Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017 - FEB - Animal Attacks

2017-02-01 - Zebra attacks and injures zookeeper at safari park in Guangzhou (China):

2017-02-02 - Dogs attack and critically injure man in Lincoln Heights area in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2017-02-03 - Pack of 9 dogs attacks and kills woman in Inchanga (South Africa):

2017-02-03 - Dog attacks and seriously injures 2-year-old girl in coastal Fife (Scotland):

2017-02-04 - Dog attacks on the rise in Mecklenburg County (North Carolina):

2017-02-05 - Family dog attacks and injures boy and mother, face attacks, in coastal Port St. Lucie (Florida):

2017-02-05 - Bear entering homes and attacking people in Kalimati Rampur, Laxmipur and Nigalchula (Nepal):

2017-02-07 - Dog attacks and injures 3-year-old girl in Lancaster County (South Carolina):

2017-02-07 - Coyote attacks and kills dog, cats and chickens in Deltona (Florida):

2017-02-08 - Tiger attacks and injures 10 people in village in Parsa (Nepal):

2017-02-08 - Crocodile attacks and kills man in Kuching (Malaysia):

2017-02-08 - Boar attacks and injures man in Odisha (India):

2017-02-08 - Pit bull attacks and injures man in Thibodaux (Louisiana):

2017-02-10 - Pit bull attacks and seriously injures toddler at home, face attack, in Lincoln County (Kentucky):

2017-02-10 - Alligator attacks man at golf course in North Fort Myers (Florida):

2017-02-11 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man in Melbourne (Florida):

2017-02-11 - Woman pets elephant, elephant throws her with its tusks, in Thailand:

2017-02-12 - Tiger attacks and kills three people in a week in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2017-02-12 - Dog attacks and injures 12-year-old boy in Dayton (Ohio):

2017-02-12 - Dog enters bus, attacks and injures two high school girls, in Camden (New Jersey):

2017-02-12 - Raging bulls break free from pen, charges around stadium injuring matadors and spectators, in Encarnación de Díaz (Mexico):

2017-02-13 - Woman's dog attacks and kills her just after midnight at home in coastal Queens (New York):

2017-02-14 - Dog attacks on farm livestock reach record levels in the UK:

2017-02-14 - Beaver attacks man in Kirriemuir (Scotland):

2017-02-14 - Dog attacks and injures woman in Alpharetta (Georgia):

2017-02-15 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills two dogs at home in Cathedral City (California):

2017-02-16 - Two family dogs attack and kill 5-year-old boy at home in Clarksville (Kentucky):

2017-02-16 - Leopard attacks and kills 4 people in 10 days in Rajasthan (India):

2017-02-17 - Shark attacks and injures man near Hinchinbrook Island (Australia):

2017-02-17 - Two pit bulls attack and seriously injure 5-year-old boy at home in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2017-02-17 - Wild dogs attack and kill pet dog in Memphis (Tennessee):

2017-02-18 - Dog attacks child, cop shoots dog, in Chicago (Illinois):

2017-02-18 - Stray dog attacks and injures child, drags him out of home, in Kerala (India):

2017-02-19 - Pack of dogs attacks and kills 4-year-old boy in Punjab (India):

2017-02-20 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures several people in gully in Safford (Arizona):

2017-02-20 - Bear attacks and critically injures man in Odisha (India):

2017-02-20 - Box jellyfish sting two dozen people at beach in Honolulu (Hawaii):

2017-02-21 - Shark attacks and kills man at the island of La Reunion (France):

2017-02-21 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures woman in park in coastal Singapore:

2017-02-21 - Family dog attacks and injures 7-year-old boy at home in coastal Palmetto (Florida):

2017-02-21 - Leopard attacks and injures 4 people in Rajghat (Nepal):

2017-02-22 - Two dogs attack and injure people in Victorville (California), cops shoot one dog:

2017-02-22 - Pack of 5 dogs attacks and kills man in Beniarbeig (Spain):

2017-02-22 - 2016 US dog bite fatality statistics and trends for the last 12 years:

2017-02-23 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 8-year-old girl and dog, others stung too, in Norco (California):

2017-02-23 - Leopard attacks and injures 11 people in Assam (India), villagers track it down and kill it:

2017-02-24 - Family pit bull attacks and injures 10-month-old boy in Concord (California), near the coast, cops shoot dog dead:

2017-02-24 - Dog attacks and injures 3-year-old girl in Florida City (Florida), near the coast:

2017-02-24 - Animals attack and kill 8 people, injure 24 more, in Lamu County (Kenya), drought making animals desperate:

2017-02-25 - Two dogs attack three children in coastal Baltimore (Maryland), cops shoot one dog dead:

2017-02-26 - Dog apparently attacks and kills man at home, face attack, in Olney (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A man in Olney was found dead after being involved in some sort of incident with his young pit bull. Police said just before midnight, the 21-year-old victim was found unresponsive at a home in the 5300 block of Rising Sun Avenue. He was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his face, but pronounced dead less than an hour later."

2017-02-26 - Dog attacks and injure 7-year-old girl, face attack, in Germantown, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2017-02-26 - Man tries to take selfie with elephant, elephant kills him, in Plumtree (Zimbabwe):

2017-02-28 - Shark attacks and kills dog at beach in Kurnell (Australia):

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