Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017 - JUN - Zombie Files

2017-06-02 - Nearly naked man breaks into home, goes berserk, attacks family, gets shot dead, in Cypress (Texas):

2017-06-04 - Naked man, 18, jumps on cars, gets arrested, in Ashburn (Virginia):

2017-06-05 - Naked man, 27, found at truck stop, charges cop, shrugs off taser, near Mocksville (North Carolina):

Quote: "A naked man found laying in the TA Truck Stop parking lot off US 601 North Monday evening didn’t give up without a fight. When Mocksville police officers arrived, they tried to speak to the man, but he fled to a vehicle. He then charged at an officer who chased him, said Major P.A. Reagan. 'The officer was able to activate his Taser, but the device had no effect on him.' The suspect continued to fight the officer, and another person in the parking lot before being subdued and restrained."

2017-06-06 - Naked man, 34, breaks into coffee shop, steals purse and wallet, gets caught and arrested, in Aloha (Oregon):

2017-06-06 - Naked man, 24, crashes car into townhome at 4:45 AM in College Station (Texas):

2017-06-07 - Naked man, 29, leads cops on chase in coastal New London (Connecticut):

2017-06-07 - Naked man, 18, crashes car, damages police car, in coastal Miami (Florida):

2017-06-07 - Naked man, 23, runs down Cumberland Avenue in Knoxville (Tennessee):

2017-06-07 - Naked man found walking around in Rutherglen (Scotland), near the River Clyde:

2017-06-07 - Naked man at Piccadilly Gardens brutally beaten and kicked by mob, bystanders help him, in Manchester (Britain):

Quote: "This is the moment a heroic group of bystanders stopped a vicious mob from beating and kicking a man having a suspected mental breakdown after he stripped off in a water fountain. Shocking footage shows a busy Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre descend into chaos as a naked man, later detained under the Mental Health Act, is pounced upon as he screams 'sorry'. Despite getting soaked in water, two men and a woman can be seen apparently kicking the man mercilessly as he falls to the floor - stamping on him in front of parents and children."

2017-06-10 - Man strips naked and walks around on road in Shephersville (Kentucky):

Quote: "Shepherdsville Police officers were called by passersby who saw a man strip down naked on the side of the road and start walking around in the roadway. The call came in around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Shepherdsville Police confirmed."

2017-06-11 - Naked man, 33, shatters car windows with his bare hands in Peterborough (Britain):

Quote: "He can be seen calmly walking up to the vehicles before slamming his hand against their windows – leaving a large smear of blood on the windscreen of the Micra."

2017-06-12 - Naked man, 29, tries to steal woman's car in South Lake Tahoe (California):

2017-06-12 - Man has 'medical emergency' before 4:30 AM and flips out on the Pasquotank River in coastal Elizabeth City (North Carolina):

Quote: "An unidentified and apparently unruly man was pulled from the Pasquotank River early Monday morning, after being spotted yelling while standing on a pier in the area of Elizabeth City's Riverside neighborhood."

Quote: "Police spokesman Larry James would only say that the incident stemmed from a medical issue and that neither a crime nor a public safety violation occurred."

2017-06-12 - Woman, 35, dances around fire at 11:15 PM, barks at the moon, bites deputy, at Ray County Lake in Ray County (Missouri):

Quote: "Chief Deputy Brian Bush told the News that during the scuffle Baird bit one of the deputies’ hands, drawing blood."

2017-06-13 - Naked man, 49, fights with cop, gets tased, in Stockton (California):

Quote: "When police contacted a naked man in downtown Stockton on Tuesday afternoon, they allege he hit and kicked an officer. The man was taken to the ground in the 100 block of South Center Street about 4:30 p.m. and continued to resist, so a stun gun was used to bring him under control, police reported. During the incident, a citizen came to the aid of the officer under attack. Police arrested Craig Brav, 49, on suspicion of resisting, battery on an officer and indecent exposure."

2017-06-14 - Naked man, 50, goes on rampage at 12:30 AM inside antique/jewelry store in Putnam (Connecticut):

2017-06-14 - Naked man found walking down James Robertson Parkway at 1 AM in Nashville (Tennessee):

Quote: "A man was taken into custody after he was found running down a downtown Nashville street early Wednesday morning without any clothes. The man was later seen walking along James Robertson Parkway around 1 a.m. Police were alerted to the man after receiving multiple 911 calls. News 2 was there as the man was placed into the back of a patrol car."

2017-06-14 - Naked man roams around gas station holding pump hoses in Pyatigorsk (Russia):

2017-06-16 - Naked man, 55, runs around in Mansfield (Ohio):

Quote: "100 block of Blymyer Avenue, Mansfield - A 55-year-old man was taken to OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital on Thursday afternoon. He reportedly ran around in the nude outside."

2017-06-17 - Naked man steals car, gets caught, covered in blood, in Fountain Inn (South Carolina), woman found dead in home:

2017-06-18 - Naked man punches cop car, gets in car and flees, gets caught, near Flagstaff (Arizona):

2017-06-19 - Man wearing only boxers attacks man with chainsaw in parking lot in Arlington Heights (Illinois):

Quote: "Witnesses say the attack was as odd in the moment as it sounds afterward. They said that just after lunchtime, they saw a man sitting in a blue car with a chainsaw. When another man in a silver car pulled into the parking lot, the man in the blue car rammed him and then jumped out. He reportedly began attacking the victim with the chainsaw. Witnesses say the suspect was wearing only boxer shorts at the time of the attack."

2017-06-20 - Naked man found walking down US 23 in Floyd County (Kentucky):

2017-06-20 - Naked man, 26, found running around in Lake City (Arkansas):

2017-06-21 - Naked woman bites 30-year-old man on face and chest before 1:30 AM, he dies (though maybe not from the bites), in San Antonio (Texas):

Quote: "Police are investigating the bizarre death of a man who was apparently bitten before he died early Wednesday morning. According to preliminary information provided by the San Antonio Police Department, the victim called 911 at about 1:30 a.m. and said a woman who was with him was having a psychotic attack. When officers arrived to his apartment on Vance Jackson near Huebner Road, a naked woman answered the door and the victim was sitting in a chair with bite marks to his face and chest. He also had blood on his mouth. Paramedics determined he was having a heart attack and tried to save him, but he died at the scene. Police said the woman admitted to biting him and said she had taken her clothes off to show she could be free of him."

Quote: "Police said the woman admitted she had hit him in the face and bit Angulo-Fernandez during the argument."

2017-06-21 - Naked man chases woman and her kids in coastal Padstow (Britain):

2017-06-25 - Naked man attacks man with hammer near clean water building on Cherokee Drive in Drexel, Dayton (Ohio):

Quote: "Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating after a man walks into a business naked and covered in blood. It happened at the clean water building on Cherokee Drive in Drexel. The man told employees he was out killing people. Police surrounded the building and took the man into custody about an hour ago. We're told this is being investigated as a felonious assault incident. The suspect reportedly attaked a man with a hammer then ran hiding out in the building."

2017-06-25 - In separate incidents, on consecutive days, two naked men do crazy stuff in Williamstown (Massachusetts):,511704

Quote: "Brian Baker, of North Adams was driving his truck down the hill on Route 2 when he saw a man with torn up clothes yelling at cars. There was a line of clothing across the road. He was trying to keep cars from crossing the line of clothing, Baker said. One car was pulled over, and traffic was moving slowly. 'He had a bunch of clothes stretched across the road, like he didn't want anybody to pass,' he said. When Baker tried to drive around the man, he charged Baker's truck and with his hands dented the driver-side rear quarter panel of his new Dodge truck. Baker's wife was on the road behind him, so he pulled over, ran into the A-Frame Bakery and called his wife to tell her to pull over. Then he called the police. When he went back outside, he saw the man try to stop a big 'six-wheeler truck' which declined to stop. Baker said that's when the man disrobed completely and ran off into the woods."

Quote: "The next day, about 8:32 a.m., calls came in reporting a man in a shirt and shorts running through the North Hoosac Road/Summer Street neighborhood screaming for help. 'People were calling in who were concerned for his welfare,' Johnson said. Further callers helped locate the man, who was found wearing nothing but underpants, sitting 'in waist-deep water of Bridges Pond threatening to drown himself,' according to information posted online by Johnson. 'He would then push his own head below water with his hand, resurface and scream for the officers to save him.' Police removed the man from the pond and took him into custody under Section 12 and he was transported to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield."

2017-06-25 - Naked man rolls around in traffic in Middletown (Ohio):

2017-06-25 - Naked man, 35, found in yard at home, doesn't remember how he got there, in Lake Wales (Florida):

2017-06-25 - Half-naked man runs around and causes problems at hotel in Tallahassee (Florida):

2017-06-25 - Naked man, 58, tussles with cops at Crestwood Lake Trailer Park in Burford (Canada):

2017-06-25 - Man, 29, found naked and hallucinating near canal in Newton-le-Willows (Britain), 6 miles from the coast:

Quote: "A 29-year-old man has been taken to hospital after being found 'naked and hallucinating' near a canal. Police and an ambulance were called to Newton-le-Willows at 9.55am today, Sunday June 25, after reports of concerns for safety. The man has been taken to Warrington Hospital."

2017-06-25 - Naked man smashes cars in coastal El Altet, Alicante (Spain):

Quote: "Local Police from Elche have arrested a man in the town of El Altet, suspected of being responsible for damaging around a dozen parked cars on Saturday night, whilst in a naked state. Local Police were alerted by neighbours reporting a naked man in the street who had 'begun to smash the windows and mirrors of several parked vehicles'."

2017-06-26 - Naked agitated man, 51, captured at 5 AM in Kamloops (Canada):

Quote: "RCMP had to shut down traffic on Columbia Street near First Avenue early this morning, trying to corral a naked, agitated man. Witnesses said the man was 'displaying angry behaviour,' and at one point was hanging from a retaining wall, about three metres above the sidewalk below. The 51 year old was taken into custody without incident and transported to Royal Inland Hospital. Traffic was re-opened as soon as the man was removed from the scene. Cpl. Jodi Shelkie says it appears the man was suffering from a medical issue, and the matter was not criminal."

2017-06-26 - Naked man shouts gibberish and exercises at 2 AM on road in coastal Westport (New Zealand):

Quote: "A man clad in nothing but a pair of white socks was discovered doing press-ups on Westport's main street in the early hours of this morning. Granity constable Greg Sherie said he was called to the scene about 2am after a security guard spotted the man and thought his behaviour a little odd. Sherie said when he arrived the man was in the middle of the road near Westpac Bank. 'He was talking gibberish and shouting a bit as well. He would curl up in a ball then jump up. Really weird stuff.' It was about 7degC at the time so definitely too cold to be naked, Sherie said."

2017-06-29 - Naked man yells at the sky, goes nuts in traffic, in St. Louis (Missouri), near the Mississippi River:

Quote: "I pulled to the intersection, emergency blinkers flashing, and stopped about 20 feet away from the man to protect him from being run over. He was flailing violently and arguing with the sky. Occasionally he would swing his fist upward, as if fighting an invisible demon. I phoned 911 and gave the operator my exact location. 'What does he look like?' she asked. I provided details, describing as much as I could about the man, including his hair style and, shall we say, other key anatomical features that were visible to all onlookers. A description hardly seemed necessary. Police would have no trouble locating the only totally naked man lying down in the middle of the intersection of Gravois and Nebraska."

2017-06-29 - Naked man in his 40s brandishes machete at 2 AM, gets hit by car and arrested, in Sungai Buloh (Malaysia):

2017-06-30 - Mostly naked man, 20, hit by car and killed at 4:30 AM while walking in middle of road in Liberty County (Texas):

2017-06-30 - Naked man runs around on the M1 in Houghton, Johannesburg (South Africa):

Quote: "Security company owner Yasin says they have received repeated calls about a man running naked on the M1 highway in Houghton, Johannesburg."

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