Monday, October 1, 2018

2018 - SEP - Animal Die-Offs

2018-09-01 - Whale found dead off the coast near Wickham (Australia):

2018-09-01 - Tiger bleeds from nose and dies in canal in Kurnool (India):

Quote: "With the nose of the animal profusely bleeding, the officials said that the animal must have died recently, and are yet to ascertain the cause of death."

2018-09-02 - Birds dying at two retention ponds in Winnipeg (Canada):

2018-09-04 - Fish found dead in the Black River in Sanilac County (Michigan):

2018-09-06 - Fish die along seven-mile stretch of the Little Vermilion River near Mendota (Illinois):

2018-09-07 - Two pygmy killer whales and a melon-headed whale strand and die near coastal Sarasota (Florida):

2018-09-07 - Humpback whale found dead off the coast of Brier Island, Nova Scotia (Canada):

2018-09-07 - Fish found dead in pond along the Trinity River in Dallas (Texas):

2018-09-08 - Red tide reaches Tampa Bay (Florida), hundreds of thousands of fish dying:

Quote: "Pinellas County environmental officials have reported hundreds of thousands of dead fish on and off the coast of area beaches stretching more than 20 miles from Clearwater to St. Petersburg, confirming that Red Tide has reached the Tampa Bay area."

2018-09-08 - Deaths of 40 whales in a month on the west coast of Scotland prompts inquiry:

2018-09-09 - Humpback whale calf found dead near Cohasset (Massachusetts):

2018-09-10 - Juvenile humpback whale washes ashore dead at coastal Oceano Dunes (California):

2018-09-11 - Another 7 seals wash ashore dead on the coast of Maine:

2018-09-11 - Rescue dog, 8, suddenly dies in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

Quote: "A West Palm Beach Fire Rescue K9, on standby for deployment to Hurricane Florence, died suddenly, the department said Tuesday."

2018-09-12 - Hundreds of fish wash ashore dead at beach in coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

2018-09-12 - Red tide continues killing sea life along the Gulf Coast in Florida, emergency declared:

Quote: "Federal officials are alarmed over the shocking number of dolphins killed by red tide in the gulf. They've declared an emergency and are enlisting of help of scientists to find solutions. Many of these dolphins have been recovered by Mote Marine Lab. Researchers are now scrambling to respond to this crisis, and at the moment, there's no end in sight. Since July, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has documented at least 50 dolphin deaths from Pinellas to Collier counties. That number is so startling they have now declared a UME, or Unusual Mortality Event."

2018-09-15 - Sperm whale washes ashore dead on beach in coastal Kwale County (Kenya):

2018-09-17 - Minke whale washes ashore dead on Jenness Beach (New Hampshire):

2018-09-17 - Eleven dolphins strand on beach, two female dolphins and a calf die, in coastal Godrevy (Britain):

Quote: "It's thought to be the biggest stranding of dolphins in Cornwall in the last ten years."

2018-09-17 - Humpback whale found dead near Al-Qahmah Center Beach in Asir (Saudi Arabia):

2018-09-17 - Red tide continues devastating sea life on the coasts of Florida:

Note: Once the temps climb high enough, especially the water temps, this will be a non-stop problem. It's already gone on for months...

2018-09-18 - Around 70 penguins wash up dead on beaches in Santa Catarina (Brazil):

2018-09-18 - Thousands of fish found dead in lake in Hanoi (Vietnam):

2018-09-19 - Hundreds of thousands of clams wash up dead at coastal Revere Beach (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Hundreds of thousands of small surf clams have washed up on Revere Beach in recent days, creating a strange spectacle."

Quote: "The Boston Globe reports hundreds of thousands of Atlantic surf clams have washed up on Revere Beach this week. The state Department of Conservation and Recreation says the die-off is the third event of its kind this summer."

2018-09-19 - Around 350 penguins, 2 dolphins and some turtles wash up dead on beaches in Parana (Brazil):

2018-09-19 - Thousands of fish wash up dead on beach in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2018-09-19 - Hundreds of fish found dead in pond in The Villages (Florida):

2018-09-20 - Dozens of birds drop dead from the sky near ferry terminal near coastal Tsawwassen (Canada):

Quote: "The Canadian Wildlife Service is investigating a 'mortality event' in which dozens of birds literally fell from the sky on a road near Tsawwassen, B.C. People were shocked to witness the birds, believed to be starlings, plunge to the ground near the BC Ferries terminal on Sept. 14."

Quote: "These birds appear to be healthy, visually. They weren't thin. They were in good body condition all around..."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Not far from the Salish Sea, where hydrogen sulfide has been killing plants along the shoreline...

2018-09-20 - Dozens of fish found dead in Pigeon Creek in Evansville (Indiana):

Quote: "Aside from being an eyesore due to the dozens of dead fish, the area is now filled with a rotten smell."

2018-09-21 - Humpback whale washes up dead on Little Brewster Island in coastal Boston Harbor (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Since January 2016, an elevated number of humpback whale deaths have occurred from Maine to Florida, leading to a federal declaration of an unusual mortality event. That declaration allows for the release of more money and support to investigate the deaths. Since the unusual mortality event was declared, there have been 81 documented deaths as of Aug. 29, according to the National Marine Fisheries Service."

Quote: "New England Aquarium biologists say Humpback whales have been dying at a rate nearly three times greater than normal along the East Coast over the past two years, and that reality was on full view in the Boston-area Friday morning."

2018-09-21 - Dozens of fish found dead in the Poudre River in Fort Collins (Colorado):

2018-09-23 - Male giraffe suddenly collapses, vomits and dies at zoo in coastal Tainan (Taiwan):

Quote: "A male giraffe in the privately run Wanpi World Safari Zoo in Tainan died suddenly in its enclosure Sunday, but the reason for the animal's death remains a mystery, the zoo said."

2018-09-23 - Whale found dead near coastal Wollongong (Australia):

2018-09-24 - Red tide killing everything in its path up and down the Gulf Coast in Florida:

2018-09-24 - Minke whale washes ashore dead at Indians Wells Beach on Long Island (New York):

2018-09-25 - Hundreds of crabs wash ashore dead in Bonita and Barefoot Beach (Florida):

Quote: "FGCU marine scientists discovered a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, meaning there’s very little or no oxygen for fish and other marine life to breathe. 'There is no oxygen in this water, and we saw a lot of crabs swimming on the surface,' FGCU Marine Science Professor Mike Parsons said. Scientists said the crabs are trying to flee the poor oxygen conditions, and aren’t finding safe spots. 'They’re pretty much bulletproof, so to see them all pretty much commit mass suicide [and die] on the beach means that we’ve got a serious problem,' Norris said."

Note: 'We love it when there's no oxygen so this is wonderful!' said the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide...

2018-09-26 - Whale and dolphin wash ashore dead on beaches in coastal East Hampton (New York):

2018-09-26 - Bottlenose whale washes ashore dead in coastal Skagafjörður (Iceland):

Quote: "We have seen a unusually large number of reports of beached bottlenose whales and other deep ocean whales this summer. Scientists have been unable to determine the cause of these deaths. Marine biologists in Norway have also noticed an unusually high number of beached deep ocean whales this summer."

Quote: "Among the deepest diving whales in the world's oceans. Bottlenose whales dive up to 1 km."

2018-09-27 - Butterfly numbers in the UK are down despite the summer heatwave:

2018-09-27 - Migrating butterflies go missing in Kerala (India):

2018-09-28 - Australia ignoring koala data as icon heads towards extinction:

2018-09-29 - Minke whale found dead near coastal Barnstable (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Minke whale deaths are under scrutiny by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has declared an unusual mortality event along the East Coast. Since the event was declared in early 2017, 42 minke strandings have occurred from Maine to South Carolina."

2018-09-30 - Spike in whale deaths off New England coast in September 2018:

Quote: "We’re definitely seeing more whale mortalities than we have in the past and it’s definitely concerning..."

Note: I'm sure the whale deaths will slow down once they're all dead...

2018-09-30 - Minke whale washes ashore dead on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy (Canada), second in a month:

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