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2014 - NOV - Animal Die-Offs

2014-11-30 - Minke whale washes ashore dead at coastal Pentewan Sands near Mevagissey in Cornwall (Britain):

2014-11-29 - Young panther found dead in coastal Collier County (Florida):

2014-11-29 - Around 50 chickens die in Pandalur (India):

2014-11-28 - Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore dead at beach in Dinas Dinlle (Britain):

2014-11-27 - Thousands of fish die in pond in Makkasan (Thailand):

2014-11-27 - Thousands of fish die in fish cages in Wonogiri Regency (Indonesia):

2014-11-26 - Around 30 crows have seizures and die in parks in Portland (Oregon):

Quote: "Police say 30 dead crows have been found in downtown Portland parks after reports they were having seizures. A police spokesman says there's no apparent reason for the deaths."

Quote: "The birds were found Wednesday morning in three areas: Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park along the Willamette River, the Chapman and Lownsdale squares set among government buildings a few blocks west of the river, and at the nearby Lovejoy Fountain. Firefighters reported finding no hazardous materials in the air, and officers who checked the area said they found nothing that would have been fatal to the birds."

Note: So they all died near bodies of water then - not surprising. Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and can cause seizures leading to death. It's also water-soluble and tends to accumulate in all the same places that water does, since it's a heavier-than-air gas. Plenty of people have been having seizures and/or dying too, sometimes while driving. These birds most likely got poisoned by contaminated water or by touching stuff (leaves, sticks, branches, etc) that had adsorbed hydrogen sulfide as it blows by. Best not to touch anything you don't have to, especially outdoors, lest you collapse and die too...

2014-11-26 - Fish dying at Main Beach in coastal Byron Bay (Australia):

2014-11-26 - Endangered Indus dolphin found dead in the Dadu Canal in Sukkur (Pakistan):

2014-11-25 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead at Miacomet Beach on Nantucket Island (Massachusetts):

2014-11-24 - Beaked whale washes ashore dead at Pensacola Beach (Florida):

2014-11-24 - 500 sea lions wash ashore dead on the coast in Peru:

Quote: "Agents of the Police Department of Tourism and Environment of Chimbote, found a total of 500 sea lions lying dead along the coastal strip of beach Anconcillo Bay Samanco province of Santa, Ancash region."

Quote: "It’s also unclear whether the deaths are related to another mass die-off that took place earlier this month, in which the bodies of about 200 sea lions, along with dolphins, turtles and pelicans, washed ashore on a Peruvian beach farther north. Wildlife officials are still investigating the cause."

2014-11-23 - Major fish kill hits the Araguari River (Brazil):

2014-11-23 - Thousands of fish dying in Washoe Lake (Nevada):

2014-11-23 - Thousands of fish found dead in pond in Louroux (France):

2014-11-23 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the River Douro (Spain):

2014-11-22 - Sea birds washing ashore dead along coast in California, Oregon and Washington:

2014-11-22 - Whale washes ashore dead on the Essex coast (Britain):

2014-11-20 - Young male moose drops dead in yard at home in Sleepy Eye (Minnesota):

Quote: "Cornicelli said there was 'no obvious trauma' to suggest how the moose died."

Note: Just like all the people dropping dead with no signs of trauma, especially outdoors...

2014-11-18 - Fish and coral dying in tide pools in coastal Waiopae (Hawaii):

2014-11-17 - Large numbers of birds found sick or dead on beaches in San Mateo, Marin and Sonoma Counties (California):

2014-11-17 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Kukkarahalli Lake (India):

2014-11-16 - Horse freaks out, collapses and dies, at home in Youngsville (North Carolina):

Quote: "So whatever set Scooter off must have been highly unusual, and it must have happened right under his nose."

Note: If a horse gets hit by a whiff if hydrogen sulfide - literally under his nose - this might very well be the result. People don't tend to last as long as this horse did, but then people are smaller than horses so it takes less to bring down a human...

2014-11-16 - Fish dying in canal in Medicina, Bologna (Italy):

2014-11-16 - Thousands of fish found dead in river in Dumagin (Indonesia):

2014-11-16 - Around 2000 flying foxes found dead along the Richmond River near Casino (Australia), blamed on hot weather:

2014-11-15 - Bighorn sheep drops dead in the Santa Catalina Mountains (Arizona):

Quote: "After locating the ewe, they dissected the body and discovered that the ewe did not show any obvious sign of trauma. This ruled out the possibility of a mountain lion or any other predator hunting the sheep."

2014-11-14 - Dogs suffering seizures, sometimes dying, in coastal Miami Beach (Florida):

Quote: "Concern is growing among dog owners in Miami Beach after several dogs have suffered mysterious and sometimes fatal seizures."

2014-11-13 - Manatee calf found dead in storm drain in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2014-11-12 - Hundreds of thousands of fish suddenly die at fish farms in Solo, Central Java (Indonesia):

2014-11-11 - 20 whales wash ashore dead on the western coast of Ghana:

2014-11-09 - More than 180 sea lions found dead at beaches in coastal Sechura (Peru):

Quote: "Less than a week after the appearance of one hundred seals killed in booking Illescas in the province of Sechura ( Piura ), again dead marine species were found in this jurisdiction. This time, a total of 187 sea lions were found dead between the beaches Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and the Turtle Cove."

2014-11-09 - Thousands of fish, eels, crabs and shrimp suddenly die in river in Pangkajene (Indonesia):

2014-11-09 - Tons of fish die along several miles of the River Aumance (France):

2014-11-09 - Several hundred trout mysteriously die in river in Schelpe (Germany):

2014-11-08 - Hundreds of fish dying in canals on coastal Merritt Island (Florida):

Quote: "State wildlife officials received dozens of reports this week about the hundreds of dead fish floating in canals surrounding Sykes Creek, Newfound Harbor and the Banana River. Species included catfish, flounder, mullet, sailor's choice, pinfish, red drum, sheepshead and trout."

2014-11-07 - Jellyfish washing ashore dead on beaches in Ireland:

2014-11-06 - Huge numbers of fish washing ashore dead, four turtles die too, in Ganabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

Quote: "For reasons as yet unknown, huge numbers of fish from the same species have been dying on the tourist beaches of Ganabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil over the past month, an unprecedented situation that is scaring the population. The municipal cleaning service have found 20 tons of shads, a particular species of fish similar to sardines and herrings, as well as four sea turtles."

2014-11-06 - Birds dying near tar sands in Alberta (Canada):

2014-11-05 - Dozens of pilot whales beach themselves in the Bay of Plenty (New Zealand), 36 whales die:

2014-11-05 - Hundreds of fish dying in lake in Zigong (China):

2014-11-05 - Dozens of dogs found dead near the Kinugawa River on the island of Honshu (Japan):

2014-11-04 - Fish dying in lake in Nanning (China):

2014-11-04 - Large number of sardines wash ashore dead along 4-kilometer stretch on the island of Hokkaido (Japan):

2014-11-04 - Two lepoards drop dead in tea garden in Darjeeling District, Bengal (India):

Note: Kinda like the people dropping dead in India (and elsewhere)...

2014-11-03 - Many fish dying in areas in Spain and Mexico:

Quote: "A strange phenomenon is common these days in Spain and Mexico. The presence of thousands of dead fish in Seville, Valencia and Veracruz. Found in the last hour from residents in the area of the basin of the Marciega, Seville, in the lake of La Devesa del Saler, Valencia, Spain, and in the lagoon El Paraiso in Veracruz, Mexico, died in large numbers for reasons unexplained and stacked on the banks."

2014-11-02 - Fish dying in coastal Guanabara Bay (Brazil):

2014-11-02 - Thousands of fish die in river in Rokan Hulu (Indonesia):

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