Friday, May 18, 2018

Event Update For 2018-05-17

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2018-05-17 - Person found dead in burning car on Montreal Road near Ottawa (Canada):

Quote: "Police say a body was found inside that burning vehicle, but they don't suspect foul play in this incidence. This discovery comes just two weeks after another body was found inside a burning vehicle on Carp Road."

Note: Yep, burning to death in cars is becoming a popular way to die...

2018-05-17 - Mysterious explosion shakes homes in coastal San Diego (California):

2018-05-17 - Underground electrical explosion and fire hits Princeton (New Jersey):

2018-05-17 - Truck repair shop damaged by fire at 1:46 AM in Box Elder (South Dakota):

Quote: "On May 8, the Ultramax Ammunition plant, which is located only a few hundreds yards north of Excel Truck & Trailer Repair, was destroyed in a fire."

2018-05-17 - Truck repair shop damaged by fire just after midnight in Eugene (Oregon):

2018-05-17 - Auto shop damaged by fire in Westbrook (Maine):

Note: Three parked tractor trailers just went up in flames at a waste facility in Westbrook the day prior too, mentioned in the 2018-05-16 update...

2018-05-17 - Volcano Kilauea erupts mightily in Hawaii, spews ash 30,000 feet into the atmosphere:

2018-05-17 - Atmospheric CO2 levels have reached 412.10 ppm, more in some areas of the world:

2018-05-17 - Toxic algae blooms occurring more often, may be caught in climate change feedback loop:

2018-05-17 - Very high UV levels measured at many locations across North America:

2018-05-17 - Home damaged by explosion in coastal Warwick on the island of Bermuda:

Note: This is the 125th residential explosion in 2018...

2018-05-17 - Ferry ship 'Labitra Adinda' erupts in flame near coastal Bali (Indonesia), ship evacuated:

Quote: "Ferry LABITRA ADINDA, connecting Gilimanuk port, Bali island, and Ketapang, Java, caught fire in the afternoon May 17 while crossing Bail Strait en route to Ketapang, with15 crew, 18 or 25 passengers and 13 vehicles on board. Upper deck was engulfed by fire, some passengers panicked, but luckily, all including crew were evacuated, no casualties reported, but some passengers were hospitalized. Fire said to be extinguished by a tug with water canon. Ferry was approaching Ketapang when fire started, and judging from latest available photo, she was intentionally grounded on the beach."

2018-05-17 - Cargo ship 'Chuang Sheng Hai' damaged by explosions and fire near coastal Hong Kong (China), 1 killed:

2018-05-17 - Coast Guard ship 'Sir Winfred Grenfell' damaged by fire while docked in coastal St. John's (Canada):

Quote: "Firefighters were called to Harbour Drive in St. John’s on Thursday after reports of a fire on the Sir Wilfred Grenfell Coast Guard vessel. Crews on board the ship made quick work of the fire."

2018-05-17 - Boat bursts into flame while docked at marina in coastal Ruskin (Florida):

Note: These are the 432nd, 433rd, 434th and 435th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-05-17 - Two school buses destroyed by fire before 5 AM while parked in bus lot in Chardon (Ohio):

Quote: "The bus, and a bus next to it that was damaged from heat and fire, were beyond repair, Hanlon said."

Note: These are the 106th and 107th school buses to burn in 2018, and these are the 302nd and 303rd buses to burn in 2018...

2018-05-17 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-5 near Bakersfield (California):

2018-05-17 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-69 near Robards (Kentucky):

2018-05-17 - Semi truck bursts into flame at business, fire spreads to business, gets huge, in Sioux Falls (South Dakota):

Quote: "The main part of the fire is thought to have started from a semi-truck that had a full tank of diesel fuel and that was loaded with smaller propane tanks ready to be delivered."

2018-05-17 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Highway 5 near Merritt (Canada):

2018-05-17 - Tractor bursts into flame in Llawr Y Pant, Selattyn, Oswestry (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Tractor (telehandler) bursts into flame on Ashburton Road in Newton Abbot (Britain):

Note: These are the 952nd, 953rd, 954th, 955th, 956th and 957th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-05-17 - Dump truck bursts into flame on East Second Street in Coudersport (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "At 9:37 AM on Thursday, Coudersport Fire Department has been dispatched to East  Second Street for a vehicle fire in a PennDOT dump truck near the Montessori School."

2018-05-17 - Box truck bursts into flame at gas station in Wayzata (Minnesota):

2018-05-17 - Boom truck bursts into flame on street in Ottawa (Illinois):

2018-05-17 - RV bursts into flame on road on the Matsqui Prairie near Abbotsford (Canada):

Note: This is the 244th RV to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-05-17 - Taxi van bursts into flame on William Floyd Parkway in Shirley (New York):

2018-05-17 - Van bursts into flame on the M1 near St Albans (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Van bursts into flame on Wigan Lane in Coppull (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Pickup truck bursts into flame near business in coastal Fairfield (Connecticut):

2018-05-17 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on the A6071 in Longtown (Britain):

Quote: "Pickup fire in Longtown, Carlisle(Carlisle) 17 May 2018 At 11:25am firefighters were called to a pickup truck on fire on the A6071, Longtown. Crews used two hose reel jets and breathing apparatus to extinguish the fire."

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame while parked at shopping outlet in coastal Bluffton (South Carolina):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame near apartments in Hollister (Missouri):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame on I-20 in Hinds County (Mississippi):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame on the Garden State Parkway near Lincroft (New Jersey):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 99 near Beach Road in coastal Surrey (Canada), 1200 feet from the ocean:

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame on street in coastal Wichit (Thailand):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame on street in Delhi (India):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame at 4:07 AM while parked in garage at home, fire spreads, garage destroyed, in coastal Bagillt (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame on Martin Road in Frodsham (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Car bursts into flame on the A49 near Craven Arms (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 2:49 AM on Old Farm Road in Nether Stowey (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Around 120 motorcycles destroyed by fire while parked at business in coastal Samut Sakhon Province (Thailand):

2018-05-17 - Motorcycle bursts into flame at 4:21 AM on Tintern Walk in coastal Grimsby (Britain):

Quote: "Tintern Walk, Grimsby. Thu 17 May 2018 04:21 (No:09411) Motorcycle on fire. One hose reel in use."

2018-05-17 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked in Pocahontas (Arkansas):

2018-05-17 - Wildfire breaks out near Wetlands Park in Clark County (Nevada):

2018-05-17 - Wildfire breaks out near Winchester (California):

2018-05-17 - Wildfire breaks out north of coastal Santa Barbara (California):

2018-05-17 - Wildfires threatening homes at Waterhen Lake First Nation (Canada):

2018-05-17 - Garbage bursts into flame in garbage truck at waste facility in Clarksville (Tennessee):

2018-05-17 - Mulch fire breaks out at business in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2018-05-17 - Business destroyed by fire in Franklin (Virginia):

2018-05-17 - Home damaged by fire in coastal Washington DC, 1 injured:

2018-05-17 - Home damaged by fire at 6 AM in Richmond (Virginia), nobody there:

2018-05-17 - Home damaged by garage fire, garage destroyed, in Taft (California), nobody there:

2018-05-17 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 2:30 AM in Duluth (Minnesota), 1 injured:

2018-05-17 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Lee (Massachusetts), nobody there:,539922

2018-05-17 - Home destroyed by fire just after midnight in coastal Gloucester (Massachusetts), pets killed:

2018-05-17 - Home destroyed by fire at 6 AM on New Leicester Highway in Buncombe County (North Carolina):

2018-05-17 - Home destroyed by fire near Dallas (Oregon):

2018-05-17 - Three homes go up in flames, fire started in garage, in Waltham Abbey (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Apartment building damaged by fire in Macon (Georgia):

2018-05-17 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Warner Robins (Georgia):

2018-05-17 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Port Hope (Canada):

2018-05-17 - Deadly fire burns home in Bruce (Mississippi), 1 killed:

2018-05-17 - Vacant home burns in Chattanooga (Tennessee):

2018-05-17 - Vacant home destroyed by fire at 1 AM in Crystal Springs (Mississippi):

2018-05-17 - Vacant commercial building damaged by fire in Seekonk (Massachusetts):

2018-05-17 - Vacant police headquarters burns in El Cajon (California):

2018-05-17 - Heatwave killing birds in Ahmedabad (India):

Quote: "The situation has worsened so much that birds tend to fall and suffer head injuries, as they get dehydrated while flying. Nearly 800 cases of birds falling prey to heat-related illnesses were reported at Jivdaya Charitable Trust (JCT) in Ahmedabad in the first fortnight of this month. These include some 148 infant birds, 619 adult birds and 27 others."

2018-05-17 - Unknown cause, possibly bacteria, killing coral in Florida:

Quote: "Researchers believe the disease is a bacterial infection and carried by ocean current, but they don't know anything more about the disease. 'We have this one unique event and nobody was there figuring all these things out as it was happening,' said Muller. 'We'll do our best to go back and recover information, but as of right now I'm not convinced we'll ever know.' An extensive research is currently underway to identify the bacterial infection. But researchers have so far been unable to reach a conclusion because they could not grow suspected pathogens and apply it to healthy coral in lab environment."

Note: Could be the bacteria and/or archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide beginning to infest the reefs. If so, then the more this spreads, the more the coral will die, which will provide more food for the bacteria, which will then grow more, producing more hydrogen sulfide and killing more coral, and so on and so on...

2018-05-17 - Two college students, both 22, die in canal in Delhi (India):

2018-05-17 - Women, 19 and 17, found dead in the Shakti Canal in Chila (India), man dies at waterfall too:

2018-05-17 - Man and boy, 33 and 11, die in the water at waterfall in Telangana (India):

2018-05-17 - Two men, 23 and 24, found dead in rivulet in Seetanadi (India):

2018-05-17 - Infant dies after being found unresponsive at daycare in Austin (Texas):

2018-05-17 - Man, 42, cop, has 'medical episode' and drops dead in coastal Wicomico County (Maryland):

Quote: "Ray, a Mardela Springs native, died less than 24 hours after his last shift ended at 4 p.m. Wednesday, said Sheriff Mike Lewis. The death appeared to be caused by some sort of medical episode."

2018-05-17 - Man, 39, bleeds out and dies at home in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

Quote: "Near the man's body officers discovered a 'significant amount of blood,' which Walker said could have appeared because of a medical issue."

2018-05-17 - Man in his 20s dies after being pulled from Barton Creek in Austin (Texas):

2018-05-17 - Man in his 20s found dead in Lake Pflugerville (Texas):

2018-05-17 - Man, 35, found dead in the Muskingum River in Lowell (Ohio):

2018-05-17 - Person found dead on the shore near Defenders Row on coastal Goat Island (Rhode Island):

2018-05-17 - Man, 55, found dead in Forest Lake (Minnesota):

2018-05-17 - Man, 24, found dead in Pokegama Lake near Minong (Wisconsin):

2018-05-17 - Man found dead at beach in coastal Great Kills Park (New York):

2018-05-17 - Man, 79, found dead in Grand Lake in Eudora (Arkansas), empty 'ghost boat' found first:

2018-05-17 - Woman, 78, found dead in ditch near coastal Brownsville (Texas):

2018-05-17 - Woman, 75, found dead a block from her home in Odessa (Texas):

2018-05-17 - Woman, 37, found dead at home in Warren (Ohio), 1900 feet from the Mahoning River:

2018-05-17 - Man, 47, found dead at home in Okaloosa County (Alabama):

2018-05-17 - Man found dead at recycling center in Adams County (Colorado):

2018-05-17 - Boy, 17, falls into the Athabasca River and dies near Slave Lake (Canada):

2018-05-17 - Man, 30, found dead in hotel on coastal Corfu Island (Greece):

2018-05-17 - Man, 38, found dead at home in Hinckley (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Passenger has 'medical emergency' on ferry ship near coastal Skomer Island (Britain):

Quote: "A passenger travelling from Rosslar to Milford Haven was being treated by a Coastguard rescue crew on May 17, 2018. The Coastguard was alerted at 10.20 a.m. to a passenger suffering a medical emergency aboard the 8.45 a.m. Rosslare to Pembroke crossing. The Rescue helicopter 187 was dispatched to the ferry which was approximately three miles off Skomer Island."

2018-05-17 - Empty 'ghost boat' found running on Smithville Lake (Missouri), man missing:

Quote: "Officials say Charles O. Roe, 37, was last heard from Wednesday evening when he took a boat out on Smithville Lake. His boat was recovered still running behind Sailboat Cove but Roe has not been found."

2018-05-17 - Man, trucker, loses consciousness at 3:15 AM, tractor trailer overturns into median, in coastal Stevensville (Maryland):

Quote: "The driver said he had blacked out and didn't remember what had happened, Thomas said."

2018-05-17 - Man, 61, has 'medical emergency', dump truck crashes into parking lot, in Greenfield (Wisconsin):

Quote: "The officer was able to determine that the 61-year-old driver from West Bend suffered a medical emergency while driving."

2018-05-17 - Woman has 'medical episode', SUV crashes into tree, in Humbodlt (Tennessee), 1 killed:

Quote: "Investigators say they have reason to believe she was having a medical episode which led to her losing control."

2018-05-17 - Man has 'medical condition', pickup plows into home, in Hoppers Crossing (Australia):

Quote: "A man is believed to have suffered a medical condition before crashing his ute into a house at Hoppers Crossing."

2018-05-17 - Driver has 'medical emergency' at Walmart, car hits multiple cars, in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

Quote: "A driver crashed in the parking lot of a Virginia Beach Walmart Thursday afternoon, suffering what is believed to be a medical emergency."

2018-05-17 - Woman has 'medical episode', car slams into tree, in St. George (Utah), 1 injured:

Quote: "A woman who police say was experiencing a medical episode drove through a red light and crashed into a tree on Dixie Drive Thursday afternoon."

2018-05-17 - Small plane crashes at takeoff at airport near Albuquerque (New Mexico):

2018-05-17 - Small plane makes emergency landing near airport in West Lafayette (Indiana), engine failure:

2018-05-17 - Three tractor trailers crash at 6:39 AM, fire erupts, on I-10 in Riverside County (California), 5 injured:

2018-05-17 - Tractor trailer overturns, bursts into flame, on Ohio 72 in Greene County (Ohio):

2018-05-17 - Tractor trailer overturns before 7 AM on I-75 in Kennesaw (Georgia), several cows killed:

2018-05-17 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-80 near Sheffield (Illinois):

2018-05-17 - Tractor trailer crashes off bridge at 5 AM in Chico (California):

2018-05-17 - Box truck crashes through median before 7:10 AM, hits semi head-on, on I-95 in coastal Yulee (Florida), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2018-05-17 - SUV veers over centerline, hits semi head-on, in Meigs County (Ohio), 3 killed:

2018-05-17 - SUV veers over centerline, hits heavy truck head-on, truck bursts into flame, in Columbus (Ohio), 2 injured:

2018-05-17 - SUV veers off road, slams into electrical transmission tower, in Fresno (California), 1 killed:

2018-05-17 - Pickup truck crashes into tree at 11:51 PM on Rozzelles Ferry Road  in Charlotte (North Carolina), 1 killed:

Quote: "Police say speed and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash, and it appears Jackson may have suffered a medical incident."

2018-05-17 - Pickup truck crashes into guardrail, bursts into flame, on the Saw Mill River Parkway in Katonah (New York):

2018-05-17 - Car hits semi head-on, in Fresno County (California), 2 killed:

2018-05-17 - Car hits semi head-on, on I-72 in Macon County (Illinois), 1 killed:

2018-05-17 - Car veers over centerline at 1:45 AM, hits car head-on, on the Seven Mile Bridge near coastal Knight's Key (Florida), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2018-05-17 - Man in his 40s goes nuts and attacks man with axe in coastal Rathmines (Australia):

Quote: "A man is in custody after another man was assaulted at Rathmines this morning. About 7.30am today (Friday, May 18) a man aged in his 40s who may have been suffering a medical episode, allegedly assaulted a 73-year-old man with an axe on Rosemary Road."

2018-05-17 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man, man has heart attack, in South Travis County (Texas):

2018-05-17 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills two dogs, injures another dog, in Agua Dolce (California):

2018-05-17 - Huge sinkhole opens on street in Toccoa (Georgia):

2018-05-17 - Sinkhole opens on Patterson Ferry Road in Marshall County (Kentucky):

2018-05-17 - Man falls off boat and disappears into Lake Panorama (Iowa):

2018-05-17 - Woman falls off bridge into the River Orwell in coastal Ipswich (Britain):

2018-05-17 - Man pulled unconscious from swimming pool at leisure center in Rathmines (Ireland), near the coast:

2018-05-17 - Humans are causing massive changes in the location of water around the world:

2018-05-17 - Hurricanes are apt to get bigger, be more intense and last longer:

2018-05-17 - Lightning strike kills 5 people in Prolay (Cambodia):

2018-05-17 - Lightning strikes kill nine people over 120 animals in just one month across Turkey:

2018-05-17 - UN and local government racing to prevent runaway Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

Quote: "Congolese and U.N. officials were racing on Thursday to prevent a runaway Ebola outbreak in Congo, working out the logistics of keeping newly arrived vaccines well below freezing in a steamy region on the equator with unreliable power."

2018-05-17 - Majority of Americans want the federal government to do more to protect air and water:

Note: Right, but not the Americans actually running things. The ongoing extinction event will kill all of us though, pro-polluters and anti-polluters alike, and then there won't be any human pollution at all. Problem solved!

2018-05-17 - Pruitt’s own scientist appointees challenge EPA science restrictions:

2018-05-17 - US gas prices rise to highest level in 3 years:


  1. It's relieving to wake up to a humorous look at extinction, Jonny.
    Thanks to you and Mike D. for the Pflugerville play on words. Even though it's pfucked up - it's funny!

    Bear breaks into Colorado post office, photo goes viral

    Pitkin residents then took to Facebook to share photos, jokes, and updates about the state of the post office and its intruder. The story, however, took a sad turn later in the day when CBS Denver's Matt Kroschel reported that the bear had been euthanized, after it was captured and carted out of the facility. [more; yeah, it's all fun and games until humans get involved with their oh so creative solutions to any and all animal problems - KILL THEM!!]

    Rare cyclone in Gulf of Aden brings flooding to Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti

    The main danger from Sagar will be heavy rainfall, with parts of northwest Somalia, northeast Ethiopia and possibly Djibouti picking up 3 inches or more of rain.

    The emergency center of Yemen's Health Ministry reported that flash flooding is causing sewage to pour into the streets of Aden, Yemen, according to the Associated Press.

    In addition to flash flooding, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says the heavy rains could cause favorable breeding conditions for desert locusts, according to the Associated Press. [more]

    Two dead whales found in different parts of Bay Area, San Francisco - 5 for the region in 2018

    The Marine Mammal Center has responded to three other dead whale reports in 2018. The leading causes of death examined by the Center's research team include blunt force trauma from ship strikes, malnutrition, trauma and entanglement. [more; yeah - entanglement with HUMANS]

    Saturday, 19 May 2018
    Kilauea volcano update - 2 - 05/18/2018

    Hawaii Apocalypse/Lava River at Roof Top Levels

    [~ 1.5 min. video; more in the next article]

    Hawaii National Guard Whistleblowers Warn Friends, Family Of Imminent Power-Plant Explosion, Tsunami

    The highly-controversial Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) geothermal power plant has become a major issue of concern among U.S. government insiders who fear an imminent explosion of the plant may cause a massive tsunami and wreak havoc in the region due to the recent uptick in volcanic activity on Mount Kilauea.

    What officials aren’t telling you is that PGV contains tens of thousands of gallons of highly flammable solvents which it uses to power its turbines. If earthquakes, eruptions, or fire cause this solvent to ignite it would trigger a massive explosion which National Guard/Civil Defense whistle-blowers fear will cause a massive tidal wave which would in turn threaten the Hawaiian Islands and the lives of people in the region. [more]

    Big Island residents feared "the big one" after Kilauea shot anvil-sized "ballistic blocks" and was rocked by earthquakes damaging buildings

    Geologists said it was extremely unlikely Kilauea would have a massive eruption like that of 1790 which killed dozens of people in the deadliest eruption to occur in what is now the United States. [more; they always say that!]

    [continued below]

  2. "A major game-changer in the Ebola outbreak" as virus has spread to a city of more than 1 million! 14 confirmed Ebola cases more expected

    Congo's latest Ebola outbreak does not yet warrant being declared a global health emergency, the World Health Organization announced Friday, as health officials rushed to contain the often deadly virus that has spread to a city of more than 1 million.

    The vast, impoverished country now has 14 confirmed Ebola cases, with dozens of others probable or suspected. [more]

    James Howard Kunstler on the "coming economy of less" in America

    Gate of Gates?

    Alas, the literal discrediting of the USA and its hallowed institutions — including the US dollar — may be a much more momentous thing than the fall of Trump. [more]

    America's Approaching Crack-Up - Great Invu with James Howard Kunstler (Audio)

    " ... what is really going on, what's sort of behind the insanity of this, is the very strange and mysterious collapse of the intellectual class in America. ... you’ve got a class of people in the media and academia, highly educated people, the permanent bureaucracy in the government who now believe in crazy things and are proposing dangerous things and seem to have just completely lost it." [more; text and ~ 57.5 min. video follows the above story]

    Trump's Newest Threat To North Korea Makes A Deal Impossible

    President Trump again derailed the negotiations with North Korea. It will be difficult to get them back on track. The attitude he showed makes it unlikely that any deal will be made.

    Tuesday night North Korea threatened to cancel the summit with U.S. President Trump. Remarks by U.S. National Security Advisor Bolton that the "Libya model" would be applied to North Korea were taken as insult. [more]

    [more below]

  3. In Stunning Rebuke, UN Votes To Investigate Israel For Gaza Mass Shootings

    [nothing will come of it]

    Globe Just Experienced its Third Hottest April on Record

    [~ 8 min. video and text]

    [some more reporting on Jonny's post above re: birds in India]
    Sad reports of birds falling from the sky due to heat-related illnesses as heatwave shows no sign of relenting in parts of India

    San Luis Fire burns thousands of acres on the Mexican border

    Red Flag Warnings, May 18, 2018

    The National Weather Service has issued Red Flag Warnings or Fire Weather Watches for areas in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. [more]

    This woman fundamentally changed climate science — and you’ve probably never heard of her

    It was while reading the 1857 volume that he stumbled upon Foote.

    Foote was the first scientist to make the connection between carbon dioxide and climate change. She discovered CO2’s warming properties in 1856, more than 160 years ago and three years before John Tyndall, a British scientist who has widely been credited with first establishing the connection between increased global temperatures and carbon dioxide. [more]

    Atlantic Coast Pipeline Faces Civil Rights Complaint After Key Permit Is Blocked

    Opponents of the gas pipeline say state and federal agencies failed to assess the health impacts the project would have on minorities, as required under federal law.

    A federal court has invalidated a key permit for the Atlantic Coast pipeline project, a step that could give civil rights advocates more time to build their environmental justice case against the $6 billion project to carry natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina. [more]

    [pfff - minorities, like the environment, don't count . ..]

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 5.19.18 Climate change on track to cause major insect wipeout, scientists warn

    [~ 36.5 min. video]

    No one knows how they got into such a strange quagmire! - Cyclone near Yemen? huh

    [~ 12 min. video]

  4. Ha! Picking up on the "pf" joke today I see. In Pflugerville you'll see signs all around town with an added "p" to words beginning with "f".

    Whatchutalkinbout Jonny? Or should I say whatchunottalkinbout Jonny? No mention of the Cuban airline crash?

    As for other news in central Tejas:

    Not absolutely sure if this is JJFH related, but I'm suspicious:

  5. The plane crash happened on the 18th, so it'll be in the 2018-05-18 update - I lag a day or so. I don't HAVE to, but that's on purpose, because that extra day provides more time for better pics to come out and gives people time to get their stories straight on how they're gonna, report things, and then I have a little time to prepare to punch back if I think their explanations are BS. But the big stories like that plane crash I usually tweet about immediately if I can find any picture at all.

    There's (a little) method to the madness!

  6. Good evening, everyone. Jonny, did you ever end up getting any of that storm that was supposed to hit there today? May everyone be safe and sound.

    [from our Here Come The Food Shortages desk]
    Massive hailstorm damages crops, wreaks havoc in many areas of Kashmir

    Hail Storm wreaked havoc in several areas of Karnah Tangdarh in north Kashmir's Kupwara district, causing damage to crops and walnut trees.

    The hailstorm on Friday afternoon caused extensive damage to orchards and crop fields in many areas of Tangdarh Karnh including Tangdar, Gumal, Nowpora, Hajinar, Bagbela, Shamspora, Badwan, Tangdar Naar, Shatkula and Lootha.

    Strong hailstorm was also reported in Khag area of Budgam District that resulted in extensive damage to apple and vegetable crops. [more]

    Western Kansas wheat fields hit by severe hailstorm'

    Wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour and hail from pea-sized to baseball-sized broke out windows, dented cars and tore siding off of houses.

    Wheat fields in the area weren't spared either. Fields that were already suffering from drought stress were completely destroyed by the "great white combine." [more; great term!]

    Torrential rains flood city of New Orleans - over 4 inches in hour and a half

    Sitapur dog attacks in India: Eight-year-old succumbs to injuries - local death toll increases to 14

    Dead juvenile whale found at Long Beach, New York

    Dead Bryde's whale found on beach in Kuakata, Bangladesh

    Meditation in the classroom - can it increase students' levels of physical, mental and emotional awareness?

    Children and adolescents also benefit. Research shows that meditation in the classroom helps students become more focused, calm, quiet, settled and rested - by providing them an opportunity to learn to relax and reflect. [more]

    East vs West Coast Earthquakes: Why was an earthquake in Virginia felt at more than twice the distance than a similar-sized earthquake in California?

    Why was an earthquake in Virginia felt at more than twice the distance than a similar-sized earthquake in California? The answer is one that many people may not realize. Earthquakes east of the Rocky Mountains can cause noticeable ground shaking at much farther distances than comparably-sized earthquakes in the West. [more]

    Ice tsunami on the Ob River destroys metal railings while drifting towards the ‘end of the world’ in Russia (video)

    Normally ice-free at this time of the year, the Orb River is still covered in ice. It has slowly started drifting towards the Arctic like a giant monster, and with enough power to destroy metal railings along its banks in Surgut, Russia. Look at the powerful video [more]

  7. Yep, big storm rolled through here, but it was nowhere near as bad as the storms that just pounded the US Northeast, so I'm not complainin'!