Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 - MAR - Other Stories

2016-03-01 - Two people sickened by unknown cause at college in Wandsworth area in coastal London (Britain):

2016-03-01 - Methane levels rising rapidly in the Arctic:

2016-03-01 - As the Arctic roasts, Alaska bakes in one of its warmest winters ever:

2016-03-01 - Freak hailstorms hit Oman and Saudi Arabia:

2016-03-01 - Massive snowstorm hits Japan, 130 flights grounded, thousands without power:

2016-03-01 - Storm dumps almost 4 inches of rain in four hours on Brazil, landslide kills 2, flooding ensues:

2016-03-01 - Heavy flooding turns roads to rivers in Peru, army sent in to help:

2016-03-01 - Vietnam hit by the worst drought in 90 years:

2016-03-01 - Eastern Mediterranean drought likely the worst in nine centuries:

2016-03-01 - Met Office predicts sudden stratospheric warming to bring cold weather to the UK:

2016-03-01 - Strange sound heard in the sky over L'Assomption, Quebec (Canada):

2016-03-01 - Plunging manufacturing numbers could mean it's time to hit the panic button for the global economy:

2016-03-01 - NASA paying people $18,000 to lay in bed and smoke pot for 70 days:

Quote: "NASA has invited volunteers to opt for their 'Bed Rest Studies' program, in which the space agency has decided to pay USD 18,000 to those who can spend 70 straight days in bed and smoke different kinds of cannabis."

Note: And I always thought NASA stood for 'Never Any Spliffs Available' - the times, they are a-changin'!

2016-03-02 - Hydrogen sulfide causing problems in Shiloh (Illinois):

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide is being blamed for Shiloh’s wastewater to smell like rotten eggs, Village Engineer Norm Etling said on Tuesday."

Quote: "'The hydrogen sulfide reading in the wet well of the Archview lift station was between 5 and 6 ppm. When we proceeded to the manhole on Eden Park Boulevard where the force main from Archview lift station discharges, the hydrogen sulfide readings spiked to over 100 ppm and rose to as high as 150, which are far above the safe level,' Peek wrote in a letter to Etling dated Jan. 18, 2016."

2016-03-02 - Unknown odor sickens 23 students at elementary school in coastal South Amboy (New Jersey):

Quote: "23 students were taken to a New Jersey hospital to be checked out Wednesday following an unknown odor in a classroom. The children were from the third-grade at an elementary school in South Amboy. Two classrooms were complaining of nose, eyes and throats burning."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-03-02 - Two men go out on boat, go missing, on the Tennessee River near Florence (Alabama):

2016-03-02 - Volcano Fuego erupts in Guatemala, spews ash over vast area:

Quote: "The volcano sent ash plumes billowing more than 2,000 meters above the crater; they then spread as far as 40 kilometers to the west, southwest and north, the spokesman said."

2016-03-02 - Volcano Tungurahua erupts in Ecuador, belches ash and lava:

2016-03-02 - Volcano Sinabung continues spewing ash in Indonesia:

2016-03-02 - Magnitude 7.8+ earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of Sumatra (Indonesia):

Note: MISA Theory keeps on chuggin' away...

2016-03-02 - February was warmest month ever recorded:

Quote: "Using unofficial data and adjusting for different base-line temperatures, it appears that February 2016 was likely somewhere between 1.15 and 1.4 degrees warmer than the long-term average, and about 0.2 degrees above last month—good enough for the most above-average month ever measured."

2016-03-02 - Arctic ice fracturing and ready to flow out of the Arctic:

Quote: "The Laptev Sea Ice is fracturing. This is one of the most dangerous places in the Arctic. Vast amounts of methane hydrates are on the ocean floor here. There are also reservoirs of free methane here stored under high pressure."

2016-03-02 - Mystery deepens around Greenland 'Cold Spot', could indicate slowing of the Gulf Stream:

Quote: "Meanwhile evidence is mounting that the long-feared circulation decline is already well underway."

Note: And the heat that that current would normally bring to Europe - where is that heat going? Backing up along the East Coast? Multiple nuclear plants have had to shut down in recent years on the US East Coast because the OCEAN was too warm to cool them. If that becomes 'normal', then either the East Coast will go dark from lack of electricity as all the nuclear plants are shut down, or the East Coast will end up glowing in the dark from melted-down nuclear plants...

2016-03-02 - Study shows that extreme tornado outbreaks are increasing in frequency:

2016-03-02 - Heavy snowstorm hits Moscow (Russia):

Note: Big storm, but it can't be the heaviest SPRING snowstorm in 50 years, since it's still winter. I may forget what day it is from time to time, but I'm pretty good at keeping track of the seasons!

2016-03-02 - Gale after gale after gale dumped 2.5 feet of rain on Scotland and Wales this winter:

2016-03-02 - More than 140 people sicken on cruise ship 'Anthem of the Seas' near Bayonne (New Jersey):

2016-03-02 - Meteorite hits Cordoba (Spain):

2016-03-03 - Scientists find huge underwater gas dome between Mt. Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei (Italy):

Quote: "A giant underwater dome covering an area of 25 square kilometres and having a height of about 15 meters was discovered halfway between the volcano Mount Vesuvius and the active caldera of Campi Flegrei, at depths ranging from 100 to 170 meters just 5 km apart from the port of Naples, Italy."

2016-03-03 - Unknown odor hits hospital in Saginaw (Michigan):

Quote: "Firefighters at the scene said that there was no smoke or fire, but they were investigating an odor that employees reported."

2016-03-03 - Earthquake swarm hits McAdam in New Brunswick (Canada):

2016-03-03 - Swaziland hit by intense drought, government declares national emergency:

2016-03-03 - Heatwave bakes Lagos (Nigeria):

2016-03-03 - Deadly flooding hits Angola, 24 killed, 30 missing:

2016-03-03 - Rare albino whale spotted off the coast of Mexico:

2016-03-03 - Rare great white pelican shows up 4000 miles from home, in Sanibel (Florida), first sighting ever:

2016-03-03 - Waterspout filmed over sea near Balochistan (Pakistan):

2016-03-03 - Bright meteor fireball seen from Maine to Philadelphia:

2016-03-03 - Riot and fire hits prison in coastal Georgetown (Guyana), at least 16 killed:

2016-03-04 - Strong odor emanates from abandoned sewer line in Kenosha (Wisconsin):

2016-03-04 - Sea ice melting faster than first thought in the Arctic Circle:

2016-03-04 - Anomalous giant waves strike the coast of Chile:

2016-03-04 - Heavy rain and hail pound Balochistan (Pakistan):

2016-03-04 - Rare 'thundersnow' storm hits Montreal (Canada):

2016-03-04 - Scientists baffled by relentless rise of two Caribbean lakes, in Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

2016-03-04 - Extreme El Niño events may help spread diseases:

2016-03-04 - Mysterious blood infection spreading in Wisconsin, officials don't know how or why:

2016-03-04 - Four Zika cases reported in the Bay Area (California):

2016-03-04 - Lamb born with two penises and seven legs in Kyrgyzstan:

2016-03-04 - Chicken found with extra set of legs in Hefei (China):

2016-03-04 - Rare undulatus asperatus clouds create stunning skies in Alabama:

2016-03-04 - Universities investigating mysterious symbols popping up on campuses in Colorado:

2016-03-04 - Russian nuclear space engine enables travel to Mars in 6 weeks, testing begins in 2018:

2016-03-05 - Man, 64, goes out on boat, goes missing, near coastal Prince of Wales Island (Alaska):

2016-03-05 - Man, 46, falls off cruise ship and disappears, near coastal Key Largo (Florida):

2016-03-05 - Responders train for mass-casualty toxic chemical release in Davis County (Utah):

Quote: "Teams with the Utah National Guard joined with Lakeview Hospital and the South Davis Fire Department in Davis County on Saturday for a mass casualty training. They practiced their response to a toxic chemical release."

2016-03-05 - Magnitude 5.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near coastal Chiapas (Mexico):

2016-03-05 - Magnitude 4.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near coastal Vancouver Island (Canada):

2016-03-05 - Dr Hansen says warming is planetary emergency, could render Earth uninhabitable by 2100:

Note: He's such an optimist! 2100?! We'll be lucky to see 2030 and I'm just barely willing to pencil in 2020...

2016-03-05 - Heat record set in Kelowna (Canada):

Quote: "A weather record 29 years old toppled Saturday as Kelowna was enveloped in an unusually warm flow of Pacific air. The mercury reached 16.7 C, far above the record for March 5 of 13 C set in 1987."

2016-03-05 - Permafrost continues melting in Switzerland:

Quote: "The latest findings from the Swiss Permafrost Monitoring Network (PERMOS) reveal that the warming trend of the last seven years continues unabated. This has been ascertained by measuring the temperatures of permafrost at 30 borehole sites."

Note: Just a matter of time until Switzerland starts burning like Siberia and Alaska already are as THEIR permafrost melts...

2016-03-05 - Heavy rain and snow hit Northern California:

2016-03-05 - Thunderstorms and heavy rain bring flash flooding to UAE:

2016-03-05 - Powerful sandstorm hits Erenhot (China):

2016-03-05 - Haunting photos from scuba divers across the world show devastating impact of ocean plastic:

2016-03-05 - Mutations and DNA damage seen in animals and plants in Fukushima (Japan):

2016-03-05 - Mysterious radio bursts from space baffle scientists:

2016-03-05 - New species of ghostlike octopod found over 14,000 feet deep near Necker Island (Hawaii):

2016-03-06 - Magnitude 2.3 earthquake shakes homes in Oxfordshire (Britain):

2016-03-06 - Lagoon turns pinkish red in Huatalco (Mexico):

Quote: "Scientists believe the color is a result of a red tide, a phenomenon in which estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae accumulate rapidly in the water column, which changes the color of the surface water."

Note: Looks just like the water that turned pink at a bird reserve last fall in coastal Santa Barbara (California), which was caused by purple sulfur bacteria, which eat hydrogen sulfide and ONLY exist in waters containing hydrogen sulfide, mentioned in the 2015-09-22 update...

2016-03-06 - Suspected red tides hit multiple areas around coastal Hong Kong (China):
Note: Wouldn't be so sure that's 'red tide'. Might be more of those hydrogen-sulfide-eating purple sulfur bacteria turning the water reddish...

2016-03-06 - Driverless big rigs to be tested in the UK:

Quote: "Driverless lorries are to be trialled in the UK, Chancellor George Osborne is expected to confirm in his Budget speech this month. The Department for Transport said the UK would "lead the way" in testing driverless 'HGV platoons'. The technology enables vehicles to move in a group, using less fuel, it said. The Times reported trials would take place on the M6 in Cumbria later in 2016, with vehicles in convoy headed by a driver in the leading lorry."

2016-03-06 - Lightning strikes kill 3 people, injure 2 more, and kill 42 cattle, in India:

2016-03-06 - Lightning strike kills 3 people in Chingola (Zambia):

2016-03-06 - Missouri man diagnosed with state's first case of Zika virus:

2016-03-06 - Super lice, resistant to modern treatments, spread to the Carolinas:

Quote: "Unlike regular lice, super lice are resistant to over-the-counter lice kits and prescription pesticides as well."

2016-03-06 - On the 200th anniversary, a look back at 1816, the 'Year Without A Summer', when it snowed in every month:

Quote: "'July came in with ice and snow and this condition lasted throughout the month.' According to Crane, 'to the surprise of everyone, August proved the worst month of the year. Almost every green thing was blasted by frost and cold.'"

2016-03-06 - Royal Marines train US Marines in Arctic conditions:

2016-03-06 - Woman, 43, found dead in elevator after being trapped by power cut, in Xi'an (China):

Note: Horrible Stephen-King-caliber story here...

2016-03-06 - Former First Lady Nancy Reagan dies at age 94 in Bel-Air (California):

2016-03-06 - Superfast computers from quantum dots could replace silicon-based computers:

2016-03-06 - Woman in Scooby Doo van leads cops on chase in Redding (California):

2016-03-07 - Man, 35, goes out on boat, goes missing, on Lake Erie off coast of Erie Township (Michigan):

2016-03-07 - Devastating floods hit Serbia, emergency declared:

2016-03-07 - Dazzling aurora borealis seen over Britain:

2016-03-07 - Spectacular snownado filmed in Norway:

2016-03-07 - Large meteor fireball caught on dash cam in Missouri:

2016-03-07 - Mysterious glowing fireball baffles residents of Las Vegas and California:

2016-03-07 - Man gets in argument with wife, douses himself in gasoline and sets himself on fire, in Lexington (Kentucky):

Note: That'll show her!

2016-03-07 - Repeated radio signal detected coming from space:

2016-03-07 - Sea-nomad children can see underwater like dolphins:

2016-03-08 - Rotten-egg odor sickens four people with 'flu-like symptoms' at business in Beaver Dam (Wisconsin):

Quote: "Beaver Dam Fire Department was called to Mayville Engineering Company, 210 Corporate Drive, after someone smelled gas at 9:04 p.m. Tuesday. As a result of the smell, the building was evacuated while the fire department and Alliant Energy searched the property. Beaver Dam Fire Chief Alan Mannel said four people who had 'flu-like' symptoms were transported to the hospital."

2016-03-08 - Volcano Kie Besi starts rumbling, alert status raised, on coastal Makian Island (Indonesia):

2016-03-08 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Samoa Islands:

2016-03-08 - Cardiac arrests increasing, and the people are younger, in McCook (Nebraska):

Quote: "Area emergency responders are concerned about an uptick in the number of cardiac arrest patients transported this year, as well as how young those patients have been. The City of McCook Fire Department typically receives between 10 to 15 cardiac arrest calls a year. Through the first week in March they have already received 12 cardiac arrest calls this year, according to a report given to City Council Monday evening."

Quote: "'What we have found with these, unfortunately, is many young ones. And when I say young, 30s, 40s, 50s,' said Harpham."

Note: So cardiac arrests are up more than 300% in that area, and the average age of the people experiencing cardiac arrests is dropping. I bet that's true in many places, not just McCook...

2016-03-08 - Methane levels increasing rapidly in the Arctic:

Quote: "'We see an alarming development,' senior researcher Cathrine Lund Myhre at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) told the Norwegian News Agency NTB, via NRK. The levels of methane increased sharply from 2013 to 2014, and preliminary results from measurements in 2015 indicate a continued strong increase."

2016-03-08 - Highest ever annual rise in carbon dioxide levels recorded:

2016-03-08 - Average temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere breach 2 degrees Celsius limit:

2016-03-08 - Record hot summer bakes southern Australia, especially Victoria, and New Zealand:

2016-03-08 - Heatwaves hit Melbourne and Sydney (Australia):

2016-03-08 - Climate change denial - climate change can’t be stopped or reversed, so why are climate scientists sounding hopeful?

2016-03-08 - Nature Bats Last podcast:

2016-03-08 - Extreme weather and flooding set to hit the Mississippi Valley:

Quote: "The potential rainfall totals for a broad region centering just west of the Mississippi River Valley are absolutely extraordinary. For even a strong spring storm, this event may hit unprecedented levels."

2016-03-08 - Inverted waterfall freezes up nearby vegetation despite the lack of any signs of winter in Spain:

2016-03-08 - Moscow experiences one of the snowiest winters in the annals of weather:

2016-03-08 - Massive shift in Alpine Fault in New Zealand:

2016-03-08 - There's a 'gathering storm' in the global economy and central banks are running out of options:

2016-03-08 - Asteroid zips by close to the Earth:

2016-03-09 - SOTT's earth changes summary for February:

2016-03-09 - Volcano Sangay erupts in Ecuador:

2016-03-09 - Volcano Nyiragongo (Congo) has new vent open in crater:

2016-03-09 - Fierce El Niño set to bring another wild weather year to the planet:

Quote: "As far as El Niños go, the one we’re experiencing now is a doozy. In fact, it’s probably the strongest that’s ever been measured. In the simplest terms, that means one thing: Get ready for another year of wild weather."

2016-03-09 - Arctic winter - absurdly warm, wet, weird:

2016-03-09 - Historic flooding hits Louisiana, state of emergency declared:

2016-03-09 - Arctic blast blankets Fort St. John, BC (Canada) with record snowfall:

2016-03-09 - Significant snowfall closes roads in Mexico:

Note: Well, I wouldn't say it's a white SPRING, seeing as it's still winter, but it's still worth noting that kind of snowfall in Mexico...

2016-03-09 - Three EF-1 tornadoes hit North Texas in 24 hours, dog on lawnmower interrupts news broadcast:

2016-03-09 - Fierce windstorm hits the South Coast in British Columbia (Canada), 130,000 homes go dark:

2016-03-09 - Hurricane-force wind warnings issued for coasts in Oregon and Washington, 90mph gusts expected:

2016-03-09 - Supercell hailstorms hit Saudia Arabia and Oman:

2016-03-09 - As the Fukushima disaster reaches age 5, it still sucks as bad as ever there:

Quote: "The robots sent in to find highly radioactive fuel at Fukushima's nuclear reactors have 'died'; a subterranean 'ice wall' around the crippled plant meant to stop groundwater from becoming contaminated has yet to be finished. And authorities still don’t how to dispose of highly radioactive water stored in an ever mounting number of tanks around the site."

2016-03-09 - Responders train for collapsed buildings in Jackson and Summit (Michigan):

2016-03-09 - San Francisco (California) declares state of emergency over homelessness:

2016-03-09 - Lockheed unveils 300-foot-long hybrid airship prototype:

2016-03-09 - Unidentified glowing orbs spotted in the skies over Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas):

2016-03-09 - UFO filmed by dashcam in West Virginia:

2016-03-09 - Mysterious 'Windsor hum' returns to haunt Canada:

2016-03-10 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Orange County (Florida):

Quote: "Blanco said the worst part is that her house often smells worse inside than the air does outside. For a year, hydrogen sulfide gas has been leaving the landfill and engulfing neighborhoods in the smell of rotten eggs."

2016-03-10 - Methane bubbling up from asphalt on Wolf Trail Cove and from the Wolf River in Germantown (Tennessee):

Quote: "The cove sits over an old landfill. It is equipped with ventilating equipment to allow gas from the decaying debris to escape. Authorities believe the rain concentrated the gas in the soil, forcing it out at toxic levels. Leaks were bubbling up in foamlike swirls across the cove, in cracks in floors and in the nearby Wolf River."

2016-03-10 - Australia's coal mines are pouring methane gas into the atmosphere:

2016-03-10 - Lightning strike kills five people, 3 more injured, in Rajasthan (India):

2016-03-10 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Mississippi, more rain expected, state of emergency declared:

2016-03-10 - Airport devastated by severe storm in Abu Dhabi (UAE):

2016-03-10 - Raging snowstorm hits Kazakhstan:

2016-03-10 - European honeybees being poisoned with up to 57 different pesticides:

2016-03-10 - NASA plans to set space supply vehicle on fire to learn more about fires in spaceships:

2016-03-10 - Jeff Bezos plans to send people into space by next year:

2016-03-10 - US Navy's $13 billion aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, almost ready to hit the seas:

2016-03-10 - Boeing rolls out new autonomous submarine:

Quote: "The 51-foot Echo Voyager uses a hybrid rechargeable system to run for months autonomously, and can also be launched and recovered without the kind of support ships usually necessary for unmanned, undersea vehicles, or UUVs, Boeing said in a news release."

2016-03-10 - Full circle rainbow brightens skies in Cookstown (Ireland):

2016-03-10 - Rare deep sea long-nose chimaera caught off Newfoundland (Canada):

2016-03-11 - 'Smell of gas' reported at The Grove in Craven Arms (Britain):

2016-03-11 - Man, 66, has heart attack on cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico near coastal Galveston (Texas), medevac'd off:

Quote: "Coast Guard aircrews medevaced a 66-year-old man from the 'Carnival Triumph' about 200 miles southeast of Galveston in the night of Mar 11, 2016. At approximately 4 p.m., the captain called Sector Houston-Galveston watchstanders and stated that a passenger had suffered a heart attack while over 260 miles from shore."

2016-03-11 - Volcano Rincón de la Vieja Volcano erupts, spews ash and gas, in Costa Rica:

2016-03-11 - February shatters record as warmest month ever recorded, temps rising fast, especially in the Arctic:

Quote: "Keep in mind that it took from the dawn of the industrial age until last October to reach the first 1.0 degree Celsius, and we’ve come as much as an extra 0.4 degrees further in just the last five months."

2016-03-11 - After 20 inches of rain hits parts of Louisiana, state of emergency declared:

2016-03-11 - Terrible flooding hits São Paulo (Brazil), city paralyzed, at least 21 killed:

2016-03-11 - Man catches giant rat the size of a small dog in London (Britain):

2016-03-11 - Unknown 13-foot-long monstrous creature found at Bonfil Beach in Acapulco (Mexico):

2016-03-12 - HazMat event, unknown odor sickens people at hotel in Walnut Creek (California):

Quote: "All but one of the occupants of a hotel in Walnut Creek returned to their rooms Saturday night after a possible hazardous materials incident, officials with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District said. One person was taken to a hospital after someone called fire officials at 8:57 p.m. to report six people were having difficulty breathing and their eyes and throats were burning at the Holiday Inn Express at 2730 N. Main St., near Interstate Highway 680."

2016-03-12 - Methane seeping into businesses in Scunthorpe (Britain):

Quote: "Landfill gas – including methane – has been identified as present in 16 properties with annual checks to be carried out at a further 36."

2016-03-12 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Atka (Alaska):

2016-03-13 - HazMat event, sewage backs up, high levels of hydrogen sulfide found in drains, in Tempe (Arizona):

Quote: "Crews say they were called for an issue of sewage back up and found the area to be unsafe when they got there. Investigators have found a high level of hydrogen sulfide in the drains and were working to secure the area."

2016-03-13 - Person disappears while swimming near Santa Monica Pier in coastal Santa Monica (California):

2016-03-13 - Heavy flooding hits Deweyville (Texas), evacuations ensue:

2016-03-13 - Severe windstorm blows through Puget Sound and hits Washington State and Vancouver (Canada):

2016-03-13 - Huge duststorm blows through Delhi (India):

2016-03-13 - More than a million sea slugs wash ashore at beach in Phuket (Thailand):

2016-03-13 - Man in his 40s attacks people with hatchet in 7-Eleven, customer shoots him dead, in Burien (Washington):

Quote: "The suspect, believed to be in his 40s, has not been identified. West said the man did not say anything when he came into the store and started swinging the hatchet."

2016-03-14 - Hydrogen sulfide corrodes pipe, pipe ruptures, wastewater spills into Lake McIntosh, in Peachtree City (Georgia):

Quote: "Peachtree City’s Water and Sewerage Authority continues to address a sewage spill that occurred on March 8. Corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide led to the rupture of a 12-inch pipe in the northern part of the city, which allowed 9,000 gallons of wastewater to flow into a tributary leading to Lake McIntosh."

2016-03-14 - Scientists believe massive methane explosions may be responsible for the Bermuda Triangle disappearances:

Quote: "Scientists may have discovered the secret behind the notorious Bermuda Triangle: methane bubble explosions. Giant craters on the seabed around Norway's coast have been discovered by scientists, marking areas where massive bubbles of methane may have exploded."

2016-03-14 - Sharp increase in deaths in Britain helps funeral services firm Dignity post a 16-percent increase in profit:

Quote: "A sharp increase in the number of deaths in Britain in 2015 compared with the previous year helped funeral services firm Dignity post a 16-percent profit increase, the firm said on Wednesday."

Note: Molder recommended coffin manufacturers to Skully as an investment idea in the 2013-06-12 update. Molder knows sh#t!

2016-03-14 - Two million people brace for more extreme weather in the southern United States:

2016-03-14 - Windstorm over the Northwest US 'spiraled like a hurricane', weather service says:

2016-03-14 - Lightning strikes kill 5 people in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2016-03-14 - Japanese scientists discover bacteria that can eat plastic:

2016-03-14 - Unidentified glowing orbs filmed in the sky over coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

2016-03-14 - Mysterious metallic sound recorded in Bern (Switzerland):

2016-03-14 - Camera at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park captures meteor fireball followed by strange flash of light:

2016-03-14 - Introducing the 707-horsepower Jeep Trailcat:

2016-03-15 - Volcano Rincon de la Vieja erupts in Costa Rica, spews ash and gas:

2016-03-15 - Earthquake swarm, one M5.6, shakes coastal Morocco:

2016-03-15 - Nature Bats Last - Guy McPherson interviews Professor Jim Fetzer:

2016-03-15 - World temperature could rise rapidly by 2020:

2016-03-15 - Like hot weather? Go to North Iceland:

Quote: "Yesterday, an Icelandic heat record for the first 26 days of March was broken in the northernmost town of Iceland, Siglufjörður, when the temperature reached almost 18°C (65°F), reports. The second warmest town in Europe yesterday was Alicante, southern Spain, with 16°C (61°F)."

Note: So Siglufjörður in Iceland was the hottest city in Europe! Well, the planet is heating up in the north more than anywhere else. Heck, we might see gigantic chunks of ice cracking off in the Arctic anytime now!

2016-03-15 - Block of ice the size of Rhode Island breaks away in the Arctic Ocean:

Quote: "A roughly 2,000-square-mile block of ice just broke off in the Arctic Ocean. The chunk, which sits in the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia, took just two days to separate from the surrounding ice."

2016-03-15 - Heatwave hits Malaysia:

2016-03-15 - Record warmth hits Atlanta (Georgia):

2016-03-15 - Storms battering Europe's Atlantic coastline were most energetic in 70 years, extensive erosion along coasts:

2016-03-15 - Hailstorm destroys crops in Kailali District (Nepal):

2016-03-15 - Torrential rains and deadly flooding hit Pakistan, 20+ killed:

2016-03-15 - Daytime tornado and large supercell strike near Macomb (Illinois), hail warning, structural damage:

2016-03-15 - Rate of meteor fireballs over US so far in 2016 is DOUBLE that of 2015:

2016-03-15 - Circumhorizontal arc and solar halo adorn the skies in Paraguay:

2016-03-15 - Harrison Ford set to play Indiana Jones again in movie coming out in 2019:

2016-03-16 - Hydrogen sulfide spewing from lagoon(s) in West Fargo (North Dakota):

Quote: "'It doesn't smell so much because it's covered but once that ice melts off that hydrogen sulfide is let into the atmosphere,' explained Terry Rust, Wastewater Lab Coordinator with the West Fargo Sanitation Department."

2016-03-16 - Children and bus driver sickened by unknown cause on school bus in Charlotte (North Carolina):

Quote: "Officials initially thought the gas was leaking into a school bus, causing students to feel sick. After testing two buses, no carbon monoxide was found inside the buses."

Note: So they found no carbon monoxide anywhere. Low-level hydrogen sulfide poisoning causes similar or identical symptoms and that won't show up on CO detectors. Also, if the hydrogen sulfide has adsorbed onto matter - like, say, bus seats - then even an H2S detector won't detect it, since it's not floating around in the air. Anytime you touch anything now, you're betting your life that it's not contaminated. Lose that bet enough times and you end up dead...

2016-03-16 - Within a few hours, man, 79 sickens, and man, 75, has respiratory failure, on same cruise ship near coastal Toulouse (France):

Quote: "On Mar 16, 2016 at 12:28 a.m. the CROSS Etel was alerted by the Maritime Medical Consultation Centre in Toulouse after a British passenger, aged 79, aboard the 'Braemar' had fallen ill and needed to be medevaced by helicopter."

Quote: "At 8:13 p.m., the CROSS Corsen was notified by the 'Braemar' that another passenger, a British national of 75 years was suffering from respiratory failure."

2016-03-16 - Man goes missing while kayaking on Lake Michigan near Port Washington (Wisconsin):

2016-03-16 - Fragments of dinosaur DNA may be preserved in pregnant T-Rex:

2016-03-16 - Fermat's Last Theorem solved by Oxford professor:

2016-03-16 - Is NASA's SOHO satellite capturing images of UFOs near the sun?

2016-03-16 - Denmark ranked as happiest country in the world:

2016-03-17 - 'Rotten egg' odor blowing ashore from the ocean in Southern California:

Note: The water turned pink last fall at a bird refuge in coastal Santa Barbara, caused by bacteria that eat hydrogen sulfide and which only exist in water where hydrogen sulfide is present, mentioned in the 2015-09-22 update. And the oceans are warming and filling up with dead creatures, and the ancient archaea and bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide love heat and dead stuff, so the Pacific Ocean is rapidly becoming more 'landfill-like', so the ocean spewing poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas is not unexpected. This is going to get worse, much much worse...

2016-03-17 - High levels of methane found in the ground at Department of Public Works facility in Ferndale (Michigan):

2016-03-17 - Unknown HazMat incident occurs in coastal Cranston (Rhode Island):

Quote: "Firefighters are currently on scene investigating a hazmat situation in Cranston. Crews are at a business on Western Industrial Drive after responding to the call at around 12:30 p.m. Police have blocked off part of the road. No word on any injuries or what caused the situation."

2016-03-17 - February was 1.5 degrees Celsius hotter than 1880s baseline:

2016-03-17 - Catastrophic consequences of a warming planet:

Note: Pshaw, they don't even mention the MOST catastrophic consequences, like the massive fires and explosions, infrastructure corrosion, and people and animals sickening and dropping dead, and rising levels of UV hitting the planet, all of which are already happening, and escalating...

2016-03-17 - Heatwave hits Singapore:

2016-03-17 - Hailstorm pounds Tarrant County (Texas), flights grounded at DFW Airport:

2016-03-17 - Heavy storms and hail damage property in Arunachal Pradesh (India):

2016-03-17 - Curious cloud formation appears in the sky above beach in Cornwall (Britain):

Quote: "Meteorologists say the phenomenon is so rare it doesn’t even have a name."

2016-03-17 - 'UFO Response Unit' vehicle spotted in Cape Coral (Florida):

Note: Heh, I don't think it's an official vehicle; it's something someone made, for fun or whatever. But it looks real!

2016-03-17 - Amazon patents way to pay by taking a selfie:

2016-03-18 - Several students sickened by unknown cause at Wicomico High School in Salisbury (Maryland):

2016-03-18 - Magnitude 6.0+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near coastal Atka (Alaska):

2016-03-18 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean near coastal Port Hardy (Canada):

2016-03-18 - Worldwide water shortages even more severe than previously realized:

2016-03-18 - Choking smog returns to Mexico City (Mexico), levels not seen in over a decade:

2016-03-18 - Blue-green fireball seen in the skies over Britain:

2016-03-18 - California mite has 'fastest relative speed' of any animal:

Quote: "'The mite runs at a relative speed of...nearly 200 body lengths a second,' Dr. Jonathan Wright, a biologist from Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., told CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks. Proportionate to its size, that's about equivalent to a human running at Mach 1.6, he said."

2016-03-19 - More than 20 people sickened by unknown cause at recreation center in Lafayette (Colorado):

Quote: "Firefighters did not find a spill or a leak at a Lafayette recreation center and do not know what made more than 20 people sick Saturday afternoon, says the Lafayatte fire chief. Emergency crews transported 22 patients, many of them children, from the Bob L. Burger Recreate Center to five local hospitals. They were all in the pool area and had symptoms of coughing, nausea and vomiting."

2016-03-19 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the island of Barbuda:

2016-03-19 - Magnitude 4.1 earthquake strikes in the Gulf of Bothnia, shakes Finland and Sweden, strongest in 100 years:

Quote: "The Local reports that this is the biggest earthquake in 100 years for northern Sweden."

2016-03-19 - Giant hail pounds Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, damaging buildings and killing zoo animals:

2016-03-19 - Triple sundog appears over Kazan (Russia):

2016-03-19 - Woman disappears on live television at airport in Copenhagen (Denmark):

2016-03-19 - March 20 is Extraterrestrial Abductions Day:

2016-03-20 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes in the ocean just off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2016-03-20 - Shallow magnitude 3.2 earthquake strikes near Cobb (California):

2016-03-20 - NOAA: 10th record hot month in a row, temps off the charts:

2016-03-20 - Arctic ice disintegrating rapidly:

2016-03-20 - Antarctic ice melting from below as oceans warm:

2016-03-20 - Permafrost melting away in Siberia (Russia):

2016-03-20 - Deadly flooding hits Turkana County (Kenya), 3 killed, 1000 displaced:

2016-03-20 - Waterspout hits beach in Fort Lauderdale (Florida):

2016-03-20 - New tech shows why you can't trust anything you see on the news:

Note: Wow, that's some scary sh#t!

2016-03-20 - Obama kicks off historic visit to Cuba:

Quote: "The three-day trip, the first by a U.S. president to Cuba in 88 years, is the culmination of a diplomatic opening announced by Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro in December 2014, ending an estrangement that began when the Cuban revolution ousted a pro-American government in 1959."

2016-03-20 - Insurance CEO retiring after 24 years in Britain and giving each of 8000 employees some cash:

Quote: "The couple will personally give 1,000 British pounds (or $1,448 for U.S. workers) to each employee with more than a year’s service with the company, and 500 pounds to other employees, the company announced Friday."

2016-03-20 - Mysterious 'blubbery monster humanoid' caught on camera swimming in icy Antarctic water:

2016-03-20 - Cat steals underwear and socks and brings them home, in Hamilton (New Zealand):

Note: An actual cat burglar!

2016-03-21 - Woman, 27, loses consciousness on ship near the island of Fehmarn (Germany):

Quote: "On Mar 20, 2016, a woman, aged 27, from Hamburg lost consciousness during a leisure fishing trip abaord the 'Hai IV' off the coast of Fehmarn. The captain immediately alerted the DGzRS which dispatched the lifeboat "Bremen" from the station Großenbrode which took a paramedic on board and then headed towards the fishing vessel. In calm weather with moderate seas they were quickly transferred aboard the 'Hai IV'."

2016-03-21 - Oklahoma experiences 23% increase in earthquakes this year:

2016-03-21 - Human-produced aerosols and global dimming masking how much warming has occurred:

Quote: "Stopping aerosol release may raise temperatures by 0.4°C or 0.72°F (low) to 2.5°C or 4.5°F (high), and when stopped abruptly this may happen in a matter of weeks."

2016-03-21 - Rapid climate change looking dire, James Hansen paper accepted:

Quote: "What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say..."

Note: Now they're getting closer. What's happening now is a repeat of the Permian-Triassic extinction event, 'The Great Dying', which occurred 252 million years ago, which killed off around 95% of all ocean species and around 70% of all land species. Only life that reproduces quickly and doesn't require much oxygen and which can handle very harsh conditions will survive, as before, like bugs, weeds, fungi, bacteria, jellyfish, maybe some small rodents and lizards, that kind of stuff. Anything that matures slowly or reproduces slowly or which requires large amounts of oxygen will die. Basically, the top of the food chain will be eliminated, then life on Earth will start over, like a planetary reset switch, and the switch has already been activated and it can't be deactivated. We're just watching the credits now...

2016-03-21 - Heatwave bakes Malaysia, schools closed for two days:

2016-03-21 - Heatwave bakes Kenya:

2016-03-21 - Lightning strike kills woman in Lafourche Parish (Louisiana):

2016-03-21 - Egg-sized hailstones pound Chenzhou (China):

2016-03-21 - Flash floods hit Durban (South Africa):

2016-03-21 - Helicopter money - global central banks consider distributing money directly to the people:

Quote: "Should central banks create money out of thin air and give it directly to governments and average citizens?  If you can believe it, this is now under serious consideration."

2016-03-21 - Advanced British research ship could be named 'Boaty McBoatface':

Quote: "A state of the art ship funded by the UK government for polar research may soon be christened 'Boaty McBoatface' if online voters get their way."

2016-03-22 - Man has seizure on ferry ship 'Spirit Of Vancouver Island' near coastal Delta, BC (Canada):

Quote: "Three nurses on board responded to a public address call for assistance for the man, who suffered a suspected seizure. The vessel had not gone through Active Pass yet so it was quicker to turn around and come back to Swartz Bay to get the gentleman to an ambulance."

2016-03-22 - Heatwave bakes large areas of India:

2016-03-22 - Lightning strike kills 3 farmers in Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh):

2016-03-22 - Severe thunderstorms with flash flood risk expected to hit from Texas to Missouri:

2016-03-22 - Padang (Indonesia) hit by 14 inches of rain in 24 hours, massive flooding ensues, hundreds stranded:

2016-03-22 - Unmanned Atlas V supply ship launches from Cape Canaveral (Florida):

2016-03-23 - Several employees sickened by unknown cause, one loses consciousness, at the Northwood Centre in Tallahassee (Florida):

2016-03-23 - Woman has seizure in swimming pool, 5-year-old daughter saves her, in Taft (Texas):

Quote: "A 5-year-old Taft, TX girl is being credited with saving her mom's life. Allison Anderwald was swimming with her mom Tracy, when something went horribly wrong. Tracy suffered a seizure in the middle part of the pool, and started to drown."

2016-03-23 - James Hansen discuses ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms:

2016-03-23 - Volcano Nyiragongo showing signs of imminent eruption (Congo):

2016-03-23 - Devastating drought hits the island of Palau, state of emergency declared:

Quote: "Palau became the latest Pacific island nation to declare a state of emergency Wednesday, as the region struggles with an extreme drought that forecasters warn will not ease for months. President Tommy Remengesau said rainfall in the capital Koror over the past 4 months was the lowest recorded in 65 years and the city's only dam had dried up. He said Koror's only other source of drinking water, the Ngerikiil River, was down to 19% capacity."

2016-03-23 - First, temps in the 70s, then hours later a blizzard hits, in Denver (Colorado):

Quote: "By noon, the Federal Aviation Administrations halted flights at Denver International Airport. Officials closed DIA after cancelling more than 1,000 flights as the powerful storm created white-out conditions. Just hours earlier, it was a balmy 70 degrees with blue skies."

2016-03-23 - Wild weather lashes New Zealand, local state of emergency declared:,-nelson,-tasman

2016-03-23 - Hurricane-force winds hit Labinsk (Russia), roof blown off:

2016-03-23 - Lightning strike kills teacher and student in Zimbabwe:

2016-03-23 - Lightning strikes kill six people in Manica (Mozambique):

2016-03-23 - Mysterious chunks of ice fall from sky near Los Angeles (California) in clear weather:

2016-03-23 - Russia unveils new armored fire trucks based on T-72 and T-80 tanks:

Quote: "The company has developed red and white, intimidating tanks and called them Special Fire Vehicles or SPMs. The design of these monsters is inspired by the T-72 and T-80 tanks. To make sure that firefighters are well protected during the perilous tasks, the tank is equipped with armored cabs. It can accommodate a total of three firefighters, including the driver."

2016-03-23 - Man arrested for VHS movie rental 14 years overdue, in Concord (North Carolina):

2016-03-23 - Woman lights vagina on fire in dance-off:

2016-03-24 - Heatwave continues scorching Kenya:

2016-03-24 - Major spring snow storm threatens Great Lakes region to Quebec:

2016-03-24 - Freak hail stones the size of golf balls pound Dallas (Texas):

2016-03-24 - Snowfall record shattered as blizzard paralyzes Cheyenne (Wyoming):

2016-03-24 - Estimated disruptions to Earth’s great elemental cycles:

2016-03-24 - Thanks to ocean pollution humans are ingesting plastic:

2016-03-24 - Politicians push nuclear 'poison pill' in the UK:

2016-03-24 - Astronomers find evidence that our sun is capable of producing superflares:

2016-03-24 - Vanishing UFOs spotted over Ontario (Canada):

2016-03-24 - Disc-shaped UFO photographed over Irazu volcano in Costa Rica:

2016-03-25 - Man, 49, goes out on boat, goes missing, empty 'ghost boat' found, near coastal San Leon (Texas):

Quote: "The fisherman was reported missing Friday evening after his 54-foot shrimp boat, Regina Pacis, was found spinning in circles with its fishing gear set in the channel with no one aboard."

2016-03-25 - Earth moving toward mass extinction:

2016-03-25 - Ice continues rapidly breaking up in the Arctic:

Quote: "At this rate, most of Arctic Ice may be gone over the summer. This would be the first time this has happened in human history. This is a big deal. The conditions are being created for large amounts of methane to be released from the Arctic Ocean floor."

2016-03-25 - Heatwave hits India, turns deadly, 7 killed:

2016-03-25 - Record-breaking snowfall hits Fort Collins (Colorado), more snow on the way:

2016-03-25 - Large chunk of ice falls from the sky and crashes through windshield of car in Mechanicsburg (Pennsylvania):

2016-03-25 - Lightning strikes kill 3 people in Tanzania:

2016-03-25 - EF2 tornado hits northwest Arkansas, 11th this year:

2016-03-25 - Mysterious iridescent cloud falls from the sky over Mexico on Good Friday:

2016-03-25 - Massive menacing-looking shelf clouds engulf Florida:

2016-03-25 - Early April polar vortex will plunge the US Midwest into unseasonably cold weather:

2016-03-25 - Plant-growing season in UK now a month longer than in 1990:

2016-03-25 - Snake River Plain in Idaho may have produced giant super-eruptions larger than those at Yellowstone:

2016-03-25 - Drone delivers package to residential area for first time, in Hawthorne (Nevada):

Quote: "Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval congratulated the company 'on successfully completing the nation's first fully autonomous urban package delivery.'"

2016-03-25 - Bird lands on podium next to Bernie Sanders, steals the show, at rally in Portland (Oregon):

Quote: "Without losing a beat, the Vermont senator said even though it didn't look like a dove, it must have been one that came to ask for world peace."

2016-03-25 - Buildings seen floating in clouds over Dalian (China):

2016-03-26 - Scientists create smallest life form yet, unsure what it is, shows how little we know about DNA:

2016-03-26 - Researchers discover waterfall-climbing fish that's evolved similar skeletal features as our ancestors did for walking:

2016-03-27 - Volcano Pavlof erupts, belches gas and ash nearly 4 miles high, in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska), flights cancelled:

2016-03-27 - Volcano Popocatepetl erupts in Mexico:

2016-03-27 - Volcano Sakurajima erupts on island in Japan:

Quote: "March 26, 2016 into March 27th (1 day ago) Just before Pavlof volcano in Alaska began erupting, a very large blast occurred at Sakurajima Volcano in South Japan, followed by several other blasts overnight."

Note: MISA Theory keeps on keepin' on...

2016-03-27 - Magnitude 3.8 earthquake shakes coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2016-03-27 - Magnitude 2.5 earthquake strikes near coastal Huntington Beach (California):

2016-03-27 - Graph of the day - global biocapacity per capita, 1961-2012:

2016-03-27 - World unlikely to hold global temperature below 2C goal:

2016-03-27 - Leading climate scientist warns of superstorms and worse-than-expected sea level rises:

2016-03-27 - Arctic ice continues melting, both sides of Svalbard now clear of ice:

2016-03-27 - Lightning strike kills 3 students in Bangladesh:

2016-03-27 - India building doors into trains for emergency exits during fires:

2016-03-27 - 23 percent of Americans in their prime working years are unemployed:

2016-03-27 - Bright meteor fireball fragments over the Netherlands, Belgium and UK:

2016-03-27 - Honeybees headbutt each other to warn of danger:

2016-03-28 - Study suggests Earth is heading toward a second catastrophic hot-house event:

Quote: "'The anthropogenic release outpaces carbon release during the most extreme global warming event of the past 66 million years by at least an order of magnitude,' writes Peter Stassen, an Earth and environmental scientist at KU Leuven in Belgium, in an accompanying commentary on the new study."

2016-03-28 - Foul smell at 5 AM hits coastal Davao (Philippine Islands), 30 sickened:

Quote: "It was around 5 a.m. when residents of Barangay Lasang in Davao City woke up to a stench smell and started having difficulty in breathing on Monday (March 28)."

Note: They want to blame a local chemical plant. Maybe it was that and maybe it wasn't. That's the same thing the authorities said when 'toxic gas of unknown origin' hit coastal Rayong (Thailand) in the middle of the night in 2014, sending thousands of people fleeing from their homes puking, and as it turned out, the chemical plant they tried to blame for that cloud of poison gas wasn't even in operation. That event was mentioned in the 2014-06-08 update. Coastal area, wee hours, symptomology - sounds like hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean...

2016-03-28 - 'Rotten egg' stench hitting subway tunnel in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "For weeks, subway riders at the Herald Square station in Manhattan have detected a foul stench similar to rotten eggs—or worse."

Quote: "A smell of rotten eggs is likely a sign of hydrogen sulfide gas, a byproduct of sewage, health experts said, adding that such a stench could exacerbate respiratory problems such as asthma."

Note: Hah, yeah, well, hydrogen sulfide is a poison gas that's as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers, so it can cause much worse problems than exacerbating asthma, like brain damage, kidney failure, respiratory paralysis, heart problems...

2016-03-28 - Man, 34, has heart problems on ship in the Pacific Ocean 1000 miles from San Diego (California):

Quote: "A 34-year-old man was medically evacuated from a ship battling six foot seas and 15-knot winds southwest of San Diego, the Coast Guard said. Crew on board the 750-foot motor vessel Zen Noh Grain Magnolia reported that the master of their boat was experiencing symptoms similar to a heart attack at approximately 9:15 a.m. on Friday."

2016-03-28 - Arctic sea ice extent breaks record low for winter:

2016-03-28 - Signs Of change, 2016 March - apocalyptic-like landscapes:

2016-03-28 - Fed study concludes fracking increases risk of damaging earthquakes, especially in Oklahoma, southern Kansas:

2016-03-28 - Storm Katie batters Britain with 105-MPH winds:

2016-03-28 - Massive robots could automate American ports in the near future:

2016-03-28 - Two-headed four-armed lizard found in Dunsborough (Australia):

2016-03-28 - Two-headed lamb born in Leshan, Sichuan Province (China):

2016-03-28 - Two comets zip by Earth on same day, including third and fifth closest flybys in recorded history:

2016-03-28 - Famed conservationist dies, two herds of elephants march 12 hours to pay their respects, in South Africa:

Quote: "There are two elephant herds at Thula Thula. According to his son Dylan, both arrived at the Anthony family compound shortly after Anthony’s death. 'They had not visited the house for a year and a half and it must have taken them about 12 hours to make the journey,' Dylan is quoted in various local news accounts. 'The first herd arrived on Sunday and the second herd, a day later. They all hung around for about two days before making their way back into the bush.'"

2016-03-29 - Volcano Copahue erupts strongly in Chile:

Quote: "The volcanic peak Copahue, which sits at the border of Argentina and Chile, erupted today after weeks of gradually increasing activity. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams posted this photo of the volcano going absolutely gangbusters from the International Space Station, from which the eruption was clearly visible."

2016-03-29 - Volcano Kanlaon erupts, spews ash a mile high, in the Philippine Islands:

2016-03-29 - As glaciers melt away in New Zealand, tourism to see disappearing glaciers increases:

Note: There's a positive to everything if you look hard enough. Like the spike in people dying in Britain - that's just great for the funeral businesses there!

2016-03-29 - Lightning strike injures 3 firefighters in Boca Raton (Florida):

Quote: "In Boca Raton, three firefighters who extinguished a blaze at a house that had been hit by lightning were knocked to the ground when a second bolt struck near them. 'They were bending over to bring the water hose from the back of the house to the truck and that's all they remember,' said Boca Raton Assistant Fire Chief Michael LaSalle."

2016-03-29 - Lightning strikes kill 7 people in 5 districts of Bangladesh:

2016-03-29 - Snow falls in Damascus (Syria):

2016-03-29 - Two-headed calf born in Yorkshire (Britain):

2016-03-29 - Corporate debt defaults explode to catastrophic levels not seen since the last financial crisis:

2016-03-29 - Self-cleaning laundry may be on the way:

2016-03-29 - Man films UFO landing in residential area in Las Vegas (Nevada):

2016-03-29 - Man says he's actor William Shatner's son, sues Shatner for $170M:

2016-03-30 - Volcano Popocatepetl erupts again in Mexico:

2016-03-30 - Multiple tornadoes touch down in and near Tulsa (Oklahoma), at least 7 injured:

2016-03-30 - Right whales arriving a month early off the coast of Cape Cod (Massachusetts):

Quote: "State marine fisheries authorities are urging boaters to be on the lookout for North Atlantic right whales in Cape Cod, which are appearing earlier in the season than usual. Typically larger congregations of the rare whales would be seen in late April, according to Wednesday’s announcement from the state. But on Sunday, the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown documented an unusually high number of the right whales given the time of year, 85 in total, in a survey by plane. There are an estimated 500 North Atlantic right whales in the world."

2016-03-30 - Early April to bring blasts of arctic air and snow to the US Midwest and Northeast:

2016-03-30 - Waterspout filmed off Torrey Pines (California):

2016-03-30 - Waterspout filmed in Grand Bahama (Bahamas):

2016-03-30 - Two-headed calf born near Blyth (Canada):

2016-03-30 - Cow born with two heads in Albania:

2016-03-30 - Robert Kiyosaki and Harry Dent warn that financial armageddon is imminent:

2016-03-30 - Dog brings home a one-pound bag of marijuana in Laurel (Mississippi):

Quote: "Officials say a family dog in Mississippi recently came home with more than a bone or toy to play fetch — the pup had a big bag of marijuana."

2016-03-31 - Magnitude 3.4 earthquake strikes near Los Banos (California):

2016-03-31 - California still in drought after the end of rainy season:

2016-03-31 - India running out of water as Ganges River dries up:

2016-03-31 - Vietnam’s southern Mekong Delta faces worst drought in history:

2016-03-31 - Heavy flooding evacuates hundreds in Galicia (Spain):

2016-03-31 - Scientists now able to hack living cells and alter their function:

2016-03-31 - Japanese black-hole-hunting satellite disappears, then found to have broken into five pieces:

2016-03-31 - Two-headed kitten defies all the odds to survive in Voronezh (Russia):

2016-03-31 - Boeing 767 slides may deploy spontaneously and land in your front yard:

2016-03-31 - Strange object spotted falling from the sky over southwest Britain:

2016-03-31 - Bizarre alien-looking fish found in the Pacific Ocean near Cabo San Lucas (Mexico):

2016-03-31 - People naming babies Kylo and Rey, from the new Star Wars movie:

2016-03-31 - Reports of Earth's death have been greatly...underestimated:'drastic'-antarctic-melt-could-double-sea-level-rise

Quote: "Another day, another petrifying New York Times exploration of how we're turning our planet into an overflowing toilet bowl. This time it's a deep dive on the West Antarctic ice sheet, a holdover from the last ice age that's bigger than Mexico and may be melting way more quickly than previously thought. If it disintegrates completely, it could dump enough water into the world's oceans to raise sea levels by 12 feet, a disastrous scenario that could see many of the world's greatest cities—New York, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Venice—go Full Atlantis."

2016-03-31 - With Arctic sea ice at record low maximum, US Navy closes Arctic Ocean camp early:

Quote: "'It was unusually warm near the North Pole, up to 6 degrees centigrade,' Scambos explained. 'When you’re averaging, over three months, something like an 11 or 12 degree above average mean temperature, [it’s] a huge deal.'"

2016-03-31 - Alaska cracks 70 degrees in March for the first time in recorded history, other records broken too:

Quote: "The last two winters have been unseasonably warm, and unusually high temperatures are set to last all the way through May. The state's first wildfire of the year came in February, south of Delta Junction. It spread partly because of a lack of snow in the area, sparking concerns about the rest of the upcoming fire season."

2016-03-31 - US states routinely achieving new levels of extreme warmth:

Quote: "In globe’s warmed climate today, U.S. states are setting new records for extreme warmth with regularity while record cold is almost impossible to come by. The huge disparity between record warmth and cold across the United States is the screaming message portrayed in a slide showing state climate records."

2016-03-31 - Study confirms world’s coastal cities unsavable if we don’t slash carbon pollution:

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