Saturday, November 22, 2014

Event Update For 2014-11-21

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-11-21 - Methane seeping from the ground and igniting in Nanjiawan (China):

Quote: "Methane gas is coming up from the ground in a village in China causing the air to burst into balls of fire. The phenomenon is now so common that Nanjiawan village in south-west China has been dubbed the 'Invisible Fire Village'."

Note: This story is from May, but still relevant. There's another village that's had 100 homes mysteriously go up in flames, Soro, in Bauchi State (Nigeria), mentioned in the 2014-11-11 update. Gas is coming up out of the ground and from the oceans, and the problem is obviously spreading. Any area on top of - or even near - a natural gas deposit may soon be experiencing the same thing. (Thanks for the link, Tom!)

2014-11-21 - Hyatt Regency hit by huge basement explosion just before midnight in coastal London (Britain), 14 injured:

2014-11-21 - Flat explodes in coastal Kowloon, Hong Kong (China), 1 killed, several injured:

2014-11-21 - UPS distribution facility hit by explosions and fire in Middleburg Heights (Ohio):

Quote: "Several employees told FOX 8 they heard explosions before the fire."

Quote: "The fire broke out about 8 p.m. at the facility on Englewood Drive where packages are loaded and unloaded from tractor trailers."

2014-11-21 - Industrial business hit by explosion and fire in South Plainfield (New Jersey):

2014-11-21 - Two pallet companies and two other companies hit by explosions and fire in Cleveland (Ohio), 1 injured:

Quote: "The name of the building is Harry David Ice Construction. It houses four other companies -- a construction company, two wood pallet companies and a fourth unnamed company."

2014-11-21 - Large pallet fire erupts in Granger (Iowa), 6+ fire departments respond:

2014-11-21 - Auto recycling business erupts in flame in Perry (Ohio):

2014-11-21 - Recycling center hit by major fire in Lafayette (Indiana):

2014-11-21 - Industrial area hit by massive blaze in Lansvale area in coastal Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "9News reports the blaze was fuelled by large pallets of timber folding, scaffolding and other combustibles at the factory, which reduced to charred scraps within minutes, while producing thick blankets of smoke towering over nearby homes and businesses."

2014-11-21 - Smoke in the cockpit sends passenger plane to emergency landing at airport near coastal Manila (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "A radio report said flight NH 950 bound for Narita, Japan had to return to the airport after the pilot discovered smoke in the cockpit."

2014-11-21 - Shrimp boat 'Bona Spes WR17' bursts into flame in coastal Den Oever (Netherlands):

Quote: "The fire rescue of Wieringen was alerted on Nov 16, 2014, after a fire broke out aboard the shrimper 'Bona Spes - WR - 17' in the port of Den Oever."

2014-11-21 - Three school buses destroyed or damaged by fire at 2:30 AM, bus barn destroyed, in Oakland (Illinois):

Quote: "A bus barn caught fire in Oakland this morning. It damaged several school buses inside. It happened in the 200 block of Byron Street in Oakland at around 2:30 this morning."

Note: These are the 13th, 14th and 15th school buses to burn in November and the 132nd, 133rd and 134th school buses to burn since May 1...

2014-11-21 - School bus bursts into flame on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Morgantown (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "This isn’t the first time a bus full of Penn Staters caught fire. In March 2013, a Martz bus taking students back to school caught fire about 100 miles outside of State College."

Quote: "The fire began around the back-right tire of the bus and grew. 'By the time the next bus came to pick us up, the bus was completely engulfed in flames,' the passenger said."

Note: This was a charter bus carrying college students. This is the 16th school bus to burn in November and the 135th school bus to burn since May 1. From the full hypothesis: "Massive vehicles such as big RVs, buses, tanker trucks, tractor trailers, dump trucks, and car-haulers will be destroyed by fire in escalating numbers after tires or brakes ignite."

2014-11-21 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on Luton Road in Offley (Britain):

2014-11-21 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on street in Liuzhou (China), at least 10 people burned:

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-80 in coastal Berkeley (California):

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-99 in Snyder Township, Blair County (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A tractor trailer caught fire on the Interstate on Friday afternoon. The driver was hauling scrap aluminum south on Interstate 99."

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame outside industrial unit at Dobles Lane Industrial Estate in Holsworthy (Britain):

2014-11-21 - Tractor bursts into flame at farm in Haddenham (Britain):

2014-11-21 - Dump truck bursts into flame on I-35 near Salado (Texas):

2014-11-21 - FedEx delivery truck bursts into flame on highway near Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

2014-11-21 - Shredder truck bursts into flame on street in Rapid City (South Dakota):

2014-11-21 - Heavy truck bursts into flame on the Mitchell Freeway in coastal Perth (Australia):

2014-11-21 - Truck bursts into flame in Hudson and garage bursts into flame in Nashua (New Hampshire):

Quote: "Two fires, one in a Nashua garage and another in a truck in Hudson, kept local departments busy Friday afternoon."

2014-11-21 - RV bursts into flame in the wee hours while parked in carpark in coastal Sligo (Ireland):

2014-11-21 - Van bursts into flame on Templeton Drive in coastal Warrington (Britain):

2014-11-21 - SUV bursts into flame on Grand Avenue in Rothschild (Wisconsin):

2014-11-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Highway 390 near Erie Station Road in Henrietta (New York):

2014-11-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame after midnight while parked at home, fire spreads to home, in coastal Thunder Bay (Canada):

2014-11-21 - Car bursts into flame on the Founders Bridge over the Connecticut River in Hartford (Connecticut):

Note: A transit bus burst into flame on this bridge in September, mentioned in the 2014-09-21 update...

2014-11-21 - Car bursts into flame before 5 AM on I-20 near Forney (Texas):

2014-11-21 - Car bursts into flame on road in Yucca Valley (California), separate crash too:

2014-11-21 - Car bursts into flame near garage in Watertown (South Dakota):

2014-11-21 -  Car bursts into flame on I-26 in Charleston County (South Carolina):

2014-11-21 - Car bursts into flame on Shiphay Lane in Shiphay in coastal Torquay (Britain):

2014-11-21 - Car bursts into flame in the Station Road area of Truro (Britain), near the coast:

Note: Also see the two barns that burned near Truro on this day...

2014-11-21 - Car bursts into flame at 4:54 AM on The Flarepath (A15) in Elsham (Britain):

2014-11-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame while parked in garage at home in Berrien Springs (Michigan):

Quote: "Crews say the fire started as a vehicle fire inside the garage and spread to the apartment above the garage."

2014-11-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame on trailer on Highway 50 in Wheatland (Wisconsin):

2014-11-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-695 near Catonsville (Maryland):

2014-11-21 - Two pickup trucks and mobile home destroyed by fire in Weld County (Colorado):

Quote: "But two pickup trucks that were parked close to the home were not saved."

Note: People still park vehicles near their home?! Crrrrazy...

2014-11-21 - Cars and gas station burn shortly before midnight in Eagan (Minnesota):

Note: Looks like the service garage area is what burned, and you can see some cars in there...

2014-11-21 - Auto shop destroyed by fire in Elkhart (Indiana):

Quote: "WSBT 22 reporter James Fillmore spoke with the owner of Garcia Auto Repair who said he had just returned from lunch when he found his business on fire. The owner and family members say they have no idea how it started."

2014-11-21 - Brush fire breaks out, destroys two vehicles and barn, in Clifford Township (Pennsylvania):

2014-11-21 - Barn destroyed by fire near Ansley (Nebraska):

2014-11-21 - Barn damaged by fire at home in coastal Penobscot (Maine):

2014-11-21 - Two barns damaged by fire before 6:30 AM near Truro (Britain), near the coast:

2014-11-21 - Chicken barn damaged by fire at 5 AM on Trap Pond Road near Laurel (Delaware), 20,000 chickens killed:

2014-11-21 - Cabinet business destroyed by fire in Soddy Daisy (Tennessee):

2014-11-21 - Carpet business destroyed by huge blaze at 6:45 AM in North Vernon (Indiana), second fire here this month:

Quote: "This is the second time this month the building has caught fire. WTHR-TV, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, reports that 30 people were forced out their homes after a fire on Nov. 5."

2014-11-21 - Garbage bursts into flame in garbage truck on road in Prince William County (Virginia):

2014-11-21 - AC unit bursts into flame at Radisson Hotel in Cobb County (Georgia):

2014-11-21 - Two businesses damaged by fire before 7 AM in Frackville (Pennsylvania):

2014-11-21 - Porch bursts into flame at mobile home in Emporia (Kansas):

2014-11-21 - Porch bursts into flame at home in Southington (Connecticut):

2014-11-21 - Porch bursts into flame at 4 AM at home in Lealman (Florida), near the coast:

2014-11-21 - Garage bursts into flame at 12:15 AM at home in Peoria (Illinois):

2014-11-21 - Garage bursts into flame at midnight in Mingo Junction (Ohio):

2014-11-21 - Home heavily damage by fire on the waterfront in coastal Bay St. Louis (Mississippi):

Quote: "Firefighters battled a house fire Friday, making it the second blaze to strike a residence in two days. The fire department received a call about 11:45 a.m. from a passer-by in a boat who alerted authorities to a house on fire..."

2014-11-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 12:50 AM in Ooltewah (Tennessee), nobody there:

2014-11-21 - Home destroyed by fire near Fosston (Minnesota), nobody there:

2014-11-21 - Home destroyed by fire in Biddeford (Maine), nobody there:

2014-11-21 - Multi-family home destroyed by huge fire in coastal Revere (Massachusetts):

2014-11-12 - Motel damaged by fire, second time in 9 days, in Lacy Lakeview area in Waco (Texas):

2014-11-21 - Deadly fire rips through mobile home after 11 PM in Waynesville (Missouri), 2 killed, 5 injured:

2014-11-21 - Deadly blaze burns mobile home at 5:20 AM in Nivensknowe Park in Loanhead (Scotland), near the coast, 1 killed:

2014-11-21 - Deadly fire burns through volunteer firefighter's home after 1 AM in Macon County (North Carolina), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2014-11-21 - Deadly fire burns home just after 3 AM in coastal Baltimore (Maryland), 1 killed:

2014-11-21 - Deadly fire destroys home at 4:30 AM in Riverdale area in Toronto (Canada), near Lake Ontario, 1 killed:

2014-11-21 - Deadly fire burns apartment building at 1:45 AM in Euless (Texas), 1 killed:

2014-11-21 - Vacant home burns in Saginaw (Michigan):

2014-11-21 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Pequannock (New Jersey):

2014-11-21 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Arlington (Florida):

2014-11-21 - Vacant restaurant destroyed by fire in Clovis (New Mexico):

2014-11-21 - Vacant commercial building burns in Sellersville (Pennsylvania):

2014-11-21 - Vacant building destroyed by massive blaze before 7 AM in East St. Louis (Illinois), near the Mississippi River:

2014-11-21 - Man, 20, dies in burning car on State Route 209 in Guernsey County (Ohio):

2014-11-21 - Man found dead at site of wheelie bin fire at 6:20 AM in coastal Whitley Bay (Britain):

2014-11-21 - Trucker, woman, 55, slumps over dead in her truck in coastal Galveston (Texas):

Quote: "Galveston police found the body of a 55-year-old truck driver in the parking lot of a gas station near Interstate 45 and Harborside Wednesday. The driver was waiting in the parking lot to make a delivery Thursday morning. A co-worker went looking for her when she didn’t show up in the morning and found her slumped over the wheel..."

2014-11-21 - Middle-aged woman slumps over dead in her car in Lawrenceburg (Tennessee):

2014-11-21 - Juvenile, boy, drops dead in cell at correctional facility in Bakersfield (California):

2014-11-21 - Man, 34, found dead in pond near Look Park in Florence (Massachusetts):

2014-11-21 - In separate incidents, two people fall of buildings and die within 5 days in Lincoln (Nebraska), possible topplers:

2014-11-21 - Man, 65, found dead at home in Regina (Canada):

2014-11-21 - Man, 35, found dead in hotel room in coastal Anjuna (India):

Note: An Australian tourist, man, 33, dropped dead in a guest house in Anjuna in April too, mentioned in the 2014-04-22 update...

2014-11-21 - In separate incidents, three students found dead in 48 hours in Manipur (India):

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer blows tire, veers across median, hits car head-on, in Marion County (Florida), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2014-11-21 - Pakistani military jet takes off then crashes, explodes and burns, near coastal Karachi (Pakistan), 1 killed:

Quote: "It is the third such incident in recent months."

2014-11-21 - Small plane crashes in Eel River near Garberville in coastal Humboldt County (California), 1 killed:

2014-11-21 - Small plane makes emergency landing, flips over, near Strasburg (Pennsylvania), engine failure:

2014-11-21 - Small plane lands, runs off runway, crashes into creek, in Sugar Land (Texas):

2014-11-21 - Small plane lands, landing gear collapses, plane crashes, at Mid Valley Airpark in Los Lunas (New Mexico), 1 injured:

Note: From the full hypothesis: "As planes land, they will more frequently blow tires, or their landing gear will collapse, or they will run off runways."

2014-11-21 - Romanian military helicopter crashes in Sibiu in Transylvania (Romania), 8 killed, 2 injured:

2014-11-21 - Passenger bus slams into train near coastal Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), at least 25 injured:

2014-11-21 - Two tractor trailers and car crash in the wee hours in South Brunswick (New Jersey):

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer slams into pub at 6 AM in North Bradley (Britain), 1 injured:

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer overturns in Gadsden (Alabama):

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer overturns on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Willow Grove (Pennsylvania):

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer overturns on Route 135 in coastal Seaford (New York):

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-75 in Warren County (Ohio):

2014-11-21 - Tractor trailer overturns just before 11 PM near Utica (New York):

2014-11-21 - Minivan and SUV crash, both burst into flame, on coastal South Padre Island (Texas), 1 injured, 2 dogs killed:

2014-11-21 - Pickup truck veers over centerline before 7 AM, hits SUV head-on, near Junction City (Oregon), 1 killed:

2014-11-21 - Pickup truck veers off road just after 2 AM, hits utility pole, bursts into flame, in Goshen (Indiana):

2014-11-21 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, near Millsboro (Delaware), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2014-11-21 - Two cars collide head-on, in Esplanada (Brazil), 8 killed, 3 injured:

2014-11-21 - Man, 26, fires gun, goes outside, strips naked, breaks into another home, in Huntsville (Alabama):

2014-11-21 - Pit bull attacks and injures girl in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

2014-11-21 - Home partially collapses in Five Points area in Denver (Colorado):

2014-11-21 - Balcony collapses in Knightsbridge area in coastal London (Britain), 2 killed, 6 injured:

2014-11-21 - Building collapses in coastal Chennai (India), 2 killed, 3 injured:

Quote: "The building was located near the Customs House in the Second Line Beach area..."

2014-11-21 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes off the coast of Indonesia:


  1. Breaking - Subway train burns in coastal London (Britain):

    And a 5-star hotel just exploded in London too. And London sent heavier-than-air gas into the subways last year to see where a heavier-than-air gas would go once in the subways (as did coastal NYC). Yep, things are getting more obvious every day now!

  2. i agree Jonny - soon it will become common knowledge that we aren't safe anywhere!


    Dr Natalia Shakhova Interview: Part 1- Methane Hydrates & Stability of East Siberian Arctic Shelf

    Published on Jun 25, 2014

    in short:

    Less Ice +
    More Storms +
    Warmer Waters =
    Methane Tipping Point