Monday, July 8, 2019

Event Update For 2019-07-07

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2019-07-07 - People sicken after swimming in Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota):

Quote: "Hennepin County Public Health is investigating reports of illness possibly related with the 'Big Island' area of Lake Minnetonka, in Orono, Minnesota, over the Fourth of July holiday."

2019-07-07 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) closes every beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi:

Quote: "The entire shoreline of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is now under the same water warning tied to the blue-green algae bloom. Pascagoula’s two beach testing sites joined the list Sunday morning."

Quote: "The toxic algae can cause rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, the state agency warned."

Note: They left out seizures and death for some reason...

2019-07-07 - Three planes, tractor, RV, car and hangar destroyed by massive fire at Lacombe Regional Airport in Lacombe (Canada), nobody there:

Quote: "Three planes and a hangar have been destroyed in a $1-million fire in central Alberta. The blaze happened Sunday evening at the Lacombe Regional Airport, about 125 kilometres south of Edmonton. Jon Fromm with the Lacombe Flying Club says in a Facebook post that no one was inside the hangar at the time and no one was hurt."

Quote: "The fire was fueled by a number of vehicles in the hangar in addition to the planes including a car, tractor and a motorhome."

Note: These are the 75th, 76th and 77th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019, and this is the 1141st tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2019, and this is the 241st RV to burn in 2019...

2019-07-07 - Underground fire breaks out at landfill in coastal Rockport (Maine):

2019-07-07 - Huge pallet fire erupts at 12:20 AM at pallet business in Commerce (California):

Quote: "A motorist traveling on the 5 Freeway early Sunday recorded a large fire at a commercial building in Commerce that took firefighters more than an hour to extinguish. A call about a pallet fire at 3045 Vail Avenue came in at around 12:20 a.m., according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. A business called Lasol Pallets Inc. is listed under that address."

2019-07-07 - Landfill fire breaks out in White Plains (Kentucky):

2019-07-07 - Wildfire breaks out and closes eastbound lanes on I-80 near Lake Point (Utah):

2019-07-07 - Wildfire breaks out in Moneragala on the island of Sri Lanka:

2019-07-07 - Fishing ship 'Yuan Yu 15' explodes and sinks near coastal Guinea-Bissau, 3 killed, 3 missing:

Quote: "Chinese fishing vessel with 21 crew on board suffered explosion at night Jul 5-6, off Guinea Bissau coast, Atlantic ocean. 3 Chinese crew died, 3 went missing, 15 crew including Chinese and Guinea Bissau nationalities, were rescued and transferred to Bissau. Vessel, identified as YUAN YU 15 and operated by Chinese company Zhongyu Global Seefood Corporation, reportedly sank."

Note: This is the 582nd boat/ship to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-07 - Several watercraft and boathouse destroyed by fire at 1 AM on Lake Cherokee (Texas):

Quote: "When crews arrived on scene, they found a heavily involved boathouse and several watercraft on fire."

2019-07-07 - Private bus bursts into flame near Shackleton Street and Oram Avenue in coastal New Brighton (New Zealand):

2019-07-07 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on highway near Campana (Panama):

Note: These are the 321st and 322nd buses to burn in 2019...

2019-07-07 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-80 in Johnson County (Iowa):

Note: This is the 1142nd tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-07 - RV bursts into flame at 1:26 AM while parked in parking lot in West Richland (Washington):

2019-07-07 - RV bursts into flame while parked along Old Route 209 in Schuylkill Township (Pennsylvania):

Note: These are the 242nd and 243rd RVs to burn in 2019...

2019-07-07 - Minivan bursts into flame near intersection in Tallahassee (Florida):

2019-07-07 - SUV bursts into flame on I-95 near coastal Falmouth (Maine):

2019-07-07 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-69 in Monroe County (Indiana), 1 injured:

Quote: "One person suffered burns and was transported to the hospital after a pickup truck caught fire, causing three other vehicles to crash attempting to avoid the truck on Interstate 69 in Monroe County."

2019-07-07 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 2:57 AM on Turnpike Road in Lower Weare, Axbridge (Britain):

2019-07-07 - Several cars destroyed by fire while parked at business in Branson (Missouri):

Quote: "A similar incident happened Friday night but authorities say the two are not related."

2019-07-07 - Car bursts into flame, ignites brush fire, on State Route 7 ramp in coastal Tacoma (Washington):

2019-07-07 - Car bursts into flame while parked in coastal Sharjah (UAE):

Quote: "Major Hani Al Dahmani, director of media and public relations at Sharjah Civil Defence, said the police operation room received a call at 7.48pm on Sunday saying a car suddenly burst into flames, but luckily no one was inside the car. Two cars parked on either side of the burning vehicle were also damaged."

2019-07-07 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Old Sterling Highway in Anchor Point (Alaska), 2 miles from the coast:

2019-07-07 - Several cars and home destroyed by fire on Camelot Way in Glocester (Rhode Island):

Quote: "An investigation is underway after a fire destroyed a home and several cars late Sunday night."

2019-07-07 - Auto parts business destroyed by fire in Bainbridge (Georgia):

2019-07-07 - Barn destroyed by fire near Rice Hill (Oregon):

2019-07-07 - Foundry damaged by fire in Troutdale (Oregon), nobody there:

2019-07-07 - Church destroyed by basement fire shortly before 2 AM in Kansas City (Kansas):

2019-07-07 - Home damaged by fire in coastal Surrey (Canada), 4 injured:

2019-07-07 - Garage goes up in flames at 2:57 AM at home on Marilla Lane in coastal Chesapeake (Virginia):

2019-07-07 - Garage destroyed by fire at home in Los Gatos (California):

2019-07-07 - Home damaged by fire on Arthur Avenue in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

2019-07-07 - Home heavily damaged by fire on North Burton Avenue in Springfield (Missouri), 3 injured:

2019-07-07 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Fourth Street in Las Vegas (Nevada), 1 injured:

2019-07-07 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 12:18 AM on Ross Road in Pembroke (New Hampshire), 1700 feet from the Merrimack River, nobody there:

2019-07-07 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Gladstone Court in Bel Air (Maryland), nobody there:

2019-07-07 - Home destroyed by fire on State Street in Keyser (West Virginia), nobody there:

2019-07-07 - Home destroyed by fire at 1:45 AM on Beech Tree Lane in Meridian Township (Michigan):

2019-07-07 - Two homes destroyed by fire on Old Rodgers Ranch Court in Pleasant Hill (California):

2019-07-07 - Two homes destroyed by AC fire in coastal Pearl City (Hawaii):

2019-07-07 - Duplex heavily damaged by fire in Racine (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2019-07-07 - Duplex heavily damaged by fire on Liberty Street in Passaic (New Jersey), dog killed:

2019-07-07 - Apartment building damaged by fire shortly after 4:30 AM on Quimby Mountain Road in Sharon (Vermont):

2019-07-07 - Vacant brick factory destroyed by fire at 1 AM near Monroe (Washington):

2019-07-08 - Vacant ice plant burns in Modesto (California):

2019-07-07 - Another gray whale washes ashore dead on coastal Haida Gwaii (Canada):

2019-07-07 - Mako shark washes ashore dead at coastal Waihi Beach (New Zealand):

2019-07-07 - Hundreds of fish found dead in lake at Carondelet Park in St. Louis (Missouri):

Quote: "Hundreds of dead fish are rotting in the summer sun at a pond in Carondelet Park. Neighbors say there have been some issues here over the years but nothing to this extent."

Quote: "Whatever the cause, residents say the deaths came about quickly. 'He was just here Friday evening and this was not here. I don’t know what happened. There’s a lot of speculation,' said Christina Troisi, a frequent park-goer."

Note: About 5 miles from me as the gas blows, and much closer to the Mississippi River. Pretty close to where Dutchsince lives...

2019-07-07 - Two brothers, 9 and 12, die in pond in Baroda (India):

2019-07-07 - Woman, 28, dies after being pulled from swimming pool at home in London (Canada):

Quote: "According to police, emergency crews were called to a home on Mohawk Drive around 4:15 p.m. The call was in relation to a person found unresponsive in a pool, police say. A 28-year-old woman was then taken to hospital, where she was later pronounced dead."

2019-07-07 - Woman, 69, has 'medical incident' after entering the water at Nantasket Beach, dies shortly later, in coastal Hull (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Amy White, 69, had suffered a medical incident while swimming, and members of the Hull Fire Department were performing CPR on White when emergency personnel arrived, Hull police said in a statement."

2019-07-07 - Woman, 50, dies after being pulled from the water in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

2019-07-07 - Conservation officer, man, 48, has 'medical emergency', dies shortly later, near Red Lake (Minnesota):

Quote: "A Red Lake Tribal Police conservation officer has died after having a medical emergency while on duty."

2019-07-07 - Fan has 'medical emergency' at Talen Energy Stadium on the Delaware River, dies shortly later, in Chester (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The Philadelphia Union are saddened to learn of the passing of a fan last night at Talen Energy Stadium due to a medical emergency."

2019-07-07 - Man found dead in the Sacramento River in Sacramento (California):

2019-07-07 - College student, man, 22, football player, drops dead at home in Flagstaff (Arizona):

2019-07-07 - Man found dead in Pigeon Creek in Evansville (Indiana):

2019-07-07 - Man found dead in creek in Garland (Texas):

2019-07-07 - Person found dead near Walmart in Beaumont (Texas):

2019-07-07 - Woman, 52, found dead near Cedar Bluffs (Nebraska):

2019-07-07 - Man dies after being pulled from Lake Huron near Southampton (Canada), and man, 24, disappears into Georgian Bay:

Quote: "In what’s believed to be the first drowning this summer in the region, a man died in hospital after he was rescued Friday morning from Lake Huron near Southampton. Emergency services, including local marine units and the Canadian Coast Guard, were called to the area around 9 a.m. after receiving reports of a small aluminum boat travelling in circles on the water. Civilians rescued the man from the water before emergency services arrived, police said. The man was taken from the shore to hospital by ambulance where he was in critical condition. On Saturday night, South Bruce OPP said the man had died."

Quote: "Meanwhile, further north near Tobermory, police are searching for a missing 24-year-old man at Bruce Peninsula National Park after he jumped into Georgian Bay and didn’t resurface."

2019-07-07 - Man found dead in stream in Lynmouth (New Zealand):

2019-07-07 - Boy, 13, dies after being pulled from the water in coastal Sai Kung, Hong Kong (China):

2019-07-07 - Woman, 20, Russian handball star, found dead in pond at handball championship in Stare Jablonki (Poland):

2019-07-07 - Man in his 20s suddenly dies while riding bicycle in Bexleyheath (Britain):

2019-07-07 - Man found dead in coastal Shanklin on the Isle of Wight (Britain):

2019-07-07 - Man, 33, has 'medical episode', pickup truck plunges into Brays Bayou in Houston (Texas), 1 killed:

Quote: "It is believed the victim possibly suffered a heart attack or a medical episode that contributed to the crash."

2019-07-07 - Woman, 52, has 'medical episode', car crashes, in coastal Ellesmere Port (Britain):

Quote: "The 52-year-old female driver was suffering a medical episode, which is thought to have led to the collision."

2019-07-07 - Private jet makes emergency landing in coastal Shannon (Ireland), engine failure:

2019-07-07 - Small plane crashes at James Clements Airport in Bay City (Michigan), 1 injured:

2019-07-07 - Man falls off boat and disappears into the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids (Iowa):

2019-07-07 - Double-decker bus crashes off bridge, plunges into canal, near Etmadpur (India), 29 killed, several injured:

2019-07-07 - Passenger bus veers off road and overturns into ditch near Wroclaw (Poland), 11 injured:

2019-07-07 - Tanker truck's brakes fail, truck crashes into ditch, bursts into flame and explodes, in Sverdlovsk (Russia), 4 killed, 11 injured:

Quote: "At least four people were killed and 11 others injured after a tanker truck caught fire and exploded in Russia's Sverdlovsk Region, the TASS news agency reported on Sunday. The truck swerved off the road into a ditch due to a brake failure, Alexander Ustinov, the administrative head of the nearby city of Krasnoturinsk was quoted as saying."

2019-07-07 - Tractor trailer plunges into Clear Lake near Clearlake Oaks (California):

2019-07-07 - SUV veers off road at 6 AM, crashes into tree, near Yazoo City (Mississippi), 1 killed:

2019-07-07 - SUV crashes off road, bursts into flame, near Christina Lake (Canada):

2019-07-07 - Nine cars crash on Highway 501 near Lake Busbee (South Carolina), 9 lightly injured:

2019-07-07 - Car veers across median, hits car head-on, in Winter Haven (Florida), 1 killed, 3 injured:

2019-07-07 - Car veers off road before 3 AM, crashes into home, bursts into flame, home destroyed, on Riverside Drive in the Town of Beloit (Wisconsin):

2019-07-07 - Car crashes on Three Rivers Road in Wilbraham (Massachusetts), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2019-07-07 - Car veers off road, crashes into mobile homes, in Pacheco (California), 2 injured:

2019-07-07 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree, on North Great Neck Road in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia), 2 injured:

2019-07-07 - Naked man runs out of woods, jumps in bed of pickup, pickup takes off, man jumps off truck and injures himself, in Wilton (California):

Quote: "The man was first reported seen coming out of the woods and running around in the middle of Route 7 near Days Inn in Redding, where he hopped into the bed of a truck headed south."

2019-07-07- Dog attacks and injures young girl in Topeka (Kansas):

Quote: "This is the latest in a series of recent Topeka dog attacks."

2019-07-07 - Sinkhole opens beneath girl and injures her in Omaha (Nebraska):

2019-07-07 - Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Indonesia:

2019-07-07 - US West Coast braces for possible third earthquake:

2019-07-07 - Hailstones the size of tennis balls hit south-central France:

2019-07-07 - Rare pillars of light appear in the skies over the Philippine Islands:

2019-07-07 - Asteroid 2019 MB4 to fly by Earth closer than the Moon on July 9:


  1. In MY day tropical storms didn't form off of low pressure areas starting out in north Georgia and sliding south into the gulf....

  2. Hey Jonny, everyone. So yer-sayin' 'at algae bloom is purdy close te ye - y'all watch ye'sef out day, mebbee let Dutch know te get-ees gas mask out.

    'Nother buncha homes went up in flames on this day. Then people wonder about homelessness. 'member - MOST people (that are still working) are living paycheck to paycheck and can't even scrounge up $400 in an emergency.

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 7.8.19 Flash flooding hits Washington, D.C. , prompting water rescues [~ 20.3 min.]

    Arctic Sea Ice & Earthquake Report with Margo (July 8, 2019) [76.25 min.]

    Calgary hit by huge hailstorm

    Nearly a month's worth of rain in ONE hour triggers travel nightmare in Washington DC

    [guy on top of red car: "yeah, 911? yeah, i'm stannin' onarufamy car, i'm soakin' wet, day's a rivah just beneet my feet dat usetabeda road - uh, can somebuddy getdafuck OUT HE' beefah ifuckin' DIE?! AIGHT?! Cheeses-Krys! - i'm jiss tryina getta werk downtown & i-din sign UP-fa dis! WTF!?"]

    Giant fissures appear near epicenters of California's major earthquakes

    There were multiple fissures that broke the ground in the Mojave Desert in southern California on Thursday and Friday after two major M6.4 and M7.1 earthquakes struck the area. The power of nature is amazing... And these deep fissures near Ridgecrest, California are just terrifying! [more]

    [i didn't post this yesterday, because of agreement with the first commenter]

    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says most people should get off Facebook permanently

    "There are many different kinds of people, and [to] some the benefits of Facebook are worth the loss of privacy," Wozniak told TMZ when reporters stopped him to talk with them at Reagan National Airport in D.C. "But to many like myself, my recommendation is — to most people — you should figure out a way to get off Facebook." Wozniak added: "who knows if my cellphone is listening right now?" [more]

    Records are still tumbling! Anchorage has experienced six days in a row of 80-plus deg F (27-plus deg C) weather - the longest stretch on record

    More than 6,000 aftershocks in the last 7 days as residents wondering when will the big one come: Aftershocks have been occurring every 2 minutes

    Possible "FrankenStorm" to form in Gulf - Hurricane trying to SPAWN over LAND!! [~ 18.5 min. MrMBB333 video]

    Tuesday, 9 July 2019
    Joining the dots with recent events

    Is there a connection between the fire on the Losharik and the 7.1 earthquake in California? [~ 41 min. Robin Westenra presentation]

  3. So she was walking on the island of Crete and just dropped dead...

  4. Torrential flooding in Spain's Navarre leaves one dead and towns under water

    [lots of videos]

    In the capital Pamplona Tuesday's morning running of the bulls (part of the San Fermines festivities) had to be cancelled because of heavy rain in the city. [more]

    Record cold in Brazil

    The thermometer reached -9.2°C at the station Epagri-Ciram in Urupema, the lowest temperature ever recorded. The previous record of -8.8°C was set on June 28, 2011. [more]

    Toxic algal bloom halts fishing, swimming on entire Mississippi shoreline

    The sand portions of the beaches remain open. But if you swim in the water or eat fish caught from the near shore waters, it could make you sick. [more; "but is more likely to kill you."]

    Eighth dead grey whale washes up on British Columbia coast - total now of 171 on west coast of North America

    Coroner: 70-year-old runner died by suicide days after L.A. Marathon disqualification

    The 70-year-old runner found in the Los Angeles River days after he was disqualified from the L.A. Marathon died by suicide, authorities announced Monday.

    Frank Meza died from multiple blunt force traumatic injuries, per the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, and his death was rule a suicide.

    A report came in that someone may have jumped from a bridge, per the Associated Press, and he was found lying in shallow water. His wife said he had gone out for a run. [more; sounds like he was shanghaied!]

    Tropical depression forecast to form in Gulf of Mexico this week, could strengthen into hurricane

    After several quiet weeks, the National Hurricane Center said Monday that there's an 80% chance a tropical depression will form by the end of the week in the Gulf of Mexico. [more]

    [Oh, THERE'S that recovery money!]
    $3.7 million in cash discovered in abandoned boat in Puerto Rico, Border Patrol says

    Authorities found five duffel bags containing $3.7 million in U.S. cash, a loaded Taurus .40 caliber pistol and 63 rounds of ammunition, they said. [more]

    Donald Trump Called Climate Change a Hoax. Now He's Awkwardly Boasting About Fighting It

    A Man Died While Watching The Horror Film 'Annabelle Comes Home'

    Last week, a British man in Thailand died during a showing of Annabelle Comes Home, the latest in the hit horror franchise that began with The Conjuring. He was 77-years-old and may have been traveling in the country alone. His name has not been released to the public. [more; it probably had nothing to do with the movie]

    [more below]

  5. Monday, July 8, 2019
    Alaska On Fire

    Furthermore, changes to the jet stream are caused by the rapid heating of the Arctic. As the Arctic heats up faster than the rest of the world, the jet stream becomes more wavy. [more]

    [so you would EXPECT them to stall after a while]

    Record downpour paralyzes Washington, D.C. with flash flood – “This event goes off the scale”

    Trump officials deleting mentions of “climate change” from U.S. Geological Survey press releases – “It’s an insult to the science”

    A March news release from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) touted a new study that could be useful for infrastructure planning along the California coastline.

    At least that’s how President Donald Trump’s administration conveyed it.

    An earlier draft of the news release, written by researchers, was sanitized by Trump administration officials, who removed references to the dire effects of climate change after delaying its release for several months, according to three federal officials who saw it. [more]

    Unexpected consequences from catastrophic mangrove dieback – “What was concerning was that the dead mangrove forest emitted about eight times more methane than the living forest”

  6. Pre dawn house fire. No one home. Total loss. 6 dead pets.

  7. Taking Stock 2019: U.S. on track to miss Paris Agreement climate goal by wide margin

    Record downpour paralyzes Washington, D.C. with flash flood – “This event goes off the scale”

    The sheets of rain, with nowhere to run off, turned major roads into rivers while streams and creeks shot up 10 feet in less than an hour. The rushing water stranded scores of people in their vehicles, poured into businesses and the Metro system, submerged cars in parking lots, swamped basements and caused some roads to cave in, forming massive sinkholes.[more]

    Trump officials deleting mentions of “climate change” from U.S. Geological Survey press releases – “It’s an insult to the science”

    Jim Beam fire: Bourbon and thousands of dead fish enter Ohio River

    Dead fish and bourbon began to enter the Ohio River on Monday due to the runoff from last week’s Jim Beam warehouse fire.
    The “alcohol plume” from the bourbon runoff in the Kentucky River is approximately 23 miles (37 kilometers) long. [more]

    NOAA: 12-month precipitation record hits all-time high for the third month in a row, U.S.

    Heavy rainfall during the month of June added to another record-breaking 12 months of precipitation for the contiguous U.S - the third consecutive time in 2019 (April, May and June) the past 12-month precipitation record has hit an all-time high. [more]

    Snyder: Epstein case has the potential to be the biggest scandal in American history

    Ex-FBI and CIA officials may draw withering fire for their role in Russiagate

    Goldman: The Fed has lost control; countdown for 'the last asset bubble'

    Mud volcano erupts again in Taiwan

    Today, July 9, the eruption of mud was accompanied by flames as the natural gas that causes the eruptions ignited. [HOW?]

    Waterspout filmed near St. George Island, Florida