Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 - NOV - Animal Attacks

2014-11-30 - Family dog, Rottweiler mix, attacks and injures 4-year-old boy at home in coastal Port Richey (Florida):

2014-11-30 - Red-tailed hawk attacks and kills family dog in Nashville (Tennessee):

2014-11-29 - Shark attacks and lightly injures boy at Port Bouvard Beach in Dawesville (Australia):

2014-11-28 - Dog attacks and injures girl and dog on Lake Floy Circle in Orange County (Florida):

2014-11-27 - Dog attacks and injures boy on Daugherty Ferry Road in Sale Creek (Tennessee):

2014-11-26 - Elephant rampages into town, kills 2 people, in Anuradhapura on the island of Sri Lanka:

Quote: "The elephant ran past President Mahinda Rajapakse's official residence in Anuradhapura at dawn before crushing a cyclist and a bystander near the holy tree, the Sri Maha Bodi. 'It is very unusual for an wild elephant to go to town like this,' a local resident told AFP. 'The last time we saw something like this was when a tusker came to the town in 2001 but it did not kill anyone, unlike this time.'"

2014-11-26 - Elephant kills two people in Ellakattuwa on the island of Sri Lanka:

Note: Above two stories happened on different days in different towns, so definitely different incidents. I'm gonna stop complaining about my rabbit problem!

2014-11-26 - Elephant tramples person to death in Duramari, West Bengal (India):

2014-11-25 - Bear attacks and kills man in Takayama (Japan):

2014-11-24 - Marauding monkeys attacking and injuring people in Shimla (India), at least 1 killed:

2014-11-23 - Ohio reports at least 15 dog attacks in the past year, 4 of them fatal:

2014-11-23 - Wild boar attacks four sanitation workers, injures 2, in Hefei (China), near Chaohu Lake:

2014-11-23 - Pack of hyenas attacks village(s) in Rumbek Central County (Sudan), 2 killed, 13 injured:

Note: This happened in July but I had missed it. It's such a strange event I thought it worth mentioning anyway. Better late than never!

2014-11-23 - Wild turkeys attacking people in Brookline (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Police receive calls about aggressive turkeys every few weeks. The birds have been known to charge at people and try to claw their faces."

2014-11-21 - Pit bull attacks and injures girl in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

2014-11-20 - Swarm of 800,000 bees attacks and kills man in Douglas (Arizona):

2014-11-19 - Pack of dogs attacks and kills 8-year-old girl in on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (South Dakota):

2014-11-19 - Three-legged wild boar attacks and injures woman near Napa (California):

Quote: "A wild boar allegedly gored a woman several times as she was walking with her dogs. The woman is still being treated for her injuries. She was walking her two dogs in the Gordon Valley area last week, when the boar attacked for apparently no reason."

Quote: "Lt. Patrick Foy with the department says this could be the first unprovoked attack of a wild boar in California's history."

2014-11-18 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man near Eloy (Arizona):

2014-11-18 - Coyotes snatching pets in neighborhood in Frisco (Texas):

2014-11-17 - Woman's own dog, Keeshond mix, attacks and kills her at home in coastal Stratford (Connecticut):

Quote: "According to her daughter, the victim has owned the black-and-white Keeshond mix for eight years and has never had a problem with the animal. Now she's dealing with skin grafts and kidney failure, and family members fear she is dying."

Note: She did die...

2014-11-17 - Coyote attacks woman and her dog in coastal Greenland (New Hampshire):

Quote: "The victim's husband heard the woman yelling and drove a vehicle to where they were. Police say he shot a firearm to try to scare the animal away, but was unsuccessful. He then drove the car to separate the coyote from the woman. The coyote ran off."

Note: Way not normal...

2014-11-17 - Bear attacks and injures pet dog in Heathrow (Florida):

2014-11-17 - Elephant tramples and kills man, takes off with tourists, near a waterfall in Phang Nga (Thailand):

Quote: "Rescue teams tracked down the elephant about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) away and tranquilized it to rescue the tourists clinging to its back..."

2014-11-17 - Swarm of Africanized bees attacks and kills one dog, injures another, in Covina (California):

2014-11-16 - Shark attacks and injures man at Indian Harbour Beach (Florida):

Quote: "Authorities confirmed the 44-year-old man suffered a serious injury to his left hand. Although he was 'bleeding profusely,' the unidentified victim is expected to survive."

2014-11-16 - Dog attacks and injures girl, face attack, in coastal Lusby (Maryland), dog shot dead:

2014-11-16 - Two dogs attack and injure man in Flint (Michigan):

2014-11-16 - Box jellyfish sting people at three beaches around Honolulu (Hawaii):

2014-11-15 - Dog attacks and injures 5-year-old girl, face attack, in coastal Lake Worth (Florida):

2014-11-14 - Dog attacks and injures 1-year-old boy, face attack, in French Valley (California):

2014-11-13 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man at beach in Maui (Hawaii):

2014-11-12 - Pit bull attacks and injures woman, charges deputy, gets shot dead, in Kershaw County (South Carolina):

2014-11-12 - Animal apparently attacks and kills woman near Riverton (Wyoming):

2014-11-11 - Cougar kills one dog, injures another, near Cashmere (Washington):

2014-11-11 - Coyotes attacking people in Brampton (Canada):

Quote: "While unable to provide specific details about the September incident, manager of Brampton Animal Services Kathy Duncan confirmed they have received two reports of bites and at least six reports of 'concerning' behavior by coyotes in that specific area since September."

2014-11-11 - Pit bull attacks and seriously injures child on the island of Antigua:

2014-11-10 - Bear attacks and kills pet dog in Lake Mary (Florida), near the coast:

2014-11-10 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures six people in Gadag (India):

2014-11-10 - Dog attacks and injures woman in Manchester (New Hampshire):

2014-11-09 - Dog attacks and injures 2-year-old girl, face attack, at home in coastal Gibsonton (Florida):

2014-11-07 - Dog attacks and injures woman on the River Walk Trail in Brandi Fentor Memorial Park in Tucson (Arizona):

2014-11-07 - Pit bull attacks and injures woman in Milwaukie (Oregon):

2014-11-06 - Pit bull attacks and injures man, kills his dog, in Jellico (Tennessee):

2014-11-06 - Coyotes snatch pet dog from yard in Anderson Township (Ohio), residents on edge:

2014-11-05 - Family pit bull attacks and injures toddler boy at home, rips ear off, in Jurupa Valley (California):

2014-11-04 - Five bears attack group of hunters, injure one, near coastal Kodiak (Alaska):

2014-11-04 - Pit bull attacks and injures boy in coastal Newport (Rhode Island):

2014-11-03 - Two pit bulls attack and injure teen boy in Indianapolis (Indiana), one dog shot dead, one captured:

2014-11-03 - Pit bull attacks and injures boy in coastal Lake Worth (Florida):

2014-11-03 - Swarm of Africanized bees attacks and injures 10 people at cemetery in EstelĂ­ (Nicaragua):

2014-11-02 - Two dogs rampage around, threaten people, attack cops, get shot dead, in Charleston (West Virginia):

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