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2017 - JUN - Animal Die-Offs

2017-06-01 - Scientists warn US coral reefs are on course to disappear within decades:

2017-06-01 - Thousands of fish found dead in river in Sabana de Torres (Colombia):

2017-06-01 - Hundreds or thousands of fish found dead in river in Jinotega (Nicaragua):

2017-06-01 - Thousands of lobsters dying in Phu Yen Province (Vietnam):

2017-06-01 - Many sardines found dead in El Agallito (Panama):

2017-06-02 - Sea birds and sea lions washing up dead on beaches in California:

2017-06-02 - 243 dead seals have washed up during the past 2 months along the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan:

2017-06-02 - Tens of thousands of fish dying in lakes in Hyderabad (India):

2017-06-02 - At least 18,000 fish found dead in river in Friborg (France):

2017-06-02 - Many fish washing ashore dead in La Brea (Trinidad):

2017-06-02 - Whale washes up dead at beach in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2017-06-03 - Up to 40 seal pups found dead near coastal Kaikoura (New Zealand):

2017-06-03 - Whale found dead in New York Harbor near coastal Bayonne (New Jersey):

2017-06-03 - Sperm whale found dead near Ruakaka Beach (New Zealand):

2017-06-03 - Huge number of fish wash up dead along coastal Puget Sound (Washington):

2017-06-04 - Animals, mostly marine animals, continue dying all over the world:

2017-06-05 - Rare pygmy sperm whale washes up dead in coastal Palm Beach (Florida):

2017-06-06 - Northern Gannets, sea birds, washing up dead or dying on the coast in Massachusetts:

Quote: "Wildlife veterinarians have been responding to an unexplained 'die-off' of Northern Gannets on Massachusetts' South Shore and Cape Cod. Gannets are washing up on local beaches, seriously ill, or already dead. Scientists are stumped over what can be causing the illness. A wildlife technician with the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates about 100 northern gannets have been affected overall."

2017-06-09 - Fish and snakes dying at Chinnappanahalli Lake near Marathalli (India):

2017-06-10 - Hundreds of fish found dead at Lake Paradise near Mattoon (Illinois):

2017-06-10 - Fish washing up dead at Cuero Pond in Cuero Municipal Park in Cuero (Texas):

2017-06-10 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Concho River near San Angelo (Texas):

2017-06-10 - Fifty tons of fish found dead in reservoir in Ceara (Brazil):

2017-06-10 - Many fish wash up dead along the coast of Mullaitivu (Sri Lanka):

2017-06-11 - Seabirds continue washing up dead or dying on beaches from Massachusetts to Maine:

Quote: "Scientists are looking for an explanation for the deaths of dozens of seabirds in New England. Wildlife officials say northern gannets that are seriously ill or dead have been washing ashore on local beaches from Massachusetts to Maine. Kristen Lamb from the Center for Wildlife in York told WGME-TV that the birds shouldn’t be coming close to shore – much less dying on beaches."

2017-06-11 - Massive number of fish found dead in the Colorado River in coastal Matagorda (Texas):

Quote: "A Texas man has captured footage of a dire scene at the mouth of the Colorado River, where a sea of dead or dying fish have washed ashore. YouTube personality Kyle Naegeli, known as 'The Fish Whisperer', filmed the fish along a river channel in Matagorda on the upper Texas coast on Friday. Mr Naegeli claimed to have seen 'millions and millions' of dying fish along the coastline. 'It's mainly menhaden, but there is a bunch of trout, flounder and red drums mixed in as well,' Mr Naegeli said. 'They're all down at the beach ... just look at them all stacked up.' From the sky, the devastation is seen to run for kilometres."

2017-06-11 - 36 whales wash up dead in two years on the west coast of India:

2017-06-11 - 23,000 turtles, sea birds and dolphins found dead during the past two years along the coast of Santa Catarina and Sao Paulo (Brazil):

2017-06-11 - Large number of baby turtles found dead in Cancun (Mexico):

2017-06-11 - Thousands of fish found dead in the River Elsa (Italy):

2017-06-11 - Massive number of fish die in fish farm in Lingshui (China):

2017-06-11 - Shark washes up dead on beach in Hornsea (Britain):

2017-06-11 - Overview of some of the mass animal die-offs in the second week of June:

2017-06-12 - Panther found dead in coastal Naples (Florida):

2017-06-13 - Trout dying in stream in Arrowtown (New Zealand):

2017-06-15 - Birds dying on Zug Island in Detroit (Michigan):

Quote: "With hundreds of screeching seagulls hovering above and rotting bird carcasses littering the streets, the scene near Zug Island and the waste water treatment plant in Southwest Detroit seems straight out of an apocalyptic horror movie. Young seagulls pitching camp near Jefferson Avenue are dying off en masse, and the Department of Natural Resources isn't quite sure why."

2017-06-15 - Leopard found dead in Doda District (India):

2017-06-16 - Two more great blue herons from dead in the Mashpee River in coastal Mashpee (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Mashpee Wampanoag police have found two more dead great blue herons on tribal land, bringing the total of dead herons found in the area in the last month to six. All of the birds were found at the Mashpee River herring run, which flows through the tribe’s land off Route 130. So far officials do not know the cause of the birds’ deaths, as there were no obvious signs of what killed them."

2017-06-16 - Pigs sickening and dying from unknown cause in Champhai (India):

2017-06-16 - Fish found dead in Barbee lakes, Hoffman, Ridinger, Robinson and Winona lakes, Lake Wawasee and Syracuse Lake (Indiana):

2017-06-16 - Many fish found dead in the Reno River in Bologna (Italy):

2017-06-17 - Humpback whale washes up dead at Beavertail State Park in coastal Jamestown (Rhode Island):

2017-06-18 - Sperm whale found dead off the coast of Fujairah (UAE):

2017-06-19 - Beaked whale washes up dead at coastal Fort Macon State Park (North Carolina):

Quote: "However, Dr. Andrew Read, DUML director, said they're more commonly seen 45-50 miles offshore from Cape Hatteras. 'This species holds the record for the deepest diving (whales),' he said."

2017-06-19 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Stumpy Lake in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2017-06-20 - Vast number of fish found dead in the Omitlán River in Guerrero (Mexico):

2017-06-20 - Imperiled North America Atlantic salmon decline worsens, returning fish decline by 27% in a year:

2017-06-21 - Two humpback whales die near coastal Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge (Massachusetts):

2017-06-21 - Whale washes ashore dead in coastal Hatay Province (Turkey):

2017-06-21 - Hundreds of fish wash up dead in Westwood Lake in Weathersfield (Ohio):

2017-06-22 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Cértima River in Oliveira do Bairro (Portugal):

2017-06-22 - Hundreds of fish wash up dead in the waters of Porto Empedocle (Italy):

2017-06-22 - Many fish found dead in the water in Nootdorp (Netherlands):

2017-06-23 - Pilot whale found dead at coastal Siesta Key Beach (Florida):

2017-06-23 - 14 peacocks found dead in Morena District in Madhya Pradesh (India):

2017-06-24 - In unprecedented event, six North Atlantic right whales found dead in 18 days in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada):

Quote: "Since June 7, six North Atlantic right whales have been found dead, floating in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in a loss that amounts to more than one per cent of the population of the endangered species. The whales were all found in the area between New Brunswick's Miscou Island, Quebec's Magdalen Islands and northern P.E.I."

Quote: "It's a bit of an unprecedented event in that we've never had an incident like this involving right whales where so many animals have been turning up dead just over the last few weeks..."

Quote: "There is no known cause of death for the right whales and no obvious possibilities. 'There's nothing on them. There doesn't seem to be anything apparent from the outside,' said Wimmer."

Note: Assuming we've found every North Atlantic right whale that has died, which is doubtful, then if this trend continues (but doesn't accelerate), they will be extinct by August 2021...

2017-06-24 - Two swans found dead along the River Exe at the Exeter Quay in Exeter (Britain):

2017-06-26 - Catfish found dead in the Kissimmee River (Florida):

2017-06-27 - Twenty seagulls found dead at Gallagher Beach on Lake Erie in Buffalo (New York):

Quote: "It was an unpleasant sight Tuesday, as a number of dead seagulls were found washed ashore Gallagher Beach in Buffalo. People got in touch with 2 On Your Side through social media, with questions about the discovery. When 2 On Your Side went to Gallagher Beach Tuesday to check the issue out, we found more than 20 dead seagulls washed ashore there."

2017-06-27 - Fish found dead in the Watauga River near Valle Crucis (North Carolina):

2017-06-27 - Hundreds of fish found dead in coastal Gopalpur (India):

2017-06-28 - Police K9 has 'medical event' and drops dead in Chehalis (Washington):

Quote: "Chehalis Police Department K9 Reign died Tuesday night after suffering a sudden and unexplained medical event, according to the Chehalis Police Department. Reign, a Belgian Malinois that was about 5 years old, had been on active duty with the Chehalis Police Department since May 2013."

Note: It's not just PEOPLE having 'medical events' and dropping dead...

2017-06-28 - Thousands of fish found dead in lake in Cleder (France):

2017-06-28 - Hundreds of water rodents wash ashore dead on beach in Hancock County (Mississippi):

2017-06-29 - Nine sea turtles found dead along the coast north of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

2017-06-29 - Thousands of fish found dead in lake in Saone-et-Loire (France):

2017-06-29 - Hundreds of ducks and fish found dead in Quang Nam (Vietnam):

2017-06-29 - Hundreds of fish wash ashore dead in Radazul on the island of Tenerife (Spain):

2017-06-29 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead in Bursa (Turkey):

2017-06-30 - Overview of some of the animal-die offs around the planet in the last week:

2017-06-30 - Several dolphins wash ashore dead in Anapa (Russia):

2017-06-30 - Thousands of fish found dead in river in Copan (Honduras):

2017-06-30 - Large number of fish wash up dead in Ganjam (India):

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