Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017 - FEB - Infrastructure Collapse

2017-02-01 - School collapses in Breman Gyambra (Ghana), 6 killed, several injured:

2017-02-01 - Home collapses in coastal Karachi (Pakistan), 2 killed, 5 injured:

2017-02-01 - Warehouse partially collapses on Anderson Mill Road in Austin (Texas):

2017-02-01 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, near Owosso (Michigan):

2017-02-02 - Three five-story apartment buildings collapse in Baizhangji (China), 7+ killed, many people buried:

Quote: "Rescue work is in progress after three apartment buildings collapsed near Wenzhou, an industrial city in eastern China, leaving an unknown number of people buried in debris. The buildings were about five stories tall, local officials said, according to Xinhua. The report's headline said 'many' were buried. The collapse happened around 8 am local time in the township of Baizhangji."

2017-02-02 - Six-story building collapses in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (India), 7+ killed, more injured:

2017-02-02 - Commercial building partially collapses in Delhi (India):

2017-02-03 - Radiation levels hit record high at nuclear plant in Fukushima (Japan):

Quote: "Radiation levels inside the plant's No. 2 reactor were estimated at 530 sieverts per hour at one spot, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said Thursday after analyzing images taken by a manually operated camera that probed the deepest point yet within the reactor. Even after taking a 30-percent margin of error into account, the radiation level was still far higher than the previous record of 73 sieverts per hour detected by sensors in 2012 though at a point not as deep, TEPCO said. Radiation exposure at 530 sieverts per hour would effectively shut down TEPCO's planned robot camera probe in under two hours."

2017-02-03 - Cracked Delaware River bridge closed until at least April in Bucks County (Pennsylvania):

2017-02-03 - Bridge collapses in Pithoragarh (India), 2 killed, 3 injured:

2017-02-04 - School collapses in Guma (Nigeria), 1 killed, 4 injured:

2017-02-04 - Water main breaks, bridge partially collapses, near Spalding (Britain):

2017-02-05 - Power outage hits Tompkins County (New York):

2017-02-06 - Power outage blacks out 1700 homes in Franklin County (Illinois):

2017-02-06 - Power outage blacks out 1800 homes in Carson City and Washoe County (Nevada):

2017-02-07 - Sea water leaks into nuclear plant in coastal Plymouth (Massachusetts):

2017-02-07 - Building collapses in Baker City (Oregon):

2017-02-08 - Oroville Dam damaged by significant concrete erosion in Oroville (California):

2017-02-08 - Building partially collapses in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

2017-02-08 - More bad sh#t keeps happening at Fukushima:

2017-02-09 - Huge power outage blacks out large parts of Brussels (Belgium):

2017-02-09 - Wastewater plant hit by equipment failure, millions of gallons of sewage flow into Puget Sound (Washington):

Quote: "A major emergency at one of the region's largest wastewater treatment plants is dumping millions of gallons of untreated raw sewage into Puget Sound, officials said. King County spokeswoman Monica Van der Vieren told KOMO Newsradio that an equipment failure at 2 a.m. Thursday at the West Point Treatment Plant near Discovery Park was the immediate cause."

2017-02-09 - Relatively new pedestrian bridge collapses in Dahisar area in coastal Mumbai (India), 2 injured:

Quote: "Built just four years ago, portions of the 850-metre Dahisar skywalk came crashing down around 7 pm yesterday, badly injuring two auto drivers standing underneath it. The auto drivers have been taken to Shatabdi hospital for treatment."

2017-02-09 - Building partially collapses in Pomona (California):

2017-02-09 - Building under construction partially collapses in Dhaka (Bangladesh), 1 killed:

2017-02-10 - Scenic Highway 1 slowly crumbling toward the ocean on the coast in California:

2017-02-10 - Dam breaks in Elko County (Nevada), town of Montello floods:

2017-02-11 - Oroville Dam severely eroded in California, expected to fail, 130,000+ people evacuated:;-thousands-evacuated/1751484/

Quote: "Officials have ordered thousands of residents near the Oroville Dam to evacuate the area, saying a 'hazardous situation is developing' after an emergency spillway severely eroded. The Butte County Sheriff's Office says the emergency spillway could fail within an hour unleashing uncontrolled flood waters from Lake Oroville."

Quote: "At least 130,000 people were asked to evacuate in Northern California after authorities warned an emergency spillway in the country's tallest dam was in danger of failing Sunday and unleashing uncontrolled flood waters on towns below."

Quote: "'Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered,' the Butte County sheriff said in a statement posted on social media. 'This is NOT A Drill.'"

2017-02-12 - Commercial building partially collapses in Delhi (India):

2017-02-13 - If Oroville Dam collapses in California, worst-case scenario could include a 100-foot tsunami:

2017-02-13 - Barn collapses in Hagerstown (Maryland), 4 lightly injured:

2017-02-13 - I-75 bridge crumbling, big hole opens, in Bay County (Michigan):

2017-02-13 - Historic federal building crumbling, bricks falling off, in Martinsburg (West Virginia):

2017-02-13 - Residential building collapses in coastal Surat (India), 3 killed, 21 injured:

2017-02-13 - Bridge collapses in Jessore District (Bangladesh):

2017-02-14 - Workers dumping bags of rocks into Oroville Dam hole in California, a 'rock shot':

2017-02-14 - Building partially collapses in coastal Beirut (Lebanon), 2 injured:

2017-02-15 - Water main breaks, sinkhole opens, at Creekside Elementary School in coastal San Diego (California):

2017-02-16 - Helen Caldicott - The Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated:,10019

Note: Wait 'til all the other nuclear plants melt down!

2017-02-16 - Chemical plant releases cloud of dangerous acid near Osterfeld (Germany):

2017-02-16 - Building collapses onto car in coastal Dadar, Mumbai (India), 1 killed:

2017-02-17 - Part of I-15 collapses, fire truck falls over, in San Bernardino County (California):$3m/1761418/

2017-02-17 - Bridge over Passaic River tributary cracking apart in Mendham Township (New Jersey):

Quote: "The stone masonry arch bridge is just six-feet long and 30-feet wide. It carries an average of 450 vehicles daily over a tributary to the Passaic River."

2017-02-17 - Water main breaks on Bridge Street in East Windsor (Connecticut):

2017-02-17 - 11 deeply alarming facts about US infrastructure:

2017-02-18 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in North Greenbush (New York):

2017-02-18 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in coastal Santa Barbara (California):

2017-02-19 - Oroville Dam cracking up in California, employees fined for releasing pics of damage:

Quote: "Live streaming of the Oroville Dam is suggesting the spillway has been compromised and a whole section of concrete has been washed away. A large breach can be seen in the concrete slipway with a huge crack opening up further down. Residents are nervously watching the Oroville Dam and have packed their bags prepared to evacuate again if necessary."

Quote: "A spokesperson for the California Department of Water Resources told KRON that a number of employees working under the Folsom contracting company Syblon Reid violated the terms of their contract by posting the pictures. A Syblon Reid contractor had forbidden a spillway team from capturing any activities at the dam and sharing the footage via social media."

Note: Sounds like they don't want people to see how bad it is. So much for transparency...

2017-02-19 - Parking garage collapses, cars crushed, in coastal Bronx (New York):

2017-02-19 - More than 1500 defects found at nuclear plant near Dimona (Israel):

2017-02-19 - Building collapses in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), several injured:;+several+injured/news.aspx

2017-02-20 - Building partially collapses in Winnipeg (Canada):

2017-02-21 - Bridge collapses in the Town of Waumandee (Wisconsin), cars crash:

2017-02-21 - Chunk of Highway 50 collapses near Bridal Veil Falls (California):

2017-02-22 - Hole opens in Crutcho Creek bridge in Del City (Oklahoma):

2017-02-22 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in coastal Sydney (Australia):

2017-02-23 - Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge sagging and cracking on Highway 1 in coastal Big Sur (California):

2017-02-23 - Home collapses in coastal Karachi (Pakistan), 1 killed, 4 injured:

2017-02-23 - Three-story building under construction collapses in Raipur (India), 13+ injured:

2017-02-23 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, in Reading (Pennsylvania):

2017-02-23 - America’s aging dams are in need of repair:

2017-02-24 - Bridge under construction collapses into the Kakra River (Bangladesh):

2017-02-24 - Building partially collapses in Rabieh (Lebanon), 7 injured:

2017-02-25 - Apartment building partially collapses in Wilmerding (Pennsylvania), 2 injured:

2017-02-25 - Building roof partially collapses onto cars in coastal Newport Beach (California):

2017-02-25 - Sewage pipe ruptures in Mexico, 140 million gallons of raw sewage leaks into the Tijuana River and the Pacific Ocean:

Quote: "Officials in Southern California are crying foul after more than 140 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into the Tijuana River in Mexico and flowed north of the border for more than two weeks. A report released Friday by the International Boundary and Water Commission says the spill was caused Feb. 2 by an apparent rupture in a sewage collector pipe and wasn't contained until Thursday. The river drains into the Pacific Ocean on the U.S. side of the border."

2017-02-25 - Water main breaks, huge sinkhole opens, in coastal South Oropouche on the island of Trinidad:

2017-02-26 - Bridge collapses near Qazigund (India):

2017-02-26 - Hostel building partially collapses in Kurnool (India):

2017-02-27 - Dramatic new images show scale of damage to Oroville Dam spillway in Oroville (California):

2017-02-27 - Water main breaks, huge sinkhole opens, in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2017-02-28 - Balcony collapses at building in Udaipur (India), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2017-02-28 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms and swallows SUV, in Hoboken (New Jersey):

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