Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 - FEB - Animal Attacks

2015-02-01 - Family dog attacks and injures child at home in Kaikohe (New Zealand):

2015-02-01 - Wild dogs attack and kill teen boy in Baheri (India):

Quote: "Over 10 children have also been injured in wild dog attacks in the past month."

2015-02-01 - Cougar attacks and injures woman's dog in Placerville (California):

2015-02-01 - Swarm of bees attacks family and dogs at home in Centurion (South Africa):

2015-02-01 - Elephants attack tourists' car near Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Thailand):

2015-02-02 - Pack of dogs viciously slaughters 17 sheep in Union County (North Carolina):

Quote: "Hinson says he's lived on the farm for more than 70 years and has never seen anything like this."

2015-02-03 - Elephants storm town, trample boy to death, in Tonkaboti (Bangladesh), 1 killed, 2 injured:

Quote: "Witnesses said, a herd of wild elephants stormed into the area at around 7:30pm. At one stage, one of the elephants swooped on Nurul's farmhouse of the area and killed his son. Nurul and his wife sustained injuries while they were fleeing the house. Some of the houses in the area were also damaged by the elephants."

2015-02-03 - Elephant attacks and injures man, arm crushed and amputated, in Kharkov (Ukraine):

Quote: "Oleg Grishchenko, 39, has worked with elephants all his life and is considered one of the most knowledgeable handlers in eastern Europe. But he was caught unaware when the animal, called Tandy, became extremely and unexpectedly agitated, charging at him at a zoo in the city of Kharkov, in eastern Ukraine."

2015-02-04 - Cougar attacks and kills horse near coastal Port Orchard (Washington):

2015-02-04 - Piranhas devour little girl in the Maicuru River near the town of Monte Alegre (Brazil):

2015-02-05 - Pit bull attacks and injures two people at home in McKinney (Texas):

2015-02-06 - Elephant attacks and kills 3 people, injures another, in West Bengal (India):

2015-02-06 - Pit bull attacks and injures two adults and two children at home in High Point (North Carolina):

2015-02-08 - Shark attacks and injures man at Seven Mile Beach in Byron Bay (Australia):

Quote: "A man has survived a shark attack in Byron Bay while surfing at Seven Mile beach. The 35 year old is recovering from his wounds, he was surfing with a woman at Seven Mile Beach when the attack happened."

2015-02-08 - Monkeys attack man on terrace, man falls and dies, in Mathura District (India):

2015-02-08 - Dog attacks owner and his son at home in coastal Chula Vista (California), cop shoots dog dead:

Quote: "A family was in the backyard of their La Costa Avenue home near Masters Ridge Road when, for unknown reasons, a boxer turned on its owner’s adult son and began biting him, police Lt. Kenny Heinz said. The owner tried to pull the dog away, and it began attacking him as well."

2015-02-09 - Shark kills man, bites legs off, at Shelly Beach near Ballina (Australia):

Quote: "A man was killed Monday after both his legs were apparently bitten off by a shark in eastern Australia, a day after a surfer suffered serious injuries in the same area. Police said the man, thought to be Japanese, died at popular tourist spot Shelly Beach near Ballina, some 187 kilometres (116 miles) south of Brisbane."

2015-02-09 - Cow goes berserk, chases cop, batters police car, in Jaromer (Czech Republic):

2015-02-09 - Pit bull threatens people, charges cop, gets shot dead, in Ellicott City (Maryland):

2015-02-11 - Two pit bulls attack and injure 7-year-old boy, cops shoot one dead, at home in Onslow County (North Carolina):

2015-02-11 - Family dog attacks and injures two girls at home in Delano (California):

2015-02-11 - Dog attacks and injures owners, cops shoot dog dead, at home in Delanco (New Jersey):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-02-11 - Dog attacks and injures child in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2015-02-12 - Officer's police dog attacks and injures his 4-year-old son, foot and part of leg amputated, in Hesperia (California):

Quote: "According to police. Jango has never showed any signs of aggression toward people he is familiar with."

2015-02-12 - Two lions attack and kill zoo keeper at zoo in Seoul (South Korea):

2015-02-13 - Jellyfish sting 84 people at Hanauma Bay and Kailua on the island of Oahu (Hawaii):

Quote: "Jellyfish numbers aren't just growing in Hawaii. According to a recent study by the University of British Columbia, jellyfish populations are growing everywhere, especially in areas heavily impacted by humans, pollution, overfishing and warming waters."

2015-02-13 - Elephant attacks and kills 2 people in Barhulia, West Bengal (India):

2015-02-13 - Elephant attacks and kills man in field near Magadi (India):

2015-02-14 - Shark attacks and kills woman at Reunion Island (France):

2015-02-14 - Wild boar attacks and kills 1 person, injures 4 more, in Hatabanapur, Odisha (India):

2015-02-14 - Bobcat kills 3 pets in 2 days in El Dorado Hills (California):

2015-02-14 - 400 people killed in past 15 years by animals in Uttarakhand (India):

2015-02-16 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man after his car slams into wall, in Garsfontein (South Africa), 1 injured:

Note: Now that's what they call having a bad day!

2015-02-15 - Three dogs attack and lightly injure woman in Wausau (Wisconsin):

2015-02-16 - Hippo reportedly kills and eats three goats in Kenya:

Note: If that's true - and it doesn't sound like something these folks would make up - then that hippo has gone insane and should be euthanized...

2015-02-17 - Family pit bull attacks and injures two children at home in Glendale (Arizona):

2015-02-17 - Bees swarm school bus, trap kids inside, in Gadsden (Arizona):

2015-02-19 - Pack of dogs attacks and injures boy in Baheria (India), dogs regularly attacking kids:

Quote: "Starting from January 15, pack of stray dogs have killed four children and seriously injured more than ten till date."

2015-02-19 - Boar attacks and kills woman outside her home in Kubdaje (India):

2015-02-19 - Dog attacks and injures 4-year-old child, face attack, in Springfield (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Wednesday, Feb. 18, 7:20 p.m., Springfield police dispatcher: 4-year-old was 'bitten in the face by a dog' on Wellington Street; AMR ambulance en route."

2015-02-20 - Dogs attack and kill man near his home in Coal Hill (Arkansas):

2015-02-20 - Three dogs attack and seriously injure woman in her yard in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "Her injuries are serious, one police officer said. 'She may end up losing one of the arms and/or an eye from the attack,' said Lt. Mark Reddon of Metro police."

2015-02-22 - Two dogs attack and injure two boys in Newton (North Carolina):

2015-02-23 - Pit bull attacks and kills two-year-old girl at home in West Mifflin (Pennsylvania):

2015-02-23 - Pack of stray dogs attack and kill boy in Bareilly (India), 5th dog attack fatality in 40 days:

Quote: "The attacks -- the first victim was a seven-year-old girl in January -- have led to panic in Baheri, with several people not sending their children to school anymore, fearing for their lives."

2015-02-23 - Horse kicks woman and kills her in Robesonia (Pennsylvania):

2015-02-23 - Two dogs, Cane Corsos, attack and injure woman and child at home in Amite (Louisiana):

2015-02-24 - Rhino attacks car, chases two women and baby, at West Midland Safari Park in Bewdley (Britain):

2015-02-25 - European eagle owl attacking people in Purmerend (Netherlands):

Quote: "The northern Dutch town of Purmerend has advised residents to arm themselves with an umbrella when going out at night after a mysterious spate of bloody rogue owl attacks. Over the last three weeks, the European eagle owl has silently swooped on dozens of residents of the usually peaceful town, with many victims requiring hospital treatment."

Note: Owlmageddon? Owlpocalypse?!

2015-02-25 - Moose goes out of its way to trample woman in Steamboat Springs (Colorado):

Quote: "Witnesses told investigators that the bull moose had struck Hash from behind, despite having ample space to run around her, and some even said that the animal deliberately crossed the road to trample the dog walker."

Note: Why did it do that? It's a moostery!

2015-02-26 - Cougar attacks and injures Weimaraner in Sierra National Forest (California):

Note: Snack-sized!

2015-02-26 - Two coyotes attack and injure dog at cemetery in Cleveland (Ohio):

2015-02-27 - Wild dogs killing cats, terrorizing area, in and near Sherwood Forest in Memphis (Tennessee):

Quote: "Neighbors told WREG they’re afraid to go in their backyards. 'I don’t even want to let my dogs out in my own backyard. I really don’t,' Patricia Thames said. 'I don’t want [my dogs] hurt, bitten, or children hurt, or me hurt.' Thames is on edge, because wild dogs have been on the prowl in her neighborhood for the past several weeks."

2015-02-27 - Wild boar attacks and injures five people in Mizoram (India):

2015-02-28 - Pit bull breaks into yard, kills two dogs, injures woman, in Deltona (Florida), near Lake Monroe:

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