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2019 - JUN - Spotlight Stories

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2019-06-01 - Unknown rotten egg odor blows over parts of midtown and downtown for two days in Memphis (Tennessee):

Quote: "Something really stinks in Memphis. At least it did. People in parts of midtown and downtown complained of a foul odor Friday and Saturday. Memphians took to social media to share their disgust. Many people described it as a rotten egg smell. Others said it smelled like sulfur. People complained of the smell seeping into their homes and offices."

Quote: "Memphis Light Gas and Water stated it's not due to any of its projects."

Quote: "City officials confirm the odor it is not coming from sewer system."

Note: Gas and water utility says nope, not us. Sewer utility says nope, not us and not the sewers. So maybe it was just a big ol' cloud of low-concentration poison gas that hit this city for a coupla days. Of course, if it were to seep into a low-lying area and concentrate then it could kill a few people, kinda randomly. But they'd just be corpses with no injuries or anything, so the authorities would likely just say 'natural causes' or 'heatstroke' or 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' or 'medical issue' or somesuch, if any of the corpses would even merit a news story at all. From the full hypothesis: "There will be more unexplained HazMat events, often involving unusual odors. Eventually the entire populations of towns and cities will drop dead."

2019-06-01 - Munitions plant explodes and burns in Dzerzhinsk (Russia), dozens injured:

Quote: "More than 80 people were injured and two more were missing after explosions and a fire at an explosives plant in Dzerzhinsk. The cause of the blasts that shattered windows in the city of 230,000 was not clear."

Quote: "Most of the people who were hurt were cut by flying glass from the explosion, which also caused a shockwave that smashed windows in homes and other factories in the city."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Ammo depots will be hit with explosions and fires, including the civilian versions like fireworks factories."

2019-06-01 - Chemical plant damaged by explosion and fire in Santa Clara (California):

Quote: "The fire sent an acrid odor into the air that residents could smell as far as 5 miles away."

2019-06-01 - Refinery rocked by explosion and fire in coastal Limbe (Cameroon):

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Likewise, chemical plants of all types will burn and/or explode, including biofuels plants, fertilizer plants, specialty chemical plants, petroleum-related facilities and more."

2019-06-01 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire shortly after midnight, pile of junk cars burns, in Shady Hills (Florida):

Quote: "When they arrived, firefighters spotted a large stack of junk cars on fire. The blaze was contained to the pile of vehicles."

2019-06-01 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, big pile of scrap metal burns, on South 26th Street in Kansas City (Kansas):

Quote: "Fire crews in Kansas City, Kansas, spent several hours Saturday morning extinguishing a large scrap metal fire that sent up plumes of thick, dark smoke that could be seen for several miles. No injuries were reported at the fire in the 800 block of South 26th Street. Fire crews were called to the blaze just after 10 a.m. The fire sent flames and smoke as high as three stories, officials said on the Fire Department Twitter account."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2019-06-02 - Massive scrap metal fire erupts at 11 PM at metal recycling center at docks in coastal Belfast (Ireland):

Quote: "Footage of the fire underway in what I understand is a scrapyard in Duncrue industrial estate in North Belfast."

2019-06-02 - Car with no battery bursts into flame while parked at property in Salt Lake City (Utah):

Note: So basically it was an immobile chunk of scrap metal. Kinda like all the scrap metal fires breaking out at metal recycling centers around the world now. Back in MAH day, scrap metal warn't so flammable!

2019-06-02 - Several train cars go up in flames while parked at engineering station in coastal Cape Town (South Africa):

Quote: "This week alone, two other train burning train and carriage fires have been reported, and seem to keep coming."

Note: Well jeez, quit being on the coast, Cape Town!

2019-06-02 - Eight cars and upholstery business destroyed by explosion and fire in Idaho Falls (Idaho):

Quote: "8 vehicles, including classic cars, among items destroyed in fiery explosion..."

2019-06-02 - Utility truck, three classic cars and barn destroyed by fire in Washington County near Gaston (Oregon):

Quote: "A large barn fire in rural Washington County on Saturday burned up three classic cars inside the barn, as well as a utility truck parked beside it. A 1967 Chevelle, 1967 El Camino and a 1956 Chevy were all destroyed."

2019-06-02 - Megafire grows to 690,785 acres, still burning out of control, in Alberta (Canada):

2019-06-02 - Wildfire breaks out and threatens power plant in Debary (Florida):

2019-06-02 - Out-of-service railroad trestle destroyed by fire near coastal Fremont (California):

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2019-06-03 - Man found dead in the water at beach in coastal Oceanside (California):

2019-06-03 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into tree, bursts into flame, on I-5 near coastal Oceanside (California), 1 killed:

Quote: "The man was behind the wheel of a black Ford Ranger that veered off a curving stretch of northbound Interstate 5 near the Santa Margarita River in the Oceanside area shortly before 10 p.m. Monday, according to the California Highway Patrol."

2019-06-03 - Naked man dances on freeway sign over I-5 near coastal Oceanside (California):

Quote: "A naked man dancing on a freeway sign catwalk Monday afternoon near Oceanside was taken into custody and placed into a county mental health facility, authorities said."

2019-06-03 - Car bursts into flame in the wee hours while parked at home, fire spreads to home, in Memphis (Tennessee):

Quote: "A car near the home appears to have caught on fire and the flames quickly spread to the home."

Note: Memphis was just hit by an unknown rotten egg odor for two days, mentioned in the 2019-06-01 update. A recycling center just went up in flames in Memphis too, mentioned in the 2019-05-31 update...

2019-06-03 - Heatwave broils India and Pakistan:

Quote: "Of the 15 hottest places in the world in the past 24 hours, eight were in India with the others in neighboring Pakistan, according to weather monitoring website El Dorado. Churu in Rajasthan recorded the highest temperature of 48.9 degrees Celsius on Monday, according to the Indian Meteorological Department."

Note: And it's not even summer yet!

2019-06-03 - Discounting climate change, EPA chief faults the media for the rise of bad environmental news:

Note: Derp, it's not the media causing record-breaking fires, heatwaves, droughts, floods and crop losses. Either he is stupid or he thinks everyone else is stupid, or both...

2019-06-03 - Unusually strong start to northern hemisphere noctilucent clouds season:

Note: Noctilucent clouds are caused by water vapor in the upper atmosphere. More methane is accumulating in the atmosphere, especially in the upper northern hemisphere. Methane is a lighter-than-air gas which rises high in the atmosphere, and when it breaks down it forms CO2 and water vapor. So more methane entering the atmosphere results in more/stronger noctilucent clouds. From the Wiki article: "Recent studies suggests that increased atmospheric methane emissions produce additional water vapor once the methane molecules reach the mesosphere - creating, or reinforcing existing noctilucent clouds."

Notice that these clouds are all around the North Pole. Methane is literally exploding out of the ground and leaving mammoth craters in Siberia as the permafrost melts. There are lakes in northern Canada now bubbling ferociously with methane, and the permafrost is melting across northern Canada too as the planet continues to warm. And the methane clathrate deposits off the East Siberia Arctic Shelf are also now dissociating (melting) and releasing their stored methane into the atmosphere up near the North Pole. So it is not at all surprising that the rising amounts of methane entering the atmosphere in the far north are having a significant and noticeable effect on noctilucent clouds...

2019-06-03 - Volcano Popocatepetl erupts powerfully near Mexico City (Mexico):

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2019-06-04 - Man, 20, dies on cruise ship, two other people sickened too, near coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

Quote: "A man has died while onboard a cruise ship anchored off the coast of Scotland, with two fellow travelers falling ill and needing to be taken off the giant vessel for medical treatment. The unidentified 20-year-old man died on the Norwegian Getaway on June 3 just before the cruise ship docked at the Scottish port of Newhaven Harbour in the city of Edinburgh on June 4, the Daily Record reported. Police said the man's death was being treated as unexplained but not suspicious"

Quote: "Two other unidentified passengers were also taken off the ship in Edinburgh having fallen ill."

2019-06-04 - Woman sickens on balcony at beachside resort, dies 2 hours later, in coastal La Romana (Dominican Republic), same resort where couple dropped dead:

Quote: "Miranda Schaup-Werner had just checked into her Grand Bahia Principe hotel, in the Dominican Republic town of San Pedro de Macoris, and was taking pictures from her room balcony on May 25 when she started to feel ill. Less than two hours later, she was dead, local authorities said. The 41-year-old Pennsylvania woman is the third American known to have died suddenly and under mysterious circumstances at two sister resorts in the Caribbean island nation within a week, according to local authorities and the U.S. State Department."

Quote: "Schaupp-Werner died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, according to the hotel. An autopsy performed on the couple determined that they died of the same causes, according to the Dominican Republic National Police. The family became alarmed after learning of the similarity of Holmes' and Day's deaths and the possible implications, such as whether they'd been poisoned, and has contacted the State Department to request an investigation, McDonald said."

Note: Indeed, hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause respiratory failure and pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs). She was probably enjoying that 'fresh ocean air' on the balcony. The other two people who died were a couple, man and woman, 49 and 63, who dropped dead in their room at the same beachside resort hotel, mentioned in the 2019-05-30 update. So that was three people who mysteriously died from respiratory failure within 5 days at this beachside resort in the Dominican Republic. Some couples have mysteriously died at beachside resorts on the Red Sea in the last year too...

2019-06-04 - Parked car bursts into flame and kills 4-year-old girl in Jib (Israel):

Quote: "A four-year-old girl was killed Tuesday afternoon when she was caught in a car that went up in flames near the village of Jib in the new Giv'on area, north of Jerusalem. Fire crews were called to extinguish the fire and rescued the girl from the burning vehicle where she was trapped and in critical condition. The Magen David Adom team that was summoned to the scene was forced to declare her death after finding her with severe burns and no signs of life."

2019-06-04 - Auto salvage yard erupts in flame, fire gets big, in Opa-locka (Florida):

Quote: "Debris, that included what appeared to be several truck cabs burning, provided fuel for the fire to spread."

2019-06-04 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, 20-30 cars burn, on Blue Creek School Road in coastal Jacksonville (North Carolina):

2019-06-04 - Thick mats of sargassum begin hitting Tavernier (Florida):

Quote: "Dead fish and the remains of a green moray eel, turned chalk gray, floated amid a thick mat of sargassum seaweed in a Tavernier boat basin last week."

Quote: "Island nations in the Caribbean and Mexico have been dealing with expanding amounts of sargassum since a worrisome explosion of the thick, brown seaweed beginning in 2011."

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2019-06-05 - Report finds that there is a high likelihood of human civilization coming to an end by 2050:

Quote: "On our current trajectory, the report warns, 'planetary and human systems [are] reaching a "point of no return" by mid-century, in which the prospect of a largely uninhabitable Earth leads to the breakdown of nations and the international order.'"

Note: We've already reached the point of no return. We reached that point years ago, and probably decades ago. Human extinction on this planet is now baked into the cake. I said years ago that it was inevitable that scientists would begin moving closer to what I've been saying all along, and here are some more scientists lurching closer. Since I was right all along, I have stood my ground. When you're right, you don't have to change your position; everybody else does. And slowly but surely they are. These folks do still think we can 'fix things'. I wish they were right about that, but they're not, and there's no point in pretending otherwise. But at least they see a lot of what's coming. However, as doomy as they are, they still don't see all the threats, some of which are even now bearing down on us, which means their 2050 end-of-the-line timeline is probably overly optimistic.

The mass mobilization they suggest is still worthwhile, to buy us some time. Nobody should be thinking that there's anything we can do that will restore the planet to habitability though. The cycling of the Earth back to a more primordial anoxic state, one not survivable by human beings, is unavoidable at this point; it will happen, regardless of what we do or don't do. The planetary-scale momentum pushing us in that direction is now so ridiculously overwhelmingly powerful that it dwarfs anything human civilization can possibly muster as a counterforce. Ergo, buying us some time before Doomsday comes a-knocking is now the best option left to us...

2019-06-05 - Major companies see climate change costing them huge sums in the next 5 years:

Quote: "More than 200 of the world's largest listed companies forecast that climate change could cost them a combined total of almost $1 trillion, with much of the pain due in the next five years, according to a report published on Tuesday."

2019-06-05 - Pennsylvania woman died last year at resort near the one where 3 people just died in the Dominican Republic:

Quote: "'She drank from the mini-bar, took a shower, and wanted to retire for the evening,' Nieves said. When Sport’s fiancé woke up the next morning however, he noticed she was unresponsive."

Note: So she had a shower and doused her head with water right before going to bed and dying....

2019-06-05 - Auto salvage yard erupts in flame at 6:30 AM on Salmon Falls Road in Rochester (New Hampshire), near the Salmon Falls River, nobody there:

Quote: "Wilder said he ruled the fire as accidental after video surveillance confirmed one of the cars in the middle of the pile went on fire."

2019-06-05 - Motorcycles and Suzuki showroom destroyed by huge fire in Bhopal (India):

Quote: "A massive fire broke out at Koh-e-Fiza showroom. It damaged over two dozen vehicles, furniture, Suzuki showroom in the early morning hours on Wednesday. The Maa Suzuki showroom which deals in two wheelers was gutted in fire in the early morning hours."

2019-06-05 - Waste plant explodes and burns in Liège (Belgium):

2019-06-05 - The wildfires in Alberta, Canada are so huge that their smoke has reached Europe:

2019-06-05 - Triple-digit heat hits parts of California, blackouts ensue:

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2019-06-06 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane returns to Kansas City (Missouri):

Quote: "An American Airlines flight Thursday morning from Kansas City to Dallas was forced to return to Kansas City International Airport after a report of smoke in the cockpit."

2019-06-06 - Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter bursts into flame mid-air, helicopter makes emergency landing at airport in Imperial (California):

Quote: "A military helicopter being flown by personnel based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar made a safe emergency landing in Imperial County Thursday after a fire broke out aboard it during a routine training flight, authorities said. The midair blaze on the CH-53E Super Stallion erupted for unknown reasons about 1 p.m., according to Marine Corps officials."

Note: These are the 66th and 67th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-06-06 - Underground sewer line explodes, 5 manhole covers blown off, 600 meters of road ripped apart, in Kolkata (India):

Quote: "An explosion in the sewer line opposite Tangra police station, triggered by gas build-up in the choked drains, startled residents and led to momentary panic on Thursday afternoon. The explosion blew up five sewage covers and ripped the asphalt off a 600metre stretch of Gobinda Khatik Road."

2019-06-06 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, pile of scrap cars burns, in Omaha (Nebraska):

Quote: "Omaha firefighters are working on a blaze that has sent vehicles up in smoke in the North Downtown area."

2019-06-06 - Around 15 cars go up in flames while parked in industrial lot in Grafton (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Around 15 cars in an industrial lot on Creeper Hill Road caught fire Thursday night."

2019-06-06 - Landfill fire breaks out at 5:45 AM at First Piedmont Landfill in Ringgold (Virginia):

2019-06-06 - Trash facility erupts in flame in coastal Roxbury (Massachusetts):

2019-06-06 - Transformer explodes and burns at substation in Fullerton (California), blackouts ensue:

2019-06-06 - Transformer explodes and burns in Wilkins Township (Pennsylvania), blackouts ensue:

2019-06-06 - Temperatures in the Arctic are above zero:

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2019-06-07 - Mysterious flash of blue lights up the sky over Dallas (Texas):

2019-06-07 - Van bursts into flame and kills two children, injures 9 more people, in Okara (Pakistan):

Quote: "Two children were killed while nine others sustained severe wounds as passenger van caught fire in Okara today (Saturday). According to details, the fire erupted in the van due to short circuit."

2019-06-07 - Heron Lakes Country Club hit by fire again, at 11:30 PM, dozens of golf carts burn, in coastal Mobile (Alabama):

Quote: "For the second time in a matter of weeks there is a major fire at Heron Lakes Country Club. Video tonight shows flames shooting from golf carts at the club in Mobile. There was a major fire in late May when a golf cart burst into flames."

Quote: "At approximately 19:12 hours (7:19 pm), Mobile Fire-Rescue Department companies were dispatched to the Heron Lakes Country Club at 3851 Government Blvd for reports of a golf cart on fire inside of the Club’s golf cart barn. Witnesses on scene reported that the vehicle fire was quickly spreading to the structure and other golf carts housed inside of the barn."

Note: People still park golf carts at golf courses?! That's almost as crazy as people parking cars in attached garages at their homes!

2019-06-07 - Car bursts into flame at 5:37 AM while parked in garage at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, in Wellesley (Canada):

Quote: "A house in Wellesley was destroyed in an early morning fire which started in a car parked in the garage. The fire on Friday June 7 caused damage over $600,000."

2019-06-07 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage at home, fire spreads, garage destroyed, in Peoria (Illinois):

Quote: "A car fire resulted in a garage going up in flames, causing an estimated $100,000 worth of damage Friday around 8 p.m. According to the Peoria Fire Department, firefighters were able to knock down the fire within five minutes, containing it to the garage area before it could spread to the living area."

2019-06-07 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage at home, fire spreads to garage, in Manteca (California):

Quote: "The fire originated in the engine compartment of a vehicle parked inside the garage."

2019-06-07 - High-rise office building under construction heavily damaged by fire in Warsaw (Poland):

Quote: "Fire broke out on a multi-million-dollar, high-rise office development in Warsaw on Friday night in one of the biggest blazes to strike the capital in decades."

2019-06-07 - Arctic ice continues to melt away as the world warms:

Quote: "Since the start of the satellite era in 1979, the summer Arctic has lost 40% of its extent and up to 70% of its volume. Other scientists calculate the rate of decline at 10,000 tonnes a second. Much of the multiyear ice is now gone."

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2019-06-08 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane returns to Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "An Allegiant Air flight from Las Vegas to Stockton, California had to turn around Saturday because of smoke in the cockpit."

Note: This is the 68th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-06-08 - Cars and car dealership destroyed by fire at 12:13 AM on North Broad Street in Meriden (Connecticut), nobody there:

Quote: "The fire broke out at 12:13 a.m. at Fire Star Cars LLC on North Broad St, according to fire officials. No one was injured, and no one was inside the building at the time. Several cars for sale outside were also destroyed in the fire."

2019-06-08 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, scrap cars and mobile home burn, in Bloomington (California):

Quote: "A large fire tore through a junkyard Saturday evening in the unincorporated area of Bloomington, authorities said. The fire began at about 6:45 p.m., burning through 1/4 acre of scrapped cars and a mobile home, said Battalion Chief Mike McClintock with the San Bernardino County Fire Department. The large fire left heavy amounts of charred debris throughout the yard."

2019-06-08 - Underground electrical explosion and fire cause blackouts in coastal Yonkers (New York):

2019-06-08 - Chemical factory goes up in flames at 2 AM near bridge over the Hooghly River in Kolkata (India):

2019-06-08 - Tar bubbling with methane oozing out of the sidewalks near the The La Brea Tar Pits and Museum in coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "Saturday evening, locals told KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen that they have become quite accustomed to seeing tar oozing up through the sidewalks — just not this much of it. 'I’ve lived here for about 20 years,' said Andrea Ross-Greene, 'and this is the worst it’s ever been.' Miracle Mile resident Matthew Kogan concurred. 'You see a little bit of tar oozing up between the pavement,' Kogan says, 'all over the neighborhood. That’s not unusual but this seems to be flow tar. I’ve never seen this before.' Not to mention the constant hissing sound coming from the ground — it’s methane."

2019-06-08 - Fertilizer industry is releasing 100 times more methane than previous estimates, study suggests:

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2019-06-09 - Man, 61, has 'medical event' and dies in the water during swimming portion of triathlon in Lake Monona (Wisconsin), man in his 30s has 'medical event' too, in critical condition:

Quote: "One person has died, and a second remains in critical condition after being rescued from Lake Monona during the Ironman 70.3 triathlon Sunday morning, according to the Madison Fire Department. Officials say the department was notified that an athlete was found unresponsive in the water around 8 a.m., and in need of advanced life support from paramedics."

Quote: "About an hour later, MFD was notified that a second unresponsive patient was being pulled to shore for similar emergency medical treatment."

Quote: "The medical examiner's office says preliminary autopsy results confirm that McCulloch's death 'was consistent with an accidental drowning due in part to a medical event' Additional tests are underway."

Quote: "A second swimmer, believed to be in his late 30s, also was taken out of the water after suffering what was believed to be a medical event and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Fire Department spokeswoman Cynthia Schuster said Monday."

Note: So one man had a 'medical event' and died after getting into the water, and another man had a 'medical event' and is in critical condition after getting into the water. Wouldn't a rational person suspect that there is some relation? Like, say, with the water.

Just a week ago, a man, firefighter, 36, went into cardiac arrest and died in the water during the swimming part of a triathlon in coastal Cape May (New Jersey), and another man, 59, had a 'medical issue' and died in the water during the swimming part of a triathlon in Lake Mills (Wisconsin), both events mentioned in the 2019-06-02 update. Three weeks before that, a man, 40, had a heart attack in the water and died during the swimming part of a triathlon at Hopkinton State Park (Massachusetts), mentioned in the 2019-05-11 update.

Obviously, these are just some of the people dying in the water during triathlons, which doesn't include any of the people dying in swimming pools, or the people dropping dead at beachside resorts, sometimes in multiples, or the people dying while diving, or the people dying at beaches or in ponds or lakes or rivers or creeks or streams, etc, etc. From the full hypothesis: "Humans will sicken and die, especially in, near, or downwind of low-lying areas such as bodies of water."

2019-06-09 - Man goes into cardiac arrest in swimming pool at recreational facility in Tamworth (Britain):

Quote: "A swimmer is in a serious condition after suffering a cardiac arrest at Tamworth Snowdome. Two air ambulances landed at the popular leisure centre after the medical drama on Sunday afternoon (June 10.) He was pulled from the pool while in cardiac arrest before bystanders and staff began CPR."

2019-06-09 - Person has 'medical emergency' on boat off coastal Nantucket (Massachusetts):

Quote: "One person was taken to the hospital Sunday morning after suffering an apparent medical emergency while on a boat off Nantucket."

2019-06-09 - Diver loses consciousness on boat near coastal Eyemouth (Scotland):

Quote: "An unresponsive diver on a boat off the Borders coast has been airlifted to a specialist treatment centre. Both RNLI boats at Eyemouth and the St Abbs independent lifeboat were sent to the scene off St Abb's Head at about 16:15 on Sunday."

2019-06-09 - Huge outbreak of noctilucent clouds occurs in Europe and the US:

Note: That's from methane reaching the upper atmosphere and breaking down into CO2 and water vapor...

2019-06-09 - Sargassum tide 4 times the size of Merida headed to the Gulf Coast in Yucatan (Mexico):

Quote: "A tide of sargassum is expected to foul 120 kilometers of beach from Dzilam de Bravo to Sisal on Yucatan’s Gulf Coast today. The mass of seaweed-like algae is three or four times the size of the city of Merida, satellite images show. It already has hit Cancun and other beach spots along the Caribbean side of the Yucatan Peninsula."

Quote: "When the stuff rots, it releases toxic hydrogen-sulfide gas, making seashores smell like rotting eggs. Its effects on tourism in the Caribbean have been catastrophic. 2018 was a record year for sargassum blooms."

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2019-06-10 - Near-record dead zone predicted in the Gulf of Mexico:

Quote: "Based on current conditions, some scientists think that the Gulf of Mexico will experience the second-largest dead zone on record in July. Louisiana State University scientists predict that 8,717 square miles of bad water will be at the bottom of the continental shelf off Louisiana and Texas, making it about the same size as the state of New Jersey. The largest one was in 2017, at 8,776 square miles."

Note: So the record for the largest dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico was set waaaay back in...2017. Dead zones have been spreading across the oceans of the Earth for decades now. That should have been a pretty big clue that a planetary extinction event similar to or identical to the Great Dying was under way...

2019-06-10 - Record-shattering heatwave broils Southern California, nearly 240 wildfires break out in a week across the state:

Quote: "Dozens of other records were shattered Monday from Southern California, where the [temperature in] Thermal, California, reached 113 degrees and Stockton, California, tied a record at 105 degrees."

2019-06-10 - Heatwave and water scarcity in India trigger clashes over water, fights and stabbings ensue:

Quote: "Police were tasked with guarding water tankers and water sources in Madhya Pradesh state in central India, the Times of India reported on Saturday, following clashes over water in the state and other parts of the country. Temperatures in India reached 50.3 degrees Celsius (122.54 Fahrenheit) last week, nearing the record high of 51 degrees Celsius set in 2016. Authorities have been distributing water to areas most affected by the heatwave, but the scarcity of water has prompted fights and stabbings at relief points."

Note: Sure doesn't take long for civilization to start breaking down when the water supply dries up! I wonder if in the future we'll see the water version of cannibals, people killing people to harvest their bodies for their considerable water content. Drought ghouls! Also, I just said three days ago, after some monkeys were fighting over water in India, in the 2019-06-07 update, that we should watch how monkey-like WE behave when water gets scarce, and here we go!

2019-06-10 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane returns to coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "A British Airways flight from Heathrow to Washington was forced to turn back due to an unexplained 'smell of smoke'. The BA293 Boeing 747-400 turned back shortly after passing over Ireland and landed safely back at Heathrow on Monday evening (June 10)."

Note: This is the 69th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-06-10 - Car bursts into flame at 1:23 AM on Cedar Branch Lane in Loris (South Carolina), 15 miles from the coast, 2 people seriously burned:

Quote: "Two people were taken to a hospital with serious burns after a vehicle fire in Loris on Monday. Horry County Fire Rescue crews responded to a vehicle fire near 280 Cedar Branch Lane in Loris around 1:23 a.m. Monday, according to a tweet from HCFR. Two people were taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center 'with serious burns while the vehicle was extinguished.'"

2019-06-10 - Landfill fire breaks out at 3:12 AM in Steuben County (New York):

2019-06-10 - Wildfire season off to a ferocious start in Canada:

Quote: "Wildfire season in Canada - at least as destructive as in the United States - is off to a ferocious start. Eighty-seven fires were burning in seven provinces and two territories Monday, forcing 4,415 people from their homes."

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2019-06-11 - Unknown rotten egg odor hits medical building in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A medical building in Pittsburgh’s North Hills was evacuated Tuesday morning because people smelled natural gas. Firefighters were called about 10:30 a.m. to Children’s North on Wexford Bayne Road in Franklin Park. Everyone inside the building was evacuated for about an hour and a half. Officials said the building does not have gas. It is all electric, so it is believed the smell was coming from outside."

2019-06-11 - Man, 60, severely sickens in swimming pool at resort in the Dominican Republic:

Quote: "Within days of arriving on May 17, Martin reportedly became severely sick with stomach pain while swimming in the pool."

Quote: "The symptoms not only ruined the rest of his trip, they never went away after returning to the United States. He went to the emergency room after landing back home and has since been back five times in the last few weeks. 'I am scared, honestly. It’s my health,' he told the news broadcaster."

2019-06-11 - Two people found dead in burning car at edge of pond at 5:40 AM off Ridgewood Drive in Orangeburg (South Carolina):

2019-06-11 - RV trailer goes up in flames at 2:15 AM and kills man on Thurber Road in Caton (New York):

2019-06-11 - Man falls unconscious at scene of small stove fire, dies shortly later, in coastal Arlington (Virginia):

Quote: "After tracing the burning smell to a first-floor apartment, firefighters forced entry and discovered a small fire on a stove and put it out. Firefighters found an unconscious man in the living room. Fire/EMS personnel treated the man on the way to a hospital where he was pronounced dead."

2019-06-11 - Second man, age 38, who had 'medical event' during swimming portion of triathlon in Lake Monona dies in Madison (Wisconsin):

Quote: "Mahoney's death is the third in less than two weeks in Wisconsin of triathletes who were competing in the swim portion of the race."

2019-06-11 - Record-breaking heatwave continues scorching the US West Coast:

2019-06-11 - Record-breaking heatwave continues baking India:

Quote: "The country is witnessing its worst-ever heat wave, with four cities in north India on a record high. Starting with national capital Delhi, Churu in Rajasthan and Banda and Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh have witnessed temperatures of 48 degrees Celsius and above. Churu has crossed 50 degrees twice in the last week -- a whopping 8 degrees above its normal temperature at this time of the year."

2019-06-11 - Gigantic sargassum bloom now hitting Florida:

Quote: "The massive recharge of sargasso affects, in addition to Mexico, all the Caribbean coasts. The macro algae has already invaded the coasts of Florida, whose effects have a negative impact on the tourism industry in the area. 'A global change is taking place and the sargasso is becoming detrimental. In fact, it is the largest harmful algal bloom on Earth,' said Brian Lapointe, research professor at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute."

Quote: "According to the scientists’ latest monthly report, published on May 30, the forecast is 556 square miles of seaweed floating in the Caribbean Sea and the western Atlantic Ocean, ten times the historical average for the same time period between 2011-2017 and longer than on May 2018."

Quote: "'The stench of rotten eggs, as well as the accumulation of algae in the water and on the beach has made us leave sooner'. Told the Weather Channel, Dave Small, a tourist who recently visited the Keys in South Florida."

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2019-06-12 - Woman, 53, has heart attack and drops dead in hotel room in the Dominican Republic:

Quote: "A New York woman, 53, is the latest American tourist to die in the Dominican Republic, long one of the top Caribbean destinations for U.S. travelers. Leyla Cox of New Brighton went on vacation June 5 and was expected to return on June 12, as The Staten Island Advance reported. Cox, who had traveled alone before, was found dead of a heart attack in her hotel room, according to the news outlet."

2019-06-12 - Landfill fire breaks out before 1:30 AM in Salt Lake City (Utah):

2019-06-12 - Landfill fire breaks out near Beaumont (California):

2019-06-12 - Landfill fire burns out of control near Virden (Canada):

2019-06-12 - Heatwave broils Kuwait, 1 killed:

2019-06-12 - Vicious heatwave continues in India, 36+ people killed

Quote: "According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) department, the heatwave conditions in the country have cost the lives of 36 people, most of them in Andhra Pradesh. In 2018, the nation-wide toll was 25."

2019-06-12 - Terrible drought empties villages in India:

2019-06-12 - Frightening number of plant extinctions found in global survey:

2019-06-12 - Carbon emissions from energy industry rise at fastest rate since 2011:

2019-06-12 - Climate emergency declared in Auckland (New Zealand):

Quote: "Today, members of Auckland Council's Environment and Community Committee voted to join a growing community of cities around the world who have formally and publicly recognised the urgency for action on climate change by declaring a climate emergency."

Note: I don't think we should waste any more time underestimating the importance of beginning to think about starting to worry!

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2019-06-13 - Prepare for the climatic collapse of civilization:

2019-06-13 - Chesapeake Bay dead zone forecast to be one of the largest ever:

Quote: "A 'dead zone' with little or no oxygen content that forms each summer across the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay is forecast to be one of the largest on record in 2019."

Note: Just like the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, also forecast to be one of the largest ever...

2019-06-13 - Underground explosion and fire blows manhole cover off in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2019-06-13 - Underground electrical fire breaks out on Water Street in Augusta (Georgia):

2019-06-13 - Wildfires burning longer and harder to control, officials warn:

Quote: "'Some observers believe the stage is set for fire activity similar to the indescribable damage and staggering loss of life that we saw last year in Northern California,' Murkowski said during her opening remarks."

2019-06-13 - Passenger train bursts into flame at Union Station in Chicago (Illinois):

Note: A transit employee, man, 35, just had a 'medical problem' at a subway station in Chicago too and died shortly later, mentioned in the 2019-06-11 update...

2019-06-13 - Man has 'medical emergency' and topples into the American River in Rancho Cordova (California):

Quote: "Just after 9 a.m. Thursday, they responded to a call of a fisherman who had a medical emergency while he was wading in the water. Multiple crews, including the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office, responded to the reported drowning. When they arrived at the river, they found the man’s face completely under water. First responders and the fisherman was taken to an area hospital."

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2019-06-14 - Hydrogen sulfide found at 4:10 AM in basement at hospital in Salem (Oregon):

Quote: "A hazmat team was called to Salem Hospital on Friday morning after a chemical incident in the building’s basement. Initial reports from Salem Fire state that the hazmat team is working to resolve 'an active hydrogen sulfide incident.' The incident was reported at 4:10 a.m. and was contained to one room in the basement."

2019-06-14 - Man and dog burn to death in burning car just after midnight while parked in driveway on North Mountain Road in Copake (New York):

Quote: "Investigators with the sheriff's office say a male victim was located inside a vehicle on North Mountain Road. The fire was reported just after midnight. Police say a dog was also found deceased in the vehicle. Police say the fire does not appear suspicious, however the investigation is ongoing."

2019-06-14 - Man, 86, burns to death in his driveway at home near London (Kentucky):

Quote: "The body of an 86-year-old man was found on fire in the driveway of his home Friday morning."

Quote: "The coroner, who said he is not related to the deceased, said authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the man’s death, but they do not suspect foul play. Bowling said it 'was probably an accident.'"

2019-06-14 - Two people found burned to death in burning car in coastal Torvaianica (Italy):

Quote: "The charred bodies of two people were found early on Friday in a car in Torvaianica, a seaside town near Rome. The bodies were found after firefighters were called to put off the flames that had gripped the car."

2019-06-14 - Metal recycling center erupts in flame in El Paso (Texas):

2019-06-14 - Arctic ice continues melting away, sea ice extent at record low and dropping fast:

Quote: "Records are falling at the top of the world. The Arctic summer has a long way to go, but already sea ice levels over great swathes of the sprawling Arctic ocean are at historic lows (in the 40-year-long satellite record) for this time of year. The most striking declines are in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, located above Alaska."

Note: Whoa, look how completely aberrant the sea ice extent has begun to look in that graph. That's ominous!

2019-06-14 - Nearly half of Greenland's ice sheet is now melting, 2 billion tons of ice melt in one day:

Quote: "A major warm spell has caused nearly half the surface of the Greenland ice sheet to start melting, something that’s highly unusual for this time of year. And while this spike may pass, the gears could already be in motion for record-setting melt on the ice sheet’s western flank."

Quote: "The spike in temperatures has caused a spike in melt. Roughly 45 percent of the ice sheet surface has been melting. Normally, less than 10 percent of the ice sheet surface is melting at this time of year."

Quote: "In a sign that this year could once again set records for loss in Greenland ice, researchers have found that the island's ice sheet lost more than two gigatonnes (a gigaton is equal to one billion tonnes) of ice in just a day this week due to a widespread melting event."

2019-06-14 - Alarming wildfires rage near giant 'Mouth of Hell' gash in the tundra in Siberia (Russia):

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2019-06-15 - Dozens of Jimmy Buffet fans seriously sickened after swimming in swimming pools in the Dominican Republic:

Quote: "No one in the group can say for sure what exactly sparked their poor health, but they did all have one thing in common: they all drank at the 'swim-up pool bar or swam at the swim-up pool,' Flowers told the news station."

Note: So the one thing they all had in common was that they were in a swimming pool before they sickened...

2019-06-15 - Underground fires causing panic in villages in Uttar Pradesh (India):

Quote: "Underground fires in the forest ranges of Lakhimpur Kheri district in Uttar Pradesh have triggered panic among the local villagers who have started fleeing their homes as smoke has been seen emerging from cracks in the ground. According to reports, smoke has been emerging from cracks in the ground in Mohammadi area and the land is heated up underneath."

Quote: "Bela Pahara and Muda Galib villages have been affected. 'You cannot walk barefoot because the ground is almost on fire. The cattle is getting restless and we are now moving out because you never know when the flames break out. We have never seen something like this,' said Munawwar Naqvi, a local farmer."

Quote: "Smoke was seen gushing out through the cracks in the ground and at some places land had turned into embers, said residents of Bela Pahara and Muda Galib villages in South Kheri forest division."

2019-06-15 - Positive feedbacks kicking into gear in the Arctic:

2019-06-15 - Passenger plane hit by unknown odor at airport, 4 flight attendants sickened, in Chicago (Illinois):

Quote: "An American Airlines flight from Chicago to Charlotte was forced to return to the gate Saturday afternoon. The airline says four flight attendants got sick, complaining of an odor just before takeoff. They were taken to a hospital for evaluation."

2019-06-15 - Heatwave kills dozens of people across Bihar (India):

Quote: "Blistering heat claimed lives of at least 29 people in three districts of Bihar on Saturday. Aurangabad civil surgeon Dr Surendra Prasad said at least 25 people died due to heatwave in the district. Nawada DM Kaushal Kumar confirmed death of three people due to heat stroke. Officials at disaster management control room confirmed the death of one person in Gaya."

2019-06-15 - Eight garbage trucks go up in flames while parked at waste facility in Ottawa (Canada):

Quote: "Investigators are looking into a fire in west Ottawa Saturday that damaged eight garbage trucks and caused $3 million in damages."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-16 - High temperatures and incredible melt in Greenland:

Note: There's another one of those charts where this year looks insanely anomalous compared to any other year....

2019-06-16 - Man, 55, sickens at swimming pool, goes to his room and dies, at resort in coastal Sosúa (Dominican Republic):

Quote: "Friends told Reed that Allen 'complained about being hot at the pool. He said he was going to his room to take a shower. When his friends came back, he said he wasn't feeling 100% again, and said he was going to lie down for the night. The next morning his friend said he hadn't heard from Joe before breakfast, so he knocked on his door and there was no response.'"

2019-06-16 - Underground explosion and fire blow three manhole covers off in coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "A witness said it 'sounded and felt like a bomb' had gone off with manhole covers being blown into the air and people panicking."

2019-06-16 - Recycling center erupts in flame shortly after 2 AM, building heavily damaged, in Cathedral City (California):

Quote: "A fire ignited early Sunday morning at a recycling center in Cathedral City -- the third waste facility fire in the valley in 10 days."

2019-06-16 - Record-breaking heatwave and drought continue in southern India, scores killed, people abandoning homes, fighting over water:

Quote: "Tens of thousands have fled drought-stricken villages across northern India as a record-breaking heat wave that has killed scores of people drags on and water supplies dwindle. In the worst-hit areas many villages starved of water have been abandoned until the arrival of the monsoon brings relief, after weeks of temperatures topping 50 degrees. In the northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan fighting has broken out over scarce water supplies, with police deployed to protect water trucks and wells. Dozens of people have died in what is now one of the longest heat waves in decades. Delhi suffered temperatures of 48 degrees last week, the hottest June day on record."

Quote: "In 2017, researchers said South Asia, which is home to one fifth of the world's population, could see heat levels rise to unsurvivable levels by the end of the century if no action is taken on global warming."

Note: Looks like the heat is reaching unsurvivable levels NOW. Just ask all those dead people...

2019-06-16 - Drought wreaks havoc in Namibia, country looks to sell wild animals from its national parks due to lack of water:

Quote: "Namibia’s current drought is the second in three years and is so severe that Hage Geingob, the country’s president, declared a state of emergency in May 2019."

Quote: "Namibia is reportedly selling 1,000 wild animals from its national parks as the southwestern African country continues to struggle with drought."

2019-06-16 - Boy, 17, has 'medical episode' and topples off jet ski off coastal Seaside Heights (New Jersey):

Quote: "A 17-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after he suffered a medical episode and fell off a personal watercraft Sunday."

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2019-06-17 - Flesh-eating bacteria spreading to new coastal areas as the oceans continue heating up:

Quote: "But with rising ocean temperatures due to climate change, V. vulnificusmay be moving farther north, making these infections in areas previously off-limits, the authors said."

2019-06-17 - B-52 bomber hit by engine fire, plane makes emergency landing at RAF Mildenhall (Britain):

Quote: "He said: 'I'm lead to believe it had two engines overheating and one had a small fire - also steering problems.'"

Note: This is the 71st aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-06-17 - Car-carrier ship 'Diamond Highway' bursts into flame near the Spratly Islands, crew abandons ship:

Quote: "On June 15, 2019, the 'Diamond Highway' caught fire near Recto Bank (international name: Reed Bank). The Philippine Coast Guard received a report from a foreign counterpart that the vessel was still on fire as of June 17, 1:40 p.m."

Note: This is the 509th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2019. This is also the 4th car-carrier ship to burn this year so far if you count the car-carrier ship 'Sincerity Ace' that went up in flames in the Pacific Ocean 1,800 miles northwest of Hawaii on Dec 31 2018 but burned well into 2019. That car-carrier fire was mentioned in the 2018-12-31 update. After that, the car-carrier ship 'Grande Europa' bursts into flame at 4 AM near coastal Mallorca (Spain) on May 15th, mentioned in the 2019-05-15 update, and the car-carrier ship 'Platinum Ray' was hit by fire with 61 cars destroyed while docked in coastal Ulsan (South Korea) on May 27th, mentioned in the 2019-05-27 update. So it's only been three weeks since the last car-carrier ship burned and now here's another one...

2019-06-17 - Underground electrical explosion and fire closes street in Hartford (Connecticut):

2019-06-17 - Severe heatwave continues broiling Bihar (India), another 70 people die within 24 hours:

Quote: "Severe heatwave conditions affecting Bihar, India claimed the lives of at least 70 people over the past 24 hours, state authorities reported June 17, 2019."

2019-06-17 - Volcano Popocatépetl erupts again near Mexico City (Mexico):

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2019-06-18 - Vanishing - the extinction crisis is worse than you think:

2019-06-18 - Unknown rotten egg odor hits coastal Canvey Island (Britain):

Quote: "A probe has been launched after multiple Canvey residents reported strong smells of gas overnight. Castle Point Council has confirmed its health department is investigating after numerous complaints of residents smelling gas in and around their homes last night. Residents reported online that the smell had been present all day, including in roads such as Hilton Road, Long Road, Willow Close and East Crescent."

Quote: "Calor Gas bosses have since confirmed the site in Thames Road is NOT causing the issue, so residents are left without an answer."

Quote: "Linda Browne, 55, of Canvey Road, said: 'I’ve had to shut my windows as the smell was so strong and quite worrying. It’s all anyone has been talking about on the island and nobody seems to know what is happening. We want to know what is going on - and I don’t understand why nobody knows or is telling us about it.'"

2019-06-18 - Scientists shocked by Arctic permafrost thawing 70 years sooner than predicted:

Note: All that stuff they've been telling people was gonna happen by 2100 has begun to happen now. That arbitrary 2100 date was always a bunch of hooey, probably to convince people that any 'real problems' were going to happen after they're dead, so no big deal. Wrong! Climate change deniers should be prepared to look increasingly stupid. Obviously some folks will stay deniers until they're literally on fire and screaming as they burn to death, which will certainly make for some interesting headlines. And how about deadly heatwaves? Those were supposed to be happening by 2100 too. Any of those happening yet?

2019-06-18 - Relentless and deadly heatwave continues broiling Bihar (India), death toll climbs to 184, birds dropping dead:

Quote: "A heatwave in the eastern Indian state of Bihar has so far killed 184 people this season, according to the figures released by the disaster management department. Most of the deaths have been reported from Aurangabad, Gaya and Nawada districts. India is facing a severe heatwave with temperatures in Churu town in Rajasthan surpassing 122 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius)."

2019-06-18 - Metal recycling center erupts in flame in coastal St. John’s (Canada):

2019-06-18 - Landfill fire breaks out in Midland (Texas):

2019-06-18 - Landfill fire breaks out near Ladysmith (South Africa):

2019-06-18 - Landfill fire breaks out near the coast in Saint Thomas on the island of Barbados:

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2019-06-19 - Car bursts into flame and burns man to death on highway in coastal Mumbai (India):

Quote: "A Thane businessman was charred to death after his car caught fire on the Mumbai-Goa highway and then exploded on Wednesday morning. The hatchback is suspected to have caught fire due to a short circuit, said the police."

Quote: "Khed police inspector Suvarna Patki said, 'Kamble was driving alone. As soon as a short-circuit led to a fire, the car's doors locked due to the centralised lock system and Kamble was trapped. The vehicle exploded and he was charred to death inside.'"

Note: I've warned about that problem any number of times. Clearly he didn't get the memo!

2019-06-19 - Unknown odor hits Bristol (Britain), near the coast:

Quote: "This is not the first time a mystery smell has plagued residents. In August last year residents in Emersons Green reported a mysterious sewage odour and in July people living in Avonmouth and Shirehampton reported a similar smell that was believed to have been a result of the hot weather."

2019-06-19 - Global warming is pushing microbes into damaging climate feedback loops and raising health risks:

2019-06-19 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits the Macintyre River from Toomelah to Goondiwindi (Australia):

Quote: "People are advised to avoid direct contact with the water along the Macintyre River from Toomelah to Goondiwindi, after a red alert warning for toxic blue-green algae was issued. WaterNSW issued the red alert for the Macintyre River at Boggabilla, Toomelah and Goondiwindi on Wednesday afternoon."

Note: Cyanobacteria seem to be thriving as the planet heats up. The ancient anaerobic archaea and bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide are surely doing quite well in the oceans too, as the oceans heat up and lose oxygen and the dead zones continue to spread. These are ancient kinds of life that are awakening as the planet reverts to its more primordial anoxic hothouse state, and most of these ancient microbes are very hostile to human life...

2019-06-19 - Himalayan glacier melting has doubled since 2000:

2019-06-19 - Heatwave bakes Yemen, 7+ killed:

Quote: "A severe heatwave hit Yemen's southern provinces controlled by the government, killing seven citizens within a week, a medical official told Xinhua on Wednesday."

2019-06-19 - India's sixth-largest city, coastal Chennai, now almost entirely out of water:

Quote: "Chembarambakkam and the three other reservoirs that have traditionally supplied Chennai are nearly all dry, leaving the city suffering from an acute water shortage, said Jayaram Venkatesan, an activist in the city."

2019-06-19 - Government setting up 'smoke shelters' to provide breathable air during wildfires in coastal Seattle (Washington):

Quote: "Ahead of a Western wildfire season expected to be again worse than average, officials in Seattle announced Wednesday that five city buildings would be outfitted to serve as havens where residents can go to breathe clean air. The move is in response to several years marked by thick smoke hanging over the city from summer wildfires, which officials and scientists have unequivocally connected to the slow-motion of the effects of climate change."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-20 - Dozens of tundra fires break out along the coast in Alaska:

Quote: "In Alaska, where sea ice has shrunk to record lows in places and far-north temperatures have climbed to record highs, dozens of fires are burning the treeless tundra and releasing carbon into the atmosphere. The latest flurry of Alaska tundra fires has been on the Seward Peninsula, which juts out to the Bering Strait."

2019-06-20 - Underground electrical fire spews flames from manhole in coastal Queens (New York):

2019-06-20 - Tire recycling plant erupts in flame in coastal Port St. Lucie (Florida):

2019-06-20 - Around 500 tons of recycling waste go up in flames just after 6:30 AM at docks in coastal Chatham (Britain):

2019-06-20 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at home in Hodgdon (Maine):

Quote: "The truck had been sitting in Toner’s driveway for about 12 hours when the fire broke out. A 2011 Dodge Ram pickup owned by Jerry Toner of Hodgdon was destroyed June 13 when it burst into flames while sitting in his driveway. 'My neighbor, Bill Folsom, called me to say something weird was happening with the truck,' Toner said. 'He heard the horn beeping, then saw the lights start flashing and windshield wipers were going. Then he saw smoke starting to roll out from underneath the hood.'"

Quote: "Rick Tidd of the Hodgdon Fire Department said the fire was not something he had come across before in all his years as a firefighter. 'It was really kind of weird how that happened,' he said. 'It was just sitting there in his dooryard.'"

2019-06-20 - Car bursts into flame at home, fire spreads, home heavily damaged, in Palm Springs (California), dog killed:

Note: A 56-year-old man was just found dead in a swimming pool at apartments in Palm Springs the day before too, mentioned in the 2019-06-19 update

2019-06-20 - Man, 47, has 'medical episode' and collapses face-down into pond in Holland Township (Michigan):

Quote: "The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office says a 47-year-old fisherman suffered some sort of medical episode and fell face-down into the water. A 57-year-old Zeeland man who was driving by saw him fall into the pond, so he pulled over. He rushed to the fisherman and held his head above water until emergency responders arrived."

Note: If that other guy hadn't saved this man then he would've been yet another person found dead and face-down in a body of water. Some people have died in exactly this way in 2 or 3 INCHES of water...

2019-06-20 - Study predicts more long-term sea level rise from Greenland ice:

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2019-06-21 - Refinery heavily damaged by fire and huge explosions at 4 AM in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The accident at about 4 a.m. Friday lit up the pre-dawn sky with a fireball so gigantic that it was captured by a weather service satellite."

Quote: "'It looked like an atom bomb went off. The whole sky got bright orange,' an eye witness said."

Quote: "It’s the second fire at the refinery in one month, following a June 10 fire in which no injuries were reported."

2019-06-21 - At least six cars destroyed by fire while parked at Walmart in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Note: Busy day in Philly!

2019-06-21 - Landfill fire breaks out in Carson City (Nevada):

2019-06-21 - LPG facility destroyed by massive fire in coastal Singapore, 1 killed, 2 injured:

2019-06-21 - Twin-engine plane crashes and burns on the North Shore on the island of Oahu (Hawaii), all 11 aboard killed:

Quote: "The death toll has risen to 11 in the aftermath of a plane crash in Oahu, Hawaii, on Friday -- slightly higher than the initial count of nine."

2019-06-21 - May was the 4th hottest on record for the globe and the 413th consecutive month with above-average temperatures:

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-22 - Man, 56, has respiratory problems and dies at beachside resort in coastal Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic):

Quote: "As Dominican officials try to quell rising concerns among would-be travelers worldwide about safety there, the U.S. Department of State on Friday confirmed to Fox News the June 17 death of a New York business owner, Vittorio Caruso, 56, who died after becoming critically ill at the Boca Chica Resort in Santo Domingo. Caruso's death is the third in a seven-day span in June, and he's the 11th American tourist to die in the Dominican Republic since last year."

Quote: "Caruso's sister-in-law, Lisa Maria Caruso, told News 12 Long Island that Vittorio Caruso died after suffering respiratory distress and possibly a heart attack while on vacation."

Quote: "Caruso's sister-in-law, Lisa Maria Caruso, told Fox News that Vittorio was in good health and had owned and operated a pizzeria in New York with his brother until a month ago."

2019-06-22 - Heatwave set to bake Europe:

Quote: "Intense heat is forecast across much of Continental Europe over the coming days. Temperatures are expected to peak at close to 40°C on Thursday in Paris. And it is unclear how long this heatwave will last. June is typically a month of gentle warmth in Europe, marking the beginning of summer. However, this year's June has been anything but gentle. There have been turbulent storms, floods, giant hailstone showers and lightning - and sometimes all during the same day. And now the thermometer is set to dramatically shoot up with an abnormally early heatwave forecast for next week. "

2019-06-22 - Woman has breathing problems and loses consciousness on boat on the River Medina near coastal Cowes (Britain):

Quote: "The initial 999 call suggested the woman had lost consciousness. She was one of three people aboard at the time, including a child."

Quote: "A woman with breathing difficulties aboard a motor-launch on the River Medina was rescued last night."

2019-06-22 - Woman has 'medical emergency' and topples out of kayak into the Allegheny River near Weston Mills (New York):

Quote: "A female kayaker was rescued from the Allegheny River Saturday afternoon after falling in. Gordon Scott, spokesman for the Allegany Fire Department, said officials were alerted at roughly 3:20 p.m. of a call involving a semi-conscious woman in the river. They in turn notified Allegany Rescue EMS, Allegany Technical Rescue Squad and the Westons Mills Technical Rescue Swift Water Team to respond. The female was found to have suffered a medical emergency in her kayak and fell out of the kayak into the water, explained Scott."

2019-06-22 - Transformer explodes and burns at 5:31 AM in Fargo (North Dakota):

2019-06-22 - Highway Patrol SUV bursts into flame on Bass Lake Road in Placerville (California):

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-22 - Man, 56, has respiratory problems and dies at beachside resort in coastal Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic):

Quote: "As Dominican officials try to quell rising concerns among would-be travelers worldwide about safety there, the U.S. Department of State on Friday confirmed to Fox News the June 17 death of a New York business owner, Vittorio Caruso, 56, who died after becoming critically ill at the Boca Chica Resort in Santo Domingo. Caruso's death is the third in a seven-day span in June, and he's the 11th American tourist to die in the Dominican Republic since last year."

Quote: "Caruso's sister-in-law, Lisa Maria Caruso, told News 12 Long Island that Vittorio Caruso died after suffering respiratory distress and possibly a heart attack while on vacation."

Quote: "Caruso's sister-in-law, Lisa Maria Caruso, told Fox News that Vittorio was in good health and had owned and operated a pizzeria in New York with his brother until a month ago."

2019-06-22 - Heatwave set to bake Europe:

Quote: "Intense heat is forecast across much of Continental Europe over the coming days. Temperatures are expected to peak at close to 40°C on Thursday in Paris. And it is unclear how long this heatwave will last. June is typically a month of gentle warmth in Europe, marking the beginning of summer. However, this year's June has been anything but gentle. There have been turbulent storms, floods, giant hailstone showers and lightning - and sometimes all during the same day. And now the thermometer is set to dramatically shoot up with an abnormally early heatwave forecast for next week. "

2019-06-22 - Woman has breathing problems and loses consciousness on boat on the River Medina near coastal Cowes (Britain):

Quote: "The initial 999 call suggested the woman had lost consciousness. She was one of three people aboard at the time, including a child."

Quote: "A woman with breathing difficulties aboard a motor-launch on the River Medina was rescued last night."

2019-06-22 - Woman has 'medical emergency' and topples out of kayak into the Allegheny River near Weston Mills (New York):

Quote: "A female kayaker was rescued from the Allegheny River Saturday afternoon after falling in. Gordon Scott, spokesman for the Allegany Fire Department, said officials were alerted at roughly 3:20 p.m. of a call involving a semi-conscious woman in the river. They in turn notified Allegany Rescue EMS, Allegany Technical Rescue Squad and the Westons Mills Technical Rescue Swift Water Team to respond. The female was found to have suffered a medical emergency in her kayak and fell out of the kayak into the water, explained Scott."

2019-06-22 - Transformer explodes and burns at 5:31 AM in Fargo (North Dakota):

2019-06-22 - Highway Patrol SUV bursts into flame on Bass Lake Road in Placerville (California):

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-24 - Man suddenly sickens, vomits, kidneys failing, in the Dominican Republic:

Quote: "On Sunday, when Adkins tried to fly back to the U.S., he was dripping with sweat and vomited in the plane’s bathroom, according to his sister-in-law, Marla Strick. Adkins was then forced to disembark. Adkins was hospitalized in the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo. 'They transferred him to Santo Domingo and [said] that his breathing is really bad and that his kidneys were failing,' said Strick."

2019-06-24 - More on the woman who smelled an odor and sickened in the Dominican Republic:

Quote: "Tina said she woke under the air conditioning unit in their room."

Quote: "During the second day of the trip, the 49-year-old and her husband, John, returned to their room to take a nap. But soon the couple awoke to a strange odor. 'It smelled like paint,' Tina told the news outlet. 'My throat and nose were on fire,' she said. She immediately 'jumped up and ran outside, coughing and hacking,' according to her husband, who said his throat also 'stung bad.'"

Quote: "She was revived by a medic using a defibrillator and transferred to a hospital, where lesions were discovered on her lungs, the couple said. Upon returning home, Tina saw a doctor, who told her that she could’ve died on the Caribbean island. 'You’ve been poisoned, but we don’t know from what,' the physician reportedly told the couple."

Note: So she was laying next to the AC unit, which exchanges air with the outside. So the smell came from outside and it almost killed her. Not a lot of things that could be, that would come from outside, be that potent and hit that quickly, at a resort on the coast...

2019-06-24 - Unknown rotten egg odor continues hitting coastal Canvey Island (Briain):

2019-06-24 - Person found dead in burning car at 1 AM near the Tule River in Porterville (California):

Quote: "While investigators were looking for the cause of the blaze, they found a body inside the vehicle, deputies said. It's possible that the car's engine caught fire while the driver was inside."

2019-06-24 - Ammunition depot devastated by fire and explosions near Arys (Kazakhstan), 2 killed, 165 injured, tens of thousands evacuated:

Quote: "Two people were killed, 165 people injured and roughly 40,000 people were evacuated after an explosion rocked a military depot in Kazakhstan's southern city of Arys, Turkestan region, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced Tuesday."

Quote: "The explosions at the depot have been powerful enough to have been registered by the nation's seismic service."

2019-06-24 - Unprecedented weeklong heatwave advances across Europe:

Quote: "Authorities have urged children and older people to stay indoors and issued severe warnings against dehydration and heatstroke as an unprecedented week-long heatwave begins its advance across continental Europe."

2019-06-24 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) spreading along the coast in Mississippi, 9 beaches closed:

Quote: "Beaches in our neighboring Mississippi counties are closing at a rapid rate because of a harmful, blue-green algae bloom spotted in the area. As of Monday, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality closed nine beaches in Harrison and Hancock Counties."

2019-06-24 - Possible food crisis imminent as crops fail across the US:

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-25 - Sargassum algae continues hitting Caribbean beaches in Mexico and emitting hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "It is of a brownish colour and it has the stench of hundreds of rotten eggs, a smell that stirs the guts and it is currently threatening to ruin the tourism sector and of course, the vacation season of the Caribbean beaches."

Quote: "However, in this past months, so much seaweed has arrived that tourists from all over the world have decided to cancel their vacation and spend their summer elsewhere. This situation is not only a problem for Mexico and the Riviera Maya, the problem also affects Florida in the US, the Dominican Republic in the north, Barbados in the east to name a few."

Note: The rotten egg smell is hydrogen sulfide. Also, Barbados, they say?

2019-06-25 - Couple, 32 and 25, go out on jet ski and disappear off the island of Barbados:

Note: Dominican Republic, they say?

2019-06-25 - Man dies after sickening, sustains kidney damage, in coastal Punta Cana (Dominican Republic):

2019-06-25 - Girl, 15, suddenly sickens and goes into a coma in coastal Punta Cana (Dominican Republic):

Note: Hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause damage to the kidneys, among other things. Both this girl and the man who died had similar or identical symptoms. The girl has no history of diabetes, so maybe her kidneys have also been damaged, just like the man who died, and both of them were also in the same beachside town. Picture shows her in the water at the beach there...

2019-06-25 - Passenger plane hit by smoke on approach to the island of Tenerife (Spain), crew hospitalized:

Quote: "The Airbus A320-200, headed for Tenerife south from London Gatwick, was about to reach the top of its descent into the airport about 190nm northeast of Tenerife when the crew reported fumes in the cockpit, according to the Aviation Herald. The website reported: 'Fumes were also observed in the cabin, a number of flight attendants donned their smoke hoods. The aircraft descended early to FL090 and accelerated the approach to Tenerife, the aircraft landed safely on runway 25 about 30 minutes later. All crew went to a hospital.'"

Note: This is the 72nd aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-06-25 - Nitric acid tanks burst into flame at 6:16 AM at business in Simi Valley (California):

Quote: "An employee who works in the building reported that nitric acid tanks were on fire, according to Simi Valley police."

Note: Nitric acid is a strong acid and dangerous to touch or breathe, but it has a flammability index of 0, like water, and by itself is not flammable and does not explode. From Wiki: "Flash point: Non-flammable". However, nitric acid is explosively flammable if it comes into contact with gaseous hydrogen sulfide. So if any nitric acid leaks at all and there's any hydrogen sulfide in the air or adsorbed onto materials with which the nitric acid comes into contact, then bad fires and/or explosions are going to result...

2019-06-25 - Petrochemical plant erupts in flame near coastal Algeciras (Spain):

Quote: "A fire at a petrochemical plant in southern Spain has sent a massive plume of black smoke into the air near Gibraltar. The blaze broke out Tuesday at an industrial zone near Algeciras."

2019-06-25 - Underground electrical explosion and fire blow manhole cover off in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-26 - Wetlands spew hydrogen sulfide and methane along the Colorado River near Moab (Utah):

Quote: "The odor is the result of the decomposing vegetation in the wetlands and along the Colorado River, which is off-gassing sulphur and methane."

2019-06-26 - Seven people sickened by unknown cause at university in coastal Tampa (Florida):

Quote: "News Channel 8 has learned that Tampa Fire Rescue has evacuated the interdisciplinary science building at the University of South Florida after several reported feeling sick. Tampa Fire received a call about a medical issue regarding three people. USF spokesman, Adam Freeman, says a total of seven people reported feeling dizzy and sick. One person was taken to the hospital and six others are being monitored at the scene. "

2019-06-26 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing in Blountville (Tennessee):

Quote: "Authorities say an American Airlines plane flying from North Carolina to Kentucky made an emergency landing in Tennessee because crew members reported smoke in the cockpit. News outlets report the plane landed safely Wednesday morning in Blountville."

Note: This is the 73rd aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-06-26 - Underground electrical fire causes blackouts in Birmingham (Alabama):

2019-06-26 - Metal recycling center erupts in flame in Woodinville (Washington):

2019-06-26 - Landfill fire breaks out at 2 AM in Walker County (Georgia):

2019-06-26 - Recycling center fire breaks out at 4:52 AM near Preston (Britain):

2019-06-26 - Historic heatwave continues broiling Europe, Paris bans some cars:

Quote: "Paris is taking unprecedented action to keep vehicles from polluting the atmosphere as the city -- and other parts of Europe -- grapples with a severe heatwave that's already pushed the mercury well past the 100-degree mark. Leaders in the French capital have barred the most polluting vehicles from the road. Only gasoline vehicles certified on one of the lowest three emissions levels -- Crit'air 0, 1 and 2 -- will be allowed on the road with electric vehicles. The city has never before taken such preemptive action to keep cars off the roads. 'You have to face reality, which is the increase in air pollution when there is a heatwave, like the one we are experienced at the moment,' France's Minister of Ecological Transition Francois de Rugy said."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-27 - RV trailer bursts into flame and explodes and kills woman in coastal Port Orange (Florida):

2019-06-27 - Nitric acid fire erupts in coastal Little Island (Ireland), 2100 feet from the coast:

Quote: "Emergency services in Cork are currently dealing with an acid spill and a fire in Little Island. Emergency services were called shortly after 5.30pm this evening to respond to a nitric acid incident and fire at Courtown Industrial Estate in Little Island."

Note: Nitric acid is a strong acid and dangerous to touch or breathe, but it has a flammability index of 0, like water, and by itself is not flammable and does not explode. From Wiki: "Flash point: Non-flammable". However, nitric acid is explosively flammable if it comes into contact with gaseous hydrogen sulfide. So if any nitric acid leaks at all and there's any hydrogen sulfide in the air or adsorbed onto materials with which the nitric acid comes into contact, then bad fires and/or explosions are going to result. Some barrels of nitric acid just went up in flames at 6:15 AM at a business in Simi Valley (California), mentioned in the 2019-06-25 update...

2019-06-27 - Manure bursts into flame and ignites 13,590-acre wildfire near the Ebro River in coastal Catalonia (Spain):

Quote: "Hundreds of firefighters struggled Thursday to contain a wildfire in northeastern Spain that has spread over 5,500 hectares (13,590 acres) and forced the evacuation of 53 residents. A Spanish military unit with 120 specialists joined local firefighters who had worked overnight to control the blaze that sent thick plumes of smoke over difficult, hilly terrain near the Ebro River. Miquel Buch, the regional interior minister, said 20,000 hectares were under threat in what is the worst fire in the Catalonia region in two decades. Buch said authorities suspect the cause of the outbreak was a deposit of improperly stored chicken manure at a farm in the village of Torre de l'Espanyol that high temperatures caused to combust."

2019-06-27 - Recycling center fire erupts at 12:30 AM, fire gets big, in coastal Port Morris, Bronx (New York), several injured:

2019-06-27 - Gateway protecting the Arctic's oldest sea ice has collapsed months ahead of schedule:

2019-06-27 - Unprecedented heatwave continues broiling Europe with the worst to come, heat records broken in many countries:

2019-06-27 - Heatwave bakes Kuwait, temp his 52C (126F):

2019-06-27 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Hopatcong (New Jersey):

Quote: "Health officials in New Jersey are warning people not to swim in one of the state's largest lakes. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued the warning because of a harmful algae bloom that's taken over Lake Hopatcong."

Quote: "This is the first time the DEP has advised that the lake be completely avoided, according to a DEP spokesman."

Quote: "DEP officials say the advisory could be 'in place for weeks, if not longer.'"

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-28 - Minibus bursts into flame at 12:40 AM and kills two men while parked in coastal Accra (Ghana):

Quote: "A driver’s mate and his friend have been burnt to death while asleep in a bus that caught fire Friday dawn at Odorkor in Accra. The mate has been identified by his sister Kwabena Tongo, 26yrs. The identity of his friend remains unconfirmed. The tragedy happened at about 12:40 am when eyewitnesses say they suddenly noticed thick billowing smoke and fire from the Mazda mini-bus with registration number GX 3119-13."

2019-06-28 - Mysterious explosion and flash of light in the sky shortly after 1 AM alarm people in Kilmarnock (Scotland), 7 miles from the coast:

2019-06-28 - Heatwave continues to bake Europe, France endures its hottest day on record:

Quote: "France has registered its highest temperature since records began as the death toll rose from a heatwave suffocating much of Europe. The mercury hit 45.9 degrees Celsius [114.6F] in Villevieille, in the southerly Provence region, the weather forecaster Meteo France said, almost two degrees above the previous high of 44.1 Celsius [111.4F] recorded in August 2003. The World Meteorological Organisation said that 2019 was on track to be among the world's hottest years, and that 2015-2019 would then be the hottest five-year period on record. It said the European heatwave was 'absolutely consistent' with extremes linked to the impact of greenhouse gas emissions."

2019-06-28 - Massive wildfire burns for a third day in coastal Catalonia (Spain):

2019-06-28 - Brush fire breaks out and destroys three cars in coastal Miami (Florida):

2019-06-28 - Wildfires almost quadrupled from 2017 to 2018 across Scotland:

Quote: "The number of wildfires recorded in Scotland last summer was about four times higher than in 2017. Between June and August last year, 2,329 grass and woodland fires were recorded across the country. That was a rise on the 624 recorded over the same period the previous year."

2019-06-28 - Yellowstone Steamboat Geyser eruptions continue breaking records, leaving earth scientists perplexed:

2019-06-28 - Huge boiling mud geyser opens up outside home in Rotorua (New Zealand):

2019-06-28 - Docs show Navy got 'UFO' patent granted by warning of similar Chinese tech advances:

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-29 - Unknown odor hits passenger plane, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Atlantic City (New Jersey), 4 flight attendants taken off on stretchers:

Quote: "A strange odor caused a Spirit Airlines flight to make an emergency landing Saturday and closed the airfield at Atlantic City International Airport for 15 minutes, airport officials said."

Quote: "'When we landed they took the four flight attendants out on stretchers,' Bronga said."

2019-06-29 - Unknown fumes hit passenger plane, plane lands safely in College Station (Texas):

2019-06-29 - Natural gas electrical plant damaged by transformer explosion and fire near the waterfront in coastal Providence (Rhode Island):

Quote: "The station's three towering smoke stacks are visible from nearby interstate highways and overlook a popular row of waterfront bars. The station also had a cameo in the background of scenes in the 1998 comedy There's Something About Mary."

2019-06-29 - Recycling center fire breaks out in Ashford (Britain):

2019-06-29 - Landfill fire breaks out, again, in Ariyamangalam (India):

2019-06-29 - California wildfires could be twice as bad this year as last year's deadly record-setting fires, experts warn:

Quote: "If you thought last year’s fire season was bad, there’s some sobering news: experts say we should expect even more fires this year, with double the number of acres possibly burned."

2019-06-29 - Boy, 10, found face-down and unconscious in swimming pool in Durham (North Carolina), toddler almost dies in pool in Raleigh too:

Quote: "A 10-year-old boy was in the pool with other people when someone noticed he was face down in the water, according to police. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital and was stable Saturday night, Durham police said."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-06-30 - Unknown odor sickens seven people at apartment building in coastal Bronx (New York):

Quote: "Hazmat crews responded to a call at the Bronx River Houses Sunday. Officials tell News 12 that a few residents noticed a 'weird' smell just before 12 p.m. Seven people were treated for inhalation issues, with six of them being taken to Jacobi Medical Center. None of them are in serious condition."

2019-06-30 - Small plane bursts into flame before landing at airport in San Bernardino (California):

Quote: "Fire broke out on a small plane shortly before its landing on a runway at San Bernardino International Airport on Sunday, June 30; and no one was reported injured after firefighters on the ground extinguished the flames."

Note: This is the 74th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-06-30 - Dozens of wildfires rage across Alaska:

Quote: "Dozens of wildfires burning in Alaska have prompted evacuation orders and air quality alerts, including in the Anchorage and Fairbanks areas."

2019-06-30 - Landfill fire breaks out near Bridgwater (Britain):

2019-06-30 - Apocalyptic hailstorm dumps at least a meter of hail (!) on Guadalajara (Mexico):

2019-06-30 - Hailstorm destroys tomato crops in Kullu District (India):

2019-06-30 - Heatwave bakes Morocco:

2019-06-30 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Spruce Spring Reservoir in Clinton (New Jersey):

2019-06-30 - Mount Merapi erupts and spews lava in Indonesia:

2019-06-30 - Eruption of Mount Ulawun sends thousands fleeing on the island of New Britain (Indonesia):

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