system continues to dump heavy rain and snow on parts of the country. [more]

    Windows 7: “I’m not dead yet!”

    We are here to bury Windows 7, not to praise it. Today is the day that Microsoft's extended support for the Windows 7 operating system ends. Microsoft stopped selling Windows 7, which was first released in 2009, on October 13, 2013. Sales of systems with Windows 7 pre-installed ended three years to the day later in 2016. It lived a long life and is survived by Windows 10 and maybe a few remaining instances of Windows 8.

    There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of even more widespread continued use of Windows 7, particularly in the public sector. The IRS was still working to upgrade its computers to Windows 7 from Windows XP in 2015. A visit to any library that has public computers, or any government office, will yield sightings of Windows 7 systems still handling much of the workload. And let's not even start talking about doctors' offices, hospitals, and all of the medical devices running on Windows 7.

    Microsoft has thrown a lifeline to companies still not ready to migrate, similar to what they did with Windows XP: a paid extended support package that this year will cost organizations $25 per device running Windows 7 Enterprise and $50 per each Windows 7 Pro PC. The support's cost will double each following year for both, leveling out at $100 per Windows 7 Enterprise license and $200 per Windows 7 Pro license.

    The greatest danger, however, is in "zombie" systems that continue to live on without support. In 2017, Microsoft was forced to release an emergency patch for Windows XP and other unsupported Windows versions because of the WannaCry destructive malware outbreak, in part because of the continued use of those operating systems by hospitals and other critical organizations. [more]

    'Decade in and decade out, one thing is for sure, Windows is crap. But then again, so is everything else.' [this quote from Cryptogon, where this article is posted]

    [continued below]

  3. [this won't help the Sanders campaign; taken from Cryptogon, but also posted at seemorerocks]
    #Expose2020 – PART 1: Bernie 2020 Field Organizer States “F***ing Cities Will Burn” if Trump Wins Re-Election; Calls for Violence, Mass Murder of Opposition, and “Reign of Terror”

    Kyle Jurek, Iowa Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign: “I’m Ready to Throw Down Now…The Billionaire Class. The F***ing Media, Pundits. Walk into MSNBC Studios, Drag Those M*****F***ers Out by Their Hair and Light Them on Fire in the Streets.
    Kyle Jurek Suggests That Liberal Democrats Should be Placed in Gulags or be Put to Death: “Liberals Get the F***ing Wall First.”
    Jurek: “Well, I’ll Tell You What in Cuba, What did They do to Reactionaries? You Want to Fight Against the Revolution, You’re Going to Die for it, M*****F***er.”
    Jurek Affirms That “Free Speech Has Repercussions…There Are Consequences for Your F***ing Actions…You Should Expect a Violent Reaction. And You Deserve a Violent Reaction.”
    Jurek Lambasts Elizabeth Warren, Suggests That Warren Does Not Deserve Support Solely Due to Being a Woman.
    Jurek: “Like F**k if We Can Beat Donald Trump, as Long as We Nominated a Woman. Like F***ing Idiot. Like What the F**k? The World is on Fire. This is an Emergency Situation, and You’re Hung Up on Vaginas.” [how do these people get these positions?]

    A Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Field Organizer, Kyle Jurek, was secretly recorded bragging about his extreme left-wing fringe views, calling for violence and death to those who oppose Sanders’ radical policies. Kyle Jurek, who works out of the Sanders campaign Iowa office, has been paid at least $9,775 since starting in his official campaign role. Project Veritas Action Fund’s undercover journalists secretly recorded Jurek’s statements for months; recording footage on multiple occasions where he lashes out against Sanders’ Democratic opposition, President Trump’s supporters, and others. The recordings give insight into the mentality of many Sanders staffers and what they truly believe. In the video, Jurek details his expectations for the 2020 Presidential election and emphatically states that cities will “burn” if President Trump wins re-election. [more]

    [last part follows]

  4. [so much for the Qanon claims]
    Trump Campaign Adviser Pleads Guilty to Child Porn, Sex Trafficking

    [Anarchy 2020!]

    FDA and NIH let clinical trial sponsors keep results secret and break the law

    For 20 years, the U.S. government has urged companies, universities, and other institutions that conduct clinical trials to record their results in a federal database, so doctors and patients can see whether new treatments are safe and effective. Few trial sponsors have consistently done so, even after a 2007 law made posting mandatory for many trials registered in the database. In 2017, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tried again, enacting a long-awaited “final rule” to clarify the law’s expectations and penalties for failing to disclose trial results. The rule took full effect 2 years ago, on 18 January 2018, giving trial sponsors ample time to comply. But a Science investigation shows that many still ignore the requirement, while federal officials do little or nothing to enforce the law.

    Science examined more than 4700 trials whose results should have been posted on the NIH website ClinicalTrials.gov under the 2017 rule. Reporting rates by most large pharmaceutical companies and some universities have improved sharply, but performance by many other trial sponsors—including, ironically, NIH itself—was lackluster. Those sponsors, typically either the institution conducting a trial or its funder, must deposit results and other data within 1 year of completing a trial. But of 184 sponsor organizations with at least five trials due as of 25 September 2019, 30 companies, universities, or medical centers never met a single deadline. As of that date, those habitual violators had failed to report any results for 67% of their trials and averaged 268 days late for those and all trials that missed their deadlines. They included such eminent institutions as the Harvard University–affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital, the University of Minnesota, and Baylor College of Medicine—all among the top 50 recipients of NIH grants in 2019. [more]

    How climate change may raise the suicide rate, kill 2,000 extra people a year

    As wildfires continue to rage through Australia — creating a scene that some have characterized as a “harbinger of the planet’s future” — researchers are looking into what effect the warming planet may have on our health. The new study, published in the journal Nature this week, represents a joint effort between researchers at Imperial College London, Columbia University and Harvard University.

    In it, they theorize that a continued increase in global temperature could lead to an increase in injury deaths each year in the U.S. — specifically 1,600 additional deaths if the temperature rises 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit and over 2,100 if it rises 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. An estimated 84 percent of the deaths would affect men aged 15-24, and the states most at risk of seeing the increase are California, Florida and Texas.
    [more; their prediction will be a huge underestimation, imho]

  5. [some midweek headlines from Rice Farmer]

    News Links, January 15, 2020
    Rice Farmer

    Bond data back to the Black Death shows lower and even negative rates could be here to stay
    Data going back to the Black Death of the 14th century shows low rates have been the norm for ages.

    India's economy: how the world's fastest growing nation went off the rails
    No matter what the government does, net energy decline will drag India down with everyone else. -- RF

    Report shows India losing fight against poverty
    The sheer number of humans on the planet is overwhelming available resources. -- RF

    Phase 1 Trade Deal "Stops Bleeding," Does Not Resolve Trade War, Says US Chamber Of Commerce

    Iraq Warns of Economic Collapse Over Trump's Threatened Sanctions
    It's a dire predicament, and my heart goes out to the Iraqis. At the same time, we need to remember that the whole world financial system is teetering on the brink. Sooner or later, collapse is coming for us all. -- RF

    Instability Rising: Why 2020 Will Be Different
    In 2020, increasing monetary and fiscal stimulus will be the equivalent of spraying gasoline on a fire to extinguish it.

    Playing Taps For The Middle Class

    Wealthy Investors Are Buying Gold Coins and Bars and Storing Them In Secure Bunkers [ya can't eat gold]

    Boeing's worst year in decades

    Boeing had more cancellations than new orders in 2019

    China is the 'most serious threat' to the United States, says former security advisor to Obama

    Building Post-INF Missiles Would Be a Waste, or Worse
    New U.S. intermediate-range ground-launched missiles would deliver more undesirable effects than tactical utility.

    US Wants to Reduce Presence in Africa, Says Milley
    The United States wants to reduce the number of its troops deployed across Africa over the next few years to focus more on responding to the threats posed by Russia and China.

    The Navy Wants to Cut These 24 Ships Early to Buy a Smaller Number of Newer Ones
    A key bit of underlying context is that the Navy's two major new surface warfare programs at the turn of the twenty-first century, the Zumwalt-class stealth destroyers and the littoral combat ship, have been expensive disasters.

    Russia, Turkey cite progress as Libya prime minister signs cease-fire deal

    Pompeo: Killing Soleimani Part of a 'Broader Strategy' Applying to China, Russia

    "Iran Must Begin Acting Like A Normal Nation," Says Totally Normal Nation

    Iran's Smart Strategy
    The Iranians chose neither to fold nor to fight. It is not clear at this point who was more deterred by whom.

    US troops knew Iran strike was coming hours ahead

    Iran is closer 'than ever before' to regime collapse, says former Obama security advisor

    Mnuchin: US Works With China To Cut Off All Iranian Oil Imports

    The Long Planned U.S. Assassinations In Iraq Will Increase Its Political Chaos

    [continued below]

  6. Trudeau cites US ratcheting up tensions with Iran in plane's downing
    Victims of an Iran-downed jetliner would still be alive if not for a recent escalation of tensions partly triggered by the United States, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday.

    Iran Announces Arrests over Downing of Plane that Killed 176

    Maple Leaf CEO flays U.S. government after Iran plane crash

    Bad News For Oil: Refinery Profits Are Sliding

    Why U.S. LNG Can't Win In Europe

    Permafrost will limit natural gas, oil, and coal extraction

    Shale Pioneer Mark Papa: Expect M&A Wave In Shale

    Price of wheat leaps during solar minimums (graph)

    Earth's ocean temps hottest ever in modern history

    Koalas, wallabies endangered by Australia bushfires 'ecological disaster'

    Carrots falling from the sky: Australia drops 4,600 pounds of food, water from helicopters to feed hungry wallabies

    Global warming could harm tardigrades

    9/11 first responders may have increased risk for cancer

    EU sets out trillion euro plan to avert 'climate crash'

    WHO says new China coronavirus could spread, warns hospitals worldwide

    WikiLeaks founder Assange needs more time to speak to lawyer, court told

    Will alleged CIA misbehavior set Julian Assange free?

    Cyberwarfare Will Explode In 2020 (Because It's Cheap, Easy And Effective)

    Under US pressure, social media companies censor critical content and suspend Venezuelan, Iranian, and Syrian accounts

    Ex-US intel officer: Pompeo 'lying through his teeth' on Iran

    News networks use retired military brass as war analysts without disclosing their defense-industry ties

    Global Births & Population of Potential Mothers...Down, Down, Down (Econimica)
    These grim charts certainly put the kibosh on the growth scenario. But it's going to be even worse as failure of the global financial system, increasing military conflict, social unrest, collapse of economies, climate change, disease, food shortages, and other factors chop away at the world population. -- RF

    US budget deficit jumps above $1 trillion for first time since 2012

    Medical Care Costs Soaring Out of Control

    Real Wages Decline in December, Barely Up From Year Ago

    Localism in the 2020s (Part 2) – Facial Recognition, Psilocybin and Beyond

    Drag from Trump's trade wars continues to ripple through U.S. economy

    Biden Has Been Lying About His Record on Iraq for Years

  7. 2019 was the second hottest year on record

    The 2010s were the hottest decade on record and 2019 the second hottest year, according to data released on Wednesday by the United Nations. [more]

    Amazon deforestation could speed up in 2020: expert

    [hurry, hurry, cut down all the trees!]

    Deforestation of Brazil's Amazon rainforest threatens to accelerate and draw increased global concern since no new fire prevention measures have been taken in the crucial run-up to this year's dry season, according to Tasso Azevedo, coordinator of a group called MapBiomas that monitors the rate of forest destruction. [more]

    An astronaut in space photographed the giant smoke plume from Australia's fires. 70% of the country is covered in haze.

    New images from NASA astronaut Christina Koch, who's onboard the International Space Station, show the scale of the Australian bushfires from space.

    Smoke from the blazes covers nearly 70% of the country.

    NASA models suggest that global wind patterns will carry the smoky air on a full circuit of the globe.

    Climate change worsens the conditions that lead to severe fires like these. [more]

    60 Injured After Delta Airplane Dumps Fuel on Multiple Los Angeles Schools During Emergency Landing

    Dozens of students were injured after a Delta Airlines flight dumped jet fuel over several schools near the Los Angeles International Airport.

    In total, 60 people across six schools in south Los Angeles were examined by emergency personnel on Tuesday.

    “Shortly after takeoff, Flight 89 from LAX to Shanghai experienced an engine issue requiring the aircraft to return to LAX,” Delta tells PEOPLE in a statement. “The aircraft landed safely after an emergency fuel release to reduce landing weight.” [more]

    Young activists bid to join climate case at top German court

    Young climate activists in Germany announced Wednesday that they are seeking to join a lawsuit before the country's top court that aims to force the government to do more to combat global warming. [more]

    U.S. Navy: We Have More UFO Stuff And You're Definitely Not Allowed To See It

    The U.S. Navy reportedly has footage and documents related to a UFO video that caused a sensation when it was leaked in 2017. But it won’t reveal any of it because releasing the info and footage “would cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States,” the Navy said in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by UFO researcher Christian Lambright. [why, because it exposes that the Navy can't do shit about them? We already know that.]

    The object descended from 60,000 feet to 50 feet in seconds.

    “The part that drew our attention was how it wasn’t behaving within the normal laws of physics,” pilot Chad Underwood, who filmed the encounter, told New York magazine last month.[more]

    [update on normal temps. dropping: it's .29 C less for women and only .03 C less for men: 98.1 F for women and men 98.5 F]

    Putin and Assad caught on video mocking Trump

    [more follows]

  8. Smelly Rio de Janeiro water supply has residents on edge

    People in the metropolitan area have taken to social media to show glasses of water that appears reddish or brownish

    the state water utility, Cedae, has said the peculiar water is due to geosmin, an organic compound that is innocuous, and that the water meets health ministry requirements. Even so, it said it will begin using powdered activated carbon at the start of treatment to curb geosmin. [more]
    Australia softens climate change rhetoric as bushfires, and voters, rage

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison finally acknowledged the issue of climate change on Wednesday (January 15). [more]

    Climate change linked heatwave caused mass starvation of seabirds

    Around a million North Pacific seabirds known as common murres died during a 2015-16 heatwave that disrupted their food supply, scientists said Wednesday, the biggest mass mortality event ever recorded among avian species. [more]

    [no mention of Fuk radiation]

    [the latest crock from the U.N. (underestimating nerds)]
    UN Warns We Have 10 Years To Save Wildlife Population From Extinction

    [Mother Nature to humanity: you ain't savin' shit!]

    [it's everywhere, it's EVERYWHERE!]
    Anger, emergency measures in smog-stifled Balkan cities

    Major cities in a series of Balkan countries have been hit by dangerous levels of smog in recent days, prompting anger among residents and official warnings to stay indoors and avoid physical activity. [more]

    1,200 French doctors collectively quit administrative posts in protest over salaries, budgets

    French doctors are "deeply disappointed" by the urgent hospital reform plan presented on November 20 by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. According to their estimates, hospitals are short of 600 million euros in addition to the 200 million euros allocated by the authorities in 2020. Doctors are also demanding salary increases and a review of hospital funding and management. [more]

    ISIS again on the rise! But due to the US, will never be defeated

    "My major concern is we have seen over the past year the re-establishment and rise of ISIS, not only in southern and eastern Syria, but also in western Iraq. So if there is a split in Iraqi society as there is today, we have to deal with the re-emergence of ISIS."

    While the Caliphate has been defeated, the ideology which underpinned it has not, and the threat to Jordan remains.
    [some more below]

  9. Trump to sign phase one trade deal with China

    The "phase one" deal that Trump recently called a "big, beautiful monster" is by no means a standard trade agreement: At 86 pages, it's thinner than most on substance and commitments. The U.S. agreed to halve 15% duties on $120 billion of imports and delay others in return for Chinese promises to make structural reforms and purchase an additional $200 billion in American goods and services over the next two years. The full text will be released Wednesday. [more]

    Pack of dogs enter hospital, maul newborn baby to death in Uttar Pradesh, India

    The baby's family members have alleged that hospital staff left the baby alone in an operating theatre with the windows open, letting the dogs in. [more]

    Two southern right whale dolphins wash up in Victoria, Australia - first time ever recorded

    For the first time in recorded history dolphins that usually stick to deep, offshore seas have been found stranded on a Victorian beach.

    Two separate southern right whale dolphins have been found dead at Port Fairy's East Beach in the state's south-west in the past couple of weeks, but only one was able to be retrieved by authorities for further examination. [more]

    City of Samarinda in Indonesia floods again, thousands affected

    Over 7,000 people have been affected by floods triggered by heavy rain in the city of Samarinda in East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.

    Disaster authorities reported flooding in the city on 14 January 2020, with 7,213 residents from 2,529 households affected. [more]

    [last part next]

  10. Avalanches and flooding kill over 130 people across Pakistan, India and Afghanistan - UPDATE

    Update - Jan. 15th:

    The Guardian reports:

    Avalanches, flooding and harsh winter weather have killed more than 130 people across Pakistan and Afghanistan and left others stranded by heavy snowfall.

    At least 93 people died and 76 were injured across Pakistan in recent days - with several still missing - while a further 39 were killed in Afghanistan, officials in both countries said on Tuesday.

    Forecasts suggest more harsh weather is on the way.

    In Kashmir's picturesque but conflict-riven Neelum Valley, heavy snowfall triggered several avalanches, including one that hit a village and killed at least 19 people. "Ten people are still missing," the disaster authority said. [more]

    'Fire clouds': After Australia, scientists warn the erratic weather phenomenon could become a new reality

    And scientists say they're seeing fire clouds more often as climate change makes fire seasons longer and wildfires more intense. [more; which of course SOTT disagrees with]

    Flu leaves 4-year-old Iowa girl blind

    Doctors fear 4-year-old Jade DeLucia may never see again because of the flu. She was rushed to the hospital on Christmas Eve and developed a swelling of the brain that caused her to lose her vision. [more]

    Men in name only: New study shows testosterone levels in American males are dropping dramatically. Why would that be?

    But a new study published this month in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that testosterone is in crisis, at least when it comes to American Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Men's testosterone is supposed to decline naturally with age, but this study, which was presented last October to the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, showed a shocking decline in the levels of cohorts of young American men throughout since 1999. The authors tested the serum testosterone (total amount of testosterone present in the blood) of 4,045 men aged between 15 and 39 — making sure to control for confounding factors such as age, race, and level of physical activity — and still the results were unmistakable. In fact, they have been slashed by over one-quarter in the last two decades.[more; it's Nature's Way . .]

  11. BLACK BEAR NEWS: The people in power will let your country burn
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCgaXmOnGlU [~ 23.5 min.]

    Complete Arctic Summer Sea-Ice Loss Equivalent to 25 Years of Global Warming: Part 2 of 2
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stABcqV2CCE [15 min.]