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2014 - OCT - Animal Die-Offs

2014-10-31 - Major fish kill hits the Six Mile Water at Ballyclare (Ireland):

2014-10-30 - Police dog collapses and dies in Tempe (Arizona):

Quote: "They say the dog collapsed and was rushed to an animal hospital, where he died. The cause of death couldn't immediately be determined. Police say Deuce was skilled in apprehending criminals and sniffing out narcotics."

2014-10-28 - Deer acts erratic, crashes into window at Lambert Airport in St. Louis (Missouri), euthanized:

Quote: "It was acting erratic, may have been sick or ill or injured. It appears to take a running charge towards the glass here at Terminal two, 2 or 3 times and ended up breaking the glass."

2014-10-28 - Fish and crabs mysteriously dying at beaches on the island of Sri Lanka:

2014-10-28 - Hundreds of thousands of TONS of shrimp dying in Thailand:

Quote: "Shrimp exports are not expected to recover until next year's second quarter, as Thailand has yet to eliminate early mortality syndrome (EMS) from its shrimp farms."

Note: Another made-up acronym to help keep the sleepy masses sedated, much like using 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' to 'explain' (I use that term loosely) all the adult human beings mysteriously dropping dead...

2014-10-28 - Thousands of fish dying in Lake Valsequillo in Puebla (Mexico):

2014-10-27 - Millions of fish die in the Riam Kanan River in South Kalimantan (Indonesia):

2014-10-27 - Thousands of fish dying in Lake Van in Dexter (New Mexico):

2014-10-27 - Sea stars now mysteriously dying off the coast of Alaska:

2014-10-27 - Hundreds of fish die in the Roubion River in Montelimar (France):

2014-10-26 - Two rare deep sea beaked whales wash ashore dead in Australia in a week:

Quote: "It was at least the second beaked whale to wash up on the east coast of Australia this week, after one was found on Redhead Beach, south of Newcastle, last week."

2014-10-25 - Fish dying in Yerrabi Pond in coastal Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "This is the first time that a Murray Cod fish kill has been observed in Yerrabi Pond in the 14 years that the pond has been stocked with these fish..."

2014-10-25 - Fish dying in pond in coastal Iloilo City (Philippine Islands):

2014-10-24 - Nine pilot whales strand, two die, near St. Nicholas (Canada):

2014-10-23 - 25,000 bees die at business in Gresham (Oregon), near the Columbia River:

2014-10-22 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead in coastal Jembrana Regency in Bali (Indonesia):

2014-10-22 - Large numbers of fish dying in two rivers in Itapetininga (Brazil):

2014-10-22 - Large number of fish dying in river in Muriae (Brazil):

2014-10-21 - Major fish kill hits reservoir in Castilblanco (Spain):

2014-10-20 - Fish wash ashore dead at coastal St. George Island (Florida):

2014-10-19 - Formosan black bear drops dead in ravine near Jiaming Lake, near Taipei (Taiwan):

2014-10-18 - Dozens of birds drop dead from the sky in Bapunagar area of coastal Gujarat (India):

Quote: "It's a sight that would send shivers down most people's spines -- dead birds plummeting from above for no apparent reason. Nearly 50 crows and eagles were found dead around Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium in Bapunagar on Friday morning. When they first realised what had happened, residents in the areas were, understandably, left baffled by the necrotic avian rain. They said it was like something out of a horror film."

2014-10-18 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the Segua Wetland (Ecuador):

2014-10-17 - Six sea lions, six seals and some pelicans found dead in coastal La Libertad (Peru):

2014-10-17 - One of the last seven living northern white rhinos drops dead at Ol Pejeta Animal Sanctuary (Kenya):

2014-10-16 - Hundreds of thousands of fish dying in the Neuse River (North Carolina):

2014-10-15 - Five deer drop dead in three weeks in/near Dalton Gardens (Idaho):

Quote: "A buck with no obvious signs of trauma was found dead Monday morning, near where four does were found dead in similar condition three weeks ago."

Note: This area is very near Lake Hayden and is also near Lake Coeur d'Alene. You know what's about the same size as deer? People. You know what's mysteriously dropping dead too? People...

2014-10-15 - Large number of fish dying off the coast of Phuket (Thailand):

2014-10-15 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Pilcomayo River (Paraguay):

2014-10-14 - Waves of fish kills hitting the Northern Mariana Islands:

Quote: "The first incident of fish kill happened on Tinian on Aug. 16 at the Chulu Beach and Masalok Beach. Thousands of fish were found floating dead. On August 28 another incident of fish kill was reported to DFW at Obyan Beach on Saipan. Similar incidents were reported on Sept. 10, 14, 19, 21 and 22 at Laolao Bay, Managaha and Tank Beaches."

2014-10-13 - Around 20,000 fish die overnight in ponds in Xi-an (China):

2014-10-11 - Whale beaches and dies at Daytona Beach Shores (Florida):

2014-10-11 - Goats dying from unknown cause in Howajan (India):

Quote: "People living in Howajan area under Gohpur subdivision in Sonitpur district are very much concerned these days as a good number of goats have died in the last few days of some unidentified disease."

2014-10-10 - Hundreds of fish bubbling up dead in Sardis Pond in Chilliwack (Canada):

2014-10-09 - Finback whale washes ashore dead at Smith Point County Park in coastal Shirley, Long Island (New York):

Quote: "Durham said a forensic examination will be conducted on Friday to seek a cause of death but there were no visible signs of injury."

Quote: "Durham says finback whales have been spotted off eastern Long Island frequently in recent months. She says a dead leatherback turtle also was found nearby on Tuesday. The two discoveries appear unrelated."

Note: Appearances can be deceiving...

2014-10-08 - Hundreds of chickens suddenly die in Subang (Indonesia):

2014-10-08 - Beluga whales dying near coastal St. Andrews (Canada):

2014-10-07 - Three dolphins and 12 turtles found dead along coast near Ravenna (Italy):

2014-10-07 - Birds, shellfish and tons of fish die at Drava National Park (Hungary):

2014-10-06 - Fish dying at Lake Glenville in Jackson County (North Carolina):

2014-10-05 - Hundreds of fish dying in Lake Rancho Santa Margarita (California):

2014-10-04 - Hundreds of seals wash ashore dead this year along coast near Gothenburg (Sweden):

Quote: "So far this year, 388 seal deaths have been reported, 10 times the annual average or 30 to 40..."

Note: Ten times as many dead seals as normal!

2014-10-03 - Dozens of sharks wash ashore dead near coastal Fort Morgan (Alabama):

2014-10-03 - Six buzzards found dead in field near Fordoun (Scotland), 5 miles from the ocean:

2014-10-02 - Dozens of sharks wash ashore dead at Oak Island (North Carolina):

2014-10-02 - Fish dying in Vasona Lake in Los Gatos (California):

2014-10-01 - Fish dying in the River Lagan in Dromore (Ireland):

2014-10-01 - Fish dying in Yosemite Lake (California):

2014-10-01 - Hundreds of fish found dead in canal in Sonora (Mexico):,76a00de0619c8410VgnCLD200000b2bf46d0RCRD.html

2014-10-01 - Fish dying in channel in Sakarya Province (Turkey):

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