Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 - JUL - Other Stories

2016-07-01 - Unexplained bright flashes seen over the Pacific Ocean in the wee hours:

Note: Looks like atmospheric gas explosions...

2016-07-01 - Arctic sea ice extent continues setting record lows day after day:

2016-07-01 - 'Death of winter' - jet streams cross the equator, chaos predicted:

Quote: "Scientists have observed an 'unprecedented' event that could lead to an end of seasons as we know them, after Northern Hemisphere jet streams crossed the equator and linked with others in the south."

Note: So randomized seasons? Yeah, that'll be just great for growing food...

2016-07-01 - Intense thunderstorms slam Las Vegas with golf ball-sized hail, winds, lightning and flash flooding:

2016-07-01 - Heavy rain and flooding devastate Rostov-on-Don (Russia):

2016-07-01 - Waterspout filmed over Tampa Bay (Florida):

2016-07-01 - Waterspouts caught on camera over Lake Erie:

2016-07-01 - Waterspout filmed over Buckhorn Lake in Ontario (Canada):

2016-07-01 - Peak oil and limits on growth:

2016-07-01 - Cat wanders into bear enclosure and befriends bear at zoo in Folsom (California):

2016-07-02 - Twelve small earthquakes strike near Lake Stevens and Granite Falls (Washington):

2016-07-02 - Deadly flooding hits Uttarakhand (India), 30+ killed:

2016-07-02 - While the spotlight was on offshore drilling, fracking quietly made its way into our oceans:

2016-07-02 - Scientists study woman who can grow a seed into a plant in 20 minutes:

2016-07-02 - Report says crippled Atlantic currents signaled ice age climate change:

2016-07-02 - Woman has jaw surgery then comes out speaking with a British accent, in Rosenberg (Texas):

Quote: "Her neurologist, Dr Toby Yalto, has put her through a series of tests but has so far been unable to determine what has caused her to develop the condition, known as foreign accent syndrome. Less than 100 people worldwide have developed the condition in the last century..."

2016-07-03 - Man, 54, collapses, stops breathing, on charter boat near coastal Emerald Isle (North Carolina), medevac'd off:

Quote: "According to Capt. Lee Sykes with TowBoatUS, Capt. Kevin Fuller, was first on scene when the head boat radioed  that a man had collapsed, was unresponsive and not breathing."

2016-07-04 - Lightning strikes injure girl and responding officer at Topsail Beach (North Carolina):

2016-07-04 - Deadly flooding hits southern and eastern China, 186+ killed, 10,000 homes destroyed:

2016-07-03 - Deadly flooding hits Ghana, many dead:

2016-07-03 - Deadly flooding hits Pakistan, at least 30 killed:

2016-07-03 - Heavy rain and flash floods hit parts of Missouri:

2016-07-03 - Waterspout injures 38 people, destroys shops and homes, at Playa Caimito (Cuba):

Quote: "A waterspout is a sort of tornado that forms over water. There was no record of one hitting the area before."

2016-07-03 - Double waterspouts filmed over Lake Victoria (Uganda):

2016-07-03 - Shark encounters and sightings of other marine animals along California coast at highest level in decades:

2016-07-03 - Mysterious 'flouncing' object spotted over Siberia causes social media stir:

2016-07-03 - Norway builds world-record 155-foot-tall bonfire in Alesund:

2016-07-04 - Girl, 13, loses consciousness and almost dies at swimming pool in Dallas (Texas):

2016-07-04 - SOTT Earth changes summary for June 2016:

2016-07-04 - SOTT comet and asteroid summary for June 2016:

2016-07-04 - Abnormally high levels of hydrogen sulfide hitting areas in Moscow (Russia):

Note: That little mask the lady's wearing in the pic - that won't do squat against hydrogen sulfide. Only full-body HazMat suits that maintain positive air pressure and which are connected to a known safe air supply (or which carry their own air supply) are effective, the same suits they use when working with super-deadly biohazard viruses...

2016-07-04 - Record heat and flooding hit Siberia (Russia):

2016-07-04 - First 6 months of 2016 were the hottest ever recorded in New Zealand:

2016-07-04 - The oceans are warming up around the world:

2016-07-04 - Heatwave bakes Japan, 820 people hospitalized:

2016-07-04 - Paul Beckwith discusses the jet stream crossing the equator:

Note: Heh, haven't spent much time on this. Unprecedented or not, it's clearly unusual and bad, so I don't see much point in arguing about its unprecedentedness or lack of unprecedentedness. Get too bogged down in details and semantics and you'll miss the end of the world!

2016-07-04 - Lightning strike kills 2 people and 35 cattle in Darfur (Sudan):

2016-07-04 - Massive auroras twice as big as the Red Spot appear on Jupiter:

2016-07-04 - Meteor explodes with 1.2 kilotons of energy over Mauritania:

2016-07-04 - Venezuelans storming supermarkets and attacking trucks as food supplies dwindle:

2016-07-04 - The price of silver jumps past 20 dollars per ounce as the European banking crisis deepens:

2016-07-05 - Two workers sickened by hydrogen sulfide at wastewater plant in Wichita Falls (Texas):

2016-07-05 - Man in his 40s goes into cardiac arrest on yacht near coastal Port d'Andratx (Spain), medevac'd off:

Quote: "In the afternoon of July 4, 2016, a man aboard the 'First Lady' suffered a cardiac arrest off Port d'Andratx. He also had signs of circulatory arrest, and the crew of the yacht issued a distress call, which was received by the cruise ship 'Harmony of the Seas'. The operator immediately informed the emergency services, which in turn requested a helicopter which medevaced the man in the 40ies."

2016-07-05 - Heatwave hits Siberia near the Arctic Ocean:

2016-07-05 - Looks like runaway global warming is here:

2016-07-05 - Micro-plastics threaten ocean ecosystems:

2016-07-05 - Lightning strike kills 2 construction workers in Zambales (Philippine Islands):

2016-07-05 - Lightning strike kills 7 people and injures 6 more in Bihar (India):

Quote: "Last month, as many as 57 people were killed by lightning across Bihar within 24 hours."

2016-07-05 - Lightning strike hits and ignites pickup truck on US 277 near Wichita Falls (Texas):

2016-07-05 - US Navy wants to see if veggies can be grown on submarines:

Quote: "The undertaking is just one of numerous projects aimed at to growing fruits and vegetables in the most unusual, even unnatural, environments to fuel manned journeys into the depths of Earth and space. As the military tries to perfect hydroponics in submarines, leafy greens and other vegetables are being grown in space and in the ocean in desalinated water."

2016-07-05 - Film shows military helicopter following 'un-earthly' craft over Cincinnati (Ohio):

2016-07-05 - Alaska security guard films UFO splitting into three smaller objects:

2016-07-05 - Pentagon nurses take ‘zombie pandemic’ course to train for real life outbreaks:

2016-07-05 - Gigantic 700,000 km long magnetic canyon opens up on the sun:

2016-07-06 - Heatwave hits Washington DC:

2016-07-06 - Heavy rain and flooding devastate the city of Wuhan (China):

Quote: "Police in neighbouring Anhui province even warned that alligators from a farm there had escaped due to the flooding."

2016-07-06 - Category 5 super-typhoon Nepartak heads toward Taiwan:

2016-07-06 - Terrible flooding devastates China, 128 dead, scores missing, 1.34 million evacuated, 41,000 houses destroyed:

2016-07-06 - Massive continent-sized 'lava lamp' blobs deep inside the Earth have scientists puzzled:

2016-07-06 - 'Crown flash' seen in the skies over Moscow (Russia):

Note: I wonder if that has anything to do with the abnormally high levels of hydrogen sulfide hitting some areas in Moscow, mentioned in the 2016-07-04 update...

2016-07-06 - Eerie pink lightning storm rolls through Eston, Saskatchewan (Canada):

2016-07-06 - 'Clean coal' plant plagued by cost overruns and problems in Mississippi:

2016-07-06 - Incredibly rare 'ghost fish' recorded alive for first time, 2km down in depths of Pacific Ocean:

2016-07-06 - US factory orders collapse in longest streak in US history:

2016-07-07 - Four volcanoes erupt - Turrialba (Costa Rica), Alaid (Russia), Klyuchevskoy (Russia), Sinabung (Indonesia):

2016-07-07 - Lightning strike kills 18 cows in Strobl (Austria):

2016-07-07 - Lightning strikes kill 7 buffalo in Bhanara (India):

2016-07-07 - Snow forecast this weekend at higher elevations in Oregon and Washington:

2016-07-07 - 'It feels like 2008' - government bond yields signal 'something very nasty is coming':

2016-07-07 - Evidence of huge asteroid impact event found in Australia:

2016-07-07 - A single bunch of grapes sells for over $10,000 in Japan:

Quote: "The bunch was the first of the season and contained about 30 grapes, each slightly smaller than a ping pong ball, and each weighing at least 20 grams."

Note: So about $350 per grape!

2016-07-08 - Sewery sulfury odor blankets large areas in coastal Christchurch (New Zealand):

Quote: "Local residents said there was an unpleasant smell in the neighbourhood. One resident said it smelt like 'sulphur', while another said it was more like sewerage."

Quote: "By Saturday evening, Council staff were no closer to locating the source of the odour. 'They have found no burst mains and nothing obvious.'"

Note: They closed the comments so apparently they don't want people talking about this...

2016-07-08 - Girl, 6, found unconscious in municipal swimming pool in coastal Bayonne (New Jersey):

Quote: "The girl, who is a camper in the city's Horace Mann Day Camp, went down a slide into the pool and did not resurface, Amadeo said."

2016-07-08 - Volcano erupting since March in the South Atlantic Ocean threatens penguins:

2016-07-08 - Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strikes Goldfields (Australia), largest quake here in 28 years:

2016-07-08 - Massive algae bloom grows to 200 square miles (!) on Lake Okeechobee (Florida):

2016-07-08 - Lightning strike kills 3 people in Bangladesh:

2016-07-08 - Three-inch hailstones bombard Glen Arbor (Michigan):

2016-07-08 - Super-Typhoon Nepartak slams roars into Taiwan, widespread damage, 'looks like a bomb has gone off', 3 killed:

2016-07-08 - Two tornadoes hit Eureka (Kansas), widespread damage:

2016-07-08 - The latest from Paul Beckwith on jet streams crossing the equator:

2016-07-08 - Snakes start crawling from the walls at apartment in Casselberry (Florida), woman moves out:

2016-07-09 - Man in his 50s and girl, 1, almost die in separate swimming pools within minutes in Phoenix (Arizona):

2016-07-09 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Patterson Lake (North Dakota):

2016-07-09 - Arctic ice continues disintegrating:

2016-07-09 - Lightning strikes kill 62 people and injure 140 people since mid-April in Nepal:

2016-07-09 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Pakistan:

2016-07-09 - Coastal cities and critical infrastructure unprepared to face the rising tides of climate change:

2016-07-09 - Impressive meteor filmed over Morocco on 8 July 2016:

2016-07-10 - Man, 41, sickens, vomits blood, on boat near coastal St. Simons Island (Georgia):

Quote: "The Coast Guard, along with Chatham County Rescue Services, medevac a man who was vomiting blood two-miles east of Simon Island late Saturday. A Coast Guard Air Station Savannah MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew medevac’d a 41-year-old man after their 18-ft vessel became disabled."

2016-07-10 - Man, 52, has heart attack and collapses on ship on the Umpqua River near North Bend (Washington):

2016-07-10 - Man, diver, sickens near coastal Barnegat Light (New Jersey):

2016-07-10 - Man, 56, falls off boat and disappears, unmanned boat crashes into dock, on Hagerman Lake (Michigan):

Quote: "According to a witness a boat, without a driver, had crashed into a boat dock. Authorities believe that the driver of the boat, a 56-year-old Iowa resident, was out fishing and fell into the water sometime prior to the accident."

2016-07-10 - Man, 50, found unconscious in swimming pool at hotel in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2016-07-10 - Woman has seizure and foams at the mouth while driving car in Allen Park (Michigan):

2016-07-10 - Two earthquakes, magnitudes 5.9 and 6.4, strike near the coast in Ecuador:

2016-07-10 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Tonga:

2016-07-10 - Guy McPerson's list of self-reinforcing climate feedbacks:

2016-07-10 - It's alive - huge warm water 'blob' still lurking off the coast of California:

Quote: "Originally thought to have disappeared with the arrival of El Niño scientists now believe it instead retreated deeper into the ocean and now hovers about 500 to 650 feet below the surface. 'The residual effect of the blob is still there' Ian Perry, a senior research scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, told CBC."

2016-07-10 - Arctic ice breaking up and melting near the North Pole:

2016-07-10 - Heatwave bakes South Korea:

2016-07-10 - Lightning strike kills 2 children and injures 11 people in Kenya:

2016-07-10 - 10,000 lightning strikes in 12 hours hit Hong Kong (China):

2016-07-10 - Super-typhoon Nepartak kills six people and causes widespread damage in China:

2016-07-10 - Extreme weather hits southern Australia:

2016-07-10 - Climate may be more sensitive - and the situation more dire - than once thought:

2016-07-10 - Climate change in Bangladesh, a documentary:

2016-07-10 - Chinese research ship 'Hai Yang Liu' heads out on 60,000-kilometer journey to study the deep ocean and Antarctica:

Quote: "China's self-designed deep-sea exploration vessel 'Ocean No.6' sets sail from a port in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, July 8, 2016. The vessel will spend 282 days conducting deep-sea surveys and a scientific expedition in Antarctica on a nearly 60,000-km voyage. It will return to the port in Guangzhou in April, 2017. The Chinese research vessel Haiyang Liuhao, also known as Ocean No. 6, set sail on Friday to the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica for a 60,000-km expedition."

2016-07-10 - Norway becomes the first country in the world to ban deforestation:

2016-07-10 - Shining silver-blue clouds captured over Denmark in night sky photo:

2016-07-11 - 22 schoolchildren hallucinate, scream, foam at the mouth, in Colombia:

Quote: "This is the chilling moment 22 schoolgirls - aged between 12 and 15 - 'suffered mass demonic possession' after playing a game of 'Charlie Charlie'. The children were screaming, writhing and hallucinating - and some were even foaming at the mouth."

Note: Yeah, mass demonic possession or a neurotoxic poison. I wonder which is more likely...

2016-07-11 - Boy, 17, jumps into the water and disappears, at Old Hickory Lake in Wilson County (Tennessee):

2016-07-11 - Mount Bromo erupts in Indonesia, spews ash 1.2 kilometers high, nearby airport closed:

2016-07-11 - Newly-discovered fault line in Asia could threaten more than 100 million people with catastrophic megaquake:

Quote: "Researchers have identified a hidden fault beneath Bangladesh and parts of east India and Myanmar. New GPS data indicates a megaquake — an earthquake with a magnitude 8.2 to 9.0 — could strike the region. An earthquake that strong would be incredibly devastating. According to Live Science, 'researchers estimate about 140 million people live within 60 miles of the fault.'"

2016-07-11 - Heatwave heads toward Central New York:

2016-07-11 - Separate lightning strikes kill two people in Crimea:

2016-07-11 - July snow hits parts of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, 'cold blob' still near melting Greenland:

2016-07-11 - Five inches of rain in 3 hours hits Estevan, Saskatchewan (Canada), flooding ensues:

2016-07-11 - Three-inch hail bombards Killdeer (North Dakota):

2016-07-11 - Significant new source of groundwater found in California, but tapping it could cause land subsidence:

Quote: "California’s Central Valley has three times more freshwater in underground aquifers than previously thought, drinking water that could help the state weather future drought and fortify itself against a changing climate, according to a new Stanford University study. But tapping that water, locked thousands of feet beneath the ground, will be expensive and comes with an enormous risk  — it could cause the valley floor to sink, according to the study, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Sinking land in the Central Valley is threatening roads, homes and other infrastructure, and reduces the amount of water some aquifers can hold."

2016-07-11 - Protesters attack police officers in major cities all over the US:

2016-07-11 - Incredible nighttime thunderstorm photo captured by pilot over the Pacific Ocean:

2016-07-11 - Wu-Tang Clan endorses Clinton for president:

Note: Fo' shizzle!

2016-07-12 - At least six children sickened by unknown cause at swimming pool in Old Mystic (Connecticut):

2016-07-12 - Man, 57, has stroke-like symptoms on cruise ship near coastal Sitka (Alaska), medevac'd off:

Quote: "Coast Guard 17th District command center watchstanders received a medevac request from the captain for a 57-year-old man reportedly suffering from stroke-like symptoms. The duty flight surgeon was consulted and recommended the medevac."

2016-07-12 - Volcanoes Bromo, Turrialba, Santiaguito and Pavlof erupt around the world:

2016-07-12 - Volcano Klyuchevskoy erupts, belches ash 3.5 miles high, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2016-07-12 - Volcano Campi Flegrei inflating near the Bay of Naples (Italy):

2016-07-12 - Volcano awakening in the Colli Albani Volcanic District near Rome (Italy):

2016-07-12 - Global cloud coverage shifting in ominous sign of a changing climate/atmosphere:

Quote: "A new study in Nature analyzes almost 30 years of weather observations to show that clouds and cloudiness are changing in the way scientists would expect in a warming world."

2016-07-12 - A chronicle of climate chaos - 2016, the year we don't understand:

2016-07-12 - Lightning strike kills 2 dogs at animal rescue shelter in Darlington (South Carolina):

2016-07-12 - Tornadoes, rain and flooding hammer parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin:

2016-07-12 - Lake Okeechobee's water levels rising, and that's bad news for algae blooms and floods:

2016-07-12 - Dangerous plant, Giant Hogweed, spreading in Britain, here's what you need to know:

2016-07-12 - The DOW and the S&P 500 soar to record highs:

2016-07-12 - Six-year-old boy reels in a 10-foot+ great white shark off Cape Cod (Massachusetts):

2016-07-12 - Centipede crawls into girl's ear, droplets make it crawl back out:

2016-07-13 - More than 30 people sicken in the same area, some lose consciousness, in coastal Brooklyn (New York), blamed on drugs:

Note: Seems highly unlikely that drugs would cause 33 people in the same area and at the same time, all outdoors and near the coast, to experience these symptoms. This event looks very similar to the 22 school girls who just hallucinated and twitched and foamed at the mouth in Colombia, mentioned in the 2016-07-11 update. I guess we'll have to wait the standard 'several weeks' for toxicology results for all of these people, assuming they do such tests (very unlikely), and even then we'd have to believe what we're told by the very people who are hiding the truth, which obviously wouldn't be too wise...

2016-07-13 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Kermadec Islands:

2016-07-13 - Six years after the Deepwater Horizon spill, oil still as toxic as ever in the Gulf of Mexico:

2016-07-13 - Lightning strike kills 2 pedigree cows in County Wicklow (Ireland):

2016-07-13 - Heatwave set to bake Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2016-07-13 - Recent drought on the Iberian Peninsula the worst in three decades:

2016-07-13 - Huge waterspout spotted near Mobile Bay (Alabama):

2016-07-13 - Unknown water creature found in the Kama River in Udmurt Republic (Russia):

2016-07-13 - Mysterious eye disease strikes astronauts on long space journeys:

2016-07-13 - Japan now considering entombing Fukushima, like Russia did with Chernobyl:

Note: Doesn't solve the problem, but I guess it'd be better than nothing. Not like we're gonna be around all that much longer anyway...

2016-07-13 - Eerie images of the deserted exclusion zone in Fukushima (Japan):

Quote: "The urban explorers entered the so-called 'red zone' - the site of maximum radiation - in the middle of the night to avoid being caught by the police..."

Note: They were positively glowing with excitement at getting these pics!

2016-07-13 - Bright meteor lights up the night sky over Brazil:

2016-07-13 - GOP comes out strongly (heh) against online pornography:

2016-07-14 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued for the Coachella Valley (California):

2016-07-14 - Man, 50, falls 50 feet off bridge into Johnson Creek in Portland (Oregon), 1 injured:

2016-07-14 - Man, sailor, sickens on tanker ship 'Happy Bear' near coastal Calais (France), medevac'd off:

Quote: "On July 14, 2016, at 07.50 a.m. the CROSS Gris Nez was altered by the 'Happy Bear' after one of the crew members had fallen ill. The ship was then off Calais. Immediately, the CROSS Gris Nez, on the advice of maritime medical coordination in Le, Havre, advised a medical evacuation."

2016-07-14 - Alaska warming rapidly, Arctic ice continues melting:

Quote: "From January to June of this year, the statewide average temperature was 30.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which was 9 degrees  above average. This beat the previous record by 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit, an unusually large margin for such a record to be broken by."

2016-07-14 - Damage wrought by acidic oceans hurts more than marine life, lasts longer than you think:

2016-07-14 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Shasta Lake and Pyramid Lake (California):

2016-07-14 - Lightning in the Arctic, the new normal:

2016-07-14 - Lightning strike kills one man, injures another, in Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

2016-07-14 - Lightning strike kills woman in Stewart County (Tennessee):

2016-07-14 - Lightning strike kills two people in Odisha (India):

2016-07-14 - Lightning strike kills thoroughbred horse near Midway (Kentucky):

2016-07-14 - Extreme weather and 100 MPH winds slam Tasmania (Australia):

2016-07-14 - Nicaragua and Guatemala hit by heavy rain and flooding, 5000 people displaced:

2016-07-14 - Siberia hit by more wild weather - tornadoes, floods, now snow:

2016-07-14 - Huge waterspout filmed over Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana):

2016-07-14 - Waterspout filmed off Biloxi (Mississippi):

2016-07-14 - Three waterspouts filmed near Pensacola Beach (Florida):

2016-07-14 - Incredible waterspout filmed in Big Pine Key (Florida):

2016-07-14 - Another Monsanto environmental disaster - glyphosate has poisoned the Great Lakes:

2106-07-14 - Massive hole in the sun could lead to disruption of Earth's electronics:

2016-07-14 - Terrorist attack - heavy truck plows into pedestrians in Nice (France), scores killed, more injured:

2016-07-14 - 47% of US workforce at risk of losing their jobs to robots:

2016-07-14 - The mayor of Rio de Janeiro wants Nintendo to release Pokémon Go in Brazil before the Olympics:

2016-07-15 - Video showing some of the crazy weather and geological events in 2016 thus far:

2016-07-15 - Singer Ronnie Milsap, 73, has 'medical emergency' before concert, taken to hospital, in Nashville (Tennessee):

2016-07-15 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Utah Lake (Utah):

2016-07-15 - Massive algae bloom in Florida can be seen from space:

2016-07-15 - Heatwave heading to the Central US, temps of 111F expected in some areas:

Note: Eek, I hope I don't see 111F!

2016-07-15 - Lightning strike kills man in Huntsville (Alabama):

2016-07-15 - Lightning strike hits beach, injures 5 people, in Long Beach (New York):

2016-07-15 - Huge hailstorms damage thousands of houses in Brazil, 20 inches of ice on the streets:

2016-07-15 - July snowfall hits the Alps in Austria, Italy and Switzerland:

2016-07-15 - Military coup attempted in Turkey, chaos ensues, 17+ killed, many injured:;-dozens-killed-in-fight/1428728/

Quote: "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the nation Saturday that his government was working to crush a coup attempt after a night of explosions, air battles and gunfire across the capital that left at least 17 dead and scores wounded."

2016-07-16 - Boy, 17, goes diving in the Shark River Inlet, goes missing, near coastal Belmar (New Jersey):

2016-07-16 - Man, 35, falls of boat and disappears at South Watuppa Pond in coastal Fall River (Massachusetts):

2016-07-16 - Volcano Piton de la Fournaise showing signs of unrest, may be heading for new eruption:

2016-07-16 - Two unusual earthquakes strike, a magnitude 3.7 off the coast of Florida, and a magnitude 4.1 at the island of Shishmaref (Alaska):

Quote: "A 3.7-magnitude tremor was recorded off northwest Florida, while a M4.1 quake shook the region of Shishmaref in Alaska, an area almost unknown to shakings."

2016-07-16 - Tremor causes panic and cracks walls in Nigeria:

2016-07-16 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits four lakes in Martin County (Florida), extreme toxicity:

2016-07-16 - Planetary temperature increase of 10C possible by 2026:

Note: If extermination isn't already locked in - and I'm quite sure that it is - then that would certainly lock it in...

2016-07-16 - Rising storm tops and middle latitude drying speeds up the warming of the Earth:

2016-07-16 - Warming planet wiping out the snow at ski areas in New Zealand:

2016-07-16 - Potentially record-breaking 'heat dome' comes to the Central US:

2016-07-16 - July snow for 5 European countries, strawberry and tomato crops lost:

2016-07-16 - Lightning strike kills man at Mount Mitchell State Park (North Carolina):

2016-07-16 - In separate incidents, lightning strikes injure two women in Point Pleasant Beach (New Jersey):

2016-07-16 - Lightning strikes kill 3 women, injure two more people, in Bihar (India):

2016-07-16 - Brain-eating amoeba kills 19-year-old man in Houston (Texas):

2016-07-16 - Noctilucent cloud display over Denmark captured in stunning time-lapse video:

2016-07-16 - Sun halo spotted in the sky over the island of Guam:

2016-07-16 - Study finds our immune system affects and controls social behavior:

2016-07-17 - Man, 32, falls off boat and disappears on the River Tagus in coastal Lisbon (Portugal):

Quote: "Authorities are believed to be focusing on the theory the missing Brit, who has not been named, went overboard after losing his balance in an accident or because he suddenly felt unwell."

2016-07-17 - Magnitude 4.4 earthquake strikes near Lahore (Pakistan):

2016-07-17 - High methane levels follow earthquake in the Arctic Ocean:

2016-07-17 - As sea level continues to rise, islands in the Pacific are suffering:

2016-07-17 - Lake Poopo has completely dried up in Bolivia:

2016-07-17 - Terrible scenes as mountain torrents crush houses in China:

2016-07-17 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Uttarakhand (India):

2016-07-17 - Huge UFO filmed in the sky over coastal New York City (New York):

2016-07-17 - Congress takes a seven-week vacation:

Note: All that doing nothing must've worn 'em out!

2016-07-18 - Boy, 13, pulled unconscious from swimming pool, now in coma, in Tucson (Arizona):

2016-07-18 - Man, 63, has 'medical emergency' aboard ship near coastal Fairhaven (Massachusetts):

2016-07-18 - Earthquake swarm hits Central California near Hollister (California):

2016-07-18 - Greenland's ice rapidly melting away now, a trillion tons of ice lost in just four years:

Quote: "A new paper just published by scientists in Geophysical Research Letters presents results of their investigation into the ice sheet covering Greenland. They found that over the four-year period from Jan. 1, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2014 Greenland lost over a trillion tons of ice. Let me repeat that: More than a trillion tons of ice melted away from Greenland."

2016-07-18 - Heatwave hits central France:

2016-07-18 - Clouds study alarms scientists – 'data shows major reorganization of the cloud system':

2016-07-18 - House hit twice by lightning moments apart near Bend (Oregon):

2016-07-18 - Little fire ants spreading across the Big Island (Hawaii):

2016-07-18 - RNC trots out one of their big name speakers, Scott Baio:

2016-07-19 - Man, 40, jumps in water to retrieve hat and disappears at Lac-St-Louis near Beaconsfield (Canada):

2016-07-19 - Man, 74, loses consciousness on cruise ship 'Carnival Breeze' southwest of St. Petersburg (Florida), medevac'd off:

Quote: "On July 18, 2016, a Coast Guard helicopter crew medevaced a 74-year-old man who was unconscious and revived by the crew of the 'Carnival Breeze' 379 miles southwest of St. Petersburg. Watchstanders with the 7th Coast Guard District Command Center received a call around 3:20 p.m. stating a passenger was unconscious and revived by a cruise ship medical staff member."

2016-07-19 - Series of 70 small earthquakes strike in a week between Los Angeles and San Francisco (California):

2016-07-19 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits pond at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City (Utah):

2016-07-19 - Hottest June ever recorded continues 14-month global heatwave:

Quote: "The first six months of 2016 were the hottest ever recorded, NASA announced on Tuesday, while Arctic sea ice now covers 40% less of the Earth than it did just 30 years ago."

Note: That radically shrinking ice cover is why a cruise ship is preparing for a trip through the Northwest Passage this year, the first time that has ever been possible since mankind invented ships...

2016-07-19 - Dangerous heat in the US spreads toward the East Coast:

2016-07-19 - Heatwave bakes El Paso (Texas), 4 killed:

2016-07-19 - Heatwave bakes London (Britain), hundreds of people sicken:

2016-07-19 - Scary-looking 'microburst' hits Phoenix (Arizona):

2016-07-19 - Fierce storm hits Richmond (Virginia), trees toppled:

2016-07-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Fort St. John (Canada):

2016-07-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Guatemala:

2016-07-19 - Waterspout comes ashore in Galveston (Texas):

2016-07-19 - Lightning strike kills horse in Pisgah National Forest (North Carolina):

2016-07-19 - Zika mystery, health officials stumped after elderly patient transmits virus to caregiver:

2016-07-19 - Mysterious huge carnivorous fish found in the Yangtze River (China):

Quote: "An unnamed marine expert told Chinese media that the creature is a hybrid of a Kaluga fish and another unidentified species."

2016-07-19 - Great ball of fire spotted in the sky over New Zealand:

2016-07-19 - How China is rewriting the book on human origins:

2016-07-19 - Dream people of the Amazon - the world view and dream life of the Achuar tribe:

2016-07-20 - Ground trembling and spewing methane on Bely Island in Siberia (Russia):

Quote: "This extraordinary sight - in a video filmed of the tundra on remote Belyy Island in the Kara Sea off the Yamal Peninsula coastline - was witnessed by a scientific research expedition. Researchers Alexander Sokolov and Dorothee Ehrich spotted 15 patches of trembling or bubbling grass-covered ground. When punctured they emitted methane and carbon dioxide, according to measurements, although so far no details have been given. The reason is as yet unclear, but one possible explanation of the phenomenon is abnormal heat that caused permafrost to thaw, releasing gases."

Note: Okay, now that's ominous...

2016-07-20 - Signs of impending volcanic super-eruptions become evident less than a year before eruption:

2016-07-20 - Volcano Gamalama rumbling and showing signs of activity on Ternate Island (Indonesia):

2016-07-20 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Vanuatu:

2016-07-20 - South Bay earthquake swarm continues near Hollister (California):

2016-07-20 - Abrupt climate change in pictures:

2016-07-20 - Record hot Atlantic Basin to fuel brutish 2016 hurricanes?

2016-07-20 - Lightning strike kills boy on Humphreys Peak (Arizona):

2016-07-20 - Hailstones the size of baseballs batter Saskatchewan (Canada):

Note: Mmmmm, baseball-battered Saskatchewan...

2016-07-20 - Fierce storm rips roof off apartment building in Winnipeg (Canada):

2016-07-20 - Heavy rain, flooding and three tornadoes hit Siberia (Russia):

2016-07-20 - EPA ignores synergistic toxic effects of pesticide cocktails in its approval process:

2016-07-20 - Huge fireball seen across in the skies over North Western Australia:

2016-07-20 - Norovirus hits the RNC, people stricken with vomiting and diarrhea:

2016-07-21 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting coastal Stuart (Florida):

Quote: "It’s not as organic as you would think it is. You have the hydrogen sulfide smell, but there also is something very chemical-smelling about it. It’s not a normal smell."

2016-07-21 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting coastal Edmonds (Washington):

Quote: "These pungent odors are frequently associated with a sewage smell due to the hydrogen sulfide and dimethyl sulfide produced in the decomposition process."

2016-07-21 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Lake Britton in Shasta County (California):

2016-07-21 - Large sections of Greenland covered in melt ponds, dark snow:

2016-07-21 - Heatwave bakes the Fox Valley (Illinois):

2016-07-21 - Lightning strike ignites boat, boat burns and sinks in coastal St. Petersburg (Florida):

2016-07-21 - Heavy rain and flash floods kill 17 people in Khost (Afghanistan):

2016-07-21 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit 9 states in India, 120 people killed, 5 million people affected:

2016-07-21 - Here's what we might look like if we'd evolved to survive car crashes:

2016-07-22 - Series of earthquakes hit Kyrgyzstan:

2016-07-22 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Fiorito Lake in Ellensburg (Washington):

2016-07-22 - Green foam bubbles out of sewers in Bluffdale (Utah):

2016-07-22 - Hillary Clinton chooses Virginia senator Tim Kaine as running mate:

2016-07-23 - Woman, 19, sickens on cruise ship at 5:05 AM off the coast of North Carolina, medevac'd off:

2016-07-23 - Person suddenly sickens at show in Tiverton (Britain):

2016-07-23 - Four earthquakes strike near Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island (Hawaii):

2016-07-23 - Two earthquakes in three days hit North Carolina:

Quote: "An earthquake shook parts of North Carolina near the Virginia border in Wilkes County on Saturday night. The 2.4 magnitude quake hit around 9:50 p.m. and was at a depth of 5.1 kilometers, according to the US Geological Survey. The quake on Saturday night happened just two days after 1.9 magnitude earthquake struck Thursday at Plumtree, N.C. in Avery County — about 60 miles west-southwest of the Saturday quake."

2016-07-23 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreaks hits Pyramid Lake (California):

2016-07-23 - Heatwaves bake Toronto (Canada), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Eastern Massachusetts and New York:

2016-07-23 - Lightning strike kills man in Arvada (Colorado), 12th death within 6 weeks in the US due to lightning:

2016-07-23 - Extreme rains flood China, 129 killed, more than 8.6 million people affected:

2016-07-23 - Heavy rain, flash flooding and strong winds hit New South Wales (Australia):

2016-07-23 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Assam (India), 7 killed, thousands displaced:

2016-07-23 - Southern Manitoba tornado was an 'exceptional' storm, says Environment Canada:

2016-07-23 - Meteor fireball 'brighter than Venus' seen in Osaka (Japan):

2016-07-23 - Self-driving shuttle to start operation in September in Lyon (France):

Note: Good thing about driverless vehicles - no frail easily-poisoned human driver to have a seizure or slump over unconscious or dead. Of course that may still happen to the passengers...

2016-07-24 - Man in his 30s goes missing while swimming in the Delaware River near Bordentown (New Jersey):

2016-07-24 - Two men sicken at 2:13 AM on cruise ship off the coast of Virginia, medevac'd off:

2016-07-24 - From the Arctic to Africa to the Amazon, more troubling signs of Earth carbon store instability:

2016-07-24 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits the Snake River south of Hells Canyon Dam (Idaho):

2016-07-24 - Lightning hits train station, fire and explosions ensue, train derails, in Chicago (Illinois):

2016-07-24 - 54C (129.3F) temp recorded in Kuwait, may be the hottest temp ever recorded on Earth:

2016-07-24 - Heatwave bakes the San Fernando Valley (California):

2016-07-24 - Heatwaves bakes Iraq and Kuwait:

2016-07-24 - Pilcomayo River in Paraguay running dry, animals dying en masse:

2016-07-24 - Meteor spotted in the sky over Phoenix (Arizona):

2016-07-24 - Brexit causes dramatic drop in UK economy, data suggests:

2016-07-24 - Ultra-rare Eurasian bird seen in Newfoundland (Canada):

2016-07-25 - Man, 71, almost dies in swimming pool, resuscitated, in Totowa (New Jersey):

2016-07-25 - Volcano Sakurajima erupts in Japan, spews ash 5 kilometers into the atmosphere:

Quote: "The Sakurajima volcano in southwestern Japan had an explosive eruption early Tuesday, spewing volcanic ash 5,000 meters into the sky, the Meteorological Agency said. It is the first eruption projecting to such an altitude since August 2013 for the volcano within kilometers of downtown Kagoshima, a city of 606,000 and major shipping port in southwestern Japan."

2016-07-25 - Volcano Turrialba erupts in Costa Rica, spews ash, rocks and steam 3 kilometers high:

2016-07-25 - Volcano Reventador erupts in Ecuador:

2016-07-25 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes right on the coast in Chile:

2016-07-25 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean south of Australia:

Note: MISA Theory keeps on chuggin'...

2016-07-25 - Toxic algae smothers Utah Lake (Utah), sickens 100, 'We don’t have an idea of how long this event will last':

2016-07-25 - Heatwave in the US Midwest hit 98.7°F, felt like 140.4°F:

Note: I know I was wilting!

2016-07-25 - Lightning strike kills man in Bonita Springs (Florida), 13th death within 6 weeks in US from lightning:

2016-07-25 - Lightning strike kills man in Bedford County (Virginia), 14th death within 6 weeks in US from lightning:

2016-07-25 - Lightning strike kills two teen girls in Aleksandrovac (Serbia):

2016-07-25 - Lightning strike obliterates utility pole in Chicago (Illinois):

2016-07-25 - Lightning strike hits the Empire State Building in New York City (New York), caught on film:

2016-07-25 - Photos capture largest polar stratospheric clouds seen in the Antarctic this year:

2016-07-25 - Sun fires off strongest solar flare of 2016:

2016-07-25 - Man goes on stabbing rampage at 2:30 AM at facility for disabled people near coastal Tokyo (Japan), 19 killed, 20+ injured:

2016-07-25 - UFO researchers believe they see gigantic 'alien city' hidden beneath the Gulf of California:

2016-07-25 - Madam Marie Curie's research papers still radioactive 100+ years later:

2016-07-26 - Algae blooms also spewing hydrogen sulfide near the St. Lucie River (Florida):

Quote: "The county also found hydrogen sulfide in the air around the blooms at levels that could be intolerable for individuals with respiratory conditions and asthmatics."

2106-07-26 - Man, 37, goes out on boat, goes missing, on Lake Erie near Wanakah (New York), empty 'ghost boat' found:

Quote: "Around 1 p.m. Hamburg Police noticed an apparently unmanned boat with multiple fishing poles. Crews noticed coolers filled with ice and fresh-caught walleye, but no one on board."

2016-07-26 - The most important blog article in July 2016 - plus 10 C by 2026:

2016-07-26 - Scientists caught off-guard by record temperatures linked to climate change:

Quote: "We predicted moderate warmth for 2016, but nothing like the temperature rises we've seen"

2016-07-26 - It could be unbearably hot in many places within a few years time:

2016-07-26 - For the first time, forecast predicts hotter-than-normal temps in every square inch of the USA, for 3 months:

Quote: "An entire forecast map awash in the red and orange colors of unusually warm temperatures for a 3-month period is unprecedented, according to Dan Collins, a meteorologist with the prediction center."

2016-07-26 - Exactly what's wrong with the Cliff Mass approach to global warming:

Quote: "One Small Part of Antarctica Stayed Cool While the Rest Warmed: Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of climate change denialism is the willful idiocy of using local exceptions to a widely supported trend as evidence that trend is false."

Note: Stupids gonna stupe...

2016-07-26 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Vanuatu:

2016-07-26 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Discovery Bay (California):

2016-07-26 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Chasewater Country Park (Britain):

2016-07-26 - Lightning strike kills tourist in Slovakia:

2016-07-26 - Lightning strike hits Pokémon Go player at beach in Clearwater (Florida):

2016-07-26 - Second tornado in 24 hours hits Gauteng Province (South Africa)

2016-07-26 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Pyuthan District (Nepal), at least 5 killed:

2016-07-26 - China floods update, death toll from torrential rains hits 164, fourth official suspended over flood response:

2016-07-26 - Tornado hits mall in Tembisa (South Africa), several injured:

2016-07-26 - Athletes at Rio Olympics 'will literally be swimming in human crap':

Quote: "Seven years ago the Rio de Janeiro government promised to clean up the water before the 2016 Olympics. Not only did they fail to clean it up -- it has actually gotten worse."

2016-07-26 - Dr. Helen Caldicott’s prognosis for humanity, 'not good':

2016-07-26 - Fukushima tells Nintendo to stop sending Pokémon Go monsters into radioactive areas:

Note: And so Pokémon Godzilla was born!

2016-07-26 - Scientists think they've found the origin of all earthly life:

2016-07-26 - 7-Eleven makes first drone delivery:

2016-07-26 - World's largest flower that survives for just 48 hours blooms in India:

Note: Wow, it's hyooooge!

2016-07-27 - Passenger collapses on cruise ship 'Celebrity Equinox' near coastal Ajaccio (France), medevac'd off:

Quote: "On July 26, 2016, at 7:35 p.m., the CROSS Corsica was notified that an American passenger on board the 'Celebrity Equinox', which was sailing 45 nautical miles west of Ajaccio, had collapsed."

2016-07-27 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Edenton Bay (North Carolina):

2016-07-27 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Buffalo Pound Lake in Saskatchewan (Canada):

2016-07-27 - Volcano Katla rumbling and showing signs of unrest in Iceland:

2016-07-27 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes off the coast of Chile:

2016-07-27 - Magnitude 5.4 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Tokyo (Japan):

2016-07-27 - Scientists say California's East Bay is overdue for the largest earthquake in centuries:

2016-07-27 - Climate victims – every second, one person is displaced by disaster:

2016-07-27 - Lightning strike kills 20 cows in Guda Palwo (Uganda):

2016-07-27 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Nepal, 37 killed, 26 missing:

2016-07-27 - Huge waves and strong winds wash away 33-foot-high seawall in New Zealand:

2016-07-27 - Study says that weather disasters raise conflict risk in multi-ethnic nations:

2016-07-27 - 44-pound chunk of ice falls from the sky and smashes car in Rome (Italy):

2016-07-27 - Explorers spot mysterious purple orb on ocean floor near California:

2016-07-27 - Rare 'morning glory' roll cloud seen in Queensland (Australia):

2016-07-27 - Rocket disintegrates and burns up over the US West Coast:

2016-07-27 - Inside a Russian experiment to make life possible on the Moon or Mars:

2016-07-27 - Man is gonna jump out of plane at 25,000 feet without parachute or wingsuit, plans to land on net, live on TV:

Quote: "His safety net will actually be a net: 100 feet by 100 feet. It will be about 200 feet above the ground. Aikins will be traveling at around 120 miles per hour when his body hits it."

Note: Better not miss that net!

2016-07-28 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued again near the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued an odor advisory on Thursday, lasting through Sunday, due to elevated hydrogen sulfide levels."

2016-07-28 - Man goes out on boat, goes missing, on the Mississippi River near Keokuk (Iowa):

2016-07-28 - Man, 53, goes out on boat, goes missing, near coastal Hallandale Beach (Florida):

2016-07-28 - Boy, 4, pulled from pond semi-conscious with difficulty breathing in coastal Wareham (Massachusetts):

2016-07-28 - Lava from Volcano Kilauea reaches the ocean in Hawaii:

2016-07-28 - Magnitude 3.3 earthquake strikes near coastal San Simeon (California):

2016-07-28 - High chance that current atmospheric greenhouse concentrations commit to warmings greater than 1.5C over land:

Note: Well, hopefully the Yamal Peninsula in Russia will cool down, so we don't see a bunch more methane spewing from that area...

2016-07-28 - Extreme heat bakes the Yamal Peninsula (Russia), state of emergency declared:

Quote: "A state of emergency has been declared in parts of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug as extreme heat combined with dry winds have pounded the region for the past month and a half."

Note: Whoops, guess not...

2016-07-28 - Ogallala aquifer rapidly being depleted in the Western US:

2016-07-28 - Lightning strike kills two people, injures three more, in Rangpur (Bangladesh):

2016-07-28 - Lightning strike injures man in Edmonton (Canada):

2016-07-28 - Heavy rain and flooding hit South Asia, at least 100 killed:

2016-07-28 - Massive anthrax outbreak kills 1,500 deer in Russia, largest outbreak in 75 years:

2016-07-28 - Bright greenish-blue meteor explodes over Puerto Rico:

2016-07-28 - Unknown triangular flying craft filmed over Charlottesville (Virginia):

2016-07-28 - Study finds that sitting in front of computer for 8 hours/day can increase risk of premature death by 60%:

2016-07-29 - 18 people sickened by unknown cause at restaurant in coastal Seekonk (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The Seekonk fire chief said 18 people fell ill while dining Friday morning at the Panera Bread restaurant on Highland Avenue. It's believed air quality made people sick, not food. Fire Chief Michael Healy told NBC 10 News that the affected customers complained about a tingling sensation in their throat, skin irritation and difficulty breathing."

2016-07-29 - Person, 70, has heart attack on cruise ship near coastal Auke Bay (Alaska):

2016-07-29 - Woman, 63, sickens at beach in coastal Lyme Regis (Britain):

2016-07-29 - Volcano Fuego erupts spectacularly in Guatemala:

2016-07-29 - Volcano Pavlof's alert level increased amid signs of possible eruption:

2016-07-29 - Mother Nature shows a smile as molten lava from Kilauea reaches the ocean:

2016-07-29 - Magnitude 7.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Northern Mariana Islands:

2016-07-29 - 50 earthquakes in two months hit Norseman (Australia):

2016-07-29 - Lake Tahoe rapidly heating up in Nevada:

Quote: "For one thing, the lake has been warming faster than ever recorded. In 2015 the lake's average temperature rose 0.48 degrees Fahrenheit - and over the last four years, the rise was 15 times faster than the lake's historic warming rate."

2016-07-29 - Lake Urmia, drastically shrunk by drought, turns blood red in Iran:

2016-07-29 - Study blames climate change for stormy weather threatening US military installations on East and Gulf Coast:

2016-07-29 - Siberian heat wave thaws dead reindeer, unleashes anthrax outbreak:

2016-07-29 - Fire-starting 'super ant' that is drawn to electrics is spreading across the UK:

2016-07-29 - Lightning strikes kill 3 people in Andhra Pradesh (India):

2016-07-29 - Lightning strike kills 2 people in Krishna (India):

2016-07-29 - Lightning strikes kill 8 people in Bangladesh:

2016-07-29 - Rare waterspout destroys property in Prior Lake (Minnesota):

2016-07-29 - Huge waterspout filmed off Hainan (China):

2016-07-29 - 'Rainbow clouds' seen over southern New Jersey:

2016-07-29 - People going hungry in Venezuela, zoo animals starving to death – 'We call it here the Maduro diet':

2016-07-29 - Venezuela's new decree - forced farm work for citizens:

Note: Sounds like things are getting downright desperate in Venezuela! Do they still have ten cent gas? Guess it doesn't matter, cuz they can't eat gas...

2016-07-29 - Rate of homeownership in the US hits lowest level ever:

2016-07-29 - Eerie footage seems to show woman 'floating out of her body' after her death in Chinese hospital:

2016-07-30 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits three bodies of water in Idaho:

Quote: "The Southwest District Health Department says that the toxic bacteria was found in Lake Lowell at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, the Snake River in Hells Canyon, and in Brownlee Reservoir in Washington County."

2016-07-30 - Extreme drought dries out parts of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee:

2016-07-30 - Lightning strikes kill 40 people and injure 35 more in one day in Odisha (India):

2016-07-30 - Hailstorm dumps up to baseball-sized hail on parts of Cheyenne (Wyoming):

2016-07-30 - Wedding bus swept away by flash flood in Pakistan, 27+ killed:

Quote: "A Pakistani official says the death toll from a bus that was swept away by flash floods has risen to 27."

2016-07-30 - Athletes warned to keep mouths closed while in feces-infested water at the 2016 Olympics:

Note: And you thought the LAST Olympics was sh#tty?!

2016-07-30 - Man jumps from plane at 25,000 feet, doesn't use parachute, successfully lands in net, in Simi Valley (California):

2016-07-30 - Religious group warns that the world will end on July 29th:

2016-07-30 - Donald Trump can't name one sacrifice he's made, Twitter helps him out:

2016-07-30 - Off-duty female Swedish cop in a bikini takes down thief in Stockholm (Sweden):

Quote: "Ms Kellner said she didn’t hesitate to make the arrest while wearing a bikini. 'If I had been naked I would have intervened as well,' she said."

Note: Well, if that ever happens, we're gonna need to see some photographic evidence, Ms Kellner!

2016-07-31 - Magnitude 5.4 earthquake shakes Wuzhou (China):

2016-07-31 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Bednesti-Berman, Nulki and West Lakes (Canada):

2016-07-31 - Heatwave bakes Manitoba (Canada):

2016-07-31 - Lightning strikes and kills 5-year-old boy at Carova Beach (North Carolina):

2016-07-31 - Lightning strike kills man mowing lawn in Tillsonburg (Canada):

2016-07-31 - Tornado tears through town, shreds everything in its path, in Bac Ninh Province (Vietnam):

2016-07-31 - Hailstorm pounds Calgary (Canada), cars and homes damaged, girl injured:

2016-07-31 - Six inches of rain in three hours hit Ellicott City (Maryland), 2 killed, state of emergency declared:

2016-07-31 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Fort McMurray (Canada):

Quote: "Heavy rains in Fort McMurray, Alta., have caused flooded streets and knocked out traffic lights, forcing the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to activate its emergency operations centre for the first time since parts of the city were devastated by a wildfire in May."

2016-07-31 - Dramatic waterspout filmed over Suffolk (Britain):

2016-07-31 - Rare waterspout filmed in Karimnagar (India):

2016-07-31 - Starving Venezuelans break into zoo and eat equally starving animals:

2016-07-31 - Oil recovery over, oil prices tumble 16% in July:

2016-07-31 - NASA to launch probe to investigate ‘Armageddon’ asteroid:

2016-07-31 - Dead woman told she might not be registered to vote, in Mobile (Alabama):

2016-07-31 - Man, around 40, found at bottom of swimming pool at hotel in coastal Hollywood (Florida), in critical condition:

2016-07-31 - Four men, 20s and 30s, go out on boat, go missing, near the coast of Tasmania (Australia):

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