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2014 - NOV - Other Stories

2014-11-30 - Sulfur odor sickening people at night in coastal Umm al-Quwain (UAE), blamed on oil plant:

Note: It could actually be the oil plant. Hydrogen sulfide is involved in oil production. The hydrogen sulfide content of oil and gas determines its 'sourness'. But that it happens mainly at night and it's so regular - this may simply be hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean, like the 'rotten egg' sulfur smell that hit coastal Quincy (Massachusetts) and the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland) and coastal Santa Monica Bay (California), and many other areas in recent times...

2014-11-30 - HazMat event, 16 young men sickened at 1 AM in Stottsville (Canada), blamed on carbon monoxide:

2014-11-30 - Scientists figure out how to turn human waste into oxygen and rocket fuel:

Note: This technology has been approved by Terrance and Phillip!

2014-11-29 - HazMat event, hundreds sickened at 5 AM near river, in and around Ulhasnagar and Ambernath belt (India):

Quote: "A total of 601 people were admitted in five hospitals yesterday and except a few, all others have been discharged..."

Note: Blamed on the stream being possibly contaminated due to tanker cleaning. Sounds very vague. Tankers MAY have been cleaned and MAY have contaminated the stream, and the chemical MAY have turned into gas, and nobody knows what the chemical was (or even if there were any tankers actually being cleaned for that matter). In short, they made all of this up, to have some story to sell to the people...

2014-11-29 - HazMat event, 39 people sickened, in Raisen (India), blamed on chlorine leak:

2014-11-29 - Arctic blast hits the central United States:

2014-11-29 - Washoe Lake (Nevada) now little more than a puddle after years of drought:

2014-11-28 - Obnoxious smell hits New Castle (Pennsylvania), unknown cause:

2014-11-27 - California killer whales showing up in Puget Sound (Washington), reason unknown:

Quote: "The whales, called exotic or outer-coastal orcas, belong to a subgroup that's usually seen off the coast of California. The exotics have not been seen in Puget Sound, where the resident orcas are mainly salmon-eaters. Mark Malleson, of the Victoria-based Prince of Whales Whale Watching, told the Times that since September, he has spotted the outer-coastal orcas five times — more than he has ever seen in his 18 years in the business."

Note: With the Pacific Ocean dying off like it has been, maybe these killer whales are fleeing that area seeking a more survivable area, even if it's chillier than they're used to...

2014-11-27 - Deadly storm hits the Philippine Islands, 2 killed, 7 missing:

2014-11-26 - Mount Aso erupts, spews ash into the air, on the island of Kyushu (Japan):

Quote: "The eruption is Aso's first in 19 years and comes two months after Mount Ontake in central Nagano killed more than 60 hikers when it erupted without warning. Last month, experts warned a disaster on Kyushu island, which has been struck by seven massive eruptions over the past 120,000 years, could see an area that is home to seven million people buried by molten rock in just two hours."

2014-11-26 - Volcano Nyamuragira forms new lava lake, first in 75 years, in Democratic Republic of Congo:

2014-11-26 - Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes off the coast of Indonesia:

2014-11-26 - Devastating drought hits 30 provinces in Bolivia:

2014-11-25 - 'Natural gas odor' causes evacuation of area in Springfield (Massachusetts):

Note: By 'natural gas odor' they mean 'rotten egg' odor. Natural gas naturally has no odor so they add methyl mercaptan to it so that it DOES have an odor, and that smells like 'rotten eggs'. But so do other gases, like hydrogen sulfide in low concentrations, as with the huge cloud of hydrogen sulfide that hit Moscow recently...

2014-11-25 - Magnitude 5.8 earthquake shakes Sichuan Province (China):

2014-11-25 - Huge red tide hits coast in Shenzhen (China):

2014-11-24 - Volcano Shishaldin shows signs of unrest in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

Quote: "These small explosions within the volcano are likely to continue for 'some time,' Freymeuller said, bringing along the 'potential that at any moment you could have a much bigger (explosion).'"

2014-11-24 - Man, 84, falls off cruise ship near coastal Sydney (Australia), not found:

2014-11-24 - Britain unveils first poop-powered bus, running between Bristol and Bath (Britain):

2014-11-24 - Watch some drone footage of decaying Chernobyl (Ukraine) being overtaken by nature:

Quote: "Filmmaker Danny Cooke recently made just such a visit as part of a team working on an episode of 60 Minutes for CBS News -- and equipped with a Geiger counter, a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, a Canon 7D camera and a GoPro3+, managed to shoot some stunning footage of the abandoned city, slowly being taken over by the elements."

2014-11-24 - Baby elephant falls while climbing, adult elephants immediately rush and help it up, at zoo in Switzerland:

2014-11-23 - Court decision announced, no indictment, riots and burning break out in St. Louis (Missouri):

2014-11-23 - Volcano Fogo erupts on coastal Cape Verde, evacuations ensue:

Quote: "A volcano in the Cape Verde archipelago off the coast of West Africa erupted on Sunday morning, the prime minister said, calling for residents to evacuate. A photograph posted on the local RTC TV station website showed a huge plume of smoke rising into the sky, visible from the capital Praia on a neighbouring island."

2014-11-23 - Red tide hitting coasts in the Philippine Islands:

2014-11-23 - Devastating floods hit Morocco, homes wiped out, cars washed away, 17 killed, dozens missing:     

2014-11-23 - Fireball brighter than the full moon seen over Ireland:

2014-11-22 - Volcano Colima erupts in Mexico, spews ash 3 miles high, ash hits towns up to 15 miles away:

2014-11-22 - Mount Zaosan showing signs of unrest in northeast Japan:

2014-11-22 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes near Omachi (Japan), near the coast, homes collapse, 39+ injured:

2014-11-22 - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes near Kangding (China), two homes collapse, 1 killed, 15 injured:

2014-11-22 - Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes in central Afghanistan:

2014-11-22 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquakes shakes central Romania:

2014-11-22 - Ferguson and Clayton (Missouri) prepare for Michael Brown decision, buildings boarded up, barriers erected:

Quote: "Brown’s Aug. 9 death sparked protests, riots, looting and violent clashes with police, and many fear that if a grand jury that has been meeting for months decides not to indict Wilson, protesters will flood the streets of Ferguson and surrounding areas with renewed rage."

2014-11-21 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes off the coast of Indonesia:

2014-11-20 - Boy, 15, collapses, foams at the mouth, resuscitated, at school in Aliso Viejo (California), near the coast:

Note: Three high school students collapsed to the ground with seizures and foaming at the mouth in El Paso (Texas), near the Rio Grande, mentioned in the 2013-06-04 update. Quite a few people have mysteriously died after seizures and/or foaming at the mouth in the last couple of years as the atmospheric contamination problem has intensified. The largest number of people to die in one incident this way, so far, that I know of, was when a family of five died foaming at the mouth at home in coastal Karachi (Pakistan), mentioned in the 2013-12-09 update. Two youngish men died foaming at the mouth in their car in Asaba (Nigeria), mentioned in the 2013-12-12 update. And so on. This can affect anyone at pretty much any time now, though you're more likely to be poisoned to death near coasts or other low-lying areas like valleys, streams, creeks, canyons, ditches, ravines, etc.

2014-11-20 - Plague kills 40 people out of 119 cases since August in Madagascar:

Note: That seems like a very high mortality rate for plague, especially considering almost all of these cases were bubonic plague, which is actually quite treatable, with tetracycline and streptomycin and probably other antibiotics too. Maybe their healthcare system is really bad though...

2014-11-20 - Toxic algae outbreaks hit two rivers in Canterbury (New Zealand):

2014-11-19 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Lake Havasu (Arizona):

2014-11-18 - Man sickens on passenger plane, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Perth (Australia):

2014-11-18 - Canada's 'Sudbury Basin' created by comet impact, study says:

2014-11-18 - Seals seen raping penguins in multiple incidents in the Antarctic:

Note: The penguins don't look very happy about it either! This is fairly recent behavior. When hydrogen sulfide chemically fries PEOPLES' brains, if it doesn't kill them then it appears that our higher-level functions are the first things to go: right/wrong, morals, compassion, empathy, reason. So people are getting violent and doing crazy things, like the original face-eater on the coast in Florida, who had no drugs in his system. Other animals won't be immune. These seals may be experiencing slow-onset chemically-induced brain damage and that's causing this aberrant behavior. Obviously they do spend time on coasts too...

2014-11-18 - Another eight-limbed baby born, in Baruipar (India):

Note: Noticed how bright and WHITE the Sun is these days? That's more UV, and that UV will damage DNA/RNA and cause genetic defects. There has been a rising number of such events over the last few years as the Sun has gone from looking yellow to more white. That also causes a variety of other physiological problems, like weakened immune systems leading to more vulnerability to diseases, and sleep problems, both due to decreased melatonin production. You can take melatonin (which is an over-the-counter supplement) to help counteract these effects...

2014-11-18 - Lockheed Martin tests unmanned firefighting helicopters at Griffiss International Airport (New York):

2014-11-17 - Comet probe discovers organic molecules:

2014-11-17 - Woman, 91, pronounced dead, wakes up in body bag in morgue in Belgrade (Serbia):

Quote: "After examining Kolkiewicz, the family doctor declared the death Nov. 6 at about 9:30 a.m. local time and wrote her death certificate. 'She was in her bed for another two hours, she was ice-cold, did not breath, did not move, had her eyes and mouth closed,' the niece, 52, said. 'When the body was taken to morgue it was carried on the stretchers; she never moved and was ice cold.'"

Note: Scientists discovered that hydrogen sulfide can put rodents into a state of 'suspended animation', virtually no pulse, body temp drops, they look dead, but they aren't. They tried it with pigs and it didn't work. My working theory is that it's the size of the mammal: rodents are small, pigs are large. A 91-year-old woman might be small and frail too. This has happened with numerous children over the last few years too, baffling doctors in each case. Children are also small...

2014-11-17 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak erupts near coastal Darwin (Australia):

2014-11-17 - Ferocious hailstorm hits Bikita and Chiredzi (Zimbabwe):

2014-11-17 - US Navy deploys first drone-frying laser cannon on the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf:

2014-11-16 - 15 cheerleaders hospitalized after being sickened on bus in Spotsylvania County (Virginia):

Quote: "Officials say the bus was traveling on Interstate 95 on Sunday night when passengers began smelling an unknown fume."

Note: They want to blame carbon monoxide, but carbon monoxide is odorless, so they weren't smelling carbon monoxide. They tried to blame carbon monoxide when 22 students collapsed to the ground unconscious at an outdoor stadium in Houston (Texas) in late 2012 with a 'strange odor' present. That never made sense: people smelled something so it wasn't carbon monoxide, and carbon monoxide is a lighter-than-air gas (that's why detectors go on ceilings) and all the kids who collapsed were in the BOTTOM of the stadium, which is where a HEAVIER-than-air gas would tend to flow. Also, carbon monoxide doesn't knock people unconscious instantly like that. Gotta have some story to sell the sleepy masses though...

2014-11-16 - Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of New Zealand:

2014-11-16 - Wastewater treatment plant getting explosive-proof due to hydrogen sulfide concerns in Washington (Missouri):

Quote: "The process of explosion proofing the facility is fairly simple. 'You take a regular outlet, and you modify it with a case where no gas and air can get in,' he said. Board member Rob Vossbrink said he was 'baffled' such action would have to be taken so soon after the facility opened."

Quote: "Because of the threat, the city has been advised by its insurance provider to upgrade and explosion-proof the equipment and electrical devices at the plant."

Note: Right! Aha, finally somebody who gets it. Figures it would be an insurance company too. Heh, they're taking a huge beating with all the fires and explosions. Hydrogen sulfide is blowing around the atmosphere now. And that's causing vehicles and utility poles and porches/decks to burst into flame, and it's causing all or most of the underground electrical explosions and fires, and the power plant and electrical substation fires and explosions, and the Boeing Dreamliner fire problems (both of them), and so on. So you have to keep the electrified copper isolated from the atmosphere, else fires may break out, often with those 'popping sounds' that people have been hearing right as many fires have erupted in the last coupla three years...

2014-11-16 - Empty 'ghost boat' reported circling in Lake Okeechobee (Florida), missing boater:

Quote: "On Sunday night someone saw a boat on the water going around in circles. No one was on board."

2014-11-16 - More than 170 people sicken on cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean near California, blamed on norovirus:

2014-11-15 - Volcanic eruption intensifies at Mount Pavlof (Alaska), ash cloud reaches 30,000 feet, planes warned away:

Quote: "Planes are being warned to avoid airspace near an erupting Alaska volcano as it spews ash 30,000ft above sea level."

2014-11-14 - Firefighter, man, 26, goes into respiratory arrest at fire in coastal Bronx (New York), in critical condition:

Note: A lot of fires nowadays are going to involve hydrogen sulfide that's adsorbed onto materials. Then when those materials burn, some of the hydrogen sulfide will get into the smoke, and hydrogen sulfide can cause respiratory paralysis, where you stop being ABLE to breathe. That's why it's called a 'strangling gas'...

2014-11-14 - Dozens of students sickening at Emory University in Atlanta (Georgia):

2014-11-14 - Model, woman, walks around with painted-on jeans, almost naked, in NYC, hardly anyone notices:

Note: To be fair, that was a great paint job on her legs! I wouldn't have noticed. But one observant guy DID notice and snuck up behind her and took a pic. LMAO...

2014-11-14 - Amazon now hiring drone pilots:

2014-11-13 - Girl loses consciousness, foams at the mouth, goes into cardiac arrest, at school in Indianapolis (Indiana):

Quote: "When they found her, she was unresponsive, no pulse. She had foaming at the mouth."

2014-11-13 - Mount Pavlof erupts, spews cloud of ash, in the Aleutian Range (Alaska):

2014-11-13 - Mount Ibu erupts on the island of Halmahera (Indonesia):

2014-11-13 - Turrialba Volcano erupts with strong ash explosion in Costa Rica:

Quote: "According to OVSICORI, a pilot from a Taca Airlines flight reported to the Civil Aviation Authority a “big cloud of gas and ash coming out of the crater.” The flight was headed to Panama City and the pilot spotted the cloud shortly after 6 a.m. south of the volcano, at an altitude of about 4,000 meters (13,000 feet)."

2014-11-13 - Man, 77, goes out on boat, disappears, in the Gulf of Mexico en route to the Panhandle (Florida):

2014-11-13 - Coastal Broward County (Florida) gets shiny new high-tech HazMat vehicle:

2014-11-13 - US Department of Justice spying on plane passengers with fake cell towers:

2014-11-13 - Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile:

2014-11-12 - Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes near Wichita, shakes Kansas:

Quote: "According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) the earthquake was centered near Conway Springs, Kansas outside of Wichita and happened at 3:40 p.m."

Note: Pretty big quake for Kansas...

2014-11-12 - Cruise ship crew member suffers serious medical emergency, ship heads to the Marquesas Islands:

2014-11-12 - Ted Turner selling mansion and private island in coastal South Carolina for a mere $24 million:

Quote: "Media mogul Ted Turner has listed his South Carolina private island for nearly $24 million. St. Phillips, a 4,680-acre barrier island near Hilton Head, features a 3,800-square-foot main house, a caretaker's house, natural woods, trails and beaches. The property is also self-sufficient, using solar power, backup batteries and its own water tower."

Note: Sorry, Ted, you couldn't pay me to live there, not with that 2.5 gigaton methane clathrate deposit dissociating off the East Coast there. Looks like a nice place to explode at though!

2014-11-12 - Pentagon eyes flying aircraft carriers:

2014-11-12 - China shows off stealth fighter jet:

Note: Stealthy, so maybe they'll crash QUIETLY!

2014-11-11 - Lava flow from Kilauea reaches Pahoa (Hawaii), first home goes up in flames:

Quote: "It was the first house incinerated by a lava flow from Kilauea volcano on the Big Island that scientists have been warning the public about since August. And it likely won't be the last."

2014-11-11 - Fissure eruption continues spewing lava and gas in Iceland, largest eruption in Iceland since the 1700s:

2014-11-11 - European Space Agency lands probe on comet for the first time ever:

2014-11-11 - Free firewood available in Forest Park for St. Louis City (Missouri) residents:

Note: I hope people avail themselves of this incredible opportunity! LMAO, that's mainly because I'm near Forest Park and don't like the idea of there being a gigantic pile of firewood nearby that could go up in flames at any time and blow embers all over the place...

2014-11-10 - Huge cloud of hydrogen sulfide fog hits Moscow (Russia), residents told to shelter-in-place:

Quote: "Residents of parts of the Russian capital Moscow have been urged by the emergencies ministry to stay indoors because of a noxious gas that is spreading through the city. The source of the gas is unclear - no accidents have been reported at any of Moscow's chemical factories. Media reports said that the gas was hydrogen sulphide, which can be highly toxic and smells like rotten eggs. It has been smelt in central, eastern and south-eastern parts of the city. The gas was also detected in the capital's main shopping areas and around the parliament building, reports said."

Note: This is the second major metropolitan area in recorded history to be told to shelter-in-place because of hydrogen sulfide. The first was in late 2012 in coastal Kuwait City (Kuwait), mentioned in the 2012-10-17 update. So something that had never happened before has now happened twice in two years. Add to that all of the other hydrogen sulfide incidents: the stinkfests in Southern California, the 'rotten egg' odor that hit Santa Monica after a 'naturally-occurring methane release' in Santa Monica Bay (but methane is odorless, so it wasn't methane), the 'rotten egg' odor that blew in off the ocean and hit Quincy (Massachusetts), the 'rotten egg' odor that hit the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland) that killed all the fish, the boating town in Australia that's turning into a ghost town because of hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean, the thousands of people fleeing and puking from 'toxic gas of unknown origin' in coastal Rayong (Thailand), and many, many HazMat events involving unknown odors.

This event, like the event in Kuwait City, is a harbinger of things to come. From the full hypothesis: "There will be more unexplained HazMat events, often involving unusual odors. Eventually the entire populations of towns and cities will drop dead."

2014-11-10 - Responders train for sewage and hydrogen sulfide releases after earthquake, in Urbana (Illinois):

Quote: "The earthquake ruptured some lines and releases raw sewage and hydrogen sulfide. The team is called in to rescue the workers."

2014-11-10 - Children sickening at elementary school in coastal Port Charlotte (Florida):

Note: Not only is this a coastal city but this school is right across the street from Little Alligator Creek...

2014-11-10 - Man, 52, has chest pains on tanker ship off the coast near San Francisco (California), medevac'd off:

2014-11-10 - Dead zones spreading and worsening around the planet:

Note: 'Dead zone' is actually not an accurate name. Life exists in these areas, just not oxygen-using life. The ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide LIKE warm waters that are devoid of oxygen. As the oceans warm and lose oxygen and the dead zones spread, those ancient microbes move in and take over...

2014-11-10 - Arctic blast hits the United States:

2014-11-09 - People falling off buildings and dying regularly in coastal Sharjah (UAE):

Quote: "At least a dozen people, including children, construction workers and maids, have fallen to their deaths since August while more than 20 people have died in 10 months this year compared with 10 deaths last year. Residents meanwhile have been left shocked and bewildered at the spate of incidents."

Note: They're randomly getting knocked unconscious as hydrogen sulfide blows in off the ocean, then they slump forward. If the railing isn't high enough and someone is near the railing and slumps forward then over the railing they go. Same as all the people losing consciousness while driving, except it's hitting these people on balconies. I noticed this problem when maids started toppling off buildings and dying near the coast in Thailand a couple of years ago. When hydrogen sulfide knocks you unconscious, where you are and what you're doing can determine your fate. If you're in water then you'll drown, outdoors in the heat and you bake, outdoors in the cold and you freeze, leaning over a balcony and you fall, driving and you crash, burning brush and you burn to death, etc, etc.

2014-11-09 - Florida leads nation in car drownings:

Note: Not surprising, seeing as Florida is downwind of North America's sewer, the Gulf of Mexico. People are being knocked unconscious while driving, especially near bodies of water and other low-lying areas, so they're ending up dead in submerged vehicles. From the full hypothesis: "More people will be found dead in submerged vehicles."

2014-11-09 - India test-fires nuclear-capable rocket on Wheeler Island (India):

2014-11-09 - China mass-producing HazMat suits, production goes up to 6,000 suits per day:

2014-11-09 - Ebola cases spike in Sierra Leone:

2014-11-09 - Robert Plant turns down $300 million to reform Led Zeppelin and play 35 shows in 3 venues:

Quote: "Led Zeppelin's singer Robert Plant ripped up a contract, which would have paid him about 300 million dollars, and refused to rejoin the legendary band. The 66-year-old rock legend ripped up Sir Richard Branson's contract for 35 dates in three cities in front of astonished promoters after the other members of the supergroup all signed up, the Mirror reported. The English musician said that he thought it wasn't the right thing to do."

Quote: "'Sh#t!' exclaimed Jimmy Page."

Note: Okay, I added the second quote. Heh...

2014-11-08 - Man, 25, falls 25 feet off bridge in coastal Long Beach (California), 1 injured:

2014-11-08 - Man goes into cardiac arrest on boat off the coast near Warrenton (Oregon):

2014-11-08 - Ship leaks chemical into the Ship Channel in coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

2014-11-07 - HazMat event, 29 people sicken, breathing difficulties, at the College of West Anglia in Kings Lynn (Britain):

Quote: "The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Twas called at 11.15am today after reports that a number of patients were suffering from breathing difficulties."

2014-11-07 - Mexican free-tailed bats use sonar-jamming to screw other bats out of food:

Quote: "It’s the same concept that underlies radar and sonar technology, which harness radio and sound waves, respectively, to locate distant objects. But what scientists didn’t know is that bats don’t just sense these signals; they can jam them, too."

Note: Next up, stealth bats!

2014-11-06 - Toddler goes into cardiac arrest on passenger plane, plane lands in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2014-11-06 - Earthquake swarm hits near Denio (Nevada):

2014-11-05 - Offensive odor flowing from the sewers in New Castle (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "He said they lifted manhole covers and detected the odor was indeed coming from the sewers. He would not speculate on what the smell was or why it was there."

Note: Probably just some deadly hydrogen sulfide, nothing to worry about, unless you're one of those wanna-stay-alive kind of people...

2014-11-05 - Responders train for plane accidents at airport in coastal Fort Lauderdale (Florida):

2014-11-04 - Volcano Batu Tara starts erupting, throwing firebombs, on Komba Island (Indonesia):

Quote: "Bombs were ejected to up to approx. 500-600 m height and traveled up to 1 km horizontal distance. Pyroclastic flow and effusive eruption: An intense short-lived effusive phase took place this night: at around 2 am local time, a powerful explosion was immediately followed by a short lava-rich, fountain-like explosion that initiated a large incandescent avalanche over the whole width of the sciara, causing also some parts of the upper dome to collapse. The avalanche turned into a small pyroclastic flow that reached the shore of the sciara and continued above water for approx. 100 m. Following this event, an effusive phase began that lasted approx. 2 hours, characterized by continuous rockfalls from the glowing dome at the summit. Several hours later, the deposit from this activity at the shore was still steaming. During the same time, some explosions occurred as well, some particular powerful ones that sent bombs into the sea and forcing us to abandon camp."

2014-11-04 - Diplomatic security agents train to deal with fires:

Quote: "Now agents are taught how to search and rescue while fires rage around them, with temperatures peaking near 500 degrees. Flames can fill a room in just four minutes -- the toxic smoke can make a victim pass out instantly."

2014-11-04 - Toyota shows off 850-horsepower 'sleeper' Camry:

Quote: "Generally speaking, a 'sleeper car' is one that looks like a regular, everyday car from the outside but that hides a surprisingly powerful engine under the hood. This car takes that idea to the extreme."

2014-11-03 - A foot of snow hits parts of Maine, 141,000 homes go dark:

Quote: "Cleanup and restoration efforts continued Monday as thousands of Mainers remained without power in the wake of a fall snowstorm. The storm slammed the state with heavy, wet snow that accumulated to more than a foot in many areas. As of 12:30 p.m. Monday, about 124,000 customers throughout the state were without power, including all the residents of Islesboro. That was down from more than 141,000 two hours earlier."

2014-11-02 - Scientists to try anti-aging drug on dogs:

Quote: "It’s a sad reality of pet ownership that our beloved companions never live as long we would wish."

2014-11-02 - Solution proposed for Florida's feral pig problem - eat them:

Quote: "When life hands you nuisance pigs, make pork chops."

Note: Time to pig out!

2014-11-01 - Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean off Ndoi Island (Fiji Islands):

2014-11-01 - Massive gas rig as big as six aircraft carriers to suck up gas from the Browse Basin in the Indian Ocean:

Quote: "It’s called Prelude, and it’s bigger than big. More than 530 yards long and 80 yards wide, it was constructed with 260,000 metric tons of steel, more than was used in the entire original World Trade Center complex, and it’s expected to displace 600,000 metric tons of water, or as much as six aircraft carriers. Even the paint job is huge: Most big vessels dry-dock every five years for a new coat, but Prelude’s paint is supposed to last 25 years. It will produce more natural gas than Hong Kong needs in a year."

2014-11-01 - Insurance companies feeling the heat as the climate continues to destabilize:

2014-11-01 - Man surfs dead whale as sharks circle off the coast of Australia:

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