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2017 - FEB - Multiple Corpses

2017-02-01 - Man, 18, and another person found dead in the River Medway in Rochester and Strood (Britain):

2017-02-02 - Two men, both 19, found dead in car in coastal Kemumin (Malaysia):

2017-02-03 - Man and woman found dead along the Humber River in Toronto (Canada):

Quote: "The two bodies were found within 24 hours of one another, one near the Toronto Yacht Club and the other near Wincott Park."

2017-02-04 - Two people drop dead in home in Plymouth (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Two individuals were found dead Saturday in a Plymouth double-block home on East Main Street. According to Luzerne County Coroner William Lisman, the individuals were unrelated and their bodies showed no signs of physical trauma."

2017-02-04 - Two men, 34 and 36, found dead in home on Midland Street in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Police said the men, aged 36 and 34, are believed to have died after taking drugs and are the latest in an 'unusually high' number of of suspected drug-related deaths in the city."

Note: I mentioned long ago that 'the authorities' would blame be forced to blame drugs for a lot of deaths involving people being found with no injuries, and so they are. This is the coastal city that's also had an unusually high number of car fires. Lotsa car fires, lotsa people dropping dead, on the coast, not a coincidence...

2017-02-08 - RV trailer explodes and burns, kills 2 children, injures 3 people, off Green Swamp Road in Brunswick (Georgia):

Quote: "A second child has died from injuries suffered in an explosion and fire that killed an infant Wednesday, Glynn County said. The fire in a trailer in the Sterling Community just off U.S. 341 was reported about 12:40 p.m. The structure was described as a fifth-wheel trailer and appeared to be a camper."

2017-02-08 - Girl, 16, found dead in hotel room at 12:56 AM, and man found dead in the bay at 6:12 AM, in coastal Eureka (California):

Quote: "Foul play is not suspected in either incident and the investigations are ongoing."

2017-02-09 - Man, 45, and teen boy found dead in canal in Vadodara (India):

2017-02-10 - Woman and baby found dead in river in coastal Accra (Ghana):

2017-02-11 - Two people found dead in apartment in coastal Berkeley (California):

Quote: "Berkeley Police Lt. Joe Okies said officers received a call at 11:30 Saturday morning from family members reporting a medical emergency on the 1300 block of Haskell Street. The Fire Department arrived first and discovered two occupants inside, both dead."

Quote: "Officers said they are looking into whether toxic substances or gases killed the two."

Note: On the coast in California, where hydrogen sulfide and rotten egg odors have regularly been hitting towns - toxic substances or gases killing people would certainly not be surprising...

2017-02-11 - Three men, 20, 23 and 47, found dead in oil tank in coastal Sharjah (UAE):

2017-02-12 - Two men drop dead outdoors in the same area near water park in Shelby Township (Michigan):

Quote: "The body of a man who apparently died from natural causes was found outdoors Friday in the same general area of Shelby Township where another body was discovered two days earlier, according to police. Investigators said the two cases are unrelated, and neither of the deaths were the result of an injury or attack. Foul play is not suspected in either case. Both men were found outside, near Hixson and Auburn roads, down the street from the former Four Bears Water Park."

2017-02-12 - Two men go out on boat, both found dead in Moon Lake in Coahoma County (Mississippi):

2017-02-14 - Man and woman, 26 and 23, found dead in the water at coastal Maroubra Beach (Australia):

2017-02-15 - Couple drops dead in apartment in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

Quote: "Police say the deaths are considered suspicious, but that there are no signs of foul play or hazardous chemicals in the room."

2017-02-16 - Two men and woman found dead in water tank at home near Gunning (Australia):

Quote: "Andrew, 69, was conducting routine maintenance on the cement tank when he lost consciousness. His 60-year-old brother, Robert, then went into the tank to check on him and also passed out, acting Hume LAC police commander Andrew Koutsoufis said this morning. Robert Basnett, 60, was killed when he went to check on his brother inside the water tank. Shortly after, Andrew's wife, Anne, entered the tank and subsequently collapsed."

Note: Whatever killed these people had to be a heavier-than-air gas, because it accumulated at the BOTTOM of the water tank, which rules out carbon monoxide. It also had to be a 'knockdown agent' with instant or near-instant effects, because of how fast these people kept collapsing when they got into the bottom of the tank, which rules out carbon dioxide. So that rules out all the things they want to blame this on. This area is about 60 miles from the coast, or about 2 hours as the gas blows from the ocean, with a stiff breeze. Numerous people have died in bodies of water in the last month or so up and down the coastline near here too. What this most looks like is the event where three men died from hydrogen sulfide poisoning in a sewer trench last month in coastal Key Largo (Florida), mentioned in the 2017-01-16 update. They died exactly like these three people died in Australia. First, one man collapsed, then another man went to help and he collapsed, then a third man went to help and he collapsed, and they all died...

2017-02-16 - Woman found dead in the River Thames and person found dead at docks, in Dagenham area in coastal London (Britain):

2017-02-17 - Six men gassed to death while working in sewer pit at naval base, others injured, in coastal Durban (South Africa):

Quote: "An apparent gas leak at a naval base in the South African city of Durban killed six people Friday, including three members of the military, authorities said. The men were 'overcome by gas' while working in a sewage pit, said Russel Meiring, a spokesman for paramedic company ER24. In a statement, ER24 described the incident as a 'freak accident.' Three members of the military and three civilian employees of the public works department died from the gas at Natal Naval Station, according to the South African defense ministry. Several other people were injured. Authorities were investigating."

2017-02-17 - Two men go out on boat, both found dead in the Mississippi River in Iowa:

2017-02-18 - Man in his 40s and another man found dead in the Red River in Shreveport (Louisiana):

Quote: "Two male bodies were found in Red River Saturday, according to Caddo Parish Sheriff's office. The second body was found less than six hours after the first was recovered from the river. The first body was discovered around noon Saturday near the Krewe of Centaur Mardi Gras parade route. The second was found further down Red River at about 6:30 p.m. Caddo Sheriff's spokesman Bobby Herring said officers do not believe the two incidents are related."

2017-02-18 - Man, 35, teacher, and woman found dead in coastal St. Ann on the island of Jamaica:

2017-02-18 - Couple found dead in home in Mlolongo (Kenya):

2017-02-19 - Two people found dead near Siloam Springs (Arkansas):

2017-02-21 - Two people found burned to death in burning pickup truck just after 1 AM in Fresno (California):

2017-02-21 - Passenger bus explodes near coastal Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), 2 killed, 12 injured:

Quote: "12 were injured and the bus was ripped apart in the unexplained incident. A sleeper bus exploded on Tuesday evening in northern Vietnam, killing two people and injuring 12. The bus was running from the northern province of Bac Ninh to Quang Ninh Province, home to the world-renowned Ha Long Bay."

Note: These are the 177th and 178th buses to explode/burn in 2017. A lot of boats have gone up in flames in Ha Long Bay too. Ha Long until they figure out what's going on?

2017-02-21 - Woman, 36, and infant found dead in apartment in Killeen (Texas):

Quote: "Officers were dispatched just before 6:40 p.m. to the home in the 2400 block of Lavender Lane in Killeen after someone entered the residence, found the woman unresponsive and placed the 911 call."

Note: When it's the authorities that find multiple bodies, it's almost always 'drug overdose' or 'murder-suicide'. But when OTHER people find the bodies, that's not the case. Funny how that works...

2017-02-22 - Two men drop dead in Phnom Penh (Cambodia):

2017-02-23 - Two women, 31 and 56, found dead in home in Columbus (Ohio):

2017-02-24 - Three men, 34, 48 and 42, found dead in the Kathmandu Valley (Nepal):

2017-02-25 - Taxi bursts into flame and burns two men to death on bridge in coastal Penang (Malaysia):

Quote: "Police ruled out foul play in the incident where two men were burned to death in a car near the Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Bridge on Saturday. South Seberang Prai district police chief Supt Shafee Abdul Samad said there was no elements of foul play found in their investigations. 'They died due to smoke inhalation according to post-mortem results,' he said in a media statement today. The bodies of teacher G. Saravanan, 28, and his technician friend T. Solomon, 26, were found burnt beyond recognition inside the car in the 8.10am incident."

2017-02-25 - Man and woman, 52 and 59, found dead in car at apartments in Atlanta (Georgia):

Quote: "One thing that stands out to police - there were no obvious signs of foul play."

2017-02-25 - Woman and daughter, 28 and 2, found dead in the River Jhelum in Anantnag District in Kashmir (India):

2017-02-26 - Two college students found dead in submerged car in the San Antonio River near Victoria (Texas):

2017-02-26 - Man and woman, 65 and 58, found dead at home in Stowmarket (Britain), near the coast:

Quote: "Stowupland Street is near Stowmarket Railway Station and is home to a number of businesses and residential properties. The street crosses the River Gipping and connects with Stowupland Road."

2017-02-28 - Man and woman, 30s and 20s, found dead in apartment near the Ottawa River in Gatineau (Canada):

Quote: "Autopsies showed no signs of violence in the deaths of the adults, but police are awaiting the results of toxicology tests which could determine whether drugs or alcohol played a role, according to Gatineau police Const. Andrée East."

Quote: "Police cruisers remained on the scene at 73 Bégin St. on Tuesday as neighbours hurried to work or walked their dogs on the quiet street, which ends at a park overlooking the Ottawa River."

Note: Right, sure, but they might lie about those results, or be too unaware of what's happening on this planet to provide accurate cause-of-death results even if they wanted to. Best to just assume they're bullshitting us from here on out. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2017-02-28 - Mother and daughter, 83 and 39, found dead in home in Siparia on the island of Trinidad:

2017-02-28 - Three young children found dead in swimming pool in coastal Dammam (Saudi Arabia):

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